Infuriating Spoiled Brats

November 9, 2023 | Carl Wyndham

Infuriating Spoiled Brats

There's nothing that makes our blood boil quite like a spoiled brat. Seeing someone so entitled get so angry over something so stupid will never not be infuriating—but at least sometimes, those selfish jerks get what’s coming to them, and when they do, it’s absolutely amazing. These have people shared their worst—and best—encounters with spoiled brats, and we can't look away.

1. Happy Now?

Once at McDonald's, a kid was telling his mom he wanted everything on the menu. Mom said nope, just a Happy Meal for you. The kid whined wanting more. Mom repeated, "Only a Happy Meal". The kid said, "I'll get what I want and you can't stop me"!

Mom stayed quiet. Then, the kid began playing with the bar that guides the line queue and the mom cluelessly said, "Stop Timmy, stop, Tiiiiiimy" as the boy brushed her off. When it was their turn to order, the mom ended up getting everything the kid wanted and a Happy Meal! Super annoyed, I left and went to the drive-thru instead.

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2. Where There’s a Will, There’s a Brat

I first met him when he was 25. His dad owned some oilfields and he had this credit card he didn't think twice about while swiping. His folks paid off whatever he racked up each month. He didn't bother keeping tabs on his purchases, just bought whatever hit his fancy. He even admitted—no shame in his game—that he'd tried to pay a college professor for a pass.

But one day, he was in a real mood and said something that I'll never shake. He meant it from his heart too. He basically was like, "Man, I wish my folks would die already so I can get my hands on their dough. Why should I wait"?

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3. I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Every time I'm stuck in a checkout line with kiddos throwing tantrums and their parents aren't lifting a finger, I don't just stand there. I mimic them, matching their tone loud and clear. "MOMMY, I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT"!

You'd be surprised, but whining back at a kid as an adult woman makes them clam up instantly. Sure, I get some strange looks from the rest of the line afterward, but thank goodness for smartphones, right? Plus, it gives me some peace and quiet. I'd say that's a solid win.

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4. Stupidhead Is Not So Stupid

I saw some epic creative punishment while waiting in line at a big supermarket. Right in front was a lady with a small girl, and ahead was a young mom with a toddler boy. This small dude asked his mom for a candy bar, got rejected twice, and decided to throw a major fit. I was already having a bad day, so this was extra frustrating.

The boy raged on the floor and threw insults at his mom. Meanwhile, the mom whispered something to the lady behind her and they had a wicked grin on their faces. I was like "What's going on"? I was confused—but then their devious plan was set into motion.

The mom picked a candy bar from the aisle and put it in her basket. The boy was stoked seeing this and instantly calmed down. After paying, she surprised everyone by giving the candy to the little girl at the back. She then gave her son a sassy lesson, "Kids who behave get rewards, those who throw epic fits and diss their mom get zilch".

She turned and walked away, leaving the boy speechless. We all burst into applause at this genius turn of events. It was priceless!

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5. Shop Till You Drop

While shopping with a friend, we encountered this super-energetic kid alone in the store, causing chaos. He was running rampant, making a mess with the merchandise and loudly making his presence known. The drama lasted for a frustrating five minutes as we stood in line at the checkout.

Then, in no time, he's racing towards us. My friend, having had enough of his antics, struck back. When the kid ran into us, she swiveled around and gently nudged him with her shopping bag. The kid started bawling instantly. We quickly exited the scene, with no regrets. Honestly, it felt surprisingly good.

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6. More Than They Bargained For

In my frat, there was a dude whose folks were obscenely rich. Seriously, they were billionaires. We had some loaded guys, but this one was on a whole other level. To reward him for making the Dean's List, his parents told him to pick any car he wanted, so long as it was under $100k—no joke. But this guy's reaction was messed up.

He flipped because the custom options he wanted on his Jaguar F Type pushed the price over $100k and his parents drew the line. Initially, at least. After his continued fuss, his folks gave in. But hey, on the bright side, I got to ride in it occasionally. That ride was incredible. Our Dean's List was no cakewalk. Regardless, this guy just doesn't grasp how set he is.

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7. Free Childcare

So, my friend graduated with an engineering degree, had a killer job and was rolling in dough. But she quit 'cause some guy whistled at her. Then, she became a waitress, working 20 hours a week and got pregnant. Her parents bought her a house thinking she'd pay rent, but that didn't really pan out.

She lived in this amazing house for six months without paying a dime. Meanwhile, her baby's father lost his job and just played video games all day. After a blowout with her parents, she stayed with her boyfriend's parents. But that didn't last long. She tried to move back home after having an argument with them.

Here's the wild bit—her folks actually took her back...with no rent, all utilities covered, and they're even baby-sitting her kid.

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8. A Mother’s Love

During one of my substitute gigs, I met the most spoiled teen ever, Conrad. He was rich-kid spoiled, the result of divorced parents trying to buy his love with stuff and money.

On day one of this job, Conrad told me he didn't need to do his work because daddy would pay off the teacher for an A. I told him I didn't care what he did, as long as he didn't disturb others. He wrote it in my notes and spent the rest of the class messing on his phone.

Day two revealed more of Conrad's attitude. He was supposed to be working with a group, but all he did was rant about hating his mom for buying him a "crummy" 2022 Ford for his 16th birthday instead of a brand-new BMW.

I pointed out I'd be grateful for any car from my parents. He shot back with, "Yeah, cause you're a teacher and you're poor". I told him to shape up or work alone. He behaved after that. On my last day, Conrad was livid about something his mom did.

Probably the car thing. I didn't really care until he started talking about sabotaging his mom's plane so she'd "fall from the sky and die". I told him to knock off the violent talk. But the drama didn't end there.

Five minutes later, I heard giggles from Conrad's group. He was showing them something on his phone. Curious, I checked it out. This fool had posted a Snapchat story of his mom with an emoji gun aimed at her head.

I sent him straight to the office to deal with the school counselor and the security officer. All this because he didn't get a BMW. Unbelievable!

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9. Daddy’s Little Girl

My ex-girlfriend was obsessed with the idea of me being successful. Weird, right? She figured I needed to earn at least $75k a year for us to tie the knot. Yeah right, like that's easy income! Funny, though, because she'd never worked a day in her life.

Her folks paid for everything, putting tons of money on her debit card every month. I remember walking by a jewelry store once and she bought her mom a pair of earrings for Mother's Day. Just like that, no haggling or even a second glance. Basically, her mom sponsored her own gift.

Every time I'd have tight money situations post rent payment, she somehow never got it and would want to go back to the mall. Fast forward, she's in med school now, paying with loans, and whines about how tough it is.

I tried telling her how tough it would be to pay off a $200k debt without even understanding how to read a financial statement. On top of that, she got a credit card, blew through $2k on it, and hasn't paid in four months. And the only work she ever did? Four hours of work grossly overpaid by her dad.

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10. Child Services

My ex's niece was kinda out of control. Guess what? They bought her a car—she crashed it. Then they bought her another—she wrecked that one too. I guess they had deep pockets, given they kept replacing it. This happened like four times while I was with her uncle!

Speaking of patterns, it didn’t just apply to cars. It was the same with her kids. She had three kids one after another. The sad part? She rarely took care of them. Instead, her mum ended up babysitting. And yet, she never had a job, preferring to leech off her parents.

Whenever someone asked her to get a job, she'd claim it was impossible due to her kids. But, that was hardly true because her mum was the one looking after them.

Just when you thought the youngest could start school—and she'd have no excuse not to work—she would spring out another surprise (read: baby). So she and her kiddos had a freeloading lifestyle—free housing, meals, and daycare. And when she wasn’t partying, she would be crashing new cars.

This situation was the norm from when she was just 16 (and I started dating her uncle) until she turned 25 (when I bailed on him). I’m not sure if it’s still going on. But, knowing her, probably!

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11. Regan, Is That You?

So I agreed to babysit my friend's kids for a little while because their nanny quit out of the blue. They had no backup plan. Turns out, the dad was home but worked nights, so I was responsible for everything from 5 am to 9 pm for their two kids (one under 1 and one about 3 and a half). Aside from taking care of the kids, I had to do some house chores, all for $100 a week.

The one-year-old was a breeze. But the 3.5-year-old, she was a handful. She was used to getting her way with the former nannies, and she took it out on me. One time she told her mom I hurt her hand because I had to remove her from the pantry. Another time, she threatened to tell her grandparents on me. But when I gave her the phone, she threw a tantrish cause she couldn't dial it herself.

She even planned to cut her brother's hair and blame it on me. When she didn't get her way, she resorted to high-pitched screaming that woke up her dad.

And if you thought that was bad, it got even worse. They found a new nanny. But this girl drove her away in just three days. She messed up their dining table, almost drowned her little brother, and once tried to harm him with scissors. And everyone blamed it on the nanny's lack of discipline.

Looking back, now I kinda feel sorry for the girl. She obviously needed attention and discipline... Who wouldn't act out in such circumstances?

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12. Mo Money, Less Problems (For Me)

My cousin, let's say, had made some questionable choices. She ended up with $40K in student loans, which she mostly spent following U2 around Europe. Can you believe it? Then, she had the audacity to ask my granddad to pay off her debts. Granddad, being a remarkable man who hustled his way up from the Great Depression into middle class, was feeling a bit used.

Don't get me wrong. Gramps was always willing to help. He lent me a hand to buy my first car, helped other cousins get their own places, and even replaced our washing machine when it stopped working. But my cousin's audacity didn't sit well.

So he said 'no'. And how did she react? She got mean. She barred granddad from meeting his great-grandkid for years. Talk about a classy move, huh?

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13. Laser Sharp Revenge

At a laser tag birthday bash, some annoying kid aged about 12 or 13 was continuously firing at people. He'd blast you multiple times the moment your kit rebooted. He always targeted the same dudes. My friend, his little brother, and I were his favorite targets, despite telling him off more than once.

