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Folksy Facts About Will Rogers, America’s Favorite Cowboy

Will Rogers could simultaneously throw three lassos, but nothing could protect him from the fatal journey that took his life.
May 14, 2024 Byron Fast
Keith Moon (1947 - 1978) of The Who performs on stage in Paris, 9th September 1972.

Wild Facts About Keith Moon, The Rock And Roll Animal

The wild life of the Who's drummer Keith Moon makes the rock stars who came after seem downright saintlike in comparison.
May 6, 2024 Byron Fast
Medical Horror Stories

Unforgettable Medical Horror Stories

We all like to rant and rave about our workplace annoyances—but these medical horror stories blow them right out of the water.
May 6, 2024 Byron Fast
Wild But True Experience

Unbelievable But True Stories

Everybody needs a zany wild but true story when meeting a new group of people—one that makes the teller look brave, hilarious...or maybe just crazy.
May 3, 2024 Byron Fast
Photo of a portrait of Mary Seacole (1805–1881), c.1869, by otherwise unknown London artist Albert Charles Challen (1847–1881). Original held by the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Caring Facts About Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale’s Arch-Rival

Mary Seacole spent her life playing second fiddle to Florence Nightingale, and this lifelong rivalry continued beyond the grave.
April 29, 2024 Byron Fast

Sloppy Facts About WC Fields, Hollywood’s Tipsy Comic Genius

WC Fields was a sloshed-out comic genius who couldn't help but take his work home with him—and suffered the grim consequences because of it.
April 22, 2024 Byron Fast
Portrait Of Joyce Bryant

Silver-Tongued Facts About Joyce Bryant, "The Black Marilyn Monroe"

With her spray-painted silver hair and provocative dresses, Joyce Bryant was often compared to Marilyn Monroe—but few know her devastating story.
April 22, 2024 Byron Fast
The Nastiest Friends

The Nastiest Friends EVER

I tried dating my best friend—but she ended up dumping me. I thought we could still be friends, that is, until I discovered her deranged secret.
April 17, 2024 Byron Fast
Deanna Durbin

Frustrated Facts About Deanna Durbin, The Eternal Child Star

Just months after she gave birth to their daughter, Deanna Durbin had her whole life unravel. And all it took was three words from her husband.
April 2, 2024 Byron Fast

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