Traumatic Facts About The Jackson Family, Music's Tragic Dynasty

April 15, 2021 | Oksana Maskulka

Traumatic Facts About The Jackson Family, Music's Tragic Dynasty

The feuds. The rumors. The music. As one of the most well-known families of all time, the Jacksons hardly need an introduction. The Jackson family stayed in the headlines for their endless scandals as much as their music. Moonwalk over and learn about one of the most famous and dysfunctional families of our time.

Jackson Family Facts

1. Joe Liked Young Women

As a young man, Joe Jackson aspired to become a professional boxer—until he met a young lady named Katherine Scruse. Joe fell for her immediately—but there were two big problems with their romance. First, Joe was already married at the time. Second, Scruse wasn't even of age. She was only 17 years old when Joe Jackson started to pursue her.

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2. He Abandoned His Wife

Joe quickly annulled his first marriage to be with his teenage bride. The couple wed in 1949, moved to Gary, Indiana, and started their family. After a few years of working as a crane operator, Joe Jackson started playing in a blues band and exploring the music industry. He didn't gain too much traction—until he realized his sons had musical talent. With that, the tumultuous saga of the Jackson family began.

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3. Joe Made His Kids Work

The three brothers started playing gigs around town, eventually bringing in more of their siblings like Marlon and, of course, Michael.  Though he was just five years old (!) when he started working, Michael proved to be the most dynamic performer and quickly took over as the lead singer. Soon enough, the group became known as the Jackson 5.

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4. The Band Was Secretly Miserable

On stage, The Jackson 5 were cheery and dynamic. But behind the scenes, nothing could be further from the truth. Joe was a strict disciplinarian whose methods bordered on the extreme. In an interview with Oprah, he admitted to using a belt strap to beat his children. That's already horrific, but just wait, because it got worse.

According to Joe, he wasn't even sorry about hurting his own children because in his view, it kept them out of trouble and away from the gangs of their neighborhood. Um, cool story, doesn't excuse whipping your kids, bro.

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5. Michael Revealed The Truth

When Michael finally revealed his experience of Joe's violent side, he exposed his father's truly low depths. Michael alleged that Joe would often beat and berate him during the band's rehearsals. Michael later revealed that Joe would sit in a chair as the boys rehearsed, holding a belt and waiting for the moment when one of them would make a mistake. And that's not all.

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6. Joe Was A Task Master

Joe allegedly forced the boys to practice to the point of physical exhaustion for five grueling hours every single day after school. He also controlled every aspect of their lives, not allowing them to have friends or according to some reports, even to play outside. And somehow, that's still not the saddest part.

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7. They Broke Through

Empress of Soul Gladys Knight was actually the one who boosted The Jackson 5 into the limelight. After Knight saw the group perform, she put in a call to Motown Records and demanded that an executive give the kids a shot. Motown liked what they saw and signed the group in 1969. It looked like they'd arrived—but of course, with Joe staying on as their manager, things would be as tough as ever.

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8. Michael's Father Tormented Him

In their first year with Motown, The Jackson 5 released five No. 1 hits and set a world record for selling ten million records in ten months. But let's not forget the horrendous cost of that success: Joe Jackson was merciless. When Joe discovered that Michael felt self-conscious about the size of his nose, he gave his son a cruel nickname: Big Nose.

Years of teasing led Michael to develop a habit of covering his nose and, as many have speculated, likely led to the many surgeries he had to make it smaller.

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9. Their Mother Was...Odd

Oh, and Joe wasn't the only weird parent in the mix. The Jackson clan's matriarch Katherine was consumed with the thought of cleanliness, often taking out her obsession on her children. She scrubbed her kids with rubbing alcohol in an effort to purify them and would smear Vaseline on their faces to make them shine. Good god, this family...

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10. The Brothers Began To Fight

The Jackson 5 had a tumultuous time. In 1969, they released their mega-hit "I Want You Back" but by the early 1970s, everything was falling apart. The band started to bicker and the biggest rivalry was between Jermaine and Michael. Even though Jermaine started out as the lead singer, Michael quickly replaced him as the most talented performer and the clear fan favorite. Soon enough, the brothers started feuding in a vicious way.

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11. The Band Began To Fall Apart

Another reason the band was starting to fall apart? It turned out that their record label was being more than a little shady. The Jackson 5 took home less than 3% of their royalties. The family band moved over to another label and negotiated their way into a much bigger payday—but they had to leave two important things behind.

