Satisfying, Real Life Karma

March 26, 2022 | Sarah Ng

Satisfying, Real Life Karma

There's nothing more beautiful than when karma comes through and kicks the bad guy where it hurts. Whether it be revenge, coincidence, or that instant payback, these Redditors have witnessed some satisfying karmic justice at work. Here are some unbelievably satisfying stories of real-life karma.

1. Listen To Yourself

My dad was driving home in his old Cutlass and found himself in the middle of a blizzard. The snow was coming so thickly that he could barely see. So, he wanted to stay safe and drove slowly as the snow came down. Then a guy pulled up next to him and signaled at him to roll down his window. My dad thought there was a problem. But the next words he heard stunned him.

He rolled down his window and the guy flipped him off, called him a wuss, and told him to learn how to drive before speeding away. Then a few minutes later, my dad came to an accident and saw that somebody had smashed into the telephone pole. It was the guy from earlier. My dad slowed down and rolled down his window. He flipped the guy off and told him that he needed to learn how to drive. I’ve never seen him so happy coming home from work.

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2. She Got A Doggone Sweet Surprise

I used to clean a local gymnastics facility on the weekends. The owner would rent out the place for birthday parties, and one of the coaches was always present for them. One weekend, I saw a car pull up about an hour before the party was to start. I was finishing cleaning the lobby, and we had no power as our lights were being replaced.

This woman came in and headed upstairs. About ten seconds later, she came STORMING down the stairs, got in my face, and started yelling, "WHY is there no power?! I'm supposed to set up for this party. HOW am I supposed to do that WHEN I CAN'T SEE WHAT I'M DOING?!" I was a little stunned and told her that, per the owner's policy, she couldn’t be in the building until the coach arrived.

Her face went purple. She yelled, "HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN NOT DO! THE OWNER SAID I COULD BE HERE WHENEVER I WANTED. I WON'T TAKE THIS GARBAGE FROM SOME STUPID KID!" I said, "Fine, but your power won't be on for another 45 minutes. You might as well go wait in your car until the coach gets here."

She stomped off, tried to slam the door, and proceeded to try and call the owner. When the coach finally arrived, I told her what had happened and how she acted towards me. I also left a note for the owner and called her to inform her. I left the gym and went home for the night. The following day, I went in to get paid. The owner pulled me aside and told me I did everything right in that situation. Then I found out the whole story. 

I found out that not only was that lady completely nasty to the coach as well, but that she didn't pay for the party, and she stayed a full hour longer than what was rented. Then, I got the best news possible. When the parents were all inside, her dog had gotten into the cake that was in her car and ate about half of it. Her reaction was deranged.

She then said, "Oh, we can still use it. We'll just cut around the parts the dog ate." 40 minutes later, she came running back into the gym, grabbed a bunch of paper towels, and returned to her car. Within the time that she brought the cake inside to the time she went back out, her dog had pooped and puked EVERYWHERE in her car—on the seats, floors, armrests, even the dashboard. This car was COVERED in poo and vomit.


3. Karma Decked Him Good

My buddy and I were having a drink on a large wooden patio at an ocean-side bar/restaurant. A middle-aged couple was sitting next to us. Our tables were next to each other, and they were relatively close to us. As my buddy and I were just taking in the view, he caught eyes with the dude and said something innocuous like, "Good evening."

The guy retorted, "Mind your own business and keep your eyes to yourself." My buddy and I looked at each other with a "Did that just happen?” expression. My buddy looked back over at him and said something like, "Relax, buddy, sorry to bother you." At that point, we were a little put-off.  We got back to our drinks and enjoyed the sunset.

Two minutes later, the guy pulled out a ring for his partner. It was a large diamond. She was excited, and he had a sufficiently smug, self-satisfied look on his face. She went to hand it back to him. Then disaster struck. When he grabbed it, he fumbled. It fell to the deck, rolled an inch or two, and then promptly disappeared, falling between two slats of the deck.

I felt bad for the woman. The guy’s face went white and then immediately red. He was barely able to maintain his composure. It looked like he wanted to strike his lady friend. The dude looked over at us, and now we were looking straight at him. We just smiled casually. He called a waiter over and started discretely explaining what had happened.

He wanted someone to pull up the deck slats. However, that was NOT going to happen. The waiter was cool as ice. Despite the guy raging at this point, the waiter flatly told him something to the effect of, "Look, man, you can come back tomorrow and talk to the manager, or pay your bill and leave now.” The guy sat down. His lady friend was visibly shaken.

While enjoying our drinks and the sunset, my friend and I remarked about how karma, while certainly inspiring, is almost magical when it's instant.


4. He Wanted To Be Starting Something

I was walking to the pub after work one rainy evening when I saw a guy intentionally shove himself into a fairly nerdy-looking dude who was walking along with his girlfriend. He stopped and accused the nerdy guy of pushing him and then gave him a  mouthful. What followed was pure karma. It was one of those moments that was so perfect and full of justice that it was almost too good to be true.

The big guy took a huge swing at the nerdy guy and ended up slipping because it had been raining out. He completely missed hitting the nerdy guy and ended up in a flustered mess on the floor. The nerdy guy looked bewildered, and his girlfriend was desperately trying to drag him away, but he stood his ground. The big dude seemed to become even angrier due to his embarrassing fall.

He got back up and took another swing, which the nerdy guy dodged. He slipped again and fell to his knees. The nerdy guy, who was as ruthless as he was good at not getting punched in the face, saw this as a great opportunity to get this nonsense over with. So, he smacked the guy right in the face with a sweet jab that made a “'thwack” sound.

The original guy went down once and for all, sprawled on the bridge in the rain, while the nerdy guy took his girl's hand and they went on their merry way together. Meanwhile, I went to the pub and had a pint in nerdy guy's honor. It was beautiful, just beautiful.


5. He Got His Kicks On Route 66

I remember taking a road trip through Ohio during a blizzard. I was used to driving in the snow, but this was so bad I could hardly make out where I was going. The roads were empty. Since my car wasn't really fantastic, I was chugging along at a slow pace in the right lane because I wasn't in that big of a hurry—and I didn't want to crash.

Suddenly, a fully-loaded truck blew past me in the left lane, kicking up a bunch of snow against my car and whiting out my windshield. I was flying blind for a few moments while my wipers got rid of the snow. When I could see again, a chill ran down my spine. The guy seemed to have slowed down and kept pace next to me.

Then, he slowed down more, revved his engine, and proceeded to do it again. He got his kicks off of harassing smaller cars, and there wasn't anything I could do. There weren’t any exits to get off, and I didn't want to speed up in such bad conditions. After blasting me three or four more times, he sped off. I spent the next half hour grumbling about this jerk on the phone to my friends.

While chatting, I spotted something. The interstate took a sharp turn, and off the road on the left, there was a truck flipped on its top, half-buried in snow. It was him.


6. Sense My Wrath

In high school, a guy in my grade always went out of his way to annoy me, even hooking up with my girlfriend. Wanting revenge, I decided to poop in a bottle and then let it fester for a month. It got so bad that when I unscrewed the cap, it fizzed. I poured that into his car’s air conditioner filter on a hot summer day. I watched him get into his car and turn it on.

As soon as he did, he turned up his AC and threw up all over himself and the car.

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7. Just Rewards

Before we were married, I was out to dinner with my wife and her dad. At the end of dinner, my father-in-law offered to pay for the meal. My wife asked to get her leftovers boxed to take them home. Her father was being difficult and started in on her, saying, “Well, you'll just leave them in the fridge, then they'll just get thrown out, blah blah."

I told him, "Listen, it's not your fridge. Leave her alone.” He got mad and yelled, "Don't tell me how to raise my daughter!" I yelled back at him not to speak to her in his nasty tone. As a result, he threw the bill at me and said, "FINE! YOU PAY THEN," and stormed out. We were all mad at that point, and my wife said, “Why did you have to start something??"

I paid the bill and was waiting for the receipt, but we were waiting for quite some time. Tensions were rising. Her dad was waiting outside, building up steam. I asked the waiter, "Can I just get our bill and go?" They replied, "Oh no, sir, you have to wait for the manager.” That's when I learned the beautiful, satisfying truth.

It turned out they had a contest running where every bill was a winner or some prize or another. Usually, people would win a free drink or appetizer. However, we had just won the GRAND PRIZE that dinner—which was a trip for four to Florida. And here's the kicker: Whoever pays gets the prize. Because her dad stormed out like a child, I had won it.


8. The Destroyer Of Jerks

This is one of my favorite stories to tell. I went to a small school of about 80 students, and in my class, there were only 12 people. Although our numbers were small, we still had jerks who made everyone's lives miserable. In our case, that bully was Christopher. Christopher was one of those kids who felt like he could do whatever he wanted to anyone else.

He also thought he would be absolved of all blame if he finished his routine with, "It's just a joke." Basically, he was a grade-A jerk. There was also a mentally challenged kid in our class. Let's call him Todd. Now, Todd was a curious guy and he was fond of asking questions. It was just his own way of obtaining information. I know this might sound bad, but we were often annoyed with him.

Nevertheless, we still all looked after him and made sure nobody gave him trouble. He was one of us, and that lent him some protection. The karmic incident took place once when we were the seniors. We basically ruled the school, and naturally, this power would go to our heads.

It corrupted nobody quite as much as it did Christopher. We were playing baseball one day, practicing for an upcoming competition. We split up into two teams and made plays with each other. I was kind of mad because Todd was on my team, as he wasn't the most athletically gifted. Picture Kermit The Frog trying to run the 110-meter hurdles.

We were losing, due in no small part to the other team’s superior members. I had lost interest, and only gave lackluster hits when it was my turn. Then it was Todd's turn. I watched him bat, just to see how it would go. Christopher was pitching the ball and he wasn't even giving Todd a chance. He'd throw the ball at his feet, then burst out laughing with his team.

Babe Ruth couldn't have done a darn thing with those kinds of throws. It went on for three whole minutes. Eventually, his own team got sick of him and told him to give a decent throw so Todd could strikeout and the game could progress. When he threw it, and Todd braced himself. We're all watching by now.

As the ball drew closer, the most incredible thing happened. WHACK. Todd didn't just hit the ball with the bat, he annihilated it. The bang was heard all over the school. So what does a ball do when it's met with a force like that? I don't know for sure, but in this case, it went back towards Christopher at Mach speed.

I didn't even see the ball on its way back. It was like a bullet from a pistol. When it got to Christopher, it hit him squarely in the eye. He fell down and got knocked out cold. One of his friends helped him inside, while the rest of us cheered and laughed. We lifted Todd on our shoulders and gave him a hero’s cheer. He was no longer just Todd. He was Todd, the destroyer of jerks.

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9. A Matter Of Size

While I was driving home from work one day, I saw two half-ton trucks driving two feet from a poor old man’s bumper. I drove next to them and flipped both of them off, then told them to pick on someone else. I had no idea what I was in for. In response, one of the guys roared past me while screaming and cursing at me and got a half a mile in front of me.

That was when the second truck with a trailer got behind me. I, also driving a truck, looked in my mirror and couldn’t see the truck’s grill because he was that close. I was watching both as we came up to an intersection at a red light. I’d driven the route countless times and knew the light was just about to change.

As the truck in front of me braked, I continued at full speed with the other truck still on my bumper then quickly switched lanes. He had no chance. Going fast, he went right into the back of his buddy’s truck, and the trailer on the truck flipped. That made the tank spray gunk everywhere. The highway was shut down for two hours.

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10. Target Practice

When I was six years old, I was on the bus with my older brother coming home from soccer practice. We were seated at the back, right next to the big rear window. For some odd reason, I thought it would be funny to show the traffic behind us all the angles of my middle finger while staring at them with the most obnoxious facial expressions.

I would wait until the bus got to a stop and proceeded to do my thing when the bus shut its door and accelerated away. I was getting bored since most people would just ignore me and the reactions weren't as amusing as I thought they were going to be. I decided my game needed more thrill. Instead of flipping off oncoming traffic, my main target changed to pedestrians. This instantly turned into an enormous mistake. 

The bus got to a stop, picked up the waiting people, and I had found my new target—a very buff man. As I heard the noise of the doors closing, I proceeded to show him both of my fingers and stuck out my tongue. This guy, however, didn't think it was all that funny. He sprinted alongside the bus, matching its speed for at least a block until the bus arrived at the next stop.

The bus was not that full, but the people in it witnessed this big chunk of rage giving chase and getting on to the bus. I cowered behind my brother, who had been oblivious to my shenanigans. I was in tears. The guy ended up being pretty cool about it and just told me not to do it again. He even gave me a piece of bubblegum afterward.


11. Stay Out

I was driving and needed to get into the left turn lane two lanes over. I still had a mile to go and wasn’t worried about merging. I put on my blinker and waited for my chance. A woman in an SUV decided that she didn't want me to be in her lane, though, and when I sped up, she stuck in my blind spot. When I slowed down, she did as well.

