Deranged Exes

May 24, 2023 | Eul Basa

Deranged Exes

Residual bad blood or unhealthy obsessions can cause former lovers to do shocking things, making it even harder to move on. Plus, some of them are just plain unhinged. Here are some horrific stories about deranged exes.

1. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Today I got a strange letter in the mail from collections. My ex and I had several credit cards that we had jointly but paid off and closed before the divorce. What she did was nothing short of evil. Somehow she opened them back up in my name and charged them to the max, then moved out of state and stopped paying her car payments. All of these things ended up getting reported to my credit years later, and pretty much ruined any chance I have at decent credit for the next 7-10 years in the US.

I've been divorced and lived outside the US for eight years now, and only recently found out about all these charges. I know all this can be corrected eventually but the hassle of explaining things to several credit companies and collection agencies is a major pain.

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2. Sublet Shocker

We let a friend rent out our apartment for two months while we were away on vacation. He didn't pay any of the rent, never cleaned anything, including his leftovers, so there were maggots and rotting food everywhere when we got home. There was spaghetti with tomato sauce on our white walls that had been left on for so long it was permanently stained.

However, the worst part was that when we were cleaning, we found that he had taken individually wrapped stock cubes, punctured them with a fork, and thrown a few under all of our furniture. So, as far as I could understand, it was all intentional and on purpose. I had no idea why since we had a fairly normal friendship before that.

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3.  That Girl Crazy

My ex would stalk my Reddit account and angrily text me if she didn't like my posts talking about how she'd brutally cheated on me (which she was totally guilty of). I remember finding out in the worst way possible. I'd just come home from seeing my grandmother on her deathbed when I caught wind of my girlfriend's infidelity. Worst. Day. Ever. But it didn't end there.

Since then, she keeps texting me accusatory messages about my sabotaging her attempts to get a job that requires a security clearance. Apparently it was my fault and not the fact she had already been denied a security clearance for mental instability.

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4. When The Force Is Not With You

I went to one of the Star Wars prequel premieres with my new boyfriend. I lived in a small town so everybody I knew was at the premiere, including my then-ex. The next morning, while walking down my driveway, I found a box with every note and picture I had ever given to the ex, burned, with an illegible note, and my sweatshirt, which was peed on.

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5. No Power

My mom left a bad ex years years ago and we decided to get some good ol' fashioned petty revenge. We were teenagers around then and my friends and I removed the batteries out of everything in the house that we could find. Then we also took the 1, 7, and 13 balls from his pool table. That’s it. It still makes me happy when I think about it.

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6. An Artist’s Broken Heart

My ex ripped a picture off the wall that he'd made for me, then ripped it into pieces on the way out and drew a question mark on a piece of it, and left it on the front door of my building. Then, he called me and screamed at me while driving off. Then he called my parents and told them they could no longer be in contact. He spent the next few years bashing me to anyone who would listen, and made fun of everything I did on his web journal.

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7. Pillow Talk

I had fallen asleep at my ex’s apartment, on his pullout couch, while he went out with friends. I woke up at 1 AM and started to pack up my stuff to go home because I had work in the morning. Just as I was leaving, he came in and said, "Baby, you’re still here?" In a nice, sweet tone, I asked, "Where were you?" He then started yelling and calling me every name on the book.

I started crying, and he told me to shut up, but I couldn’t—I just kept crying. So, he pushed me onto the pullout, put one hand around my neck, and put a pillow on my face. I couldn’t breathe. A voice in my head told me to stay calm, so instead of struggling, I just lay there calmly. After about 30 seconds, he picked up the pillow, and I got out of there.

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8. Outplayed

I told my ex-husband I wanted a divorce. The next day when I went to work he packed our entire house into a U-Haul and put it in storage. Even with a court order he refused to give my stuff back. I left my marriage with the clothes on my back. Years later, he decided he was above the courts because he managed to get away with that.

He took our son across the country telling me that he was moving with one day's notice. He told me I couldn't do anything about it. Of course, I promptly hired a lawyer and we went back to court. He lost joint custody of our son but it took a year of fighting, chasing him down, and not seeing my son. He made my life miserable for years, and now I'm finally free of him.

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9. A Total Momma’s Girl

My girlfriend broke up with me because her mother told her to. Mind you, we were adults. She said I broke her heart, and told me she could never truly love me because I told her I didn't want to have girls. Then she said was a lesbian, but changed her mind and said she liked guys. Then she changed her mind again and said she was a lesbian, and on and on. The thing is, we dated for just six months. I've had toothbrushes for longer.

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10. We Were Singing Different Tunes

When I was in high school, I dated a guy who was a narcissist. We had a very tumultuous breakup. I moved away for college and came back a year later. We were friends. In the time I was gone, he had convinced himself that we were going to be getting back together. However, at that point, I’d had enough time away to realize how manipulative and cruel he was while we were together, so I was NOT about to go there.

He kept telling me he wouldn’t take no for an answer, and he’d convince me. I ignored him and did my own thing. I hooked up with a mutual friend that I had known way longer than my ex. It had nothing to do with him, but he took it personally. He found out and wrote a song about how much he hated me and wanted to get rid of me. It had my full name in it and everything.

He turned every single one of my friends against me, whether they thought I did anything wrong or not. He then stalked me for three years. He showed up at my mom's house, not realizing I didn’t live there anymore, stalked my current boyfriend, showed up at my jobs, and made multiple accounts to reach me on social media.

It was driving me insane, and half of it didn’t make any sense. I would have nightmares about him being in my house all the time. It was terrible. The worst part was that his mom was a lawyer. When I reached out to her to tell her about the stuff he was doing, her reaction was brutal. She told me it wasn’t her problem, but she hoped that we could work it out because she missed me and thought we were great together.

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11. Rough Ash

My ex-wife told me that I could leave my stuff in our house while I found somewhere else to stay. I assumed this was a goodwill effort to keep things as amicable as possible between the two of us. Nothing could have been further from the truth. When I went to get my stuff back, she had burned them all. So that was very rough.

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12. Smashed To Pieces

She dumped me at my own house on my birthday. When I started crying, her reaction was terrifying. She grabbed the closest object and threw it on the ground in pure anger. It shattered and some of the glass pieces hit my foot, which was cut and bleeding badly. I later found out she had thrown a blown-glass model of my first dog (which I cherished deeply).

Then she told all my friends that I cheated on her, and posted about it nonstop online.

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13. Roller Coaster Wretch

My ex called me one week after breaking up with me, asking what I was doing for the night. I had plans to go out to a Friday night MTG tournament with a friend. She proceeded to call me every 10 minutes. She said she was going to off herself and banged her head against the wall until she knocked herself out. I had to quit the tournament.

My friend had to drive me home so I could talk to her on the phone all night. I saw her the next day because she said she wanted to be sure we should have broken up. She broke up with me again because she didn't feel anything anymore. I was an emotional wreck, and she made it a rollercoaster of a relationship. She then ghosted me even though she said she wanted to be friends. I never got closure. It messed me up for a few years.

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14. A Dog’s Life

My ex euthanized our dog, then lied that he passed on from natural causes. The dog was old and blind and she had pleaded that she wanted a weekend with him. Then the next night she sent me a fake text saying that he passed during the night because he coughed and then just stopped breathing. That stuff wasn't true at all.

I found out later after finding and calling the vet she brought him to that she bad-mouthed me and said that the dog was suffering and needed to be put to sleep because he was in agony and I was supposedly letting him suffer. She had him put to sleep like the day she took him home. Never got to say goodbye due to that witch.

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15. You Just Don’t Understand

It was in high school, and we'd been dating for about three months. When I ended things, I tried taking her to a public place so she couldn't make a scene. However, I made the mistake of driving her there. She sensed it coming, and wouldn't get out of the car. We talked it through, she cried, begged, and did everything she could to deny it was over.

I'd been on both ends of breakups before, and I knew pretty well how to handle them. And yet, it became painfully obvious I wasn't going to accomplish anything. I drove her to her home and tried rationally to convince her it was over. She continued to argue and plead, and after perhaps 30 minutes in her driveway, I lost it and began yelling for her to get out of the car. That just made it worse.

She locked the door, refastened her seat belt, and stayed put. After another 10 minutes of sheer yelling at the top of my lungs, she finally caved and left. A few days and quite a bit of gossip later, I opened my locker to find a marble notebook inside. I opened the notebook to find essentially a diary, except that every entry is written to me. There was a note imploring me to read everything so that I would "understand". It was full of weird, borderline psychotic writing…until it got to the end.

