Teens Are The Worst And These Stories Are Proof

November 25, 2022 | Samantha Henman

Teens Are The Worst And These Stories Are Proof

What do you get when you take fake bravado hiding terrible insecurity and add in some raging hormones? A seriously annoying teenager, that's what. These Redditors came together to share stories from their own terrible teen years or about the awful adolescents they've met, and they're utterly jaw-dropping. 

1. Loosen Things Up

I put laxatives in the school coffee urn (it was a small private school). I just happened to buy the most powerful OTC laxative available, and I used a lot. My favorite teacher drank a bit, had a severe allergic reaction, and had to be hospitalized. I got suspended for two weeks and had to see a psychologist to make sure I was "mentally fit to return to school". It wasn't one of my better ideas.

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2. Must Be Hard Being You

My roommate is an application essay reader for a university's business school. He was just telling me about a kid who wrote his "overcoming hardship" essay about how he wanted a boat because all of his friends had boats, and it was hard for him to be left out. Then he overcame his hardship when his parents bought a boat.

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3. I Saved His Life, And He Ruined Mine

My freshmen year roommate was a spoiled, rich kid. One night, halfway through the first semester, he got really inebriated at a house party and came back to our room. I was playing video games with some buddies in our room when he came in and face-planted right in front of us. We stopped playing and took him to his bed, laid him on his side, and pointed his face towards the garbage.

We sat there for a little bit, and he started throwing up blood and dry heaving. I was really worried, then he took a turn for the worst. He turned a whitish green color. I went to get my RA to call the paramedics. While my roommate was being brought out, the medic said to me, "You did the right thing. You may have just saved his life". But that's not the crazy part.

After getting his stomach pumped, the kid got mad at me because his parents found out. He broke some of my stuff and made my life a living nightmare.

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4. Moooove It

I grew up in Texas. I don't remember how the subject came up, but the general consensus was that you can't tip cows cause they're too big. There was that one guy, though, that swore that he and his cousins go out cow-tipping all the time. He was such a jerk about it we all went out one night to one of the local pastures just to prove him wrong. What a terrible mistake.

We snuck up to one and tried to push it over. It was like trying to move a brick wall. It ended up just getting angry and kicked out at us and caught me right in the chest. I ended up in the emergency room with two broken ribs. In the end, we proved that Lucas was full of it and you can't actually tip cows. Now we know.

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5. Victim Addict

This girl did a lot of weird stuff in high school but I think the turning point was when she broke down in class crying because her mum had passed on. The teacher let her out to get some air. A lad had lost his mum to cancer the year before and left the class with her to talk about it. We all felt terrible. We'd been kind of excluding her because she was weird and she smelled, but we had no idea that this was happening—then, her web of lies unraveled.

When we saw her introducing her mum to teachers at parents' evening we were freaking done. It's not your typical type of stupid for that age. She seemed to have just forgotten that she'd ever said that.

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6. Bending Is For Rubes

I saw some like a 12-year-old rich kid with his dad at Guitar Center buying like $6,000 worth of recording equipment. An item he was purchasing was on the lowest shelf. No big deal, right? Well, this kid proceeds to do the most spoiled thing ever. He snaps his fingers, pointed at it, and demanded an employee to “fetch this” for him.

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7. A Real Chore

My boyfriend's little half-sister has parents who are real hippies and live at least 40 minutes from the nearest little town, live on an eco-friendly farm that her parents built from scratch. Since the age of 10 (she's now 16), my boyfriend’s sister has been taking other’s people’s money. She started by taking coins when she was babysitting for neighbors.

She would eventually find out where stashes of cash were kept and took their money. The neighbors found out and told her parents. They were mortified but didn't do much apart from telling her off and make her promise she wouldn't do it again. Well, that was just the start of her nightmare. Little things like that happened and the same outcome. Then her late grandad left a share of $1 million to her mother, which was used to upgrade the farm buy more land.

She took money from her granddad’s wallet out of his pocket when his body was in the house when no one was looking. All she got was a bit of a talking to. She never has to give the money back because she spends it first. Her parents just say she has to work it off by doing chores. Now she's 16 and her latest antics have been taking her mother’s credit card to buy $800 of makeup online.

Her parents took the makeup from her, hoping to return it, but not before she replaced the makeup in the boxes with old bottles. They let her keep the makeup and still let her do all her school camps and parties, and the last I heard, her parents started a bed and breakfast and made a couple of grand, only to have it disappear.

She found out their internet banking passwords and transferred all her parents’ money to herself, then she spent it on food, friends, and makeup all in a weekend before they could find out. Her punishment? Working it off by doing chores. It makes me sick. I had to do chores for free! I'm still doing chores for free in my own house.

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8. Night Terror

I owned a pair of night vision goggles. They were the toy Splinter Cell ones. I came home inebriated, broke, and craving McDonald's. I knew my dad's credit card would be in his jeans on the floor at the base of his bed. Pfft, easy. I put on the night vision goggles and crawled into his room under the cover of darkness. While successfully obtaining the card, I hear him make a sudden move.

I slowly but surely stand up to see him with his eyes wide open, looking into the blackness. That's when I realized I'd made a horrible mistake. He jumped to his feet and charged me. I screamed like a wimp, "No dad, it's your son"! I then remembered that one of the selling features of the night vision goggles was a red LED ring that lit up when they were turned on. He had watched this assassin halo rise from the base of his bed and was ready to throw down. When he turned the light on, I just backed away in silence because I was too ashamed to explain that his idiot 18-year-old son was using a toy to take his money for McDonald's.

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9. These Ain’t Pringles

A kid in the year above me decided, mid class, that he needed to “drop the kids off at the pool.” The teacher wouldn’t let him go, so he decided to move to the back of the classroom and poop in an empty Pringles can. After dropping the log, he went around offering out “Pringles” to people. One kid stuck his hand in blind and got a handful of poop.

Somehow, it got worse. The kid was unsurprisingly ticked off, and threw the handful of poop at the kid who had the can. There was a whole fight and poop was thrown over the whole room. It all had to be industrially cleaned, and even after that, it still stank in there.

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10. Kid Comeuppance

I had a friend, Don, who had two kids who are a year apart in age. When his son turned 16, Don was ready to give him his pristine Volkswagen. Don babied his cars, so this Jetta, though about seven years old, was truly in like-new condition, a car that most normal 16-year-olds would be thrilled to have. I would have been thrilled to have it myself!

So Don tells his son the plan and his son goes, "Dad, I'm not driving that car. It's a seven-year-old Jetta. I need a new pickup truck". After taking a deep breath so he didn't throttle his son, Don simply said "Well, then, I'll drive the Jetta for one more year and then give it to your sister when she's 16. If you want a new pickup truck then you'll either have to ask your mother or buy one yourself".

Now Don and his kids' mother had been divorced for years and, through a series of bad choices, his ex-wife had barely two dimes to rub together. Don had gotten remarried to a woman who was a very successful and wealthy business owner. So his son (very mistakenly) thought that Don and his current wife would foot the bill for whatever the son wanted; how very wrong he was...

Fast forward a year, his daughter is very happily driving the Jetta. Don bought himself a brand new Mazda. His son has access to neither of them. In desperation, his son bought himself an awful $800 beater just to get himself to and from work. Lesson learned I hope. I applaud Don for sticking to his guns and teaching his kid not to be an entitled jerk at an early age.

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11. Only on Thursdays

A kid on the football team claimed to have been hazed by getting a broomstick shoved up his you-know-where. It made news all over the place. Coaches were fired, there was a huge investigation and everything. But that wasn’t even the craziest part. Eventually, they found out the kid made it all up just to spite some of the people he accused.

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12. Her Attitude Drove Him Mad

My best friend's sister had a birthday party. Since I had been friends with this guy for so long and I was practically considered family, I was invited. Her parents bought her a brand-new car for her birthday. When she got it, she threw the biggest fit I had ever seen. She started bawling her eyes out and moaning about how it was the wrong car and things like that.

She flat-out told her parents to take it back. Her dad looked her square in the eyes and told her, "Fine, you stupid, ungrateful little brat". He then got in the car and left. He came back to the house an hour or two later on a bus. The girl freaked out, asking where her new car was, and her dad told her that if she wanted a car, she would have to buy one with her own money.

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13. Industrial Peanut Butter

This girl Maggie would find someone new to latch onto every month or so. When she found someone she wanted to befriend, she would do crazy, over-the-top stuff in an attempt to impress them. At one point she was obsessed with a girl we'll call Kat. One day, Kat brought in a baggie of celery and was dipping it in a sauce cup of peanut butter. Maggie WOULDN'T STOP staring and basically watched Kat consume every last piece of celery…

Sure enough, the very next day, Maggie comes into class with, I kid you not, like six bunches of celery stalks, and a family-sized tub of peanut butter. She just eats it ALL day, with the biggest smile on her face, all while staring at Kat from across the room. This is a lighter example of the many off-the-wall things Maggie has done for her transient idol of the month, but the endless bushels of celery is just something I'll never forget.

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14. Toilet Money

When I was 17, I worked as a teller in a garage selling fuel. The local chip shop owner (fast food outlet) had a son who didn't work, but would turn up in his awesome white Lotus Esprit, the exact same car from Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. He would come in, put $20 of fuel in, then open his wallet, finger through a massive wedge of 50s, say, "Oh I have nothing smaller".

He’d take the one $20 bill he had out and fling it to the floor with his fingertips like it was a bit of dirty toilet paper that disgusted him. It was just such an awful display. And no wonder: His father literally spat at me once for suggesting his son get a job. But then there was a twist ending. Bumped into the son years later: Karma played out, and he became an addict.

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15. The Cobra Charmer

When I was in high school, our hick town school had a “gang” called the Cobras who would spray paint “Cobras” on school property, write it on desks, in the bathrooms, basically everywhere. It was dumb and many of the students had a good idea who was a part of this “gang,” but the teachers didn’t. Anyway, for the yearbook every year, the principal would use the announcement system to call for individual groups like the sports teams or drama club to have their group pics taken. This happened throughout the year.