As we approached the light, I cut her off to get in the turn lane. She rolled down her window, turned to me, and started yelling and flipping me off. Then disaster struck. She went through the red light, a car ran into her, and she went into a pole, totaling her car. I felt awful and turned on my hazard lights and got out to make sure she was okay.

Amazingly, she was fine and told officers 15 minutes later that I forced her off the road. Considering she ran a red light, there were multiple witnesses who had stopped to help back me up. They all confirmed my story. The first responding officer said he could bring her in for multiple charges, including filing a false report.

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12. No, Woman. No Cry

Not my story, but my mom's. Apparently, when she was a young lass, there was a girl at school who was always a major jerk to her. Hated my mom for whatever reason and always made fun of her. Fast forward to my mom as a college-aged woman, now dating a guitarist from Bob Marley's band. She's out at a bar with him getting a drink.

The dude goes to the bathroom and said jerk from back in the day comes up to my mom and says, "Oh my god, did you see who is at this bar?!" At that moment, the dude comes and puts his arm around my mom and says, "Hey babe, what's happening?" She said the look on that girl's face was absolutely priceless. Talk about sweet revenge.

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13. Caught In A Speed Bump

I was in the passing lane on the highway, slowly coming up on a couple of cars in the right lane. The speed limit was about to decrease ahead, and another vehicle came up behind me, going pretty fast. Instead of gassing it to get ahead of the traffic to my right, I slowed down and pulled into the right lane while the other car behind me was right on my tail.

Once I got into the right lane, the car floored it and passed me, honking their horn. The passenger's body was half out of the car window yelling at me and flipping me off as they passed. But they had no idea what hit them. It turned out that the car I pulled in behind was an unmarked state trooper who promptly pulled them over. Justice was served.


14. Hot And Ready

While in line at the coffee shop, some little toddler punk grabbed at the hot coffee that was meant for me. The barista tried to stop the kid, but this kid was not having it. He took a huge sip, mistaking it for the pumpkin spice latte his mom ordered for him before me. He promptly made a face, spit it out, and dropped the hot coffee all over himself.

That's when chaos ensued. The mom berated the employee for letting this happen, waving her own large frappe wildly in the air as she did so. The little hellion was still throwing a full tantrum on the floor while pulling at his mom's pants…then the frappe fell on him too. I giggled.

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15. Lights Will Guide You Home

I was driving on a backroad at about 35 MPH in my dad’s old Jeep. This jeep was like a rally support vehicle with lights all over it, an extra battery, and other reinforcements. It’s 4 AM, and there’s nobody but us. Suddenly, this sports car came behind us. So, I immediately switched lanes to give him space to pass me.

Instead, the jerk drove behind me and started honking and flashing his high beams. He kept doing it while I took a couple of seconds to figure out his problem. When I figured it out, my blood ran cold. I realized that he was just doing it to mess with me. So, I instructed my girlfriend in the passenger seat to open the glove compartment while my dad was waking up in the back.

She asked me why, and I told her to flip the four top switches and one on the left. Right as she flipped the last button, my father shouted out, “Don’t do it!” All of the lights—six on top and four on both sides—turned on into the guy’s eyes. He slammed on his brakes so hard that his car spun twice before stopping. She flips the lights off and away we go.

He just stood there behind us, a half a mile or so, all the way until we got off the road, never again trying to pass us!

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16. It Was Smoothie Sailing

I suffered from insomnia. One morning, when I couldn’t sleep, I went to the convenience store at about 6:30 AM. On the way out, I saw a homeless guy who I had seen around the city for years.  As usual, he was begging for change. I didn’t mind helping this guy out because he wouldn’t spend the money on anything bad; he legitimately needed food.

So, I went back in and bought him a couple of hamburgers and gave them to him. I proceeded to the smoothie shop, which opened at 7 am. I parked my car and opened the door. When I looked down, I saw a fresh $20 bill on the white line of the parking spot. Then, when I came back out of the smoothie shop, as I approached my car, I found yet ANOTHER $20 in the exact location. I checked my pocket, and the first one was still in there.


17. Touchy Subject

I grew up in a suburb where I was the only minority at school. One girl in my class always made rude comments about me like how I wasn’t as pretty because I was brown. But it really hurt me when we were playing tag and she insisted that I had to be “it” because I looked “dirty” with my skin color. She’d crossed a line. I overheard her bragging about getting straight A’s and instantly had a stroke of genius.

For the rest of the year, I would hand in my homework right after her to take hers and throw it away in the washroom. I never got caught, and she ended up getting a D. I smirked when she didn’t get a ribbon at the end of the year.

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18. Big Rig Rumble

It was raining out. I was coming onto a freeway with my big rig, signaling and smoothly switching lanes while keeping an eye on a car behind me that had been crowding me. As soon as he hit the merge ramp, he gunned it in an attempt to pass me, cutting into the no-drive zone. The problem was that my cab was 60 feet ahead of him, as I had already begun to merge.

Half of my rig was occupying the lane he wanted. Once this guy realized he couldn’t pass me, he flipped out. He screeched so hard back into his lane that I felt the road tremble. He began blaring his horn and flashing his lights. I was just cruising along, totally calm. I was watching the traffic in my driver-side mirror, and when I saw a break, I knew what was coming.

This guy jerked into the left lane, floored it, and got beside my cab, honking the whole way. He swerved at me and then cut me off. He jerked into place in front of me, jammed his brakes—and then it all unraveled. He completely lost control of his vehicle. It was suddenly sideways at 45mph. I was nowhere near him, having already slowed down.

His car continued to spin until it was facing me, then it whipped back forward and headed straight into the ditch. It plowed the earth like a farm tool in front of all of us there on the freeway. I stopped. The left lane stopped.  We just watched as this guy slowly got out of his car, which looked pretty damaged. Other drivers got out to help, and some were on their phones. I just geared up out of there nice and calm. It was instant karma.


19. It Was A Sign

I was a cart boy for a grocery store back in high school. One afternoon it was pouring rain out and terribly windy. A new black Escalade pulled up next to me while I pushed about 10 carts. The guy got out and yelled at me, saying I better not scratch his truck because "Heads will roll." I wasn’t in any way endangering his new car, but he proceeded to yell and warn me. And then *it* happened. 

Just as he finished yelling at me, the sign from the pizzeria next door crashed into the side of his truck. That made my night a little better, even if I was soaked.


20. Can’t Stop Me Now

This guy in a huge SUV was riding my tail at the speed limit down a steep snowy hill in the right lane. Our cars were about to hit a light about to turn in fewer than 15 seconds. That's when he made a fatal mistake. The guy decided to change lanes and floor it. Right when the light was about to turn red, he slowed down.

Well, he slid through the red light. He clipped the rear of a tractor-trailer then crashed into one of the traffic lights. The best part was that there were officers driving behind us the whole time who witnessed the guy weaving through traffic and speeding at twice the speed limit, trying to make an impossible light. What an idiot.

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21. Disheveled Do-Gooder

My infant son couldn't sleep one day, so we walked to my local supermarket to get some basics and blow off steam. I looked terrible. I was sleep-deprived, grumpy, disheveled, and unkempt, just like any other new parent. My son was in a sling on my belly. As I was checking out, the woman behind me stepped forward and said, "Please let me pay for this. I've always wanted to help out in this way."

Despite my appearance, I was pretty well off, but she wanted this. I didn't have very much to buy, so I graciously thanked her and walked out, both of us smiling. My son finally fell asleep, so I just loitered about.  I eventually noticed someone trying in vain to start their car—it was the lovely young woman who "helped" me out. I was a decent mechanic and happened to be toting a multi-tool around with me. I was able to get her car running in no time at all. It felt awesome.


22. Get Mature, Kid

I worked at a Kmart in high school. It was a small store, so I worked everything: electronics, stocking, cashier—you name it, I did it. One day, I asked a woman and her son, who was about 12 or 13, if they needed help finding anything as I was out on the floor. For some reason, the kid immediately calls me out for annoying him. I ignore it and go about my business, but I think he's a little jerk.

Right after that, I get called to checkout. As I'm working there, here comes the pair. The kid has gone all out back in the electronics area, with some EA sports titles and a GTA game. I'm checking them out when the age prompt comes up for the M-rated game. I decide to take a chance and show the jerk a little karma.

I flip the game over and inform the mother that "This game has been rated M for the following reasons" and read the list off the back of the case. There is a long, awkward silence, and then she angrily informs me that the son said it was only a "little violent," and he must have lied to her. Kid wasn't able to get anything that day.

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23. For The Birds

I was sitting at a stoplight, watching as two preppy girls from the university chased pigeons off the sidewalk. They flew up and landed a few feet further every time. As they approached the intersection, one of the girls squealed and ran right at them. As they took flight in the same direction, a bus drove by at full speed, probably 35 to 40 mph.

Two of the pigeons didn't make it in time and instantly transformed into a cloud of feathers and smaller pigeon pieces. Then I heard the blood-curling scream. "They're ON me! THEY'RE ON ME!" The girl was COVERED in pigeon guts and feathers, and she was completely losing her mind. Her friend was doubled over in laughter. I don't think she'll be tormenting pigeons ever again.

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24. An Up Lifting Experience

I worked in a building with 10 floors. I was on the fifth. I was coming back to the lobby from lunch and in a hurry. I had just pressed the button to go up, and the elevator immediately opened. Before I stepped in, I noticed someone coming up the stairs about 30 feet away. I usually wait for stragglers to boost my elevator karma, you know.

As this person approached, I noticed she was fairly attractive and close to my age. She, too, was in a hurry and asked me if a specific company was in the building—she was running late for an interview. At this point, I realized she was not just attractive; she was gorgeous. I pressed the button for her floor. She asked me if I worked at that company as well since I hadn’t pushed the button to my floor yet.

I told her, “No, but since you're late, we'll get you there first, then I'll go back down to five.” She was very appreciative. We got to her floor, she gathered herself...and realized that she had forgotten her phone. She was supposed to call when she got there, so she asked if she could use my phone.  I happily obliged.  She said, "You were a great help. Thank you so much!"

I decided to go for it and replied, "No problem! Let me know how it goes." She smiled and said, "I sure will," and proceeded to tap away at my phone. She handed it back, smiled again, and walked away. She had programmed her name and number into my phone. For a guy who NEVER gets the girl, I was elated. The number worked, and we met up for a date.


25. Close Seconds

I was a hair’s length away from crashing after getting cut off in a roundabout. But it escalated quickly. Minutes later, another guy cut off the guy who had cut me. This started a road rage battle of them trying to cut the other off, and I got caught in the middle of all of the action. A kid was in one of the cars, so I called 9-1-1.

It didn’t look like the situation was going to end well. Luckily, there was an unmarked patrol car a few cars ahead of me who couldn’t see what had been happening. He heard the report on his radio and slowed down to let traffic pass. The officer pulled over the first guy, and a few miles down, the second jerk was pulled over. It was soooo satisfying.

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26. Sure Crossed Me

Where I live, one of the main roads is usually two lanes. But over the winter, the right lane was blocked for a new sewer pipe installment, and as a result, there was a new reduced speed limit to 15 MPH. I was driving this limit when some woman in a car got behind me and started waving her arms and flashing her lights. She flipped me off as she passed before stepping on the gas.

But she accelerated right in front of an officer parked in front of the elementary school. It was a school day, which meant the fine was hefty.

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27. The Smell Of The Ball

In high school, my friend David’s girlfriend cheated on him. But she scratched the car he worked hard for and broke his laptop after he found out. A week later, she threw a big raging party that got a bit out of control. Earlier that day, David and I were with four of our friends eating at Taco Bell and began scheming. We discussed holding in our bowels until the party and releasing them all over her house.

At first, it was all a joke, but the more we talked, the more serious we were about going through with it. David didn't join us as that would've risked us from getting into the party. He did contribute his bowels in a plastic bag. I hid the bag under my shirt and put it behind the fridge. Brett and I upper decked, went in the tank, the two toilets on the main floor. It was nasty.

Matt brought pliers to pull up a corner of the carpet in a bedroom and went there. We're not sure whose bedroom it was. Justin was more adventurous than the rest of us. He hopped into the small utility closet with the central air conditioner and went in there. He told us that he was able to squirt his fudge onto the air filter. The effect of wafting poop was instant and moved the party to the backyard.

I'm not sure our plan was genius, but it was evil and for our friend. It felt good.

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28. A Minor Annoyance Had A Major Payoff

One night, we went out with my uncle and his family for dinner at a nice restaurant. There were seven of us eating, and we were all drinking red. This increasingly belligerent guy from the bar kept coming up to our table and making conversation, commenting on how awesome my six-month-old son was, etc.  By the end of the night, he was getting annoying, and my uncle was discussing whether or not he should say something.

We told him, “No, don't worry about it. He is just having a good time and seems like a good guy.” So when it came time to pay our bill, the waiter just said, "Have a nice evening. Thanks for coming in." My uncle and I were confused and asked the waiter about the check. His answer stunned me. He told us that the guy who kept coming up to us had paid our tab.