In the end, there were a few entries that had been hastily written to make it look as though she had come to terms with everything. There were a few other things, but the craziest was when she came to my neighborhood at night to leave a couple of potatoes on my car drawn to look like people. They were smashed, and there was a note saying, "You're next". But that's the gist of it.

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16. My Couch Saved Me

I had been dating this girl for a year. I had an apartment, and she had a house. I had taken her home to meet the family, and we even attended a wedding together. After that, we decided we should move in together. So, I left my apartment, which I loved, and moved in with her. Things weren't working out. She wanted to fight all the time, and I found out the secret extra room she had was for hoarding.

I told her, "This isn't working, so I’m going to leave, and I'm breaking up with you. I’ll be gone by the end of today". I then made plans to move in with a platonic girlfriend to get out of there and buy me some time to apartment hunt properly, because I was working 14-hour days. Suddenly, my phone started acting funny. I took it in to get a new chip and found out she had been snooping on my phone.

While I was at the phone store, she called the girl I was going to move in with and threatened her, saying all kinds of crazy stuff. My friend then told me I couldn't move in with her because she didn't want my crazy ex around. My ex also called her friends and family and told them some stories. They rushed over and hid in the house, packed my stuff, and prepared to ambush me.

I parked outside and wouldn't go in. I called my friend and asked for moving help. My friend showed up, we opened the garage, and started grabbing my couch. Well, we were in for a surprise. Just then, the authorities showed up. They had been called on a "domestic violence" complaint. If my buddy and I weren't both holding each end of the same couch and looking confused, we would have been taken in.

Then, she and her family sprung out of the house and started making several allegations and veiled threats, and I just said, "I'm leaving". She ran over to me, started fake crying, and said, "We can work this out". I was like, "No thanks". I thanked the officers for being there to protect me from whatever those people were planning. I was lucky.

If she had gotten away with it, I would have gone to prison, lost my job, and my stuff—all over trying to break up like an adult.

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17. The Eye Of The Storm

My friend stormed out of the car after being dumped. Pretty standard stuff, but he actually walked right into the middle of one of the worst storms of the last decade in Illinois. He walked two entire miles through 80 plus miles-per-hour winds and arrived home with a black eye and a bloody nose from being hit with branches.

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18. They Were Fake

My coworker finally got divorced after two years of trying to work it out with her hubby. She had a disabled child that her ex refused to help with and pay child support. She decided to sell her engagement ring, diamond wedding band, and several pieces of jewelry her ex gave her over the years and that she was able to keep after the divorce. But that's when the dark truth came out...

Every gem in her rings was fake! Her jeweler told her that the gems had been recently swapped out for fakes. So the two years she was working it out with her ex, he was replacing all her jewelry with fakes.

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19. I Was Nice, She Was Not

In my 20s, I lived with a woman, and things hadn't been going well. It was time to break up. The place was leased by me, and she had no intention of staying there permanently. So, as a way of being nice, I told her I would stay at a friend's house for the rest of the month while she found a new place. That gave her about three weeks.

I went on an impromptu road trip with my buddy about two weeks into it, and when I got back, she let me know she had moved out while I was away, so about a week prior. When I got back to my apartment, I was stunned by what I saw. Everything I owned was piled up in the center of the living room. The apartment looked ready to rent to new tenants, except for the massive pile of furniture, collectibles, clothing, medicine, and food from the fridge and pantry.

And, since it was June, there were maggots on all the food. It took a week to sort through. I found my childhood teddy bear, ripped at his neck, with its head just dangling there, and its 25-year-old stuffing, bleeding out. I kept imagining her dragging heavy stuff around, carrying on with this for days. A year later, I ran into her at a show. She acted like she was happy to see me "after all this time" and as if nothing messed up had happened.

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20. Stop Me From Cheating

My first ex kept manipulating me into sleeping with him far more often than I wanted to by saying things like, "I can't control myself, so if you don't do it with me whenever I want, eventually I'm gonna end up cheating on you".After breaking up, he kept crawling back, but by that time, I wasn't taking any more of his mistreatment.

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21. Time For A "Talk"

When I was 16, I dated this guy who always seemed nice. We broke it off after two months—and the ex snapped. He called me a cheater (no cheating ever happened), and over the next two weeks contacted ALL my friends and tried to convince them that I was horrible, and tried to get them to help with a revenge plot he'd come up with.

This includes friends he'd never met who lived in other states. He wanted to have all the people he'd recruited to surround me in the hallway and "confront me". They would block me from leaving, yell insults, and tried to hurt me. He even called my mother and told her I had "committed infidelity" and that we were no longer together.

He then asked if he could come to my house and have a "little talk" with me, and asked my mom not to warn me ahead of time. She told him I was out of town and blocked his number. We ended up having to get school administration involved. After they told him if he tried anything else they would contact the authorities, he backed off.

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22. Cruel To The End

I had a crazy ex who smashed a salt lamp across my shin, shoved me down the stairs, kicked me full force in the jaw—causing it to pop ever since, cheated, lied, and used me for a few grand under false pretenses, and left me stuck with nowhere to go out in the freezing rain for eight hours.

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23. A Too-ugh Life

My mom went out and got braces put on my teeth that I didn't really need, knowing that my dad would have to pay half for them. She wanted to cause him financial heartache. She then proceeded to not take me to the Orthodontist for routine care because he wasn't paying his half, and I ended up having to pull the braces off my own teeth at the age of fourteen because they were falling off on their own.

It ended up rotting several of my adult molars too. As an adult, my mother's weird revenge plot has cost me thousands of dollars and given me some serious self-esteem issues over my smile, or should I say, my lack of teeth.

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24. He Had It All Figured Out

A day or two in, he started talking about how I was going to marry him, be a stay-at-home mom, have as many kids as I could physically produce, and talked about how isolated I would be. He never asked my opinion, but that was directly against my life plan and always has been. Still, he was determined to go through with it and would only let minor details be my choice. Thankfully got out unscathed.

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25. Friends Without Benefit

I had a friend who was a loner. I befriended her thinking I would be doing a good deed. She was chill, and we had a lot in common. Then she hit on me in a weird way over text. As respectfully as possible, I said I didn’t have feelings like that for her. She then threatened to tell people I forced myself on her if I didn’t give her "a chance".

I saved the entire conversation. That was the only thing that saved me when I ghosted her, and she went through with her threat.

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26. Facebook Official

My ex’s sister sent a Facebook message to all of his contacts on the day of our separation, including my family. Before we announced anything, her message was a vicious call to action. It demanded that everyone should immediately delete me, and that if I said anything about why we separated, I was lying. Basically, this created a lot of curious questions and a lot of laughs.

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27. Giving Everything Up

I have a couple of very serious medical conditions, and it led to me meeting a girl who went to another high school at the doctor’s office. Not knowing anything about her disease, I started dating her. I found out a little later that she had a super severe form of lupus. I didn't care. I was there for her unconditionally.

I was spending many nights in the hospital with her to the point where I got expelled due to my attendance. When things got worse, I was there every day and every night cuddled up against her. So what did she do to me? She broke up with me because she doesn't think I could handle the loss and exiled me from seeing her.

Note to everyone... ICU nurses do mean it when they say you AREN'T on the visitors' list. She passed on a month later. I still take flowers to her grave on the day of her birthday and the day of her passing, and her mother loves me. It took over two years to fall out of that deep deep depression, and girls I've dated since have criticized me because I take flowers out to her grave.

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28. He Couldn’t Process Our Breakup

I had an ex who changed the configuration of my laptop from Windows to Linux while we were together because he said Linux was better. I was in the middle of my college semester and had zero coding or programming experience. He also added administration settings on my laptop, so I had to enter a password to change the operating system back to Windows or to download anything.

I didn't notice I needed an administration password until after we had broken up, and I tried to return my laptop back to its regular state. He never gave me the password.

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29. Character Witness

My ex lifted a car and did 18 months in state prison. Based on what I was able to find online at the time, he had approached a car dealership and showed interest in buying a vehicle. They allowed him to take it home for a 24-hour demo. But he never returned it. They reported it stolen after they attempted to contact him multiple times to return it.

They then contacted the state authorities who put a BOLO out. They found him driving the vehicle on the other side of the state where he thought he wouldn’t be found. I found out about it when I got an unexpected phone call from the sheriff’s office. I asked why they were calling me about this and they said my ex told them I would vouch for him as a "character witness".

I told the officer over the phone that my ex was a lying sack of poop and shouldn’t be trusted. The officer laughed, thanked me for my time and hung up.

