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Long-Lived Facts About Elizabeth II, The Eternal Queen

Queen Elizabeth II is gone, and new information from Buckingham Palace reveals her heartbreaking—but perfect—final moments.
December 13, 2022 Eva Blanchefleur
Judy Garland Facts

Show-Stopping Facts About Judy Garland, The Tragic Hollywood Icon

Judy Garland Facts. Diva. Addict. Star. From her iconic role as Dorothy to her tragic death at 47, Judy Garland epitomized Hollywood drama.
December 7, 2022 Eva Blanchefleur
Princess Diana Facts

Heartbreaking Facts About Princess Diana, The Royal Rebel

After Princess Diana died, Will and Harry were afraid to walk with her coffin—but Prince Philip’s response was heartbreaking.
January 10, 2022 Eva Blanchefleur
Country Music Legends Facts

Honky Tonk Facts About Country Music Legends

Country Music Legends Facts.
November 24, 2020 Eva Blanchefleur
Halloween Movie Facts

Heart-Pounding Facts About The Halloween Film Franchise

Halloween Film Franchise Facts. Over the years, horror's iconic Halloween series has encountered its fair share of real-life scares and controversies.
October 16, 2020 Eva Blanchefleur

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