After a second warning, I accidentally knocked him over and passed gas right over his head. Perfectly timed! But then it got even better. He hustled off crying to his parents that I bullied him. I just told them he was tailing us and stumbled. They believed it and apologized for their kid. That felt great.

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14. A Little Humble Pie

Back in my waitress days, I worked at a BBQ place with super tight, weirdly placed tables. Serving food was tough and often involved a bit of a squeeze. There was this table with a really annoying 4-year-old who wouldn't stop touching things. He kept messing with my uniform, my tray, you name it. Once, he even undid my apron, causing all my pens and cash to scatter. This was throughout the entire meal.

The kid's parents, however, didn't do squat. The dad even told me I deserved it due to my job choice. So rude! I sorta knew I was not getting a good tip. Near the end, they asked for dessert—a super sticky peanut butter silk pie. A perfect opportunity.

I made sure to load it with extra whipped cream, placing it in a risky spot on my tray, alongside soda refills for the parents. Like clockwork, the bratty kid tried to grab my tray and bam! Everything cascade over him and his parents.

They were drenched in Diet Coke, whipped cream, and stickiest peanut butter pie. I put on my best shocked face and apologized, adding, "Well, that's kids for you". I even held it together until I got back into the kitchen where we all burst into laughter. They had it coming.

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15. Boys Will Be Boys

Our next-door folks had two kids—an 8-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. The boy was, hands down, the biggest spoiled brat I've come across in my 17-year-old life. You know how people say Indian moms over-pamper their sons? His mom was a whole another level of scary.

The kid just had to make a fuss to get his way. He'd have a full-on meltdown—over anything! He'd freak, wail, and even threaten harm. One time he locked our front door from the outside—made us all super late. Anytime the adults asked him to do something, he’d be like “Nope, I’m a boy. Girls should do this stuff, not boys.”

So then he'd make his sister do his share. Everyone nearby would just chuckle—awkwardly, if you ask me. His mom would just say, "He’s just a kid, he'll grow up," always prioritizing his needs. I honestly felt bad for the girl, she was always wearing her brother's old, worn-out clothes and got scolded a lot.

We moved away after a while. I often wonder about the girl. I hope she's doing okay and managed to get out of that toxic home. But knowing how traditional the family is, she’s probably been married off already. Feel so bad for her.

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16. Color Me Unimpressed

In college, I splurged on a $300 drawing tablet for my brother—the most I'd ever spent on something. Then my wealthy friend, who just got a cool Wacom for her b-day, made me feel bad saying hers wasn't good enough. She started saying I was a bad friend for not getting her one.

I started feeling guilty for prioritizing my brother, who's just a casual artist, over her—already imagining herself as the next big comic artist. Eventually, I got gutsy and told her point-blank, I wasn’t buying her a tablet. She was this spoiled kid who got everything she wanted because her parents were loaded while I was an average college student.

The tablet was a big deal for my wallet. Later during a not-so-funny Discord call joke session, she accidentally knocked over a water bottle on her Wacom. 

I kinda wish it had busted. Maybe that'd have made her appreciate what she's got, but she’d likely just replace it in a week.

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17. Wax on, Screw off

I run a karate class, and sometimes, I get some really spoiled kids. There's this one girl, and trust me, her mom's a textbook Karen. One typical 40-minute class, the kid asked for a water break. She didn't seem out of sorts, sick, or tired, just thirsty.

Now, our policy is kids can't leave the mats unless it's urgent. She asked my friend if she could, but he said to wait, class was ending soon. She went for water anyway. When she got back, my friend told her she hadn't listened and shouldn't have left. He wasn't shouting, just serious.

But then, she burst into tears and her mom blasted our boss, wanting my friend fired for making her daughter upset in front of everyone. Honestly, nobody even noticed the entire thing, and it wasn't a big deal. Yet to this day, I'm stunned all this drama happened just because she broke the rules and got called out about it.

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18. Cruising for a Bruising

I once managed a young guy at a concert venue's parking lot, probably around 19 or 20 years old. For his 18th birthday, his folks got him a shiny new Lexus. Didn't last a month before he crashed it. Next, they bought him a decked out Jeep Wrangler, with all the fixings.

About a year ago, they gifted him another Lexus, brand new. Now here's the kicker. He makes these "poor me" posts on social media like, "Got to drive the Lexus today, wish it was the Jeep," or "Miss my Lexus but took the Jeep today". It's such a bizarre mix of humblebrag and pampered vibes that it really gets my goat.

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19. Flying Too Close to the Sun

In Japan, I had a real troublemaker in my class who didn't respect anyone. Despite not being cool with this, my office kinda suggested it was just a cultural thing, a last chance for kids to act out before they're hit with Junior High stress.

But one day, this kid crossed a line. He shoved a little girl—we're talking preschoolers here—who ended up smacking her forehead on the floor. She got a huge swollen lump on her head. As I was reporting this and stopping the kid from running off, he fought back and even broke my skin with his nails.

They told me to just suck it up and finish the class. Not helpful! As a new measure, I decided to ruin his fun. At the end of class when we were drawing, he made a paper airplane. I grabbed it, didn't have second thoughts as I crumpled it up in front of him and tossed it. The kid couldn't handle it and bawled for the last few minutes. Honestly, I didn't feel bad about it.

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20. What Are Friends For?

So, this friend of mine, let's call him Brad, a rich kid I've known for about three decades still hasn't quite grown up. His dough? Thanks to his dad's government job. His folks adored my small town enough to shift there from the city.

Brad and his brother first went to a private school before moving to public school. Met him through a common friend and hit it off over comic books and RPGs. His folks were super generous to the boys, even had rooms full of their stuff. Brad had about 500 bucks a month while in high school just for games and comics. His folks paid his entire college fee. He worked for a single day in four years, thanks to his dad.

Post-college, he brought his boyfriend back to town. His family financially backed them in an apartment till he found a job. He'd brag about sleeping at work often, so makes you wonder if his dad got him the job. Then, things went downhill.

His brother, who was the favorite, was pampered even more. Got a house and other stuff. Brad wasn't the golden boy anymore. This made him quite the pain to be around. He expected the world to revolve around him. If you've got leftovers, he wanted them. Want to play an RPG? He'd expect you to guide his character. Couldn't show up to an event because of a family emergency? He'd expect you to ditch your family.

I can't recall how long, but he'd blow up anytime someone didn't fulfill his demands, shouting 'SCREW YOU!', sometimes even throwing things. It got tiring. One night, in the middle of his routine tantrum, all of us shouted 'SCREW YOU!' back at him, even copying his theatrics.

He calmed down after that. I cut him off for a couple of years because of stuff related to his boyfriend. These days, he's been peeping back into our friends circle but often disappears. Guess he hangs out with his parents, perhaps trying to be the favorite son again.

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21. Spitting Distance

While at the zoo, I kept bumping into this group with a super hyper kid. Little dude was flicking popcorn all over the place, me included. I told the parents a few times to get their kiddo in check, but no luck. I thought I'd shaken them off when we parted ways, but later, there we were again, side by side.

I'd hoped the boy had calmed down, but nah, he was still as noisy and annoying. We were at the camel exhibit and I told him, "Hey kiddo, look here". If you didn't know, camels spit. This kid starts hurling popcorn, yelling at the camel, who finally spat—drenched the boy's face and shirt. It was epic. Kid's crying and claiming I made the camel spit.

His dad started giving him flack and said: "Are you annoying that man again"? They finally whisked the kid away and left for good. 

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22. Don’t Meet Your Heroes

I had a couple of stints at Toys R Us during peak seasons like Christmas. Man, it was a challenge, what with the grumpy kids and worn-out parents. But, I had to find my little joys to keep sane, even if it meant pulling a nasty prank that I'd do again in a heartbeat.

They put me in the Geoffrey the Giraffe suit for the Black Friday kick-off. The rule was simple- don't talk. Just dance, take pictures, and keep mum. The idea was to keep the magic alive for the kids. But this one kid was a real pain, kept hitting me in the sensitive area during our photo-op. Despite the suit, it hurt like hell. He just wouldn't stop, so after the photo, I decided I wanted revenge.

So, I went down on my knees, brought my giraffe head to his level and whispered, "Your folks asked me to keep it hush but you're adopted". The kiddo bawled like crazy. Funnily enough, when his parents complained, they couldn't figure out who did it because of the suit and the recent hiring spree.

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23. Justice Is Just Around the Corner

In high school, I worked as a lifeguard at a community pool with a cool, twisty slide. We always had someone watching the slide, especially for kids in swimsuits with integrated life vests. It was a big deal because those vests would make the kids bump their heads against the slide walls. It happened all the time.

One day, while I was on slide duty, this kid with a life vest suit wanted a go. I told him no because it was risky. But, soon his mom came over and started fussing about me not letting her son have his fun. I tried explaining why it was dangerous but she wasn't having any of it.

All that time, the kid had this cheeky grin on, like he was all sure he'd get his way. After a bit of this drama, I just caved and told him to go prove me wrong. And just as expected, halfway down the slide, he hit his head twice.

The second he was out, he started crying his eyes out. My job was to help him out, give him an ice pack, but his mom just scooped him up and hustled out without a single glance around. Though the mom was more to blame than the kid, watching that smug grin fade was pretty satisfying.

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24. Served

A few years back, my college study group used to gather for several hours. So, routinely, someone would be the food runner. To make it fair, we'd chip in so their meal was free. Simply put, "If you fly, I'll buy".

One study session, a girl declared she was heading to Dunkin' Donuts. My reaction? "I'll buy if you fly". However, she gave me a weird look and spat out an awful response. "I don't bring food to other people. Servants do that".

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25. Feeling: Insulted

My friend really went the extra mile and landed her sister a job at a factory, earning $19/hr from the get-go. Here's a woman with no formal education or specific skills, a mother of three, who suddenly leapfrogged from minimum wage purgatory. She was the type always trying to sell some $5-item on Facebook. You'd think she'd be over the moon, right? Nope.