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30. A Case Of Baby Fever

My friend was the worst ex I've ever heard of. I still can't believe what she did. When her ex-boyfriend broke up with her, she wanted him back. But the way she went about it was…seriously deranged. She decided to pretend that she was pregnant with his baby. She printed out ultrasounds from the Internet and showed his entire family. He let her move in with him and they got back together.

She was trying to get pregnant since you know, they were expecting a baby in eight months. She eventually did get pregnant two months later.

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31. This Relationship Was Out The Window

I had an argument with my ex. She wouldn't listen to anything I was saying, so I went to a different room to cool off. I suddenly heard her opening the window. We were on the fourth floor, and it was -10°C outside. I wondered why she was opening the window, so I proceeded to the room and didn't find her in there. I almost had a heart attack. I ran towards the window, thinking she might have jumped. She then showed up from under the bed, saying, "I just wanted to see if you still love me".

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32. Karma Bites

We were living in a different state and my ex wanted to move back to her home state a year into our marriage. I really had nothing tying me down in that state so I was down for moving if that's what she really wanted. It had been about 6 months into the move and she cheated on me with a co-worker while I was working full-time and trying to finish up my bachelor's degree.

She told me that she didn't feel the same way about me and that she needed to move out to do some thinking. It was driving me insane trying to think about what could have gone wrong. I had a suspicion about that co-worker but I didn't have any proof. I checked our phone account online and sure enough they were talking every night after work while I was out working.

I followed her one time and sure enough she was going to this guy's house. I confronted her about it and she finally fessed up. So they continued dating after we finally divorced and I was able to move on with my life. Karma came for her in the end...She ends up getting pregnant by this guy and he disappears before their baby is even born.

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33. Totally Trashed

I used to live with my girlfriend on the third floor of an apartment building. Over time, she was becoming really irritable and lazy, and I decided it was time for us to break up. The lease had just ended, so I'd be free to go. I told her that we needed to break up. She ran at me, tackled, and we went smashing through the window and fell down 30-40 feet into the dumpster. Needless to say, she's in a mental hospital now.

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34. She Didn’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance

Three years ago, I had to move my dad in with me and my then-wife because his heart was failing. He had congestive heart failure and stage 4 cancer. I was his caretaker until the end. At my father’s memorial, my now ex-wife was severely disrespectful. She sat away from the group and sarcastically clapped while my sister gave her speech.

I gave my speech and took my ex to the side yard away from people. I asked her why she did that and why she would be so disrespectful at my father's memorial. I told her to leave. She leaned forward and put her thumbnail in my throat. She then told me that my father’s ghost came to her and put his hands on her shoulders.

She then claimed his ghost told her that he was sorry he didn’t raise me better, that I wasn’t good enough for her, and she should marry a real man. Of course, I didn’t believe what she was saying. I didn’t divorce her soon enough. She was extremely narcissistic and twisted my whole father’s passing into her being so hurt by all the difficulties.

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35. Got His Baby Back

I had a 1969 Dodge Power Wagon Pickup. No power steering, no power brakes, four-speed manual transmission 4x4. A beast of a truck and a beast to drive. When we divorced, my ex took my truck. The judge said since she was giving me custody of our 3 kids and I would need the family car, it seemed only right she got my truck. Three weeks after finalizing, she was going down a muddy road and ditched it.

She damaged some of the front suspension and called the local guy with a tow truck to get it towed back to where she was living. Since she needed a car, he told her he would trade her a Chevy Citation for the broken down truck which she agreed to. He then called me and sold me the truck for the cheapie price he originally had on the Citation.

I loved it. I had to spend a couple hundred on repairs but she was freaked and mad when she learned I got my truck back.

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36. A Bit Too Soon

So this friend of mine for years finally asked me out. I said yes, and before we even went on any dates, he texted me about his family going into the mountains for a week. He asked me to go and told me we can stay in the second cabin they have. We're like 14 years old at this point, and I honestly didn't think of him as a boyfriend yet.

I broke it off, and after three or four more frantic/needy texts, he says he can't live without me. Mind you, we hadn't even seen each other in person at this point since becoming "a couple," and it had only been like three days since it was official that we were together. He said he would off himself. Then, he claimed he was throwing up nonstop because he "can't have this end". Needless to say, I stopped all contact with him.

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37. Living In Horror

My ex was in the middle of coming after me, and I was able to run to my bathroom and lock the door. He actually banged a hole in the bathroom door with his fists, stuck his face through it, and said, " Here’s Johnny," like from The Shining. It was a very mentally and sometimes physically destructive relationship, and I'm glad I made it away from him safely.

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38.  Make Up Your Mind

After years of telling me she wanted a child, that she wanted to be a mom, that her life's dream was to be a stay-at-home-mom, my ex got pregnant with the first guy she slept with while we were getting divorced and put the kid up for adoption even before it was born. This was a long-standing thing with her.  She always wanted something and the second she got it—she immediately hated it.

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39. Crazy In Love

Back when I was 19, I had a girlfriend who was a couple of years younger than me who had some serious issues. I guess I have some too because we had multiple bad break-ups, but I kept taking her back. One time, we had just pulled in the driveway to my house, and I was fed up with her crazy so I tried to break it off. I’ll never forget what she did next.

She slammed the car in reverse and peeled out of the driveway, and took off down the road saying we had to talk about things. It was terrifying, and I caved for fear of my life. Flash forward to the Super Bowl, and I want to go home and party with friends and family. She apparently decided to rage about it, and as soon as I cracked open a cold one, she threw her keys at my face.

Thank God for my reaction speed. Needless to say, I told her to get out of my house, and literally had to drag her to her car while she was sitting on the ground trying to drag me back to her by my favorite belt (and broke it too!). A little later, she called me just to say that some guy had their way with her on the car’s dashboard. I just laughed.

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40. Our Relationship Was Left In Pieces

My ex cut up the teddy bear my mom got me when I was a newborn into 100 pieces. She regretted it and offered to have it repaired, which I declined. However, she then had it repaired anyway against my will. Then, when I finally kicked her out, she cut it up again and sent the remains to me in a box with a note that said she was pregnant—she wasn't.

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41. Success As Revenge

We were nearly homeless because my ex was out of a job. I began to build a business out of desperation. He would belittle me and the business concept, berate me, get in my face and scream at me that I had no idea what I was doing, etc. If you've ever built a business you know how imperative support is. I had a couple hundred in the bank when I left what had become a toxic household. But boy, I got my revenge in the best way possible.

My business went on to make $100,000 its first year, the same year we were divorced, and continues to thrive.

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42. Slow And Steady

I broke up with my boyfriend and he refused to leave my apartment. I slowly and carefully pushed him out inch by inch as he clung to furniture and doorways while he was crying and sobbing. I got him out, and closed and locked the door. He laid there crying and sobbing and knocking for at least two hours. I eventually just put in headphones and went to sleep.

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43. Mistaken Identity

My ex’s antics backfired on her. The week we broke up, I had a truck. However, she didn’t know that I got a new car, so she completely destroyed my neighbor's truck that looked similar to my previous vehicle. She smashed it, painted on it…and pooped on it. Of course, the authorities were called, and she was put in prison.

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44. Ain’t Your Alarm Clock

Two years after our divorce was final, my ex asked me if I would give him a five am wake-up call the next day because he had an early flight for a business trip. I said of course I wouldn’t do that as we aren’t married anymore and that he should buy an alarm clock. He overslept, missed his flight, and thought he was going to get fired. Then he called me to berate me for not calling to wake him up. He sure was a real delight!

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45. A Cross-Country Love

I woke up to my girlfriend at the time wailing on me. She had been drinking and was outside for an hour before finally following someone into my residence. I got up confused and was trying to figure out what was going on, but she swung at me so I moved out of the way. I immediately left the apartment and got the heck out of there.

When I came back, her hands were bloody, and that's when I realized she had smashed my computer and my cellphone. I had moved cross country to be with this girl so I didn't really know anyone. Luckily her neighbor (who was a friend) was a nice guy and let me use his phone to call my dad so I could explain. I really needed his help!

My dad, being the awesome guy he is, told me to get to the airport as soon as I could. Most dads would probably expect some sort of explanation, but, like I said, my dad is pretty awesome. He flew me home with no questions asked. That trip to the airport was pretty surreal; it was like I was just a zombie or something going through the motions.

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46. She Was A Nut Job

I dated this girl for two months. After the third or fourth week, she started accusing me of talking to "my other women," and kept questioning everything I did. I had no idea why she even had an idea like that when I spend 60% of my time at work and 40% at home playing games or watching Netflix. I was not social at all, nor did I text or chat with anyone.