One day, they called down the Cobras for a school photo for the yearbook, to try and figure out who they were. They caught almost half the students who were defacing school property because they actually were dumb enough to show up for the “group photo.”

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16. Dad The Wimp?

My employer's two sons have everything paid for so they never have to worry about the cost. They both have everything they want and need. One of them likes expensive shiny things and he's always thrown fits until he got what he wanted. For Christmas, he wanted a $1,200 55" Samsung curved television, even after his dad said that his budget is $1,000.

He threw fits and got mad at his dad and his dad, being the wimp he is, apologized and ended up buying it for him anyway. The son is 21 years old.

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17. Beauty School Drop Out

I was friends with a girl who never had a job at 20 years old. She dropped out of high school at 15, and at that age, she wanted a car. The Jeep she got wasn't good enough, so at 16 years old, she got a new car. She had a gas card from her parents so she could get gas whenever she wanted. She also had a $100 weekly allowance.

She found out that she could use the gas card at the bank to get cash out and did that for a few months until her parents found out. But that didn't stop them from enabling her. When they paid for her $20,000 tuition at cosmetology school, she dropped out. They then paid for her to go to a nursing trade school. She dropped out again. She decided not to go to college and still lived at home.

Her family would make dinner every night, but she never ate at home. Instead, she always had fast food. As a result, she gained weight, which made her think that she needed to buy a new closet full of clothes.  She screamed and fussed all she could until she got what she wanted. Her mother was the sweetest woman and always tried to make her happy.

However, when she didn't get more money beyond her weekly allowance, things got dark...She would hit her mom and call her names. One day, I witnessed her throwing a large soft drink at her mom's face because she wanted a tattoo, and her mom wouldn't fork up the money. Never in my life had I ever seen a lazier, more spoiled person in my life.

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18. Worse Than Expected

This kid was doing pull-ups on a door frame in our woodshop and some of his friends thought it would be funny to place a pipe bender under his butt. When he finished his pull-ups and dropped off the frame, the pipe bender went straight up his butt and tore it open. The kid didn't graduate because he spent so much time in the ER. Now he has to poop in a bag.

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19. Torched

At my school, we had this class where you got to work with metal. I got put in it as a freshman, since they sort of have five main electives you can take, and we had to try all of them at least once. In order to work in the workshop, we had to pass this basic safety test, but I didn't want to take it. I didn't show up on the day of our safety training/test, and the next day, since my teachers were REALLY irresponsible, they just assumed I took the test and let me in.

I basically spent every day of class around big, heavy, dangerous equipment that a barely trained freshman should REALLY not be operating. Especially me, since I had zero clue what to do the whole time. I basically just observed what everyone else was doing, and tried to copy it, often messing it up or breaking something once or twice.

I haven't even gotten to the most dangerous part yet. Part of the workshop was welding. Now, I had no clue how to ignite the torch, and apparently, if you did it wrong, you could cause the tanks that supply the gas to explode and cause life-threatening injuries. I usually had either the teacher or someone else ignite it, but when they were unavailable, I tried a few times and managed to do it.

But from the sounds my blowtorch was making, I think I almost caused a serious accident at least once. Then, for whatever reason, I got selected to do something called arc welding, which uses high voltage or something. I have no clue, because once again I had no idea what was going on, but from the look of all the protective gear they gave me, it was probably even more dangerous.

At least with the blowtorch thing, I had a vague idea of what to do, but not with the arc welding thing. In the end, I have no idea how I passed that class, no clue how I never got blamed for all the dangerous reckless things I did, no clue just how many times I came close to seriously hurting someone, and I sure don't know how I never even injured myself once!

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20. Caught Red Handed

When I was a sophomore at an all-girls boarding school, someone had taken my package from the school post office in a string of package thefts over the course of a week or so. My package was full of knitting supplies that I needed for a class to finish my final project. One day, I saw this notoriously weird girl knitting in the hallway. At first, I actually thought it was cool she picked up knitting.

But then I made a chilling realization. They were the same needles and yarn I had ordered. I went to her room and knocked on the door. The doors had fogged windows and old school latches without locks. It was typical to tap the latch and lean your head into each other’s rooms. As I looked in, I saw another project with the other yarn I ordered!

I came back later and she was there. I simply said, "Hey, look, I know you took my package. I really need it for class so if you give it back, I won't tell anyone you took it." She burst into tears and asked how dare I accuse her and that some friend sent her those knitting supplies. So, I said I'd have to report her and left.

During study hall that night, one of the dorm parents came to my room. She told me I was in trouble for accusing the girl of stealing and that I should be ashamed and apologize. I told her I was sure she had been responsible for stealing all the packages. I put together all my order info with photos and told them I saw her with all of it.

The next day, we were called to an all-school emergency assembly. The school dean announced that right then, while everyone was accounted for, they were doing "random" room searches. They searched her room first and found EVERYTHING. I mean every single thing that people were missing for the two years she was there.

She was hauled off to a locked room in the health center and sent away. The faculty had to pack her things and try to recover taken items, but most of it got thrown out. She had a collection of “toys” that she’d taken. One of the most remarkable finds was the credit card that belonged to another girl’s dad. She’d lifted it from his wallet over parents’ weekend.

She even took my Reuben sandwich from the hall fridge one time—this still ticks me off. She had a lot of compulsive disorders, apparently. Her roommate mysteriously left the school over Thanksgiving break and no one ever heard from her again. I'm pretty sure we know why now.

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21. Snobette Snootyson

I was on my high school's newspaper staff and we always did a section on cars in the parking lot, where we highlighted one old beater and one super nice car and then interviewed both owners. Everyone loved it—and don't worry, the owners of the beaters were always super excited to be a part of it and they always had the best stories.

So we pick Snobette Snootyson because she's got a nice brand new Range Rover or something, and after I'm the last to call "not it" I'm forced to interview her. I asked her what was her favorite feature of the car? "Well one time I forgot to put it in park and it started rolling away, but it didn't roll that fast so probably that. Or my G-Eazy bumper sticker".

Then I asked, “Got any funny stories about your car?” "Yeah!” she exclaimed.  “When my parents first got me it, I was making faces at my friend and turned left when it wasn't a green arrow and totaled it. So they got me the same one again!" I managed to sneak into the article: "Snootyson has managed to keep her car undamaged since October". It was January.

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22. Daddy’s Dime

In college, I knew a girl whose daddy was some big shot banker or something. He made enough that the wife didn't have to work and three kids could go to expensive schools. This girl didn't have to work during college, had all her supplies and lodging paid for by daddy, and got to fly home every time there was a three-day weekend. All on her father's dime.

I once had to borrow $10 from her to pay for some food when we went out to eat. I promised I would pay her back once I got my check next week—at the time, I worked for a cafe. She seemed cool with it. Turns out she was not cool with it, and promptly bashed me on her blog and to all her other friends calling me a bad person and a thief because I borrowed $10.

I paid her back. I brought up the blog posts and she was very embarrassed. The last I heard of her she's living in a daddy-paid Manhattan apartment working part-time as a receptionist at a yoga studio. She started a new blog about "the struggle".

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23. Can’t Take The Heat

One time this kid I was friends with brought this hot sauce that had 1.5million Scoville units. It hotter than oblivion. He brought it to school and let a bunch of kids try it during lunch. I mean, at least 30 kids. Some kids really started freaking out because that stuff is ridiculously hot, like you’re supposed to add one or two drops to a big batch of chili to make it spicy.

Some were trying to show off. They took a swig of it and ended up vomiting everywhere from the heat/panic. Multiple kids had to go to the nurse and be sent home because they way overdid it, although I think most just really had no idea what a Scoville unit was or that they made hot sauce that was that ridiculously hot. It was chaos. I tried it as well, a dime-size amount, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything but chugging milk.

And I’m really good with spicy foods! Finally, the principal came on the intercom and said, “Whoever brought the hot sauce, please. Just stop.” My friend got into some pretty big trouble for that one.

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24.  An Unreal Deal

When my oldest child was 15, she was really into this “glamour look”. She loved anything and everything that was hot pink, black and lacey. I scrimped and saved and bought her a whole new bedroom ensemble for Christmas that was the exact look she had been drooling over at the stores with her friends. I had kept it hidden, or so I thought.

One day she not-so-casually said something to the effect of, "I'm really looking forward to Christmas. I can't wait to get an awesome digital camera. Can you BELIEVE some people get their kids BEDROOM STUFF for Christmas? That would be the WORST Christmas EVER. ALL I want is a digital camera. I'm not even picky!!!" She stared at me intently the entire time she was saying this. I was heartbroken and furious.

We barely had any money to begin with, which she was well aware of. She was our foster child at the time and had a ton of emotional trauma and attachment issues. Caring for her was a huge strain on us, but we loved her regardless. It was obvious she had found her gifts. I returned everything the next day and got her a very cheap digital camera that was on sale for about $20.

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25. I Had To Put In My Two Bits

I used to work at Apple. I had a mom with two kids come into the store, which was located in a wealthy neighborhood, to buy a Christmas present for the dad. All of a sudden, the daughter, who was about 17, said, "If daddy gets a new laptop, I should get a new iPod touch because mine is old". So she picked out an iPod touch.

Then the son, who was about 15, lost his marbles because his sister got an iPod and he didn't. So he got an iPod touch. Then they tacked on accessories, and the mom dropped at least $1000 total for those kids. It wasn't even their Xmas present. They didn't bother to say,  “Thanks, mom”. I had to TELL those spoiled brats to thank their mother. I literally said, "This is the part where you say thank you, mom".

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26. Pre-Game

I ate an extremely strong edible two hours before playing in the senior vs. staff basketball game in front of the entire school. It didn't do too bad but it was still the highest that I have ever been. I mean I literally had moments where pretty much all I could see looked like TV static. It was scary but we ended up winning and I never got in trouble for it.

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27. Signed Vandalism

This one dude made a stencil of his very...unique...self-designed tattoo. Then spray painted said tattoo stencil on the front of the school building, along with some other graffiti for good measure. Then he went to the administration and claimed that someone "saw his tattoo on Facebook, made a stencil from it and was trying to frame him."

No one bought it. No one is that dumb. He was suspended, two days before his graduation.