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12. Jermaine Abandoned The Family

Here's where things got awkward. First, Motown owned the name The Jackson 5, forcing the band to reinvent themselves as The Jacksons. Second, the family left behind one of their own: Jermaine. He had married the Motown boss's daughter—and it looked like he chose his in-laws over his flesh and blood family. Soon enough, Jermaine took this preference to a whole other level.

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13. He Was Jealous Of Michael

In the mid-1970s, both Jermaine and Michael started pursuing solo careers—and if you're thinking they competed with each other for their solo-act success, you'd be right. Jermaine’s first single “Daddy’s Home” got into the top ten charts, but as we all know, he never came close to Michael’s success in music.

This failure had catastrophic effects on the brothers' relationship.

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14. The Rivalry Intensified

When Michael's debut album Off The Wall did well, Jermaine was ticked. He put out a feuding single called “Word to the Badd” which lashed out at his brother Michael, who supposedly convinced producers to focus on his album rather than Jermaine’s. And the rivalry didn't end there either. In fact, some say it never ended.

Later in life, Jermaine was quoted by family friends as talking about Michael's success and bitterly saying, “That should have been me." Allegedly, this happened not once, but many times.

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15. Fame Had A Dark Side

During this time, Michael's career had him on top of the world. His debut album was a huge success and he was on the cusp of becoming a superstar—but there was also a dark side to his fame. Michael was desperately lonely. He revealed, "Even at home, I'm lonely. I sit in my room sometimes and cry."

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16. Joe Humiliated His Son

By this time, Michael Jackson was one of the most in-demand entertainers in the world, and the production for the “Thriller” video was an ambitious affair—with its fair share of drama going down behind the scenes. Director John Landis relayed an incident where Joe Jackson came to visit his son on set, only for Michael to ask for him to leave.

Joe refused, and eventually, things got so hearted that law enforcement had to physically remove him from the premises.

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17. Janet Hid Her Pain

While Michael was making iconic music videos, his little sister Janet was hard at work acting in TV shows like Fame and Diff'rent Strokes. On screen, she seemed bubbly and happy, but being a Jackson, her childhood was just as miserable as her siblings. Joe Jackson actually insisted that his own daughter call him "Joseph" and not "Dad." As she grew up, though, Janet entered one heck of a rebellious phase.

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18. She Kept A Big Secret

In 1984, Janet Jackson secretly got married to a singer named James Curtis DeBarge. Why so secret? Maybe because Janet was only 16 years old when she walked down the aisle. If you think this whole thing sounds like a bad idea, you'd be right. Janet quickly realized that her new hubby had a serious substance misuse issue.

Just one year after impulsively saying "I Do," Janet Jackson got her marriage annulled. Heads up: this is just one of many messy romances that plague the Jackson clan.

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19. Jackie Had An Incredibly Dark Side

Janet wasn't the only one in a dicey marriage. Her brother Jackie Jackson was also in the middle of a scandalous relationship—but this time, he didn't have youth and inexperience to blame. His wife Enid filed for divorce in 1984, then took Jackie back, only to officially split in 1986. Her reasons for leaving are pretty dang compelling.

Jackie constantly cheated on his wife and physically harmed her. Enid even had to file a restraining order against her ex-husband.

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20. He Had An Affair With A Star

One of Jackie's infidelities saw him entangled with another musician: Paula Abdul. Around this time, rumors swirled that Jackson and Abdul had an affair that even resulted in a terminated pregnancy. While Abdul insists that this isn't true, one of Michael Jackson's biographers (and one of his sisters) claim that the rumors got it right.

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21. A Disaster Scarred Michael Forever

In January of 1984, while his siblings were busy with their tumultuous personal lives, Michael Jackson was recording a commercial for Pepsi when something terrible happened. His hair caught on fire and he suffered painful second and third-degree burns along his scalp. Jackson rushed to the hospital—but sadly, the cure turned out to be the disease.

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22. It Was The Beginning Of The End

While undergoing treatment for his burns, Jackson's doctors set him up on a steady drip of painkillers—and apparently, Michael found it hard to say goodbye. Music historians now pinpoint this moment as the catalyst for Michael’s lifelong dependency on painkillers. As we'll see, his addiction defined the later years of his life and ultimately led to his death.