The server told us that it was already done and that the guy would do this all the time. Our bill was $1,500. My uncle sought the guy out and gave him a big hug. The guy just said, "You have such a beautiful family. Pay it forward sometime." He had even tipped the waiter some crazy amount from the look the waiter gave us. So, I learned always to be nice. You never know who is a millionaire.


29. Chilly Comeback

I was sharing a dorm in college with two of my best friends from high school. I love them like brothers, but we could be jerks to one another. Unfortunately, Chris crossed a line and unleashed the fury within me when he popped the washroom lock then snapped a polaroid picture of me while I was using the john one night. He then tossed the picture out the window of our 13th-floor form for anybody to find.

In the days that followed, I’d learned to pop the lock on our shower door and also set about getting several pitchers of water to nearly freezing temperatures, just cold enough that ice started to form on the surface. I bided my time. I was gonna get him back, and it was gonna be glorious. Eventually, Chris went to take one of his weekly "spa showers" where he would crank the hot water on full and just sit under it for an hour.

I waited for him to hit the hottest temperature then rallied the rest of my dormmates, handed out pitchers of ice water, quietly popped the lock, and opened the door to the shower. In hindsight, we probably could have caused serious harm by dumping ice water on him when he was as hot as he was, but at the time, hearing him scream like a little girl and fall in the shower was well worth it.

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30. A Totally Car-mic Experience

When I was 16, I lived out of my car because I couldn't get an apartment since no one would rent to a 16-year-old. It was an old beater, and I had to push start it everywhere. I had just pulled into Walmart to buy some decent clothes, and there was a purse in the basket of the cart next to mine. When opened it, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Inside the wallet was a thousand dollars in cash, several credit cards, and an ID. I soo wanted to spend it, and I was going to. So, I grabbed the cash and put the purse back in the cart. Except when I was paying for my clothes, I just couldn't bring myself to pay with the money I had taken. So, I paid with mine and went back to my car. The purse was still there, so I put the money back in and looked at the address.

It was right down the road, but it took me about an hour to find. When I finally got there, I parked in the street. The lady was standing in her garage next to her nice new car, in a fancy neighborhood, on the phone, canceling her credit cards. I walked up and asked if she had lost her purse. I was pretty rough-looking, and I could tell she was a bit nervous.

So I handed it to her and told her I had to open it to find her address. She didn't say anything, and I got in my car and left. I was disappointed because it seemed she didn't appreciate it. I went on to where I worked, and where I would stay in my car. The next day before my shift, I woke up went to McDonald's to get breakfast.

I got to work. Then I noticed something strange. I saw the same lady leaving. I thought, "That wasn't her, just coincidence." When I went inside, the parts for my car were there, $100, and a note saying thanks. I was confused. I couldn’t figure out how she knew what parts I needed or even where I worked. But it was actually so simple.

A few days before, I had gone over what I needed for my car, along with the number to the parts store, and wrote it down on the back of a pay stub.  When I got out by her house, this paper came out of my car. After I left, she picked it up. When she realized all her money was in her purse, she went down and picked up the parts and dropped them off for me.

It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done. I got about $300 worth of parts and $100 cash. The good feeling I had for weeks was worth way more than the money I would have made if I had kept it all.


31. Room For One

Once, a high school girl was driving behind me, honking and flashing her lights in an apparent protest of my slow speed. As soon as the road became two lanes, she stepped on it to pass me all the while flipping me off. 30 seconds later, I saw that her car was pulled over. An officer stopped her in an active school zone. She saw me as I slowed down to pass her, and I blew her a kiss.

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32. Calling For Back Up

I was driving in my hometown after dropping my girlfriend at home. I stopped behind a truck at a stop sign. There was a dirt road leading to a trailer park right before the stop sign, and it seemed to me like he’d missed that turn. This is where it all went wrong. Rather than turn around, he reversed into me, which made his hitch go through my bumper.

He then decided that he was going to take off. Usually, people write down the person’s license plate, but that night, that wasn’t me. Instead, I decided to chase him down. My car was in better condition than his beat-up truck, so I was close on him during our 7-minute chase. That was when an officer saw us. But this wasn’t just any officer, it was Officer Bird.

Bird was one of my leaders at cadets who became a good friend. I thought he was the coolest officer I’d ever met. And before I moved, he used his sirens to pull me over sometimes just to scare me, then have a chat. Well, we were driving over twice the speed limit and were very hard not to notice. Plus Officer Bird had recognized my car. But then the best thing happened.

He pulled next to me, made eye contact, and nodded. So, I eased off my gas to let him in my lane and he pulled over the truck. After detaining the driver, I told Bird what had happened. The driver admitted to it and was taken in.

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33. Hat’s Off

I was out with my girlfriend at a late-night movie when I spotted another older couple walking. The guy had a long coat, cane, sunglasses at night, and a bowler-type hat. The wind was blowing hard. All of a sudden, I watched this guy's hat fly off his head and into the street. He didn't seem to mind and just kept on walking. I began chasing the hat just for fun and to be helpful.

I brought the hat back to the guy and he said, "Thanks, brother," to which I replied, "No problem, man. I just like chasing stuff." He went in for a handshake, and I felt something in his hand. I wasn’t sure if he had just handed me a business card or something. I walked away with my girlfriend. Once we got in our car, I turned to her and said, "That guy just gave me this." I unfolded a crisp $100 bill. It was the easiest $100 I ever made.


34. Give Me A Brake

During rush hour, the average speed in the middle lane is 75-80 MPH. Anyone driving under 80 avoided the left lane as trucks liked to ride their tails. That morning, I was in the left going 70 with heavy traffic and all lanes moving at the same speed. I looked in my rear view and saw a two-seater car coming at me fast. I knew just what to do to mess with him. 

I took my foot off the gas to just coast, which made the guy even more frustrated. He switched to the middle lane, cutting someone off, then he cut me off to get in front of me. I had a feeling that he was going to slam his brakes in vengeance so braced myself by stepping on the brakes. He was now almost in my lane at an angle.

That was when he decided to stomp on his brakes. His car skidded across all three lanes, and somehow no one hit him. When he went off the right shoulder, I watched his car roll in my rearview mirror. I got off at the next turn to see a trooper already there with the guy sitting next to his wrecked car.

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35. I Exceeded My Tipping Point

I was working at a bar. As I was on my way in one Thursday night, I saw a guy standing by the road with a sign that said something like, "Far from home, no place to sleep, and hungry.” I waved him over and gave him $5, the only cash I had, and told him to take care of himself. I usually took home about $5 in tips on Thursdays and $10 on a good day.

That day, three separate people won big on the slot machines, and each gave me $20 tips.  I ended up taking home about $75 in tips.


36. Ordered Up

I was working at a pizza place with a worthless, useless, good-for-nothing manager. We did not get along with each other well. He was a jerk and probably didn't like me because everyone else loved me. Well, his biggest peeve was when we left pizza boxes opened on the cutting table before the pizza came out of the oven.

Instead, he wanted us to wait until the pizza was finished, taken out, cut, and then put into the box, which took much longer. One busy night, it was me, another co-worker, and the delivery driver. We were going crazy keeping up with all of the orders happening at once. We had to answer phones while we made the pizzas. The jerk manager sat in the office for the whole rush.

There was a one-way mirror with a full view of the pizza-cutting area. So, to get his attention, I started pulling down and opening boxes on the cutting table. I wanted him to come out running and yelling so the owner would hopefully notice. It worked like a charm. He came out shouting about how I wasn’t doing my job right and whatever else made him mad.

Already frustrated and busy, I started yelling back at him. The owner came out from the back and brought us to his office. I explained how the manager hadn’t been helping and I’d worked there long enough to know what I was doing. The owner looked at the manager and told him that if I quit, he was fired. But that wasn't the best part.

Then he asked me when I was turning 18. I asked him why, and he told me that was when he wanted to promote me to assistant manager. The jerk manager switched stores shortly after.

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37. Sweet Release

I lived in a former frat house mansion turned boarding house. So, the kitchen, bathrooms, and entertainment rooms are shared between 20 people. Everyone in the house knew who was eating everyone else's food, but we couldn't prove it. So, we baked brownies with a chocolate laxative after work one Friday and left a note. After putting it in the fridge, we left for the weekend.

On Sunday night, we found a third of our brownies eaten and no toilet paper in sight. Everyone thought it was hilarious. Everyone but the person eating all our food. He left a passive-aggressive note that said he was sick of people taking other people’s food too.

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38. It Takes Two

I was driving on the highway in the fast lane beside an officer doing the "unofficial" higher speed limit and matching him. The car on the other side of his car was doing the same, so traffic was steady behind us as everyone usually drives the same speed around that section of highway. Suddenly, some junky car appeared.

He rode my tail for a little while before merging in the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane and accelerating. Only cars with more than one person can enter this lane at certain points, and we weren’t passing an entrance. And he was alone. I looked to the officer who smiled, nodded, and flipped his lights to go after the jerk. Serves him right.

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39. This Was The Tops

I used to deliver pizzas. One day, I was taking redelivery for an order that was wrong the first time. I was going to the worst hotel in our delivery area. The redelivery was a single, one-topping medium pizza. I pulled up, and a guy said he needed some cash for a tow truck. He gave me the typical sob story. Usually, I wouldn’t give in to those things, but for some reason, this guy’s story seemed plausible.

I cut him off and asked him how much cash he needed. He told me seven dollars, so I gave it to him. He ran back to the gas station, and I didn't see him again. I went to deliver my pizza. I ran up the stairs to the hotel room, gave them their replacement pizza, apologized for the first mistake, and left. As I was walking away, the guy came out and said, "Oh wait, we forgot to give you a tip."

Any tip on redelivery is a win, so I hustled back to the room. The guy handed me a $50 bill and told me to have a good night.


40. Karma Sealed This Deal

At one point in my life, I sold furniture and was terrible at it. Since I worked solely on commission, I barely made any money.  Often, I had nothing left after paying rent and bills and wouldn’t eat for days because I couldn't afford to. One day, I was trying to sell furniture and sold nothing, so I had made $0. An old couple came in and was looking at TV stands.

All the other sales reps avoided them. We all knew that they would take up a bunch of time and end up buying something for around $100.00, so the commission was going to be $2.00. There would be no add-ons because no one in their right mind would purchase a $29.99 extended warranty on a $100.00 item. But I came up with a plan.

I figured I had nothing to lose if I helped them, and perhaps my luck would turn around. They ended up buying two stands but couldn’t put them together themselves because they were old.  There was a service I could have referred them to for a fee, but I was desperate and didn't want to lose the sale, especially after having spent around 45 minutes with them.

So, I told them, "I'm off at 9:00 pm. If you come to pick me up, I'll come set up the stands for you for free.” They took the offer, paid for the furniture, and left. The other sales reps laughed at me. The old couple picked me up promptly at 9:00 pm. I loaded the boxes into their trunk. As we drove to their house, I found out that he was a retired judge and she had always been a housewife.

We got into their beautiful condo, and I began assembling the furniture. I could smell food cooking and tried to ignore it, but I hadn't eaten in about three days at that point, so it was hard. I worked for almost three hours straight. I then moved the finished product into position and moved their TVs for them. It was close to midnight, and I was trying to excuse myself from their home politely.

The old lady grabbed me and took me to the kitchen. She sat me down and pulled out a plate of freshly made roast beef. That was better than any money. I was so grateful. I held back tears as I ate the delicious home-cooked meal. It was now after 12:30 am. I thanked them again for all that they had done for me. But it wasn't even over yet. 

I was about to leave to find my way home by bus, but the old man stopped me and offered me a ride home. The lady packaged up the rest of the roast beef and told me to keep the Tupperware. They both came for the ride, and I couldn't stop thanking them for helping me. As the car stopped and I got out, I thanked them one more time. Then the lady handed me an envelope.

I didn't open it, just thanked them. I happily went up to my apartment, knowing that I would sleep with a full stomach that night and that I would get to eat for the next few days. I was feeling great. I opened the envelope and burst into tears. There was a thank you card with $100 inside. After that, for the rest of the time that I sold furniture, I always ran to help the people nobody else wanted to.

I changed my focus from getting a big sale every day to getting all of the small ones nobody cared about, and it got me through until I got a better-paying job.


41. Driving Out The Problem

My girlfriend and I live in a dry county and have to drive across the state line whenever we want to buy any drinks. While there, this guy was just trashed and making a scene because he couldn’t get any service. By then, I was on my way back to the car. As I was driving out, the wasted guy got in his car and started following me close.

On the main road, I switched lanes so he could pass me. He began tailgating the car in the other lane. After crossing the state line, we passed a trooper who did nothing even though the guy was a foot away from the other car’s bumper. But a minute later, I saw headlights coming from behind me fast. It was the trooper.

He was following the smashed guy, who was trying to play it cool despite swerving the whole time. The trooper took the next exit, leaving me disappointed and annoyed. Suddenly, I looked up to see a set of headlights again coming at me fast. It was the trooper, who drove up to the guy’s car, leaving three feet between them.

