As IF! These Spoiled, Entitled People Made Our Jaws Drop

March 1, 2020 | Phillip Hamilton

As IF! These Spoiled, Entitled People Made Our Jaws Drop

The Redditors have been subjected to the worst snobbery imaginable. They experienced some truly entitled behavior and got out the other end with an unbelievable story to tell. These people exist, and they serve as a reminder to stay humble no matter how much money or privilege you might end up with. Here are the worst stories of outright entitled behavior.

1. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Brat

He was 25 years old when I knew him. His father owned oilfields. He had a credit card that he used for anything and everything, which his parents paid the balance on every month. He never even kept track of what was charged on it, just bought whatever caught his fancy. He openly and shamelessly admitted that he had offered his college professor money to give him a passing grade.

One day, he was cranky about something and said something I will never forget for as long as I live. He genuinely meant it too. He said, "I wish my parents would just die, so I could have their money. Why should I have to wait?"

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2. Choo Ch-Oops

I know someone who bought a condo without realizing that it was very near a train track. Entitled person was so outraged, they called a major rail freight company and asked them to stop running trains at night. Just for them. Spoiler: It didn't work. Seriously the most eye-rolly thing I've ever heard about in my life.

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3. Served

A couple of years ago I had a study group going for a college course. We were usually together for a good three or four hours, so it was pretty common for someone to volunteer to go get food for everyone. Since they were the person getting us food, we would all kick in a little extra so that the person getting the food didn't have to pay for theirs. Colloquially, "If you fly, I'll buy."

So, one day one of the girls in the group announces she's going to Dunkin' Donuts about an hour into the study session. I look up and say, "Ooh, I'll buy if you fly," and she looks at me like I've grown an extra appendage. Then she scoffs the most disgusting response I've ever heard. She says in this really disgusted tone, "I don't bring food to other people. Servants do that."

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4. Lincoln or Bust

I met a girl at a bar, we were really hitting it off, and she decides to come home with me. So I'm super excited about my prospects for the night, and I take her out to the parking lot so I can drive her home. That's when she stops in her tracks, suddenly turns me down, and walks about into the bar. Why? because I drive a Honda.

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5. Feeling: Insulted

My friend sticks her neck out to get her sister a job at a plant making $19.00 an hour to start. This is a woman with no education, no skills, and three kids. She had been beamed up from minimum wage nightmares for her one big break in life. She was one of those people who was always selling a $5 item on Facebook. You'd think she'd be thrilled, right? Wrong.

This piece of work quit in two hours and then IMMEDIATELY took to Facebook to justify it. She claimed she had "too much education" for this job when she spent five years trying to get an associate's and never did. She called the job AN INSULT TO HER INTELLIGENCE! For God's sake. I know people whose families are thriving working at this same place.

She doesn't have two nickels to rub together, and she's insulted by the job. I just found it so disgustingly condescending considering I have a lot of blue-collar friends who are smarter and more successful than she'll ever be.

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6. I Own the Biggest Jet; Huge

Limo driver here. One of my clients was mad about the absolute stupidest thing one day. I guess when he landed at an airport one time and someone had a bigger jet than him. He obviously upgraded since that "incident" because when I picked him up last time, he came in on a massive jet that could have been a commercial plane. I wish I had his problems.

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7. Bending Is for Rubes

I saw some like 12-year-old rich kid with his dad at Guitar Center buying like $6,000 worth of recording equipment. An item he was purchasing was on the lowest shelf. No big deal, right? Well, this kid proceeds to do the most spoiled thing ever. He snaps his fingers, pointed at it, and demanded an employee to “fetch this” for him.

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8. Keep it One-Sided, Please

There was this girl who started working at the store I worked at, and one night we were scheduled to work together in the same area. People who work an area together usually talk while performing the menial tasks, so I figured I would get to know her. She explained she was a former model and was super prissy. This explains why she said the horrible things she did.

Imagine a typical conversation where you're trading stories and comparing, but every time I would talk she would say, verbatim, "Yeahhhhh, but I don't really care about that," and, "I don't really want to hear about that," with no proposed alternatives to conversation or anything. It screamed, "I'll talk, you'll listen, and nothing else."

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9. Back to the Banana Factory

My sister is dating a guy who is a total piece of garbage, but his family makes very large amounts of money. He is 26 and is sent $300 to $1,000 a day for whatever lie he tells his parents. The craziest thing is that he is adopted from central America where his biological parents make pennies a day working in a banana factory. Last I heard his parents cut him off and he has no work experience or drive to do anything.