However, she thought I was doing some shady stuff. Usually, I would just turn it into a joke, but as weeks went by, she started getting more aggressive by biting and scratching me. The day I broke up with her was the day she kneed me in the nuts. At first, we were talking about something, she hugged me really hard, and then, she tried to bite my shoulder, but I pushed her away. I thought we were joking around.

She went up to me, making me think we were going to hug and kneed me. I pushed her so hard that she lost her balance and landed on her behind. She started laughing, saying, "I never hit anyone in the balls before". I immediately looked at her intensely and said, "Get away from me!!" She saw how angry I was that she got up and walked away.

Then she tried to pick up a conversation with me through text the following day. I ignored her. She even wished me a happy birthday months later, trying to be nice to me. I still ignored her.

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47. Playing Victim

Prior to the divorce, my ex established a pattern of asking me to sleep with someone else which were usually threesomes with friends of his, mine, or ours. He got increasingly demanding and moody until I conceded, then reacted with extreme insecurity, jealousy, or possessiveness, and needed reassurance afterward until it happened again.

It destroyed me as well as all of my in-person friendships and I still don't understand why he needed to go through that psychodrama over and over or why I didn't leave sooner. He really just wanted an on-demand smut service and couldn't take no for an answer. And he also couldn't stand the thought of me having feelings for anyone other than him.

Yet he consistently thought I was waiting to cheat on him or abandon him. Shortly before I filed for divorce he broke into my apartment twice. Once because he "wasn't done talking" and then because the apartment complex director told him I couldn't legally kick him out of the apartment. He harassed me while I was sleeping, called the authorities and DCF because I blocked him on Messenger.

Then he chose to publicly throw a couple of punches and an energy drink at the TBI survivor he had chosen as my most recent sleeping partner, as if any of this was that person's fault. He harassed me again in the backyard while refusing to leave and told the authorities that I had put hands on him. I filed a restraining order and divorce on the same day.

Four months after our divorce was finalized and he was granted full custody of our three kids for every school vacation, he decided to move halfway across the country to live with his mother. She's still taking care of him. His kids aren't particularly interested in talking to him and haven't seen him in over a year. I offered to pay for him to stay here over the summer so he could see them, but he said nah.

This is a fair reflection of his level of engagement with his kids prior to divorce, too. I don't doubt that he loves them, but he rarely chooses to spend time with them, because it's stressful. The authorities, lawyers, office of child support employees, and the judge have all responded the same way to his endless "victim" spiel, with a tired sigh, a roll of the eyes.

He continues to think his situation is everyone else's fault and totally unique.

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48. Screaming Mad

A girl I broke up with in high school had serious mental issues. Just after we broke up, she went insane and "tried to kill herself," which resulted in her spending about a week in the local mental health facility. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of things. We had the same English class together, so when she came back to school she ignored me completely.

All of a sudden, she decided that ignoring me wasn’t good enough. She jumped up and started yelling at me right in the middle of class at the top of her lungs. She was yelling so loudly that it was almost impossible to hear, but what we could make out made almost no sense. It was incoherent rambling. She ran out of the class while still yelling at the top of her lungs.

Then she ran down the hall into the stairwell. We could still faintly hear her, and the principal was eventually brought into the issue. My ex was promptly expelled. I only really saw her once after that. A week or two later I was in the local mall when I noticed she was standing not too far from me with some of her friends.

She started talking very loudly about being glad she was rid of me. She started talking louder and louder, and well, you can probably see where this is going. Eventually, security asked her to be quiet but that was when she started yelling again. She ended up throwing a chair at the security, and the authorities had to drag her away.

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49. A Mile In No Shoes

My ex showed up at my house, banging on my bedroom window at 4 AM, completely intoxicated. She then promptly passed out, right outside of my window, in 20-degree weather, wearing only an oversized shirt and panties. She wasn’t even wearing shoes. Her car was also nowhere in sight because, apparently, she had cartwheeled it into a tree, jumped out of it, and ran a mile barefoot to my window.

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50. Hello From The Other Side

I went on holiday with my new girlfriend and my ex took over my Spotify and kept playing Adele. Send my love to your new lover. I don't have any social media at all and cut her off completely. I'm a difficult person to get at and Spotify was her only option. Thing is, we were driving to San Antonio bay just before sunset, literally one of the happiest times of my life.

Fast forward three years, we’re engaged and she's four months pregnant. It definitely didn't have the impact she expected.

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51. A Misguided Revenge

My ex followed me around for a year, and at every party would try and hook up with a handsome guy right in front of me to make me jealous. The one that sticks out the most was the time where she picked a guy (who admittedly looked pretty decent) for a dance. She spent the entire time looking straight at me with a glare.

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52. Meet The Parents

Two weeks after I dumped my girlfriend, she did something so twisted, I’ll never forget it. She showed up at my parents' house to introduce them to her new boyfriend since they were her "second family". We had dated for six months in high school, and she had met them twice before this. She also lived over two hours away. My mom said the guy was confused and seemed like she told him she was introducing him to her family.

So, she had taken the guy that she had just started dating on a two-hour trip to introduce him to people she barely knew without warning any of them that she was showing up. The next day, she complained to my sister that I hadn't called her about what she had done. It was the first crazy girl I dated but sadly, not the last.

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53. Right Under Their Noses

After my ex realized that I was never coming back to him, he told his mom that I had been stealing from the family the whole time we were together. Then he literally put it in writing that I had a key to his parents’ home and would sneak in and take his dad’s guns and his grandmother’s jewelry. And also that he had been powerless to stop me.

It was always his druggie sister. Always. Anyone with eyes could see it, but no one in the family wanted to believe it.

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54. Just Listening In…

After I broke up with him, he had the courtesy to let me know that "I could go do something else" while he wept in my living room. He finally agreed to leave, but when I hugged him goodbye he yelled, "I'LL MISS THIS," and started bawling. I had to bring him a box of tissues and pour him a glass of water so he could calm down. The worst part was that my mother was upstairs and heard the whole thing.

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55. Up In Smoke

A friend of mine broke up with a girl in a house that some friends and I used to rent in college. She proceeded to lock herself in his room, barred the door, and started screaming that she was going to hurt herself. Then, she started trying to set the room on fire but could only get a smolder going. By the time the authorities got there, the hallways had filled with smoke.

Officers broke into the room, and she threw a burning textbook at one of them before they tackled her.

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56. Magic Trick

My ex left me in the middle of the night. He just packed all his stuff and disappeared. Absolutely nothing led up to this. We didn’t have the best relationship, but we had a pretty good few weeks and a really good day that day. He shows back up hours later for something he forgot and asks if he could take my iPhone charger.

I still have abandonment issues to this very day and it has negatively impacted every relationship I’ve had since then because I haven’t been able to really let my guard completely down with anyone in fear of being suddenly left again. Romantic and platonic. Plus I now get extreme anxiety and start to freak out if I haven’t heard from them for a while. The icing on the cake?

While cleaning out the rest of his stuff weeks later, I found a list of all the things he was planning to take with him. On that list, was my turtle. My pet turtle. Not ours. Mine. That’s been with me since high school. Freaking psycho.

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57. When Exes Strike Back

I dated a girl very briefly in high school (we’ll call her Ex 1), and we remained friends. Later, I dated another girl for about a year (Ex 2). After I broke up with the second girl, she was very upset. A month later, Ex 1 and Ex 2 message me to inform me that they're both lesbians and that they're going to be together and wanted to make sure I was okay with that.

I said it was none of my business. This led to a very painful time for me. I really didn't care, but what I failed to consider was Ex 2's laundry list of emotional problems, and that Ex 2 would take virtually every opportunity to try to make me look bad. If Ex 1 and Ex 2 were together, Ex 2 would be at all our social activities.

This went on for a few months until it turned out Ex 2 wasn't really a lesbian. They broke up and she dated dudes ever since.

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58. Camp Out

My ex would follow me from my house, my job, etc., and I didn't even realize it for a long time. When I finally felt ready to get back out there, I went out with a guy to a concert. I didn't advertise this anywhere, nor mention it to anyone aside from my family, who hated him and wouldn’t have told him. He showed up at that concert and made a scene.

The next night he showed up at my bedroom window, begging me to let him in so we could talk. When I threatened to call the authorities, he punched my window in and then ran. After filing a report, the officers looked around to ensure the coast was clear before taking off. The following day, I was leaving for work and saw something dangling from my rain gutter.

