March 10, 2020 | Alexa Terpanjian

41 Scandalous Facts About The Kardashians

Who can claim that they’ve never been entertained by the antics of this kooky family that has it all—scandals, cheating, money, marriage, divorce, love, lies and just plain kraziness! Love to hate them or hate to love them, worship them or want to forget they ever existed, they are without a doubt everywhere and we doubt that they’ll be leaving the spotlight anytime soon. Here are 41 scandalous facts about the Kardashians!

Kardashians Facts

41. Guaranteed She Pays Someone To Do This!

Kim doesn’t like the chill she gets from putting on cold jewelry. Her solution? Blow-dry each piece before she puts it on her body

Kardashians factsballinnn

40. Mother Daughter Heart To Heart

Kourtney klaims—sorry, claims—that the best piece of advice she ever got from her mom Kris Jenner is to “always wear matching bra and underwear.”

Kardashians factsmogaz news en

39. For Their Eyes Only

In keeping with family tradition, Khloe recently confessed she and Lamar made their own sexy scandalous tape. The only difference? She keeps hers locked and in a safe, away from the world to see.

Kardashians factsintouchweekly

38. You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

After multiple friends and family kept saying how “crazy” and “entertaining” the family is, Kris Jenner who pitched the idea for a reality show. It took nothing more than discussing the idea with longtime friend and producer Ryan Seacrest and sending a camera crew to a Kardashian barbecue. The footage was “golden”—the show magically made itself!

Kardashians factsMarie Claire


37. Are Shiny Vajayjays In?

Kourtney has a favorite homemade remedy—not that any member of this family needs to make anything homemade, so this one clearly has gotta be good. It involves slathering her vagina with mayonnaise to “make it shiny like the top of the Chrysler building.”

Kardashians factsHome Hacks

36. Color Coordinated Cooking

Kris Jenner is passionate about cooking and released a cookbook in 2014 stating that a fabulous meal is in “all the visual details.” To expand on this, when she cooks an Italian meal, she’ll “grab my red Hermes china to go with the red sauce.” Oh, why haven’t I tried that? Now I remember why—my dishes are from Ikea and cost $1 per piece.

Kardashians factspopsugar

35. Girls Just Monkeying Around

After all her kids moved out, Kris was sad and said she was suffering from empty nest syndrome. To help mom feel better, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe decided to rent her a chimpanzee named Suzy for her to take care of for a week.

Kardashians factsEntertainism

34. Family Ties

Kris Jenner and the late Robert Kardashian, who was more than a decade older than Kris, had Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian together. After they divorced, Kris got together with Bruce (now Caitlin) Jenner and had Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Kardashians factstchekesa

33. Little Brother Isn’t Into The Drama

Rob is the lesser-known of the Kardashians, but a Kardashian nonetheless! He is the youngest, and has gone through bouts of depression, struggled with weight and as a result, has gone out of his way to avoid the spotlight—that includes skipping Kim’s wedding.

Kardashians factsEntertainment Tonight


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32. Onward And Upwards

Rob lives with Khloe and is currently working on his eating habits and attitude towards life as he moves past his toxic relationship with ex-fiancée Blac Chyna and works towards a healthy active lifestyle living with type 2 diabetes.

Kardashians factsCrucible


31. So You Don’t See What You Wipe…?

Kris Jenner really likes the color black. Along with her monochrome themed interior designed home that includes a black and white checkered floor, black on black on black guest bathroom—she’s even got black toilet paper, which Kim loathes. Simon Cowell also uses black toilet paper. It’s apparently a thing.

Kardashians factsMamamia

30. Black Panther

Seems like mom’s penchant for black was passed on to Khloe, who got her Range Rover wrapped in black velvet by West Coast Customs. How is this weather appropriate? How do you clean it? I have so many questions.

Kardashians factsWrapfolio

29. Good Choice

While in the pre-conception phase of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK), other possible names for the show that were bandied around before settling on the one we all know today included “Kardashians: Krazy With a K” and “Living Kardashian.”

