These Blind Date Nightmares Prove Love Isn't Blind

October 3, 2023 | Scott Mazza

These Blind Date Nightmares Prove Love Isn't Blind

Finding romance is hard enough, but finding it with someone you've only just met can be the opposite of happily ever after. From bathroom incidents to cases of mistaken identity, these are the worst blind dates imaginable.

1. Mary’s Not Here, Man

I was really looking forward to meeting this woman named Mary. I made sure to arrive at the designated spot 20 minutes early, feeling a mix of excitement and nerves. But as I sat there waiting, there was no sign of her. It took about 15 minutes past our agreed meeting time for someone to finally walk by. 

I mustered up the courage to approach her and asked, "Hey, are you Mary?" Surprisingly, she shot back with, "Are you [My name]?" I confirmed that I was indeed the person she was looking for. That's when she hit me with the unexpected response, "Sorry, I'm not Mary," and casually walked away. Let me tell you, that stung.

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2. Somebody’s Watching Me

I went out on a date with a girl who brought a female friend along. Throughout the date, her friend would watch us closely from a few feet away without getting involved. At first, the girl mentioned that her friend enjoyed joining dates, but I didn't really understand why. 

Towards the end of the afternoon, I mustered up the courage to ask about her friend. To my surprise, the girl explained that her friend likes to come on dates to simply observe and get turned on by watching people. That's when I realized that the strange look her friend had all day was actually a look of arousal. 

I felt extremely creeped out by the situation, more than I have ever felt before.

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3. It’s Serial

I've only been on one blind date a few years ago. It was set up by my mom with the son of one of her friends, who happened to be an investment banker. She thought he would be a good match for me. So, on the night of our date, he calls me and asks if I can pick him up because his car broke down. 

I didn't mind, so I asked for his address. Turns out, he was staying at his friend's place, which was an hour away from my house. I wasn't thrilled about the distance, but I thought it would be okay. I got ready, wearing a cute black dress and heels, hoping to have a great time. 

When I picked him up, I noticed that he was a bit on the short side, but he had a nice face and seemed fit. We went to a restaurant and ordered our meals. After a few drinks, we started talking about our jobs and other random stuff. Then, the topic of who we admired came up—and things took an incredibly dark turn.

I was shocked when he said he admired Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, minus the agression. He actually aspired to live that kind of life. Alarm bells started ringing in my head. To try and change the subject, I brought up the fraternity we both belonged to at the university. 

I mentioned that I knew some of the guys, but he confessed that he didn't really like any of them. That was a red flag. Then, when it was time to pay the bill, he realized he had forgotten his wallet. I ended up paying for both of us. Great. By this point, I just wanted the night to be over. But it got even worse. 

On the way back to the parking garage, we passed by an alley, and he leaned in, whispering in my ear that he found me attractive and wanted to get intimate behind the garbage pile. And to top it off, he actually licked my ear! It was absolutely horrifying. I decided right then and there that the night was done. 

I gave him some money and told him to take public transportation home. Then, I called my friends and we went to a bar to drown out the whole experience. Needless to say, I felt on edge for a few days afterwards, constantly worried that something terrible might happen.

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4. Twist Ending

I went on a horrifying blind date with this girl once. We decided to start with a movie, and things went smoothly throughout the film. However, the true catastrophe occurred when we were leaving the theater. 

As we were driving out of the parking lot, she happened to spot her father exiting the same movie theater, but with a woman who clearly wasn't her mother.

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5. Eating For Two

I connected with this girl online and after chatting for about a week, we decided to meet in person. I suggested dinner and maybe drinks after if all went well. When we met, she looked nothing like her profile picture. She claimed she used her sister's picture and name to avoid a stalker ex.

Wait, her NAME? Yep, she lied about that too. Funny thing is, during our conversation, she mentioned she was an only child. That raised a red flag. She kept talking about topics that, honestly, didn’t interest me at all. Then, the food situation was a disaster. 

We were at a steakhouse, and she decided to forgo her cutlery and just pick up her steak and eat it with her hands. And the way she tackled those potatoes? I lost my appetite. Before I could even touch my food, I claimed I wasn't feeling well and asked for it to be packed up. 

Without skipping a beat, she asked if she could eat my meal and went to town on it. To add to the madness, our waitress asked when she was due, implying she looked pregnant. She casually mentioned she was due in two months. I was speechless.

Being polite, I settled the bill and tried to end the evening on a decent note. But the surprises weren't over. I headed to my local bar, and guess who trailed behind? Her. She confronted me in the parking lot, right as some of my work friends were arriving. She accused me of lying about feeling ill since I was heading into the bar. I was so embarrassed.

Fed up, I just hopped into my car and drove off. My friends at work wouldn't let me live that night down.

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6. Paging Dr. Freud

I once went on a date with a guy who couldn't stop talking about his mother. He shared everything about her—her favorite foods, movies, where she went to college, even how she makes her spaghetti sauce. It felt like he knew every little detail. 

In a moment of frustration, I jokingly suggested that he should date his mom since no one else could compare to her. Surprisingly, he actually seemed to consider it for a second. But it gets even stranger. 

I looked at him as if he was crazy, and he snapped at me, insisting that any woman who is even half as amazing as his mom should feel grateful and thank God for her blessings. Fast forward two years, and he ended up marrying his dad's high school sweetheart. This is a true story.

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7. Mommy Issues

I went out with this guy who seemed pretty cool. Everything was going well until I visited his place to meet his mom. She was super nice, just doing her thing around the house. As we're prepping for dinner, he dashes to the laundry room to grab an outfit. But man, when he returned, things went south real fast.

He went ballistic on his mom over a pair of jeans she'd accidentally shrunk in the wash. I mean, full-on yelling, face all red, the works. He was so upset that he just sat down and started tearing at his shirt, destroying it. I felt so bad for his mom. I went over, told her I was sorry she had to put up with that, and made my exit.

As I was leaving, he chased after me, torn shirt in hand, crying, trying to get me to stay. But I told him straight: nobody should ever treat anyone that way, let alone their own mom who was just trying to help. And there was no chance I'd stick around with someone with that kind of temper.

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8. Stay Hydrated

During my first year of college, I went on a date to Wendy's because, well, we were both broke. This guy had the kind of voice that could put you to sleep, and he'd just talk non-stop about, well, anything. While he was in the middle of one of his tales, I took a sip of water and choked on it. 

Trying to keep things casual because, you know, it's a date, I tried to discreetly clear my throat. Big mistake. As he just kept on going, I was practically having a coughing meltdown at our table. My eyes were watering, I was a mess, and even tried leaning under the table thinking that might help. 

Everyone around us was staring, probably concerned. Everyone, that is, except my date. He was deep into his story, not even registering my distress. By the time I managed to get myself together, I had completely lost track of whatever he was saying. When his long-winded story ended, I apologized, explaining my water mishap. His response? 

"Oh, I was trying to figure out what was up with you". Not the most empathetic guy. Unsurprisingly, we didn't go on a second date.

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9. True Blind Date

I walked into a restaurant for a blind date, and she's there wearing a niqab. But here's the twist—she isn't Muslim. She wanted our chat to be all about personality, without me seeing her face. Felt like something straight out of a sitcom. But as we talked, turns out, her personality wasn't my cup of tea.

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10. Forever Goth

A friend once set me up on a blind date, insisting this guy was my perfect match. I even asked her if he was cool with my geeky-goth style, and she reassured me he was into goth girls. So, we met at a restaurant and everything started off normal, discussing stuff like school, movies, and books. But then, things took a wild turn.

After we ordered, he said, "There are a few things you'll need to change if we're gonna date". He then rattled off a bunch of "improvements" I had to make: lose weight, dye my hair a different color, tan, dress how he'd like, ditch the piercings, get rid of the tattoos, and no more gaming.

I honestly waited for someone to jump out with a camera saying I was on some prank show. That didn't happen. Folks nearby were eavesdropping and probably wondering why he was making such ridiculous demands. After listing my "to-do" changes, he smiled and asked when I'd begin my makeover.

Just as our food arrived, something snapped in me. Without thinking, I dumped my plate of pasta onto his lap. I stormed out, found a nearby store, and called another friend to pick me up. I recounted the whole ordeal and ended up crying, feeling so belittled. My match-making friend was appalled when she heard and couldn't believe his behavior.

That disaster was my first and final blind date. Fast forward to today, I'm still rocking my goth look and you better believe no one comes between me and my video games.

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11. Second Impression

So, after our date, this guy started grading me in his car, like some kind of report card. He actually said I ate too delicately for his liking, but then he oßddly complimented me, thinking I enjoyed being in the kitchen? The weirdest part was that a couple of hours later, he calls and admits to scrolling through my entire Facebook and reading my blog.

Turns out, he thought I was cooler than he first believed, so he dropped the date for the next night to see me again. Talk about red flags! Obviously, I didn't go for round two with him.

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12. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Even though I wasn't feeling my best, I decided to still go out with this girl. We agreed to meet up at a Belgian bar. Right from the start, I could tell she was amazing—beautiful, fun, and seemed really interested in me. However, during our time together, I started to feel some discomfort in my stomach. 

Trying to deal with it discreetly, I leaned forward to release some gas silently. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse. I ended up having a major accident and soiled myself in a very embarrassing way. The smell immediately filled the air, and I quickly excused myself to go to the bathroom. Sadly, the damage was already done. 

After cleaning up as best I could, I emerged from the bathroom feeling incredibly embarrassed and dirty. I decided it was best to leave the bar and head home. I walked out with stained pants, feeling humiliated, and caught the train back. The date itself was nothing compared to the nightmare that followed—I ended up getting E-coli and spent the next three weeks recovering from that ordeal.

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13. Eating Buddies

So, a colleague of mine kept raving about her friend, saying we were two peas in a pod. Finally, I caved and decided to meet her. We ended up dining at her go-to spot. Honestly? She was witty, easy on the eyes, and the conversation flowed. It felt promising.

