Irritating Facts About The Most Hated Movie Characters In History

February 1, 2024 | J. Clarke

Irritating Facts About The Most Hated Movie Characters In History

There’s nothing like a good movie night, whether that means heading to the cinema or tucking in at home. But some movie characters make even the best story difficult to enjoy. Grab some popcorn and let’s dive into the film characters audiences just love to hate.

1. Dolores Umbridge

Even though she isn’t the actual trademark villain of Harry Potter, she’s quite literally the worst. When the government sends her to teach at Hogwarts, she takes every opportunity to be as cruel and heartless to the wizarding students as possible, all while maintaining a sickeningly sweet cover. The kids deserved better.

inerva McGonagall, Dolores UmbridgeWarner Bros. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

2. Marla Grayson

In the Netflix original I Care A Lot, Marla cares for some of the most vulnerable people in any population—the elderly. She totally takes advantage of them, using the job to take their money. And the worst part of it all? She acts like the entire thing is totally okay. She doesn’t have a remorseful bone in her body. Gross.

Screenshot of Marla Grayson in yellow jacket talking - from I Care a Lot (2020)Black Bear, I Care a Lot (2020)

3. Warden Norton

Shawshank Redemption’s Warden Norton is the worst kind of hypocrite. He uses both his status as head of the prison and a religious image to cover up all his evil deeds. He’s willing to do anything to protect himself, including taking lives and keeping innocent people behind bars. He’s everything but lawful.

Shawshank Redemption FactsWarner Bros., The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

4. Grandpa Joe

This guy proves that being a terrible human being isn’t limited to the young. In the 1971 version of Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, we find Grandpa Joe apparently unwell and unable to get out of bed with his family forced to take care of him. And yet one golden ticket has him jumping for joy. Questionable, at the very least.

Screenshot of Grandpa Joe looking upset  - from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971)Quaker Oats, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

5. Matilda’s Mom And Dad

It’s hard to believe Matilda’s parents actually managed to keep Matilda without a visit from CPS. For one thing, neither are anywhere close to her intelligence bracket. But the real problem is the way they treat their child like she’s a waste of time and space. The only Matilda character that might beat them for meanest ever comes next…

Screenshot of Matilda with her parents - from Matilda (1996)TriStar, Matilda (1996)

6. Miss Trunchbull

This vindictive principal is way too old and way too large to be bullying literal children. And yet, that’s exactly her MO. She isn’t just mean, she's downright dangerous. Punishment for what she considers an infraction is terrifying enough to scare an adult, much less the children in her care. CPS needed to pick her up, too.

Screenshot of Mrs Trunchbull - from Matilda (1996)TriStar, Matilda (1996)

7. President Coriolanus Snow

If you’ve seen The Hunger Games films, you know there’s enough villains to fill this entire list. Still, President Snow, head of the government and of the cruel games that terrorize society takes the cake. Not only is he cold and calculated, but he covers it all with a warm, diplomatic demeanor. The hypocrisy just makes him easier to hate. 

Screenshot of President Snow - from The Hunger Games (2010)Lionsgate, The Hunger Games (2010)

8. President Alma Coin

We can’t leave President Coin out of the line-up of Hunger Games characters we wouldn’t want to hang out with. We meet her as a leader of the rebellion in partnership with the lead character, Katniss. But as time goes on, her true colors start to show. She isn’t nearly as righteous as she pretends to be, and in the end she has to pay for it all.

Screenshot of Alma Coin - from The Hunger Games (2010)Lionsgate, The Hunger Games (2010)

9. Anastasia Steele

Okay, so this Fifty Shades of Grey star may seem out of place on this list. But something about her character just rubs many people the wrong way. If you aren’t totally wrapped up in her unrealistic romance, you’ll likely find yourself annoyed by her laughable levels of naivete. We know it’s fictional, but we still want to kind of believe it!

And she’s not the only problematic one…

Screenshot of  Anastasia Steele looking at front - from Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)Focus Features, Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

10. Christian Grey

You didn’t think we’d wrap this up without pointing out this Fifty Shades guy, did you? This character is as hard to believe as his lead. We’re supposed to be enamored with him, despite his burning desire for control and emotional coldness. Some people definitely like him, but a good portion of audiences find him too ridiculous to take seriously.