She quit after just two hours, and then without missing a beat, took to Facebook to defend her decision. She claimed she was "overqualified" for this gig, although she's been attempting to get a two-year degree for like five years without success. She said the job was A SLAP IN THE FACE TO HER BRAIN! Seriously, I know plenty of folks killing it and thriving in their families by working at this same place.

Here's a woman barely making ends meet, and she felt slighted by the job. It just really irked me how snobbish she was, especially considering I have many hardworking friends who are way smarter and more successful than she'll ever be.

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26. Say My Title

A while back as a fieldwork newbie, I crossed paths with a brand new PhD grad. Out of the blue, an old friend of his appeared and greeted him by his first name. Dude’s reaction? Epic. He cut his friend off, serious as a heart attack, and goes, "Actually, it's Dr ___".

This happened about a decade ago. Now, I've also got my PhD, but there’s no way I'd pull that move on anyone. Honestly, I’m mostly called Dr by my students or at conferences, and that's totally cool with me.

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27. Making Waves in Thailand

A friend of mine had planned a getaway to Thailand for after Christmas in 2004. If you don't remember, let me jog your memory—it was a really, really bad time to be there. She shows up the day after the tsunami, and loses it because her swanky hotel is no more and the tour operator can't find a good substitute. But she didn't stop there.

She even tried to sue the hotel and the tour operator, but that went nowhere. Seriously, what's her issue? Have a little compassion, will ya? Over 200k people just lost their lives, and all you can think of is your fancy hotel stay? The worst part? She told me this herself—probably wanted me to feel sorry for her or something.

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28. Yes Man

My half-brother is nuts. His mom was so chuffed she raised him from baby to teen without telling him off once. His adopted dad just rolled with it. My half-brother never got time-outs or chats about his bad behavior, not one bit. He was a total pain.

I had to hang with him since we were close in age, even though I really didn't want to. He was a nightmare from the start, even in high school he had zero self-control. He did stuff like chucking sharp pencils and glass shards at other students. Get this: Once, he missed so badly he shot himself in the eye.

I laughed a lot harder than I should have. Even his teacher found it funny.

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29. Kiss My Rich Butt

So, let me introduce Rebecca. She's a single mom and works as a lawyer for a massive telecom firm. Being the youngest kid with a huge age gap, she pretty much grew up a single child. We were friend for a year and these are some of her stories: Her mom had a weird habit of gifting her Cadillacs, but somehow she'd end up wrecking them within a few months.

We worked together at two locations of a chain restaurant. She got fired twice from one and four times from the other — mainly because she had a casual attitude about showing up late and without uniform. The only reason for her stint at the restaurant in the first place was to fund her implant surgery. After being fired, she'd just wait for the management to change and reapply.

Fast forward to her college days. She's 24 and enrolled for her undergrad but is unable to pass most classes. She aspires to finish her doctorate by 26, paid for by the university. Unrealistic much? But oh, it doesn't end there.

She wrote to the same university asking them to fund a multimillion-dollar mansion for her to house an orphanage. When they didn't respond, she tried her luck with Harvard. Her pitch on Snapchat read something like, "I may not be great academically, but I'd be an awesome fit for your community"! Not surprisingly, no answer from Harvard either.

In the end, her mom bought her a swanky new pad to escape her boyfriend, who she found controlling merely because he asked her to split the bills. Notably, she drove her car into her boyfriend's house and smugly texted: "Hope you dig the new look, kiss my wealthy behind".

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30. Double the Displeasure

My old friend's family is stinking rich. They're always buying the latest car, biggest house, treating themselves to several fancy international vacations a year, and scoring extremely pricey concert tickets. His parents never say no. So, when iPhones and iPod touches were all the rage, he had his eye on a very specific color and storage capacity.

When Christmas rolled around, his desired iPod Touch was sold out everywhere. His mom, all bummed out, went extra and did something crazy. She bought the latest, highest capacity iPhone off a lady at the mall for twice the price, thinking it was a close enough substitute for her son's Christmas gift.

Fast forward to Christmas day—my friend was so ticked off when he warped open his gift only to find a different gadget, that he chucked it on the floor, damaging it beyond repair. Let’s just say he used really uncool language (witch was the kindest of his words) and stormed off to his room without opening any other gifts. Unbelievable.

His mom then panicked, and spent the following weeks hunting for his preferred gadget at the mall. Eventually, she managed to buy another one—at double the price, again. That was the last I heard from them. Rumor has it, he's still unemployed, living with his parents, no diploma, changes his Mercedes every year, and plans on becoming a rapper—or nothing at all.

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31. Be Careful What You Wish for

When I was 10, I got all worked up because my parents bought my brothers and me snowboards for Christmas. My brothers loved the idea, but it didn't float my boat at all. On Christmas day, I ended up with a cheap knockoff snowboard from Walmart while my brothers got the real deal. This upset me so much, I cried. My brothers said I was being ungrateful—and they were right.

A week later, my parents caved and bought me a fancy snowboard. But it turned out, I was too heavy and clumsy to use it well. I ditched the $275 snowboard after trying it out only three times. But I kept it as a reminder that you don't have to be rich to be spoiled.

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32. Strapped for Cash

Dude, get this—working at a debt collection agency, I dealt with this one guy who was drowning in a 200k debt. We had to check out his financial status, and man, I was angry when I saw how loaded he is. Dude's been cashing in a cool 60k from his dad every month. Yeah, that's more than what most of us make in a year! But, you know, I had to stick to the protocol.

He was chalking up all these crazy expenses, but even then, it only reached 20k a month. Meaning, he could clear his debt in just six months. But the guy had me bursting into incredulous laughter when he whined about not being able to afford the 40k monthly payment because he was re-doing his house. Stupidly, he was blowing all that 40k each ticket on the renovations. Man, talk about being disgustingly spoiled and just plain dumb.

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33. Nice Try There, Cupcake

I gave a free talk to a cooking club, including some kids. As a thank you, the organizers gave me some thank you cupcakes they made during the class. Suddenly, this child starts yelling that she wants my cupcakes and nearly yanks the plate away from me. The mom says quietly that the cupcakes are for me.

The kid throws a tantrum, insisting that I don't want the cupcakes and she does. The mom just looks embarrassed and doesn't say anything else as the kid storms off. It's not about the cupcakes' value, it's the sheer gall of the kid thinking I would give up my thank you gift just 'cause she's gotten a bee in her bonnet about it.

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34. A Good Life If You Can Get It

My high school friend was a piece of work. Lucky for her, she had her boyfriend wrapped around her finger. It was nuts! She got him to enlist in the Navy (so she could globe-trot with him) and to foot the bill for her cell phone. He'd pick up clothes for her every time he visited from boot camp, and they’d hit up fancy restaurants.

After high school, he popped the question, but she made it loud and clear—there were terms and conditions. He had to get her a new car, a dog, a massive ring, and a Spanish vacation. Also, she turned up her nose at the free Navy housing, 'cause she thought it was beneath her. So, she had him cough up for a pricey apartment. And guess what? She doesn’t even wanna clock in more than 20 hours a week.

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35. The Wrong Woman

As a kid, folks loved to say I was spoiled. If I kicked up a fuss about a toy, my mom wouldn't budge. Weird thing is, I don't recall pitching fits past the age of five. Not that my family knew about it—they weren't around much.

Growing up, we didn't have a ton. Any big-shot toys I did have were Christmas gifts. New toys were usually cheap, like Matchbox cars—we were pretty poor. My mom was a student and my dad passed before I was born.

We'd survive on six packs of chips. They would run out one day per week and boy, did I feel it. Bugged me as a kid seeing my grandparents buying my cousins fancy toys. It broke my heart realizing they didn't treat me the same.

Later on, my cousins got more expensive stuff. Me? I was lucky to get a Christmas card. My birthday wasn't even acknowledged, apparently it was too close to Christmas. Their excuse fell flat as my cousin's birthday was even closer to Christmas!

The game changed when my mom landed a job and I was handling school runs with no babysitter. She gave me pocket money for chores, cleaning the car, vacuuming, neatening up my room, and so on.

Exists irony of my cousins who got games worth $30 plus calling me a spoiled brat when I earned $20 a month doing chores. We were still scraping by. My clothes were hand-me-downs and mom was still paying off the house.

At 11, my cousin and I attended the same school. He'd go around telling his friends I was spoiled because I got $5 as weekly allowance. Shockingly, his friends defended me as they got the same money.

Our relationships worsened over time. I lost touch with my relatives. Eventually, it got to the point where my cousin didn't want us—especially me—over at their place anymore.

At 17, I got a job and started paying for everything myself. My mom kept a secret—she got $160 a month for me from my late dad's pension. Money rightfully mine but squandered by her.

The brutality didn't end; my cousins and some random school guys found joy in bullying me online. Life sucked for me, at school and at home. Memories of them mocking me as a poor kid sting. I often fantasized about parents who got their kids whatever they asked for.

It all unfolded when my granddad got old. Cousins swore they looked after him but the truth was ghastly; he was neglected. Eventually, they disappeared when he got sick. We discovered they were exploiting him after he passed on.

Further drama ensued at the funeral—my relatives got angry because I stood close to them. But I was vindicated eventually. People saw their true colors, but sadly, it was too late. They were no family of mine.

Fast forward, my cousins are jobless with no qualifications. Haven't seen them since the funeral. They blame others for their antisocial lifestyle. They've even attempted to grab items from grandparents’ home but it's all been cleared out already.

My granddad's TV stands at my place—probably the only valuable thing I got after his passing, apart from some old books, jigsaw puzzles, and an antique box. I settled for leftovers, and I’m perfectly fine with that. Zanki

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36. Shopping Spree

I worked at a major grocery store, and experienced some wild kids, but they're nothing compared to this nightmare. A mom and her two boys (around 6 and 13) visited the store one summer day and the boys began to wreak havoc. They rode carts, crashed into walls and displays, and Mom didn't stop them.