Later, while setting up round two over text, she suggests the same restaurant. I'm like, "How about mixing it up with ice skating or a museum visit?" She's game, but under one condition: dinner first. A bit unusual, but alright. When I offered to fetch her, her response left me floored: "My boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate that". Hold up... boyfriend?

I called her up, and things just got weirder. She was cool with our dinners but drew the line at "romantic" activities. When I asked why she hadn’t looped me in on the boyfriend situation, she shrugged it off as no biggie. Then, the shocker: she was mostly into our "dates" because her boyfriend wasn’t the dining-out type.

I put an end to it, but she still asked, "Are we on for dinner though?" Fast forward a month, with no chats in between, she pops up on my phone, pitching another dinner.

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14. Ladies’ Man

I was out with this guy I was into, and during our drive, he got slapped with a speeding ticket. His excuse was that my chit-chat "distracted" him. I was irked, but I accepted the ticket. Then, of all places, he chooses Hooters for dinner and hints I should cover our meal since he was handling nightclub fees. Once inside the club, all he did was reminisce about his ex-flings.

Clearly, there wasn’t a follow-up date in the cards.

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15. Method Actor?

I was on this seemingly simple pizza date with a guy. But things took a turn. Out of the blue, he pops on a clown nose and continues munching. I’m like, "What's the deal?" and he goes, "Just testing out my new accessory". As if that wasn’t odd enough, he starts breaking into some wild scat singing, channeling his inner jazz legend.

I was stuck there for hours, trapped in a surreal pizza joint concert. Plus, I was his ride to the station since he'd traveled quite a distance for our date. Finally, when we reached the station, instead of hopping out, he just sat there, pondering. 

When it seemed like he was leaning in for a kiss, he surprises me again: he rubs his face against mine, gives my cheek a bizarre lick, and then bounces. Out of all my bizarre date stories, this one tops the list for sheer weirdness.

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16. Parallel Lives

A few months back, I was chatting with a girl on OkCupid. Things seemed promising, so we planned to meet up. I was saving for an overseas move, so I proposed we meet at this affordable Thai spot I knew—good food and super cheap drinks.

I offered to drive her, but she chose to come on her own—totally cool by me. On the night, I was running slightly behind, and then she called, struggling to find the place. Even with the address and my directions, she couldn't figure it out and called me multiple times over nearly an hour.

By the time she made the last call, I'd been waiting for a while and was sipping my drink. She then dropped another surprise, saying she couldn’t parallel park—and in the city, that's basically a necessity. She asked if I'd mind coming out to park her car for her. So I headed out, trying not to feel too awkward as I told the hostess I'd be right back.

When she finally drove up, I quickly realized her photos had... let's say, flattered her quite a bit. As I hopped into her car, I mentioned that driving her automatic felt odd since I'd been using a manual for years. 

Searching for a parking spot, I found one and instinctively went for the clutch when slowing down. But, oops, I slammed the brake instead. And since she wasn’t buckled up, she lunged forward and her head smacked the dashboard. Thankfully, she wasn't injured, but man, was dinner awkward. After that night, we didn't keep in touch.

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17. This Was A Test, And You Failed

So, on a blind date, the guy literally quizzed me with an IQ test right there and then. You won't believe his response when he saw my decent score. He claimed he couldn't date me because I was "too intelligent" and that I'd probably make his life tough. Honestly? By the time the night wrapped up, I was relieved to be parting ways – probably even more than he was!

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18. Real Men Get Lost

So, here's a tale about a date that never actually took place. A friend connected me with this guy online, living about an hour away. The plan was for him to visit the city, grab lunch with me, and then chill at the local bird sanctuary. And if things went well, I thought we could maybe hang out at my place afterward.

I didn't really know much about him, but I was open to seeing where things might go, especially since it had been a while since I had a break from my hectic work and study schedule. We had agreed he'd pick me up around noon. But by 12:30, he called, admitting he was lost but assuring me he was close by.

This led to a frustrating SIX HOURS of him calling every hour, getting more and more agitated. I kept offering to guide him, but he'd insist that he'd figure it out. In the meantime, I made and ate my lunch, watched a film, and even managed to finish a book, all while listening to his never-ending complaints.

When he mentioned stopping for directions at around 7 pm, I had had enough. I told him, "Nope. This isn't happening. You should head back". He tried to protest, but I was firm. And when he started throwing a fit, I simply hung up.

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19. The Ol’ Switcheroo

I'd just returned from college and decided to grab a drink at my hometown bar. I couldn't help but notice there was a new face behind the counter—a really good-looking bartender. She had this edgy short hair, captivating tattoos, and was rocking a shirt from a band I loved. I thought, "Why not?", and struck up a chat. 

We instantly clicked. And this wasn't just your typical friendly bartender banter; it felt genuine. As the night progressed, she subtly asked about my relationship status. When I mentioned I was single, she quickly scribbled something and handed it to me, saying, "Here's my apartment number and directions. We're hosting a party on Wednesday. You should come". 

I looked at the paper, and sure enough, there were a number and directions. Naturally, I assumed she was interested. Well, I was in for a shock. Wednesday rolled around, and I made sure I looked sharp. Upon arriving, she greeted me warmly and immediately led me to a guy, introducing him as Jeff, her roommate. 

After a brief introduction, she vanished into thin air. Feeling a bit out of place, I continued chatting with Jeff. But then, out of nowhere, he asked, "You do realize this is a date, right?" It turned out the party was a setup. She was trying to play matchmaker for her roommate and me. Talk about an unexpected twist.

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20. In The Pocket

Have you ever tried playing pool on a blind date? Picture this: everything is going well, until your date tries to be playful and sneaks up on you just as you're about to take a shot. Unfortunately, in this moment of flirtation, your head collides with her nose, causing it to break. Definitely not the ideal situation.

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21. He’s Not All That

When I was 15, I spent a year studying in Germany. I was this shy, nerdy teen who found it hard to make friends. One girl, trying to be helpful, set me up with a guy from another school. I wasn't really into dating, but figured I'd give it a shot to break the monotony, and who knows, maybe we'd click.

Come date day, I asked him what he'd like to do. We were in a small town—too distant from the main city for a quick visit, and too tiny to have much going on for two teenagers. He suggested a stroll, and I was cool with that.

We walked, got some coffee, and chatted for about an hour. It became clear to me this guy wasn’t my type. It wasn’t that he was mean, he just wasn’t, well, bright. When I asked about his hobbies, he said he's looking into pipefitting, mainly because his dad wanted him to, not out of personal interest.

Curious, I inquired if he enjoyed traveling. He mentioned not really, but shared a story of inadvertently crossing into the Netherlands on his scooter, which was just about 45 km from where he grew up. Out of the blue, he starts ranting about how women shouldn't drive. (Really?)

Back at school, the girl who'd set us up was eager for details. I politely said he was decent, but we didn't click, and thanked her for trying. That's when my host sister, who'd been giving me a tough time since I arrived, burst into laughter with her. Turns out, they'd set me up as a joke and even bet on whether I'd agree to a second date.

Learning about their little game, I was livid and let them know exactly how I felt.

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22. Cheap Date

He took me out for a meal followed by a film. We ended up eating at Burger King, and my order—chicken strips and fries—was less than $4 back then. The movie? Schindler's List. Yup, that was his pick. But the evening took an even stranger turn. He confessed he doubted the Holocaust even occurred. 

And as if that wasn't enough, when we said our goodbyes, he grumbled about me not "returning the favor" because he paid for my meal. I left before we could see Apollo 13; I didn't want to hear his take on the moon landing, nor negotiate my worth over a fast-food combo. 

College was a time of low self-worth for me, but it wasn't rock bottom.

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23. Three’s Company

I'd been on a few dates with this girl, around four or five, but this was my first time picking her up from her place. When it was time to take her home, I noticed an unfamiliar car in her driveway. Curious, I mentioned I didn't know she had a roommate and wondered when I'd meet them. 

She casually said, "Oh, that's not a roommate's car. It's my husband's".

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24. For Your Eyes Only

I went on a date with this really nice guy. We went to this fancy restaurant and everything was amazing—the food was delicious and the atmosphere was fantastic. However, things got uncomfortable when he suddenly took out his phone after the main course and started showing me explicit pictures he had taken of himself. 

He showed me different angles, lighting, and even some dynamic effects. Since I had ridden with him to the restaurant, I had no choice but to sit next to him on the way back home. It was quite a challenge to resist the urge to open the car door and roll out.

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25. The Talking Cure

I had just started seeing this guy, and we were heading to Circuit City to pick up some computer stuff he wanted. On the way, this super repetitive techno song came on the radio, and I mentioned how it felt like it played all the time. He said he liked it and turned the volume up a notch.

Trying to be playful, I said, "Guess I won't be talking to you until this song's over!" and smiled, just soaking in the moment. That... didn't go as planned. We parked, but I could tell something was off. He was speed-walking ahead, clearly not wanting to walk with me.

I shrugged it off, caught up to him, and gave him a peck on the cheek. But he still felt distant. When I asked if something was up, he brushed it off. As we browsed the store, he vanished. Completely. The store was buzzing with people since it was around 7 PM. I thought he’d just gone to another section, but after 15 minutes, I couldn’t find him anywhere. 

By 8 PM, still no sign. I tried calling his phone, but it went straight to voicemail. His car was still parked outside, but he wasn’t inside it. I didn’t want to run around the whole shopping complex looking for him. By 8:45 PM, with the store about to close and the parking lot nearly empty, I was genuinely worried. 

Then, as I walked out, I saw him. Just chilling in his car. I ran over, almost crying, asking where he'd been. He just calmly said, "Wanted you to see how it feels when you cut off communication".

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26. My Condolences

I informed a man about my mother's surgery that is taking place soon. It's not a life-threatening surgery. The man's response was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard: "You know, considering where you come from, a family loss might actually be beneficial for you. It can help build your character. People like you can really gain a lot from such experiences". 

So, basically, he was suggesting that my mom should lose her life? I ended the conversation shortly after that.

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27. Eager Beaver

My brother-in-law is trying to set me up with his closest friend. At first, I was okay with the idea of him opening doors for me, like car doors or doors to buildings. But he took it to the extreme. When we arrived at the movie theater, as I tried to get out of the car, he suddenly shouted "NO NO!" 