Screenshot of  Christian Grey looking at front - from Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)Focus Features, Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015)

11. Prince Charming

In this case, we’re hating on the prideful, entitled, and just generally irritating Prince Charming from Shrek. He’s everything but charming. What he lacks in actual height he makes up for with arrogance, and it’s honestly not a good look. The fact that the literal ogre in the story is more loveable than him really says it all.

Screenshot of Prince Charming - from Shrek (2001)Dreamworks, Shrek (2001)

12. Edward Cullen

Apologies to every single prevailing #TeamEdward member. But, come on. For one, Twilight’s star vampire is hundreds of years older than his love interest. Moreover, he’s so brooding and mysterious that it just gets exhausting—and watching people while they sleep is just plain creepy. Vampire or not, he’s just too much.

Screenshot of Edward - from Twilight (2008)Summit, Twilight (2008)

13. Bella Swan

I mean, are you really surprised? Edward is insufferable, but at least he’s been alive long enough to be the way he is. But literally nothing about Bella makes sense. Not her supposed depth (as a teenager), or her desire to become a vampire (after witnessing every reason not to). Her questionable judgment is obnoxious.

Screenshot of Bella - from Twilight (2008)Summit, Twilight (2008)

14. Prince Hans

Most of the characters on this list are real evil villain types—but one of the worst comes from an unexpected place. He may be from an animated kids movie, but Frozen’s Prince Hans is right up there with the worst of the worst movie characters.

Not only does he totally lead on Princess Anna in an attempt to take her kingdom, but he does it so well that he shocks everyone when he ultimately betrays her. Well-played, but seriously sinister.

Disney Villains FactsJorge Figueroa, Flickr

15. Amber Von Tussle

Okay, so there are a lot of deep issues going on in Hairspray. But even amongst all that, Amber Von Tussle rises as the most irritating among many options. She’s just too old to be as bratty as she is about her man getting stolen by someone she doesn’t think is as pretty or talented as she thinks she is. Talk about a sore loser.

John WatersNew Line Cinema, Hairspray (1988)

16. Briony Tallis

In the 2007 film Atonement, Briony makes a mistake that sets off a most destructive train of events. Although the mistake is honest, the lives she ultimately ruins—Including that of her own sister—are impossible to ignore. As a matter of fact, watch the entire film and you’ll see she can’t even manage to forgive herself.

Screenshot of  Briony Tallis looking at camera - from Atonement (2007)Atonement (2007), Universal Pictures

17. Commodus

Commodus holds an eternal spot in this list for his ultimate betrayal in GladiatorHis ego, like many villains, is his downfall. As such, he’s willing to take out anyone in his path to domination, including his own father. Needless to say, by the time he gets what’s coming to him, no audience member is upset to see him go.

Emperor Commodus factsDreamWorks, Gladiator (2000)

18. Percy Witmore

Percy is the second prison employee to make this list. The combination of this Green Mile character's cruel personality and the authority he has over the lives of those behind bars makes for an ugly outcome.

In the peak of his wickedness, he can’t even watch the painful treatment he orchestrated. Truly the lowest of the low. 

Screenshot of  Percy upset - from  The Green Mile (1999)Castle Rock, The Green Mile (1999)

19. Nurse Ratched

Nurse Ratched makes for a truly detestable character in the classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Another questionable person entrusted with the care of the vulnerable, this time the mentally ill, she uses her power to bend the patients to her unjust will. And the worst part? She does so without expressing an iota of empathy.

Nurse Ratched - Print ready - 2011Portland Center Stage, Flickr

20. Burke

At the start of the 1986 film Aliens, Burke is actually a pretty okay guy. But as the film continues, we see that all he cares about is pleasing his corporate higher-ups. He’ll do anything to gain their approval, and proves it in the most extreme ways. The way he plays nice in the beginning makes his true reveal that much more infuriating.

Screenshot of Paul Reiser - from Aliens (1986)Twentieth Century Fox, Aliens (1986)

21. Patty Di Marco

Patty Di Marco isn’t nearly as dangerous as the others on this list, which makes sense considering her role in the comedy School of Rock. She’s not a bad person, just plain annoying. She’s always getting in the way of what her boyfriend really wants, and doing so with a nagging tone. We just want her to shut up, honestly.