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23. Joe Scammed His Sons' Fans

Despite being a superstar solo artist at the time, Michael randomly decided to join the Victory tour with his brothers in 1984. Unfortunately, the whole thing was an unmitigated disaster. Joe Jackson kicked off the gong show by scamming the band's fans. He charged uncommonly high prices for tickets, then took the money, invested it for a while, then kept all the accrued interest. It was a skeezy way to make some cash.

When people found out about the plot, they were furious.

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24. The Brothers Hated Each Other

The scheme caused a huge backlash from fans and turned out to be the breaking point in the already strained relationship between Michael Jackson and his family. Michael started distancing himself from his father and brothers—and on the tour, things got downright icy. Soon enough, the brothers were so angry with each other that they couldn't even have a conversation. Lawyers would instead talk for the brothers so they could avoid talking to each other.

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25. Michael Shocked Everyone

Finally, on the last date of the disastrous tour, Michael made a stunning announcement. He said that it would be the last time he performed with his brothers. This wasn't shocking just to the band's fans. It shocked Michael's brothers too. Michael hadn’t said a thing to them about his departure beforehand. But little did the Jacksons know, Michael wasn't the only one stepping away from the family...

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26. Janet Endured A Terrifying Ordeal

When she was 18, Janet also forged her own path. She cut ties with Joe Jackson and his management team and released her own, very symbolically titled third album Control. It was a breakthrough hit for young Janet, immediately cementing her as the family's new breakout star. However, few people know that the empowering album had roots in a nightmarish experience.

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27. She Spoke Her Truth

Janet Jackson wrote the album because she wanted to "shake off the experience of being a shadow Jackson child" and prove that she was "an artist in her own right." But she had a sadder reason too. One night, when she was walking home, some men stalked Janet. However, instead of running away, she "took a stand" and "backed them down." Standing up for herself inspired Janet to make Control. 

But while Janet was rising to the top, her brother Randy was on his way to rock bottom.

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28. Randy Was Vicious

At this time, Randy Jackson was in a volatile and horrific relationship with his girlfriend Bernadette Swann.  Eventually, poor Bernadette fled from Randy's physical mistreatment and took shelter at Tina Turner's home. Because Randy couldn't accept that his partner needed some space, he followed her to Tina's house—and things turned ugly lightning-fast.

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29. He Nearly Got Shot By Tina Turner

Randy Jackson didn't knock on the door and ask to see his girlfriend—he full-on broke into Tina Turner's home. Unsurprisingly, this angered Tuner—who was just trying to protect her friend—and terrified Randy's girlfriend. In the end, Turner lashed out, firing shots at Randy. No charges were laid because both Turner and Jackson wanted to avoid negative newspaper articles.

Oh, but Randy's brushes with the authorities weren't over yet...

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30. The Courts Had To Intervene

It's never okay to harm your spouse, but apparently, Randy Jackson needed the courts to remind him of that little lesson. In 1991, his then-wife Eliza Shaffy Jackson accused him of violence against herself and their daughter, 14-month-old Stevanna. Randy pleaded guilty but received no time behind bars for it. The judge ordered Randy to undergo 30 days at a treatment facility where he would do counseling for domestic mistreatment. Spoilers: It didn't take.

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31. He Was The Worst Husband

Randy had the chance to become a better man—and it doesn't look like he made good on it. He refused to attend his court-mandated counseling sessions and continued to beat his wife.  Almost a year later, Eliza reported that Randy continued to hurt her and eventually divorced him in 1992. Good for you, Eliza.

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32. Randy Never Got It Together

Even after all this, Randy Jackson still didn't clean up his act. He filed for bankruptcy but was caught not once but twice (!) hiding assets like cars and valuable stocks from the authorities. Years later, his messiness continued when he tried to sue his ex-wife for child support payments, only to not show his own trial.

Around the time Randy was first outing himself as a piece of work, though, his sister La Toya took Randy's nightmarish relationship and raised the stakes.

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33. La Toya Had A Nightmare Marriage

Like all her siblings, La Toya was also mistreated by her father Joe. But she had to deal with another harmful man: her ex-husband Jack Gordon. Joe Jackson hired Gordon to look after La Toya’s career in the 80s, and she married him in 1989. They stayed together for seven years, but according to La Toya, that time was nothing short of a waking nightmare.