Upon closer inspection, my blood ran cold. I saw that it was my ex's set of headphones. It had appeared they got caught on the gutter when he jumped down from the roof at some point. I got a ladder to retrieve them and found what was basically an abandoned campground on my roof, directly above my bedroom. I had no idea how long he was sleeping there, but it still gives me chills.

After finding that, I filed a restraining order, which he broke multiple times before leaving the state.

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59. Drama Llama

My ex continuously texted at all hours threatening to harm himself and I would rush over to do a welfare check and he'd open the door with a smile saying, "Hey, since you're here want to come in for a drink or sleep together?" It was a hard pass. He started upping it and I rushed over to see that he's nowhere to be found. I started to panic and called his parents and friends.

Turned out that he was just at a bar. Another time, he left a funeral playlist, a note and disappeared off the face of the earth for almost a day, then reappeared so inebriated that he almost ran into the house. After that, I just couldn't take it anymore, so the next time he started texting I warned him that I would call the authorities if he was being serious and that I wasn't coming to check.

He went 0-100 real quick about how he would be dead before they got here, etc. So I called them, and he ended up getting 5150ed for the night, became very upset with me the next day and demanded a ride and so on. I hung up, called his mom, and told her that it’s not my mess anymore then gave her the address. So then he just found new ways to torment me for a few years but that one stands out the most.

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60. Message Mayhem

When I broke up with him (because my mental health wasn’t doing great and he was making me feel emotionally smothered), I received over 30 texts, in the span of 10 minutes, after arriving back home. The messages were real "gems" too, and they ranged from straight-up threats to "I’m so sorry I’m just angry I really love you".

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61. Her Lies Didn’t Change The Inevitable

While we were on the verge of breaking up, she called my mom and went to lunch with her without me knowing, and lied to her about being pregnant and me being the father. They agreed to keep it a secret. We broke up a couple of weeks later and she told my mom that she had lost the baby because I pushed her down the stairs, which I had not.

Later on, her lies came out in the open—people are wild.

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62. Last Chance

My ex called me the night before his wedding to his second wife and asked me if it was really over. He said, "This was our last chance to be together. Are you sure it’s over?" Literally the night before he got remarried. I guess he didn’t think that me asking for the divorce, paying for it and filing the paperwork wasn’t the clue that it was over.

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63. The Crazy, Clingy Ex

I had a long-time girlfriend who I broke up with moved to New York from Virginia, where I was going for college. She wanted to go to a college near me in case I changed my mind. She cheated on me with someone very close to me, so that was not going to happen. But that’s not the craziest part. Her whole family moved with her as well.

Fast forward a year and a half later. I was married, living far from New York where she was still attending college at that point. She began messaging my wife, saying we had been sleeping together, including the night before. The problem is that we lived 500 miles away from her and I had not gone near there since being married.

My wife wasn’t going to just let her get away with accusing me of cheating. She messaged my ex back about how she was devastated and called the ex on the phone to get all the steamy details. At the end of the call, my wife informed my ex of where we lived now, and that I had been there for over a year, and then she hung up on her.

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64. I Was Missing Something, But It Wasn’t Her

I had met someone from campus. We bonded over having chronic pain and similar childhoods. We started hanging out more frequently and found myself missing her literally 24/7, but we were just friends. She began to tell people we were dating and would get really upset with me if I corrected her. It turned out I wasn’t missing her…but was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the codeine she was giving me every time we hung out.

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65. Surprise, Surprise

We were still in divorce proceedings when my ex moved in with a woman and her 2 kids whom he had only known for two months. Then, her mom moved in shortly thereafter with her 2 dogs. The house was pure chaos and my daughter slept in a closet when she went there, because the girlfriend’s kids got to take over the big bedroom. And surprise, surprise, the relationship crashed and burned within a year. Good riddance.

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66. Don’t Date Nice Guys

My ex was incredibly petty. Once, he got mad at me when I told him the correct way to pronounce "nihilism". I eventually broke up with him after two weeks because all he did was talk about himself, and told me my depression and self-harm made me "deeper" than all the other girls. When I ended it, he threatened to burn down the building we lived in

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67. The Imposter Ex

I had an ex-girlfriend who changed her Discord stuff to mine and harassed the creepiest guy at our college while pretending to be me. She even agreed to a "sleepover" at one point and then ghosted him at that. I had to deal with the guy threatening me until I found out what she did. I finally got the situation de-escalated. I apologized to him that he’d been harassed, explained that it wasn’t actually me but my insane ex-girlfriend, and offered to help him report his harassment. He declined, but the situation was handled.

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68. You’ve Don’t Got A Friend In Me

My ex-husband messages or calls me every November. Our divorce was finalized in November 2015. Last time I decided not to answer because I’m in a committed relationship now. But every year, like clockwork he would call. Our divorce was messy to say the least and after our final court hearing we stood outside for like an hour talking about his girlfriend problems.

I guess he just needed a friend but I don’t anymore. At least, I don’t need him as a friend.

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69. They Just Never Learn

In college (I was 19), I broke up with my boyfriend of over three years (he was 25), about three weeks into the fall term. That should’ve been the end of it, but he went one step further. Around six weeks earlier, we had gone to the beach for a day, and he called me two weeks after the breakup to tell me I owed him $10 for that day.

History then repeated itself when I left my ex-husband. Again, the divorce should’ve been the end of things, but, like my college boyfriend, he went one step further. About six weeks after my birthday, he decided to keep the birthday present he got me because I apparently "took it under false pretenses". Both breakups were worth the expense.

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70. Shear Madness

My ex cut a chunk of my hair out from underneath the first few layers. I noticed it when I was putting my extensions in, and there was a giant patch of short hair. At first, I thought it snapped from damage, but it was just in the one spot and was like a scissor had cut it. She also punched me in my sleep because she said I said another girl's name in my sleep. But it didn’t stop there.

Next, she told me my tattoo artist forced himself on her, so he and I got in a fight. She tried to gaslight me, saying she never said that. Eventually, she pressed charges claiming I was harming her when I never touched her. It got thrown out in court because she and her friend couldn’t keep their stories straight. That girl was just insane. We broke up over ten years ago, and she still asks my friends how I’m doing.

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71. Losing More Than A Lover

I was 14 or 15, and had broken up with my first "serious" boyfriend after he drank too much and vomited on himself, as well as all over my friend's yard. It may seem harsh, but I have very little tolerance for those who drink way beyond their limit while knowingly doing so. Anyways, about two weeks later I was confronted in a rather serious manner by my cousin.

She asked me if it was true, if I was planning on using hard substances. I was highly offended by this, but it turned out that the ex-boyfriend had spread the rumor to as many people as he could. I cleared this up with everyone I could, but ever since then, the relationship between my cousin and I has completely derailed. We were like the best of friends just weeks before that, and nowadays we rarely talk. That's not something I wanted to lose, or can easily get back.

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72. Stop Calling

At least one a year, my crazy ex calls me or emails me. I've blocked his number countless times. Last September he got an app and started texting/calling me from random numbers which I kept blocking. I never reciprocate any contact whatsoever. It has been six friggin years this coming October. I'm married. I really hate him.

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73. The Proof Was In The Text

While I was on a date with my now-wife, my ex filed a report claiming that I was stalking her. Once I got home from my date, officers were there, and we had a chat. I had texts from my ex claiming that she was going to cut my tires, call the authorities, file fake stalking charges, break into my apartment, and vandalize and possibly hurt me if I was there.

When they came to talk to me about stalking, I showed them these messages, and that was the end of the conversation. I told them I just wanted to be left alone. They told me they would come back if there were any more questions or concerns. To this day, I have never heard anything about that incident, so I assume the authorities then went and had a conversation with my ex.

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74. Double Trouble

The relationship was slipping for about 6 months, all the while I asked if there was someone and my ex assured me there wasn't. One night I get a call from a mutual friend's fiancé at the time telling me the texts and snaps she found on her husband-to-be's phone with my wife at the time. That's when it became official we were splitting.

I think they are still together but I can only imagine the lack of trust there between two known cheaters. The silver lining is about a month after I found out she was cheating and the official split, I got notified by a friend that she was riding around the city on one of those electric rental scooters and crashed into a curb and busted her teeth out. Thank you karma.

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75. Trapped And Afraid

I walked in the door and announced I was ready for the relationship to end. He was cool and said, "Okay....okay". I told him I should go and he offered to give me a ride home. I got into his car and he started driving; I lived like five minutes from his house. He drove past my street and told me we needed to go for a ride and talk more. My blood ran cold.

I asked him to pull over and let me out or turn around and take me home. He would do neither. So he kept driving me around crying and telling me he thinks I'm making a big mistake. I kept yelling at him that he was kidnapping me, until he finally pulled into a church parking lot and threw open the door. I got out of the car and walked home.

