Unforgettable Stories Of Legendary High School Pranks

May 15, 2023 | Rebecca Wong

Unforgettable Stories Of Legendary High School Pranks

Most people would agree that school is a total chore. That's likely why students get into all kinds of shenanigans—it's out of sheer boredom! From tales of wholesome fun to downright dangerous pranks, here are 50 stories featuring students who decided to pull some truly creative and memorable pranks.

1. Leaving You Breathless

My school had two lunch periods to accommodate our population. The first time I realized something was up was during the second lunch period. I was walking in the stairwells to class when I started coughing, along with a lot of others. It felt like I’d swallowed sawdust. I was near the science labs, so I thought it might’ve been a chemical reaction gone wrong.

The next day during lunch, the upper forum was weirdly completely deserted. As I was going upstairs, my friends and I started noticing we felt the same; like there was sawdust in our throats. When we opened the door of the stairwell to the forum, the effect increased tenfold and a teacher ushered us back into the stairwell.

We’d barely gotten to class when the entire school was evacuated. When the truth got out, I was floored. I still have no clue who did it, but it turns out that someone had gone around spraying mace, or pepper spray, or SOMETHING into the ventilation shafts during lunch. The culprit was never found, but I do want to thank him for the fifteen-minute evacuation—I got to skip science class!

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2. A Student’s Revenge

This kid in my class put the school for sale on Craigslist. He provided the school's attendance office number as a point of contact because everyone hated the receptionist there. They were getting calls from interested buyers for days who wanted to buy a huge property with a big swimming pool and a track. Needless to say, the secretary was kept busy.

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3. Losing My Marbles

This kid once brought a backpack full—and I mean completely full—of marbles to school. What he did with it was legendary. Well, he went to the main staircase near the front up the third floor and dumped the whole bag over the stairwell. How those marbles didn't break the glass trophy case at the bottom is beyond me, but the marbles went everywhere.

Here’s the kicker, though. The kid that brought the backpack full of marbles managed to never get caught. I’m not sure what he did. He might have either managed to run to one of the stairwells at the end of the hall and get to the bottom of the stairs before teachers had time to react, or he hid somewhere until the first bell rang.

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4. Taking Back Control

One of my friends brought in a universal remote and tuned it to the TV in the lunch hall. This TV's original remote had long since been lost, so he had the only one. Instead of playing the news during lunch, he would change it to other channels and watch things like sitcoms. The teachers were pretty clueless and had no idea what was going on.

The teachers kept flicking through dozens of channels, only for him to immediately change back. They even started turning it off, and he'd just turn it back on again. After about a month of this, the teachers gave up. Nobody except our immediate friend group knew it was him doing this, but the entire school whispered about the mystery man that ended the scourge that was the news channel for ages.

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5. False Alarm!

A kid hit the fire alarm when the mayor was visiting our school. For context, we had an assembly the week before during which we were specifically told not to hit the fire alarm during the mayor’s visit unless there was an actual fire, as it was a common occurrence at our school for students to just hit the fire alarm whenever.

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6. A Motor Mystery

My best friend owned a red 1975 Corvette Stingray. That thing was like his baby. It was an awesome car, but he never shut up about it and always did burnouts in the parking lot. It was super annoying, so we decided it was time to take action. On senior prank day, my friends and I got our chance to carry out an epic plan.

We went to his house the night before, got his keys, drove his Corvette to the school, and with the help of a coach that liked us, parked his car in the center of the gym. Since he was staying at his dad's house that day, he didn’t notice until he got to school and the school resource officer asked him why his car was in the gym. I’d never seen someone more confused in my entire life. His face was priceless.

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7. Exam Time Hijinks

The school was preparing to take their "assessment tests," which played a part in how schools are rated. Many people think these tests are a waste of time, but they are important to school administrators. So, the principal ordered for some classes to be interrupted in order to make sure that all the kids get "refreshers" in some basic math and writing skills.

A few kids in a US History Honors class were angry. They resented the interruption, as the classes were preparing them for an independent "AP Exam" that awarded college credit. Having to take basic "refresher" courses on top of their already full plates was way too much. In response, they decided to take matters into their own hands—they intentionally sabotage the assessment tests.

