Dating Gone SO Wrong

October 22, 2022 | Sammy Tran

Dating Gone SO Wrong

These chilling stories are proof that the dating world is a dark and dangerous place. From absolute creeps to obsessive cling-ons, you never know what you're going to get.

1. Careful What You Wish For

I had been dating this guy for a while and thought things were going pretty well. He took me to see Aladdin, and when we got back to my place, everything was normal. We were conversing, and suddenly he got this weird look in his eyes.

He said, “I can't see you anymore. I'm afraid I might hurt you”.  I was thinking hurt me psychologically, like cheat on me. I laughed and told him not to worry; I was a grown-up, and whatever happened, we could try and work it out. His voice changed, he looked even worse.

He went on, “You don't understand. I've been having these dreams where I hurt you. I mean really hurt you”. Then, he jumped off the couch and ran out the front door. I never saw him again and never tried to call him because it shook me up. He seemed so normal up to that point.

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2. He Was A Hippie Freak

I was dating a guy for a month who was a slightly eccentric hippie with a kind heart and a love for spontaneity and bike trips. Then, one day when in the shower, he dropped a bombshell on me.

He casually mentioned he had two kids, was 14 years older than me—not five—and his kids’ mom had a restraining order against him. He ended up pouring patchouli oil all over my door, leaving cursed voodoo eggs on my porch, and sabotaging my bike, so when I went down a steep hill, the brakes fell off, and the bike crumbled.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoFlickr, Dave Bezaire

3. He Was A Total Number Two

I had a terrible stomach ache and was on the toilet. I’m a gross person and wanted to do work, so I had my laptop with me, just chugging along while I let nature do its business. Suddenly, the bathroom door opened, and my boyfriend said, “You’re cheating on me”. He grabbed my laptop and ran out of the bathroom.

I finished what I was doing because I wasn’t cheating and had no reason to rush to deal with this latest episode. I got to his bedroom—and a horror show awaited me. He laughed and said he disassembled my laptop and hid each part in different areas of the room. I asked him to get my stuff for me, and he said no.

This went on for about 15 minutes, and I was not giving in. I told him if he didn’t give me my laptop back, I would call the authorities, and he handed me his phone as some sort of power move. The second I flipped it open, he got mad that I was possibly going to call law enforcement, so he scrambled around and got my laptop together.

Then, he opened his bedroom window and threw it three stories down onto the street. I snapped his phone in half, threw it against the wall, and walked out. The next day, he showed up at my house, saying I owed him $30 for the phone. I laughed, closed the door, and never looked back.

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4. Hair-Raising Accident

I used to hook up with guys I’d meet online at this website called Craigslist. I was going through a really self-destructive phase of my life and that’s really all I have to say about that. One day, I connected with this one guy and we arranged to meet up. I was already on the way to his motel room when I get this weird text from him.

Clearly, the text was an accident. It was meant for someone else. The text showed a picture of me and it said something like “got a new toy for us this week”. I have no idea who the text was for but me and this guy were only supposed to hook up that one night only. After that, I sure as heck didn’t continue on to that motel.

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5. As The Saga Turns

My very first girlfriend and I dated for about seven months. Even at the ripe age of 17, I truly “loved” her. We had plans to move interstate together. She moved first to secure the accommodation and I would follow a week later once I’d finished working. Two days after she moved, she blindsided me.

She tells me not to bother coming anymore because she’s met someone. I was devastated for a whole year afterward. She ended up marrying that guy and moved in with him and his best friend. They lived happily together for a few years, no issues with the marriage whatsoever. But that's not the end of the story.

One summer, my ex-girlfriend, her husband, and the housemate all decided to go on a three-week road trip together. Partway through, the husband gets called back to work and has to fly home. My ex and the housemate finish up the trip and return home.

Upon returning home together, my ex-girlfriend and the housemate make a big announcement. Apparently, spending so much time alone on the road trip, they had discovered their undying love for each other, and would henceforth be an item. The husband is understandably crushed. Join the club, buddy. At least he knows how I felt.