Screenshot of Sarah Silverman - from School of Rock (2003)Paramount, School of Rock (2003)

22. The Joker

We have to get really specific with this one, because in most cases audiences actually like the Joker as a villain. But in DCEU’s Suicide Squad, the character just fell flat. In fact, audiences seemingly didn’t like him because he didn’t behave badly enough. They didn’t buy his laugh, design, or mannerisms as their favorite bad guy.

Screenshot: The Joker (Jared Leto) with green hair wearing grey shirt - from Suicide Squad (2016)DC Entertainment, Suicide Squad (2016)

23. Mutt Williams

What’s one way to nearly ruin a beloved franchise? One word, four letters: Mutt. This character proved to be a major thorn in the side of an otherwise super successful franchise, Indiana JonesHe shows up in the fourth movie as the possible next in line to the great explorer, but falls flat.

Screenshot: Shia LaBeouf seating on a motorcycle talking with Harrison Ford  from - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)Lucasfilm Ltd.,Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

24. Jar Jar Binks

If you’re not a die-hard Star Wars fan, it’s hard to imagine audiences hating the innocent, mild-mannered Jar Jar. However, many fans of the classic sci-fi series couldn’t stand him.

They found him too childlike, and felt the series invented him only to cater to children. Doesn’t seem all that terrible to me, but to each his own pet peeves.

Screenshot of Jar Jar Binks - from Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008–2020)Lucasfilm, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008–2020)

25. Captain Marvel

Many people very vocally railed against Captain Marvel when the 2019 movie debuted. They considered the female superhero too disagreeable, declaring they didn’t like her attitude. We should note, however, that few seem to hate the male superheroes from the MCU for their often questionable “attitudes”. Do with that what you will.

Screenshot of Carol Danvers - Captain Marvel from  - Captain Marvel (2019)Marvel Studios, Captain Marvel (2019)

26. The Predalian

In this case, the main attraction of the 2007 film, Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, just turned out to be a huge disappointment. Meant to be the ultimate, truly frightening combination of both the Alien and Predator, the Predalien turned out to be nothing special or particularly different. True fans couldn’t get over it.

Screenshot of Predalian - from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)Twentieth Century Fox,Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007)

27. Sam Witwicky

In his first Transformers movie, this lead character didn’t ruffle many feathers. But by the second and third movie, he quickly became the least favorite character of the series. His whining over first world problems—like wanting time apart from his transforming hero Bumblebee and having to work to find a job—tired audiences out quickly.

Shia LaBeouf factsDreamWorks, Transformers (2007)

28. Mayor Larry Vaughn

Audiences probably can't stand this Jaws mayor because they’ve seen politicians act like him in real time. Instead of heeding numerous warnings about literal sharks in the water surrounding Amity Island, he shrugs it off for a totally evil reason—to keep tourism money coming in. Things didn’t end well, and it’s definitely all his fault.

Screenshot of  Larry Vaughn from - Jaws (1975)Universal, Jaws (1975)

29. Shooter McGavin

Shooter suffers from something lots of people do—jealousy. But it’s the lengths he lets his jealousy push him to that makes him abhorrent. In an attempt to keep attention on his own golf success in Happy Gilmore, he is willing to do just about anything, no matter how slimy and underhanded. Seems like a lot for some extra applause.

Screenshot of Shooter McGavin from  Happy Gilmore (1996)Universal, Happy Gilmore (1996)

30. Yon-Suk

We might excuse a lot of things people get up to when faced with a literal zombie apocalypse. But in the film Train to Busan, Yon-Suk is so devious that we can’t help but wish him the worst. His selfishness precedes his every move, as he’ll put anyone in danger to save himself. This method doesn’t help him survive, though.

Screenshot of Yon-suk - from Train To Busan (2016)Next Entertainment World, Train To Busan (2016)

31. Walter Peck

All things considered, Peck isn’t nearly as bad as most of the people on this list. But still, the way he foils the heroes of the original 1984 Ghostbusters film truly annoys fans. He thinks he’s helping, but he ends up making the ghost situation worse than ever. We honestly just need him to get out of the way of progress!

