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"Mary Poppins" Film Still

Matthew Garber, The Tragic Mary Poppins Star

Matthew Garber is best known for his role in 1964’s Mary Poppins—but few know that the adorable child actor met a tragic end.
February 4, 2024 Sarah Ng

Nikola Tesla Knew How To Show Off

Nikola Tesla has been called “The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century” for his pioneering work with electricity, but let’s be honest: The number one thing most people know him for is the Tesla coil—and with good reason. The man knew how to show off.
January 22, 2024 Jamie Hayes
Caspar David Friedrich: Two Men by the Sea

Gloom And Doom: The Year Without A Summer

The Year Without A Summer produced famine, riots, epidemics—and some of the most remarkable works of art of the 18th century.
January 16, 2024 Samantha Henman
Portrait of Frank Hayes

Frank Hayes, The Doomed Jockey

Frank Hayes was an Irish stableman and trainer—but on the fateful day of June 4, 1923, he was a jockey that met a tragic end.
January 12, 2024 Sarah Ng
Anthony Bourdain Facts

42 Little-Known Facts About Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain has thrilled readers and viewers with stories about the foods of the world, the people who grow, produce, and cook it, and the culture and circumstances that shape it. Bourdain’s unique perspective on food was heavily influenced by his decades-long tenure as a restaurant chef.
July 10, 2024 Henry Gomes

Fearless Facts About Donald Sutherland, The Unsung Actor

Donald Sutherland spent decades wowing audiences with his skill and bravery, but there may be a startling reason why the academy snubbed him.
July 8, 2024 Jamie Hayes
Empress Theodora, ca 1887. Private Collection. Artist Benjamin-Constant, Jean-Joseph (1845-1902).

The Toughest Women In History

Though they may not be as known as the men they ruled or fought alongside, history is full of strong, tough women whose brilliance, courage, and cunning left an indelible mark, forever changing the world.
July 4, 2024 Samantha Henman
A photograph of the British Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, taken by an unknown photographer in May, 1937, following the Coronation of George VI . King George VI (1895-1952) and Queen Elizabeth (1900-2002) are shown in the crowns and robes worn during the Coronation. The young Princesses Elizabeth (1926-) and Margaret (1930-2002) stand happily in front of their parents, enjoying the big day.

Bizarre Facts About Every English Monarch

As you can imagine, this line of rulers has been involved their fair share of bizarre occurrences—so let’s go back to the beginning and look at the weirdest parts of each monarch’s reign.
July 4, 2024 Samantha Henman

Farewell Facts About Charles I, The Man Who Ended An Empire

Charles I was the last Emperor of Austria, and watching his dramatic decline is like watching a car crash in slow motion. It's so brutal, but you can't look away...
June 24, 2024 Jamie Hayes
Singer and guitarist Marc Bolan (1947 - 1977) of T-Rex poses in 1972.

Otherworldly Facts About Marc Bolan, The Prince Of Glam

Even though Marc Bolan is known for bringing androgyny and glitter to the dark, edgy world of rock, his own personal life was far from glamorous.
June 24, 2024 J. Clarke

Eye-Opening Facts About England, The World's Beloved Old Blighty

England Facts: Before public restrooms in London, men would walk the streets with long cloaks and chamber pots, offering privacy for people who had to go.
July 24, 2023 Miles Brucker
New York City Facts

Hectic Facts About New York City, The City That Never Sleeps

New York City is one of the most iconic places on earth—but the city that never sleeps still has its fair share of chilling secrets.
July 24, 2023 Carl Wyndham

10 Historical Myths That People Still Believe

For some reason, people still believe these historical myths to be true, even though they’ve been proven wrong.
July 4, 2024 Samantha Henman
Toy Company Mattel Reports Earnings

These Toys From Your Childhood Could Be Worth A Lot Of Money

If your parents—or you—were the type to carefully pack away old toys in the attic or basement once you grew out of them, well, you’re in luck. A whole bunch of the toys we grew up with are worth a bunch of money now. Here’s a selection…starting in the $100 range and going all the way up to $3.2 million!
May 24, 2024 Samantha Henman
10/29/74-Kinshasa, Zaire: Muhammad Ali smashes a right to the head of George Foreman.

70s Trivia To Stump Your Friends

Author Tom Wolfe called the 1970s the “Me” Decade and the “Third Great Awakening.” People were trying to move past the push-pull of wars and social movements that had defined the previous decades—and while there might not have been any kind of grand awakening, a lot certainly went on. How much do you remember?
May 23, 2024 Samantha Henman

The Most Common Misconceptions That People Still Believe

How many of these common misconceptions did you think were true?
May 16, 2024 Jamie Hayes

Most People Still Believe These “Facts” But They’re Totally Bogus

How many of these common misconceptions did you think were true?
May 8, 2024 Jamie Hayes

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