So, here’s the kicker. Not only did the three of them continue to live together, so the poor husband had to listen to them be together every night, but he and his housemate work in the same company, in the same cubicle, directly opposite each other.

I discovered all this when I took a job at that same company and heard the tale around the office. Since then, she and the housemate had a child. I’m eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the saga.

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6. Her Fate Was Sealed With A Fish

I took my date and her four-year-old boy to a carnival, and the kid won a pair of goldfish. They were in a clear plastic bag like pet stores use. The boy was very excited. On the way to the car, without saying a word, she did the unthinkable.

She slammed the bag on the pavement, bursting it, and then stomped on the flopping fish. The boy was instantly distraught. When I asked her why she did it, she replied, “They probably would have died anyway”. Then, she called a few weeks later to ask why I had not called her.

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7. Gesundheit!

I was flirting with a girl in a bar, and it seemed to be going well. Then it all went so, so wrong. About a half hour into our conversation, I had one of those very strong sneezes. You know the ones that come out of nowhere and cannot be stopped? I ended up sneezing into my hands…and had a string of goo from my hands to my face when I pulled my hands away. I just walked away.

Dating Disasters And Flirting FailsFlickr, Allan Foster

8. A Talented Lady

My story is “the one that got away and I didn’t know I dodged that bullet until it somehow swooped around the world and I still got nailed”. I had a massive crush on one of my older brother’s friends in high school. She was an all-star field hockey player and an artist. For some reason my brother’s friends liked me and I could tag along to picnics and parties.

She would hang out with me like a babysitter when I was clearly out of place and we’d draw and sculpt. She taught me to play field hockey while everyone was drinking. I was 13 and she was 16. Fast forward 12 years and I’m at the beach for the weekend with my brother. His friends show up, including her.

Once again, a lot of drinking and we are the only people keeping it at a low simmer, preferring to swim, run on the beach, play frisbee, and handle the grill. One night, we were the last people standing and she put her head on my shoulder and said I made her weekend.

We ended up hooking up and she told me she was going to break up with her boyfriend back where she lived. It was news to me, but I thought, “Oh my goodness, the woman that I dreamed about is infatuated with me! Yahtzee!”

Eventually, we moved in together and got married, despite my brother, her sister, her mom, and her friends privately warning me to watch out, that she’s a “sneak". Then her true colors began to show.

It turns out she had a bad drinking problem. She was able to hide it because she was functional and good at concealing the actual amount she drank. She also cheated on me multiple times.

This lady was a total professional at lying. She was also very talented at living two separate lives at the exact same time. I never even suspected anything until five years into our relationship! I should have seen it coming. Everyone else did. Instead, I took that one straight in the heart.

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9. Pretty Bad Boy

I was in love with this guy during middle school and high school. I mean he was just GORGEOUS. We messed around a lot during that time and then, in twelfth grade, he got a girlfriend. He was serious about her and I was heartbroken. We were still cool with each other so I just chalked it up and thought it wasn't meant to be.

Fast forward to after high school. He joins the military and marries the serious girlfriend. Three years later, I was scrolling through a news app when I see a picture of his face. I read the article and was totally shocked. It was saying he was injuring females in the military housing neighborhood he and his wife lived in.

He had done horrible things to three separate women before they caught him. At the young age of 21 years old, this guy got himself sentenced to 65 years behind bars. All I could think of was how his poor wife must have felt. I also really wonder if she had a strange feeling about her husband around that time?

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10. Too Close For Comfort

I dated this guy in college and was madly, madly in love with him. I seriously thought he was “the one” I would marry. But his mother didn't like me. She felt so strongly that she worked on him. Little by little, she eventually convinced him to break up with me. I was heartbroken and devastated, to say the least. I could not get him out of my mind.

For six months, I emailed him a few times just to say hi. But the last time I do, I get a response FROM HIS MOM telling me to stop emailing her son. 20 years later, I’m on Linkedin and his profile pops up as a suggestion. Out of curiosity, I click on it. All joking aside, in his Linkedin profile, this guy is talking about his MOM more than a little bit. Yikes!