The boys kept causing mayhem around the store, annoying customers. Things heated up when they hit the soda aisle—they shook soda bottles and opened them, showering soda all over. Again, their mom did squat. My boss got fed up and confronted the mom, calling the kids "little monsters" and said she'd charge the mom for the opened sodas.

The mom denied responsibility saying, "I'm not paying for something I'm not buying". People point out the spilt sodas and mess her kids created. "They're just playing"! She started yelling, but no one was on her side. An on-duty cop was there and threatened to write a ticket for the unpaid goods. She finally coughed up the money for the sodas, but abandoned her cart of groceries. My boss banned her and her wild kids from the store.

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37. Happy Endings

My friend's story is a rollercoaster. She had her first child young, married at 17, and ended up divorcing her cheating husband. Not long after, a persistent guy started to pursue her, and due to some strange circumstances involving her mum, she ended up dating this guy.

He was really pushy and manipulative. After flying off the handle on Christmas, he forced her into sleeping with him, resulting in her becoming pregnant. Despite having plans to move away and not continue with the pregnancy, her mum and the guy found out and she ended up having the baby. She then had to put up with the guy staying at her place, despite her objections.

Tired of everything, she managed to find a job and move out. But this guy remained obsessed, stalking her from afar. Under pressure from her mum who was threatening her and manipulating her emotionally, she eventually gives in and marries the creep. On their wedding night, he was abusive to her.

The next day however, she has an epiphany. She stood up for herself, left her abusive husband and the controlling influence of her mother. With the help of a supportive lawyer, she even managed to secure child support. Later, she meets another man who's supportive and respectful, helping her to move out.

While in therapy, she realizes the extent of the damage caused by her ex and her mother. The new guy proved to be decent, keeping his distance and allowing her to heal. But it turned out that he wasn't perfect for her due to his selfishness and lack of respect. She ends up dumping him when he was away on work. But his response was dramatic.

He begged for a second chance, sending her tons of flowers, expensive gifts and heartfelt apologies. After communicating their issues, he proved his commitment and was genuinely caring and attentive to her and her kids. He even proposed to her in a super romantic mountain castle, with a diamond ring.

She said yes and pretty soon, she was pregnant again. Things started to look up—they got a new house, she got a new car, total financial security, not to mention a bunch of expensive gifts. Her fiancé always looks forward to spoiling her when he's home from work. She's now expecting another child, and they're considering getting a live-in nanny. She may be spoiled rotten right now, but after everything she's been through, she truly deserves it.

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38. Crazy Rich Asians

While working at my college writing center, I did a lot of tutoring for ESL students. One time, our boss mentioned running a summer English course for rich Chinese students, who came early to get their English skills on point.

One funny situation was when a girl showed up in the US carrying a bag loaded with $100,000 in cash. She took 'pocket money' to a whole new level. The college had to take it off her after she started flinging cash out the window of her brand spanking new Mercedes in the city center.

They feared she could be abducted due to all that cash she was flaunting.

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39. Money Can’t Buy Sense

My last girlfriend was such a sheltered rich kid, you wouldn't believe it. Yeah, she knew her way around fancy stuff and interior design, but dude, she only found out about the existence of the space station or Mars rovers less than a year ago. Can you imagine? She thought our solar system was the entire universe. And here's the kicker—she's a freakin' local school teacher who thought Einstein made the Eiffel tower. I mean, how's that even possible?

Anyway, basic life skills? Zero. She can't cook or even remember where she left her dishes. Laundry was a whole other saga with calls every half hour to figure out each machine. Spoiled with money, she didn't have any understanding of how finances worked. Now that she's living on her own, she's constantly puzzled about her bank balance being zero. And she expects me to trace where every penny went, like she's misplaced it or something. Moved out at 33, she's 36 now and still clueless about being self-reliant.

She's got this sense of entitlement when things don't go her way. Oh, and her folks still cover her phone bills, internet, Netflix, car insurance—all she manages is rent, food, clothes, and her beauty stuff. I remember her being floored when I said I couldn't just drop 5 grand on a trip at the drop of a hat. She made it all about not wanting to go with her. Trying to explain that it was about the money and lack of planning fell on deaf ears. And if we'd planned properly, it would've cost half. Honestly, I worry about how she'll cope once her parents aren't around.

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40. Sink Your Teeth Into This One

So, back in my teen years, my mom had a daycare at our place. Among the kids, these two sisters stood out, around three and five years old. They were spoiled—not necessarily from a rich family, but certainly they were never told the word 'no'. Now lunch worked in two ways at our place: Either the folks sent in packed lunch with their kids and paid less, or they paid a bit extra, and we'd whip something up.

These two girls, though, came in with their own "lunches," filled with fruit snacks and super-sugary juice. It was all junk and they were adamant on not having anything else. This diet made them cranky most of the time. And worse, if another child had some snack they wanted, they'd team up and try to snatch it. And the consequences were disastrous.

Supervision was a must during their lunch and snacks. The amount of sugar they gobbled down messed up their teeth pretty bad, in fact, their front ones were just tiny brown stubs...

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41. Parental Advisory Warning

My boyfriend once taught at a school for kids with special needs. The school had two paths: one focused on academics to get them ready for regular school and hopefully college; and the other taught them basic life tasks like cooking and job prep.

One of the kids in his class was having a really hard time with the academic stuff. He couldn't really write, and it was holding up the whole class. They thought it would be better if he switched to the life skills path, but his parents said no. They paid lots of money for his education, so the school let him stay.

His family was super traditional, so the mom did most of the child-rearing and, being the eldest son, the kid was kind of spoiled. When the mom was away, the dad wouldn't maintain his son's routine at all. I don't know what kind of medication the kid was on, but without it, he became really disruptive. He'd misbehave in all sorts of ways that made things horrible for everybody.

Yet, he'd show up the next day with a new toy or game like nothing happened. No one at home seemed to tell him his behavior wasn't okay, so it kept happening. I feel really bad for him, even though he was very challenging to deal with.

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42. Oh, Brother

My brother-in-law is ridiculously spoiled. He thinks he's entitled to everything. He wasn't happy with his first car, so he got a Mustang, which he'd race and get pulled over for. If he got into a scrap, his dad would step in and somehow the other guy would get the blame.

But his worst episode was after our grandpa passed on. Grandpa sold his car and wanted to split the money between all his grandkids. But when my brother-in-law saw our cousin with a new Jeep, he got all grouchy, wondering where his share was. Can you believe that?

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43. Don’t Put off Today What You Can’t Do Tomorrow

I know this kid who doesn't stop yelling and having hissy fits. It's all day, every day. I just can't believe some people won't step in and teach their kid not to act that way (I don't mean spanking, just good old discipline). Cutting down on these tantrum marathons is something you can start early on. Yeah, it's a bit of a time suck, but totally doable.

Of course, that doesn't mean a kid is gonna completely zip it and never have a tantrum again. That's just not realistic. But hey, they can be toned down a notch. Especially when kids start figuring out how to use more than tears to get their points across.

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44. Growing to Love You

I'm a bit red-faced admitting this, but when I was 10, I was desperate for a bike. Not just any bike—one like my friend's. This was back in the early 90s, when mountain bike tires were all the rage. Funny thing is, I missed the memo about them being the latest trend. All I wanted was a 10-speed with skinny tires like my friend’s bike.

So, you can imagine my reaction when my folks surprised me with a mountain bike for my 10th birthday. My reaction was brutal. I was a little brat about it. Every time I think back on it, I cringe. But the story has a happy ending. I got over myself and ended up absolutely loving that bike! In fact, I loved it so much, I kept it until I moved across the country for my marriage at 33. It was pretty well-worn by that point.

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45. It’s Fine

During my master's, me and my best friend decided to grab a coffee to unwind from our crazy week. There was this girl in our class, let's call her Courtney. We knew her but weren't exactly friends. She asked to tag along. Courtney was beautiful, but pretty lazy too.

Courtney had this habit. She'd tag along with everyone else's hard work on group projects. And within two days, the whole class knew she wasn't into studying. Instead, she was always poking her nose into conversations about wealth and luxury.

Her eyes practically gleamed at the mention of high-end makeup, fancy bars or someone's famous relatives. Me and my friend didn't vibe with her, yet she insisted on joining us. We should've said no...

We agreed and told her where to meet. Fast forward, we're in the café, and Courtney staggers in, an hour late. Instead of a hello or even looking at the waiter, she dumps her dripping umbrella in his hands. We were embarrassed big time and let her know it wasn't cool. Her reply? "It's fine," she shrugged.

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46. Toilet Money

When I was 17, I worked at a garage selling gas. The local fast food owner's son was jobless but had this cool white Lotus Esprit- same as the car from the Bond flick, The Spy Who Loved Me. He'd pop in, gas up for $20, then pull out a giant stack of 50s, all while saying he didn't have anything smaller.

Then he'd flick the lone $20 from his wallet onto the floor like it was some nasty piece of tissue. This dude was totally full of it. Even his dad once spat at me when I suggested his son find a job. But hey, guess what? I ran into the son years later: Karma hit and he turned into an addict.

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47. Queen of the Cinemas

So, I work at a cinema, right? And there's this paid loyalty scheme we have that gives extra perks at the ticket and snack counters like you get to skip the queue and stuff via a special gold line. It kinda makes some folks feel like VIPs when they're ordering stuff. On a busy day, we typically serve two loyalty members for every regular customer.

Most of the time it's fine, except for this one lady I'll never forget. This woman from the gold lane comes up to the counter's glass and starts pounding her fists against it. She thought the service was too slow and she wanted to be seen to right away.

Now, I'm trying to concentrate on my current customer, and this woman's going ballistic beside me, on the verge of smashing the glass beside me. Every other thing she's saying is, "I paid for this, I shouldn't be treated like this". It's a 15-dollar yearly membership, lady—chill! Some people, I swear.