Kardashians factsThe Drum

28. Keeping Up

For each KUWTK episode, there is an average of more than 2.1 million viewers tuning in to watch.

Kardashians factsBroadcasting & Cable

27. Not An Open Book

Kourtney was the only one who was hesitant about taking on the show. Kris says she was “the only person I got any resistance from… she was sort of skeptical.” During filming, Kourtney would always run to the bathroom to cry, containing her feelings and not showing any strong emotions on the show.

Kardashians factscelebuzz

26. Safety First

For security reasons, but only in the later seasons, different houses were filmed for exterior shots. For the most part, the exterior of their home was shot only from the back.



25. The Saga Continues

After 14 seasons, KUWTK is still going strong—the family just signed a $150 million joint media deal—including a series extension which means this Kardashian/Jenner empire will be on for 5 more seasons, earning $30 million per season.

Kardashians factspeople

24. Kim Logic

Ladies, if drinking water and working out isn’t getting rid of your cellulite, the solution is simple, according to Kim—only wear a bikini on overcast days. That’s what she does. Otherwise, on a sunny day, the bright sunlight will “light up her cellulite.”


23. Insta Influence

Kendall was once paid a quarter-million dollars for one single Instagram post. It was to promote Fyre festival—the high-profile event was supposed to take place in the Bahamas but failed miserably due to poor planning, misguided organization, and bad weather.

Kardashians factsHarper

22. Money Wars

Allegedly, the most recent deal made for KUWTK is designed so that the family members can split the money however they see fit. Sources say the oldest three sisters—Kourtney, Kim and Khloe—will split over 50% of that sum, while Kris takes home a “momager” fee of 10%.

Kardashians factsSupportPay

21. More Behind the Scenes

Khloe’s net worth rings in at $40 million, which she earned as executive producer on KUWTK and her own spin-offs. She’s also got a clothing line named Good American Jeans, plus a couple of endorsements and sponsorships.

Kardashians factsReaction GIFs

20. Doing Well For Herself

Firstborn Kourtney has earned an estimated $35 million net worth from KUWTK. She now runs Dash clothing store with Khloe and Kim and has been in multiple endorsement deals on social media.

Kardashians factsfashionista


19. Best Basketball Birthday Surprise EVER

For $110,000, Kim rented out the Staples Centre sports arena in LA for husband Kanye West’s 38th birthday so that he could spend some time with his favorite team. They all got to hang out with the Laker girls and the real referees. John Legend sang the national anthem and they got to play with some NBA stars, including Russell Westbrook and John Wall.

Kardashians factsNextShark

18. Not Too Shabby

21-year old Kendall’s net worth is around $18 million, having earned $17 million in 2016 alone. She’s the third highest paid model in the world.

Kardashians factsiFashion Network

17. Great Genes

Kendall is the tallest Kardashian-Jenner at 5’10” tall, and took her first modeling job at the age of 14 for youth clothing brand Forever 21. Her New York Fashion Week modeling debut was for Marc Jacobs in 2014.

Kardashians factsYouTube

16. Life Online

Kylie’s reputation as the most controversial and outrageous sibling of them all has earned her a place of the throne as the Queen of Snapchat—she has the number one most viewed account on Snapchat, and is in the top 10 most-followed people on Instagram, with 30.2 million followers.

Kardashians factsGQ India

15. The Ultimate Influencer

Kylie has such a hold on social media that after mentioning how she doesn’t use Snapchat anymore, stocks plummeted, dropping over 6%—adding up to around a $1.5 billion loss in market value for Snap!

Kardashians factsReal Business

14. Sounds Fishy….

A briefcase containing $4,000 was stolen from Kourtney and Scott’s home in the Hamptons. That’s not a lot for a Kardashian, but it does beg the question—why was a briefcase with that much money just lying around the house?