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28. The Wrong Brew

On the weekends we would wait until about ten at night and we would go "garage hopping". We would drive through nicer neighborhoods looking for anyone at that point who had left their garage open. We would take a peek to see if there was an outdoor fridge in the garage, and if so, we would sneak in to see if there were any brewskis. The biggest score I ever had was a full unopened case. I thought I was going to be the hero of the party that night. We get back to the house of our waiting friends with our prize and one of them tells me I'm an idiot.

That's when I realized how stupid I was. It was Sharps 0%.

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29. You’re Ruining My Spray Tan

A girl I knew in college was the spoiled brat of divorced parents. Her stepmother couldn't have kids and married the girl’s father when the girl was a toddler, so stepmom spoiled "her baby" rotten. There was the typical paying for her school expenses including college tuition and whatnot, but the summer before her junior year she decides she wants a car.

Her dad says no. She throws a tantrum. Her stepmom buys her a Lexus. This girl gets home from one of her regular spray tans and discovers the new Lexus in the driveway of the house she's subletting for the summer is now hers. End of the story right? Not by a long shot. You see, the Lexus isn't the one that she wants.

She throws a freaking monstrous tantrum on the front lawn because that's not the car she wanted; she wanted a red car in some other model. Her parents are trying to calm her down and she's cried so many tears, she's ruined her spray tan. Her dad and stepmom take the car back. She continues to whine about not having a car, how she needs a car, that she's a freaking adult who needs to drive to do anything fun.

Initially, we thought they took it away for her ungratefulness. A week later her dad calls; he just happened to be driving around and saw a car for sale in the make and model she wanted...only it was white. This garbage human has another meltdown, ruining her second spray tan she got to fix the first one. Why now? Because she felt left out of the finding and purchasing of her car because they were doing everything without her.

Her stepmom came up again and took her shopping for a car. It took the girl the entire weekend. Then, after her stepmom left, she had the gall to complain that they clearly didn't love her because they just didn't know what she wanted right off the bat. She was also 19 and dating a married doctor from the local hospital. I just blatantly avoided her after that summer.

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30. What Happens Later?

I went to Catholic school and during mass, this girl sitting next to me didn’t fully get up, but just sort of squatted and started peeing in the pew next to me (girls wore skirts as part of their uniform). She left the school shortly after. Also, had a kid who would get a nice big ball of saliva in his mouth then let it drop out of his mouth into his shirt pocket. He said he was “saving it for later.” Catholic school is weird, folks.

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31. Insta-Hilarious

There was a girl at my college with a big-shot oil daddy and she was the most insufferable human I've ever witnessed. She tried to brand herself as this super environmentalist hippy but used all of dad's oil money for weekly trips across the country and the globe in private jets with insane wardrobes and fancy dinners.

I've never seen someone use money so frivolously while constantly on social media preaching about all the earth has given her or whatever. Seriously her Instagram posts are hilarious: "As I am soaked in the bright and glorious sun I am moved with gratitude. I give thanks to every part of my body, for warrioring me through life and for simply being. Thank you water you are life, may we protect you as you do for us. For the past week I have been deep in the shadow... what a darker tone this is compared to the rose gold clouds I normally drift in. I've leaned into the unknown, and I've chosen to embrace it all.... pains... grace.... peace... I am blissful".

They just go on and on like that. Last I heard she "somehow" convinced the school to let her do a "special" graduation program in Hawaii and now her dad pays for her to live a "gypset" lifestyle which if I understand correctly is just flying all over the world on insane dime doing whatever you want?

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32. This Hat Stinks

First day of high school (UK—age 11), kid found a pair of badly soiled boxer shorts in an outdoor bin that had clearly been there all summer. I'm talking caked in a 1/4-inch layer of dried poop. Proceeded to put them on his head and start chasing groups of people around the playground...not the best first impression to make when starting a new school.

The poor guy never really pulled himself out of the social rut he dived headfirst into that day.

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33. Extra Pepper

Two kids from high school stick out like crazy in my mind: During middle school, one odd kid apparently thought he could sneakily touch himself under his desk in the middle of class. Teacher noticed not long after, it was a little awkward for her. During high school, a different idiot kid decided to do his own senior prank by putting a can of pepper spray in the school’s ventilation system.

The pepper spray ended up being spread throughout most of the school’s main buildings. We had to be evacuated and some people had to get medical attention.

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34. Saving That One

I knew this kid who smelled terrible. He'd walk in a room and this disgusting stench would follow him, like some sort of cloud of garbage scented air. If you were in class with him it would permeate the entire room. Yet somehow, this kid managed to get even more gross. One time one of the teachers found a toenail in his locker. He had some sort of fungal infection on his feet and one of his nails fell off, which he then proceeded to take and save so he could send it to a family member.

Quite possibly the most disgusting and weird event I've ever witnessed.

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35. Problem Child

It was my friend's 15th birthday, and her little sister was the most spoiled brat I had ever met. We went out to dinner with her grandparents. Her grandparents hand her 13-year-old sister a present. She opened it, saying how it was so much better than anything my friend got for her birthday—and it was. Her grandparents didn't even bother getting my friend a present.

The little sister picked the restaurant and made fun of my friend for being overweight. My friend was forced to sit at the end of the table, away from everyone else, so they could talk about and coo over her sister. When we got home, we sat in the living room. The little sister got in the middle of the floor and started showing us her acrobat tricks.

I completely ignored her and started talking to my friend about other birthday plans when my friend made this frantic hand gesture for me to stop. Suddenly, her grandparents interrupted and said,  "Um, do you know that little sister is talking and showing us a routine?” I replied, "I don't really care. I'm not her friend". Her whole family stared at me in shock.

Her grandfather started huffing, and her grandma told me that I was rude. I gave my friend her present and walked out. Her parents gave her a TracFone for Christmas—she had to pay for minutes. The only reason her parents gave her one was because they had left her at school after choir practice about ten or eleven times. She had to wait for hours because she had no cell.

Meanwhile, her sister got a smartphone for no reason, paid for by her parents. I couldn’t stand that child.

Worst Birthdays EverShutterstock

36. Watch Your Back

There was a girl I went to school with from elementary through high school. I never really talked to her as she was extremely emotional, and any time I'd watch someone interact with her she'd either break down or scream. I was always nice in passing and would wave then put my head down. I managed to go years without getting stuck with her in one of my classes.

Freaking YEARS by pure luck not getting stuck in a class with her. Until my senior year—and it was worse than I'd ever imagined. Now mind you, her sophomore year she went missing and a huge search was put out trying to locate her. We all knew she was fine and about a week later she was found outside of a grocery store begging for money with her much older boyfriend.

She'd also spent years wearing a tail and ears to school because that's just "who I am on the inside." Overall... weird behavior that I can now attribute to neglect at home (didn't find that out until after HS). So senior year rolls around and I don't only have a class with her...I'm sitting right next to her in history. Well dang.

First day and she's already set a standard for how bad this semester is about to be. "Oh, my boyfriend bought me a laptop but I hide it from my mom." "I've done it with over 30 guys. All older too!" Stuff like that. Well, one day the teacher pulls me aside because he's noticed she doesn't overreact around me. The convo went like this:

Teacher: "Do you know X really well?" Me: "No, no I don't actually." Teacher: "Okay but you know she's...got some mental stuff going on, right?" Me: "Uh yeah I mean I guess." Teacher: "She threatened to stab another student yesterday after class so if you could just sit with her next semester as well, I'd appreciate it." Me: ......

It did get reported to staff, but apparently her mom caused a big scene at the office and everyone decided to drop it since the kid being threatened was the only witness. She was freaking insane, but at least there was a silver lining: The teacher passed me with an A just for grading papers and listening/babysitting her from then on out. I know absolutely nothing about WWII now but far, far too much about that girl’s life.

That Kid In School FactsShutterstock

37. I Miss My Butler

I work at a high-end buffet in Vegas. You get sat, are told to wait, I come up and greet you, explain our offerings, go over the drink menu, take a drink order, and then inform you to help yourself while I get the drinks. As I step away one time, I hear a kid about 15 or so say, "So I have to get my own food?" Mom said yes.

Kid said, "I told you we should have brought Michael with us". I didn't understand who Michael was at first. When I realized the truth, I almost burst out laughing. Mom said, "NO, I told you before, we're not bringing our butler on vacation". I was five feet away and this was clear as day. I was stunned—that kid was 100% not joking one bit.

He really wanted his family butler to be on vacation so he wouldn't have to walk to a buffet and get his own food. I'm not insulting the little dude for having one baller lifestyle, but holy balls that was an insane conversation to hear.

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

38. The Collector

In high school, we had a computer class that was in a brand-new computer lab. So new that they hadn't had time to set up all of the "keep kids from doing stupid stuff" settings and software. Now, this was one of the classes where each computer station was a module for some different software. We all moved around the class quite a bit.

One kid figured out he had free reign of the internet and started downloading a metric ton of smut, but he only did it on one module. Maybe because he thought it would mask who it was, maybe just to keep it all consolidated, idk. But the teacher figures out that someone had been downloading smut on this one computer, so she does the logical thing and talks to some of the better students in the class.

Ends up giving them extra credit if they can set up a webcam behind the module to catch whoever is doing it. In the end, they catch the kid red-handed with over 10 gigs of smut and a stack of DVDs he was burning it onto.

Still Mad About FactsShutterstock

39. She Was Creaming Mad

There was a girl I went to school with who was really extreme. Her stepfather was incredibly rich. He paid for her car, expenses, and the massive parties she always wanted to throw. At home, she had a bedroom with a separate study, a bathroom with a jacuzzi and power shower, and a gym all to herself. Yet, she would constantly complain about her stepdad, calling him stingy.

When we were in boarding school together, she used to come to my room every night with this special moisturizer for her back and get me to put it on for her. She had pretty bad acne on her shoulders, and the cream stank like rotten cream cheese. One night, she came into my room when I was already in bed and expected me to put on the cream.

She knew that after putting it on, I would have to get up and go wash my hands. Since I was in bed already, my roommate offered to do it. The girl went totally mental. She screamed at me for a good twenty minutes about how selfish I was, and on her way out of the room, she knocked all my books off the shelves, even breaking some ornaments I had amongst them.