He turned on his lights, and both pulled into a parking lot. The next morning, I saw that the trooper had charged him for drinking and driving.

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42. The Universe Paid Us Back

I was at Walmart, and the lady in front of me was buying a bag of dry beans and some baby food. She didn't have enough money in her food stamps account. I said, “Let me buy that for you.” I was a little annoyed at the cashier because when I said that, the cashier remarked, "You don't have to do that. She gets more money tomorrow. She can come back then and buy it."

I didn’t care if she could go back the next day. She was obviously buying food for her family, and they may need it that night. The next day, my wife got a job offer that would give her a significant raise over what she was currently making, solving our own financial problems. The two events may not be related, but it was close enough for me to think that something else was at work there.

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43. We Curried A Favor With Karma

One night, my sister, my now-ex, my friend, and I decided to go for some curry. Since it was late, we called up the curry house to make sure they were ok with us coming down. The owner answered and said it would be no problem. As soon as we got there, we were greeted by the owner and were seated. However, it quickly became pretty obvious that the guy serving us didn’t want to be there.

We brushed it off. It went from bad to worse. He then started throwing our plates down and was being obnoxious, so we had a quiet word with the owner. Well, he proceeded to be even ruder, but we couldn’t do much. We left the restaurant and shrugged the whole thing off. As we were driving back home, though, I saw the server driving behind me, right on my tail.

He must have seen me get into my car and decided to follow me. He pulled up beside me when I was stopped at some traffic lights. He was swearing and showing me a rather impressive display of hand gestures. We ignored it, but I admit he was starting to aggravate me. The lights changed green, and he sped off like a lunatic, trying to run me off the road and swerving all over.

Sadly, he failed to notice the cruiser that had pulled up behind me at the lights, so on went the lights and the sirens. They pulled him over and booked him right then and there. We glided off into the distance, barely able to contain the euphoria from the instant karma. I never saw him at the curry house again. I assume he got fired!


44. Dance It Out

We had a dance unit in my seventh-grade gym class. The teachers decided that it was a good idea for everyone to do Tae-Bo. My middle school ran like Mean Girls—Many people held grudges for things that had occurred in the previous year. Old elementary school football rivalries were present. The nerdy kids loathed the jocks.

The popular girls were often angry because of rumors that were going around at the time. The girls in smaller cliques secretly envied each other. The lowest members of the middle school social caste system had it out for the bullies. It was chaos just waiting to explode—and it did 200 of us were crowded into the gym.

On a massive screen, Billy Banks' Tae-Bo DVD was playing. At first, the Tae-Bo exercise was relatively civil, but there were those kids who were just being jerks; kneeing people in the back, punching shoulders, etc. Attitudes then shifted. You could feel the heat of the victims' anger and the testosterone levels skyrocketing.

Suddenly, a few of the unpopular kids realized that gym class was requiring them to hit and kick. Their tormenters were getting away with using Tae-Bo as an excuse to be jerks, and they figured they shouldn't be the only ones to play that game. Perhaps, this time, they could evade the no-tolerance policy and get away with dishing out some vengeance.

Without warning, the entire gym erupted into a flurry of fists and flying feet. Girls who had been the verbal punching bag of their cliques started pulling hair and swiping at faces. Kids who had been bullied day after day started dishing out black eyes like it was nobody's business. The sudden attacks literally spread like wildfire.

The kids at the top of the social hierarchy were taken completely by surprise as the tables had turned and some even bolted for the doors. The gym teachers tried to stop the epic battle, but there were only six of them. Eventually, school security showed up to break up the fight. No one was formally punished that day, as you couldn't exactly punish 200 kids.

Injuries ranged from bruises to broken teeth. Essentially, the middle school version of a peasant rebellion occurred, and the nobility got their butts kicked. Unfortunately, the issues were not cleared up in a single battle. Alliances only strengthened and the neutral took sides, which led up to the great Twitter conflict which has, as far as I know, remained unresolved.

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45. Playing It Off

I was driving behind a slow-moving car in the left lane that seemed to be speeding up to pass a semi-truck that was traveling in the right lane. But this car kept speeding up to where they could pass and then slowed down to the back of the truck. This happened until the truck driver came upon a car driving even slower than him.

The truck turned on its signal to turn left. The annoying car was still playing their game and didn’t notice. Well, the driver gave them as much time as he could and then merged into their lane. This almost forced the annoying car off the road.

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46. Stick In The Mud

When I was about eight years old, my family visited some friends one day after church. They lived on a farm, so one of their kids and I went out to look at the cows. I was dressed in my Sunday best, so I was careful not to get all muddy. The other kid noticed and grabbed a stick that was lying on the ground that had some muck on the end of it.

He started chasing me around, threatening to wipe it all over me. He finally cornered me against some fencing and was about to throw the stick at me when I saw their huge golden retriever sprinting towards him from behind. At the last second, he raised the stick above his head, and the dog, trying to get it, leaped in and full-on tackled him. He landed face-first in a mud patch, and I ran away.


47. Look At This Photograph

My co-worker and I took on a new guy in our office and trained him. He’d only been with us for two months and got approved for vacation while my co-worker and I hadn’t had one in over a year. We’d been there for several years and felt a bit bitter. He already knew about it when he booked his vacation and did it anyway. He couldn't be alone to do the job and needed us there.

Our vacation now has been pushed back even further due to him taking time off rather than continuing his training. We then sought vengeance and told the office that he’d rented an RV to follow Nickelback on tour. We even posted pictures of the band in his cubicle. We photoshopped him into a picture with the band as if he met them at a fan event.

When he came back, he’d taken the pictures and everything well. But when he received customer solutions call with the client asking when what tour he followed, he started getting irritated. But it wasn't over yet. He forwarded a file that he thought was a file. In reality, we’d changed the label and printed the lyrics to one of Nickelback’s songs. He’d forwarded it to the boss…

I can’t wait until he finds all the other pictures we hid throughout his cubicle.

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48. Dog Day Afternoon

One day while I was driving down the highway, I saw this HUGE poster about a lost dog. About 20 miles down the road, the little dog from the poster ran out in front of my car. Luckily, I was able to stop in enough time. I picked it up and took it back to the owner's house. They were so happy, and I was so happy for them. When I went to get back into my car, it stalled and wouldn't start.

It was an old car, and the engine was done. It turned out that their daughter had just graduated college and was looking to sell her car. In return for their dog, they gave me the car for free.


49. Clean Game

We had a teacher in grade school that was germophobic. We didn't really like her, so I came up with a plan. She was always taking things away from us if we played with them in class. I found a bouncy ball and rubbed it in the bottom of the urinal. I brought it to class, wrapped in a piece of paper, and played with it on my desk. Just as I’d thought, she came over and took the ball.

I almost broke into laughter but held it in. Knowing that she also read all the notes people passed in class, I wrote a note and blatantly passed it to someone in front of her. She picked it up and read, “the ball you just took was in the urinal.” She left the room.

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50. Coming For You

I’d just gotten my driver’s license and was cruising around, going nowhere in particular. A lady backed into the road at an angle then stopped. I swerved around her fast and hopped the curb while flipping her off. She then chased me for five blocks. At every stop sign I hit, she was right there next to me in the other lane. It was like a nightmare.

I could hear her yelling all sorts of curse words through her windows, my windows, and the radio. Finally, I stopped at an intersection that took forever. I worriedly look back to see her car behind me. Then I noticed something terrifying. She wasn't in it. All three of her passengers looked like they were in shock. Suddenly, she's beating on my window.

I rolled it down an inch and told her to leave me alone. She went off about working for the sheriff's department and that I needed to stay put until officers arrived. I was fine with that course of action since I didn't see how I was getting in any trouble. So, I asked her if she really wants her boss to come out here.

Because I was going to explain to him how she pulled out in front of me, crossed the yellow line to chase me in the wrong lane, got out of a running vehicle, and banged on my windows. She saw that I had a credible witness in the car and the many others who stopped to watch while they were walking by. Without a word, she went back to her car.

But I had to get the last word because I was a 16-year-old boy. I don't really remember what I said, but it upset her. Her rage reached a whole new level. She came right back to my car as fast as she could and started to kick and punch it. Not a second before she started hitting my car does a sheriff's cruiser come around the corner.

He was just minding his own business until he saw her and turned on his red and blues for her. It just so happened that he worked with the lady and didn’t like her at all. She was always trying to get people taken in even though all she did was file paperwork in the basement. He cuffed her as I explained what happened.

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51. Karma Shut Me Down

I used to work as tech support for a college campus. There were classrooms with motion sensors connected to the lights. So if there was no one in the room, the lights would shut down. A professor came into our office and told us the classroom didn't have working lights. I instantly knew what had happened. The light switch was on, but the motion sensor turned them off.

When she flipped the switch, she turned the lights off instead of on. I bought a soda on the way to the classroom and hit the lights. They turned on. I went to the room where she was temporarily teaching her class and told her, "The lights are on in the room." She asked me how I turned them on, to which I smugly replied, "I just flipped the switch."

Her entire class started laughing. I paid for my rudeness instantly. Feeling full of myself, I turned around and opened the soda I got from the vending machine. It burst and sprayed my face and shirt with Dr. Pepper.


52. It Was A Christmas Miracle

When my brother and I were kids, there was a Christmas when our family didn't have enough money to buy us presents, food, or decorations. Some distant relatives sent my brother and me $50 each. We gave the money to our parents so that they could buy a tree and Christmas dinner. We had accepted that we wouldn't get presents, and that was fine.

We went outside to play in the snow. While rolling the base to a snowman, I noticed something sticking out of the snowball and plucked it out. It was a $100 bill. We went to the neighbor and asked if she had lost it. She told us that indeed she had. She commended us on being noble and returning the money, then allowed us to keep it. She also handed me a Christmas card for my parents. In the card was another $100, so we could get presents that year.


53. Way Of Things

The car in the left lane turned on its signal to merge. I slowed down to let him in, but traffic stopped at a light. So, now this car was taking up both lanes. A motorcyclist came to pass the car. He turned his head to yell at the driver, but did not notice the other stopped cars. He rode into a bumper then landed on a windshield.

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54. That’s The Ticket!

One day, I was about to get on a bus. The guy in front of me wasn't moving onto the bus, and I quickly realized he was frantically searching for his wallet. After a few moments had passed, I finally piped up and offered him two bus tickets. He clearly had a problem accepting charity, but he took the tickets and thanked me profusely.

He promised me that I would see the tickets again. About six months later, I was about to get off the bus at the opposite side of the city when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned around, and the person who tapped me asked if I remembered him. I thought about it for a second, hoping that he wasn't some friend of my dad's that I had met and forgotten about.

Once he saw that I clearly did not remember him, he told me that I had given him bus tickets a while back, and he was repaying me. He gave me two bus tickets and promptly got off the bus. Those two tickets are still in a hidden pocket of my wallet. I'm saving them for the next time I see someone who has forgotten their wallet and needs them.


55. Slipped Up

On some freshly snow-covered roads, I was behind an old lady driving in the left lane. She was signaling to switch into the right lane. The driver beside me saw her signal light and so sped up. It's a big woman in a truck. The old lady still changed lanes, making the lady hit her brakes, so then the bigger woman decided to ride her tail. Well, I wasn't standing for that.

I accelerated to drive at the same speed as the old lady to make the other driver even angrier, now at both of us on the road. So, she kept swerving from lane to lane, waiting for me to pass. As she did, she hit a patch of snow in the left lane. Her truck hit the median and turned sideways quite suddenly and flipped over.

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56. My Car Ran On Kismet

I had just finished grocery shopping. I loaded the bags in my car, got in, and turned the key—nothing. For whatever reason, my car wouldn’t start. I sat there for another 20 minutes, checking the wires on my battery, making sure everything was properly in place. I had just changed the battery the month prior, so it couldn't have been that.

I called my girl to pick me up. She said it was going to be about another 20 minutes. I saw an elderly lady pushing a cart to her car. This cart had four times more bags than mine did. I knew it was going to be a struggle for her. I went over and offered her help. She accepted. I helped her load the groceries into her car and went back to give my vehicle another try. Surprisingly, it started. My first thought was, “This car must run on karma.”


57. Gnarly, Dude

I'm from San Diego, and during the summer you have to claim the bonfire pits on the beach really early in the morning if you want it for that night. So, my friends and I got to the beach at 8:00 am and stayed there so we could get a bonfire going into the night. Just before sundown, this one couple asked if they could share it with us.

Since our group wasn't too big, we said yes. However, that couple proceeded to bring a group of like 15 others and they literally surrounded the pit and pushed us out. We were furious, but we were so tired from being at the beach all day that we decided to head out. Little did we know, they were going to get what was coming to them.

See, it turns out that that night had an extreme high tide warning. Just as we moved all of our stuff, a huge wave came in and washed out their whole group. The wave flipped over their table of food, took a handful of sandals into the ocean, and destroyed all their stuff. Karma's a witch, you bunch of no-good liars.