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48. My Money, My Spot

A snooty lady zoomed into a handicapped spot with her monster SUV. She did her shopping and irresponsible rammed her cart into the other handicapped space. I got up to her because she had no handicapped tag or permission, and she didn't flinch, straight up told me she's too big of a deal and in a rush. Man, I went blank.

Then she added that "those with disabilities" can walk a bit more 'cause SHE's getting their welfare bills paid. Then, she just rolled her car window up and peeled out of there in reverse. I was just gaping there, blown away.

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49. Double Standards

My ex-friend was kind of into herself, right? She ended up tying the knot with a guy my hubby used to work with in the forces. They weren't BFFs but shared some time together in the same group both in their early days of training and later in sunny California.

Here's how we’re all connected. When she started seeing this guy, they had a no-strings-attached thing going on. She got pregnant, didn't tell him, and decided to not keep it. She revealed this after the fact and he was, weirdly, chill about it. But hey, they were just young and kinda dumb.

Shortly after, she had a change of heart and was all over him about having a baby. They started trying soon, even though he wasn't really on board at first. She somehow got him to agree. He even let her move into his room in housing, risking getting into serious trouble for breaking rules. That's when things really blew up in his face.

She was super controlling, micromanaging what he ate while she stuffed herself with junk food. Her excuse was that his job required fitness and hers didn't. The dude bought her everything she wanted, and didn't even bat an eyelid when spoiled her rotten.

Be it a trip to Disney or a shopping spree without a budget, he didn't deny her anything. She'd regularly overspend his money on clothes and makeup, but he didn't seem to mind. He felt that it was his job to provide and didn't seem fazed about her being a spoilt brat. She truly had him wrapped around her finger.

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50. Sibling Rivalry

So here's the deal with my brother. Mom and dad paid for his college, then he slid off to Chicago for his master's degree. They footed the bill for that whole year—tuition, living, the whole nine yards. Over the next five years, he settled in Lincoln Park, claiming the rest of Chicago was too sketchy. He only landed a part-time gig, so mom and dad picked up the tab for his rent. Trust me, that's just the start.

Next, my dude heads to law school. Mom and dad again coughed up the dough for another three years. A year later, he couldn't find work. He's still living it up in Lincoln Park, with all expenses paid by mom and dad. Fast forward seven years, he's still not earning enough to stand on his own feet, so guess who's still footing the bill?

Now, he's 37 with a wife and kids, and still on the parent payroll. Worst part? Treats the family like junk every time we drop by. Can you believe it?!

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51. The Girl Can’t Help It

My adopted sister was taken from her mom at birth due to undiagnosed fetal alcohol syndrome. There were no mistreatment issues, just a little girl who was good at tricking people into getting what she wanted. Foster parents, social services—they all doted on my sister.

A cute blonde with blue eyes, she was put on a pedestal. Argue with her and you were the bad guy. If she messed up, social services would handle her for a bit, then drop her back with her foster parents.

Who said "no" to a sweet angel like her? No one, at least not until she came to us. That's when it all changed. At six, she transferred from being an angel into a little devil. She made our lives a living nightmare. From hurting herself and blaming me to making others feel bad, she perfected it all.

Disagree with her and she would throw a tantrum or falsely accuse us of mistreatment to social services. Once, she created a scene in public, yelling about wanting her real mom while my mom tried to calm her. People stared and even threatened to call authorities, which reduced my mom to tears. We were so emotionally drained, we started caring less about her fate.

I felt only detached pity for her. On a side note, we also adopted her brother. He had his own set of problems thanks to mistreatment from his birth mom and her partners. But he worked through his issues with us, and he's an awesome person. I'm really proud to call him my family.

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52. Whatever Lola Wants

My little niece is honestly super spoiled—I've never seen anything like it. My boyfriend even calls her the devil's kid. She and her mom stay with my aunt and uncle 'cause her dad lost custody after some big argument. He used to have everything together—a good job, a business, a great family vibe.

After all the family drama, my niece gets whatever she wants from her mom—talk about never hearing no! She's turned into a little terror, always getting her way. Dinner made of just chips and ice cream? Sure thing. Another kitten because the one she has is old news? You got it. Heck, they even went and built her a pool 'cause she bawled her eyes out about her friend having one.

The latest thing? She wanted a sleepover on a school night—made her granddad drive all over the place, picking up her friends for pizza.

Thing is, though, her mom doesn't make much money—so guess who's paying? My aunt and uncle. Neither of them can even think about retiring. It’s getting out of hand, honestly.

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53. Not Book Smart

I used to live with my little cousins, aged seven and four. Those kids were a nightmare, always messing up my room like they were on a rampage, peeing on my clothes, ripping my books—the works. Locking my room was a no-no 'cause my aunt had a whole "open-door" policy going on. Well, karma ended up coming for them. 

I stashed my school stuff high up on a seven-foot shelf. Then guess what? Those tiny tyrants come in one day, try their luck climbing up the shelf, and bam—it topples and they fall off. Ended up getting stitches too.

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54. Skate on by

I was 18 in the late 90s, working at a surf and skate shop. This one mom walks in, griping cause her kid's skate shoes have worn out at the toe...cause, you know, the kid's actually using them. She chews out her kid in front of all of us, then demands her money back. I tell her the shoes aren't unbreakable, they just last longer than most.

She loses it and wants to see the manager. I spin around to walk to the back, then spin back to her and go, "Yeah, I'm the manager. How can I assist you"? She totally freaked. Shouted at everyone and stormed out. The best bit? I'm not even a manager, and my boss was watching and loving every moment of it.

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55. Ice Cold

So, like 8 years ago when I was 22, the local ice cream man shouted out he only had one Choco Taco left. Even though I wasn't craving one, I couldn't resist when I heard there was only one left. So, I bolted towards the neon green truck.

The neighborhood twerp obviously heard it too and was running his little legs off toward that same truck. Well, joke’s on him because I’m older and faster. As I sprinted past him, I was laughing my head off at his desperate pleas for me to let him get there first. Too bad, kiddo, this is just the survival of the fittest. I made it to the truck a good half a block before the kid. Handing over my $2 with a proud grin, I got my Choco Taco, while the ice cream dude gave me a weird look.

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56. If The Shoe Fits

I've always lived on a tight budget since being on my own. Thanks to low self-esteem, buying myself nice stuff is a challenge. After hating my old flip-flops, I finally let myself buy new ones—nice foam platforms from Target for $12.

Even though they were cheap, I felt really guilty buying them, and nearly took them back to the store. Once I got over that, I loved those flip-flops. A few weeks later, my friend's daughter, 9, realized we got nearly the same shoe size and started rocking my flip-flops around. I kept asking her to take them off, even had to yell at her.

My friend yelled at her too. Her step-dad even yelled at her a couple of times. She ended up tripping and ripping the strap off. All I could say was, "I can't believe you did that. Thanks a lot".

I didn't speak to her the rest of the day. Sounds silly, but I'm still mad. I wanted to get another pair, but the stores have already run out of summer stuff in the middle of summer. I'm not sure I can look at her ever again without thinking, "Thanks for nothing, you little flip-flop ruiner".

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57. Tying The Knot, Cutting The Cord

My former best friend from college, who grew up as a pampered single child, lived in a palatial five-bedroom home and had all the luxuries money could buy. I asked her to be my maid of honor when I got engaged, only for her to decline and gave a shocking reason.

My fiancé didn't have a bachelor's degree, so she was sure we wouldn't find happiness. Fast forward eight years and two kids later, we may not be wealthy, but we're content. I've got my awesome hubby who's a karate teacher, who's way better than a sugar daddy.

It's needless to say that this was just one out of the many problems we had, but it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

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58. Any Way You Want It

So, I've known this girl my whole life. Her parents dote on her like she's some royalty. As a kid, she got every new toy she wanted, usually in every color—all because she kept breaking them. She had three entire rooms to herself, one probably as big as a studio apartment. 

But get this: She slept in her parents' bedroom. If she fancied a trip, say to Disney World, her parents would drop everything and plan it. She went through three brand new cars in just eight months when she started driving. Not due to accidents or breakdowns, she just had to always upgrade.

She’s never worked a day in her life. Her parents foot every bill. In school, she had a so-called "tutor" who basically did her work. It’s amazing she can even read or write. When you see her Facebook statuses, you realize her writing skills are pretty questionable. But it gets worse.

If she didn’t like someone, she made her parents wreck the poor person's life. Seriously. She got her seventh-grade teacher sacked, making up stories about his behavior. He was a good guy, never let her slack off in school.

He failed her in some subjects...that was all. He never faced any issues, but fear forced the school into pushing him into retirement.

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59. The Gravy Train Stops Here

My poor nephew. His parents are in the middle of a nasty divorce and they're deep in debt, so their finances are about to take a major hit. He's eight and he's used to a fancy lifestyle. His room is packed with untouched toys and all the latest gadgets (iPads, laptops, gaming systems, you name it). Plus, he often travels overseas.

Thing is, his parents aren't exactly loaded. They just love to splash out and show off, particularly his mom. She decks herself and her son in designer clothes. She refuses to get him cheaper, normal kid-wear, so his wardrobe is pricey. His dad isn't any better with cash. Together, they're a financial train wreck.

I'm really worried about how he'll handle the shift. He's already a handful. The last time we took him and his nieces to the zoo, we had bedtime story-level drama in the gift shop because we set a spending limit on souvenirs. Even his nieces, who are his age, called him out on his tantrum.

Overall, it's a tough situation.

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60. The Root Of All Evil

My mom's friend is a real piece of work. She comes from a rough background, worked her way up from the bottom and was the first in her family to go to college. Mom always said she was the sharpest tool in the shed. But then this guy—it's like he changed her. Marrying at 25.