He then ran out of the car, went to the passenger side, closed the door, and reopened it. Later, he caused a scene at the ticket booth when I insisted on paying for my own ticket. I had mentioned before that I prefer splitting the bill on first dates so that there's no pressure on either party. However, he actually shoved me aside to pay for both of our tickets. I was really irritated. 

After the movie, he suggested going to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and dessert. I made up an excuse about needing to get home. During the ride back, he started talking about how he would love for me to come to church with him on Sunday and meet his family. Ugh, it made me feel uncomfortable.

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28. Leave Them Wanting More

I was on a dating website and chatted with a guy for a while. We decided to meet up for drinks, but looking back, there were some warning signs I should have noticed. He presented himself as an educated and honest lawyer, claiming to be good-looking, but it turns out he used a misleading photo of himself. 

When I finally met him, it was hard to recognize him. But that was just the beginning. He wouldn't share where he worked or his last name, saying his profession required him to keep his phone number unlisted. Then, things got even stranger. Instead of looking at just one photo I wanted to show him, he went through every single photo on my phone. 

Feeling uneasy, I quickly gulped down the most expensive drink I could find and left as soon as I could.

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29. We Were On A Break

After about nine months of being single, I thought I'd try out chatrooms to possibly meet someone local. I started chatting with this girl who seemed perfect on paper: same age, friendly vibe, brown hair, green eyes, said she did some modeling. She chose not to send a photo due to privacy, which, in hindsight, was a red flag.

We met up for dinner downtown, and I was a bit surprised. She seemed shorter and not quite the model-type she described, but she was pleasant, so we sat down. Throughout dinner, she appeared distracted and kept glancing around. When I asked if everything was okay, she confessed, "Well, I'm just concerned my boyfriend might see us here". Wait, what?

Seeing my surprise, she quickly added, "Oh, we've been together a while, but it's felt over for months. I just haven't gotten around to breaking it off". At that point, I seriously considered excusing myself and disappearing. But I chose the polite route. We wrapped up dinner, and I walked her to her train.

After that, she tried reaching out a couple of times, but I decided to ghost her. I think she got the message.

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30. Sibling Rivalry

During a date with this girl, we took a leisurely stroll through the city. Interestingly, several guys she knew would approach her on the street, interrupting our walk to greet her and engage in brief conversations. Curiously, she would always introduce them to me as one of her brothers. 

It turned out that she claimed to have more than 15 brothers and astonishingly, she met all of them on that very same day. To this day, I remain clueless about the true identity of these guys and why she blatantly lied about their relationship.

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31. Nerve-Wracking

I once went on a date with this guy I connected with online. We planned to grab some coffee, stroll around the city, and maybe catch a movie if things felt right. So, we met up at a cafe, and I couldn't help but notice he was turning a bright shade of red and seemed super sweaty. 

Trying to brush it off, he suggested we head out for our walk. It was a chilly winter day in Chicago, around 15-20 degrees, but I thought, "Why not?" I figured he was just a bit anxious, and the walk might help him relax. Throughout our stroll, his comfort levels seemed to change constantly. But hey, everyone gets jittery sometimes.

We decided to continue with our plan to see a movie, thinking it'd be a good opportunity for him to chill out in a low-pressure setting. While waiting in the queue, out of the blue, he turned to me and blurted, "I can't go through with this... I just can't, I'm sorry". And then he bolted. Like, he took off running. 

Later on, I received an email from him. He mentioned that I was even lovelier in real life than he'd anticipated and super kind, which overwhelmed him. Not sure how that was supposed to make me feel better, but there it was.

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32. Don’t Call Me

So, my roommate's girlfriend, who I'll call "Karen," set me up with one of her pals. Let's nickname her "Lisa". I knew what Lisa looked like, so the attraction was there, but we'd never actually chatted. We met outside a restaurant, and she was engrossed in her phone. 

I thought maybe it was urgent, but she just kept yapping about trivial stuff even as we were being seated. She didn't even apologize when she finally hung up. But, almost immediately, her phone buzzed again, pulling her back into another seemingly pointless chat. 

We managed to order drinks, with Lisa still on her call and me just sitting there, feeling super awkward. By the time our drinks arrived, I was already halfway through mine and had to wave the waitress away a couple of times since Lisa was STILL talking. I must admit, I did something kinda cheeky next. 

After listening to her go on for what felt like forever, I discreetly got up, left $20 on the table, and made my exit without uttering a word. As I was leaving, I caught Lisa's shocked expression, and noticed other diners whispering, clearly having observed the whole scene. 

By the time I reached home, Lisa was already on the line with Karen, who happened to be at our place. And it hit me—was Lisa chatting with Karen during our "date"?

Karen was livid. She immediately went on about how wrong I was to just leave Lisa like that. I simply said, "I didn't want to interrupt such a crucial conversation". Then, I headed off to my room. As I was walking away, I spotted a familiar look of shock on Karen's face, much like Lisa's at the diner.

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33. Like Mother, Like Daughter

I went out with this girl on a date, and while we were hanging out, she decided to share some "interesting" pictures. First, she showed me pictures of her own chest, and then surprisingly, she showed me pictures of her mom's chest as well. It was quite unexpected, and then she actually asked me which one I thought was better. 

I honestly couldn't understand why she had these pictures or why she was so concerned about my opinion of them. Needless to say, I didn't go on a second date to find out more about this peculiar situation.

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34. Most Unladylike

I once went on this blind date. Her online profile seemed decent: single, no kids, and she could actually string a sentence together without sounding like a toddler. I put on a decent outfit and fetched her at 7 sharp. She came across as pleasant, so we headed to the movies. It wasn’t the film that was memorable, but her antics during it.

The entire time, she was practically yelling her comments, rested her feet on another person's seat, and even lobbed popcorn at fellow moviegoers. I was embarrassed to be with someone acting this way. Figuring I'd give it one more shot, I decided to take her out to eat at Cheddars, a place where at least she'd be allowed to talk.

We were just starting to have an okay chat when things went south again. When our drinks arrived, she griped that she got a Coke instead of a Pepsi. And then, shockingly, she poured her entire drink over the waiter and asked for a refund on a meal I was covering. By now, I was pretty fed up.

After we ate, I gently told her outside that while she seemed alright, I didn’t see us going on another date. She flipped out, hurling stones and even trying to snatch my car keys. Needless to say, I never saw her again and would prefer to keep it that way.

Blind datesUnsplash

35. Shut The Front Door

As I go to open the door, he grabs me and pushes me away in order to do it himself. At first, I thought it was an accident and brushed it off by joking about the challenges guys face in being chivalrous, adding that it's simpler for me since there are fewer rules. But then he smirks mischievously and declares, "There's a certain expectation for women to offer certain 'services' to gentlemen". Absolutely not.

Blind datesPexels

36. You Dog, You

I connected with this girl on Facebook, and we decided to meet at a coffee shop. Funny thing is, I don’t even like coffee, but it’s such a typical dating spot. Moving on. We chat, she gets coffee, and it's all going well. After a good two hours, she offers to drive me home but mentions she has something to tell me. Brace yourselves.

She launches into this spiel about how she'll be the ideal girlfriend, how she can't wait to meet my folks and be all prim and proper. But here's the twist: twice a week, she wants me in a cage at the end of her bed. She even showed me photos on her phone and described in detail what she expects from me. She kept saying I’d be just right for this setup she had in mind.

I took a deep breath, resisting the urge to make a scene. I thanked her for her honesty and tried to explain that while I respected her openness, that’s not my scene. I mentioned there are specialized websites for folks into that, but I just wasn’t one of them.

Blind datesPixabay

37. Mystery Date

Alright, so while I've never been on a blind date, my buddy Steve kind of stumbled into one. We used to work together at this store a few years ago, and there was this cute, tall, somewhat reserved girl we both knew there.

Jump ahead four years. After living elsewhere for a while, Steve came back home and was kind of floating without a job. One day, he spots the same girl at our old workplace but can't remember her name. He sends me a photo, and while she looked familiar, her name escaped me too.

The plan was for me, my girlfriend, her friend, and Steve to go see Toy Story 3. Steve, being spontaneous, thought he'd invite this mystery girl from the store. He called up the store, learned her name was Tara from a manager, and managed to get her to agree to the movie.

Steve was over the moon because he hadn’t dated in ages. He told me, and curious, my girlfriend and I decided to pop by the store to catch a glimpse of her—but she was nowhere in sight. Was she on break or did he ask out a completely different girl?

Jump to movie time, and there's a slightly panicked Steve wondering how to handle the ticket buying. As I'm trying to guide him, I notice a girl from the store, but not the one Steve had in mind. Uh-oh. I discreetly let Steve in on the mix-up. The funniest part? 

The girl, who also didn’t know Steve by face, was right next to him, chatting with a friend about this random date invite she got. Both were clueless about each other, standing just a few feet apart. Eventually, Steve introduced himself, got her ticket, and despite the comedy of errors leading up to their date, they hit it off. 

Believe it or not, they started dating and have been together for a month now.

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38. Plugged In

The actual date was enjoyable. We really connected and had many shared interests. However, the conclusion of the date was disappointing. When we were saying goodbye, she asked for my Facebook username. I truthfully informed her that I don't use Facebook. To my surprise, she seemed shocked. 

Despite the great first date, she outright refused when I asked her out again a few days later. She said, "I can't trust someone who doesn't have a Facebook account". I'm relieved I avoided dealing with that level of irrationality so early on.

Blind datesPixabay

39. The Worst Of A Bad Time

So, the game plan was simple: dinner and a movie. A mutual buddy set us up and, after some good chats over text and calls, I was genuinely looking forward to it. But he rolls in an hour late. Part of me wanted to just bail, but considering he's tight with one of my pals, I gave it a shot. Big mistake.

On our way to the movie, turns out he's already eaten. Now, I’m super hungry. I grabbed some chocolate bars from a nearby store to tide me over. Out of the blue, he starts lecturing me on how chocolate could make me gain weight. For the record, I'm quite slender. And seriously, who says that? 