Our school was in an upper-middle-class area and regularly scored in the low 90s. This put the school in the top 10%. After what they did, we definitely weren’t in the top 10% anymore! The test results came back, and suddenly, the school scored in the mid-low 80s. Turns out that 15 to 20 students out of 300 turning in absolute zeros can impact an average score!

The school administrators went berserk. Stories were circulated. Students were "talked to". But nothing came of it. The students never confessed the tests were anonymous, and the school rules didn't forbid poor performance. It helped that they were led by kids whose parents were well-trained in protesting during the 1960s.

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8. A "Fowl" School Day

During my junior year of high school, someone snuck in some chickens. There were dozens of chickens just roaming the halls, and all the teachers were panicking. For some reason, the faculty treated them like rabid dogs. There’s nothing funnier than seeing literal roadblocks set up around a chicken, and four teachers all red-faced, pulling their own hair.

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9. Totally Clueless

We had an English teacher in training with poor classroom management skills. To prove that point, my friend jumped from a classroom window mid-class, casually walked through the schoolyard, back into the school, and then back into the classroom. He told the teacher that he had gone to the bathroom. She nodded and kept on with her lesson.

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10. A Spooky School Surprise

Halloween costumes were banned at my high school because of some idiots who dressed up and used it as an excuse to hide their faces while they vandalized the school about ten years prior. The seniors in my year decided that enough was enough—more than half of the class decided that we would still dress up and march into the school together in the morning.

We all knew we would be punished right away, but it didn't matter. I stayed up all night making a suit of armor out of metallic duct tape and cardboard, along with a broomstick horse to ride. The next day, we all gathered in the parking lot and waited for everyone to show up. People went all out and there were a lot of amazing costumes.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, we started our march in. The deans had learned of our plan and were waiting for us right as we entered. They started pulling people aside in groups and taking student IDs to hand out detentions. In my group, there was one guy dressed up as an ATM, and let’s just say that he really committed to the bit.

His next move was hilarious—when the dean asked for his ID, he started making ATM noises, and then slipped the ID out through the slot where you would put your debit card in. It was one of the funniest things, and I was so jealous that my costume was not as clever as his. Even though having so many of us participate was pretty awesome, his costume just made that whole event for me.

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11. A Happy Ending

During our sixth-period class, not one student showed up to class on time. Not one. I—the teacher—started to panic that all 37 of them had finally figured out they could outnumber me. About five minutes later, they all filled in with a lighted birthday cake for me, singing Happy Birthday. It was so incredibly sweet. They thought it was hilarious.

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12. Taken For A Ride

My friend didn’t finish an English assignment on time. As punishment, the teacher asked him to look up the definition of "diligence," and write a five-page essay on the need for "diligence". When he opened the dictionary, the second definition of "diligence" was "a public stagecoach". He proceeded to write a tremendous five pager on the need for, or lack thereof, public stagecoaches.

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13. Time To Attack!

This story didn’t just involve me; in fact, it involved all the students in our senior year. It was customary at our school that, on a hot day, near the end of the year, seniors would start a water balloon fight. It was usually quite small and the teachers were used to it, so they could put a stop to it quickly. Not this time though.

We had been dropping hints here and there about the upcoming event for several days beforehand: talking about it in hallways within earshot of teachers, leaving behind empty balloons, etc. The day before the actual showdown, we brought thousands of balloons to the school, and a good 10 to 20 people started filling them at water fountains and in the toilets.

Then, we kept them in big buckets filled with water so the balloons wouldn't burst and hid them in the bushes around the school. On the day of the attack, we had some mock maneuvers: groups of people would suddenly start running towards the school entrance, the toilets, the principal’s office, etc. Teachers would be running to stop us, only for nothing to happen.

Then came the actual event: everyone suddenly ran into the bushes, grabbed the buckets, and started pelting the other kids. The teachers closed in, trying to destroy our balloons, but there were just so many; they couldn't get rid of them. Everyone was soaking wet after, but we had no regrets. It was totally worth it.

The most legendary thing though wasn't the number of balloons or the planning of it all: it was the fact that each and every senior participated in it. From buying balloons, to bringing buckets, to filling balloons, everyone did something. Despite all the high school drama, we managed to all come together for this epic prank.

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14. An Alarming Situation

Our senior class pulled their prank on the day while they were all gone for their last field trip. They all bought different alarm clocks, set them to go off at the same time, stuffed them into different lockers, then zip-tied our lockers shut. It was absolute mayhem while the poor janitor and teachers were hunting down the clocks and cutting lockers open.