He wasn't rolling in cash, but was comfortable enough for her to ditch school and become a full-time mom. When he passed on at 29, she was left a single mom with a chunky insurance payout. Enough dough to globe trot and buy a couple of mansions. Mom says the cash changed her, but I reckon it just brought out her true colors.

She acted high and mighty, stuck to top brands, and threw fits if she didn't get her way. And her comments—always about my lifestyle. How sad it was that mom couldn't give me the world on a platter like she did her kids. But I knew her family's dirty little secret. 

I just think, lady, you cashed in from your husband...the same guy who got sick of your drama and was driving in the rain to see his secret flame when he crashed his car. I barely see her now, thank goodness. Word is she blew most of her cash and hightailed it out of state to dodge the bill collectors. Good riddance.

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61. Playing Favorites

My sister, only 17, already has a kid and another one on the way. She's living cost-free at my parents' place and hasn't even considered getting a job. Mom's doing her school work to get her to graduate, even though she couldn't care less. And she has no interest in finding work anytime soon, despite wrapping up high school in December.

Mom just passed down her 'hardly-old' 2011 Kia Sorrento and is planning to gift her with a MacBook for her upcoming 18th. I don't get it—when I was her age, I was working and bought my own car and laptop for uni. She's totally spoiled and it's not getting her anywhere.

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62. Too Big To Fail

Last year, I used to teach at a private school in the UK, and there were some super spoilt kids there. This one 16-year-old once came to school all grumpy because his dad grounded him. Why? Well, he crashed their plane! Crazy, right?

When I asked him about it, he was like, "It's only a £40,000 damage," as if it was nothing big because his dad could cover it. My jaw hit the floor!

Then, another 16-year-old asked about my summer plans. I told him I'd be working mostly, and he just couldn't get why I wasn't going on holidays or trips. Like duh, not everyone has a private lake for summer fun, dude!

But the winner was this 18-year-old who got a chain of five-star hotels for his birthday. And guess what? He complained that it wasn't what he wanted! I couldn't stand the place for some time after that. 

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63. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

So basically, my ex was a spoiled brat. Her room always looked like a dumpster, littered with garbage, and walking barefoot? Not a chance! She relied on her maid to clean her mess every week. And get this, she splurged her mom's credit card on fast food, racking up like 800 bucks every month.

Spoiled, right? But wait, there's more.

Her folks covered her college expenses, but she ditched school in the third year. Post our breakup, we couldn't stand each other so she moved back with her mom. Guess she's still freeloading seven years down the line. What ticks me off is how she preaches hard work, yet she's never lifted a finger in her life. But hey, at least she's good looking.

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64. A Free Ride

My ex-girlfriend's little sister was super spoiled. This kid sneaked out every night to party and got upset when her parents started locking the windows and telling her to knock it off. Then she got pregnant and had a baby, with her parents taking over full time. You'd think having a baby might shake her up, but nope! She still partied left and right, blowing her parents' money on party stuff.

And brace yourself—she was only 14 when all this drama began. Now, she's at college in LA, skipping half her classes. She even left her kid with her folks to keep partying every night. She's always whining about how hard and unfair her life is. Seriously? She gets free education and doesn't even have to look after her own child.

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65. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

In college, I substituted at local elementary schools. One day, I covered a kindergarten class. Everything was smooth until post-recess. Going to retrieve the kids from their line-up spot, one girl was having a meltdown because apparently, "My mommy says I have to be in the front".

Once we got back to class, she threw another tantrum. This time, it was about her seat. Now, "My mommy says I have to sit in a blue chair", she proclaimed. It's worth noting she claimed this about the (light blue) chair she'd already been sitting in before break. Similar issues popped up throughout the remainder of the day.

Then at the end of the day, I made a shocking discovery. It turns out that her mom was a girl I'd attended high school with. Funnily enough, she had been one of my tormentors. That explained the almost instinctive desire I felt to put duct tape over her daughter's mouth.

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66. Fair Is Where You...Learn to Drive

My younger brother had a classmate in high school whose dad owned a car dealership. The perk of this was she got to drive demo cars to school. It was nuts—she'd wreck a car every couple of weeks, but didn't sweat about it 'cause her dad would just hand her a fresh one.

No clue how many cars she totaled before her dad decided to give her a used car. But boy, the drama after that! She moaned to anyone who would listen about how unfair life was.

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67. A Real Gold Nugget

My cousin is an only child and got spoiled rotten with gifts. He'd drag his entire toy collection to grandpa's house just to play in the backroom. His diet consisted of fast food, his mom never cooked.

Once when he was about 9 or 10, our family gathered for dinner at our grandparents' house. They wanted burritos and my mom cooked a huge amount of beef and chicken machaca all day because he was only eating chicken then. The moment we sat down to eat, the kid immediately asked his mom for chicken nuggets. He hadn't even tried the food!

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68. The Princess Diaries

I had a roommate who was already annoying...but his girlfriend was even worse. She wouldn't work, swearing up and down she had "health problems", but her folks just picked up all her bills. I wouldn't put it past her junk food addiction being her "health issues" though.

Seriously, never once did I see her gulp down some H2O. Anyway, texting on the road, she crashed her car. Take a wild guess what her parent's did? Yeah, they bought her the exact same one. She had the nerve to wreck it again—her bad, once more. The replacement car was slightly less dazzling but still a lot fancier than mine.

Spoiled, ain't she? Talk about royal pain with no survival skills. We all couldn't stand her one bit. But get this, she was 37 and acted like such a diva. I can't wrap my head around how someone that age can be fine mooching off their parents and constantly totaling their cars, like who does that?

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69. Now I’m the Baby

My mom had a tough upbringing since she lost her mom early on. Being the baby of the family, her siblings spoiled her rotten. Now she's become dependent and expects the world handed to her. I've been hustling since high school to keep the bills paid because she won't keep a job. She even expects me, her kid, to use all my leftover cash on her.

She can be a real drama queen when she doesn't get her way, and sometimes she even stoops to stealing to get what she wants. Sure, I love my mom and I had a sweet childhood, but I can't deal with her entitled attitude anymore. I'm planning to move out soon. Her siblings continue to enable her, and honestly, it's exhausting to see grown-ups coddling another grown-up.

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70. Daddy Issues

My stepbrother, I'll call him JC, seriously irks me. My dad's a self-starter who worked his butt off to make lots of money and the kinda guy who let his wife raise the kids. He wasn’t as rich after his divorce, but he was still loaded when he married my stepmom and they've been together over two decades.

All was good until dad had to quit work for health reasons about four years back. Hospital bills piled up and nowadays his financial lifeline is me and my brothers, who share a mom. Dad used to help JC through his working days, even managed to secure him a nice teaching gig at a large firm through connections.

Between a solid paycheck and no family to feed, JC should be golden. But thanks to parties and drinking, he claims he’s broke. My little brother once lending dad a hand with his phone, came across some rude texts from JC. Then it got even more. JC started insulting dad for being broke now.

What happened next made me love my little brother even more. He shot a warning text to JC threatening to report him for his vices besides roughing him up if JC dared to bother dad, despite the 20-year age gap. JC hasn’t texted since.

People may say it's dad's fault for enabling JC or question why my brother didn't report him. Both come down to avoiding hurt—dad still has a soft spot for JC and blames himself for not being around to raise JC better.

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71. The Main Attraction

So I was at this busy mall, right? I saw this lady totally lose it when this guy with her wouldn't buy her some bling. She was banging her hand on the glass where all the jewelry was and they started yelling at each other. Dude went on about how she should act "more lady-like" or something.

Next thing, the guy is totally mocking her, acting like a kid and mimicking her tantrum. She was bawling then—bam—she just stops. This is the golden moment, where she hops on the floor, kicks about and starts yelling again. Gotta admit, I found it quite entertaining.

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72. You’re Ruining My Spray Tan

I knew this girl in college who was super spoiled by her divorced parents. Her stepmom couldn't have kids and married her dad when she was a little kid. The stepmom basically babied her, even paying for all her school stuff, including college. But one summer before junior year, this girl decides she wants a car.

Her dad is like "Nope". She throws a fit. Stepmom just buys her a Lexus. She comes back from a spray tan, finds a new Lexus parked up at her summer place. That's it right? Nope. Turns out, it wasn't the Lexus she wanted.

She throws a giant fit on the lawn cause she wanted a red, different model. Her parents are trying to chill her out, and she's cried so much she's messed up her tan. They take the car back. But she's still upset about not having a car, insisting she needs one to have fun cause she's an adult now.

At first, we thought they took the car back because she wasn't thankful. But a week later, her dad calls, saying he found the car she wanted...but it was white. She loses it again, ruining her second spray tan. This time because she felt left out of the car buying process since they did it without her.

Her stepmom went up again and took her car shopping. They spent the whole weekend. But when stepmom left, this girl had the nerve to say they clearly didn't love her because they didn't immediately know what she wanted. Oh, and by the way, she was 19 and was seeing a married doctor at the local hospital. After that summer, I just stayed away from her.

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73. Employee For A Day

I used to live near some fancy neighborhoods where the easiest to get to grocery stores were located. One time, my friend was staying with me and she usually hit these stores after her job. While using self-checkout one day, a lady came over and told her to pack her groceries.

My friend nicely says she doesn't work there. But the lady keeps insisting she does, saying it was because of the way she was dressed. FYI, my friend was working as a rookie engineer at a local company and her clothes had nothing in common with what the store employees wore.

At this point, a real employee spots all this and steps in, telling the lady my friend doesn't work there, this he had to repeat several times. Her reaction was infuriating. The woman surprised us all by saying, "Well, she should have just packed my groceries anyway". 

And that's about when my best friend almost lost it. 

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74. Ubers Are For Losers

I was raised very broke in a pretty rough home. Years later, I landed at Stanford. The stuff that went down there? You could fill a book. It was wild every day. I mean, people were bad-mouthing Tiffany's jewels as cheap. My friend Kyle had a visitor who complimented his furniture.