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11. Payback Time

I dated my psycho for about eight months. She liked to role play and had a thing with being tied up. One night, she asked to reverse roles, which I was OK with. Except after she handcuffed me and tied my ankles to the posts, she gagged me with a bandana, got dressed, and left me there. But that was only the beginning of the nightmare.

She came back an hour later with two guys and got busy with them right in front of me several times. When she finally untied me and I was able to speak, I asked her, "What was that"? She said she knew I was cheating on her with a girl at work—I wasn’t—and that was her way of paying me back. I moved out the next day.

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12. Trapped

I married a man who was maybe not a psychopath but certainly a sociopath. In order to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen, I had to walk through the living room. This involved me walking in front of the TV. I always did it very quickly, but I always got screamed at. Sometimes I would have to wait 20–30 minutes before I was allowed to walk past.

One day, while my husband (now ex) was out, I decided to rotate the entire living room. I put the TV on a different wall and moved the couch so it faced the TV. The living room was exactly the same, just rotated 90 degrees. The living room was a square, so it functionally made no difference, except now, when I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen, I didn’t have to walk between the couch and the TV.

When my husband got home, he saw the living room and said nothing about it. We ate dinner, and he watched TV as usual. Then, we went to bed. The following day he refused to get out of bed or talk to me. He refused to leave the house, go to class, watch TV—or anything. He didn’t say one word. I kept trying to get him to tell me what was wrong, and he wouldn’t.

For three solid days, he only got out of bed to grab food or use the restroom. He would not talk to me, would not make eye contact, or acknowledge my presence. I was panicking, thinking he was having some sort of episode. I had no clue what I had done wrong. After the third day, he said he felt like I had adequately been punished for re-arranging the living room without asking.

He even told me to keep it that way, that it made more sense, and that he liked it better. However, he still had to punish me for what I did. Although he was never diagnosed with anything, something was indeed wrong with him. When I caught him cheating on me for the seventh time, his response left me speechless.

He wouldn't let me leave the house because he was afraid I would revenge cheat or leave him. One day, we had no clean clothes, so I left to wash them at the laundromat. While I was gone, he called me and told me if I didn’t come home, he would leave the baby alone, so I rushed home.

The next day, I went to the laundromat and took the baby with me. He called and said if I didn’t come home, he would take his life. I told him to go for it and hung up. Then I dialed emergency services and had the authorities do a welfare check on him. He was taken into custody for warrants due to unpaid speeding tickets.

While he was in the pokey, I changed the locks and never let him back in. Then, he found another woman to mooch off of and mistreat.

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13. One Night Led To Disaster

My friend found a psycho. He met her at a bar and ended up taking her home. She decided it should be more than just a one-night stand and suggested a date the following weekend. He obliged. Their first date was meeting her parents. It was a recipe for disaster.

To his horror, she told them how they were going to spend the rest of their lives together, where they were going to buy a house, the names of their two children, etc. He dated her for about a month, and after they broke up, she started stalking his friends. Not him—his friends. She would somehow find out where we would be and threaten us with lawsuits for “ruining her life”.

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14. Believe It, We’re Done

I was dating a guy who wanted me to text him my work schedule and then would call me on my work phone and wait in the parking lot for me to come out of work. But that wasn't the worst part. He also wanted to know how much was in each paycheck. One time, I texted him my work schedule, but he misread it and freaked out non-stop for six hours searching for me.

He called my whole family and was about to alert the authorities. It was his own fault he misread what I had texted him. I broke up with him in public because he would not believe it when I broke up with him in private. It was at the point where random people who were nearby were telling him, "you just got dumped".

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15. A Spider’s Web

I was chatting it up online for a few weeks with a female WAYYYY out of my league. It was nothing major, just chatting. One night, she actually contacted me first. There was lots of flirting from her and suggestive hints. Wow, I thought. This was the first time she had acted like that. And, I should add, this was late at night.

Then, she asked me to come over and see her. My alarm bells went off. I stalled, slowly playing her until she went to bed. Next morning, I hit her up. There was no answer. And there wasn't much convo between us either. A few weeks go by. She's on the news—and I can't believe my eyes.