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15. One Slippery Surprise

For senior prank day, a group of kids dressed up in all black with masks. They ran down the main hall of the school with industrial buckets of cheap vegetable oil and poured it everywhere—and I mean everywhere. This happened right before the bell rang for the next period. When the bell rang, kids came out into the hall—and utter chaos ensued.

Kids were slipping and falling all over the place, spreading the oil even further throughout the school. It was so bad that they ended up sending everyone home so they could clean up the mess. The school did an investigation, pulling camera footage from campus and interviewing students. The search for the perps got pretty intense.

Of course, the kids were bragging to friends about their accomplishments, so the suspects were pulled into the office. They didn't even need to interrogate them, they knew they all did it. How? They were all wearing the exact same oily shoes they were wearing when they pulled their prank off. In the end, they were suspended for 5 days.

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16. Let Them Eat Cake!

Long ago, during my senior year, we had an advanced chemistry class, so only 13 students were in the class. It was a test day, so we had a devious day of fun planned. Our valedictorian asked to go to the bathroom before the test. He left and sprinted to the payphones (this happened a long time ago) next to the cafeteria, and called the office.

When they picked up, the valedictorian put on his best "adult" voice and asked to speak with our teacher immediately. The secretary called him to the office, so he left. Immediately, the rest of us busted out a grocery store birthday cake, put up birthday decorations and balloons, and passed out party hats—the whole nine yards.

Meanwhile, the teacher got to the office and picked up the phone. The valedictorian, on the other end of the line, says, "Prank call!" He quickly hung up and sprinted back to class. The teacher got back and we started singing happy birthday. He was like "It’s not my birthday..". but went along with it. We successfully postponed the test to next week.

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17. Motor Mayhem

Long ago, someone donated an old VW Bug to our school for an auto class. A group of seniors disassembled the car and reassembled it around a tree in the middle of the night on a weekend, all in a single session. The staff was so impressed that they left it there for the week! It was gone the following Monday and I wasn't able to find anyone who knew exactly what happened to it.

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18. Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Our school was putting in a brand new turf field and it was taking a long time—but my friend managed to make it take even longer. He decided to dig up our state tree and plant it right in the middle of the field. Apparently, it’s illegal to uproot our state tree, so it stayed there for two weeks and halted the construction. The workers literally moved dirt around it like it was supposed to be there.

I was told you have to get state approval to dig up a state tree, so I guess they had to wait on that. Eventually, they realized that he had just broken off a branch and planted a branch, not an entire tree, so they were able to "uproot" it. At least that’s the excuse I heard as to why it was taken up. Either way, it gave the whole school a few good laughs for a while.

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19. An A-moo-sing Tale

My friend and I brought a dump truck full of hay bales from my family farm and literally blocked off every single entrance and exit to the building with them. We did this really early in the morning, and the school was in the middle of nowhere so nobody knew exactly who did it except me, his partner in crime. We got school canceled for a day and a half.

Why did we do this? The principal was an absolute dirtbag who hated kids. My friend’s sister got in trouble for something she didn't do and he brought her to the principal's office, forcing her to apologize for allegedly trashing the girls’ bathroom to the entire school over the PA. She left the office in tears that day.

When we were done with the escapade, we also filled his car with turkey feed through his open skylight on the first day back while everyone else was at a meeting about the aforementioned hay baling. Everyone had an idea of who did it, but since nobody was around for it and the cameras weren't working, we got away with it.

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20. One Sticky Situation

My kid and his best friend started the Bubblegum Cartel in middle school. It was basically a small-time MLM, and they got a good portion of the school involved. The kids on the bottom sold it, and my little guys provided the "goods" and made the money. I’m throwing my kids under the bus here, but I’m not even mad, just amazed!

Apparently, it got so deep that the middle school—on three separate occasions—had to have a town hall to inform the kids that the Bubblegum Cartel had to stop and that they didn't know who the perpetrators were. They told the kids selling gum that they needed to stop since they were doing all the work, while the perpetrators took advantage of them.

But here's the best part—through all of middle school, not a single student turned them in. And the school had no idea that my son and his BFF were the head of the cartel. It’s funny—I was wondering why he kept asking me to buy him gum wherever we went. I thought it was a phase. He then informed me it was free gum to sell. I could not stop laughing after I found everything out.