Kardashians factsMirror

13. 5 Minutes of Fame

Kourtney, for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in time, acted on the ABC soap opera One Life To Live in 2011. She played a personal injury lawyer who gets arrested, and her character was named Kassandra Kavanaugh—obviously. Maybe the double-K made her more likely to answer to her character’s name.

Kardashians factsgossiponthis

12. Down The Drain

Kim’s biggest regret is her short-lived pop career. In 2011, she released a solo single called “Jam (Turn It Up).” Despite getting The-Dream to help her achieve her dream of becoming a pop sensation—he’s worked with Britney Spears, Rihanna, Beyonce and Justin Bieber—the song didn't make it far. Or anywhere, really.

Kardashians factsboburntham.tumblr

11. The Brains Behind It All

Momager Kris’ net worth is $60 million, and she earns most of her money from KUWTK as an executive producer.

Kardashians factsPopdust

10. Dirty Laundry

Khloe was on the 8th season of Celebrity Apprentice in 2008. She got fired by the host, now president Donald Trump, who claimed that she was kicked off because of a careless DUI arrest that happened while the show was filming.

Kardashians factsWonderwall

9. Catchy And Easy To Say, Too!

The name Kardashian ends with “ian,” which is a distinct suffix for Armenian last names. Kardashian means “son of a stonemason.”

Kardashians factsArmeniagogo

8. Something From Nothing

Between June 2015 and June 2016, the Kardashian net worth was estimated at a collective $122.5 million, making the family the highest-earners in reality television.

Kardashians facts

7. Young and Wild

The 14 seasons of KUWTK covered the majority of Kylie’s adolescence, starting when she was only 10 years old. She says her most regretful moment was “probably my stripper pole moment, I cringe every time… I can’t.” It happened in season 1, when Kylie played on the pole in the family home several times and made a fake Girls Gone Wild-style video that sparked mega controversy at the time.

Kardashians factsYouTube

6. Her Memory Lives On

While the OJ Simpson trial was happening, Kris gave her baby girl Kendall the middle name “Nicole” in honor of Nicole Brown Simpson, who was Kris’ near and dear friend before she was murdered.

Kardashians factsPeople

5. Simple Intention

In 2014, Kris admitted that the only reason she wanted this show to come to life wasn’t for fame or ratings. She wanted to drive traffic to their now non-existent family business, which was a children’s boutique named Smooch. Now, years later, the show has spawned multiple businesses and garnered the family fame and fortune beyond their wildest imagination.

Kardashians factsCaribbean360

4. It's All in the Name

As the brains behind the Kardashian empire and the manager of her 6 children, Kris Jenner officially owns the phrase “momager”—a portmanteau of mom and manager—having trademarked the term after a two-year legal battle.

Kardashians factsGiphy

3. Set For Life

The youngest of them all, Kylie, is worth $50 million at just 20 years old. Much of her wealth is from her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, most notable for its lip kits, which have made $420 million since launching only 2 years ago. Plus, it’s all topped off by her Puma sponsorship deal and her spin-off series Life of Kylie, not to mention her fashion line with Kendall, called “Kendall and Kylie.”

Kardashians factsHypebae

2. I Guess We'll Never Know

Rumors have been floating for years about who Khloe’s biological father could be, based mostly on the fact that Khloe doesn’t look like her siblings, even though Kris claims that Khloe looks like her paternal grandmother. Robert Kardashian was unwilling to take a DNA test, claiming “Whoever her father is, she’s my child.” After their divorce, Robert remarried twice, and each of his wives reported that he claimed that Khloe wasn’t his biological daughter.

Kardashians factsangularjsdevelopment

1. Big Bucks

The most famous, wealthy and business-minded member of the family is Kim, raking in $175 million. She’s got many streams of income including her Kimoji app and her contour palettes—which sold out in just three hours upon debuting. She’s got a fragrance line, a book of selfies titled Selfish, and so many other endorsement deals and opportunities for paid appearances that it’s hard to keep up. Plus, she has a kids clothing line with husband Kanye West called Kids Supply to help her stay afloat!

Kardashians factsMetro

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