She was setting up her dates and trying to rob them. One time, it all went bad. There were two deceased victims—the guy she set up and a guy on her team.

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16. No Hard Feelings

I was 22 years old, had a one-year-old kid and no social life, and was bored out of my tree. I had a brief and ill-advised flirtation with a co-worker. He had joined the Army, so I ended it a few weeks after he left for basic training. I broke it off mostly because I was still in the “do I even like you” phase of the relationship. He was already in the "let's buy a farm and have five kids" phase.

Three years later, he's back in town and runs into my sister at the gas station where she worked. He asked how she was doing and seemed perfectly pleasant. Then, he asked about me. She said I was fine. His response was chilling.

As reported by my sister, he said, "That's too bad, I hoped she was deceased. If I see that woman I'm going to run her over with my car". Then, he just turned around and left. Ooooooookay, psycho boy.

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17. Gotcha!

I was a cocktail waitress at a club, and this super hot girl was flirting with me. I couldn't believe it! She was smart, interesting, stunningly beautiful...and she actually asked for my number! After I gave it to her, she told me, "My friend thinks you're cute. I'll make sure she calls you”. Yes, it was the ol' bait-and-switch.

She was hooking me up with her friend who was 15 years older than me, way too serious, and not even the slightest bit my type. To make up for it, when the girl called and asked me out on a date, I tried to get out of it. She said she already knew I was free, since I had told her friend, and she wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

So, I brought my two best guy friends along. It actually ended up being a pretty fun night, but there was no way I was going out with that girl again.

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18. Zoos Are Less Messy

He was my first love and it lasted nearly seven years. He actually wanted to leave me halfway through the relationship because I lost weight and wasn't fat anymore. That should have been my first clue. But anyways, last I heard he lives in the Virgin Islands with a great guy who takes care of everything. A sugar daddy, let’s say.

It’s all good except the house is rundown and they have a ton of ducks and lizards and tortoises. My ex is a bit of an animal hoarder. He got to be known as “the pet shop guy” and he really loved the notoriety, I guess. We had a small zoo back then. Multiple reptiles, snakes, and lizards. Fish, birds. You name it.

Well, apparently, my ex and his new man hooked up with some homeless dude when they were back in the States. This dude has issues and he ended up getting my ex hooked on illicit substances. My ex tried to get his partner to let the homeless guy live with them. Glad I got out when I did. I'm sure the island is nice.

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19. Robbery Gone Right

She seemed really great, fun to be with and everything was a breath of fresh air. But the timing was bad because I was planning to move in three months. Still, we had a blast together in that short time. About a year later, we planned to meet up when she was in my area. On the weekend we were going to see each other, something weird happened.

A new girl I had seen a couple of times had her apartment trashed and I was helping her. We got a lot closer and I felt bad ditching her so I told the old girl I was busy. Turns out, the new girl is now my wife which is nice. The house getting broken into was a great twist of fate. Years later, I check Instagram to see what the old girl is up to.

I see her postings of affirmation videos, laying out all her struggles with mental health, anger, and self-destructive stuff. That’s fine, but included in that were descriptions of hard battles with addiction and serial lying to partners. She’s not a bad person, just in pain from early trauma with her mom, but I know I would’ve gotten hurt too.

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20. Keyed Up Over Our Breakup

I didn’t really understand how unhealthy she was until after our breakup. She proceeded to key the side of my car about a week later because she assumed I had already started seeing other women. She tracked down every single person I knew on Facebook, including family members and the CEO of my company, to send them a fairly unflattering and risqué picture.

The picture also came with a page-long story of how I couldn’t be trusted, as I had beaten her, taken money from her, etc. I had to get a restraining order and take her to court over trying to sabotage my life and career. It was seriously messed up, and I genuinely hoped she got some help. Thankfully, I haven’t heard from her in almost four years, and I now live on the opposite side of the country.