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76. His Other Half

A previous boyfriend took one of each pair of my patterned socks so I had no matching pairs. Diabolical.

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77. An Awkward Encounter

I told an ex-girlfriend that it wasn't working between us because she had become way too emotionally attached way too quickly. Two days later, she posted about ten pictures of me in my birthday suit on my mum's Facebook wall. Amusingly, my mum at this point still thought I was very innocent and hadn't even kissed a girl. It led to some really awkward conversations.

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78. She Was Out Of Line

I was living with my now ex-girlfriend. I was having an asthmatic episode, and she dropped me off at the ER, then went home and broke my phone. I got released in the middle of the night, and she wouldn’t answer her phone to pick me up. I had to get a taxi home, and then she wouldn’t answer the door. I had no house key and couldn’t get inside my own house. I had to mail the taxi driver a check. I was totally humiliated.

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79. Out Of Gas

My ex somehow canceled my Costco membership that I was still letting him mooch off of for the gas discount. Screw that guy.

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80. Vacation Vulture

A group of friends and I traveled to a resort city to catch up and relax for a long weekend. The weekend was fine. I covered the hotel and told everyone not to order room service because it would get charged to my card. Everyone left on time, except one guy who was hungover and begged me to let him sleep in. I wanted to beat traffic, so I told him that he would have to be gone by noon or hotel security would boot him out. I thought that was that—I was so wrong.

Two weeks later, I got a bill for around $3,200 for room service at the hotel. After everyone left, that guy started ordering all the booze he could drink and kept charging it to the room, pretending that he was me. Eventually, the staff asked him for ID and booted him out when they realized he wasn’t me, and all his credit cards got declined.

Since they still had to get paid, they pretended that his earlier purchases were valid and charged me.

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81. Need You Bank

My ex basically got everything: house, car, furniture. I just wanted to get out so I let him take everything. I just needed a clean break and it wasn't worth the headache anymore. Well, he definitely got what was coming to him. Two years later he was broke and homeless and wanted to get back together. Sorry, but no way.

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82. Too Little Too Late

I broke up with my long-distance boyfriend after dating for three years. He never showed an interest in getting to know my family or friends which was a huge factor in the decision to break up. Afterward, while he was still living in the same town as my parents, he would just show up for dinner, like he suddenly gave a hoot about them. They were freaked out and it was far too late for us anyway.

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83. He Couldn’t Let It Go

When I was 21, a guy I broke up with started leaving notes and little gifts at the back door to my parents' house. I threw them out, except for a mug with a ceramic cow at the bottom. I named it "ex-boyfriend" and would play "drown the ex-boyfriend". A few weeks later, I realized I had left a few things at his house and needed them back.

I arranged to go get them, and while I was there making awkward small talk, he blurted out, "I was going to lock the door behind you and force myself on you so you'd take me back".

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84. Price To Pay For Kindness

My ex ended our relationship after I said I would do whatever she wanted one night. I let her have the choice, whatever makes her happy. How dare I be thoughtful and considerate.

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85. A Dedicated Ex

Two years after I broke up with my ex-girlfriend and cut contact, I moved to another country and found a new girlfriend. My ex proceeded to send her an email every single day for a year. Then, she tried telling my girlfriend that I tried to cheat on her while I was home for Christmas. It was a five-page long email with every single detail. I don't know how she got her email since this was before social media and we lived in a different country.

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86. He Was Missing A Few Screws

When I was in college, my boyfriend and I broke up. He initiated the breakup, and I subsequently broke off contact because I felt that it was healthier for both of us. Suddenly, he wanted to get intimate with me, and I didn't want to. So, I refused politely once and then never answered another attempt at communication with him again. Well, he didn’t like that.

We had been broken up for a year when he reported me missing to campus security and the authorities because I stopped answering his constant calls and texts. When officers and campus security found me, they helped me get a restraining order against him.

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87. Sharing Is Caring

My ex-husband had Sunday dinners with my mom for many years after our divorce. He never had a real mom so I didn't mind sharing mine as long as I didn't have to be there.

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88. Apology Not Accepted

We were together for over two years, but she broke up with me over some regrettable things I said. After the phone call, I spent the next two months calling all of her friends, sisters, and parents in hysterics (around 20 people) and told them all the horrible things I said to her while we were together and how I was sorry for it. She was already insecure. I made things A LOT worse…

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89. Trapped And Alone

My then-boyfriend locked me in a hotel room for three days with no food, only tap water, because I had a five-minute conversation with an ex (who I ran into randomly). That was apparently "emotional cheating," so he felt entitled to force me to stay in that room for three nights, and threatened to beat me (and my ex) up if I tried to leave.

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90. How Not To Put Your Best Foot Forward

My first really serious boyfriend told my best friend he was planning on breaking up with me (and then was shocked when she told me beforehand?). He then asked me to meet him at the coffee shop where we first met at 10:00 at night. When we got there, I said, "You can't break up with me. I'm breaking up with you first!" His reaction shocked me.

Instead of being sad, he just said, "Okay," and THAT ticked me off, so I took off my shoes and took off running, barefoot, down the empty main street of my town. So I expect that I’m his "crazy-ex" story. He told me later, when we were no longer idiots in high school, that he thought I was preparing to smack him across the face with my sandal.

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91. A Lover’s Revenge

During the breakup, my ex of five years told me she was disgusted with me physically, and that was why we weren’t intimate anymore. Well, me being the irrational person I am, decided to prove to her in a ridiculous manner that I was in fact not disgusting. I began a year and a half long campaign to hook up with all of her past and present friends, and mostly succeeded.

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92. Stamp Of Disapproval

My ex changed the timestamps of photos with her to make it look like I was seeing her after we had broken up. She edited hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of messages to make it look like I was cheating on my new girlfriend. Furthermore, she accused one of my closest friends of harming her on a night that she had spent with me. Two and a half years into my new relationship, my girlfriend still didn’t fully trust me because of my ex’s nonsense.

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93. Date Crasher

About six months after the divorce I had moved into a small apartment and had a date over at my place. I hadn't heard from my ex in a few months and they were always very cordial. My date and I were watching a movie and cuddling on the couch when there's a knock at the door. I figured it was one of my friends and just opened it without checking first. It was my ex-wife.

She pushed the door open and came in and I had no idea how she found out where I lived as I had never told her. She comes in, livid that I have a date over. I told her it was none of her business but she threatened the girl I was with. The date ends up leaving after a few minutes of dealing with the witch. She then proceeds to pull a knife from my kitchen drawer and threatens to kill herself.

I was a decent person, I calmed her down and got the blade away. We talk in a calm manner for a while where she says she misses me, blah, blah. She then goes to use my bathroom which was in my bedroom. She didn't come back for a while so I go to check, fearing she did something stupid. Well, she did, but not anything harmful.

She is lying in my bed, touching herself. When I walk in I'm like, "What in the world!" She proceeds to say, "Don't you want this, don't you miss this?" When I said "no" she tried to throw herself at me. I resisted and pushed her away. This battle goes on for what seems like forever with her continuously trying to take my pants off and kiss me.

Finally she gets the hint and leaves. Craziest day ever.

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94. A Forgettable Encounter

I once was in a pretty nasty relationship. When we broke up, we'd both gotten this temp job that was scheduled way in advance. Soon, it was time for me to start my first day. I gird my loins, preparing for the worst, but what I got was something I couldn't prepare for. It happened while we were doing first-day introductions.

During introductions, she stared at me blankly and asked, "What's your name?" I was so confused, but I heard from a mutual friend that she was in a car crash and got temporary amnesia. Then I heard from another friend that she slipped in the rain. In fact, I heard a bunch of different stories and am forced to conclude that she pretended to have amnesia with multiple people in order to deal with our breakup.

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95. My Ex Was On A Power Trip

My ex came to my apartment while my now-husband was there. He rang the doorbell and admitted that he'd been watching us through the glass in the front door. He then proceeded to threaten to take out my husband after the confrontation. He also tried to get hired at our place of work. He got so far as the interview before I found out and called human resources to let them know he would be a threat to us. Somehow, that’s not the weirdest part.

A couple of weeks later, my mail went missing, and it turned out he had taken it and…paid my electric bill.

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96. Bad Acting

My ex-boyfriend called me and pretended that he had been hit by a car while we were talking. He even tried to voice the crowd that had gathered around his body. He wasn't fooling anyone. I saw right through that god-awful acting. But it was pretty funny listening to him mimic a woman's voice. Points for trying to be inclusive, I guess.