Sitting in the theater, waiting for the film to begin, he won’t stop harping on about not getting fat. I just tried to keep my cool. Post-movie, the topic shifts to film editing. As I'm asking a question, he interrupts with, "Wow, you're smart too! I'm totally falling for you!" But he never answers my actual question. Instead, he showers me with a barrage of random, over-the-top compliments.

Finally, when he's dropping me off, I'm mentally sprinting to my door. I'm too polite to be outright mean, but honestly, this guy is a mix of conceited, inconsiderate, and clueless in conversations. And then, the cherry on top: he begins bragging about his weapon collection and points to his trunk, wanting to give me a peek. 

Time for my exit. Citing an early class, I made my escape. Unsurprisingly, we never chatted after that.

Blind datesPexels

40. Keep It Classy

I'd been talking to this girl online for a bit and we finally decided to meet up. She'd already rescheduled on me twice. I told myself that if she did it again, I'd move on. But, as fate would have it, on our third attempt, I hit the mother of all traffic jams. Feeling embarrassed, I texted her saying I'd be delayed by about 15 minutes.

She responded with, “Wait, was that today? Oops, my bad!" She asked me to hang tight for another 15 minutes so she could get ready and promised she'd call. Those 15 minutes stretched into 45. I'm someone who values being on time, so this was driving me nuts. But, she was pretty attractive, so I tried to brush it off and went along with the plan.

She wasn't the best at giving directions, but I eventually found her place. She looked great, enough for me to overlook her distant behavior up to that point. When I walked in, there was a strong scent of the green stuff. I'm cool with people using it, but not so cool with a house smelling like it top-to-bottom. It did sort of explain her being so scatterbrained. 

Then she suggested we chill and play some Guitar Hero. I was like, alright. We chatted, got cozy, and things started to heat up. It was all going smoothly until I tried to move things a step further. She pushed me away and said, "Hey! I'm a preacher’s daughter!" Which was odd, considering she hadn’t exactly been shy up to that point.

I just chuckled, looked at her still making a move on me, and thought better of it. I said my goodbyes and left. Some things are just not worth the hassle.

Blind datesUnsplash

41. A Strong Push Out Of The Closet

I once had a date with a lady I met during a karaoke night. We chose to meet for tea, which was awkward because I had no clue which tea was "date appropriate". I went with chamomile to calm my jittery nerves. She was quite chatty, talking about her cats, a coworker who wasn’t very nice, and even her go-to toothpaste. I was nodding along until she dropped a bombshell.

She mentioned she had a tattoo right above her backside, an arrow pointing down with the words "EXIT ONLY". I just stared, asked her what inspired that choice, and it nudged me a bit further on my journey of self-discovery. Two years down the line, I came out as gay.

Weirdest Date FactsShutterstock

42. I Can See Clearly Now

Our date was off to a good start. We were having a little makeout session when she unexpectedly licked my contact lens right out of my eye. I was shocked and told her, "You just licked my eye!" I thought it was a mistake, but then she responded with "Live a little". Confused, I politely asked her to give my contact lens back. 

To my surprise, she explained that licking eyeballs was actually a turn on for her. Needless to say, I decided not to go on any more dates with her after that.

Blind datesPexels

43. Double Standard

A friend and her husband thought it'd be great to set me up on a double date. The guy was good-looking and seemed fun in the beginning. We met up at a bar, and he spent the entire time giving me a hard time and quoting the Bible every time I took a sip of my drink. Trust me, after two hours of this, I couldn't wait for the night to end. But the drama wasn’t done.

When we got to my place, he confidently told our friends to come back for him in the morning. Taken aback, I asked him what he was thinking. He actually said, "You'll let me stay over, won't you?" Funny how he had an issue with me drinking, but was totally fine with the idea of us spending the night together on the first date. And he mentioned he was Baptist.

I was so mad I momentarily blacked out from rage. I can't recall if I practically shoved him back into my friend's car or just firmly told him to leave, but I made sure he left. Later, I found out he was genuinely surprised I didn't think our date was a success.

Blind datesPexels

44. The Garbage Bag

My dad's friend arranged for him to go on a blind date. When he went to meet his date, he noticed she had a weird bag with her. It wasn't a purse or anything normal for a date, but a garbage bag filled with things. He didn't think much of it and they got in the car to start their drive. But during the car ride, he saw something in those bags that gave him chills. 

It was two baby dolls covered in blood. He asked her why she had brought those dolls, and she casually replied, "They're my children". My dad instantly felt that this girl had some issues, so he stopped at a gas station and asked her to meet him inside . As soon as she went in, he quickly drove away, leaving her at the station with her two bloodied dolls. 

Later, when he spoke to his friend who set up the date, his friend casually mentioned, "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. She had two abortions in the last two years, so she carries those dolls around and claims they're her children. I didn't think it was a big deal".

Airport X-Ray FactsPublic Domain Pictures

45. TGI Forget About It

One day, while chilling with two friends, we got a call from another buddy of ours. He wanted us to join him and his girlfriend for dinner at TGIFridays. We explained that, being broke college students, we couldn't afford it and didn't really like the place. Instead, we suggested they come over, since one of us was an ace in the kitchen.

About half an hour later, we got another call. This time, it was his girlfriend. She seemed pretty upset about our choice to not dine at TGIFridays. We told her it was pricey and offered to whip up a meal for them and their friends instead. Turns out she was trying to set us up with three of her pals.

She tried to convince us, saying, "It'll be fun!" We responded, "We have groceries at home and would love to host your friends, but TGIFridays isn't for us". She then offered, somewhat condescendingly, to foot our bill. We reminded her there were three of us.

After some more coaxing and a bit of whining from our friend, we reluctantly agreed, on the condition that he hangs out with us the next Friday night. Hours later, we met up at TGIFridays and were introduced to three girls from his girlfriend’s church group.

It was, well, dull. The girls were polite but a tad too conservative and seemed a bit high-handed for our taste. Clearly, both parties weren’t feeling the vibe. To lighten things up, we sneakily took out our stash of hidden flasks. Coincidentally, America's Funniest Home Videos was playing on the TV, which was way more entertaining after a few swigs.

Soon enough, the staff asked us to leave. As you can guess, there wasn't a follow-up outing.

Worst Blind Date FactsWikipedia

46. Magic Man

I matched with this guy on OkCupid after a tough breakup. We chatted for a couple of weeks, and he seemed pretty cool. He played the cello and seemed quite intelligent. We met up at Starbucks, and everything was going smoothly until he started imitating the Joker. I was on edge by then, thinking of an exit strategy.

He noticed I hadn't touched my coffee and asked why. I mentioned it was too hot to drink. That's when things got weird. He claimed he was mastering the elements, specifically fire, and had been controlling the temperature around us. Intrigued by the absurdity of it all, I let him explain further.

He said he first realized his "power" when his car windows fogged up. I was biting my tongue to stop from laughing. I managed to say I had a great time but had to head to work.

Blind datesPxfuel

47. A Rollercoaster Of Emotions

A while ago, after ending a long-term relationship, my boss's sister thought it would be a good idea to set me up with her colleague. She introduced me to "Susan" and handed me her number. I gave Susan a call, and she was bubbly and playful. I suggested meeting up for coffee, and she agreed.

We decided to meet at her parents' place first and then head out for coffee. But in the days leading up to our date, she started sending me texts with pet names like "sweetie" and "honey". I thought, "Okay, maybe she's just super affectionate".

When I met her, I was impressed. Blonde, tan, and in great shape. Considering I'm pretty average-looking, I was feeling lucky. She suggested driving in her car, which seemed fine to me at the time.

As we got on the road, Susan had a change of plans: "Forget coffee, let's grab some drinks!" I'm not big on drinking, but I went with it. Soon enough, we were at a brewery-sports bar. While I stuck to non-alcoholic drinks, Susan dove straight into shots.

We actually clicked on several topics. I talked about my health struggles, and she shared her journey overcoming ovarian cancer. We discovered shared interests in movies and hobbies. Things seemed great, until her third drink... "Don't look now," she whispered, "but see that guy in the booth? I used to date him".

She candidly confessed her past and how she often felt used by others. She began to share deeply personal details about her mental health struggles, almost as if I were her therapist. Then her phone buzzed. An ex-boyfriend, a Marine leaving for duty, wanted to meet. I felt uneasy but remembered that I was dependent on her for a ride back.

Enter: the Marine ex-boyfriend. Big, strong, and clearly still attached to Susan. He hinted at me joining the military, assessing my not-so-military physique. When my health came up, Susan almost blurted out how I had cystic fibrosis, but I interrupted with a joke about being allergic to conflict. Things spiraled. 

Susan introduced me to other exes, even getting a little too close with one right in front of me. When I tried to leave, she insisted on driving. After a few wild turns and her shouting about the authorities (of which I saw none), we finally reached her home. You'd think the adventure ended there, but no. 

She asked for a ride back to the bar, threatening to drive while tipsy if I refused. Before we could leave, she decided to relieve herself right on the sidewalk, telling me I could watch if I wanted. I turned away, horrified. As we drove, she poured out her feelings, even making a concerning comment about harming herself if I didn't reciprocate. 

Desperate to end the night, I pulled up to the bar, only for her to force a kiss on me. As she left, she lamented messing things up and doubted I'd call again. I nodded and sped off. The next day at work, I recounted the wild tale to my boss. Suddenly, his sister called: Susan hadn't shown up for work. 

Panic set in as everyone pointed fingers at me. Later, she reappeared, spinning a tale about a family emergency. Just when I thought it was over, voicemails flooded in: "Why aren't you answering?" "Did I do something wrong?" After a month of this, she finally got the message and left me in peace.

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48. Sore Loser

In my late 20s, while teaching SAT prep, a guy curiously asked about my SAT score. When he realized I scored higher, he spent our entire dinner trying to one-up me academically. Did I take advanced courses in high school? Yep. Did I study Calculus? Yep. Which one of us attended a more prestigious college? That would be me.

