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"Mary Poppins" Film Still

Matthew Garber, The Tragic Mary Poppins Star

Matthew Garber is best known for his role in 1964’s Mary Poppins—but few know that the adorable child actor met a tragic end.
February 4, 2024 Sarah Ng
Portrait of Frank Hayes

Frank Hayes, The Doomed Jockey

Frank Hayes was an Irish stableman and trainer—but on the fateful day of June 4, 1923, he was a jockey that met a tragic end.
January 12, 2024 Sarah Ng
"Kiss of Life", photograph by Rocco Morabito

The Wild Backstory Of "The Kiss Of Life"

On one fateful summer day in 1967, Rocco Morabito snapped his Pulitzer Prize-winning photo “The Kiss of Life"—but few know the jaw-dropping details.
December 15, 2023 Sarah Ng
Portrait of Thomas Ince

Thomas Ince Met A Mysterious End

Thomas Ince made over 800 films—but to this day, his death remains one the great Old Hollywood mysteries.
December 1, 2023 Sarah Ng
Portrait of Miyoshi Umeki

Miyoshi Umeki Threw Away Her Oscar

Miyoshi Umeki was a trailblazer in Hollywood who became the first Asian actor to bring home an Oscar—but almost 20 years later, she wrecked her trophy and then threw it away.
November 30, 2023 Sarah Ng
Photo By William H. Mumler

William H. Mumler, The Man Who Photographed The Dead

In the 1860s, William H. Mumler became renowned for a bizarre reason: He took photographs of the dead.
November 17, 2023 Sarah Ng
Linda Blair On The Set Of The Exorcist

"The Exorcist" Was Linda Blair's Worst Nightmare

Linda Blair’s role as Regan in The Exorcist was her first major acting gig—but her experience on set was also a horror story.
October 27, 2023 Sarah Ng
Barista serving a coffee to a customer

Brutal Customers

These customer service workers dish on the most terrible customers they've ever had the displeasure of serving. Their stories are equal parts shocking, infuriating, and oh-so entertaining.
October 26, 2023 Sarah Ng
Elliott Smith Sitting Outside On A Patio

Elliott Smith's Shocking Oscar Nomination

Since his tragic death, Elliott Smith has become an indie music legend—but sadly, he was never really cut out for fame.
October 14, 2023 Sarah Ng

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