I think he was trying to get me to relive my trauma of being on the phone with a friend who actually had been hit by a car while we were talking. Which is a completely messed up in itself. Too bad he didn't realize that hearing the real thing is wildly different than hearing an idiot try to act it out. Dodged a bullet with that one.

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97. A Bizarre Breakup

I was going out with my ex for a few years, at which point we were living together. She was pretty bonkers so I decided to break up with her. After a few hours of crying I went out for a while (but not before tactically hiding my Xbox). I came home that evening to find that she had moved all her stuff out and gone to her mother’s, but that wasn’t all.

She had also taken all of the light bulbs and toilet paper so I couldn’t see what the heck was going on (nor could I use the toilet). I thought that was pretty weird but things were going to get a whole lot weirder. After I fumbled my way to bed and woke up in the morning, I found torn-up photos and other bits of things from our relationship ALL OVER the place with little messages written on the back.

This was pretty freaky so I cleaned them up and went to work. The next night rolled around. This time, I woke up halfway through the night and she was there, standing in the darkness of my bedroom doorway, silhouetted by one of my brand new lightbulbs in the hall. She just stood there and said, "Don't freak out". I freaked out.

She got into bed with me and said that she wanted to cuddle. I was still pretty freaked out and half asleep so I said, "I would rather not," and she just turned to me and said, "You've changed". She left and, thankfully, I pretty much never saw her again ever again. Not that it stopped me from changing all the locks to my place.

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98. Throwing It All Away

This girl I dated in high school for over a year was all kinds of manipulative and crazy. I finally broke up with her after she cheated on me. I decided to break up with her in her room at her house, so I could leave immediately. When I said it, she (without even thinking about it), grabbed her jewelry box and chucked it at her window.

The glass shattered, and she started grabbing chunks of broken glass and throwing them at me. Two hit me: one in the shoulder, one grazed my face. I ran from that house and made a point to avoid her at all costs at school. After she found out that I had told people about the encounter, she went even crazier.

She came to my house in the middle of the night with a friend, who threw an entire barbecue through my bedroom window. Needless to say, we got the authorities involved.

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99. He Went Berserk

My ex-boyfriend just absolutely lost it when I had enough and ended things. He took my dog when he went back to work, told my parents I was thinking of taking my own life, so he had to know where I was, and when I tried staying at either of my parents' places, my vehicle would get vandalized. He threatened to take me to the authorities because he had someone do something to his house and claimed it HAD to be me.

Meanwhile, I was at the bar on the night in question. He blackmailed me for my dog, threatening that he would have one of his friends off her, or that he was going to release her in traffic, and if she got hit, it would be my fault. But it got even more insane. My work had to create a plan where the building would go on lockdown should he show up as he was threatening them too. The final straw was when my brother left his phone out, and my ex was calling it non-stop.

I picked up and lost it. I found a place to rent and told nobody where it was, not even family.

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100.  Change The Name

My ex stalked me for five years. She would make fake social media profiles to try to follow me, which I would block endlessly, and she would try to find where I worked so she could talk to me. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. This lady cheated on me with seven different men in the two months after we were married. I kicked her butt to the curb and made her sign the court papers.

When we had our day in court she cried in the judge's office while I just wanted to get this stuff over with. After, my dad was with me and dealt her one final hit: He threw 50 dollars at her and told her to, "Change your last name". Good thing to do as she deserved it. I haven't seen or heard from her in about five years now. Thank goodness.

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101. Who’s Cheating On Who Now?

My now ex-girlfriend had recently moved due to getting a new job; I was still going to college and we were trying out the long-distance thing. She was visiting for a weekend, and we decided to fool around in my room. Afterward, she went to the bathroom to clean herself up. That’s when I got a surprising and unexpected phone call.

It was a guy who knew my name. He started yelling at me, demanding to know if I'd been with his new girlfriend. It turned out we were dating the same girl. Of course, I confronted her. She started screaming and crying, accusing me of cheating, so I turned away from her and told her to get out of my house. That’s when things went downhill.

She roared like she was possessed, grabbed a cell phone charger, and whipped me in the back with it. Before I could turn around, she jumped on my back and wrapped it around my neck. I was just flabbergasted. Since I am a 5'10" tall, 170 lb. male, and she was approx 5' tall and 100 lbs., I just picked her up and calmly tossed her out of my room.

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102. Hots For Mom

My ex-husband started dating his stepmom who has been in his life since he was eleven years old. YIKES. His stepmom and him are still together almost five years later. His stepmom confessed her love of my ex to his dad a few years ago and they have since divorced. The dad is now dating a twenty-one-year-old. It’s so messed up and I’m so grateful I left him when I did.

The father and my ex-husband don't speak. Basically everyone in his family hates my ex-husband and have cut him mostly out of their lives. It may have been a little grooming, but if you met my ex-husband, you'd see he's all-around a plotting, manipulative, crummy person so I think it was the other way around. He constantly talked during our marriage about how hot she was.

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103. Hall Monitor

My ex planted a dog camera facing my bed before leaving. It took me a week to realize she had put it there. She also rented the apartment directly beside mine and would monitor who was coming in and out of my place. She would then text my friends to see if we were "doing anything". They could see her perched on her window, watching who was approaching while they were walking up to my apartment.

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104. Bad Vibes

My ex and I stayed friendly after our breakup. He started dating someone new. After he introduced us, he asked me what I thought of her. I had a bad feeling about this girl and told him that he should be careful. The more I got to know her, the more I just had this sense that she’s bad news. He laughed it off, trying to say I was just saying that cause I still had feelings for him. I didn’t.

Few years later, he needs representation because she destroyed his business, his family, stalked and harassed him and even had him under investigation by the FBI. Took him a couple years to clean up the whole mess. I totally said I told you so.

Told you soPickpik

105. Gone Away

My ex-wife disowned my son. We both married young when I was in the army and she became pregnant six months into our marriage. I don’t think she connected with him at all after he was born. The most she did with him was take Instagram photoshoots where she painted herself as the #1 mommy.  When he turned there years old, I left the army.

A year after that, she ran for the hills. I remember it like it was yesterday. I sat down with her at a local restaurant to talk about divorce plans. We split all of our financials and material items down the middle. When we finally got to the custody issue (something I dreaded to discuss because fathers never gain custody in my area), she caught me off-guard with her shocking response: "I want absolutely no responsibility".

I asked her if she was sure, and she was. That one sentence hurt me more than anything else. My biological father wanted nothing to do with me and now I was seeing it happen with my own child. I received full custody and she remarried a year afterward. Her parents try their best to be a part of his life, but she herself still avoids him. He’s seven now and he's used to it.

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106. Get OUT

I think my boyfriend has been secretly drugging me for a while now and is gaslighting me. I know this is going to be hard to explain, but I have been having gaps in memory that I have been explaining away as being tired, or overworked, or whatever else. I was going to ask my boyfriend about it, since he is a doctor, but then I started to notice one chilling thing.

This seems to happen when I go on dates with him. I know it must be crazy, but I have woken up with dried…stuff…on my chest several times with no memory of the night before. I know it’s him, too. The first time it happened was when we were drinking and I wrote it off as too much to drink. But then there were a few times when I KNOW we were not drinking.

I decided to break up with him over it…only to suddenly find myself on a date with him a few days later. I had not yet had the conversation to break up with him, but planned on it next time I talked with him. I remember being at the restaurant, but nothing before that. My car and his car was in the parking lot too so I was confused. I decided to play along when he asked me to come back to his place.

After three days at his place I remembered everything so I was starting to trust him again. I was going to ask him about my memory issues when he randomly pointed to these red bumps on my thigh and said I should be treating those sores. I had completely forgotten they were there. These little red bumps that look like needle injections that got infected. I got so freaked out he mentioned them that I decided to leave.

The next day he came over to "Check on me" and I remember waking up in bed with no memories. Then today he met me for lunch saying we had agreed to meet. I never agreed to meet with him and would never want to now. He does this all the time, saying we agreed to do something I have no memory of. I am sick and tired of it and want him punished.

This has started to affect my work life as well as I start to get paranoid when I see a boss walk into a room after making eye contact with me. I get paranoid that they are about to fire me. My friends also state I have been acting strangely and out of character. I have even begun to lose sleep and sleepwalk when I do. Is there a way to have blood work done to see what kind of drug he is using on me?

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107. Rebutting In

I had a client who, despite being a large man, had been domestically mistreated by his much smaller wife throughout their marriage. After the divorce, she turned her anger on their son. He ran away one day to live with his dad, and we filed to restrict his ex's parenting time and ask for a permanent modification to the custody agreement.