He highlighted his programming courses, emphasizing their difficulty. Little did he know, I've tackled programming courses myself. The conversation just kept circling. Normally, I don't boast about my achievements, but that evening, I confidently stood my ground. Unsurprisingly, I wasn't keen on hanging out at his place later.

Blind datesUnsplash

49. Simply Irresistible

First date: We cruised the rural areas, checked out an old, empty building, hit the beach, and genuinely enjoyed ourselves. 

Second date: I walk into a college jazz performance, and there she is, hand in hand with some guy. Confused, I take a seat far back. Yet, she keeps glancing back, giving me cheeky smiles.

Third date: We roam the city, play around in some shops, share a kiss at a traffic light, and accidentally hold up traffic a bit. 

Fourth date: I go to pick her up, and she's busy talking to another man. Suddenly, a car pulls up, she hops in, and they speed off. This leaves me with her previous companion who starts breaking down. Turns out he's going through a tough time. We spend hours chatting, grab some burgers, and, oddly enough, it turns into a kind of nice evening.

Fifth date: Nah, I decided to chill at home.

Blind datePexels

50. Take A Hint

A couple of years back, I went on a few dates with this guy out of sympathy. He seemed alright initially, but there was zero chemistry, especially from my side. Being inexperienced in relationships, I unintentionally gave him mixed signals by agreeing to occasional coffee and dinner dates.

It was obvious that we weren't going anywhere, unless some magical turn of events happened. One day, I was chilling with him, my best friend, his boyfriend, and a lesbian friend visiting from Austria. He and I were the only straight ones.

To my shock, he began making rude comments about being gay, loud enough for my three friends to hear. I pulled him aside, told him off, because I won't stand for that, especially around my close friends. He had no justification for his actions.

I was dumbstruck, told him to hold that thought, and planned to address it later. A week after, I decided to confront him and end things, but the timing clashed with my 22nd birthday. 

We met at a cafe, and before I could say anything, he excitedly mentioned a birthday gift. Anticipating awkwardness, I hesitated but was curious. His idea of a "gift" made my jaw drop: taking me home for the night. 

He said, "Oh, don't worry. I didn't spend any money on you. I had planned to just give you a night you'll never forget". I was so taken aback, I bluntly told him this wasn't going to work and I was done with him. I thought that was the end of it, but a few days post-birthday, he rang. 

Intrigued, I picked up. He confessed to an encounter with a male co-worker, blaming me for it. Suddenly, his previous comments started to click. And then, he had a weird question: to borrow my camera to woo another woman with cat pics.

I'd almost forgotten this wild saga until he sent a New Year's email, years later, speculating bizarre reasons why we never became intimate: 1) I'm secretly gay, 2) I have an addiction issue, and 3) I've faced trauma since childhood. All utterly wrong. Reply to his out-of-the-blue email? A big nope from me!

I feel like I avoided not just a bullet, but a cannonball with that guy.

Blind datesPexels

51. An Eerie Transformation

When I was seeing this girl, I stumbled upon a secret she had, and it was intense. After watching a movie in her dorm, she freaked out looking at her mirror. "She doesn't want you here," she said, pushing me out. Confused, standing outside, I texted her, trying to figure out what just went down. 

On my way home, her texts were confusing, hinting she might hurt herself. I rushed back, even though she texted for me to leave. I insisted on helping, so she let me in. Her room was pitch black. I found her on the floor, fixated on a mirror. The way she looked at me was eerie and lasted for what felt like forever. Gathering my nerves, I asked her about it.

Suddenly, her demeanor shifted. It was evident something had switched inside her. She explained her struggles with her "alternate self". Moments later, she seemed to "switch" again, collapsing. I was by her side, but she wasn't the same when she woke up. After a few challenging hours, she finally stabilized. 

I convinced her to seek professional help after this ordeal.

Blind dateUnsplash

52. The Devil Is A Gamer

Here's the scene: I'd just launched a gaming hub and had been grinding non-stop for four months. My buddy thought it'd be nice to set me up with a friend of his wife's. We went out to a cozy spot in town. Even though my brain was all work, work, work, I made sure to steer clear of shop talk.

We chatted about hobbies and passions. I sidestepped mentioning my love for games or the fact that I ran a gaming joint. Eventually, we stumbled into pet peeves territory, and she unleashed about how she thinks video games are ruining everything. 

She had quite the spiel about games being society's downfall, and how those peddling them are the real culprits.nI just sat there, trying to hold back laughter, which she mistook as agreement. After her tirade, she asked about my job. Pausing for a beat, I cheekily replied, "I'm basically the evil mastermind leading kids astray".

She didn't see the humor, bolted out, and clearly missed the punchline.

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53. Video Games Are Expensive, Babe

I once made the classic mistake of dating a coworker. He took me to Dave and Buster's. Over dinner, he shared some...interesting life goals: He couldn't commit to anyone for more than three months. He aspired to be a pro gamer. He wanted to train to eat competitively. And his dream? Never working and just playing paintball all day.

Mind you, he was 23, and even at 20, I could tell these weren't the most mature aspirations. To top it off, at the movies, he asked if I could cover our tickets since he'd spent all his cash on our $25 arcade dinner.

weirdest date stories experienceShutterstock

54. Too Much Information

I was seeing this girl for a short while, and one night at her place, we began sharing personal stuff. She started with family stories and mentioned her bipolar mom, hinting she might have inherited it. But what really got me was the next part.

She began talking about her struggles with relationships, got super emotional, and broke down. As I tried to comfort her, she suddenly lashed out, accusing me of planning to ditch her like everyone else. Within minutes, she was shouting and crying, asking me to leave and calling me names.

All this in under 20 minutes.

She reached out a week later, suggesting another date. Normally, I'd try to support someone, but I knew this situation was beyond my capacity.

Blind datesUnsplash

55. Full Disclosure

My parents thought it'd be a good idea to set me up with their friend's daughter. Even though I wasn't super excited about it, the fact that she went to a university near mine gave me some hope it wasn't just a fleeting summer thing. They showed me her old photos and spoke highly of her. So, I thought, why not?

When I went to get her from her parents' house, she looked way better in person than in those outdated pictures. Dinner was great; we vibed well. She was super genuine, passionate about the planet—just my kind of girl.

Feeling confident, I tried to put my arm around her as we headed to the movies. But she immediately pulled away and dropped a bombshell: "Look, you're great, but I'm a lesbian. This date? It was to keep my parents off my back". And just like that, watching The Chronicles of Narnia turned into the longest two hours ever.

Blind datesUnsplash

56. So Much Nope

A couple of years back, one of my buddies thought it'd be a good idea to set me up with a freshman from USC, who was into political science. Based on her description, he seemed intelligent, so I gave it a go. Our date spot was The Greeter's Restaurant at Laguna Beach. It's a quaint place, not much for looks, but they serve great, hearty meals.

The beginning was okay. He was easy on the eyes and we clicked on subjects like music and travel. But things took a nosedive when he shared his views against gay marriage, abortions, and, of all things, IVF babies. Here's the kickerI'm an IVF baby. My mom faced tons of challenges to conceive with my dad and only succeeded through IVF.

Against my better judgment, I prodded him about his stance on IVF. He went on a long rant, saying how IVF babies are merely status symbols and that the process robs kids of a genuine bond with their parents, even impacting their personality development. All really harsh words.

By then, I just wanted to end the night. He drove me home, and as I was about to say goodbye, he tried to kiss me with his tongue already out. I swerved, resulting in a slimy lick on my cheek. Ugh. As if that wasn't bad enough, he then expected an invite inside. When I refused, he snapped, "I covered our dinner!" 

Wanting to just chill with a drink after such an ordeal, I handed him $10, and shut the door behind me.

Worst Dates factsShutterstock

57. Long-Distance Lover

I once created a Plenty of Fish profile and chatted with this dude for a bit. After a while, our conversation fizzled out. Fast forward a couple of months, and there I was at a bar with a different guy when, surprise, Mr Plentyoffish shows up. He came over, said hello, and then spent the night brooding and glaring at me from across the room. 

Once I stepped out, I checked my phone to find a storm of hostile messages. He bombarded me with a series of heated texts, full of insults. Considering we'd never actually met face-to-face before, his reaction was way overboard. 

He was convinced we had something special and accused me of being heartless for not seeing it. We had a back-and-forth until he finally apologized when I bumped into him a second time. After that display, he definitely lost any shot with me.

Blind datesPexels

58. Just A Couple Drinks

So, I met up with a girl I'd connected with online. We decided to hang at a local bar where she was enjoying happy hour with her colleagues. When I got there, it was clear that her photos online were a bit outdated. It was slightly unexpected, but hey, one of her colleagues was quite attractive, so I thought, "Why not stick around?"

Things took a turn when my date began downing drinks like there was no tomorrow. In under an hour, she became the life of the party—and not in a good way. We were drawing some serious attention. So, I tried to bow out gracefully, mentioning I was going to call it a night. But she wasn't having it, shouting and hurling names at me. 

All I could think was, "How did I end up here?" and I made a quick exit. But the drama didn't stop at the bar's door. She chased after me, making quite a scene. Later, she texted me, bragging about going home with another guy from the bar. The whole experience was wild. I took a break from OkCupid for a bit after that adventure.

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59. I Think It Went Bad

While waitressing one evening, a previous colleague walked in with her boyfriend. We chatted for a bit, and she suggested I join them, along with her boyfriend's brother, hinting that he might be my type. At 21, I was younger than their mid to late 20s group, but I've always been drawn to older guys. 

So, despite never having gone on a blind date, I decided to give it a shot and met up with them at a local joint. Things were going great with the brother. We even realized that we had lived in the same cities at different times before relocating to our current place. The night progressed, and the drinks kept coming. 

Wanting to impress them with my drinking prowess, I tried to match them shot for shot. A decision I'd soon regret. The next thing I remember is being in the bathroom, hurling my guts out, while my former colleague tried to console me between praising herself in the mirror. 