Spoiled rottenShutterstock

40. Good Gesture, Wrong Approach

I wasn't there when it happened (I had changed schools), but I keep in touch with my old friends. The weird kid (also a friend of mine) had gone up to the "popular kids" table and told them he had a surprise for them tomorrow. So, of course, they think he's going to shoot up the school. They have a lockdown, evacuate his class, and an officer goes in to talk to him.

Turns out he bought some donuts for the "popular kids" to try and make friends with them.

That Kid In School FactsShutterstock

41. Spoiled To The Core

My ex-girlfriend and I were poor students, yet I took her out regularly and was overly generous with my money. She always got the most expensive things on the menu and ordered the most expensive drinks, despite NEVER offering to pay or split the bill—even after dating for quite a while. We talked about needing to save some money, and she was stunned that I would even think to stop spoiling her.

Eventually, I broke up with her for being the egotistical, spoiled, ungrateful person that she was. The funniest thing, though, was after we broke up, we got into a fight. I raised the point that she never offered to pay for anything despite expecting incredibly nice things all the time. Her response floored me. She said, "Truly generous people give selflessly and expect nothing in return".

It was the most ironic statement ever—she was not nearly as smart as she thought she was.

Ungrateful People factsShutterstock

42. She Was Trippin’

I was on a trip with my chorus to NYC. I was rooming with three other girls. Girl #1 and I were really good friends, Girl #2 was a girl I kind of liked, and Girl #3 was an old friend whom I hadn’t spoken to very much in years. After having a very exhausting and stressful last day in the big city, we retired to our hotel room, where we started to get cleaned up and prepare for bed.

Girl #3 seemed kind of troubled, but we didn't think much about it. I tried to talk to Girl #3, but it was kind of awkward because I hadn't spoken to her in years. She finally opened up and admitted that just before the trip, she had been molested by her stepfather. She buried her face in my arms and sobbed, and sobbed and sobbed.

She was shaking and saying how afraid she was to go back home. While I was trying to provide help and give her the numbers to the hotline, our local station, and various things like that, Girl #2 decided that she wasn’t getting enough attention. Girl #2 threw herself on the bed and started crying about how horrible her parents were too.

I asked her why her parents were so horrible, and she said they were mean to her. I still didn't really understand what she meant and asked for clarification, to which she replied, "They are so horrible! All they ever do is tell me to stop toking up in the house, and mom said she was disappointed in me for bringing a different guy home every weekend to sleep with!”

She continued on her rant, saying, “AND she said she doesn't want to keep paying for my birth control! My parents HATE me!" Girl #1 looked at me, looked at Girl #2, and immediately told her to just get out of the room. Girl #2 and I haven't been friends since that night.

Fights That Ended Friendships factsPexels

43. The School Dementors Strike Again

Man, so this kid was a strange one. Maybe something was up with him, but I don't know. He really liked Slipknot, anyway. One day he swore he was a Wiccan. We used to have Smash Bros. tournaments and invite kids over to play at a friend's, and he showed up saying he was able to change his eye color. He closed his eyes to concentrate and he opened them saying they changed. They didn't. He said they became a lighter shade.

He tried to show me how to create fireballs and had this book of different wolf pictures and tried to determine what my wolf form was. He wasn't a bad kid just weird so we dealt with it...until the incident. He was really into the Wiccan stuff, so two of my friends decided to screw with him. I guess you can say they were metalheads and they had that look.

Anyway, they told me they went up to him one day and revealed themselves as demons. One of them, let's call him Vince, said he reached out to him from down the hallway, and said, "Your soul is mine!" and made gestures like he pulled his soul out of his body and buried into in the floor. So, the kid freaks out and begs for his soul back and my friends leave thinking the dumb prank was over—they were so wrong.

Later that day, I get a knock on my door and it's the kid. He has a pair of those sharp metal scissors in his hands and he looks frantic. He is aggressive and tells me that he needs to find Vince. He needs to end Vince’s life to get his soul back. I'm pretty shocked, so I tell him that I don't know where Vince is and the kid is reluctant to believe me because he has seen me with them. He asked me if I knew they were demons and I tell him I didn't know.

Anyway, I pretty much shut the door on him and he leaves, freaking out. Supposedly, he was running around trying to find Vince to end his life and retrieve his soul. But this kid was pretty big, so someone saw him running around in the streets with scissors. We don't know what happened to him. Obviously, as an adult looking back, it was a messed up situation for the kid. No one expected such an episode back then.

I do hope he is doing all right now. However, it was still weird as heck.

That Kid In School FactsShutterstock

44. All Pain, No Pleasure

My mom had this nail polish remover that came in a small jar with a sponge that had a hole in the middle, where all you did was stick your finger in it, move it up and down and it would take the nail polish off. I had an amazing idea. I decided to use it to whack off. I had never felt so much pain and burning in my life. Ya, not so amazing.

Terrible TeenagersFlickr, Rachel

45. Learning Is For Kids

Whoa boy, here we go. Girl I knew had a cool dad, I heard he was building her a car from scratch for her birthday at one point. Then it turned into him getting her a sports car; I think the girl's mom convinced him to do it. But the story about her that sticks with me and bothers me is the dog. She had an older dog and two guinea pigs.

One day I'm at her place and she tells me she's looking for a new home for the guinea pigs because she doesn't really take proper care of them much, her dad does all the work and everything. I think that's reasonable, best to give them to a loving home instead of neglecting them. But then her dad chimes in, saying she can't just dump off her pets on someone else.

He says that she needs to learn responsibility, which I consider to also be a valid and reasonable point. Girl then yells, "I don't need to learn anything, I'm an adult!" She was maybe 19 or 20 at the time, for reference. At that point, I immediately stop considering her argument as reasonable, and I start getting really suspicious of the conversation.

It turns out the whole reason she wanted to get rid of the guinea pigs was that she wanted a puppy. She got the puppy because her mom said so. Still had the guinea pigs and the older dog too. Fast forward a couple weeks, I'm getting married in about a month and this girl calls me up asking me if I can keep the puppy at my place because her family's going on a weeklong cruise.

Yep. You idiots caved and got a very young puppy who couldn't be left unsupervised with your other pets weeks before a cruise you'd had planned for months, and your plan is to drop the thing off on me while I'm doing last-minute setup for my wedding? Also, I have a cat that would eat the poor thing. No way. I don't talk to that girl anymore, I just hope she's treating all her pets alright.

Snobbiest Behavior factsPublic Domain Pictures

46. Making Room

I've been sitting on this story for a while. So, I am on a "completely full" Southwest flight. Luckily, I am in the A boarding group and got a seat near the front of the plane. I am chilling, low-key watching people board. Time passes and the plane is getting pretty full. At this point, there's virtually no overhead-compartment space left.

This young woman walks on, spots an empty seat in the row ahead of mine, and asks the people in the row to move so she can get in. Completely normal, right? The issue: She has a very large carry-on bag that she cannot fit under the seat in front of her. And, as I said, there's no overhead compartment space left. Here's where it gets crazy.

She proceeds to remove a bag from the overhead-compartment that belonged to a man who was one of the first on the plane, places it in the middle of the aisle, puts her bag in its place, and then sits down as if what she did was totally acceptable social behavior. This drew some major attention from those sitting around her, including the man who owned the bag and the remaining passengers behind her in line who now had to navigate their way around a bag in the middle of the aisle.

Several people are about to let her have it when, luckily, a flight attendant who witnessed all of this arrives. She gives her a short lecture and then proceeds to play a game of Tetris with the bags overhead and, thankfully, is able to squeeze hers and the man's bag in. She deplaned before me and I wasn't able to track her down in the airport, but I really wanted to talk to her to see what her thought process was.

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

47. The Good Pesticides

Back in high school, I was casually acquainted with a guy who was a self-proclaimed "drug-head," despite having never partaken of anything stronger than an Advil. He used to make a big deal about how high, inebriated, or generally "messed up" he'd get on a daily basis, usually in between bouts of scrawling, "420 4 lyfe" on his school supplies.

One day, as a prank, one of my other friends gave the kid in question a bag of "grass." After first looking genuinely shocked and then unbelievably (in the literal sense) excited, the would-be pothead disappeared with his "drugs" for about five minutes...and when he came back, he was speaking in a high falsetto and acting like the world had suddenly transformed into a pinball machine.

"Oh, man!" he shrieked, flopping down on a bench. "That stuff got me so messed up, you guys!" "Yeah, I'm sure it did," someone replied. "I'm so messed up, you don't even know!" This continued for another five minutes or so, by which point we'd all gotten sick of his antics. "Dude," said the guy who had originally offered the bag full of plant matter, "I only gave you grass."

"Yeah, I know! It got me so messed up!" "No, I mean it was grass. Lawn clippings." The alleged stoner's eyes suddenly went wide as the truth of his situation dawned on him...but rather than confess to the act and keep some of his pride intact, he decided to double down on the situation: "Well, I don't know what kind of weird pesticide is on your lawn, man, but that stuff got me so messed up! You don't even know!"

Still another handful of minutes passed, during which time the kid "came down" from his "high." It was the sort of scenario for which he should have received a lot of teasing...but I think everyone was afraid that he'd start doing that squeaky voice again.

That Kid In School FactsPixabay

48. SNAP

Friend of my brother’s (a year younger) in 10th grade if I remember right...I wasn't there but I saw the aftermath—and I'll never forget it. He was horsing around with a few other people in class, chasing each other and whatnot. There was a door that had one of those old-fashioned bolt-on slide locks with a round bolt that you lifted and slid into a round hole on the other side.

This door was wide open at the time...anyway, while running away from his friends he ran past this door. His picky finger slid perfectly into the lock where the bolt would normally fit, all the way to his knuckle, and literally just ripped it right off his hand at the joint. He didn't make a sound himself when it happened (he did right after though of course), but my brother said the finger made a sound like a pencil being snapped in half.

They reattached it, and it still mostly worked after, but it always looked pretty wonky, all sad and crooked...Weirdest freak accident I ever heard of.