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21. A Date With Evil

Way back when I was a freshman in college, I dated this guy. He was tall, handsome, athletic. Seemed like a good catch. Our relationship was pretty casual, nothing too serious. After second semester, he went back home to be with his family. The funny thing was I wasn’t devastated about it. Him leaving didn’t bother me.

So, flash ahead a few years and there’s a huge story all over the news. And I’m talking major. It was on Dateline NBC, 20/20, news all over the country. Turns out this guy I dated briefly in college is Scott Peterson. He took his wife Laci's life and their unborn child. Finding this information was absolutely mind-blowing.

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Fa Barboza

22. Slightly Different Directions

When I was a freshman in high school, my first girlfriend was a sophomore. Score a point there. I was a short, skinny, white dude and she was a curvy, beautiful black woman. We dated for nine whole months. Of course, in my adolescent mind, I figured that meant she was “the one”. Then, out of the blue, she breaks up with me.

It was a big surprise because she dumped me to start dating a girl. No big deal, it just came as a surprise. A decade and some time later and I’m happily married to my wife and have three beautiful children. I was shocked to find out that my old high school girlfriend is sitting behind bars for an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old girl.

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Oswald Elsaboath

23. Matchmaker Make Me A Match

My mother's best friend had a son who just got released from prison. We were told he ended up there because he took the fall for someone carrying a ton of illicit substances. He was doing tattoos for a living. At the time, in our state, tattoos weren't allowed, so he and his mom came to our house to give us a tattoo. I was about 18 years old and, I believe, he was in his early 20s.

His mom kept hinting (and eventually outright suggesting) that I let him take me out on a date. She was adamant that he needed a good influence in his life. Someone like me. I'll admit, I did feel pressured quite a bit. His mom was one of my favorite people in the world and I didn’t want to let her down. But I was not feeling it.

The dude was not attractive at all. Worst of all, he was covered in disturbing tattooed symbols. He claimed it was to survive while behind bars. I also found it really creepy that he kept oddly stroking my foot while doing a tattoo several inches above my ankle. I was relieved that we managed to end the little tattoo party with no dates made. Cool.

About three months later, I'm listening to the news as background noise. Suddenly, I hear this guy’s name mentioned. The authorities are frantically looking for him and giving his description. Turns out he ended his girlfriend and all four of her children after the girlfriend caught him touching one of the kids.

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24. This Guy Was A Dumpster Fire

I dated this guy who told me he was a NY firefighter. After a few months, I realized he'd lied to me.

He was NOT a firefighter and was actually a psycho. When I tried to break up with him, he told me I couldn't because he was in the mafia and said if I left him, his guys would get rid of my family and me. He said he had a whole file on my father and his business and knew everything about him.

I realized he was truly deranged when he got in my car bleeding, told me he'd been jumped, and asked me to take him to the hospital. We got to the hospital, and the doctor pulled me aside and told me he suspected that he had punctured himself. I realized he made it all up to manipulate me into feeling bad for him and to take him to the hospital.

After that night, he held me captive in the relationship for a few months. He held a piece on me once and didn't let me go to work because "Tony was coming over, and he wanted to meet me". Obviously, “Tony” never showed. He left me voicemails threatening my life.

I called the authorities, but they said there was nothing they could do with that information. I went to get a restraining order on him and found out he had NINE OTHERS, mostly from his parents. I got out of it when I moved to a different state.

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25. I Needed To Steer Away From This Guy

My first boyfriend in college was nuts. We had only been exclusive for one week before the psychosis started. First, I noticed food was going missing in my house. We didn’t live together, yet he was throwing out my food that he didn’t want me to eat. Next, a boy from my class who didn’t know I was dating called to ask me out.

My boyfriend answered and accused him of being a homewrecker. Finally, we were walking, and I was almost hit by a car, but he pushed me out of the way. Later, I found out the dark truth.

His friend had been driving the vehicle, and he had orchestrated the stunt so I would feel I owed my life to him.