The following morning, I awoke on their couch, my head pounding. Embarrassed by the previous night's antics, I made a hasty exit in my own car (turns out my date had kindly driven me back to their place in my vehicle and let me crash on their sofa).

Lost and disoriented, I drove around their maze-like neighborhood for what felt like ages before finding my way back home. In a surprising turn of events, despite the rocky start, the brother called the next day. He checked in on me and even asked if I'd be up for a second date.

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60. Teenage Heartthrob

When I was 16, one of my friends arranged a date for me. We went to the movies at the mall, and during the movie, he clumsily attempted to kiss me. Afterward, we sat in the food court where he asked for my honest opinion of him. I gave a generic answer like "you seem nice" without much thought. 

But then, without being asked, he proceeded to share his opinion of me—he found me attractive, but thought I could be even hotter if I lost a bunch of weight. After that strange conversation, he left for a little while and came back with an unexpected gift—a creepy puppet.

Blind datesUnsplash

61. Getting Unlucky

Well, it wasn't exactly a true blind date since I had already seen pictures, but on my first date with someone I met online, I had an awkward moment. 

When I went to pay for dinner, I accidentally pulled out some contraception from my pocket. They ended up falling onto the floor right between us. It was obvious that I had hurriedly put them in my pocket just before the date, making it look like I was expecting something. I was really embarrassed and felt like a jerk for the rest of the evening. 

At that point, I thought my chances were ruined. Surprisingly, we ended up dating for about a year and looking back, it's actually pretty funny. Though I have to admit, it definitely wasn't funny at the time.

Worst Blind Date FactsShutterstock

62. Surprise!

My roommate's girlfriend thought it'd be a good idea to set me up with her roommate. We ended up doing a double-date, strolling over to a nearby Mexican place. On our way, we spotted her recent ex driving past. She had been under the impression that this was just a friendly group dinner, not a date. So, throughout dinner, she kept discussing her ex.

When I covered her meal bill, it suddenly clicked for her that we were on a date. Given her reactions and my recent experience with a not-so-great relationship, I initially figured I'd steer clear. But fast-forward eight-and-a-half years, and our adorable three-year-old is right here, playing with her toy trains. Funny how life works out.

Online Dating FactsPxHere

63. Two Thumbs Down

When I was around 21, I planned to hang out with this college girl—she was both attractive and intelligent. But to my surprise, she brought her younger brother along, about 17, sporting a thin, barely-there mustache. Dressed in a tank top, he gave off some wannabe tough-guy vibes. 

We were headed to the movies, and he decided to sit right between us. I half expected someone to jump out and tell me I was on a prank show. Even worse? We watched The Flintstones. Overall, it was just a total disaster of an evening.

Blind datesFlickr

64. Exploring Her Options

So this didn't happen to me, but a buddy of mine would host these weekly Friday hangouts at his place. One week, he invited this goth lady with some curves whom he'd been chatting with online, thinking it'd be a good chance to connect in person. But unfortunately, every time he looked away, she'd cozy up to any guy nearby.

After I left that evening, word has it she locked lips with not one, but two guys from the party.

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65. What’s The Number For Godzilla?

So, rewind to the late '80s, before we all had the internet. Back then, chat lines were the thing, specifically those 976-xxxx numbers where you'd dial in and talk to random folks for a fee. My buddy, Ed, was super into these, but lacked wheels. 

One evening, he pitches this idea: "Hey, can you drive me to South Philly? I've been chatting with this girl, and she's got a friend. Double date vibes!" Intrigued, I agreed. Our first clue this might get weird? Ed's told to park at a certain spot, hop out, and ring her from a payphone. Classic "check-things-out-first" move. 

While he's doing that, a cheeky 12-year-old rolls up on his bike, asks if Ed's here for Sally, then advises us to bolt, hinting that Sally's... less than desirable. We're about to dismiss the kid's warning when two total babes, looking fly in classic '80s denim, approach our car. Turns out, one's Sally's younger sister. We're thinking, "Score! If that's her sis, how bad could Sally be?"

That optimism crashed and burned when our car started shaking like a scene from a monster movie. We turned to find, well, not what we expected. These two large ladies, who were far from the '80s glam we just witnessed, tapped our window, hinting at plans for the night. At a loss, I looked to Ed. He muttered something, and they walked off to inform their moms about going out.

As the shock wore off, I turned the ignition and sped out of there, the little cyclist laughing in our rearview. The night ended with us just chilling and playing pool. But when we got back to Ed's, his roommate, giggling, asked if we knew a Sally. Turns out, she'd called, furious, thinking she got Ed on the line. The roommate, sensing a prank opportunity, played along.

Funny enough, another time I drove Ed to meet another chat line girl, she was stunning. They even moved in together and dated for a few years. 

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66. Pics First

In high school, a friend of mine thought he'd play matchmaker and pair me up with one of his friends who didn’t have a homecoming date. Now, he and I have different tastes when it comes to potential partners, but I figured, "Why not give it a shot?" I didn't know anything about her until the evening of the dance. Unfortunately, I wasn't drawn to her looks or her character.

We did the usual: grabbed dinner and hit the dance floor. But the whole night just felt off for me. Now, we've got a pact: if either of us is playing cupid for the other, we share a photo and a little personality insight first.

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67. Do The Louis

I met a couple through a friend, and we hung out one night and had a decent time. Afterward, I started texting back and forth with the wife, thinking we could be new friends. Eventually, she starts talking about her friend Gary and suggests we go on a date. I figure, why not? I recently ended a long and bad relationship, so I'll see how it goes. 

She describes Gary as having a "football player build," but since I don't follow sports, I didn't ask for more details. We meet up for coffee downtown, and let's just say he is a big guy. But I think to myself, hey, nobody's perfect, so I'll give him a chance. We have an okay time chatting about random things. 

He walks me home, but he suggests hanging out a bit longer and watching Futurama. I invite him up to my place. That's when things take a weird turn. As soon as we sit down, he starts talking about his ex and all the drama she caused in his life. It becomes clear that they might not actually be broken up, and he's just "exploring his options". 

At this point, I'm over the date and want him out of my apartment. I excuse myself to the bathroom, planning to pretend I'm not feeling well when I come back. But when I return, I am shocked to find him on my couch in a compromising position. I freak out and ask him what he's doing. 

He responds inappropriately and even gestures for me to join him. I'm completely at a loss for words, so I simply tell him to leave. He removes his hand (ugh, did I mention he was wearing sweatpants?) and leaves. I never heard from him or the woman who introduced us again.

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68. Shaken Or Crushed?

I spent a total of six hours driving to meet a guy I had been chatting with online. He seemed like a decent person. We watched a movie together, which was pretty uneventful. Later, when we got back to his car, he unexpectedly asked me to punch his private area.

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69. The Evil Twin

So, a buddy of mine mentions a colleague named Andrea, bragging about how she's unbeatable at games. He dials her up on his old-school phone, and we plan a LAN party for the next day. I show up at her place, carrying my Apple computer loaded with games like StarCraft and Quake.

I have this thing where I tend to arrive way too early. Just as I was about to knock, she swings the door open looking like she's in a hurry. We introduce ourselves, chat a bit, and head to my car to unload my gear. She hops into the passenger seat super fast. Puzzled, I ask her what's going on. 

She responds, "I’m super hungry. Let’s grab a bite". I mention the others arriving soon, but she brushes it off, saying her sister is home. She directs me to a nearby Chinese restaurant. It's pretty fancy, and I'm wondering if this turned into an unexpected date. She's charming, and hey, I'm a fan of Chinese food, so I go with it. 

After settling in and placing our orders, my phone buzzes. It’s the same friend from yesterday. Excusing myself, I head to the restroom to take the call. He asks where I am. I fill him in and mention the impromptu dinner with Andrea. I tell him it feels date-ish, and before I can finish, he interrupts, "Stay right there; we're on our way," and hangs up. 

Confused and a tad irritated, I head back to find our appetizers on the table, but no Andrea. Worse, my jacket and wallet are gone. I ask the staff about her, step outside into the freezing cold, and notice my car's missing. Panicking, I dial 9-1-1. But before it connects, the authorities pull into the parking lot. They recognize me and ask about Andrea. 

Bewildered, I explain the situation and describe the car. Just then, my friend pulls up with a girl, introducing her as Andrea. She tells me I'd actually met her twin, Adriana. 

It turns out, Andrea played a trick on Adriana using a fake pregnancy test, which made Adriana super mad. She retaliated by setting Andrea's car on fire and planned her escape. My early arrival was a perfect getaway opportunity for her.

So, back at Andrea's, we play some games (she's as good as advertised). Later, the authorities inform us they've found my car and have detained Adriana. They ask if I want to take any action. With no harm done and not wanting my parents in the loop, I let it slide. Adriana's dad was a judge, and she got off easy. 

Safe to say, I kept my distance from them after that wild episode.

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70. All She Does Is Whine

So I got to know this girl online and we chatted a few times over a couple of weeks. Then, out of nowhere one night, she suggests dropping by my place with some drinks. Thinking she was pretty chill, I agreed. She shows up soon after, already halfway through a bottle she brought. In no time, that bottle's empty and we're onto a second one.

Before I know it, she's out cold in my bed. Every once in a while, she stirs and tries to give me a smooch. At one point, she has an... "accident" in my bed. And there she is, sleeping for hours, while I just play some PlayStation.

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71. No Match

When I was about 12 or 13, an older buddy of mine invited me to join him on a trip to a store. I was up for it, so off we went. On our way, he mentioned he was catching up with a girl and asked if I could keep her sister company. I only learned then that her sister had a significant disability and used a wheelchair.

To my surprise, the girl wasn't too fond of me and started throwing some not-so-nice words my way.

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72. Pulling A Possum

During my school days in New Jersey, there was a noticeable imbalance in the guy to girl ratio, making social events interesting, to say the least. Out of a bit of desperation, I dived into the world of online dating. In a few weeks, I connected with a woman who seemed promising, and after some playful banter, we planned a meet-up.

I knew from our chats that she had three kids, which I approached with caution. But given my short stint in New Jersey and the lackluster dating scene in my town, I figured, "Why not?"