In response, Kyle gifted all his furniture to the guy 'cause "That's how the wealthy roll". The catch? It was his roommate's stuff. He wouldn’t replace it. 

I also knew a chick who bought a $5k dress in Beverly Hills, took it to her hotel, wasn't keen on the fit, and just left it for the housekeeper. But here's the real kicker: Same girl was smitten with a dude at a party, gawking at him all night.

He was way beyond her reach. They strike up a chat and it turns out he was just a friend of a friend, didn't attend Stanford but Berkeley. Upon discovering this, her reaction gave me chills. She slapped him, not once but four times for having the nerve to speak to her as a state uni student.

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75. I Miss My Butler

So, I'm working at this swanky buffet in Vegas. Your routine goes: sat down, wait, I come over to say hi and let you know what's on offer, look over the drink list, order your drinks, then it's off to the races while I fetch your beverages. Once, as I'm walking away, I overhear this kid around eight or so asking, "So, I gotta get my own food"? His mom's like, yeah.

Then the kid's like, "I told you we should've brought Michael". Didn't get who Michael was initially. When I did, I nearly cracked up. The mom's like, "No, told you we're not dragging our butler on holiday". Heard all this clear as a bell from just five feet away. Totally gobsmacked—that kid wasn't kidding at all.

He genuinely wished their family butler was on holiday with them so he wouldn't have to go get his own food. Not dissing the little guy for living large, but man, that was one wild chat to overhear.

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76. Jimmy Two-Twos

My cousin's got these two boys, ages seven and nine. She dotes on them too much, letting them pull off some pretty awful behavior. When there's a birthday party for one, she makes a bizarre rule. She insists that family members bring presents for both boys to avoid any extreme envy.

It's already off-putting forcing your guests to bring a gift, but making them buy extra for a non-celebrant kid is pretty rude. Plus, they aren't rolling in dough to keep spoiling the boys this way. It's puzzling since both parents didn't grow up wealthy or pampered themselves.

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77. Learning Is for Kids

So there was this girl I knew, her dad was awesome. He once built her a car for her birthday. But, eventually, he ended up buying her a sports car, probably because her mom convinced him. Despite that, the story that sticks out to me is about her pets. She had an old dog and two guinea pigs.

One day while I was at her house, she brought up the topic of finding a new home for her guinea pigs. She wasn't that good at taking care of them, her dad did most of the work. Honestly, that seemed fair enough, better they'd go to a home where they'd be loved. But her dad piped up, saying she shouldn't offload her pets onto others.

He was pretty much telling her to learn some responsibility. It seemed like a fair point. But then she snapped back, proclaiming she was an adult and didn't need to learn anything. She was only about 19 or 20. At that moment, I totally wrote her off and became a bit wary of the situation.

The reason for her wanting to get rid of the guinea pigs was simply because she wanted a puppy, which her mom had agreed to. Even with the new puppy, she still had the guinea pigs and the old dog. Now, fast-forward a few weeks. I was about to get married in a month when she called me to ask if I could babysit the puppy while her family went on a cruise.

Seriously? They bring home a young puppy, which needs constant attention, weeks before a planned cruise and their brilliant plan is to offload it on me while I'm prepping for my wedding? And let's not forget, I have a cat that wouldn't play nicely with it. Absolutely not! I stopped talking to her after that. I can only hope she's looking after her pets properly now.

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78. Making Room

So, I had this wild experience on a packed Southwest flight. Scored a seat near the front thanks to being in the 'A' boarding group. I was chilling, minding my own business as people got on the plane. It got pretty packed, and before long, all the overhead compartment space was taken.

Then, this young woman gets on the plane, sees a free spot in the row ahead of me and starts to shuffle in. Pretty normal right? But here's the kicker—she's got this massive carry-on bag that totally won't fit under her seat. And there's no space left in the overhead bins, as I mentioned.

What she does next blew my mind. She yanks a bag out of the overhead compartment—a bag that belonged to a guy who got on the plane super early—plonks it right in the middle of the aisle, slides her bag into its spot, and sits down like it's no biggie! This was quite a spectacle, trust me. The owner of the displaced bag and the rest of the passengers who were getting on had to pull some fancy footwork to avoid this bag in the aisle.

Just as people were about to lose it, along comes a flight attendant who'd seen the whole show. She gives the woman a piece of her mind, then, thankfully, manages to squeeze in both her bag and the other guy's back into the compartment. I wasn't able to track her down when we landed, but man, I would've loved to pick her brain about this episode.

Nobody likes hypocrisy, right?

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79. True Hatred

My friend's old flame was a real piece of work. I mean, she was super difficult during their relationship, always kicking off when he tried to end things. The last time he tried to dump her, she actually tried to off herself by jumping from a car going 70 mph. The officers who arrived had a fight on their hands, but somehow she managed to get even worse.

Despite all this, she had the cheek to keep pestering him. A month later, she surprises him by showing up at his door, all the way from two states over, and didn't tell anyone. When I questioned her, she said she turned up unannounced because she couldn't deal with him possibly rejecting her over the phone. I was gobsmacked.

Even now, she's still hassling him through text and on social media. It seems pretty audacious to me, keep pushing when he's made it clear he wants to cut ties. She's self-centered and gossipy, often turning people against each other, which is why she was so troublesome to begin with.

And since her folks are loaded, she's never been denied anything. Gotta say, I've really never disliked someone as much as her.

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80. Do You Even Know Who My Friends Are?

My uncle has a thing for extravagant, materialistic women. I remember when working at his family-owned cigar bar, his fiancee suggested we (the workers) rush out to buy lanterns and holiday lights because her wealthy friends were visiting.

I couldn't help but laugh, we were swamped and short-staffed. She got annoyed and rang my uncle, who told me he didn't want anyone going for the decorations and he didn't really care. Take that, lady. Her showoff attitude about her wealthy connections really got to me, and I haven't seen her the same since.

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81. (S)weeping

In school, we tidied up our room before class. Everyone had a task according to a roster. One day, Josh's task was sweeping. We nudged him to do it and he flipped out, crying and saying he'd tell his mom. We were like, "Chill, it's only once a week and the classroom isn't that big," but he just sobbed in a corner.

We shrugged it off until the following week. What happened next still blows my mind. When his turn came, he dragged his mom into school. We explained the situation but she didn't care about the duty roster. She ranted about boys not needing to do chores and even called it wimpy.

Josh lied to his mom, saying we had been making fun of him. That made all of us ticked off. From then on, Josh got out of chores whenever his turn came. He'd sit there, grinning, while the rest of us did his job. There was even a day his mom came in, swept the floor for him, and then left after chewing us out for being useless.

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82. Swimming in Excuses

A while back, I was working in the foreclosure department of a big bank. I was dealing with this doctor who was ignoring her mortgage woes. We were constantly in touch and all she ever said was stop buggering her about her swimming pool. She had taken a second mortgage for that pool, so she seemed to think that's what we were after. Pretty dismissive and snippy any time I tried to break it down for her.

During our last call, I reminded her yet again, that we were gonna go ahead with the foreclosure because she was nearly a year behind on payments. She didn't get how bad the situation was though, she was just sick of us hassling her about her pool. Kept ignoring the fact.

Couldn't take it anymore, so I decided to shake things up. I told her flat out, the foreclosure was for her house, not the pool. Then I gave her a phone number. She asked what it was and I said it was U-Haul, she'd be needing it unless she paid up her overdue amount in the next 10 days. She wired the overdue amount the very next day.

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83. You Just Got Served

When we were kids, my sister invited her two friends over to our house. It wasn't their first visit, and one of these friends was really mean to animals. Last time she came, she dunked our cat's head into a glass of chocolate milk and yanked its tail—she was just awful. So, later on, my brother and I were hanging out under our balcony, which was about 5 metres from the ground.

My sister and her two friends were up on the balcony. My brother was messing around with a tennis ball, and the nasty friend dared us to toss it up so they could catch it. That's when he got revenge for our cat. 

My brother takes aim at this girl's face and chucks the ball hard. The ball whizzes through the air and smacks her straight in the face. She stands there for a couple of seconds, trying to process what just happened, then her expression changes and she begins bawling her eyes out. My brother and I felt a sense of sweet victory.

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84. A Brat Only a Mother Could Love

So I'm at the store with my wife, and this super annoying kid is causing a real ruckus. Running all over the place, shouting like mad, messing with people's stuff. Just totally out of line. His mom seemed unfazed, totally ignoring his wild antics.

Suddenly, he can't find his mom. He's standing in the middle of the store, yelling: "MOM?! MOM! MOMMM"! I can't see her either, so I decide to play along. I kneel down to him and, in the kindest tone, say, "Your mom isn't coming back". The surprised look on his face? Priceless!

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85. Revenge Of The Nerds

When I was 16, I had to put up with ribbing from a bunch of 10-year-olds. I mean, they'd just keep bugging me, calling me names and showing zero respect. This went on for a month or two, with non-stop phone calls and them bothering me whenever I passed by. Finally, I'd had enough.

I zeroed in on the least cute one, gave him the hardest smack I've ever given and seized his cell. Next thing, it was against a wall. And just for grins, I punched his ice cream out of his hand.

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86. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I was in elementary school, hanging out in the big lobby, reading quietly. Suddenly, my 10-year-old belly gave me a warning rumble. I realized I was about to fart and it was urgent. Foolishly, I ignored the signs and let it rip, hoping it'd be quiet.

Oh boy, was I wrong. The fart echoed all over the place! I tried to play it cool but began sweating buckets. As I pretended to read, I heard laughter and saw a kid laughing and pointing at me. I felt so embarrassed, but the truth was something else.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Colin, the kid next to me, looking even more guilty and red-faced. Turns out, the dude had farted at the exact same moment! Everyone thought he was the guilty one, maybe because he'd just won the school's hot dog eating contest, or maybe because he was a bit chubby. Whatever, I didn't feel guilty—I was just glad I got away with it.