Karma's a Witch FactsPxfuel

58. Eyes Up Here

I was driving down a five-lane road going just above the speed limit. Being a major road, officers patrolled it quite often. At this point, a guy in an SUV started to tailgate me. All I could see of his car from my mirror was the roof. I still held my speed and watched him become more upset. I could not slow down because he was so close.

There were plenty of opportunities for him to pass me in the other lane that he refused to take. He whipped into the side lane and pulled up next to me. He stared, swore at me, and slammed on his gas pedal hard. If he hadn’t been staring at me but at the road, he would’ve noticed the parked delivery truck in front of him. Yep, he crashed.

I burst into laughter but pulled over to see if he was okay. His car was tucked under the truck with its hood peeled back and a mangled front clip. The truck driver saw everything, as did the drivers behind me who then came to my rescue. The officers didn’t even buy his story, which was all lies. They let me go after I told them what happened.

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59. A Close Shave

My girlfriend (now fiancée) and I moved into an apartment together. Things were going great until a buddy of hers needed a place to stay as he was going through a divorce with his wife. I had never met "Saul" before but we got along fine. I worked at a PC repair shop that had a LAN Center in it that we'd have LAN parties at all the time, and apparently he had seen me there.

So, we talk about gaming, beer, etc. He tells me he's looking for work as he was working at his father-in-law’s shop and got canned because of the divorce. No problem, just help out around the house and pay us rent when you can. Two months later nothing, and this was before the economic downturn. There were companies hiring right and left, besides Taco Bell and McDonald's.

Somehow, he scrapes together $200 bucks. He immediately goes out and blows it on finishing up a demonic sleeve tattoo. Fantastic, that's gonna help him getting a job. He uses the kitchen and leaves dirty dishes everywhere. We are washing his clothes and he's using my toiletries...which is where sweet karma comes in.

I inform him at the end of month three that we were sorry, but he needed to either pay the back-rent owed and have a job by the end of the week or he would have to leave. Astonishingly, he asked, "How can you kick me out after all I've done for you?" I was so flabbergasted. Like really dude, what have you actually done except mooch off our generosity?

"Fine! Screw you! I'll get my junk out of your apartment by the end of the day" he finally says. I go to work, come back home, and my significant other tells me that Saul was furious and had packed his stuff. I hear him in the bathroom. He's finally showering after about four weeks of taking a break from hygiene, and I hear my electric razor.

He comes out clean shaven, flips me off, grabs his stuff, and splits. As soon as the door shuts, I'm in tears from laughter. My SO is ticked since she feels like she lost a friend over the deal. I then inform her that he'll get over it. She then goes in to see the wreck he left in the bathroom and sees the razor on the sink. "Saul shaved didn't he?" "Yup." "Isn't that the...?" "Shaver I use to trim 'down there'? Yep."

Both of us are in freaking tears by this point. We find out later he moved to Arkansas, where he was promptly detained for assault. Served time, released, and immediately got hung up on another charge, but was released due to lack of evidence. Saw him the other day, kicking a scraggly beard. I wanted to offer him that shaver.

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60. This Good Deed Suited Me Well

I was in line at Wendy's when a gentleman realized he had misplaced his wallet. He ran to and from his car, very flustered. He jumped on the phone with his wife to have her look for it and drive to Wendy's. While he wasn't paying attention, I had stepped in front of him and paid the $8 for his food. We were both obviously on our lunch breaks, so I felt bad.

The guy insisted that I don’t buy his meal, but I told him it was too late. I patted him on the shoulder and said, “Pay it forward,” with a smile. He approached my table and told me that was one of the nicest things he had ever witnessed. He then told me to come across the street to his tailor shop after work. He gave me a custom $800 suit.


61.  The Universe Took Them For A Ride

When I was about 20, I was standing at a bus stop waiting for the bus. The street I was on had a little bit of construction going on, and there were some orange barricades set up down the middle of the road. They were made of metal and had a yellow flashing light on top. As I was standing there, I saw a Porsche convertible coming down the street with three guys about my age inside.

As they got closer, I could see them looking at me and talking to each other. The car began to slow down. I knew at this point I was in trouble. I knew that they were going to do something stupid. Sure enough, as they passed, they all turned in my direction and, on cue, yelled something rude at me as they passed. Unfortunately for the driver, karma was quick.

As he turned his head to yell at me, he swerved his car to the left, hitting several of the metal pylons and tearing up the driver's side of what I could only assume was his father’s car. Correction: His father's very, very nice car. Needless to say, the idiot sped off from me in a great hurry. I spent the rest of my day in a surprisingly great mood!


62. Bonus Level Achieved

In high school, this kid was always mean to one of my good friends. He’d go out of his way to bother her. So, I made a fake social account and added him. He took the bait, and I acted interested in him and down to sleep with him when we chatted. I even bought a disposable cell phone to have long conversations with him. While we flirted, he got a girlfriend.

She was in the group that had been mean to my friend. We continued flirting because this kid was a jerk. I had just been planning on wrecking his emotions and making him feel bad, but something much better happened. He was with his girlfriend one day and called me in the bathroom. She overheard him talking to me and calling me "boo" and "baby girl.”

She got very upset but immediately left to go home. She had his password for his socials and signed into his account. She read through all of his messages and saw what he had been saying to this fake girl. There was quite the spectacle the next day. They had a massive screaming match, and no girls would date him for the rest of the school year. Nobody knew I did it, but my friend was so very happy about it.

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63. Small Fury

I was in first grade, and we were in an assembly. I had to pee so I asked the teacher nearest us if I could go. She promptly told me to sit down and wait. Ten minutes later, I asked to go again, and she told me to be quiet. So, I sat back down. I still had to go and was just about to flood the room. I needed relief soon. I went to the teacher and told her that I was going to the washroom right then.

She said, “Fine, if your little baby bladder can't hold it, go.” It was a low blow because I’ve been short all my life, and my classmates called me a “baby” or “shrimp” often. Upset and about to burst, I went straight to her classroom door. And I unleashed myself all over her carpet. It was summer, so the heat made the smell even worse.

My mom also taught at my school, so I found out years later that all the teachers knew that it was me who’d done it. Mom was so angry at the teacher for making me wait after I asked three times that I never got in trouble.

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64. A Good Start To The New Year

I was walking home with my friend after a pretty tame New Year's Eve party. My friend and I hit a fork in the road where our houses were in different directions, so we said our goodbyes and I carried on for the 10-minute walk home. A minute later, I turned a corner onto an empty street, and as soon as I did, two young guys wearing all black raced around the corner behind me.

They slowed down a few feet behind me and started following me, so I crossed the street and began to walk fast. I turned around 15 seconds later, and it seemed as if I had put a good bit of distance between us, so I thought I was in the clear. I kept walking for another 20 seconds and heard a weird noise. I turned around just in time to see a fist coming towards my face.

I dodged it. The first dude put his dukes up and screamed at me unintelligibly, and the other started creeping at me from the other side, trying to back me into a corner. I decided to run. I dashed off right between them, and they started chasing me down the street. One was yelling to the other, "You better catch him!" We came to a main road.

Two cars were coming in opposite directions, perfectly timed for me to run between them and leave the muggers on the other side of the street. I kept running for another three solid minutes at a panicked pace and got a block away from my home. I tried to make sure they didn't follow me to my house. There was no sign of them. As I was leaning over to catch my breath, I looked down. On the pavement sat two £20 notes folded up. It was unbelievable.


65. Jim Wasn’t So Dandy

When I was 18,  a group of friends and I spent a long weekend at my buddy’s place in the Adirondacks. We split our time between his grandparents' house, which was up on a hill, where we had our meals and where we showered, and a cabin right on the lake where we did our drinking. There were eight of us in all, but Tom and Jim were the most memorable.

Tom was relatively new to our circle of friends, somewhat awkward, but generally a nice guy. Jim was the opposite. He was immature, hotheaded, self-conscious, and selfish. The only reason he was there was that he had been friends with my buddy since birth. Jim was constantly belittling Tom to assert his dominance in an otherwise non-existent hierarchy.

One Saturday, after lunch, someone suggested beer pong in the cabin. We were all in. Impatient as always, Jim went railing down the hill to the cabin ahead of us, screaming, “I GOT FIRST GAME! I GOT FIRST GAME!” The rest of us followed casually behind. When he reached the bottom of the hill, he took a bounding step onto the front bumper of Tom’s green little Ford.

We suddenly heard an extremely unsettling crunch. He had driven his foot through the car’s windshield. Then, his forward momentum propelled him to take a fourth and final step, ripping his leg back out through the windshield. He collapsed onto the roof, screaming in pain. The image of leg hair trapped in the spider web of shattered glass and the gash on Jim’s leg will forever be instant karma for me.


66. Age Matters

I was 19 and driving through a five-exit intersection in my residential neighborhood. Traffic wasn’t very busy, so I was driving in the lane where I had the right-of-way and all other vehicles had to yield. A compact car was approaching the intersection. I tried reassuring myself by remembering that I had right of way. In an instant, it nearly turned deadly.

The car wasn’t slowing down, so I had to slam on my brakes. The other car braked the middle of the intersection. The woman came out the driver’s side and started shouting at me about how I was a dumb teen and needed to learn how to drive or else I’d cause an accident. I opened the door and stuck my head out.

I called her a grandma and told her that if she kept driving like a blind old lady ignoring the yield signs, she was the one who was going to cause an accident. I got back in my car, backed up, and drove around her while she stood there astonished.

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67. Getting Handsy

I worked in a factory where my boss was a jerk. And he was untouchable since his uncle owned the company. He always came down to the floor while we were on break to check our work and used my gloves to do it. This was particularly irritating because the company made us buy our own gloves, and I bought really nice ones.

As it was the middle of summer, I thought it was gross having his sweaty hands in my gloves and asked him to stop. He just shrugged me off. By the third time, I got a completely twisted idea. I put a poison ivy leaf in an old pair of gloves and pounded away with a hammer. I put it in a plastic bag hidden in my lunchbox for the next day.

Sure enough, I came back from lunch, and he had used them. A couple of hours later, he walked over to my machine and had red bumps all over his hands that he was itching like crazy. He told me to show him my hands. So, I did and compared mine to his. Playing dumb, I asked if he used my gloves because I’d gotten a rash. The rash was from my “trip to the club” after tipping a girl.

Without another word, he left and went to the doctor. I hope he told him that exact story.

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68. Follow Me

Where I live, we have many ramps and interchanges between freeways. I was in the merging lane to another freeway. There was a truck in front of my sedan, which was driving behind an SUV. Once we hit the ramp, the SUV slowed down to a literal crawl. The truck honked at it. I was also impatient, but I thought it was an old lady who did not know how to drive.

After what felt like an eternity, we got to the end of the ramp, and the SUV floored it. That's when I realized they were doing it on purpose to make us mad. It worked. My little sedan tried to keep up with them but was left behind. Still, I did end up catching up to them: The SUV was in the middle of the five-lane freeway with a mangled trunk, and the truck was parked on the shoulder with its front end smashed.

I had been fantasizing doing the same to the SUV and was glad to see someone else do it for me.

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69.  Karmic Cupid

When I was in university, I dated this girl for about a month, and things were not going well. She was gorgeous. However, she was also a moron. So, I was hedging my bets. One day she came to my place after a night of partying and asked to go to a movie. I said, "Sure," and away we went. While walking to the cinema, we started having another enormous argument, and I decided to end it right then and there—so I did. I instantly regretted it. 

She would not accept it and kept fighting with me until she finally walked away in tears. Immediately afterward, I called my best friend and asked if he wanted to get some drinks because of the unfortunate day I had just had. When I hung up, I saw the date—it was Valentine's day. I hadn’t even realized it. I sighed and started walking to my friend’s place, feeling like a fool. Then I got hit by a bus. It wasn’t serious, but it hurt.


70. I Got The Stamp Of Approval

When I was in college, I used to volunteer at homeless shelters and soup kitchens. After volunteering for some time, I got to know many of the guests that came in. So, one day my girlfriend and I were getting frozen yogurt downtown when a homeless woman that I had gotten to know walked in. She was timid and usually kept to herself, so I kept my distance but acknowledged her by saying hi and asking how she was.

She seemed happy to see me, and we had a small chat. At the end of it, I offered to buy her frozen yogurt. I knew she had the means to buy it, but I thought if I could save her some money, she could spend it on something else another day. She respectfully declined. I then went to pay for my girlfriend's yogurt and asked the cashier if I could pay for the homeless woman’s as well without her knowing.

Since you would pay by weight, I just told the cashier to double the weight of my girlfriend’s food since that should have been a good estimate of how much the homeless woman would get. The cashier gave me the biggest smile. I paid for both, and she asked me if I had a stamp card. I did not. The cashier then took out a stamp card and stamped it ten times right then, which gave me 16 ounces of frozen yogurt for free. She handed me the card, thanked me for what I did, and told me to have a great day.