We agreed to meet at a bar in her hometown. She was easy to spot: pretty face, curvy, and overall someone I was attracted to. The evening was a mix of drinks, games, and intriguing chats about her past relationships. After a while, we thought of heading out. She suggested going to an apartment, which I presumed was hers. 

On our way, she picked up a pack of Michelob Ultra from the bar's fridge, making it seem like a regular occurrence in Bloomington, New Jersey. Once there, we started unwinding with the drinks. As the conversation slowed, in a rather bold move, I asked, "Wanna do it?" It might not have been my finest moment, but it did the trick. 

As we got comfortable in the bedroom, we were interrupted by the sound of the front door. She quickly whispered for me to act asleep. The next thing I knew, the bedroom light flashed on, and there were gasps of surprise. I sneaked a look and saw a flabbergasted couple: a woman and a notably large man. 

The tension was palpable, and in my mind, I was sure I was done for. But then, in a shocking twist, the man pushed the woman. Her anger level went through the roof, leading him to apologize profusely, and they both left.

In my adrenaline rush, I got dressed and dashed out. I later discovered the apartment belonged to her sister, who lived there with her quite intimidating boyfriend. That night easily ranks as my most nerve-wracking and unforgettable blind date.

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73. Kissing In 3D

So, this confident fella, within our first hour together, goes, "Excuse me, but I really want to kiss you right now". I responded, hinting I'd prefer to chat more before getting that close. Later, he thought it'd be fun to take me to a 3D Imax film about insects. (Remember when 3D was all about edutainment?) 

The film was interesting, but midway, he tilts my way with those chunky 3D goggles... yep, attempting a smooch with those on.

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74. Well, That Stinks

I started talking to this girl online, and she seemed really attractive. Petite, blonde, probably around 23 while I was about 24. She had shared some flirty photos, giving off a pretty open vibe. When we finally met, she looked just like her photos, which was great. But, some things seemed off.

Almost immediately, she started dropping hints about us being a couple. She casually brought up Valentine's Day as if we were definitely spending it together. Interestingly, she was working on her PhD in biology at a top-tier university. She was open about her past, sharing that she'd been intimate with several of her lab colleagues. 

That part didn't bother me. What did? Her breath. She had serious bad breath issues. We ended up at her place, where she introduced some playful props like handcuffs. But that breath was hard to ignore. There we were, mostly undressed, and I realized I couldn't go through with it. I had to decide whether to blame my hesitation on my nerves or call out the issue with her breath.

I decided to say I wasn't over my previous relationship and that things just didn't feel right. Unfortunately, this hurt her feelings. She became upset, teary-eyed, and asked me to leave.

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75. Dinner And A Show

I drove a good 40 minutes to meet a woman for a date since she didn't own a car, but she seemed genuinely sweet. The start of the date was pretty smooth for about 10 minutes until her ex-boyfriend unexpectedly appeared at the bar and sat with us. They had a heated argument for a solid 40 minutes right in front of me. 

Meanwhile, I was just trying to enjoy my meal and the unexpected drama. Later, I found out she had been unfaithful to him. The rest of the evening, I ended up chatting with him. He was actually a really cool guy.

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76. Sacrifice Of The Night

I once went out with a girl who was trying to break into the modeling industry. I was really looking forward to our date. 

She invited me over to her place for some dinner and a movie. But not long into the movie, she paused it to tell me she could sense the colors of my aura. Mind you, we'd only known each other for about 45 minutes, and here she was, saying our auras were aligned and that we were destined to tie the knot.

Now, keep in mind I was only 24, and yes, she was quite attractive, so I stuck around. Later on, she showed me her room, and I couldn't help but notice a table covered in candles and peculiar items. Curiosity got the best of me, so I asked. She said she's a witch with the ability to cast spells. Then things took an even weirder turn. 

She began discussing how she's still a virgin and has thoughts of making sacrifices. This was way too much for me. When she stepped out for a moment, I bolted through her back door, leaped over the fence, hopped in my car, and sped off. I was so relieved she didn't know where I lived.

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77. Red Flags Galore

During my college days, I was paired up on a date with this sweet girl. Interestingly, she had a huge crush on her next-door neighbor and aspired to become a Catholic priest. Needless to say, that was our first and last date.

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78. Ex Marks The End

During my college days, I tried online dating and ended up setting a blind date. We chatted occasionally, getting familiar with each other. She mentioned she was new in town and staying with an old family friend. I recommended we meet up at a nearby hookah bar.

I picked her up at 8:00 pm from a decent-looking townhouse. She was outside already, maybe enjoying the evening air. She matched her online photos: tall, slender, blonde with a few piercings. Not completely my style, but she looked nice. The drive to the bar was smooth; we vibed over our music tastes. 

The bar had changed since I last visited, now blasting music from a DJ. We opted for the quieter patio outside. We grabbed drinks and a shisha, and that's when the conversation took a twist. When discussing jobs, she mentioned her full-time role: a mother to two kids. 

This was news to me! No prior mention, and she looked too young. And kids aren’t my scene right now. She then dived deep into her troubled relationship with the kids' father. My date alarm bells were ringing. Just when I thought it couldn't get weirder, she hinted at future intimacy, but not that night. 

Now, I was looking for an exit plan. Thankfully, an idea popped up: visit The Twins, my unpredictable buddies, who lived nearby. I hadn’t seen The Twins in a while and wasn’t aware they had a new roommate. When we got there, one of The Twins began showing her around. 

The tour ended in the basement, where to my surprise, and hers, one of her ex-boyfriends was crashing. Before I knew it, she was in his arms, expressing how much she missed him. Seeing this, my friend looked confused. I just smirked, whispered, "He can handle her now," and felt relieved to dodge that bullet.

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79. Respect The Elders, Lady

I was strolling in the park with this young teen. We spotted an elderly gentleman struggling with his bike up a challenging incline. She blurted out, "Wow, that old man can't handle that hill!" At that moment, I realized she wasn't the kind of company I wanted.

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80. The Oedipal Deal

Turns out, I was on a double date with him, his mom, and her date from OkCupid. He mentioned he and his mom always came as a "pair". I was so embarrassed. Needless to say, we didn't have a follow-up date.

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81. The Man In The White Suit

I had a blind date with a girl who said she had lost 100lbs. When I saw her, it looked like she hadn't lost it at all, especially in her backside. But I thought, let's not jump to conclusions; I'm not exactly slim either. We went to her favorite club, danced, and had a few drinks. 

Not long after, I kept noticing a guy in a flashy white suit giving me the side-eye. Her friends kept dropping hints like, "So glad you two found each other," "You both deserve happiness," and "You're way better than her ex". Curious, I asked one of her friends to point out the ex. Yup, it was Mr White Suit. 

I quickly figured out she was using me to get a reaction from him. So I leaned in, looked her in the eyes, and said, "I gotta go, nature calls". I left and never looked back.

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82. The Last Dance

This dude was engrossed in Dance Dance Revolution for what felt like forever, leaving me just hanging around. I wandered off to entertain myself with some arcade games and, when I returned, he was still dancing away. But the night took an even odder turn. 

As we drove home, he began discussing how many kids we should have and even threw out some potential names for "our future children". And then, out of nowhere, he leaned in for a kiss. Total red flag moment.

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83. Stranger Than Fiction

I once dated this stunning girl, not knowing she had bipolar disorder and wasn't on her medication. She insisted on driving, so we used her car. Dinner was okay, but during the movie, she became increasingly restless. 

She suddenly got up, and I initially thought she was headed to the restroom. But, sensing something was off, I followed her outside to find her frantically looking for her car. She was really upset, convinced that I, the moviegoers, and even the characters in the film were mocking her. 

I managed to soothe her and during the drive home, she confessed about her bipolar condition, her decision to quit meds, her struggles with self-harm, and oh, the car? It wasn't hers. Despite all this, she kept ringing, eager for another date. Yeah, that was a hard pass for me.

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84. Take Me Home Tonight

My self-worth has always been a struggle, and I often end up dating the wrong guys. Once, I met this guy online and during our date, he hinted at me spending the night. I was clear I wasn't going to get intimate so soon. Then he suggested, "How about we head to the restroom and just kiss?" I couldn't believe he said that. Now, it's become a running joke among my friends.

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85. ID Crisis

A colleague of mine asked if I'd take his daughter out, and I agreed to be kind, even though I didn't know much about her. He only mentioned she had recently moved back from her mom's and was feeling a bit isolated. I'd already arranged to see a movie with friends, so I thought it might be less awkward if she joined us.

After coordinating with her dad, I went to pick her up. When she answered the door, I noticed her makeup was a bit off. As we chatted, it became clear she had some cognitive challenges. I wished her dad had given me a heads-up to avoid any surprise.

We met my friends at the cinema, and their expressions told me they felt for the unexpected situation. While buying tickets, we learned the movie was rated R, and she didn't have her ID. As we pondered our next move, her brother appeared. After a brief chat, he mentioned needing a ride. I opted to drive them home.

On the way, they decided to lighten the mood by getting high. All in all, it wasn't my finest evening.

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86. The Ideal Woman

I once had a first date where the guy looked at me and said, "I think you're awesome, but I'm just worried you might put on weight and I won't find you attractive". Mind you, I weighed 110 lbs. back then. Oh, and I was munching on a salad.

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87. Doo-Doo Dude

So, here's what happened: my sister's friend met this guy on Tinder and they decided to go out to dinner. They really hit it off and he invited her over to his place afterwards. She was really into him, so she agreed. But then, something awful happened. While they were getting intimate, she suddenly got a terrible feeling in her stomach. 

She rushed to the bathroom, only to experience some explosive diarrhea that got all over her body. It was a total mess. Naturally, she was mortified and had to explain what happened to the guy. Surprisingly, he was really understanding and told her to take a shower and put on some of his clothes. 

He promised to clean up the mess and take care of her dirty clothes. It seemed like a crisis averted, right? Well, not quite. When she emerged from the bathroom, she was greeted with the most horrifying sight. The guy was actually wearing her dirty clothes and smearing himself with the poop. 