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34. Her Husband Was A Monster

La Toya claims that Gordon forced her to marry him, saying he had to in order to protect her from being kidnapped by her family. Surprise, surprise, six months into that gong show, La Toya wanted out. She alleges that when she asked Gordon for an annulment, he went berserk and beat her. When reporters saw the bruises, Gordon simply said that an intruder had attacked his wife.

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35. She Felt So Alone

At this point, La Toya felt very alone. She was cut off from her family and in a deeply troubled marriage. According to La Toya, Gordon controlled her money, had her surveilled, demanded to be the one in charge of her passport, and, perhaps most chilling, forced her never to contact her own family. Looking back, La Toya said that she feared for her life and felt like she was a prisoner.

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36. Michael Started To Change

While LaToya was entangled in a vicious relationship, her brother Michael was undergoing a public transformation—and not the good kind. Michael’s face completely changed over the years, with people noticing that his increasingly pale skin and shrinking nose. People speculated wildly about what was happening and it took until Michael's interview with Oprah for him to reveal the truth.

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37. He Revealed The Truth

Michael had vitiligo, which causes the skin to lose its color in blotches. The condition and has no cure. Michael chose to bleach his skin in order to even out the color, but then received criticism for abandoning his black roots. He also had discoid lupus, which destroyed the cartilage in his nose. However, that's not the only reason for his shrinking nose. He had two nose jobs and used procedures to change the shape of his chin and cheekbones too.

Did his insecurities go back to Joe's taunts about Michael's appearance? I'll let you decide—but we can all agree that Michael's changing looks paled in comparison to his next disturbing scandal.

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38. He Made Headlines For A Dark Reason

Just a few months after the Oprah interview, Jackson’s name again made headlines—this time, for a truly disturbing reason. In August 1993, a man named Evan Chandler accused Jackson of having an inappropriate relationship with his son, 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. There was no denying that the two knew each other—Jordan Chandler had been a frequent guest at the Neverland Ranch.

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39. A "Guest" Made Chilling Accusations

Evan confronted his ex-wife June, who had custody of Jordan, with suspicions that their son had been in an inappropriate relationship with Jackson. At the time, June dismissed his worries—but then, she quickly changed her mind. The couple asked a psychiatrist to examine their boy, and his findings were horrific.

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40. They Tried to Get Money Out of Him

The psychiatrist believed their son had been inappropriately involved with Jackson, so the family hired a lawyer and started meeting with Jackson's people. They tried to reach an out-of-court settlement. However, when they thought that Jackson’s proposed $350K payday was too low, they went public.

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41. They Took It to Law Enforcement

In late August of 1993, the Chandlers went to the LAPD, who began a probe into the charges against Michael Jackson. To say the investigation was thorough would be an understatement. They searched the Neverland Ranch, questioned 30 children who spent time there, and interviewed Jackson’s limo driver. During the interview, he dropped a bombshell.

He claimed that he drove Jackson to the Chandler home every night for a month. However, that wasn’t all.

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42. Their Findings Made Jaws Drop

Law enforcement also began to investigate Evan Chandler, the father of the boy, for extortion. They listened to recorded phone calls where Chandler implied that he’d ruin Jackson’s career and life. On one call, when asked what the effect would be on his son, Evan Chandler replied, “That’s irrelevant.” LAPD also found that Chandler had gambling debts in the tens of thousands of dollars.

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43. It Slipped Through Their Fingers

Still, LAPD went through with the investigation—but then, they were stopped in their tracks. Jackson and Chandler’s lawyers came to an agreement and settled for $25 million out of court. The LAPD had lost Jordan Chandler as a witness, and they had no choice but to drop the case—but as we all know, the accusations didn’t end there.

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44. La Toya Turned Against Michael

Shortly after the accusations became public, Michael’s troubled sister La Toya stunned her family by publicly denouncing them. According to her, the family allowed Michael to take advantage of young children and that they knew he'd paid off one particular child’s family for almost $1 million. But even that wasn’t all.

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45. A Tragedy Struck The Family

Shortly after Michael's scandal, a tragedy struck the Jackson family. In 1994, one of the Jackson brothers, Tito, learned that his ex-wife's lifeless body had been found in a pool. Tito and his ex, Dee Dee, were high school sweethearts who'd had three children together. They had divorced amicably just one year before her demise. It looked like her demise was a tragic accident—but then chilling details came out...