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87. I Am The Champion

So, throwback to 5th grade. We're on the soccer field playing football at recess. I was never part of the jock squad, but still pretty fit, and somehow, I got the ball. Made a crazy spin, glided past one kid, and then nailed another with the ball right in his eye—ouch!

The funniest part? The dude I accidentally hit was this jerk who never missed a chance to mess with me. So he's on the ground crying, and me? I just caught the ball again and scored a touchdown. Seeing him bawling while I scored? Honestly, best day in a long time!

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88. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

When I used to work at an indoor amusement park, there was this event on a Friday every month—"Rock n Ride". Basically, it was pre-teens goofing around, riding stuff and dancing. I usually handled the coat check. Most kids that came were pampered with huge allowance and fancy gadgets like iPods.

We actually charged $2 for coat check which was just $1, and kept the extra buck as tips. Also, we had a no-stuff-in-pockets rule. When kids came in with heavy jackets, I'd remind 'em about this. But they'd shrug it off saying, "Nothing valuable in there, don't care if it gets stolen". So yeah...I took the big bills and iPods.

When they'd return for the coats, they quickly realized their stuff was gone and got mad. But hey, I did warn 'em. Everyone hated this gig...I don't think they host it anymore.

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89. Too Hot To Handle

I went with my parents to visit some family friends who had a four-year-old son. Usually, he was a good kid, but for some reason he felt like running around without any pants or undies that day. He was touching everything with his privates, which was kinda awkward. Our parents brushed it off as "just a phase", no biggie.

But then the kid decided to use my chopsticks and napkin too. That ticked me off, so I figured it was time to teach him a lesson. My plan was super easy: I got some hot sauce and put it on my napkin. Like clockwork, the kid rolled up, took my napkin, and the tears soon followed.

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90. End Of The Line

So we're at Oktoberfest, knocking back beers and wanting to ride the Dodgem Cars. There's a bunch of us, so we let other folks jump ahead while we wait our turn. But then these two kids, they just won't budge from their cars.

This ride works with tokens, right? So these kids, they've hoarded tokens like candy and won't stop driving. Another round ends and I, having a bit too many beers, stumble over to these kids and tell em' firmly, "Hey, scram". They took off like their lives depended on it, and finally, we got our group ride. Kids hopped back on right after. No hard feelings.

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91. Stage Five Clinger

So, I was grabbing some waffles for a break from grandpa's funeral duties, and ran into a friend at the diner. Thought they'd be supportive, but their face said otherwise. Apparently, they had been texting all day and got ticked when I didn't respond. I was busy talking to grandpa's funeral guests though. Now, they were calling me out, loud and clear, accusing me of not wanting them around.

This whole scene unfolded right in the middle of a packed diner and my friends. So much for a break from the funeral drama...

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92. My Sister’s Keeper

My sister is totally the favorite in my folks' eyes. They showered her with gifts—shoes, phones, even a car, and cash on MY birthday. Me? I was the bad guy for wanting any money. My mom hardly hung out or talked with me. When I had my tonsils and adenoids out, there was nothing. Zilch.

On the flip side, when my sister had the same operation, mom drove her to the hospital and back. She even forgot my 14th birthday, laughed it off at Christmas saying, "Oh, whoops"! But when she turned 18? She bagged $500. Not that I ask for the moon; definitely not the latest phones.

The same $300 laptop is still kicking after four years, alongside my same old Android. Whenever I get cash it's usually spent on new clothes or maybe a new pair of shoes, sometimes even a video game. But when my sister got cash? It was a shopping extravaganza. She even threw a tantrum when grandma didn't buy her candy.

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93. You Can’t Choose Family

My sister-in-law isn't into flashy things, but boy does she control the family. Everyone tiptoes around her, scared she'll erupt over the tiniest issues. If she can't attend a family dinner, we shift all plans to suit her, no matter if everybody else is okay.

She feels entitled to use my father-in-law's pool for her son's birthday, even if we just celebrated it last weekend. And guess what? She expects everyone to show up. There's a long list of examples showing her fear of people being mean to her. Honestly, it's tiring to even think about.

I just wish someone in her family would straight up tell her that she's not the center of the universe.

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94. I Get Hangry

So, this girl I was once friends with got ticked off when we didn't pick up her "steak or a salad" when we asked if she was hungry. She totally thought we'd just go get her meal. We initially thought she was just mentioning her cravings, but her next words made it clear. She said, "If you guys can't be bothered to fetch my steak, just grab me a McD's salad.”

We told her straight up we weren't her food runners. She lost it and threw a fit. The crazy part was, she always expected us to foot the bill whenever we hung out. And, if we didn't, we were just "greedy jerks exploiting her for gas miles.” So glad I don't associate with her anymore.

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95. A True Man Child

My old friend rang me up late one night desperate for a lift. I was expecting something serious like he'd been mugged or worse. But the real reason just blew my mind. He'd had a spat with his folks 'cause they got him a storage space to chuck his old stuff in.

He was mad his parents were selling their house to retire somewhere else, and he'd have to choose what items to keep or sell. I erased his number that same night and have given him a wide berth ever since. The guy is 29 and a total crybaby. No joke bud, sort out your dramas.

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96. Victory Is Mine

My young eight-year-old cousin is super spoiled, all thanks to my doting aunt. He can't take no for an answer. Like, every time he heads to the store with her, he invariably brings a toy or a game home. But if either I or my grandparents go with him, we don't pamper him with gifts. We're just there for groceries. And this little guy reacts with a massive tantrum, making a spectacle for everyone.

Also, he's gotta win every game we play. It's not like I'm super competitive, I usually play with his sister after all. She can be a bit overdramatic, but she's way chill compared to him. The other day, we were all playing Star Wars, and when his sister won, he lost it!

He bellowed, "NO! I win"! and toppled all the pieces. I reprimanded him and, since he upset his sister, made him apologize. His sister told me his school friend don't like playing games or sports with him because he's a sore loser.

Honestly, I feel sorry for him. My aunt has done him no favors by constantly pampering him. I really fear how this will impact him as he grows up.

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97. Puppy Love

My wife has this friend whose husband got her a dog and dropped around 600 bucks on it—buying it, training, food, toys, you name it. And the guy does everything for the pet—walk it, feed it, even let it out to pee. But she has the nerve to complain about it liking him better.

And if that's not bad enough, she ramped it up. She stopped wearing her wedding ring, scrubbed her hubby from all her profile pics, and even threatened to ditch the dog. She even tried to hurt it when he wasn't watching a few times. Thankfully, the guy split from her and he and the pup now live somewhere else. Talk about a pampered nightmare.

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98. Eat Your Words

So I was feeling low and decided to cheer myself up with some Burger King. As I was queueing, a kid barges in with his mom, making a mess and yelling for a pie nonstop. I tried asking the mom to control him, but got a mouthful instead. Meanwhile, my headache evolved into a migraine.

In response to their rudeness, I got a cheeky idea. I asked the cashier for all their apple pies, ate one, and dumped the rest where the kid could see. That was my swipe at them.

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99. All In The Family

So, my parents are loaded. Like, mega-loaded. They're the anonymous guardian angel type—you know, dropping cars off at people's doorstep or paying off a mortgage. They do it anonymously because Dad says people feel indebted, no matter what. Plus, they're big on doing charity for the right reasons, not for show.

I bet you thought I'd chat about some spoiled little rich kids I know—there's plenty. But nope, the most spoiled person I know is my uncle, dad's brother. Fun fact, we weren't always this rich. He started out flowers on roller skates. He eventually made enough to open his own shop, then another, then bingo! We're rolling in it.

This is where dad's brother comes in. Dad has been super generous to him, like giving him $1 million to start a business which he blew in six months with zip to show for it. Or paying for their house when they were broke. Dad was always their knight in shiny armour.

Uncle and his wife, though? Not a single "thank you". Ever. Dad doesn't want to chat about it, and brushes it off saying, "We got lucky. He's family". But here's what really grinds my gears.

As teens, we were still getting used to being filthy rich. My uncle's family had this crappy old Dodge. So, being the good guys we are, we bought them the poshest family van we could find. My uncle's reaction? Total sobfest. He was ticked off we didn't buy a Suburban and was mad we didn't take him to the dealership. A week later, he ditched the van for a flashy sports car.

They're never grateful. And it sucks. My cousins are basically my brothers and sisters they spent so much time with us. Aunt and Uncle? Always out of town, living the high life while we babysat.

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100. Back Off My Buns

There was this primary school by my high school, and some of the kids were total nightmares. Just eight or 10 years old, standing outside, throwing shade at anyone passing by. Their trash talk really floored us. One day, I'm walking past munching on some rolls.

This one kid struts up to me smirking, and blasts, "Give me a roll, you dummy"! I must've looked gobsmacked, before snapping, "No! Buzz off"! Turned my back on him and legged it towards class. Wrong move.

All of a sudden, I feel this tug and extra weight on my back. The kid’s clinging on, yanking my hair and yelling, "GIVE ME A ROLL"! Felt like I was being mauled by some angry goblin. Panicking, the only thought in my head is, "GET HIM OFF ME!” I spun around quickly, twisted my back, loosened my backpack, and sent the little monster flying.

He did an aerial spin and face-planted the pavement. He begins wailing like the kid he is. I stroll over to him, pick up my backpack, and dust myself off. His tear-slicked, scared eyes watch as I turn my back on him once more. I grabbed a fresh roll, and relished the decreasing sound of his cries as I walked off, savoring my roll.

That Kid In School FactsPxfuel

101. With A Little Help From My Housekeeper

There was a kid at my high school. When he was 14, he had a learner’s permit, but his parents got him a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Every day, he drove it to school and was determined to park it in the parking lot to show it off. So, he had his housekeeper drive to school with him and her son drove a car behind her to take her back home—which was only about 2 miles away from our school.

Spoiled Brats FactsPxHere
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