Screenshot of Walter Peck - from Ghostbusters (1984)Columbia, Ghostbusters (1984)

32. Margaret White

In the 1976 horror film Carrie, the title character seemingly does all the serious damage. But audiences rightfully blame her mother, Margaret, for Carrie’s behavior. She doesn’t simply neglect her child, she terrorizes her instead, using her religion to defend herself. By the end, we feel she deserves exactly what she gets.

Screenshot of Carrie - from Carrie (1976)Red Bank Films, Carrie (1976)

33. Terence Fletcher

This character cements his own notoriety by grossly mistreating his students in Whiplash. While he defends his harsh treatment of his music students by insisting it's necessary to develop them, he takes things way too far. He’s not trying and failing to be good, he’s purposely being cruel to achieve his end goal.

Screenshot of Terence Fletcher from - Whiplash (2014)Bold Films, Whiplash (2014)

34. Cal Hockley

Cal takes the award for most deserving jilted lover in TitanicIf he had a shred of human decency, audiences could feel bad for the way his fiancée, Rose, falls in love with his opposite. Instead, we’re actually disappointed to see him get to safety after treating Rose like a thing he owns rather than a woman he loved.

Screenshot of Cal Hockley - from Titanic (1997)Paramount, Titanic (1997)

35. Bill Lumbergh

Bill Lumbergh is a stand in for everyone’s least favorite corporate manager in the 1999 film Office Space. After watching him use his notably limited authority to harass and annoy his employees, audiences get a solid kick out of watching his bosses rake him over the coals.

Perhaps we hate him because he hits a little too close to home?

Screenshot of Bill Lumbergh from - Office Space (1999)Twentieth Century Fox, Office Space (1999)

36. Carter Burke

Carter’s ulterior motives and smarmy practices grind our gears in the 1986 Aliens movie. He pretends to play his role overseeing the investigation into the otherworldly, but does so with an underhanded goal—to trap the alien so he make money for himself.

He’s quick to endanger people to get what he wants, but ultimately gets what he deserves.

Screenshot of Paul Reiser - from Aliens (1986)Twentieth Century Fox, Aliens (1986)

37. Biff Tannen

Biff is every bit the typical antagonist you’d expect out of a classic teen movie. But it doesn’t make his character in Back to the Future any less tiresome. He’s not very smart or very considerate, making his list of hateable attributes lengthy. He causes havoc at every turn, consistently getting in the way of the guy we actually do like.

Screenshot of Biff Tannen - from Back To The Future (1985)Universal, Back to the Future (1985)

38. Mrs Carmody

Several on this list use religion to fuel their evil, and Mrs Carmody is no different. When her hometown in The Mist finds itself in grave danger, her reaction is chilling. She convinces everyone God is punishing them. She then goes the extra step of inciting others to “help” god further punish those trying to save everyone. Not very Golden Rule of her, if you ask me.

Screenshot of Mrs Carmody from - The Mist (2007)Dimension Films, The Mist (2007)

39. Captain Vidal

In the 2006 fantasy Pan’s Labyrinth, Vidal falls on the wrong side of a dictatorial leadership. His very job is to chase anarchists and take them into custody. It’s not just a job, though. He does so blissfully, hurting them as much as he can just for fun. He’s cruel to any and every one, save himself and his son, and his darkness is hard to digest.

Screenshot of Captain Vidal from - Pan's Labyrinth (2006)Tequila Gang, Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

40. Calvin J Candie

This Django Unchained character takes some of the worst traits of several on this list and mixes them into one despicable personality. His prejudice fuels his brutality. As an owner of a plantation, he makes a game of ending lives—but luckily, there’s a twist.

In the end, he does get his final due. And honestly, we’re all grateful to see it.

Screenshot of Calvin J Candie - from Django Unchained (2012)Columbia, Django Unchained (2012)

41. Veruca Salt

Considering the fact that Veruca is literally a child in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you might expect her to not be annoying enough to make this list. But considering the heights of her spoiled attitude and bratty behavior, we had to make a spot for her. Veruca needs more than discipline, she needs a serious reality check.