At the permanent hearing, she denied hurting the child or my client in front of the child, said she never threatened anyone ever, and that she never made disparaging remarks about my client in front of their son, either. But there was one big thing she didn’t know and couldn’t tell her attorney. My client had recorded multiple instances of her doing all of these things.

So I called my client back up for rebuttal right after her testimony and played an audio recording of her screaming at my client, threatening to break his face in, and calling him a loser, all while the child could be heard in the background begging her to stop. I looked over at the other attorney and she had her face in her hands. We won.

Lawyers one detailPexels

108. Sign Your Work

My ex cheated on me while I was deployed. She wound up getting engaged to the guy. Before I changed duty stations, she reached out to say goodbye. We hooked up. While she was asleep, I found his underwear drawer and left a note that said, "Cheaters cheat. By the way, I didn’t use protection". I signed it. Hard not to think fondly on that memory…

Petty vengeancePixabay

109. Two For The Price Of One

This is a story about my brother's ex-wife. She did many terrible things during their marriage including instigating a fight with him over the phone, recording him getting mad, and then reporting him to the local authorities. At the end of the marriage, she stopped making payments on their house, and eventually, it was repossessed. They finally got divorced—but what she did next was the worst of all.

We were all shocked to learn she began dating our younger brother. They lasted for two years and we found out she would have secret dates at my mom’s house. Our brother told us after they broke up that she began giving him attention as young as sixteen years old. Our whole family is disgusted with her.

Worst in-lawsPexels

110. I’m Gonna Getcha

I was dating this girl who asked me to go to her ex’s wedding. We dated for a few months prior, but asking me to go to a wedding together felt like a serious commitment...I still accepted. I planned for the week off work and we went all out for this wedding. Half the time, I was trying to make the most of our time together, but she always went missing.

Fast forward to the reception. She made a scene in the most unstable and mentally sick way. In front of the groom, the bride, and everyone else, she said out loud: "I’m still in love with you. We literally have been sleeping together all week and I can't stop thinking about you". She quickly got escorted out after that.

The bride was clearly upset, but everyone tried to go about their business. As soon as I left, my "girlfriend" started completely ruining the hall and all the decorations, just throwing a fit on her way out. It was so embarrassing. I figured she was telling the truth since she was missing the whole time, but I’m pretty sure that everyone during the whole thing assumed this was too crazy to be real.

I definitely regret not seeing her true colors before, but when you work so much and try to date at the same time, you have very little time to get to really know some people. Time sort of flies by and you end up dating for a few months. Fast forward a month or two later...she got together with the groom and I’m pretty sure she has no regrets about wasting my time.

She probably doesn’t even feel bad about using me or even ruining that man’s marriage. This woman is seriously twisted.

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111. The Ceremony That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

My buddy had a wedding about 15 years ago. We thought he had found the perfect woman, she was so nice all the time, hot as a bonfire, and from what we understood from manly banter as well as her own jokes at the poker table, amazing in bed. Wedding time comes round, "Does anyone have a lawful objection?" From there, everything unraveled.

His dad objects because he hadn’t found a way to tell everyone that he cheated on my buddy’s mom decades ago. But get this: the "other woman" was the bride's mother. And guess what? The bride was my buddy's half-sister. Apparently, only the parents knew the truth. A DNA test later confirmed it. Now my friend is in therapy because "the best love and lay of my life was my sister!"

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112. So Much For The Language Of Love

A friend of mine divorced his then-wife because she would only speak French when her family would come over. She was Spanish, as was her family. To add, her family spoke English, French, and Spanish; he could only speak Spanish and English. She got bored of being married to him, her family basically talked smack about him while he was there, was only when he recorded a conversation while they were there and got it translated he found out what was going on.

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113. Thinking Outside The Box

I worked in family law in California for like two years before deciding I would be much, much happier if I changed career paths. In California, the obligation to pay spousal support (alimony) ends when the recipient begins cohabitation with a new romantic partner. This one guy came into our offices one day. To be fair, he was positively getting screwed by sending half his monthly payments in as alimony.

He told us he was aware of the rule about cohabitation and wanted me to argue his "point" in court. What was his point? You see, his ex was a narcissist. She was in love with, and had begun cohabitation, with herself. Her presence in her apartment should count the same as if there were a romantic partner there. He was bordering on begging me to take his money. I refused.

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114. I Gave Him My Notice

My boyfriend and I had decided to move in together, so I gave my notice to my landlord. I lived in a college town, so my landlord called the next person on the waiting list, and they signed a lease that day. My now ex-boyfriend was living in a rented room and hadn’t yet given his landlord his notice. When I saw him that night, he said he would have to call his landlord in the morning because it was the last day he could give notice without having to pay rent for the coming month.

We needed his portion of the rent, along with mine, to afford the new apartment. We got into an argument that night, and I decided to go home to cool off. The next day he was unreachable. It didn’t bother me too much, as I had a full day. I called him the next day, and he sounded fine. Then he waited almost a week—and then told me something that made my heart stop. He offhandedly mentioned that he didn’t call the landlord, so he couldn’t move in with me.

He knew I didn’t have the money to move into the new apartment on my own. I asked him why he didn’t call and give his notice that day, and he said it was because I didn’t seem too worried about it when I argued with him that night. I broke up with him right then and there. The funniest part was that he was SHOCKED. Two weeks later, I was living on the other side of the state and ignoring his letters.

Relationship issuesShutterstock

115. Revenge Is a Dish Best Served...Cheap?

Not me, but a guy I worked with 10 years ago. I worked with a guy who really stuck it to his ex-wife. When I met him he was working in a sporting goods store making 8 dollars an hour. He was not really like the other retail monkeys. He was older, well-groomed, well-spoken, clearly educated, all of that stuff.

One night after work he gets into his car, and I couldn't help but notice that it was a very very nice newish Jaguar. I asked him how he could afford it and he explained it to me: He had been an SVP at a well-known fortune 50 company, pulling in 300k with bonuses and stock options. He was married but the marriage fell apart and in the divorce, she demanded that she get the house and 40% of his wages.

He and his lawyer somehow managed to get her to agree to let him keep the house in exchange for 75% of his pay. As soon as she took the settlement he quit his job and looked for a minimum-wage job. He said to me that "She gets 75% of nearly nothing now". He had other money stashed away, so he didn't even need the job and he had the house and its equity as well.

Also, no kids, so there was no child support. Just alimony. She was furious of course, and tried to re-sue him but failed at least once and when she claimed that the settlement was not keeping her in the lifestyle she was accustomed to, he simply told the judge that the divorce was hurtful to him and he could no longer do his old job as a result.

At least at that time, she did not manage to get out of the deal. Not sure how it all ended. But I thought it was brilliant if not crazy-level spiteful. He was a good employee too...good with customers, showed up on time, no absenteeism or anything like that. He claimed he loved each payday because it reminded him how little she was getting.

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116. Whoops

My dad divorced his harpy of a second wife. She was furious about not having her sugar daddy anymore, so she proceeded to buy all kinds of stuff, thinking she'd stick him with the credit card bill one last time. But there was just one problem with her plan: She was not happy to hear she was the only one on the account. My dad had taken his name off their cards a few weeks ago.

The man is stressed with debt owed by using credit cardGetty Images

117. I’m Gonna Getcha

I was dating this girl who asked me to go to her ex’s wedding. We dated for a few months prior, but asking me to go to a wedding together felt like a serious commitment...I still accepted. I planned for the week off work and we went all out for this wedding. Half the time, I was trying to make the most of our time together, but she always went missing.

Fast forward to the reception. She made a scene in the most unstable and mentally sick way. In front of the groom, the bride, and everyone else, she said out loud: "I’m still in love with you. We literally have been sleeping together all week and I can't stop thinking about you". She quickly got escorted out after that.

The bride was clearly upset, but everyone tried to go about their business. As soon as I left, my "girlfriend" started completely ruining the hall and all the decorations, just throwing a fit on her way out. It was so embarrassing. I figured she was telling the truth since she was missing the whole time, but I’m pretty sure that everyone during the whole thing assumed this was too crazy to be real.

I definitely regret not seeing her true colors before, but when you work so much and try to date at the same time, you have very little time to get to really know some people. Time sort of flies by and you end up dating for a few months. Fast forward a month or two later...she got together with the groom and I’m pretty sure she has no regrets about wasting my time.

She probably doesn’t even feel bad about using me or even ruining that man’s marriage. This woman is seriously twisted.

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