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10. Say My Title

Back in the day when I first began to do fieldwork, I met someone who just got his PhD. While we were out there, an old friend who he hasn't seen in years came up to him and greeted him using his first name. His insane response blew my mind. He actually stopped the person in the middle of their sentence and said, "Excuse me, my name is Dr... ___," and he was absolutely serious.

This was about ten years ago and I now have a PhD but I wouldn't imagine doing that to anyone. Really, the only people that refer to me as Dr. are my students or if I am at a conference or something and that is absolutely fine by me.

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11. Making Waves in Thailand

Someone I know had booked a post-Christmas vacation in southern Thailand in 2004. If that doesn't already ring a bell, let me remind you that this was probably one of the worst times in the history of mankind to go there. She arrived the day after the tsunami...and got super mad about the hotel being destroyed and her tour operator not being able to offer a proper replacement. Then she took it to the next level.

She also tried suing the hotel and operator, but to no avail. Like, what the heck is wrong with you?  What part of human decency don't you understand? Over 200k people have had their lives ended and all you freaking spoiled brats care about is that you won't be able to stay in your five-star hotel? Worst of all, she told me all this herself, probably looking for confirmation or something.

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12. Mo Money, Less Problems (For Me)

I have a cousin who racked up $40K in student loan debt, and during this time thought it was a good idea to spend months following U2 around Europe for one of their tours. She asked my grandfather, a man who was raised during the Great Depression and worked his butt off just to become solidly middle class, to pay off those loans so she could buy a house.

The funny thing is, my grandfather would have helped her in any way he could if he felt she wasn’t just taking advantage of him. He helped me buy a car, helped some of my other cousins purchase a home, would gift you a new washer if yours broke, and was always there for our family in general. After he turned her down, she got revenge in the worst way possible.

She was so angry, she refused to let my grandparents see their great-grandchild for several years. Yeah, great move there.

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13. 365 Toys a Year

There is a family who has a young boy. His grandmother (who only speaks her native language) will buy the boy a large toy every time she goes shopping, which is at least once a day. And he expects her to; I've seen him throw a huge fit because she was in a hurry and forgot to buy him a toy. It always ends up with her going back and getting him a toy.

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14. It’s Fine

Back when I was getting my master’s degree, my best friend and I decided to get coffee together as a break from the hectic schedule we had that week. There was another girl from our class who we were polite and friendly to, but not really friends with, who said she wanted come along. Let’s call her Courtney. She was pretty.

Now, Courtney expected people to do the work for her and coasted through most of the year because this course had a lot of group assignments. It had become clear to almost everyone by the second day of the term that she didn’t actually want to study, and instead used to scope out places and insert herself into conversations where people talked about anything relating to money or wealth.

It was weird; her eyes would practically light up when she heard someone uses an expensive beauty brand, visits an expensive bar, or if someone had a relatively famous last name or lineage. So anyway, my best friend and I didn’t have much in common with her, but she insisted on joining us for coffee that day. We ended up regretting it so much.

We gave in and said okay and gave her the directions to meet us. Fast forward to us sitting in the café. She enters one hour late, spots us, and without even making eye contact or greeting the waiter, drops her wet half-open umbrella on his hands. We were mortified, and immediately called her out on it. Her response? She just shrugged and said, “It’s fine.”

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15. Toilet Money

When I was 17, I worked as a teller in a garage selling fuel. The local chip shop owner (fast food outlet) had a son who didn't work, but would turn up in his awesome white Lotus Esprit, the exact same car from Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. He would come in, put $20.00 of fuel in, then open his wallet, finger through a massive wedge of 50s, say, "Oh I have nothing smaller."

He’d take the one $20 bill he had out and fling it to the floor with his fingertips like it was a bit of dirty toilet paper that disgusted him. It was just such an awful display. And no wonder: His father literally spat at me once for suggesting his son get a job. But then there was a twist ending. Bumped into the son years later: Karma played out, and he became an addict.

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16. Too Rich to Read

I work at a grocery store deli, and some customer once asked my coworker what the sale items were. The coworker mentioned that all yellow signs are specials, and she pointed to the signs we have. The customer point-blank told the coworker that she has no time to look at signs, and she needed the coworker to tell her all the sales. Mmkay, lady.