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46. Tito's Wife Met A Chilling End

After divorcing Tito, Dee Dee then began dating a businessman who ran hospital and insurance companies. Three months later, she apparently drowned in his swimming pool. Her tragic end, at first ruled an accident, shocked the family, especially since all who knew her were well aware that Dee Dee couldn’t swim. In fact, she was terrified of water. The idea that she'd get into a pool was outrageous. So what really happened?

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47. His Sons Got Justice

Dee Dee and Tito's sons brought the case before the Superior Court and made a terrifying allegation. They claimed that her new boyfriend fatally beat Dee Dee for not agreeing to pay off his enormous loans for him. Then he threw her body in the pool to make it look like the whole thing had been a tragic accident.

His plan, thankfully, did not work. The courts found him guilty and he is currently behind bars, although he maintains his innocence.

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48. Michael Got Help

Around this time, Michael Jackson was undergoing issues of his own. His problems with painkillers reached a horrifying apex. While flying to the UK with his close friend Elizabeth Taylor, he could barely stand up, and a search at the airport found 18 vials of medicine in his suitcase. Friends rushed him to a private clinic, where he tried to kick the habit. Sadly, it wouldn’t be enough.

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49. She Stood by Him

During this period, Michael Jackson had the unwavering support of Elizabeth Taylor—and it made the rest of his family furious. Katherine Jackson reportedly hated her and felt that Taylor had taken her son away from her and replaced her in his life. On her visits to Neverland Ranch, she would go so far as to refuse to sit where Taylor had previously sat at the table.

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50. He Prioritized Her Over His Own Mother

While her behavior may come across as jealous and possessive, Michael did prefer to spend time with Taylor over his family, and he made that very clear to them. When he was hospitalized in the 90s, for example, Katherine had to make an appointment to see him, whereas Taylor could see him anytime she wanted.

Eventually, the whole family developed a burning resentment for Taylor. But soon, they'd start turning on each other.

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51. Joe Betrayed His Wife

The Jackson family fell into turmoil when news broke that Joe Jackson wasn't exactly faithful to his wife Katherine. It turned out that Joe had many affairs and mistresses over the years—but Katherine only denounced him when he officially went way too far and had a child with another woman. It turned out that Joe met a law enforcement officer at a party back in the 1970s, carried on a 25-year affair with her, and even had a daughter with his mistress. And even that wasn't all.

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52. He Had A Secret Family

Joe then set up his mistress and their child in a house not five miles away from his family home in California. He visited his secret second family almost daily. Over the years, Katherine knew her hubby wasn't exactly faithful and even filed for divorce twice. However, she withdrew both times and the couple stayed married—on paper at least. Katherine and Joe were estranged for the last years of Joe’s life. About time, girl.

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53. La Toya Hit Her Breaking Point

Around this time, another Jackson was also busy filing for divorce: La Toya. After almost eight miserable years with her husband Jack Gordon, she was finally ready to leave. What pushed her over the edge? According to La Toya, the last straw came when she learned that her husband was planning to make her act in an explicit movie, so that he could get some money.

At that, she reconciled with her brother and left her husband. Or did she?

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54. She Revealed Her Side Of The Story

Some people believe La Toya's claims. Others are more skeptical. What we do know is that her divorce from Gordon was very public and messy, with both sides saying nasty things about each other in the media. She claimed he would lock her in the closet and physically beat her into performing half undressed and posing for Playboy. Gordon, conversely, claimed La Toya is a “psychopathic liar” who depended on alcohol and drugs.

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55. Michael Had An Odd Marriage

While La Toya underwent divorce proceedings, Michael decided to start a family. In an unusual arrangement, he married a woman named Debbie Rowe, basically so she would give birth to his children, Paris and Michael Joseph. According to Rowe, the marriage was very...unorthodox. She and Michael never lived together and most reports suggest that Rowe received financial compensation for giving Michael what he wanted most: children.

However, the whole situation garnered intense scrutiny, especially when the children grew up and didn't exactly look like their dad's side of the family. Several men have come forward to say they are the kids’ biological father instead of Michael.

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56. Janet Struggled With Mental Illness

Around this time, Janet Jackson underwent her own struggles. She began suffering from severe bouts of depression and anxiety. Even though her music was still breaking records and she had rumored flings with A-list men like Justin Timberlake and Matthew McConaughey, she was on a dark downward path. And one of her biggest secrets was about to come to light.