Screenshot of Veruca from - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)Warner Bros, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

42. Know-It-All

While we’re talking about kid characters we’d love to forget, we might as well give this The Polar Express character an honorable mention. He’s not mean or misbehaved. He’s just super irritating. He talks too much, pretends to know more than he does, and even rats his friends out. I wouldn’t sit next to him on the train. That’s for sure.

Screenshot of The Polar Express (2004)Castle Rock Entertainment, The Polar Express (2004)

43. Buzz McAllister

As far as big brothers go, Buzz is literally the worst. Other than the two goofs who try to rob Kevin in the Christmas classic Home Alone, Buzz is the real villain here. He picks on his brother relentlessly, angering him to no end. He does offer an apology every once in a while. But if he was my brother, I wouldn’t forgive any of his antics.

Screenshot of Buzz - from  Home Alone (1990)Twentieth Century Fox, Home Alone (1990)

44. Borat

It’s hard to truly understand who’s putting their money behind movies like Borat. The titled character is completely obnoxious—and the real-life backlash is real. His ridiculous behavior and politically incorrect comments are supposed to be funny, but many people find his character deeply irritating.

At the very least, we definitely wouldn’t want to know him in real life.

Borat at the midnight madness screening of his film in 2006 Toronto International Film Festival.Sam Javanrouh, Flickr

45. Dennis Nedry

Like a few other antagonists on this list, Nedry is almost totally responsible for the main calamity in the film he’s in, Jurassic Park. His money problems and lack of integrity push him to take a bribe that results in an all-out dinosaur filled war. It’s easy to see why audiences weren't hurt by one of the animals taking him out in the end.

Screenshot of Nedry - from Jurassic Park (1993)Universal, Jurassic Park (1993)

46. Justin Hammer

We can’t love our MCU heroes without seeing them defeat their villains, but Iron Man 2’s Justin Hammer makes the type of villain many could do without. He uses his extreme intelligence for evil.

In this case, he uses his tech savvy to make his own version of an “Iron man” to oppose the real one. It doesn’t end well.

Screenshot of Justin Hammer  - from Iron Man 2 (2010)Steve Jurvetson ,Flickr

47. Jill Sadelstein

This Jack and Jill lead is another one of those characters who simply exasperates audiences to no end. We’re supposed to find the fact that she’s literally difficult to listen to and look at funny—but it backfires in a big way. 

In the end it's just uncomfortable and disturbing. Not really the kind of character you’d want to watch in anything ever again.

Screenshot of Jill - from Jack and Jill (2011)Columbia, Jack and Jill (2011)

48. Alvin Seville

Okay, hear me out. I know this leader of the chipmunk trio in Alvin and the Chipmunks is just a character for childrens’ entertainment, but still. He is the worst leader imaginable. He gets his group into all kinds of trouble, managing to get out of issues just in the nick of time. 

Screenshot of Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)Fox 2000 Pictures, Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)

49. Dr Susan McAllister

Audiences hated this Deep Blue Sea character so much that producers ended up changing the entire storyline! Granted, she is personally at fault for causing the disaster that endangers everyone in the film, so it makes sense. In the end, the producers had to knock her character off before the end of the movie to satisfy the movie-goers.

Screenshot of Dr. Susan McCallister - from  Deep Blue Sea (1999)Warner Bros, Deep Blue Sea (1999)

50. Ruby Rhod

We get it. Writers intentionally made The Fifth Element’s Ruby Rhod outrageously over the top. But at some point, too much is just too much! The character’s outlandish costuming and behavior quickly become more a distraction than anything else, making audiences pray for a second without them. At that point, we’d all be better without them.

Screenshot from Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element (1997)Gaumont, The Fifth Element (1997)

51. The Hunter Who Killed Bambi's Mother

This one's a two-for-one, and really tests your knowledge of iconic villains, especially of the Disney variety. Believe it or not, the hunter responsible for the demise of Bambi's mother was originally credited as "Man," but an early draft of Who Framed Roger Rabbit was going to reveal that her killer was in fact none other than Judge Doom! So, I hate them both.

Hollywood Villains FactsWho Framed Roger Rabbit, Touchstone Pictures

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