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17. Queen of the Cinemas

I work at a movie theatre, and my company has a paid loyalty program that allows special benefits at box office and concessions, like being able to skip the line using a special gold line. Because of the special "perks," some people like to think they're royalty when it comes to buying items. On busy days we normally take two loyalty guests for every regular guest.

They were usually OK—but I'll never forget that one, horrible woman. One day, I happened to be taking a guest and a woman in the loyalty line came up to the box office glass and started just slamming her hands against it. She felt as if the service was taking too long and she wanted to be served right then and there.

Mind you, I'm still taking a guest so I'm trying to focus on the people in front of me, while this idiot is literally trying to break the glass next to my face. Every other sentence out of her mouth is, "I pay for this, I shouldn't be treated like this." It's $15 a year lady, calm yourself. I seriously cannot believe some people in this world.

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18. My Money, My Spot

Stuck-up jerk in some giant land yacht of an SUV parks in a handicapped spot, does her shopping, then pushes her cart into the other handicapped spot. Went out to confront her, since she didn't have a handicapped tag or a permit, and she stares me down and then launches into a speech about how she is so important and busy. It got so, so bad, I was speechless.

Then she says "the cripples" can walk an extra few feet because SHE contributes so much to THEIR welfare checks. She rolled up her window and managed to spin her tires backing out of the space. I just stood there, stunned.

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19. A Meager $10,000

My former roommate and I were talking about our high school grauationd parties. I told her about my modest party and told her about how we made all the food and stuff and spent very little money. I was really proud of it though. My roommate replied, "My parents only spent $2,000 on my party." I replied hesitantly, "That's a lot for a party......"

Roommate completely ignored what I said and continued with, "And my grandparents didn't even get me a car! They just gave me $10,000!" I got up and left.

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20. Kind of a Baller Move TBH

A 16-year-old kid got bored on our school tour of Greece, so he disappeared from the hotel one night and chartered a yacht. The tour leader eventually caught up with him in Monaco.

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21. You’re Ruining My Spray Tan

A girl I knew in college was the spoiled brat of divorced parents. Her stepmother couldn't have kids and married the girl’s father when the girl was a toddler, so stepmom spoiled "her baby" rotten. There was the typical paying for her school expenses including college tuition and whatnot, but the summer before her junior year she decides she wants a car.

Her dad says no. She throws a tantrum. Her stepmom buys her a Lexus. This girl gets home from one of her regular spray tans and discovers the new Lexus in the driveway of the house she's subletting for the summer is now hers. End of the story right? Not by a long shot. You see, the Lexus isn't the one that she wants.

She throws a freaking monstrous tantrum on the front lawn because that's not the car she wanted; she wanted a red car in some other model. Her parents are trying to calm her down and she's cried so many tears, she's ruined her spray tan. Her dad and stepmom take the car back. She continues to whine about not having a car, how she needs a car, that she's a freaking adult who needs to drive to do anything fun.

Initially, we thought they took it away for her ungratefulness. A week later her dad calls; he just happened to be driving around and saw a car for sale in the make and model she wanted...only it was white. This garbage human has another meltdown, ruining her second spray tan she got to fix the first one. Why now? Because she felt left out of the finding and purchasing of her car because they were doing everything without her.

Her stepmom came up again and took her shopping for a car. It took the girl the entire weekend. Then, after her stepmom left, she had the gall to complain that they clearly didn't love her because they just didn't know what she wanted right off the bat. She was also 19 and dating a married doctor from the local hospital. I just blatantly avoided her after that summer.

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22. Employee for a Day

I used to live near a very affluent area, and many of the most convenient grocery stores were just inside said area. A friend of mine was staying with us for a few weeks and would occasionally stop by said stores on her way home from work. One day, while she was at the self-checkout, a woman came up to her telling her to bag her groceries.

My friend politely told her she didn't work there. The lady then insisted that my friend did indeed work there, and demanded she bag her groceries, citing the way she was dressed. For reference, at the time she was working as an intern at a local engineering firm so her outfit was professional, and not at all resembling the uniform of the store.

Eventually, this lady's tantrum caught the attention of an actual employee, who then had to tell the woman SEVERAL times that my friend was not, in fact, an employee of the store. Then the woman said the most ridiculous thing of all time. "Well, she should have just bagged my groceries anyway." And that is the story of how my best friend came the closest she's ever been to literally choking someone.