71. Too Fast To See

Early one morning, I was driving to work along a straight section of road near the airport. Looking in my rear view mirror, I noticed a set of headlights coming up fast and weaving in and out. My first impulse was to slow down and give him room to pass me easily, and the one-ton pickup in front of me had the same idea.

A few seconds later, the speeding car roared past us and swerved while trying to get in front of the truck in the right lane. But he moved to the left lane to try and pass, not noticing the tractor trailer coming over the hill ahead. The speedy car tried to switch again but lost control and veered into a telephone pole.

I watched it happen then turned my hazard lights on like every other car around me. I pulled over and was getting out, only to see that the two drivers behind me were pointing and laughing. Looking over, the speedster car’s door was open with no passenger in the seat, and there was a nice head-shaped bulge in the windshield. Then it went from dangerous to bizarre.

I noticed the guy in only his boxers running at full speed down the road. A driver watching with me was a track coach with a stopwatch and told me that he was going fast for someone who’d just been in an accident. The guy ran to someone’s porch, veered into a field, ran a bit more, and stopped to catch his breath.

The man inside his house came out, armed, to see what was happening. The guy walked slowly back to us. We were wondering what substance he was on. Another driver on her way to work as a dispatcher had called for medics and officers to come. But he wasn't done yet. The guy ran through the field and crossed the street, paying no mind to traffic.

As he approached me, my first instinct was to lock my car doors, and it seemed like everyone else did the same. It was a good thing that we did because the guy tried opening all of our passenger side doors. We were telling him that he needed to sit down because he had been in a major accident. He shouted he needed a ride.

Volunteer paramedics arrived, which made the guy freak out more and run again to the next field. I'll never forget the next moment. He hopped the fence and tried to hide behind all of the sheep. We were all watching him dumbfounded as he was on his hands and knees “hiding.” The sheep were also not having any of his nonsense and kept moving around.

He swore at the sheep for not cooperating. The paramedics eventually talked the guy down and got him to come back to the road. Troopers started taking our statements and were just waiting for the medics to check the guy out before taking him in.

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72. Following Officer

I was driving home 10 miles away from work from the city to the suburbs. I was at a red light about to get onto the highway and looked down to change songs on my phone. That was when I noticed an officer in the other lane was behind me and had seen me look down at my device. I knew I was in trouble then, but I had no idea how much.

When the light turned green, I turned onto the highway. As I had expected, he followed me. I thought he was going to pull me over, but he didn’t. Instead, he got right behind me as I drove exactly at the speed limit while he rode my bumper. We’d made eye contact several times, so I knew he was onto something, but I wasn’t sure of his plans.

I got off the highway at my exit. The officer still rode my tail. I pulled up to a light with a right-turn-only lane, which he entered. When he was next to me, he gave me a stern look. I stared straight ahead, pretending not to notice. The light turned green, and he turned right then immediately moved to turn left into the gas station across the street.

I turned to my friend beside me and told her I thought he was finally going to pull me over. As we went through the intersection, he was doing his left turn...when suddenly a car crashed into the side of his car. He’d been so focused on keeping his eyes on me that he cut the woman off without enough time for her to stop.

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73. My Fate Was Fixed

I was driving through my neighborhood and saw a man running in his pajamas with a gas can in his hand.  So, I stopped and asked if he wanted a ride to wherever his car was stalled. He climbed in my car and explained that his kid needed to be at school, his wife needed a ride to work, and unfortunately, someone had taken all the gas out of their car the night before.

He also told me that my right tail light was out and that he owned a car shop. Later that day, I took my car into his shop, and he fixed the tail light and other minor problems for free.


74. If You Wish It, It Will Come

My girlfriend said she was feeling very sick and asked me to go to her place. I was a poor college student and had just enough money to get to her place, but not enough for the bus fare to get to my finals the next day. Still, she said she needed me, so I went, thinking I could ask her parents for a loan. The next morning, I was already at the bus stop when I remembered I had no money.

There was no time to go back. I just stood there for a minute thinking. Then a bill large enough to pay my fares for the month slapped against my leg. There was no one else around as far as the eye could see. Even though I was an atheist, I had to look upwards that day—just to check.


75. Words Of Wisdom

My old manager was a monster. He belittled people, made the work environment hostile, and denied anything that would make his workers happy while giving himself every comfort. He even denied me my request to take a half-day so I could go to my mother’s funeral. He said, "Would it be a big deal if you couldn't go?" It was horrible, but eventually, he got what was coming to him in the best way.

One day, he wrote up a fictitious counseling statement about one of my co-workers and the entire office revolted. The manager wasn't fired as we wanted, but he was “relieved” from his duties. A new manager came shortly after to fill in his position—he was very well regarded, a former 20-year Air Force veteran, and an overall humble guy who actually knew how to handle people. We had our first awkward team meeting, with the old manager bitterly in attendance.

As the new manager was giving his introductory speech, he saw the old manager glaring around the table, still trying to intimidate people. He stops talking, paused for a few seconds, then said, "You know, when I was in the Air Force, I learned that if you take care of your people, they'll take care of you." He then stared directly at the old manager and said, "And if you don't take care of your people, they'll take care of you."

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76. Asking Too Much

At my last job, I had a new senior manager hired to run my division and our sister division. After working with him for six months, I had reached my breaking point. He would call at 5:01 to see if I was still there; he would email me at 1:00 a.m. (I had a company Blackberry) asking for amendments to his morning meeting’s presentations regarding my division.

He would ask my receptionist to take notes regarding the goings-on in my office, even though just three of us shared an office and he was down the hall. He was the worst boss I've ever worked for, but the job market was tight and this paid the bills. The final straw came, though, when I returned from a week off. He approached me and asked why I was quitting.

I hadn't submitted notice, nor notified anyone I was leaving. I told him I wasn't and that he'd be the first to know if I did. He called me a liar and walked away. I sent him an email that afternoon tendering my resignation with three weeks’ notice. In my exit interview, I told the HR team EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, about the junk he pulled. Four weeks later he was fired, along with my receptionist.

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77. Cold Distance

I was driving the country route back home after work one night during December. It had been snowing all day with six inches of fresh snow covering everything, including the roads. I was travelling slowly on this tiny snow-covered road. Then this giant, lifted truck came behind me and began riding so close to my bumper.

My small car couldn’t have gone faster even if I’d tried. There were times when I could not see his headlights in my side mirrors, he got so close to me. The whole time he was honking and throwing a fit, but he never passed me. I finally had enough with him and slowed down even more. The truck revved up to try and pass me.

When he did, he went right into the ditch. I stopped my car and got out to tell him that the roads were slippery. He swore at me, and I got in my car and went home.

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78. Karma Got Her Rocks Off

My wife had taken my kids, who were six and three at the time, to visit my parents. While romping outside, our six-year-old started picking up rocks and throwing them. For obvious reasons, my wife told her not to. However, my mother proceeded to tell her it was OK. She also told her that she should throw them at the geese. She got proven so wrong soon enough.

Although angry that my mother had usurped her parental authority, my wife didn’t say anything in the interest of keeping the peace. A few short minutes later, my daughter, for no apparent reason whatsoever, whipped a rock at my dad, hitting him in the temple. Finally, he and my mother both got to witness why my wife told our child not to throw rocks in the first place.


79. It Was Blind Luck

I had to meet a friend in town. I could have walked it, but was feeling lazy, so I waited for a bus. I was sitting, listening to music when some older women walked up to me. They asked if I could look after this other woman who was blind until the bus came. I said sure and introduced myself to the woman, and we talked a little while we waited for the bus.

We ended up waiting for ages. I called my friend to cancel since I was with the lady and I couldn’t leave. An hour later, the bus finally showed up. She was meeting a friend in the shopping mall, outside of a McDonald's. So, I walked with her to McDonald's to make sure she met her friend safely. All went well, and she thanked me for being kind.

I told her it was no problem and it was nice meeting her. Afterward, I was hungry and wanted to pick something up for dinner. So, I went to the supermarket and grabbed some cheap lasagne. I went to pay at the self-checkout, and as I put my lasagne in the bag, I saw someone had left a sushi platter. I loved sushi but never got to eat it because I couldn’t afford it.

There was no one looking for it, so I picked it up and put it in my bag. I went and sat by the river and enjoyed my fabulous sushi platter.


80. Emergency Efforts

I was driving along one day on a very busy road in my hometown. At this major intersection, a firetruck coming from my right had its lights and siren going. So, I did what everyone is supposed to do and stopped my car. I was stunned at what happened. See, nobody else did. I was sitting still in the center lane while everyone else was still driving.

The firetruck was trying to cross to get through, horn blaring, sirens screaming, and no one seemed to care. The person who stopped behind me honked at me, sped around me, and flipped me off. She had not seen that the firetruck had made its way through the intersection, and she slammed right into it. I got out to check on her.

She’d hurt her head badly and was bleeding a lot. But when the firefighters pulled her out of her car, she was yelling at them for running the red light.

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81. Sharing Is Caring

I'm from San Diego and during the summer, you have to claim bonfire pits on the beach really early in the morning if you want one for the night. My friends and I got to the beach at 8 am and stayed there so we could get a bonfire going into the night. Just before sundown, this one couple asked if they could share the bonfire with us.

Since our group wasn't too big, we let them join us. However, that couple proceeded to bring a group of like 15 others and they literally surrounded the pit, pushing us out. We were angry, but we were so tired from being at the beach all day that we just decided to head out. Little did we know what was coming next. 

That night, there was a high tide warning, and when we moved all of our stuff over the wall that divided the beach walk from the beach, a huge wave came in and washed out that whole group. The wave flipped over their table of food, took a handful of sandals back into the ocean, and destroyed all their stuff.

The best part was this one girl was trying to jump the wall to save herself but she didn’t jump high enough and ended up falling right back into the waters. Karma's a witch.

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82. I Fought The Law

I was working at a mental health facility for the elderly as a nurse. I worked there for over a year with a perfect work record. At some point, my co-worker found out I have PTSD and decided to tell my boss. After that, the two of them hung out a lot together, plotting to have me committed. One day, they launched their attack. During one of my shifts, my boss called me into her office to congratulate me on my one year of service. When we were in her office alone, she started grilling me about my mental health and how it played out at home. That's when things made a turn for the worse. 

The next thing I knew, she forced me to go to the psych emergency ward because I have PTSD. The entire meeting was designed to trigger me enough to behave poorly. Somehow, they wanted to rationalize the next step, which was to cart me off to emergency and have them lock me away in a padded room.

They didn’t though. The hospital said I was fine; just stressed out about being forced to go to the hospital like a crazy person for no reason other than admitting I had PTSD. After the hospital let me go, my boss put me on extended medical leave without telling me and ignored all my calls for two weeks. She then wrote letters lying about me to her bosses and the HR dept.

I filed a union grievance and a complaint with a third-party whistleblower company. My boss lied about me to everyone. She said I told her I was standing in front of mirrors with knives, wanting to cut flesh. They believed her, so they shut down my complaints. I took it to the human rights tribunal.

Well, I won. It took three long years and it was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it was well worth it. My boss’s health declined considerably by the time the trial happened. She lost her job, she had to move, and there is a public record about what she did that will forever remain. The co-worker who helped my boss is also on the permanent record at the company.

She will never be comfortable at that job site again, and what she did is known to all. I got the highest amount awarded for damages. I created a precedent for other persons with PTSD with a clean work history who do a good job on the clock but have very real struggles with symptoms at home. No karma could possibly taste better than $40k and a clear reputation.

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83. I Was Finally In The Clear

It was early in the morning and I was driving home from a New Year's Eve party. It was dark out. The road was icy and extremely foggy. The streets were twisty and narrow, and the likelihood of deer crossing the road was high, so I was driving very slowly with my fog lights and hazards on. About halfway home, some person peeled out of a side street and started tailgating me.

They were flashing their high beams, honking their horn, apparently in hopes that I would speed up or pull over. Given the road conditions and poor visibility, I declined to do either. I figured that when the road widened in a couple of miles, I would pull to the side and let the person pass. Otherwise, they could take their chances and pass me on the left. I made an awful miscalculation.

For four very tense miles, instead of passing, this dirtbag tailed me, weaving back and forth, shouting out the window. The fog was swirling around, my car was slipping on black ice, and I was worried that a deer would come bounding across the road at any moment. Just as the road widened into two lanes, and before I could pull over, the driver decided they had enough.

They screeched out from around me, narrowly missing my car, while the passengers hung out the windows shouting and throwing bottles and cans at me. When the last can bounced off the hood of my car, I pulled over and wished I could destroy their car with the power of my mind. Fortunately, karma was on the job! A state trooper, who'd been lurking in the darkness, pulled out and sped off after them.

By the time I crept by them, he had all four of them face down on the ground with their hands behind their backs.


84. Only Fools Rush In

I was in the middle lane of a three-lane divided highway. The lane to my left was ending, forcing people to merge into the middle lane. Coming up on where the left lane was about to end, some woman was trying to speed up to get in front of me in her Tahoe. Mind you, there was a ton of free lane space behind me, but apparently, she had somewhere important to be.