My partner was incredulous that my son took advantage of me, but I couldn't get mad about it (although I should have been). That night, for the first time in my life, I was floating on clouds and felt what peace must actually feel like.  After all, if my kid could pull off a scheme on this grand of a scale, I realized that my kid was going to be OK.

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21. Just "Kidding!"

On the way to our school, there was an old hotel with a huge area infested with kudzu, an invasive type of ivy. They had deployed something like twelve goats to slowly eat it all and get rid of it. It was gaining local attention, and so a local news station had stopped to do a story on it. A kid at school was driving home from school alone one day and he decided to make the most of the situation.

Impulsively, he pulled over to tell them he was a "goat expert". After he told them he was getting his Ph.D., he was featured on the local news that night. It was like three minutes of him rambling on about made-up goat facts. The video caused a big scandal at my private school and it was pulled from the internet. On the last day of my senior year, they showed it to the whole school. He was a character for sure.

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22. Breaking The Ice

I had a history teacher who would always go on and on about his favorite hockey team. One day, about a week before exams, he got called down to the office. After about five minutes, one of the kids went up to the teacher’s desk and started typing. Suddenly, he said, "Wow… His password is actually the name of his favorite hockey team".

After a bit more searching, his eyes widened. He added, "All our grades are here. What do you guys want?" People were slow to take him up on his offer, but soon, everybody was maniacally shouting out grades, and the kid started typing. He got back to his desk before the teacher came back. Everyone passed, and grades were never changed back. It soon became pretty clear why though.

You see, that teacher was gone for about 20 to 30 minutes, but he probably wasn’t actually down at the office.  At that time, there was a rumor going around the school that he and the English teacher were hooking up. The rumors might have had some truth to them since the two teachers did get married around three years later.

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23. A Close Call

When I was still in high school, my school had this automated system that would call home in the evening and tell the parents if their kid was absent. I figured out that if the parents called in a legit absence, I could ditch the next time and not get caught since the system wouldn’t call home. So, a couple of weeks into my senior year, I ditched class for a week straight.

After that, things quickly escalated. I basically said "Whatever," and ditched all of my classes for eight weeks. I realized that the scheme would soon come crashing down on my head, so one morning, I got a brilliant idea. Before school, I called the attendance office, and basically impersonated my dad. It was all part of my incredible plan.

When they picked up, I said, in my most adult-sounding voice, "My son just left for school and forgot his note. He's been out for eight weeks with strep throat".  The lady replied, "No worries, we'll take care of it when he comes in". After that, I left for school. When I got to the office, I stood in line, and when I got to the front, I started checking my pockets with my best "Oh no!" face.

The attendance lady noticed and said, "Oh, don't worry, your dad called and explained it all". Unfortunately, my guidance counselor came strolling up to me and started calling me out. He wasn't buying the eight weeks of strep throat lie. Just as I thought I was in real trouble, the bell rang. He looked at me, sighed, and let me go to class.

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24. A Wet And Wild Day

This happened at Basic Training. We all had to do swim tests and water training. Those of us who were good swimmers passed on the first day and moved on with training. The recruits who didn’t know how to swim had to do extra swim practice over the next few weeks. One of our best swimmers was a guy named Robinson, who was basically the platoon clown.

Robinson always had something funny to say, and he was constantly getting berated by the drill sergeants. Now, one of our drill sergeants was a very attractive woman, and although she was without a doubt tough as nails, she was the closest thing to a loving mother you could get. She was also one of the swim instructors, so she would put on a one-piece bathing suit for those activities.

While we were in formation, she was listing off the names of the recruits who had to swim training that day. When she got to "Robinson," she went off, demanding to know why he was pretending to not know how to swim. His response was priceless. "I just like looking at your pretty legs, Drill Sergeant Davis!"  Everyone in our unit, including the other two drill sergeants, and Drill Sergeant Davis, completely lost it.

She didn’t let us get away with it, of course. We did an unbelievable number of push-ups and sit-ups for that remark, but we all agreed it was worth it.

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25. Bending The Rules

One of our teachers in high school had a rule that if you swore, you had to go down to the canteen and buy her a chocolate bar. During some of her classes, we had to take turns reading something for the class. One of my classmates was dyslectic and just didn't like reading in general, so he took her rule to heart.