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23. Back to Coffee School

It was my first day working in a coffee shop. I was replacing someone else, and in the confusion of the switch, I didn't get the next customer's order right. He looked at me angrily as I remade his order and then said, "Should have stayed in school!" It was so cruel. I almost started crying, but managed to keep my composure.

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24. Ubers Are for Losers

I grew up dirt poor in a really terrible household. Many years later, I went to Stanford. The stuff I saw there was enough to write a freaking book. Absolute insanity every single day of the week. I'm talking people talking smack about how trashy Tiffany's jewelry is. My buddy Kyle had a guest over to his apartment and his guest commented on how nice the furniture was.

As a gesture, Kyle gave his guest all of the furniture because "That's what rich people do." It was his roommate’s furniture. He refused to have it replaced. A girl I know purchased a $5k dress in Beverly Hills. Brought it back to her hotel room. Didn't like the way it fit, left it in the hotel room for the maid. But this is the really good story: Same girl fell head over heels for a guy at a party, ogling him all night.

He was WAY out of her league. He starts chatting with her and a few minutes later it turns out that he's actually just friends with someone at the party and was invited, he doesn't go to Stanford, he goes to Berkeley. When she found out, her response made my blood run cold. She smacked him across the face like four times because how freaking dare he talk to her knowing that he goes to a state school.

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25. I Miss my Butler

I work at a high-end buffet in Vegas. You get sat, are told to wait, I come up and greet you, explain our offerings, go over the drink menu, take a drink order, and then inform you to help yourself while I get the drinks. As I step away one time, I hear a kid about eight or so say, "So I have to get my own food?" Mom said yes.

Kid said, "I told you we should have brought Michael with us." I didn't understand who Michael was at first. When I realized the truth, I almost burst out laughing. Mom said, "NO, I told you before, we're not bringing our butler on vacation." I was five feet away and this was clear as day. I was stunned—that kid was 100% not joking one bit.

He really wanted his family butler to be on vacation so he wouldn't have to walk to a buffet and get his own food. I'm not insulting the little dude for having one baller lifestyle, but holy balls that was an insane conversation to hear.

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26. Jimmy Two-Twos

My cousin has two kids, seven and nine years old. Both boys. Spoils the life out of them and lets them get away with terrible, bratty behavior. Whenever one of them is having a birthday party, she tells attending family members, "Make sure you get both of them a present, or else there will be a case of EXTREME jealousy."

Telling your guests to bring a gift is a pretty gross thing to do. Telling your guests to bring an extra gift for someone other than the birthday boy is just obnoxious. And what's more is that they are by no means rich enough to spoil their kids the way they do. And neither of the parents grew up rich and spoiled themselves, so I have no idea where they got this from.

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27. All Poors Are the Same

My mom had a friend who ended up marrying a rich guy and acting like she was hot stuff because she snagged him. She once asked us if she had given us some random kitchen appliance she had gotten rid of. When my mom replied no, this woman legitimately said, "Oh, I must have given it to one of my other poor friends."

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28. Learning Is for Kids

Whoa boy, here we go. Girl I knew had a cool dad, I heard he was building her a car from scratch for her birthday at one point. Then it turned into him getting her a sports car; I think the girl's mom convinced him to do it. But the story about her that sticks with me and bothers me is the dog. She had an older dog and two guinea pigs.

One day I'm at her place and she tells me she's looking for a new home for the guinea pigs because she doesn't really take proper care of them much, her dad does all the work and everything. I think that's reasonable, best to give them to a loving home instead of neglecting them. But then her dad chimes in, saying she can't just dump off her pets on someone else.

He says that she needs to learn responsibility, which I consider to also be a valid and reasonable point. Girl then yells, "I don't need to learn anything, I'm an adult!" She was maybe 19 or 20 at the time, for reference. At that point, I immediately stop considering her argument as reasonable, and I start getting really suspicious of the conversation.

It turns out the whole reason she wanted to get rid of the guinea pigs was that she wanted a puppy. She got the puppy because her mom said so. Still had the guinea pigs and the older dog too. Fast forward a couple weeks, I'm getting married in about a month and this girl calls me up asking me if I can keep the puppy at my place because her family's going on a weeklong cruise.