Weird House Rules FactsPxfuel

49. Sharing Is Caring

Back when the Xbox 360 came out, I worked through the winter cutting firewood out of the back of the property my uncle owned. I would use a hand ax and cut down the trees. Then I would drag the trees back up to the front of the property by hand and cut the wood so it could be sold. After cutting and loading the wood into a trailer, I'd get dropped off at a nearby gas station to sell it.

After I would call my parents on a payphone to be picked up. I was 13 at the time. After a few weeks, I was able to afford an Xbox and Halo 3. My grandma bought my brother one a week later because I wasn't letting him play MY Xbox enough.

Spoiled rottenPexels

50. (S)weeping

While I was in school, we were cleaning up the classroom before class started. We followed duty rosters so everyone got their own job to do. That day, Josh was in charge of sweeping so we reminded him that he should do his job. He threw a fit, cried, and threatened to tell his mother about it. We were like, "Dude, it's just once a week, the classroom isn't even that big," but he threw a bigger fit and cried in the corner.

We forgot about it...until the next week. I still can't believe what he did. When his day came around again, he brought his mother along into the classroom. We explained everything, but the mother didn’t seem to care if her son is on duty or not. She insisted that her son should not be doing chores and blabbered on how wimpy it is for boys to do chores.

Josh added some more oil to the fire and lied to his mother that we were teasing him. The whole class got scolded. From then on, every time his duty day came up, someone else did the chores for him while he sat there watching us with a smug face. I also remember that one day his mother actually came in, swept the floor for him, and left after scolding us for being so useless.

Snobbiest Behavior factsShutterstock

51. Field Fire

I was about 13 or 14 and hanging out with a buddy on a hot 90-degree summer day in Washington State. It must have been just after the 4th of July because I had some leftover bottle rockets and other assortments of fireworks. We lived next to this big farm field that had some old abandoned buildings tucked in the back corner that we always explored. I bet you can see where this is going...

We thought it would be a great idea to take the fireworks over to the insanely dry field and light them off. Now, I did what I thought was smart and asked my dad first if we could take them over there and of course he said no. Us being the idiots we were, we took them anyways. We ended up lighting some off and I distinctly remember seeing a bottle rocket go up and down, land in the field and "pop", but didn't think of anything of it.

Fast forward to 30 minutes or so later back at my house playing video games. My mom rushes into the room and says there is a fire truck putting a fire out in the field we were just at. My stomach dropped. The feeling of guilt made me immediately confess what we did. It didn't help that my parents knew we were over there plus the fact I asked my dad if we could bring fireworks over there.

It wouldn't have taken that long to put two and two together. I was grounded for a while, but we never got caught by the authorities or the fire department and the fire never got out of control. By the sounds of it, it barely had a chance to start, thankfully. Looking back on it now I can't help but think of how fast that fire could have easily spread.

Terrible TeenagersPexels

52. Just a Little Napalm

"That kid" got a hold of the Anarchist Cookbook and made some napalm. We didn't believe him, so the following day he brought in the entire jar of napalm. Took a small piece and put it on a pillar near the library at lunchtime and lit it on fire. That was the last I ever saw of him. I heard another kid he was bragging to told a teacher or principal about his jar and he was immediately expelled.

He was a nice kid, just maybe not the best at making good decisions.

That Kid In School FactsShutterstock

53. Why There’s Still Hope

My boyfriend's sister has skirted the line of "spoiled rotten," but for now, she's just "spoiled". She throws fits the moment school and work get a little too challenging for her (like full-on, screaming temper tantrums). Whenever she feels overwhelmed, her mom will spend hours doing her research homework and writing her papers for her.

I would report this to the school if it wouldn't be blatantly obvious who did it. Her mom is an educator and should know better. She once had her boyfriend drive four hours out, and another four back, to come to pick her up during a family trip because she didn't have enough private space to focus on her school work.

We were all sharing rooms and dealing with the lack of space equally, so her mom ended up doing that school work for her. Her parents even offered to give her the master bedroom to herself, which would've had two of us sleeping on the floor. I should mention, this girl is 22 and in college. She does have a sales job, which she's surprisingly really good at, which is why I think she still has hope of being a productive adult.

Spoiled rottenShutterstock

54. The Way The Cookie Crumbled

When I was in tenth grade, I had no friends, so when I got paired up with a popular girl from school, I was pretty excited about trying to fit in. She was fake nice to me on the bus ride to her house to work on the project. We walked into her house, and her mom was making cookies. Her mom said, "Hi! I'm Kim's mom! Would you like a cookie?" But the girl butt in and dropped a doozy.

She said, "OH MY GAWD, MOM SHUT UP. YOU ARE EMBARRASSING THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME! NO ONE WANTS YOUR COOKIES!" She was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Ten minutes later, her little brother came home and was a little pill to his mom too. I went to use the bathroom and walked in on her mom crying. The next time I went to work on the project, it was the SAME story.

She made her mom cry AGAIN. So, I stood up for her mom and told her to knock it off and be nice to her. Then, her mom told me to leave like a sissy.

Ungrateful People factsPxfuel

55. House Hopping

In my senior year in high school, starting in about February, I would sneak into my (now ex) girlfriend's house every night. We hung out at her house after school and her mom usually invited me to stay for dinner. We'd all chat after dinner, watch a movie, whatever. Her mom and sister would go to bed and I pretended to leave (opening door, saying goodnight, etc.).

Then we'd go to her room. I would sleuth back into my own house in the morning to shower, change, and get ready for the before-school orchestra. This continued to happen until a couple weeks before graduation. Apparently, I'm not sneaky. My mom found out first and took my car away. It didn't matter much, because my SO had a car.

Then it became a game of her pretending to give me a ride home and us just going out for a bit and coming back. Still not sneaky enough. Her mom came home one day and nonchalantly said, "You know, maybe you should clear one of your drawers for him so he can keep some clothes here. That way he doesn't have to go home so early in the morning". So, I officially, partially moved in for the summer.

Terrible TeenagersPexels

56. Mommy’s Silent but Deadly

Science class. This jerk said something about a quiet kid's mother. I winced, because only I knew the heartbreaking truth. The quiet kid’s mom had passed on. The quiet kid also apparently studied boxing. Who knew? "What did you say about my mom?" WHAM. “What did you say about my mom?” WHAM. The jerk was so shocked he did nothing and took the two straight punches to his face.

I don't think the kid got in trouble, as it happened before the teacher came in.

Bad Guy factsShutterstock

57. Animals And Ice Cream

We were at a house party near a zoo. A friend of a friend states that he worked the little train at the zoo and knew a secret way in that was foolproof. We of course did not believe him. Being sober, I ended up driving his SUV full of about seven not sober people to this random side street behind the zoo, where he proceeded to show us a spot in the chain link fence that pulled back and allowed you to enter the zoo in some back area used for trash disposal.

We walked around for a few minutes until we came upon a Dippin' Dots stand that was unlocked, and we looted gigantic sacks full of delicious ice cream.

Terrible TeenagersFlickr, Martin Lewison

58. The Ungrateful Houseguest

During my senior year of high school, my friend was booted out of her house by her mentally unstable mother. I convinced my mom to let her stay with us, and she stayed even when I went off to college. It was a HUGE mistake. Once I was gone, she started free-loading off my mom, which hit a nerve with me. She was having people over while my mom was out, and they'd trash the place.

She stopped paying my mom for the cellphone she set up for her, and she was constantly smoking and drinking in her room when my mom had said not to. It really smelled bad there. She took my credit cards without my knowledge. Then, she snuck them back into my wallet. She used them to buy gas for her car that I sold to her super cheap.

She also used them to pay for hotels so she could visit this guy she met at a club. She then got this guy and his friend to move to New York, and she housed them in my mom's house without her knowing for a few months before they found a place. Eventually, I was the one to boot her out. My mom thanked me later.

Ungrateful People factsShutterstock

59. Joy Ride

My friend and I decided it would be a great idea to take his dad's government car out for a spin when I was 16 and on my learner's permit. My parents were out for dinner. What could go wrong? I tried being super awesome and doing mad drifts bro...until I crashed into a light pole, a fence, and a letter box. As we started to flee the totaled car, for some reason I had a rush of sense come into my head and we returned back to the car and waited for the authorities who had been called by one of the people who lived there.

Terrible TeenagersFlickr, Infrogmation of New Orleans

60. A Sack A Day

My friend and I decided to get some older 18-year-olds to buy us booze. We got us a sack of cheap vino, called Goon in Australia. We had a sack each, and I puked non-stop. I was around 15 and had never even been tipsy before. But that was just the start of my nightmare. My friends, in a panic, decided to abandon me and run for their lives. Of course. A few hours later it was dark and some people found me.

They called the hospital and I had my stomach pumped. It cost $600 for the ambulance, and I had no way of paying this. My foster parents picked me up from the hospital and eventually made me work to pay for the ambulance costs. It was just regular teenage stuff, but the stupid part of it was that I knew I shouldn’t drink so much. I did it to fit in.

My fosters had told me 100 times that if I did it they would drop me off at a local shelter for kids that were too young to be independent but sort of dropped out of the system. I went to that place the next day, and was almost left there permanently. If it weren't for the inebriated, pregnant 16-year-old who greeted us I probably would have wound up the same way and in the same place. The fosters took pity on me, and let me stay. Thank God.

Terrible TeenagersPexels

61. Weekend Trips To Bali

I went to a very expensive private school. I had a lot of scholarships so I wouldn't have to pay the $52,000 a year they were asking for. At the time they had a very lax acceptance policy but were considered a great school, which had the interesting result of attracting very rich kids who weren't interested in the school for its academics but more for its parties and nightlife.

In my dorm during freshman year, there was a girl who supposedly is a descendant of the Versace family of some sort. After seeing the money she'd spend nonchalantly, I was inclined to believe it. Almost every weekend there'd be a knock on our door as she ran through the halls asking who was coming with her on her trip this weekend.