Every time the teacher chose him to read, he swore loudly so he had to go to the canteen. It also meant that he didn't have to read. I think the teacher did catch wind of his trick, but she was just too amused by it to stop him.

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26. A Scandalous Graduation

My high school had a tradition at graduation: the seniors snuck in beach balls under their robes, inflated them during the ceremony, and tossed them around with the caps at the end. Good, clean, harmless fun. Of course, my class had the brilliant idea to also bring inflatable blow-up dolls and other less-than-appropriate inflatables.

The class was huge, with hundreds of students, so no one caught on until there were several dolls flying around the gym, forever caught on the videos all the parents were filming. The dean turned purple with rage, and the authorities scrambled around trying to catch and remove the offending inflatables. It was completely impossible.

You see, we had already accounted for this. We made very sure to keep hitting them as high in the air as possible, and as deep in the crowd as possible. They didn’t allow inflatable anything in later years.

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27. When You’ve Seen It All

One time, my friend was angry at the rest of us guys. He chased us into the school bathroom because he wanted to be a tough guy and thought one of us was hiding in a stall. He yelled, "Peekaboo, I see you!" and kicked the stall door in on a teacher we all knew. I will never forget his reaction. The teacher just said, "I see you too Nathan, now close the door".

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28. Confidence Gets You Everywhere

There was this guy who was almost universally liked in my high school. He did everything—took AP classes, theater, football, even track. His grades were good but he wasn't the valedictorian. That didn't stop him from getting up during the graduation ceremony and giving a speech like there was nothing strange about it. And they let him finish, too.

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29. Dressed For Success

One day in seventh grade, the class clown was saddened by the fact that our female math teacher didn't wear a dress again, even though he had verbally asked. He promised her that the following day, he would wear a dress as well so that she wouldn't be the only one. Well, the next day came around and everyone was surprised—she still wasn't in a dress.

The class clown came in later not wearing one either and he was shocked when he saw her. She responded with, "Neither did you!" Then, the absolute legend started undressing, to reveal that under his normal clothes, he was wearing his sister's dress. We all collectively lost it, and he actually wore it for the rest of the class.

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30. Seen A Ghost

I had a truancy problem in high school. For some reason, two of my friends told our teachers I was gone and buried. They decorated my locker as a memorial, and the office made an announcement that anyone needing to speak with a social worker should do so. Here’s the thing, though: I was in the school when the announcement happened.

No, seriously. I was literally just sitting at a desk in the library. One of my teachers showed up at my house with flowers for my mom. Apparently, nobody bothered to actually verify their story, and they just took my friends’ word for it. I walked back into my first-period class the next day and someone actually gasped. The level of stupid in some administrations is so bizarre.

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31. Baring It All

At my school, the entire senior boys’ football team streaked through the cafeteria the day after the season ended. However, they didn’t have any plans for covering up once they got outside. One of the vice principals just collected their clothing while chuckling to himself as 25 boys ran around the parking lot, with no plans on what to do after they were done.

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32. A Valentine’s Day Legend

I went to a school with only 150 kids. I had an idea that me and my buddy would pool money and buy a rose and a valentine for every single girl at school and have them delivered with both our names on them. I figured since Valentine's Day can be depressing for single people, we could also include a nice personalized compliment in each delivery.

I drafted the list of recipients, wrote up personalized messages, and gave them to my buddy so he could put the order in. Valentine’s Day came, and I was surprised when I found out what he actually did—my buddy had only put his name on the cards. He was an instant legend and even ended up on the local news. I have no idea why he decided to betray me in such a petty manner,

When I tried to point out that it was MY idea, and that half of it was paid for by me, he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. Everyone started making fun of me for trying to steal credit, and he's still legendary for it. I decided to get over it a year or so after high school and just let him have it, but at the time it was a pretty big knife in my back from somebody I considered my best friend.

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33. A Wholesome Graduation

A girl in our class found out that our principal liked racing and cars in general, so she started a big chain text orchestrating something special. Each member of our senior class at graduation gave our new principal a toy car as we walked across the stage. The principal lost his composure and laughed all the way through the graduation ceremony. Good times.

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34. The Serial Prankster

A friend of mine went to a high school in a three-story building. He and two friends each released a large box of live crickets on each floor. They also slapped a big chunk of Limburger cheese to the basement radiator in the winter. They had to close the school for three days to air it out. They were troublemakers though, so the "fun" didn’t end there. 