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57. She Had A Secret Romance

You see, back in 1991, Janet had secretly married a man named Rene Elizondo and somehow managed to hide it from the press for almost a decade. The truth only came to light in 2000—and for a tragic reason. That was the year that Elizondo filed for divorce from Janet Jackson, citing irreconcilable differences. And of course, because we're talking about the Jacksons, more drama was right around the corner.

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58. They Felt Like Cash Cows

Although all of the Jacksons tasted musical success, debts started to pile up over the years. The family began relying heavily on Michael and Janet, who brought in the most money as their careers continued to shine. However, Michael and Janet eventually cut off their siblings and parents in 2003. To this day, we don't know the specific reason why—but we do know that Michael made sure his family would never get another dime out of him.

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59. Michael Took A Stand

Michael went so far as to leave his father and siblings out of his will so that when he passed, his money went into a trust for his three children and his mother Katherine, who'd become the kids' guardian. The rest of the money went to charity. Joe felt entitled to a payday, so he classily filed a petition for $15,000 per month for living expenses. He withdrew this a year later, again for unknown reasons.

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60. He Endangered His Own Son

And then, in 2002, Michael Jackson was back in the headlines for another eerie incident involving a child. He dangled his baby son Blanket over a balcony railing in front of a crowd of photographers. The incident made news all over the world and sadly seemed to confirm what people suspected for a long time: Something was very wrong with Michael.

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61. Janet Was Black-Listed

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard what happened at the 2004 Superbowl halftime show? In case you were living under a rock, Janet performed with Justin Timberlake when he accidentally ripped off her bra and exposed her to the world. Despite not even being her fault (!), the infamous wardrobe malfunction got Janet banned from the Grammys and blacklisted her music from major channels.

Justin Timberlake, meanwhile, took about 15 years to finally admit that he didn't stand up for Janet even though he was the reason her career took a nosedive. What a guy. Oh, and bonus fact: this incident is what inspired the inventor of YouTube to, well, invent YouTube.

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62. Michael Suddenly Passed

Five years after Janet's wardrobe malfunction, the world was shocked to hear the tragic news of Michael's passing. In 2009, he was reportedly rehearsing and pushing himself past his limits for his upcoming tour when he collapsed. At the time, no one knew exactly what happened, but as the days turned into weeks, answers began to emerge—and they were horrific.

It turned out that Michael's physician, Dr. Conrad  London, prescribed Michael a fatal combination of medications shortly before he passed. And according to Michael's family, that wasn't even the whole story.

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63. His Demise Was Suspicious

The courts found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011, but the Jackson family maintains that the doctor knew exactly what he was doing. Paris in particular believes the doctor "murdered" her father. The family, meanwhile, sued Michael’s concert promoter for overworking Michael and facilitating his overdose. The Jacksons ultimately lost the case, but maintain their disgust for the company.

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64. His Funeral Was Heartbreaking

Michael's funeral was a heartbreaking affair—but here's something most people might not have noticed. During his eulogy for his brother, Marlon Jackson asked Michael to give their brother Brandon a big hug from him. If you haven't heard of Brandon Jackson, you're not alone. Brandon was Marlon's twin—and sadly he passed within 24 hours of his birth.

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65. A Young Man Made A Shocking Claim

In the years after Michael's passing, many people claimed to be his secret children. However, Brandon Howard’s claim just might be legitimate. Brandon not only looks like Michael, but his mannerisms are spookily similar. Brandon’s mom knew Michael in the 1980s, when she went by a very familiar name—Billie Jean.

Brandon believes Michael is his father and even took a DNA test, the results of which were inconclusive.  Before jumping to support Brandon, though, it’s important to note the sample he used for the test was 30 years old and purchased from an auction. And, let’s not forget Michael himself spoke out on this issue with his lyrics: “She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son.”

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66. Jermaine's Marriage Dissolved

Even after Michael's passing, the Jackson family continued to get into trouble. Years before, Jermaine Jackson had a whirlwind romance and speedy wedding with a beautiful woman named Halima Rashid. Well, in 2015, their marriage dissolved in a spectacular mess. The authorities even took Rashid into custody for trying to bite a chunk out of Jermaine’s leg during a fight.

However, they dropped the case because no one could determine who the aggressor in the situation was. Rashid left Jermaine the following year and filed for divorce. And somehow, this isn't even the wildest of Jermaine's marriages...