So I checked the lane to my right and saw a car coming up. I wasn’t going to cut him off, so I let off the gas and coasted a little to see if this woman was really committed to getting in front of me. She was. She cut in front of me and gave me a quick wave as if that should excuse her. At the same time, I was watching my right-side view mirror for the car that was coming up.

Sure enough, the car in front of her wasn't going as fast as she needed, and she just cut over to the right lane as the car I was watching passed me. I hit my brakes hard because I knew what was going to happen. The car to my right passed by me as this lady cut over to its lane. She ended up taking the front end of that car against her right rear passenger door, pushing her vehicle sideways. I smiled and waved as I went by.


85. Methods Of A Monster

In sixth grade, I was shy. This loud semi-popular kid always, for whatever reason, took my mechanical pencils, removed the erasers, and then ate them all the while laughing like a crazy person. I never understood it. I think she thought it was cute. My meek protestations made no difference—she just laughed even more. I was running out of pencils with erasers. It enraged me.

Without fail, if I had a new pencil, the eraser was gone right after I entered that class. So, I asked my mom for an eraser pen over Christmas break. After I got it, I dropped it in the toilet, peed on it, used tongs to take it out, then put it in a plastic bag. When I saw her after the break, I greeted her and handed her the bag as a “Christmas” present.

Exactly as I’d expected, she took it out and started chewing on it laughing. I just smiled quietly and got back to my work.

Revenge Stories factsFlickr, Se Ik Jo

86. No Take Backs

My parents are friends with this couple whose son is mean, but when they’d come over, we were expected to play nicely together. Luckily for me, this wasn't that often because he was horrible, but being three years younger and a girl made it worse. I remember once when I was six years old, we were playing in the garden. He grabbed me by my ankles and held me upside down over the garden waste pile behind our fence telling me there were spiders in my hair.

I’ve never been one for screaming and crying but that was terrible. He was always a jerk, but I never told on him. It’s partly because I was scared and I didn't want to be the victim. One evening, he and his parents were over, and we were getting on well enough for once, playing Pokemon Red upstairs in my room on our respective GameBoys.

Not content with being equals, he started boasting about how good his team was compared to mine, had better Pokemon than me, and beat the Elite 4 hundreds of times. But that wasn’t all. He had a Mew. He spun a tale about how he got it from his friend who went to Japan to visit an old man who was the only person in the world who could get you a Mew officially.

Truth or not, he did indeed have a Mew. He told me he got it when his friend did a difficult trading cheat to duplicate it. Eventually, I managed to convince him to do the cheat with me. We went over and over the rules. The trade began, and when it’s nearly complete, he switched his off, and I awaited the trade to finish. Then it happened—a stroke of genius.

I switched mine off, and when we restarted, I had his Mew, and he had a Caterpie. He looked at the GameBoy and then looked at me. I thought he might hit me. Suddenly, the gravity of the situation hit him, and then he launched himself out of my room, screaming, crying, and rolling around in the hall. Our parents rushed upstairs to see what was going on.

"She did it wrong," he cried. "She took my Mew!" Naturally, none of them understood Pokemon, so when they looked at me with my lip quivering and tears in my eyes, the conclusion was obvious. “Oh, stop crying,” they said, “she's just a wee girl. I'm sure she didn't mean it!” Still crying, the brat screamed at them to make me do the trade again but got in more trouble.

Everyone comforted me, especially my new Mew and that sweet taste of victory.

Revenge Stories factsWikimedia Commons

87. I Was Awash With Good Mojo

I was in Bed Bath & Beyond, about to check out my items, when I noticed a pregnant woman with about 10 full bags struggling to open the door. I put all of my items to the side. I told the next person in line to go ahead of me and rushed to help the pregnant woman with the door. Afterward, I helped carry her bags to her car.

Once they were all loaded into her trunk, she turned, thanked me, and handed me an envelope, saying she hoped to repay me for my deed. After I got home from buying my items, I opened the envelope. Its contents were incredible. Inside were two tickets to a sold-out concert that I had been itching to see.


88. Surfs Up

When I was about six years old, my cousin and I were standing knee-deep in the surf. A giant wave came and wiped her off her feet and washed her into the beach. I turned and started laughing while pointing, drawing attention to what had just happened. When her disheveled head surfaced, I said, "Hahahaha! You got dumped b—," and that's when an even bigger wave took me out. I deserved it.


89. My Deed Scored A Major Goal

I was working at a concession stand. Early in my shift, a guy came in and asked if we sold empty cups. His wife was a kindergarten teacher, and her class was in the area for a picnic, but she had forgotten cups for the drinks. We weren't really supposed to, but I sold him 60 cups at the employee rate of 10 cents each. He thanked me, gave me $8, and ran out.

Three hours later, I was on my break when the cook ran to our break room. He told me that a Hall of Fame quarterback had walked into the concession stand. I was a huge fan of the player, so I went inside to help get his order ready. As I gave him his food, a guy next to him pointed to me and said, "Hey, that's the guy who sold us the cups!"

It turned out that the quarterback's daughter was in the class. When he paid his bill and got his change, he handed me $20 as a tip for helping out earlier.


90. Cold Distance

I was driving the country route back home after work one night during December. It had been snowing all day with six inches of fresh snow covering everything, including the roads. I was traveling slowly on this tiny snow-covered road. Then this giant, lifted truck came behind me and began riding so close to my bumper.

My small car couldn’t have gone faster even if I’d tried. There were times when I could not see his headlights in my side mirrors, he got so close to me. The whole time he was honking and throwing a fit, but he never passed me. I finally had enough with him and slowed down even more. The truck revved up to try and pass me.

When he did, he went right into the ditch. I stopped my car and got out to tell him that the roads were slippery. He swore at me, and I got in my car and went home.

Insta-Karma factsUnsplash

91. In The Zone

I was driving on a two-lane road. There was a double yellow line, and I was approaching a flashing school zone. I slowed from 45 to 25 at precisely the right moment. The car behind me didn't seem to care about the speed restriction and proceeded to tailgate me, flashing her lights, honking her horn, and yelling as she passed me.

She floored it, ignoring everything about the situation, including the oncoming traffic. She zoomed in front of me and was almost out of sight when the blue lights of a cruiser turned on from a hidden spot just on the other side of the school zone. She immediately hit the brakes and pulled over. By the time I got to where they were, I had the passenger window down and was laughing loud enough that they both heard me. She glared at me, and I blew the officer a kiss as he tipped his hat to me.


92. Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

I worked on a charter fishing boat. I did everything from cut bait, clean fish, upkeep, and maintenance on the boat. However, since we worked for tips, a large amount of our day was spent getting to know the customers who paid to come out and fish. The more you connected with them, the more obligated they felt to tip generously after the trip.

One morning a man came aboard, and after the usual jargon, he revealed himself to be a local preacher hoping to catch enough fish for a fish fry his congregation planned to hold. We promptly told the other customers, most of which agreed to give him whatever fish they didn't want to keep. We had a good catch of croaker that day and sent him home with well over several hundred pounds of fish.

When it came time to collect tips, he offered the other mate and me a $20 bill. We told him to put it in the offering plate for us next Sunday. Teary-eyed, he expressed his gratitude and said that our generosity would be returned ten-fold. That afternoon a man and his son chartered the entire boat for themselves. Hours later, after an effortless and relatively fun trip, he tipped us $200 apiece.


93. Justice Is Served

I was in daycare as a child. At the time, I had very long hair that my dad always put into a ponytail. There was a girl there who would pull on my ponytail all the time. We were playing musical chairs at the end of one day while waiting for our parents to pick us up. The girl was behind me and kept yanking my ponytail, even though I kept telling her to stop.

The teacher apparently "didn't see anything," so she did nothing about it. There were a bunch of parents waiting for us to finish our game, my mom included. The girl kept doing it and the teacher kept not seeing it, so I knew what I had to do. I turned around and punched the girl as hard as I could. She stumbled into the "cubbies" where we kept our coats.

The teacher tried to chastise me, and my mom was like "Nope. I didn't see anything.” I didn't even get in trouble.

Instant KarmaShutterstock

94. Until The Very End

I was the lead of a group of cars on the highway during light traffic going about. A black car came upon us and started swerving in and out, trying to get ahead. He made it to my rear bumper. I looked in my rear view to assess my challenger. This young guy was driving his girlfriend’s car, and she was right next to him. There was a pink bow hanging from the rear view mirror.

I gave him enough space to pass me, but this made him angrier. I knew the game was on, and I was ready. He switched lanes to drive behind me and ride my bumper even closer. I played around with the gas pedal, accelerating then slowing down. It enraged him. He then switched lanes to get in front of me. I stepped on my gas to stay ahead of him.

The girl looked like she was telling him to stop. Not wanting to upset her, I braked and let him speed off. Thinking that was the end of that, I was surprised when I heard a “pop!” He was a car’s length ahead with a grey cloud above him. Sparks followed, and the tires fell off. Each burst as they did. I turned my hazards on in the middle of the two lanes for him to pull over safely.

I was waiting for him to lose control at any time and wanted to prevent as much damage as possible. I couldn't believe my eyes. He didn’t stop or even slow down. He went at the same speed, ripping off whatever rubber was left on his rims. I could only assume he got off at the next exit going over 80 MPH to save his pride. I still wonder why he’d do that.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

95. Flexing, not Flexible

A friend of a friend joined our group as we were going to a college football game. He spent the night aggressively hitting on our super-hot friend whose husband wasn't around. She was obviously uncomfortable about it, so I pulled him aside and told him she was married. His response was, "So? A ring doesn't plug a hole!"

In the parking lot, he was goofing off and showed off his athleticism by sprinting across the darkened pavement. The separators in the parking lot were those waist-high poles with chains connecting them. Almost invisible in the dark. This guy ran into the chain full-speed. It hit him just below the waist, and it wasn't a minor injury. He could barely walk for a week and had a concussion.

Mistaken Identity FactsShutterstock

96. Catch Me If You Can

Late one night, I was driving home from campus on an empty dark road and had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting an animal. I thought it was a cat at first, but as I was swerving out of the way, I realized it was just a possum. It was an adrenaline pumping moment, so I was focused on keeping my cool and slowing down.

I had to pay more attention to my speed and surroundings. Then I saw headlights in my mirror and looked back to the road. When I looked at my mirror again, the headlights were right behind me. The car had been flying down the road and had to slow down as he could not pass me because of the oncoming traffic. He was mad.

He flashed his lights at me then switched to the other lane. The other drivers had to slam on their brakes to avoid him. That was when I got ma. I knew just how to make his night worse. So, I got behind him just so my high beams hit the mirror in his eyes. I was unsure if I had any effect on him, but then we got to a light.

I slowed down and turned off my high beams, thinking he got the point. Except he stopped in the middle of the road, and I could see in his mirror he was upset and yelling. Hoping the other cars’ lights covered me, I smiled as his displeasure pleased me. A gas station was ahead, and the guy raced to it and pulled in.

This huge man twice my size got out of his car. He was flailing his arms at me and saying to get out of my car. I tried keeping my cool even though I was terrified and watched to see if he’d got anything to hit me with. The light was about to change, so he got back into his car. He expected me to go straight and prepared to turn right.

The light changed, and I made a sharp left. He was sitting at a red light, and I thought it was finally over. Nope, it wasn't close to finished. I watched this guy floor it through the red light and pass traffic to follow me. So, I picked up my speed thinking I could lose him. It was like I was standing still, though, because of how fast he was coming up on me.

I didn't know what to do. My phone was in my hand, and I was ready to call for officers, but I just slammed on my brakes. The guy thought I was bluffing, but when he realized that I wasn’t, he had to swerve his overpriced sports car off the road. That was when I took the chance to accelerate as fast as my car could go. Then I saw flashing blue and red lights.

An officer had been behind him at the red light and followed him as the guy drove 80 in a 45 zone. He got him after watching him swerve off the road.

Lawyers Screwed factsShutterstock

97. Taco Belles

I was fresh out of infantry training. It was my first weekend out on the town with my friend. We had it all—dog tags, moto marine corps shirts, the works. We were sitting on the beach one fine Saturday when a very hot woman with two of her friends approached us. Being the naive guys we were, we thought she was honestly just interested in our company. It took so much trouble to find out the truth.

My friend and I started talking her up to try and see which one of us she was interested in so the other could wing, if necessary. As we walked down the beach in the direction she recommended, we came across a humble taco shack. The girl said we should get tacos. Conveniently, no one in her group had any money, so my friend and I suggested we continue walking.

They declined, insisting that we find an ATM to buy them tacos. After we said it wasn't happening, they said, "Oh, we thought you guys were gonna buy us tacos.” My friend, realizing we were being used, said, "Heck no, we thought you were going to buy us some tacos." With a look of disgust, they promptly excused themselves from our company.