She didn't mean her trip to the grocery store or even a trip home. She meant whatever trip she was planning around the world that weekend. Sometimes it was Paris, others were Australia, Bali, wherever her little heart desired. She'd fly out to these exotic places for weekends, not three-day weekends, not holiday breaks, just your average Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

She would be gobsmacked and sometimes insulted when after a moment of stunned silence, you tell her that you couldn't possibly go with her to Paris for three days let alone afford a last-minute ticket to Paris. She just couldn't comprehend that normal people couldn't afford those things. She also “lived in the dorms” because she was a freshman, and you couldn't live off-campus as a freshman.

But the dorm was just a facade. She actually lived off-campus in what I would later find out to be a $4,000 a month apartment by herself with a house cleaner who'd come every day. She was the most detached-from-reality person I've ever met. And of course, she was gorgeous. She'll probably never experience a “hard time” in her entire life, or have to work a single day.

Spoiled rottenPexels

62. Hide And Seek

When I was 15 I went to my ex-boyfriend’s house. We were getting frisky when we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. We knew immediately it was his mom back from work. Well, it turns out his mom told him not to have me over. I ran butt naked into his walk-in closet. I was hiding behind the door when his mom checked his closet looking for me. I've never felt fear like that.

Thankfully she didn't see me. After over a half-hour argument in his room, he convinced her to take him to the school to "pick up something". I waited 10 minutes after they left, then bolted out the door into a huge storm. As I'm running through the neighborhood, they come back and into full view of me. I quickly slid behind a bush and into an anthill. Thank God she didn't see me. In the end, I ran through the storm with a leg covered in ants until my friend picked me up.

Terrible TeenagersPexels

63. Someone Needed To Put The Brakes On My Sister

My mother got a new model BMW X5, and it was supposed to be her car to drive. When my sister got her license, she REFUSED to drive our Toyota Sequoia to school or anywhere. It was to the point where she was cursing out my parents and throwing fits. She would only drive the BMW, essentially taking my mom's new car from her.

My sister felt she was entitled to drive the BMW, and she treated it like garbage. She would also drive her friends everywhere because she didn’t want to have to ride in their inferior cars. She once refused to take in the recycling because we said we were giving the $10 to charity, and she said that if she did the recycling, then it was her money.

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64. School Of Spoiled Brats

I lived in a pretty upper-middle-class town for almost all of my life. I remember sitting around in the cafeteria with a few people during a free period at school. We were talking about some kid and how his parents got him a brand-new Mercedes for his 16th birthday. One girl said, "I wish my parents got me a Mercedes. I only got a Subaru". That Subaru was completely brand new with basically every feature available.

The student parking lot at my old high school had nicer cars than the teachers’ lot. And the average teacher salary for my school was $90K–$100K, with many teachers making more than that. Not only that, but almost no kid paid for gas or anything else to do with their car. I had seen kids throw hissy fits because mommy and daddy wouldn’t pay for gas, fix a car or a brand new car cause they destroyed the last one, etc.

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65. Out Cold

I was 14 and was showing my ten-year-old brother how to get a headrush by hyperventilating. The next thing I remember was waking up face down in the dirt in our backyard. I'd passed out and fallen on the corner of the concrete steps to the back door. I pulled out four bottom teeth by the roots (I had braces at the time), split my upper lip in half, broke my nose, and got a concussion.

My brother said I never even put my hands out, I just literally face-planted. He told me I got up with blood streaming from my mouth and my eyes glazed over, and he thought "yeah, great idea, lemme just try that real quick". Fourteen-year-old boys can do some stupid stuff, but I really took it next level. What an idiot.

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66. Alters

When I was about 14 or 15 I faked having multiple personalities. It's a miracle I still have friends from when I was 14 and 15. No one bought it, but no one confronted me about it either, so it went on for a bit. I'm 21 now, and whenever it comes up, I always admit that I was faking it for attention, and that I was a stupid kid...then I immediately change the subject…so, how's the weather?

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67. Walking, Talking Wallet

Here's a super snobby story from my big sister’s younger years. She was about 12 or 13 at that point, and she and my dad were out buying her some new winter shoes. My sister locked her eyes on a pair of Converse boots almost instantly, and my dad suggested at least looking around some more in case she found something even nicer.

To that my sister just said in a very matter-of-fact way, "Remember, you're just the wallet". Nowadays if someone from the family takes someone else shopping to buy them something, it's "tagging along as the wallet".

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68.  Family Unfriending

When I was visiting my cousin for a few days,  she asked me for a laptop which I gave her. She headed to her bedroom without even saying thank you. At the end of my visit, my almost brand new iPod touch went missing. I asked her and her sisters if they had found it, and they replied that they hadn’t seen it. I knew I had left it inside my backpack when I went out and met my friend.

My cousin said that maybe it was lost at the bus stop, which was impossible because I was listening to it when my uncle picked me up from there. Several weeks later, I logged into Facebook—and my jaw DROPPED. My cousin had posted pictures with MY iPod touch. I knew that it was mine because the iPod cord was still connected to the laptop that I gave her, and they didn’t own any iPhones or iPods with a camera.

I commented on her picture, which she ignored and then deleted. She then unfriended and blocked me.

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69. Jealous Brothers, Or Spoiled Sister?

I got the family hand-me-down RAV4 that my brother drove before me for my first car. I was grateful, I had a car. Eventually, in college, I bought it off of them for very cheap like $1,500 or something. But that was a lot of hard work for me. Now, here comes my little sister. The day she got her learner’s permit my mom was at the Mini-Cooper dealership letting her pick out the exact one she wanted and bought it for her.

She drove it for about a year, but she wanted a white Jeep, not a red Mini. So the Mini got sold and now she drives her white Jeep. It still hurts me and my brother to this day. She gets to do a lot of things we couldn't do. I remember at Christmas when I was 20, and my birthday is January 8, I had to sit and watch the family drink margaritas and my mom wouldn't let me even touch them.

Now, my sister, who is 19, sits at home drinking and snap chatting with mom. It kills me.

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70. The Great Exchange

My husband and I host high school age exchange students in Canada. They come from a bunch of different places in the world. Had this one boy from Southern Italy. About two weeks in, we had this conversation: Him: My sheets haven't been washed yet. Me: Have you washed them? Him: No. Me: Well that's probably why they haven't been washed. His next words left me stunned".

The housekeeper does that". The weird thing is that he did wash his clothes. His hang-up with the sheets was he didn't know how to put the bed back together. Needless to say, he learned how to do laundry properly, make a bed, and went home with some basic cooking skills and a couple recipes in his pocket. Kid was definitely a brat, but his willingness to learn these things made us have the patience to teach him.

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71. His Words Took A Bite Out Of Me

I was a spoiled brat up until the age of 16. My mother and I would butt heads all the time, and when I didn't get anything, I would always go to my father to get what I wanted. When I was 16, I got into a nasty fight with my mother, so I went to a friend's, and we went to her boyfriend's house. The boyfriend had parents who were awful people who kept a pack of dogs.

We were hanging out outside the house for a bit while waiting for another friend. When the other friend showed up, we started horsing around by the pack of dogs. I never thought it would end so badly. The next thing I knew, I had been bit by one of the dogs. After going to the hospital, I went home and was in deep trouble. It was probably the worst I had ever experienced.

My mother screamed, shouted, and threw things at me. I was grounded for six months. I had no TV, no books, no internet, no video games, no after-school activities, nothing. Just school, come home, and work until bed. My father took a very different approach. He explained to me why they were worried and what I did was wrong.

In the end, he said, "You are my child, and I will always love you, but it is my responsibility to raise you as a functioning being, and so far, I have failed. I'm sorry". After that, I stopped asking for things I didn’t need, and every day I would tell them how much I appreciated them. The incident helped me realize I was actually an awful person and needed help.

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72. Experimentation

I had friends that were into experimenting with various substances. I was very much a "vanilla" teen, I never drank, smoked, etc. despite being surrounded by it. Well, one night at a buddy’s house they teased the idea of downing bottles of cough syrup. They went and procured a few bottles of cough medicine. Joking, I suggested that my friend D try "afternoon-quil".

Apparently, he thought that was a great idea because he mixed the nighttime and daytime syrups...and ended up in rigor mortis mode in the tub for the remainder of the night. No permanent damage to the friends was caused. D is now an airline pilot.

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73. Interplanetary Visitor

I am prefacing this by saying I was delusional at the time. In seventh grade, I tried to convince everyone at school that I wasn't a human but an alien from Venus sent to earth to fulfill a mission. I also tried to convince a friend that our mutual friend was a zombie AND that the people in my head should be treated as real friends at the table. I made them places to sit and made people participate in conversations with them. Ugggghhh hello, it is I, the master of cringe.

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74. She Wasn’t The Cat’s Meow

My girlfriend’s family wasn’t well off and was broke. Her sister was so spoiled and a brat about it. The day after she got her license, she took her best friend’s car while he was asleep and did the worst thing possible: She crashed it into two parked cars because she was texting. Her dad yelled at her, she cried, and all was forgiven.

Then after that, she said her parents needed to give her $4,000 to help pay for a car for her. She was pretty into illicit substances, and her dad didn't know. She would drive his car to work and go out sometimes and smoke weed in his car while driving. He eventually found out and yelled at her again. She cried and said she was going to off herself because she was grounded. She got out of trouble and was gifted a kitten.

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75. Spoiled Teen

When I was 15 I was dating this girl that I met at a coffee shop downtown. Her parents were loaded. Like home movie theater, cellar for vino, live-in maid. Loaded. The girl got a brand new Lexus for her 16th birthday. It took her four times to pass her driving test. A week later she totals the car…so they buy her another one.

Her parents also flew her from California to London to go school clothes shopping.

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76. My Sister Got Called Out

I got a new iPhone, so I decided to give my 12-year-old sister my old one. I knew it was old, but it would be her first cell phone, and I thought she would be happy. She literally said, "Eww," and threw the phone in the garbage right in from of my dad and me. I was shocked, and my dad lost it. He yelled at her and gave her the whole "you don't appreciate what you have" speech.

He then took away her computer and gave her an old Motorola Razr phone that could only call my dad, mom, and myself. I know I should have some sort of solidarity with my brothers and sisters, but it felt pretty good when I saw her get punished.