The last straw was when they walked a cow up to the third floor and let him wander the hall just as class was getting out. To make things worse, people had been complaining that the elevator was broken for a year. Also, cows can't walk downstairs. They had to tranquilize the cow to get him out of the building. My friend had to finish high school in another state.

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35. Airplane Antics

I call what happened the "paper airplane event". We had this very old teacher who used to shout tirades of funny old-fashioned insults at people who messed about before sending them out, so people were "halfwits," "nincompoops," and so forth. We used to get him mad just to hear what he would say. This led to the "paper airplane event".

In one lesson, I managed to convince almost the entire class to make paper airplanes, and then got one kid to call the teacher over for "assistance". At that moment, I initiated the epic prank—I signaled silently for launch and about 25 paper airplanes flew through the air towards him. His response, whilst batting them away from his head, was "Good gracious! It's like the bloody blitz in here!" What he did next made the whole thing even funnier.

He picked one of the planes up, looked it over, and then said, "That's not a plane, this is a plane!" He proceeded to show us how to remodel it into a better type of paper airplane. Needless to say, when I learned that said teacher was to host a group assembly in our lecture hall, I quickly informed the entire year via group email that we had to make paper airplanes to his new specifications.

Halfway through that assembly, whilst he was facing the display screen at the front, I gave the covert signal to fire, and about eighty faster, more nimble airplanes flooded the stage. He then turned around, picked one up, looked at it, and said, "Bloody good work lads, that's what I call a plane," and everyone gave him a round of applause. He wasn’t done yet, though!

He then called me by name, and said, "Of course, I'll need you to stay behind after to pick all these up," which utterly shocked me. How did he know it was me? But the entire year group, including me, thought it was hilarious, and yeah, of course, I had no comeback. It was honestly so incredibly funny, I'll never forget it.

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36. A Porky Prank

The senior class in my high school brought three pigs into the school in the morning. You think this would be bad enough—but wait, there's more. They painted the numbers, "1," "2," and "4" on the sides of each pig. They were all caught fairly quickly; however, the staff spent the next day and a half looking for the nonexistent pig #3.

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37. Graffiti Gone Wild

Our computer teacher was always late for class. One day, while waiting for our teacher to show up, my friend drew a giant woody on the whiteboard, then rolled down the projector screen over it. By pure luck, our computer teacher didn't turn up. Instead of him, the teacher who was the head of the discipline came to take the class. We definitely knew we were in for a world of trouble.

As he was talking, he absentmindedly rolled up the projector screen. We somehow managed to keep straight faces as he continued speaking for five minutes in front of my friend’s masterpiece. After way too long, he finally turned around and couldn't help but laugh. No punishments, surprisingly, just a good laugh all around!

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38. Too Smart For Their Own Good

In my last year of secondary school, two weeks before our SAT exams, the whole class that was full of smart kids decided to just skip school and go to a theme park over 100 miles away. Their teacher walked in to discover that everyone but two guys was gone. Obviously, their teacher was incredibly upset by this turn of events.

When they returned, they were hauled to the principal's office, but they only received a stern talking to. No action was taken because these guys already excelled at their studies. In fact, the school depended on them to make the school look good. The school has never been one to enforce any kind of discipline, and they weren’t about to do it then.


39. Cracking Under Pressure

When I was a junior in high school, we had to attend this ceremony where the seniors would state what college they were going to attend and also what their career goals were. In addition, they would "pass the torch" onto us and pin something on our school uniform. I don’t think the school ever could’ve predicted how this one girl would react, though!

This girl was stressed out by all the unnecessary school politics happening around her and the stress they were putting the students under. So, when it was her turn to get on stage and say what her career goals were and what school she was going to, she just blurted out that she wanted to become an adult worker and sell brownies on the street.

Everyone lost their minds and the girl left the stage in a hurry. I soon realized that there were recruiters in attendance and that made my school look bad. After a few minutes, the girl had to go back on stage and apologize for what she had done, and she ended up saying that she wanted to open up a bakery when she got older.

From what I remember, the girl ended up getting suspended for a few days for doing that. Still, it was the funniest and boldest thing I have ever seen anyone do.