As we started to walk away, the owner of the taco stand caught up with us and said, "Thank you guys so much for not buying that trash any tacos—have some free ones on me." She gave us three delicious homemade tacos each, and we ate them as we walked past the women who were trying to lure their next victim into buying them tacos. The looks on their faces were priceless.


98. A Coke And A Smile

I worked at a pizza joint during college. We sold some beverages out of a fountain machine and others in a can. One day, this lady in a business suit came in acting a little frantic. She wanted soda in a can but wasn't happy with our selection. She got pretty nasty when I told her we only sold Coca-Cola out of the fountain.

She left the store mad and went across the street to a little hot dog stand to see about buying her drink there. They had it in a can, but apparently at a price she did not want to pay. So, she came storming back to my pizza joint and snottily said, “The Coke across the street was too expensive, so I have to settle for your fountain soda.” She wanted six of them.

She got even angrier when I offered her a choice of 12 or 32-ounce cups and even more aggravated when I told her we didn’t have carrying trays. However, I offered to get her a box to carry them all. She was just flat-out unhappy that she had to deal with this. To make things worse, we had a faulty batch of soda cups that day. About every tenth cup had a pinhole in it.

I did not know that, as I had just started shift when this woman first came in. Wouldn't you know it, but this woman in her business suit got one of the defective cups and soda sprayed ALL OVER the front of her suit. I was sure she thought we did it on purpose. I apologized offered her a wet rag and a replacement cup. But when she finally walked out the door, my boss and I had the biggest laugh!


99. How The Wind Blows

It was a particularly windy day. I was in the parking lot at a grocery store with my dad. As we exited the building, we saw a shopping cart being pushed along by the wind at walking speed. The cart passed right in front of this woman who just watched it go by, despite it going slow enough that she could have easily caught it.

My dad turned to me and said, "Why didn't she just grab it?" We continued to watch this cart gain speed. After a few seconds, a burst of wind came through, and the cart rocketed across the parking lot directly towards this one van. We could hear it smash into this van over the howling wind and saw the huge dent in the driver's side door from over 75 feet away.

We then noticed that the woman from earlier who watched the cart go by her was walking in the same direction as the van. With each step, my dad and I could barely contain our excitement. When she got to about 15 feet away from the car, we saw her hands rise into the air. At that point, we just lost our composure and laughed until we got home.


100. Take That Spritz

In grade seven, we had a class right after football practice. We were always in a hurry to get there and didn't have time to put our things in our lockers. So, we left our bags at the side of our big classroom. Well, Sonny always used my cologne while I was somewhere else in the classroom. It doesn’t sound like a big deal. But I had told him to stop before, so now he was doing it just to bother me.

Well, I had the great idea to put my cologne in a new container and pee in the old bottle. I will never forget watching this jerk spray my pee all over himself or the look on his face when he realized that he had doused himself in human urine.

Peter Dinklage factsPixabay

101. Spitting Image

When I was a teenager, I was waiting to merge onto the freeway in light traffic. The woman next to me pulled right up to the bumper in front of her to block me out. I accepted her challenge. I slowly but surely inched my way up to her car and ended up merging in front of her. She. Was. Furious. So, she switched lanes. Now beside me, she started screaming at me with her window up.

My window was down. I giggled, smiled, and flipped her off. That was when she really lost it. She slammed on her wheel screaming and prepared to spit at me. When she did, her window was still closed. 

Bad Guy factsShutterstock

102. On The Brink Of Embarrassment

One day the armored transport company came into my work to drop off cash for us. One of the guards was the rudest guy we had ever met. He came in demanding, "I need your manager now," and "When are you going to take care of me?" So, the manager took the cash, finished the transaction, and the guy walked out. A few moments later,  he came back in asking to use the phone. His partner had gotten out of the truck and locked the keys inside. We were all busting a gut. It was well deserved.


103. Karma Stepped In

There was a kid at school who I always disliked. I was walking down the stairs after my last class had ended after a bad day. This kid proceeded to follow me down the stairs and be a total pain for no reason, saying, “I hate you.” Not even five seconds later, this moron fell down the entire staircase and landed right into a group of girls. His face reached a new level of red I didn’t think was possible.


104. The Universe Made Its Point

One day, a coworker who slightly outranked me was joking around and busting my chops. She was giving me a hard time, saying I was dumb and that they paid me too much. She went to sit down and somehow got her right hand stuck awkwardly underneath her. The maneuver broke her pointer finger. Through the tears, she looked at me and said, "Guess I deserved that," and chuckled a little.


105. In My Way

I was driving to clean my trunk out and in the right-hand lane of a three-lane road. I was going along my way when a heinous woman in a minivan made a U-turn from the oncoming lane. But rather than choosing one of the empty lanes to merge, she merged all the way across and cut right in front of me, and I had to swerve.

I went over a curb to avoid her. I held my hand on my horn but got over it quickly. Still, karma came for her. Seconds later, I was behind her at a stoplight when this officer stopped beside me. She motioned for me to roll down my window. I did, and she asked if the van really pulled right in front of me. I confirmed that was what she had seen.

So, she asked to get in front of me to pull the woman over. With the biggest, cheesiest smile, I happily obliged. As the light turned green, she got in front of me and turned her lights on.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock


106. That’s Nacho Order

I was at Taco Bell and had ordered nachos bell grande—and so did the man immediately behind me in line. We waited together for our food to get done, and when they called my number, he grabbed my food. He looked at me and said, “You ordered the same thing as me, but I'm in a hurry, so you can just take mine when it's ready.”

This guy didn't care two bits what I had going on. He was in a suit and tie, and I was in my construction clothes. He took one step toward the door and slipped, spilling his drink and my nachos all over his shirt and jacket. At that exact moment, they called his number. I picked up his nachos, thanked him, and walked out the door.



107. Sir, I’m Afraid You Are Mistaken!

At our local Red Lobster, someone once grabbed the "manager" to tell him that his shrimp was cold and that he wanted a free beer as compensation. He even went as far as to exclaim that he could get better fish by fishing. This "manager" was actually just my dad, who was there to pick me up from work, but apparently looked like an authority figure since he had a tie on.

My dad replied, "That's cocktail shrimp, you moron!"

Customers Asked To Speak To A Manager factsShutterstock

108. Typical Karen

When I was a server I would always record my tables' orders. Even though my memory is good, my handwriting is bad so I didn’t want to take the risk of getting something wrong. My manager said it was ok and he even put a sign up stating that some of the staff may record your order for accuracy purposes. Seems normal, right?

At the beginning, I ask each person for their name before I take any drinks or food orders. One of the people at the table orders a steak well done, which is gross but whatever. Food comes and she said her steak was not medium rare like she wanted and I apologized and told her that she did order it well done. Here we go...

This sparked a big rant, lots of cussing, a call for the manager, etc. Again, I apologize and say let’s go to the tape. The look on her face when I played back the recording of “And Karen how would you like your steak?” was priceless. She tried to play off that it wasn’t her but nobody else ordered a steak at her table. Her friends just laughed at her.

Acts Of Kindness FactsShutterstock

109. A Matter Of Size

While I was driving home from work one day, I saw two half-ton trucks driving two feet from a poor old man’s bumper. I drove next to them and flipped both of them off, then told them to pick on someone else. I had no idea what I was in for. In response, one of the guys roared past me while screaming and cursing at me and got a half a mile in front of me.

That was when the second truck with a trailer got behind me. I, also driving a truck, looked in my mirror and couldn’t see the truck’s grill because he was that close. I was watching both as we came up to an intersection at a red light. I’d driven the route countless times and knew the light was just about to change.

As the truck in front of me braked, I continued at full speed with the other truck still on my bumper then quickly switched lanes. He had no chance. Going fast, he went right into the back of his buddy’s truck, and the trailer on the truck flipped. That made the tank spray gunk everywhere. The highway was shut down for two hours.

Insta-Karma factsShutterstock

110. Present And Accounted For

My ex stood before the judge during my painful divorce and pointed out a charge on my credit card bill for a strip joint. I got the judge’s attention while she was talking—and I knew exactly how to get back at her. We were representing ourselves, so I told him that she was already aware of what the charge was. She was there and even got a lap dance that night.

There were quite a few chuckles from the peanut gallery, and the judge had this quiet hidden little grin that vanished quickly. It felt awesome to say because I'd been screwed over so much from the divorce. It was bad.

Petty divorcePexels

111. Money Can’t Buy You Class

I've been a TA for a couple courses at my university, which is fairly competitive and the students are generally all top notch. Once in a blue moon, though, someone slips by the admission process. My worst experience was as a TA for a lower division math course. She was a freshman student, and spoiled doesn't begin to cut it.

Her family was clearly loaded, and I suspect she went to some insanely expensive private school that wrote her application for her. This girl would be in designer clothes and on her phone or laptop the entire time in lecture. Obviously everyone does this sometimes, but this girl was clearly just chatting with her friends and shopping for clothes all the time.

When she failed to turn in the first four problem sets, I sent her a quick email to let her know that homework contributed to a significant portion of her grade. I also said I'd still accept them. I never got a response. So she gets a blatant F on her first midterm. Like, it’s not an F that could be rounded up to anything significant.

She was at a point where she should've just dropped out and try again next semester. I sent another email saying this. This time I got a response, with her stating she could make the grade back next midterm. Alright, I think, suit yourself.  So I continue through the rest of the semester. She's still failing...until something absolutely ridiculous happens.

At the last meeting of my discussion section, SHE SHOWS UP! Not just that, but with her parents. Oh my god, it gets better. She stays after the session to introduce me to her parents, and then hands me a stack of papers and informs me that it's all the homework for the semester. Meanwhile her parents are sitting there all proud of their little girl.

I take the stack graciously and, in my most professional voice, let her know that I'd be happy to take a look at it, but she won't get any credit. Her parents' faces completely fall. Her father starts to insult me. So I show them everything: The abysmal attendance record, the 0% homework score, the low, low, low midterm scores.

Now she's starting to tear up and the parents are seriously fuming. Not wanting to put myself in the middle of the rest of the storm, I mumble that I have a class to get to and sprint out of there...but not before I hear the student getting chewed up so loudly that people actually poked their heads out of classrooms. She never showed up for the final.

That Kid In School FactsShutterstock

112. Room Service

For a full year, my college roommate secretly slept with my boyfriend while I was at class. I routinely took more than a full course load and was in math and science classes or study groups every morning. One day, I walked in to see a horrifying sight. They were just fully in the act after I came back early from a cancelled class.

I moved out. I was more angry at her than heartbroken. I also lost most of my friends through the breakup, and they stuck together for a good while. Fast forward five years later. Those two throw a crazy expensive engagement party at the guy's parents' beach house, which was attended by some still-mutual friends who told me everything.

At the party, she caught him sleeping with one of the waitresses from the catering company in a bathroom. They still got married. I feel a little bad for her despite the karma balance. She feels like she can't do better than being with a cheater.

Delayed karmaUnsplash

113. Don’t Stop Believing

My dad is out of state on business driving through some no-name town when he goes through an intersection. Suddenly, a cop pulls him over and tickets him—stating that he ran a stop sign. My dad insisted that there was not any stop sign, but the cop did not listen. Furious, he went back to the intersection and saw that there was indeed a stop sign hidden behind a tree and twisted in the wrong direction!

Even more angry, he went into a convenience store and bought a disposable camera. The clerk laughed because he saw what happened and knew what was up. Luckily, my dad had to be back there in a few weeks for work. The cop assumed that someone with out of state plates would just pay the ticket, and was shocked when my dad turned up in court, calmly presented his evidence to the judge, and strolled out in five minutes scot-free.

Lawyers Share “I Rest My Case” FactsWikimedia Commons

114. Ain’t Gonna Happen, Bud

I'm an ICU nurse, the last two nights I've been taking care of a large strong man going through withdrawals. It involves four-point restraints. This morning I was trying to put elbow pads on him and he swung at me, but of course, the restraints prevented this. He was furious as I just stood there and slow blinked at him.

No Power Here factsPxhere

115. Cheaters Never Prosper

I knew my ex-wife was cheating but didn’t tell her that I knew. Took her out for a dinner date and I casually asked questions about who she had been spending time with while I was at sea, she barely worked so she had to spend her time doing something. She failed to mention the guy that had been staying at my house for nearly two months, the guy she had to call the cops on just to get to leave because I was coming home in two days...soooo I slid her a copy of the police report that was filed for the incident and watched as she crumbled over the fact she had been caught, and I didn’t have to say a word.

Caught Lying facts Mantelligence

116. What A Beautiful Sight

Over the course of six months, through countless phone calls to different union offices and the department of labor, I eventually got my boss fired for changing people's time-keeping information to steal overtime from them. During those months I was treated like dirt by this guy, but I never actually did anything wrong so I couldn't be punished.

At one point, management—against contract rules—denied my time off request to be at my best friend’s wedding and my boss brought me into his office and threatened to fire me. At this point, I had called the northeast district business associate on him, and I will never forget the look on my boss’s face when he realized I knew he couldn't do anything to me.

No Power Here factsPxhere

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