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77. Money Can’t Buy You Class

I've been a TA for a couple courses at my university, which is fairly competitive and the students are generally all top notch. Once in a blue moon, though, someone slips by the admission process. My worst experience was as a TA for a lower division math course. She was a freshman student, and spoiled doesn't begin to cut it.

Her family was clearly loaded, and I suspect she went to some insanely expensive private school that wrote her application for her. This girl would be in designer clothes and on her phone or laptop the entire time in lecture. Obviously everyone does this sometimes, but this girl was clearly just chatting with her friends and shopping for clothes all the time.

When she failed to turn in the first four problem sets, I sent her a quick email to let her know that homework contributed to a significant portion of her grade. I also said I'd still accept them. I never got a response. So she gets a blatant F on her first midterm. Like, it’s not an F that could be rounded up to anything significant.

She was at a point where she should've just dropped out and try again next semester. I sent another email saying this. This time I got a response, with her stating she could make the grade back next midterm. Alright, I think, suit yourself.  So I continue through the rest of the semester. She's still failing...until something absolutely ridiculous happens.

At the last meeting of my discussion section, SHE SHOWS UP! Not just that, but with her parents. Oh my god, it gets better. She stays after the session to introduce me to her parents, and then hands me a stack of papers and informs me that it's all the homework for the semester. Meanwhile her parents are sitting there all proud of their little girl.

I take the stack graciously and, in my most professional voice, let her know that I'd be happy to take a look at it, but she won't get any credit. Her parents' faces completely fall. Her father starts to insult me. So I show them everything: The abysmal attendance record, the 0% homework score, the low, low, low midterm scores.

Now she's starting to tear up and the parents are seriously fuming. Not wanting to put myself in the middle of the rest of the storm, I mumble that I have a class to get to and sprint out of there...but not before I hear the student getting chewed up so loudly that people actually poked their heads out of classrooms. She never showed up for the final.

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78. House Party

I was house-sitting for a friend of my parents while they were gone for a week. Friday night came around...party time. I let my friend drive the house owners’ car to go grab some things. He ended up flipping the car in a ditch. Then, the night somehow got worse. I tried to cancel the party to deal with that but around 50-60 people showed up anyway. The house got trashed, personal items got stolen and the hot tub got ruined. Oh and the car was a write-off. Ended up losing my virginity that night so it wasn't all terrible.

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79. Laser Sharp Revenge

Once at a laser tag birthday party, there was a 12-13-year-old little jerk following people around and shooting them over and over. Every time the vest and gun would come back on, he'd go to town and shoot you multiple times. He'd follow the same players everywhere. He kept doing it to one of my friends and me, and even did it to my friend’s little brother despite multiple warnings.

After the second time telling him to stop, I checked him to the ground…and ripped a huge stinky one right on his head. It was perfectly timed—but it got even better. He cried and told his parents I had been mean to him, but I just told him he was following us around and then tripped and fell. They bought it and apologized for their child. Awesome.

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80. A Mother’s Love

During one of my substitute teaching assignments, I had the pleasure of meeting the most spoiled teenager I had ever encountered before. Conrad was spoiled in the way only children of rich divorced parents can be. Conrad was spoiled because his parents thought that material goods and money would buy his affection.

On the first day of this particular sub-job, Conrad informed me he didn't have to do his work since he would just get his father to pay the teacher "a buttload of money" and he would get an A. I stated I didn't care what he did as long as he did not disturb his classmates, and then he wrote his comments in my sub notes.

He was placated for the day and dinked around on his cell phone until the period ended. The second day really showed Conrad's true colors. He was "working" with a group of his friends, but he spent the entire time continuously talking about how much he hated his mom because she bought him a used 2013 Ford Focus for his 16th birthday instead of a brand-new BMW that he wanted.

I told him that I would love it if my parents gifted me any vehicle, to which he commented, "Of course you would. You're a teacher and poor." I told him to get back to work and if I caught him off-task again, he would need to work alone. He was fine after that. On the third and final day of my assignment, Conrad was in an absolute tizzy about something his mother had done.

Probably the BMW thing. I didn’t know or care...until I heard the horrific words coming out of his mouth. he kept commenting on how he was going to sabotage his mother's plane so  that "the witch would fall out of the sky and die." I told him to rein in those comments as they were not appropriate for school. I left him with his group to continue their work from the previous day.

Approximately five minutes later, I heard nervous laughter coming from Conrad's group. He had his phone out and was showing the group something on it. I walked over and asked to see what was causing such a fuss. Conrad, the idiot, showed me his Snapchat story, which consisted of a picture he took of his mother with an emoji gun pointed at her head.

I sent him to the office to talk to the school social worker and the school resource officer. All because this kid didn't get a BMW.

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81. More Than They Bargained For

There was a kid in my fraternity whose parents were literally billionaires. We actually had a couple of them, but this kid was just dumb rich. For making the Dean’s List one semester, his parents let him get any car he wanted under $100,000. I am not making this up. Well, the kid’s response to this was incredibly disturbing.

He got enraged because the customized package he wanted on his Jaguar F Type made it over $100,000 and his parents wouldn’t let him have it. At first. After enough protest from this brat, his parents said “fine.” At least I got to drive it sometimes though; it was a sick car. For what it’s worth, the Dean’s List is NOT easy to get on at my school. Still, this kid still doesn’t realize how lucky he is.

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82. My Sister’s Keeper

My sister. She was loved and spoiled by my parents. They gave her any gift she wanted—shoes, a new phone, a car...even money when it was MY birthday. I, on the other hand, got the opposite. They told me I was selfish for asking for money. My mom rarely visited me or talked to me. When I had my tonsils and adenoids removed, there wasn't a call, text, or visit from my mother.

Meanwhile, when my sister had hers removed, my mother drove her to and from the surgery. Heck, she even forgot my 14th birthday. When I saw her that Christmas, she laughed about it and said, “Oh, oops!” No money, no gifts. But when my sister's 18th birthday rolled around, and she got $500. I never really ask for much. Not even the newest phones.

I've had the same $300 laptop for four years now; the same Android phone from that time, too. When I get money, I typically use it to buy clothes or the rare new pair of shoes. Sometimes, a new video game. Whenever my sister got money, on the other hand, she got everything she wanted. She once threw a fit when my grandmother didn't buy her candy.

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83. When The Opportunity Strikes…

My parents used to own a small store that sold mattresses. So, I'd lay on one of the beds set up in a corner that was kind of hidden in the store and...you know...wax the dolphin. Unfortunately, my parents also had one of those mirrors so that you can see around corners that pointed into the main part of the store. So I'm sure a lot of customers saw a 14-year-old-kid going at it in the back of a store through an angled mirror. Because when my dad saw it he nearly hit the roof.

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84. On The Run

Me and my friend saw a patrol helicopter nearby trying to find a suspect with its spotlight. My friend had a crazy idea of trying to catch their attention and just book it for fun. I agreed and he ended going onto the street and waving his hands back and forth. Then when they were shining the light on him he booked it toward me and we both started running for about two blocks to where we lived.

All that time they were shouting something on the megaphone but I didn't even pay attention because my heart was pounding like crazy. When I got home, they were still shining their spotlight on my window but only for about a minute. I think they knew we were just messing around because no authorities showed up afterward. I guess we got lucky. Sick experience though.

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85. I Get Hangry

This girl I used to be friends with got mad at me and my other friend for not getting her "steak or a salad” when we asked if she was hungry one day. Like, she EXPECTED us to get it for her after that. At first, we thought she was just talking about how she was craving it, but her follow-up response revealed the chilling truth: "If you guys are too lazy to get me the steak, just go get me a salad from McDonald’s.”

We informed her that we weren’t getting her any food because we were NOT her servants. She retaliated by throwing a tantrum. The funny part is, she expected us to pay for EVERYTHING when we used to hang out and if we didn’t, apparently we were just "stingy jerks who use her for her gas.” Thank goodness I don't talk to her anymore.

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86. Locked Up

This was when I was in seventh grade. I went to a really small private school and my parents a lot of times helped out around the school on weekends. So I was often there in an almost empty school with nothing to do really. I, for some reason, had a very different locker than most of the other kids in the school. Mine was a really short locker, but very wide.

I had always wondered if I could fit inside of it, and I figured this was a good time to do it with nobody around to see me finally solve this stupid mystery. So I get inside and I'm kind of scrunched in there. Well, the stupid door shuts on me. I'm trying to use my fingers to open the latch from the inside, but no dice.

So I've locked myself inside my own locker until probably 20 minutes later, my Dad and another adult family friend come along and I start pounding on the door. They laugh. And laugh. And laugh. And laugh. You know what I'll just let you guys know when they're done laughing. But it's been 14 years, so I'm not sure that's gonna be any time soon.

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87. Bleached Blonde

I wanted to dye my hair blonde. Hearing the term “bleaching” your hair, I did the only logical thing and dumped out a couple gallons of bleach into a five gallon bucket and proceeded to dunk my head in it. I only got the top and back of my head, but it got unbearable to keep my head in the bucket very long, my eyes stung and I couldn't breathe well.

So I would go in for a few seconds at a time. I kept looking in the mirror to see if my hair was blonde yet, and since it wasn't, I went back in for more. My scalp started to burn like crazy, but I pushed through (no pain no gain, right?). Eventually, I had to give up. It did in fact dye my hair, but I have very dark hair, and I did not know how hard it is to go from that to pure blonde.

So I ended up with crazy orange carrot top hair. But that wasn't the horrifying part. My scalp turned into one giant scab, and for several months after that, my head would flake off some scabs and start bleeding. I have no idea how my hair survived such an ordeal, but it somehow managed to heal and looks pretty normal now. Always go to a professional, people.

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88. Cruising For A Bruising

I had an old co-worker I was supervisor over at a concert venue (parking). This freaking kid, he was like maybe 19 or 20. For his 18th birthday, his parents bought him a brand new, top of the line Lexus. He wrecked it within a month. Then his parents bought him a Jeep Wrangler, which they also had outfitted with all the spotlights, rock lights, etc.

Then, like a year ago, his parents bought him another new Lexus. The spoiled child part is when he posts stuff on social like, "Have to drive the Lexus today, wish I could be in my Jeep" or "I miss my Lexus but I took the Jeep today" sort of stuff. It’s so weird and humble braggy but also super spoiled. Makes my blood boil.

