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Painful “I Know Better Than My Doctor” Moments

The Worst “I Know Better Than My Doctor” Moments

These Redditors share their shocking experiences with know-it-all graduates from the Google School of Medicine. These folks did NOT listen to their doctor.
March 25, 2024 Alicia B.

Heartracing Facts About Ayrton Senna, The Formula 1 Legend

Even among Formula 1 giants, Senna has a special mystique, both due to his scandals—and his tragic end.
March 18, 2024 Alicia B.
Dynamite Kid

Volatile Facts About Dynamite Kid, The Original Wrestling Tragedy

Forget “The Iron Claw”—the story of wrestler Dynamite Kid is too tragic to even put in a movie. This is his harrowing story.
February 2, 2024 Alicia B.
GettyImages-139752284 Portrait Of Richard Harris

Magical Facts About Richard Harris, The Original Dumbledore

Richard Harris is best known for his role as original Albus Dumbledore—but few know that he was one of the most scandalous hellraisers of his time.
January 24, 2024 Alicia B.
Portrait Painting of Hedwig Taube

Scandalous Facts About Hedvig Taube, The Unwilling Royal Mistress

History has never been kind royal mistresses—but nobody suffered like the beautiful Hedvig Taube, the mistress of King Frederick I.
January 24, 2024 Alicia B.

Tragic Facts About Lucia Joyce, James Joyce's Mad Daughter

Lucia Joyce left in a series of asylums after losing her father—but that cruel treatment was nothing compared to the indignities she suffered in death.
January 2, 2024 Alicia B.
Portrait of May Yohe

Scandalous Facts About May Yohé, The Cursed Songstress

The Hope Diamond is infamous for being cursed—but the actress May Yohé might be its most tragic victim of all. This is her wild story.
November 24, 2023 Alicia B.
Tycho Brahe

Astronomical Facts About Tycho Brahe, The Scandalous Scientist

Portraits of bad-boy astronomer Tycho Brahe show off his custom gold now. But historians have also pointed out a scandalous detail.
November 15, 2023 Alicia B.
Caroline, Princess of Hanover attends the Rose Ball 2019 to benefit the Princess Grace Foundation on March 30, 2019 in Monaco, Monaco.

Cursed Facts About Princess Caroline of Monaco, The Queen of Heartbreak

The heartbreaking and scandalous story of Princess Caroline seems like proof that the Grimaldi family curse is all too real.
October 30, 2023 Alicia B.

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