Yep. You idiots caved and got a very young puppy who couldn't be left unsupervised with your other pets weeks before a cruise you'd had planned for months, and your plan is to drop the thing off on me while I'm doing last-minute setup for my wedding? Also, I have a cat that would eat the poor thing. No way. I don't talk to that girl anymore, I just hope she's treating all her pets alright.

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29. Making Room

I've been sitting on this story for a while. So, I am on a "completely full" Southwest flight. Luckily, I am in the A boarding group and got a seat near the front of the plane. I am chilling, low-key watching people board. Time passes and the plane is getting pretty full. At this point, there's virtually no overhead-compartment space left.

This young woman walks on, spots an empty seat in the row ahead of mine, and asks the people in the row to move so she can get in. Completely normal, right? The issue: She has a very large carry-on bag that she cannot fit under the seat in front of her. And, as I said, there's no overhead compartment space left. Here's where it gets crazy.

She proceeds to remove a bag from the overhead-compartment that belonged to a man who was one of the first on the plane, places it in the middle of the aisle, puts her bag in its place, and then sits down as if what she did was totally acceptable social behavior. This drew some major attention from those sitting around her, including the man who owned the bag and the remaining passengers behind her in line who now had to navigate their way around a bag in the middle of the aisle.

Several people are about to let her have it when, luckily, a flight attendant who witnessed all of this arrives. She gives her a short lecture and then proceeds to play a game of Tetris with the bags overhead and, thankfully, is able to squeeze hers and the man's bag in. She deplaned before me and I wasn't able to track her down in the airport, but I really wanted to talk to her to see what her thought process was.

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30. True Hatred

My friend's ex-girlfriend was so entitled. Basically, this girl had been toxic for such a long time and she would throw a hissy fit whenever he tried to break up with her. The final time that he tried to break up, she tried to end her own life by throwing herself out of a moving car at 70+ mph. She fought a ton of the officers who showed up to the scene—yet somehow, she managed to get even worse.

After all that, she had the audacity to continue hitting him up. A month later, she suddenly shows up to his place, despite her living two states away, without telling anyone. When I asked her why, she said that she didn't want to handle the rejection from him if she called him up and he were to tell her not to come. I was speechless.

Nowadays, she's still been on him over text and social media. Honestly, I think it's pretty entitled to continue trying and trying, especially after the person's made it clear that they don't want to talk. She literally only knows how to think about herself and talk smack about others/set people against others, hence why she was so toxic in the first place.

Because her parents are rich, she's never been told "no" once in her dang life. I've never truly hated someone as much as I hate her.

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31. Do You Even Know Who My Friends Are?

My uncle has this thing for crazy materialistic women. When I worked at a cigar bar owned by him and some other members of the family, his soon-to-be wife came in and suggested we (the employees) go to the store to get some lanterns to light at the tables and some holiday lights because her other rich friends were coming to see the place.

I openly laughed, since we were very busy and generally understaffed. She got mad and called my uncle, he called me and told me he didn’t want me to send anyone to get that stuff and that he didn’t care. Jokes on you, lady. Something about her emphasizing her materially exclusive connection to these other people really rubbed me the wrong way and had affected my perception of her to this day.

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32. (S)weeping

While I was on school, we were cleaning up the classroom before class started. We followed duty rosters so everyone got their own job to do. That day, Josh was in charge of sweeping so we reminded him that he should do his job. He threw a fit, cried, and threatened to tell his mother about it. We were like, "Dude, it's just once a week, the classroom isn't even that big," but he threw a bigger fit and cried in the corner.

We forgot about it...until the next week. I still can't believe what he did. When his day came around again, he brought his mother along into the classroom. We explained everything, but the mother didn’t seem to care if her son is on duty or not. She insisted that her son should not be doing chores and blabbered on how wimpy it is for boys to do chores.

Josh added some more oil to the fire and lied to his mother that we were teasing him. The whole class got scolded. From then on, every time his duty day came up, someone else did the chores for him while he sat there watching us with a smug face. I also remember that one day his mother actually came in, swept the floor for him, and left after scolding us for being so useless.

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33. Swimming in Excuses

A few years ago, I worked at a large bank in the foreclosure department. I had been trying to reach a customer who was a doctor. Every time she got on the phone with me she would tell me to quit calling about her pool. She had taken a second mortgage to install an in-ground pool, apparently. She was very rude and dismissive any time I tried to explain the situation to her.