Spoiled Brat Syndrome factsPxfuel

89. Served

A couple of years ago I had a study group going for a college course. We were usually together for a good three or four hours, so it was pretty common for someone to volunteer to go get food for everyone. Since they were the person getting us food, we would all kick in a little extra so that the person getting the food didn't have to pay for theirs. Colloquially, "If you fly, I'll buy."

So, one day one of the girls in the group announces she's going to Dunkin' Donuts about an hour into the study session. I look up and say, "Ooh, I'll buy if you fly," and she looks at me like I've grown an extra appendage. Then she scoffs the most disgusting response I've ever heard. She says in this really disgusted tone, "I don't bring food to other people. Servants do that."

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90. Yes Man

My half-brother is ridiculous. His mother was so proud that she raised him, birth to teens, without ever chastising him or punishing him. His adoptive father was meek enough to go along with his wife's "parenting." My half-brother never had time-outs or talks about the wrongs he committed. Not once in his household. Oh, he was a jerk.

I was made to play with him because we were kind of the same age, though I tried to get out of it constantly. He was a terror at school from day one. Even in high school, he didn't have any discipline. He did stuff like shoot sharp pencils and bits of glass at other students. Funny story: Once, he missed so badly that he shot himself in the eyeball.

I laughed more than I should have at that. I think his teacher did too.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

91. Double the Displeasure

An old friend of mine and his family are loaded. They constantly get the newest car, most massive house, multiple out-of-country vacations a year first-class, and he’ll get the most expensive tickets possible for concerts. Plus, mommy and daddy would never say no. So when the iPhones/ and iPod touches were blowing up, he asked for a very specific color and GB for the iPod touch.

It was near Christmas and they were sold out EVERYWHERE. His mom was so disappointed that she went overboard with a ridiculous gesture. She paid a lady at the mall DOUBLE the price of the newest iPhone max GB while she was walking out so he could get something similar since she couldn’t find the exact make and model that he really wanted for Christmas.

Fast forward to Christmas Day, he opened the box and was so peeved it wasn’t what he wanted that he slammed it onto the floor, saying that it wasn’t what he asked for. It was DESTROYED. Then he called her a witch (but worse) and left to go to his room without opening the rest of his presents. Truly unbelievable.

The mom then had a breakdown and went to the mall again to ask for what he wanted for the next few weeks until yet again, someone had just bought one and she paid double to gift it for him again. That was the last time we ever spoke, and from what I hear, he has no job, still lives with mom and dad, no high school diploma, upgrades his Mercedes every year, and decided that he’s going to be a rapper or nothing at all.

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92. Playing Favorites

My sister. She is 17,  has a one-year-old daughter, and is already pregnant with her second. She lives rent-free with my parents and has never had a job. My mother does all her high school work for her because she desperately wants her to graduate despite my sister not caring. She has no plans to work in the near future, even though she should be done high school in December.

My mom just bought a new car and gave my sister her "old" 2011 Kia Sorrento. Her 18th birthday is also coming up, and my mom told me she is planning on buying her a Macbook. Now, I am older, but when I was her age, I had a job. I also paid for my own car and laptop when I moved to university, so my sister has no excuse. She is headed nowhere fast because of how spoiled she is.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

93. Too Big To Fail

I worked at a private school in the UK this past year and I have a few examples of kids having no idea they were spoiled, which just made it worse. One day, this 16-year-old old came into school complaining about how unfair it was that his dad grounded him….for crashing their plane. But that’s not even the worst part.

I asked him how bad it was and he said, “It was only £40,000 worth of damage,” which apparently his dad could afford, so he didn’t know what the problem was. My jaw dropped.

Another 16-year-old once asked me what I was doing for summer break. I told him I was mainly going to be working. He COULD NOT wrap his head around why I wasn't traveling, going on holiday, etc., then went on about how he'd spend his summer at his private lake. But nothing beats my third student.

On his birthday, one of the 18-year-old old students received a chain of hotels. A fully operating, five-star chain that would all be officially owned under his name. The nerve of this kid to complain that it wasn't what he wanted...it made me really resent working there for a while.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

94. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Probably my ex. Her dorm room was absolutely covered in trash that was probably two-three inches deep. At no point would you ever actually walk barefoot on her floor. She was that way because she was used to her weekly maid cleaning up after her. She also lived off her mother's credit card and apparently spent 800 dollars a month on fast food. Think that's spoiled? It gets worse.

She had her college tuition paid for by her parents, but she ended up dropping out three years in. After we split up, she moved out of my place because we couldn't stand each other anymore and she went to live with her mom. As far as I know, she's still living in her mother's basement rent-free seven years later. I think what irritates me the most about her is that she's one of those "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" sort of people who nonetheless have never needed to lift a finger to do anything in their entire lives. At least she was very pretty.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

95. A Free Ride

My ex-girlfriend's younger sister was spoiled as heck. This girl snuck out every night to party and then complained when her parents locked the windows and told her to stop. She then got knocked up and had the kid, and the parents now take care of the kid full time. You'd think that after having a kid she'd change, but she kept up with the partying, using her parent's money to buy supplies.

Oh, but here's the shocker—she was 14 when all of this was going down. Now she's in college in LA and doesn’t even go to half of her classes. She didn't even take her kid...just left him with her parents so she could go out and party all night. She constantly says how her life is so hard and unfair. Girl, you are going to school free and don't even need to take care of your own darn child.

Spoiled RottenShutterstock

96. On a High (Income) Note

I have some very wealthy extended family. One of them recently purchased an $80,000 violin for their teenage son. I remarked that it seemed pretty excessive, especially because he had exactly zero plans on playing it after he was through with high school. Her only response was, "Well what else was I going to spend it on?"

Out of Touch Rich People FactsMax Pixel

97. That Is One Strange Hobby...

There was a girl in my class who I had an obvious crush on when I was in high school. I finally asked her out one day and she just ignored me. I did not stop liking her though, and still held out hope that she would change her mind eventually. About two months later, we were both sitting in English class studying Romeo and Juliet. The teacher gave us all some group work that we had to do involving acting out different parts of the play.

The scene we had to act out was the one where Romeo gets rejected by the girl he was into at the beginning of the story, Rosaline. While all of the groups were hard at work, I overheard my crush saying to her project partners that she really wanted to play Rosaline in their skit. I then heard her say to her friend "I like rejecting guys, it's so much fun!" Umm, excuse me??

I couldn’t believe my ears and I instantly lost all respect and feelings for her. What kind of a cruel psychopath do you have to be to actually enjoy hurting other people’s feelings?

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98. How The Other Half Gives

I was having a bad day while working at a Subway one night, this kid comes in and orders a foot-long sub. The entire time I'm trying to take his order, he mumbles, sighs, walks away, and keeps saying, "I dunno". Just generally, he's being a huge brat. Then when it comes time to pay, he smiles at me with this annoying little grin and says he doesn't have enough cash on him.

He's close, but off by about 40 cents. So I said, “No problem little buddy, let me just ring that in as a six inch”. He beams triumphantly that his short change plot worked—but he didn’t know what was coming. Before I rang it up, I snatched the sandwich back, split it in two, and handed him half the sub with his change while tossing the other half in the trash. Problem solved.

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99. Secret Admirer

When I was 17 I had a crush on the guy who lived across the hall (he was in his twenties). I knew I was too young for him so I never let on that I had a crush. I just simply said hello when I would run into him, maybe converse about nothing in particular for a minute and that was about it. Well, I always thought he was a pretty cool guy and genuinely nice.

So I decided I would leave him a secret admirer note. This way I could tell him how awesome I thought he was without giving away my identity. So I go through with it, I write a note stating some nice things about him and sign it "your secret admirer". I tape it to his apartment door right as I'm heading off to school. When I get back from school I see a note on his door that says "to my admirer".

I open up the note, and my blood runs cold. It said, "I know exactly who you are, the police have been contacted". I freak out, stick the note back on his door and quickly get into the apartment I lived in with my aunt. My aunt bumps into him in the hallway a little later when she gets home from work and they proceed to have a conversation. Once they are done talking she comes in and tells me what was discussed.

Turns out he has a crazy ex that he had to put a restraining order against in the past. My handwriting I guess looked a lot like his ex's handwriting, which led him to think that she figured out where he lived. So he did actually call the police to inform them that she violated the restraining order. I didn't have the guts to fess up. I went to bed that night wondering if his ex went to jail that night because of me (stupid teen girl at the time). I never wrote another secret admirer note after that.

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100. The All-Seeing Pie

Several years ago I was running pies for the Hut. We had a particularly nice house that I always seemed to get. It was a nice couple with three kids and a big house. They had money and always had large orders and tipped well. One day, I get routed to their address but I notice the order is very different than normal. It’s about double what they order and the name on the order is not the father’s name.

Interesting, so I take the order to their house. The house is literally bumping. Mom and dad’s car is nowhere in sight. I get their oldest daughter, roughly 15, to answer the door. Now mind you, I don’t care at all if the kids are having a good time, but she made an enemy of me that day. She proceeds to complain that I took forever in a condescending tone, make fun of my uniform, and stiff me on a $100+ order.

I didn’t say anything at the time, but I got my revenge. About two weeks later the house orders again. Normal order, normal name. And I magically get their order. When I arrive, her father is at the door and I can’t help myself. I ask him if they had a good time at the party. He’s clearly confused, so I remind him of the great party they had two weeks prior.

He sits and thinks for a minute. Then he hands me a freaking $50 tip and says, “Thank you very much, I’m sure we enjoyed the party a lot”. After he closes the door, all I hear is him yell “Brooooookk get your butt down here right now”. It was a jerk move sure, but nah, be nice to your driver—and tip them.

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101. With a Little Help From My Housekeeper

There was a kid at my high school. When he was 14, he had a learner’s permit, but his parents got him a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Every day, he drove it to school and was determined to park it in the parking lot to show it off. So, he had his housekeeper drive to school with him and her son drove a car behind her to take her back home. The worst part? It was only about 2 miles away from our school.

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