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40. Seeing Double

My vice-principal drove an old VW Beetle. He loved this car. It was lime green and in pretty great shape. During the last day of school, he had to break up a pretty drawn-out disagreement between a pair of students—it was the classic "rich kid" versus "punk kid" drama. This made him especially tired. Naturally, he was tired, so he didn’t think much of what happened next.

When he went out to the parking lot to drive home and couldn't seem to remember where he parked his Beetle, he chalked it up to exhaustion. Eventually, he found it, but his key didn't work. Confused, he looked up and saw another lime green VW Beetle a few cars down. And then a third. And a fourth. And a fifth. He was so confused; what was going on?

You see, one of the kids' dads owned a pull-a-part. For three years, every time they got a Beetle in, they would set it aside for this prank. For three years, they painted them green and fixed them up to look exactly like the VP’s car. They couldn’t be driven, but the dude's dad had a tow truck as a part of his pull-a-part business.

On the last day of school, the dude got his friends to fake an argument to keep the VP's attention while they used the tow truck to bring in the decoys and move the VP's original bug. We all thought it was the best prank in the world, but the VP was too tired to appreciate it at the time. Later on, we heard later on that the VP loved it too.

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41. Prayer Gone Wrong

I went to a Catholic school, so we had school-wide prayers in the morning and afternoon. Each prayer was broadcasted over the school PA system and was always led by two students that were randomly picked by one of the teachers. As you can probably imagine, this was a surefire recipe for disaster, which our school learned the hard way.

One morning, right before the end of the morning prayer, one of the dudes leading it decided to pass gas for a long, winding three seconds over the PA system, then said "Amen". Every single classroom burst out in laughter, including the teacher who was in our class. The gas boy got expelled, but he'll forever be remembered.

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42. The Flagpole Prank

A student shimmied up to the top of a flag pole at our school while carrying a bucket with a dumb face on it and put it on the top. The school was furious but was unable to get it down, so it stayed up there a long time. Soon, someone noticed a fire truck using their ladder to remove it, but someone decided that they couldn’t let that be the end of it. When we got back, there was another bucket with even dumber faces on it.

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43. Celebrity Crush

A few years ago, a class pulled a prank on the French teacher. For reference, she has a HUGE celebrity crush on Bradley Cooper, so everyone in the class got print-out masks of his face. Then, they waited for their chance—which came when she got a phone call and had to go out into the hallway. The class quickly put their plan into motion.

While she was outside, everyone put on their masks and turned away from the door. She walked back in… and everyone collectively turned to her. She completely lost it.

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44. Student Shenanigans

One of the seniors in my class found a way to access the school’s faculty administrative system and tried to change all of his grades to As—until someone pointed out that he’ll obviously get caught when they see that he somehow went from a 1.7 to a 4.0 GPA. Then, he just decided to just give everybody a 4.0. It resulted in absolute mayhem.

The event ended up on the news at one point because they were so sure it was some hacker that attacked the school. They tried to change it back, but most teachers never paid enough attention to keep track of who wasn’t doing so well, so they just left it. I believe the valedictorian told on him, and they tried to charge him, but eventually, the charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

A lot of students who were failing ended up getting to go to college and even got full rides thanks to him.

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45. Testing Your Beliefs

If we asked our teacher something about the lesson that was incorrect, he would respond with, "If you believe that, then it says ‘gullible’ on the ceiling". One day, he stepped out of class for a minute and a bunch of us taped a piece of paper with "gullible" written on it on the ceiling above his desk. Then we waited…

When the time eventually came, he tried so hard to not be amused by it, but he laughed about it for a while and left it up there until the end of the school year.


46. Vanished Into Thin Air

Back in tenth grade, our school had to take on far more students than possible thanks to some stupid "reforms". This resulted in every possible room being repurposed as classrooms. We had desks placed in the former school kitchen after they got rid of the stoves, a part of the gym was walled off, and a fair share of storage and utility rooms were packed full with benches and moveable chalkboards.

We were the one lucky class residing in a former storage room, which was basically a slightly bigger broom closet with zero natural light and a hardly-working ventilation system. That room had nothing except for one thing: built-in closets on every wall. Our class soon found some fun ways to use these closets to our advantage.

Now, about halfway through the school year, we discovered that the backs of these closets were just half-inch thick wooden plates and that those plates were the only thing separating our "classroom" from the hallway outside. We also discovered that in one of the closets, the plate was loose on one side. You could push it open from the inside and step out in the hallway.