Well, the last conversation with her, I informed her again that I was calling to tell her that the foreclosure was going forward at this point, since she had not made a payment in almost a year. She still did not grasp the seriousness of the situation, and again told me that she was tired of us calling about the pool. Just refused to see reality.

Finally, I got fed up—so I took it up a notch. I explained to her again that it was not the pool we were going to foreclose upon, but her home. Then I offered her a phone number. When she asked what it was for, I told her U-Haul, because she will be needing to move unless her account was brought current within the next 10 days. She wired the past due amount the next day.

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34. Sub-Human Strikes

At my first job (Firehouse Subs) I had a guy come in whining that his drive-thru order was wrong. He sort of slammed the bag down on the counter while he was yelling, and held up the receipt to prove it. Kept shaking it, too, like I wasn't looking. My job at the moment was just cutting and wrapping sandwiches, so I kept being like, "Sir, I'm really sorry that happened, but if you just go to the cashier, she'll get you squared away."

But he wouldn't go, kept yelling at me like it was my personal fault. Eventually, he wadded up his receipt and threw it at me. That is the one and only time I ever turned and walked away without another word.

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35. Soup, Cold

My uncle owns a restaurant. One time while I was there, two older men ordered their meals, both of which came with a soup. A few moments after getting their soups, one of the men angrily told the waitress that he wanted to speak to the owner. My uncle came over and asked what the problem was, and the man wanted to return the soup because it was too hot.

My uncle told him to “freaking blow on it” and the man started angrily shouting in the middle of the restaurant. He threatened a lawsuit, which I reckon isn’t even a realistic case to bring to the court. Not sure if I’m ever going to see something like that again.

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36. The City Is my Bin

I once witnessed a man opening something he had just purchased from a store. He was on a sidewalk, with his two children, and without even looking around, he flung his trash over his shoulder into the street—into oncoming traffic. Also, he was leaning against a trash can.

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37. Side Chicks

When I was a poor college student my wealthy cousin and his wife went on vacation and offered to let me house sit to give me a break from my three slovenly roommates. They live a few towns over in a very nice house with a huge front lawn and a fancy, tall iron fence with double gates. The fence and gates are about 11 feet high. You have to have a remote to open the gates.

That first night I slept so well! I breakfasted like a king and then drove to school. I got back around five, made a supper fit for a king, and settled down to write an Econ paper. My cousin has a warning system for when someone driving turns off the road and comes up to the gate. There's a chiming sound and you can look at screens in a couple of different rooms to see who it is so that you can buzz them in.

I was deep into my paper when I heard the chime. I was confused at first and check my phone before I realized what it was. I looked from the sofa and could see a movement on the security screen. I stood up and got closer. I'll never forget what I saw. I had a clear view of two women getting out of a white car. One tried to squeeze between two bars of the gate—impossible—and then the other woman tried to boost her over the top of the gate—hilarious.

The top one fell and even from the house I could hear swearing. I was about to press the intercom button and ask WTF was their problem but I was chuckling at their antics and just watched silently. They peered at the house intently from between the bars like a couple of jailbirds for a while. The skinnier one actually stripped down to her bra and panties and tried to squeeze through the bars again. No dice. Butt and breasts were not allowing that to happen. More swearing.

Then, as the skinny one got dressed again, the bigger one went back to her trunk and got out a tire iron. As soon as she started with the hinges of the gate I was calling 9-1-1. The officers took too long and the women left. I showed the officers the video but they couldn't get a license plate number. When my cousin and his wife returned the next week I told them what happened and we watched the tape. He said that he had no idea who the women were but his wife looked peeved. I packed up, thanked them for my "vacation" and left.

She divorced him that summer.

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38. Litter-ally Done

Years ago as a teen, I used to volunteer at the animal shelter. I’d clean out cages, empty litter trays, clean all the dishes, feed the cats and give them a fresh litter tray. And sure, it would sometimes be messy, especially if one of the cats was ill and had diarrhea. That’s a lot of cleaning and disinfecting. I never minded because I loved working with cats—still do.

We get this new volunteer one day and I’ve got to show her the ropes. She immediately decided that she couldn’t possibly touch a litter tray because they were "dirty," so she stood by the sink and watched me scrub around two dozen trays. She did nothing at all the entire time she was there. I ended up getting mad with her and asked her exactly she was here for if she wasn’t going to help out. Thankfully that was her only shift ever.