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67. There Was A Bizarre Situation

The Jackson matriarch Katherine took Jermaine's issues and upped the ante. In 2017, she was at the center of a truly bizarre story. While reports vary and the entire story is beyond wacky, it sounds like Katherine got involved with some odd people when she was caring for Michael's children. In the end, Randy, Jermaine, and Janet came to believe that Katherine was being held hostage and stormed into her home to save Michael's children.

The authorities investigated and decided to reinstate Katherine as Paris, Michael Joseph, and Blanket's guardian but still, the whole incident was very strange.

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68. Joe Received Terrible News

Just a year after that strange situation, the Jackson family hit another rough patch. After learning that he had terminal pancreatic cancer, Joe passed on the morning of June 27, 2018, just one month shy of his 90th birthday. Despite his controversial legacy, his family was at his bedside with him in his last days.

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69. Paris Had A Crisis

Shortly after her grandfather passed, Paris Jackson stunned and saddened the world when she attempted to take her own life. At age 15, she slashed her wrists and overdosed on Motrin, but thankfully she made it through. After the attempt, she completed a residential therapy program at a hospital and attended a special therapeutic school in Utah, which she says really helped her.

However, in an interview, Paris admitted the awful truth.

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70. She Revealed The Awful Truth

This was far from the first time she had tried to end her life. It was just the only attempt that the public knew about. Paris cited cyberbullying as the main cause of her self-hatred, as well as the aftermath of an assault that occurred when she was 14. Doctors diagnosed her with depression and anxiety and she is now on appropriate medication.

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71. Some Escaped, But Not All

But hey, not all the stories in the Jackson family are defined by doom and gloom. Marlon, the “Dancing-est Jackson,” left the music industry after releasing a solo album. He ran an entertainment company, worked as an actor, and even got a “normal” job as a real estate agent. The oldest Jackson daughter Rebbie also went outside the family business and devoted her life to her family, rather than a career in music.

But as we've seen, in the Jackson family, they're the exceptions—not the rule. And nothing proved that quite as much as the insane feud between Jermaine and Randy Jackson.

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72. Jermaine Betrayed His Brother

Jermaine inherited his dad’s love of women, evident from his own various affairs. When he was in his mid-20s, Jermaine coveted his brother Randy’s longtime girlfriend, Alejandra Oaziaza. Randy and Oaziaza had two children together, but that didn’t stop Jermaine from flirting his way into a relationship with her while Randy was away on the road. And somehow that's not all.

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73. They Don't Speak To Each Other

Jermaine didn't just woo his brother's girlfriend. He went so far as to secretly marry her. The couple actually had children together (Jaafar, Donte, Jermajesty) before divorcing in 2004. Needless to say, Jermaine and Randy’s relationship became so broken that the brothers stopped speaking to each other. Classic Jackson family drama!

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74. Michael Had A Famous Girlfriend

Wacky relationships ran in the Jackson family. Tatum O'Neal was Jackson's first girlfriend and, allegedly, his first real love. Jackson once said in an interview that during their time together, she had tried to seduce him, but the idea of intimacy terrified him so he backed off. For years, it was widely believed that Jackson had lost his virginity to O'Neal.

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75. She Denied What He Said

In 2004, O’Neal shocked the world when she revealed the truth about their relationship in her tell-all memoir. According to her, the two of them kissed, but never did anything more—the tabloids had made their relationship seem far more scandalous than it had been in real life. However, she also denied Michael's claim that she tried to seduce him.

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76. His Accuser Took His Own Life

Soon after Michael Jackson's passing, a man who had made horrific accusations against him was found dead in his own New Jersey apartment. That man was Evan Chandler. He had taken his own life. As we discussed, Chandler claimed that Jackson had an inappropriate relationship with his son all the way back in 1993, spurring the first LAPD investigation into Jackson.

The authorities also suspected Chandler of simply trying to get money from Jackson. While the Jackson family received that large cash settlement, it wasn’t exactly a happy ending for them.

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77. Joe Was A Manager, Not A Father

And so, at the end of the day, what caused the Jackson family's seemingly endless misery? The answer might be simpler than you think. Joe Jackson treated his children like show ponies, made fun of their insecurities, and more, but his cruelest act was eventually revealed by Jermaine. He said none of the kids can remember their father being affectionate with them or even once telling them that he loved them.

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