Shocked and disgusted, she quickly grabbed a towel and ran out of the house while calling the authorities. It turns out, he had some strange fascination with that kind of thing. Even worse, he intentionally put something in her drink during their dinner to make her have that embarrassing incident.

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88. Pop Quiz

According to my roommate, one of his buddies had an interesting way of testing women on their first date. He would ask them if they could name three printer brands, not to judge their knowledge but rather their reaction. If they responded right away with three brands, it meant they were too much of a geek. 

On the other hand, if they simply said they didn't know any, it showed they weren't up for playing along. However, if they could come up with three brands but did so hesitantly, it meant they made for a promising date. Needless to say, he didn't end up having many second dates.

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89. Don’t Lean On Me

I used to struggle with my shoulders. On three separate occasions, I went on dates with different women that ended with a trip to the ER because my shoulder popped out. One time, it happened when I tried to hold the door open for my date at a restaurant. Talk about a short date—she drove me to the ER and then left without saying goodbye.

In another instance, I made the entire theater cringe when I attempted to put my arm around a girl and ended up painfully dislocating my arm behind the seat. The woman sitting behind me screamed, the movie stopped, and the lights turned on. It was quite a memorable experience. Surprisingly, I continued dating her for about a month. 

The third incident is hard to explain. I was just driving and suddenly my arm popped out of its socket while I was changing gears. I had to pull over and call an ambulance because my date didn't know how to drive a manual car. Understandably, she was too freaked out to ever go out with me again. Can't really blame her for that. 

Thankfully, my arms are more stable now, but they used to dislocate frequently. One time, I dislocated my left arm by simply pointing at the whiteboard during a work meeting. I even managed to dislocate my right shoulder once when I sneezed. My right shoulder is definitely the more troublesome one. 

It's been over a year since my last major dislocation, but I used to have them every month or two.

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90. Up In Smoke

I picked up my blind date from a recovery house. We decided to have a picnic at the park where we enjoyed sandwiches she had prepared. She seemed really anxious and ended up lighting up the whole time. Seeing that she was still tense, I offered to take her back home but she insisted on making a quick stop at the store. 

To my surprise, she came out with a whole new carton of smokes. After that, I finally took her back home.

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91. Two’s A Crowd

I met up with a guy I connected with on OkCupid. During our messaging, I mentioned my love for hockey, and he came up with a plan to watch a game at a bar and then grab dinner. Since I found him cute and enjoyed our conversations, I agreed. 

The only downside was that he chose a sports bar that was packed with people, not exactly the ideal setting for a date, but it made sense given we wanted to watch the game. He arrived slightly late, and as luck would have it, there was only one empty seat at the bar. I ended up awkwardly standing behind him, trying to get the attention of the bartender. 

To top it off, he ordered a drink for himself, completely overlooking the fact that I might want one too. After about 15 minutes of this uncomfortable situation, I suggested we find another place for dinner where we could also watch the game in a less crowded environment. 

He kindly offered to drive us to the place I suggested, and against my better judgment, I got into his car (note: this was not a smart move at all!). To my surprise, the car was a total mess. Energy drink cans were strewn all over the floor, making it difficult for me to even find somewhere to put my feet. 

I couldn't help but wonder why he offered to drive when his car was in such a disgusting state. It would have been better if we had driven separately. We eventually arrived at the restaurant, and he insisted on sitting at a small table right next to the big window at the front. However, during the 42 minutes we spent there, he went outside to light up a whopping seven times. 

Each time, he would stand on the other side of the window and just stare intensely at me while taking puffs. It was an incredibly uncomfortable experience.

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92. I Know What I Want

A girl once asked me what qualities I desire in a partner. Interestingly, she wasn't particularly pleased when I gave her a broad response. In response, she took out a detailed list—all eight pages of it. She began reviewing the points and ticking them off as we went. Unfortunately, I didn't receive many checkmarks on her list.

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93. May I Introduce…

Once, I experienced a rather odd situation when a girl brought her boyfriend along on our date. It turns out that our mutual friends who had set us up didn't really approve of her current boyfriend. Despite this, she still agreed to go out with me. Surprisingly, she didn't seem bothered by her boyfriend's presence, so she decided to bring him along.

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94. Mission…Succeeded?

A few years ago, my buddies Jon and Tim and I decided to hang out with these girls Jon had bumped into earlier that week. We met at a sports bar to grab food and catch the game. En route, Tim randomly says, "Pretend I'm deaf, okay?"

Jon and I exchanged glances, shrugged, and thought, "Why not?" For the entire evening at the bar, Tim convincingly acted as though he couldn't hear. Afterward, Jon suggested we all head to the girls' place for a movie. Seeing that Jon was getting along with one of the girls, and Tim seemed to be impressing the other, I decided to bow out.

At the girls' place, as the movie began, Tim, using his 'deaf' voice, shouted to Jon, "JON! Subtitles! I need subtitles!" Jon quickly turned them on. Later, Jon and his girl went to her room, leaving Tim with his girl in the living room. They communicated through notes. She expressed admiration for how well he handled his 'deafness'. 

Playing along, Tim gestured towards his ears, then his heart, indicating that his heart made up for his hearing loss. She was touched. On their way out, Tim commented on the chilly night and suggested they jog to her place. She agreed, and suddenly Tim took off sprinting. She yelled for him to wait, forgetting, of course, that he was supposedly deaf.

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95. Right Sentiment, Wrong Time

As soon as she started speaking, the first thing she said was, "I wanted to let you know that I absolutely despise the concept of patriarchy". No pleasantries or greetings, just straight to the point.

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96. Outed!

I waited patiently at the theater for a whole two hours, eagerly anticipating her arrival. To my surprise, she finally showed up but seemed clearly tipsy. We ended up watching a truly awful movie, whatever happened to start next. Afterwards, she decided to take me to a bar. 

However, it turned out to be a gay bar, and she apparently had the idea in her mind that I might be gay. In order to salvage the evening and make it more bearable, I engaged in some playful flirtation with the charming gay bartender.

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97. Every Man’s Dream

One time, my friend went on a Match date and things took a strange turn. The woman he was with had quite a bit to drink. As they were heading back to his car so he could drive her home, she suddenly told him to wait there. He wasn't sure why, but assumed she might have needed to make a phone call or use the restroom. 

To his surprise, she walked into an alley and proceeded to pee from under her skirt, getting it all over herself and the alley wall. Afterward, she actually asked him if it was turning him on. Needless to say, there was no second date, and my friend had to clean his car seat thoroughly with Mr Clean.

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98. Stay Curious

I once went on a date with a girl and here's how our conversation went. She asked me, "What's your favorite book?" I replied, "It's a tough choice, but when I was younger, I absolutely adored Jurassic Park". She responded with, "Ew, Jurassic Park". I asked her, "Are you talking about the book or the movie? Because everyone loves Jurassic Park!" 

She then dropped a doozy by saying, "I don't believe in dinosaurs". I exclaimed, "What about fossils?!" She told me she didn't want to get into it, but she thought fossils were deceitful. At that point, I decided to end the conversation and just enjoy the rest of the evening. But later on, she shocked me again by saying, "I don't believe in outer space". 

My mind couldn't handle it.

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99. The Worst Kind Of Deja Vu

About a year ago, I'd just ended a brief, not-so-great relationship. I'm pretty passionate about my job, and that's where most of my focus goes. So when I was working less socially, some buddies of mine mistakenly thought I was down in the dumps because of the breakup.

Truth is, I was swamped with this massive grant proposal—those things are no walk in the park. The relationship had been a short, casual thing, and I was even in the process of introducing her to my wider group of friends when we called it quits.

So, my well-intentioned friends thought they'd set me up on a surprise blind date to cheer me up. They lured me to a sushi restaurant, only to bail last minute, leaving me to discover the whole setup. I was a bit miffed but decided to roll with it. But, you can imagine my shock when I walked in and found my recent ex sitting there, just as surprised as me.

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100. Taking The Term "Blind Date" A Little Too Far

I had set up a blind date. I arrived early and texted him my location. I caught him glance in my direction, abruptly end his call, and head straight to his car. At first, I didn't want to believe what just happened. I attempted to ring him, thinking there was some mix-up, but he didn't pick up. All my calls and texts went unanswered after that. That experience stung.

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101. First And Last Date

I once had a first date with this brilliant and stunning woman I met online. We'd been talking for weeks and really hit it off.

The evening was fantastic. There was a spark between us, we had loads in common, and the whole night was filled with laughter and deep conversations. After a lovely dinner, we went to a chic lounge to continue our evening.

We soon got on the topic of both being single parents with daughters about the same age, something we'd touched on in our online chats. She showed me a picture of her daughter, and I did the same. Then things took an unexpected twist.

She recognized my daughter, said her name (which I hadn’t mentioned) and it turned out our kids knew each other, despite living quite a distance apart. Even wilder, she was acquainted with my ex through a friend they shared.

Given the rocky relationship I had with my ex at that time, what seemed like a perfect date suddenly felt complicated. We decided it was best not to meet again.

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Madame de Pompadour was the alluring chief mistress of King Louis XV, but few people know her dark history—or the chilling secret shared by her and Louis.

Madame de Pompadour Facts

Entrancing Facts About Madame de Pompadour, France's Most Powerful Mistress

Madame de Pompadour was the alluring chief mistress of King Louis XV, but few people know her dark history—or the chilling secret shared by her and Louis.
December 7, 2018 Kyle Climans

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I tried to get my ex-wife served with divorce papers. I knew that she was going to take it badly, but I had no idea about the insane lengths she would go to just to get revenge and mess with my life.

These People Got Genius Revenges

When someone really pushes our buttons, we'd like to think that we'd hold our head high and turn the other cheek, but revenge is so, so sweet.
April 22, 2020 Scott Mazza

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Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but few people know her even darker history.

Catherine of Aragon Facts

Tragic Facts About Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s First Wife

Catherine of Aragon is now infamous as King Henry VIII’s rejected queen—but very few people know her even darker history.
June 7, 2018 Christine Tran

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