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39. Pay-to-Win Life

During my nursing course, after a lecture on how your socioeconomic status effects your health and life span, a girl says, "rich people deserve to live longer because they work harder." Coming from the girl whose parents pay for her...everything.

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40. Stuffed Justice

I went to a state fair one time a few years ago and saw this young mom and her young son (looked to be around four to six). He had a stuffed animal that looked pretty worn out. You could tell that the son had it for a while now. Another mom and son walked up and were about to get on the same ride that the first mom and son were getting on.

Boy places his stuffed animal on a bench so he can go and grab something from one of the stands, and the other boy goes and takes it. Both moms saw it, and the mother of the boy with the stuffed animal goes to try to take it back for her son. Entitled mom yells at her saying stuff like, "If he found it, he should keep it," and, "your son shouldn't have been so careless."

I'm disgusted at this point, but it was about to get even worse. The mom says to the entitled mother that her son's had that stuffed animal his entire life, it belongs to him. Entitled mom says, "You can just get another from one of the stands, it's not a big deal." The boy who the stuffed animal belongs to sees the other boy misusing his stuffed animal and starts to burst out into tears.

Not like an entitled child crying, but as if his heart was just completely broken. He wasn't screaming crying, just a small sob. This was my breaking point. While the entitled mom wasn't looking, I told her child, “You should give this back.” I took the stuffed animal (not by force of course) and I dusted it off, then gave it back to its rightful owner.

Entitled mom sees me give it back to him and starts screaming at me, saying I hurt her child, and she would be pressing charges.  I distract her long enough for the other mom to realize this was her time to escape. After seeing that the family had gotten far enough away from sight, I simply left my and the entitled mother’s conversation while she was talking. I am the stuffed animal vigilante now.

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41. Walking, Talking Wallet

Here's a super snobby story from my big sister’s younger years. She was about 12 or 13 at that point, and she and my dad were out buying her some new winter shoes. My sister locked her eyes on a pair of Converse boots almost instantly, and my dad suggested at least looking around some more in case she found something even nicer.

To that my sister just said in a very matter-of-fact way, "Remember, you're just the wallet." Nowadays if someone from the family takes someone else shopping to buy them something, it's "tagging along as the wallet."

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42. Designer EpiPen

The worst case of entitlement that I've personally seen was when my cousin expected my brother to carry her EpiPen at Disney World. Why? Just because the special bag her mom bought her didn't go with the outfits she was planning to wear. So her mom spent two weeks looking for a new bag that matched her clothes.

Disneyland And Walt Disney World factsPxfuel

43. The Great Wall of Luggage

Riding the metro in Kuala Lumpur during the morning commute and this family gets on with a bunch of luggage...probably headed to the airport. They proceed to pile up the luggage at the door to prevent people getting on or off, presumably because they knew that the car would be packed at that hour. People getting off had to cross into the adjacent car.

Snobbiest Behavior factsFlickr, Rolling Okie

44. Car Problems

My buddy’s girlfriend had her father buy her a new Jeep. The same week, she needed some extra money and decided to take it out of her mom's purse. She got caught, obviously, and they took the Jeep. She threw a fit about having mean parents so the father sold the brand-new jeep and got her a little beater SUV. It probably won't help her: This family is rich.

I'm talking like, "maybe I'll buy a G6 or maybe I'll buy another boat" rich. Her father invests portions of her money every month for her. She only spends tip money from her job, the rest goes to her savings (which her father handles). He's made great amounts of money investing in stocks. She is wealthy enough to never need to go to college. Yet, she's taking money from her parents and complaining about how bad they are.

The parents are doing the best they can to discipline this girl but she is just too much for her own good.

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45. Is Laziness a Handicap?

College roommate parked in the front-row handicap spots every single day before going to class, so he wouldn't have to walk so far. Racked up thousands of dollars in parking tickets, only to have mommy and daddy pay them off every time.

Snobbiest Behavior factsPxhere

46. You Using That?

“I should have your laptop. You’re sick. You’ll never use it.” This was my ex-friend telling me, while on my thirtieth round of chemo, that she should get my new laptop that was sent to me by a charity run by my hospital.

Snobbiest Behavior factsPixnio

47. The Great Exchange

My husband and I host high school age exchange students in Canada. They come from a bunch of different places in the world. Had this one boy from Southern Italy. About two weeks in, we had this conversation: Him: My sheets haven't been washed yet. Me: Have you washed them? Him: No. Me: Well that's probably why they haven't been washed. His next words left me stunned.

