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Even when we’re not hiring, we’re always looking to put good people on file for future opportunities. We’d love for you to submit your resume and a brief description of why you’d like to work with us. Submit to contribute@factinate.com and please let us know what role you’re interested in.

Videographer: Do you have a passion for film making or video editing? Do you want your videos to be shared millions of time online? This role will be creating and editing original videos to be shared amongst the masses.

Content Creator: Are you a talented writer who loves looking for cool facts on the web? When we look to expand our team of Content Creators, we typically look for post-secondary graduates, but we happily make exceptions for the true wizards of the internet. This role is highly research-based (find those facts!) and requires strong technical writing and basic image editing.

Developer: Are you a web-focused developer looking for a fun and exciting workplace? We’ve got many of projects on the roadmap, and we’d love to hear from you.

Account Manager: Are you a lovable people person who can help keep our influencers (brands and celebrities) with us forever? The role requires strong interpersonal communication, a basic understanding of revenue reporting (Excel experience is a plus), and strong organizational skills.

Business Development Manager: Like any sales role, we need sales and marketing people with grit! Strong interpersonal skills required. We’re primarily seeking business school graduates or individuals with experience in B2B sales or email marketing.

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