This worked just from the inside, because once you stepped through, the panel slipped back in its original position, leaving no clue that it was a hidden exit. Naturally, one glorious day, the whole class decided to play the best prank ever. During the last two hours of the day, we would step into the closet one by one, seemingly disappearing into thin air.

We would start slowly, with those sitting nearest to the secret exit. They would wait until the teacher turned their back to the class, writing something on the chalkboard. He didn't even notice the first one vanishing. He scratched his head at the second one. Then we got bolder. The students further away also snuck out once the teacher's back was turned.

At the fourth one missing, he asked us what was going on. We, of course, acted like we knew nothing, and said the missing students called in sick the whole day and had never been in the classroom. We actually convinced him! So, we took the next step and, again, one by one, students would just up and leave every three or so minutes.

After the sixth one went missing, he finally went to the closet, ripped open the door, and of course, he found an empty, innocent closet. We acted as if we wondered about his behavior, asking him if he was looking for something. Of course, he told us that he had seen those students enter the closet.

We told him that he must be mistaken because they were sick the whole day—it was flu season. This went on for an entire hour, with him ripping open the closet door multiple times before he finally decided to go to the director to have us all suspended. By this time, there were only five or six students left in the room.

Of course, as soon as the teacher left the classroom, we contacted the now missing rest of the class, who were waiting nearby to come back immediately. So when the teacher and the director came back, they found a full classroom. It was the most hilarious and at the same time impressive prank I ever took part in. Our poker faces would have put the most seasoned poker player to shame that day.

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47. A Science Experiment Gone Wrong

When my dad was in high school in the mid-'60s, a friend of his flushed metal sodium wrapped in foil with tiny pinholes in it. Once it reacted, it blew all the toilets off the walls on all three floors. The FBI was called in and the student body was questioned. Many people knew who did it and yet no one ratted him out. Talk about a close call!

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48. A Spooky Situation

I had a laid-back English professor in college, and she had finished telling us about this story about ghosts—she's a strong believer—or something that happened at her house. She basically felt that she was being followed by this presence. Super spooky, but I found a way to make it a whole lot spookier. I sat far away from her, so I opened up a word document and typed, "We're coming for you" over and over again, and had it sent to the in-room printer.

The printer came to life, and since we had no reason to be using the printer, her face went pale. She looks at the paper and she just said, "Oh no".  At that point,  I started laughing my head off. She told us off even as everyone, including herself, started laughing as well.

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49. A Historic Prank

There were three high schools in my hometown. Two of them—both named after famous historical figures—were in a sort of rivalry with each other. It was nothing really serious, but the students would casually trash talk the other school a lot. Like I said though, it wasn't that deep, and it was mostly all done in good fun.

Each school had a display case with a bust of their respective historical namesake somewhere in the building. They were just some decoration—objects that you would pass by every single day and pay little attention to. So, we figured we would test just how little attention people actually paid these things, and we hatched the most brilliant plan. 

One night, a few buddies of mine and I got together. Most of us were from my school, but we had a few "inside men'' from the other one as well. We split up into two teams, got access to both buildings simultaneously, picked open the very cheap locks on the display cases, grabbed the busts, and switched them.

Keep in mind, these schools were not that close to one another, and none of us had been old enough to drive at that point, so we had to carry these enormous limestone busts through half the town. After carrying these things to our "rival" school, we snuck them into the display. We then locked the busts into the display cases and left.

Since we had managed to enter the school in a completely non-destructive way, nobody ever realized that something had changed, and no one found out about our prank. It took almost an entire school year for anyone to notice. To this day, no teacher has ever found out who was responsible. But no damage was done, so they didn't try too hard to figure it out.

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50. A Total Hero

This happened to my kid. He was the quiet kid that people made fun of or generally ignored. Another kid was getting tormented outside near this really big hill descending to the football field. My kid stepped up and told the tormentor to please leave the other kid alone, but this just set the guy off. He mouthed off at him and took a swing at him, but that was a mistake.

Not a lot of people at school knew my kid had been taking kung fu since fifth grade. He was a brown belt at that point, and his instructor was really big on practical applications and sparring. He dodged the punch and roundhouse kicked the guy in the jaw. The other guy rolled down almost the entire embankment before stopping. The prank was on the bully.

My kid got a two-week alternate school suspension for it. His mother gave him a lecture. I bought him a PS4.

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