"The housekeeper does that." The weird thing is that he did wash his clothes. His hang-up with the sheets was he didn't know how to put the bed back together. Needless to say, he learned how to do laundry properly, make a bed, and went home with some basic cooking skills and a couple recipes in his pocket. Kid was definitely a brat, but his willingness to learn these things made us have the patience to teach him.

Something Wasn’t Right factsPixabay

48. I Don’t Care, I Love It

Girl at my high school was given a brand-new Mustang for her birthday. She was angry because she didn’t want a Mustang, so she crashed it so her dad would buy her another new car, which he did.

Snobbiest Behavior factsPikrepo

49. Where’s the Dorm Maid?

Was an RA for three years, we had a student and his mom aggressively call the dorm’s front office because: “It’s been two weeks, and nobody’s come to clean our room yet.”

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50. Roof-ist

Someone left a bad review for a charity that provides free vet care to homeless people's dogs because the charity wouldn't give her pet free treatment "just because I have a roof over my head."

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51. Size Matters to the Little One

I was nannying for a wealthy family in the upper east side of Manhattan when I got engaged to my now-husband. Boy, age eight or nine, thought my ring was super cool and unique because he “never saw one that small before.” Thanks, kid.

Worst Ways They’ve Been Dumped FactsShutterstock

52. Having Your Chocolate and Eating It Too

I worked at an independent chocolate shop that sold various flavors of truffles, brownies, and drinks. We also had non-dairy options, vegan options, and nut free options available. A woman demanded to speak to the manager because we did not have a “dairy free, nut free, sugar-free, vegan” option. Luckily, the owner totally owned her. He literally just laughed and said, “We do have one, it's called water.”

I have never seen such entitled rage in my life!

Customers Asked To Speak To A Manager factsShutterstock

53. Stupidhead Is Not So Stupid

I witnessed some great creative punishment while was standing in line at a major supermarket. In front of me was a woman and a small girl (about 4), and in front of them was a young mother, with a small boy (about 3). The little boy asked his mother for a candy bar, and was told "No." The little boy then asked for a candy bar again, and he was told "No" again. I was getting a headache so this was extra annoying.

So at this point, he decided to have a temper tantrum. He threw himself on the ground, cried, screamed, called his mother a "stupidhead," amongst all of the classic tantrum behavior. So, his mother then whispered to the mother standing behind her and they smiled, all while this little boy was so upset about being denied a candy bar. I was confused—but then their devious plan was set into motion.

His mother then took a candy bar from the shelf and put it in her cart. The boy was happy upon witnessing this, and his tantrum stopped. The mother and son went through the checkout and paid. The mother then turned around and handed the candy bar to the little girl behind her in line. She looked directly at her son and said, "Children who behave are rewarded, and children who throw tantrums and embarrass their mothers get nothing."

She turned around on her heel and walked away from the boy, who was left silent with his jaw gaping. A bunch of us broke out in applause. It was brilliant.

School Trips FactsShutterstock

54. Sometimes It’s Best to Keep Your Mouth Shut

Company consisted of something like 1,200 employees at the time, and rented out a big conference center for a Christmas party. At the opening of the party, the CFO was giving opening remarks, and asked—expecting cheers—if everyone liked their Christmas bonuses. He got booed. See, of that 1,200 people, a bit over a thousand were in customer service. No one in customer service got bonuses, only people in the "corporate" departments got them.

And our awesome CFO decided to rub everyone's noses in it, because clearly the Chief Financial Officer of a company would have no idea that 80%+ of his company didn't get bonuses. At the same party, the CEO made an announcement that the company would be closed on Friday (Christmas that year was on a Thursday), and everyone got a day off.

Now, he had literally just finished making a speech about how everyone was important, and everyone was part of the company, no matter the department. The next day, we all got an utterly heinous memo. Customer Service still had to work on that Friday. We apparently didn't count as "everyone" and the CEO just hadn't realized that the announcement wouldn't apply to anyone. January saw a 60% attrition rate.

Employees Share Horrible Things factsNguonSongMoi

55. With a Little Help From My Housekeeper

There was a kid at my high school. When he was 14, he had a learner’s permit, but his parents got him a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Every day, he drove it to school and was determined to park it in the parking lot to show it off. So, he had his housekeeper drive to school with him and her son drove a car behind her to take her back home—which was only about 2 miles away from our school.

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