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26. Out Of My League And Out Of Her Mind

It wasn't one incident; it was multiple in a very short span of time. Everything seemed to be going perfectly between us. In fact, I was feeling pretty good about myself. She was out of my league, and I was playing it really smooth. We had been hanging out all day, and finally, I made a move. I kissed her, and it was great. We sat around all night and just talked. Everything seemed normal.

The next day, it took a dark turn. she told me her ex forced himself on her, that he was stalking her and following her everywhere. I was just a teenager, so I didn't really know what to do or say or if I even believed her. I went along with it. She started saying she had seen him in the bushes when we were walking around when nobody was there.

She had a male friend who really liked her, and he was socially awkward. He seemed like a sweet dude, so I did my best to be respectful because I knew he had a crush on her, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings. All three of us were hanging out, and for no reason at all, when the dude and I were talking, she straddled me and started making out with me while he was sitting right next to me.

I stopped her and asked her what she was doing because she knew very well he liked her. I felt terrible because I could see the pain in the guy's face, so I forced her off of me. Then, as we were walking, she fell behind, so it was just the guy who had a crush on her and me hanging out.

After a few minutes, we saw she wasn’t anywhere near us, so we went looking for her. We found her, and she told us her ex harmed her and punched her in the ribs. At that point, I knew something was definitely up. I didn't like being in the situation I was in at all, so I broke it off.

A few hours after breaking up with her, I got a chilling voicemail. A few of her female friends and a few of her male friends were calling me gay while also screaming other incomprehensible insults into the phone.

Years later, her newborn baby passed, and she was under investigation for the child's demise. I thank my lucky stars that I left her when I did. I could be a grieving father at the age of 20. It's absolutely horrifying to think about.

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27. Stuck In The Friend Zone

I was incredibly close to a gorgeous girl in my friend group. We’d dance at raves together, party, and make out. Most nights, we’d talk on the phone for hours and hours. But, whenever I’d ask her out on an official date she’d always say the same exact thing. “I don’t think I’m ready for a boyfriend yet but I like what we have”.

Well, soon enough, she meets an ex-con and begins to date him. They both start doing some pretty hard substances together. Like, scary hard stuff. She runs up a few thousand dollars on her dad’s credit card and, big surprise, ends up getting kicked out of her house. So, she moves in with the ex-con who is now her boyfriend, and some other friend.

Then, one day, her crazy boyfriend absolutely trashes the place in a wild, inebriated rage. Of course, they all end up getting kicked to the streets. Some years later, I’m curious about what happened to her and poke around for an update. I find out she’s been taken in by authorities a few dozen times and is serving a three-year sentence.

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28. He Was A Skater Boy

I moved to a small town in Ohio when I was 14 years old from New York City. There was this girl a year older than me who I met at a church youth group. We would make out at the bus stop before school and hang out together at church events. We went on a few dates and to dances, but were only a couple for about three months. That's when it all came crashing down.

I saw her wearing the hoodie that belonged to a skate park guy. It turns out she was only with me because her parents wanted her to be with a “nice kid” instead of with the kid she liked and she would tell them she was with me when she was actually with this dude.

Fast forward two years and she drops out of school at 17, pregnant with skate park boy's baby. Fast forward another few years and she's making money selling substances and struggling with addiction. Skate park boy is out of the picture. He’s been replaced by a string of men who take advantage of her. Fast forward a few more years and I run into her when I visit Ohio at a coffee shop.

She sits down and tells me her story. She tells me I was her first true love and the only guy who treated her right. She asks if I'm moving back and if I want to get back together. I tell her I'm married. She cries and I buy her a cup of coffee and listen some more. I give her the number of a counselor and therapist.

A long time goes by and I don’t think of her. I just found her on Facebook now and she's six months sober and getting her life together.

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29. Woman Seeks Mature Man

When I was 18, I dated this girl for a few months and thought she was the love of my life. The whole time we were together, I thought she was about a year older than me so it came as a huge surprise when she ended up dumping me for “being too young”. She claimed she was “too mature” for me. Okay, fair enough, but kind of harsh.

Now I’m turning 30 and just found out that this girl has been divorced twice already and has three kids. She’s been in court fighting over child custody at least once that I know of. Her mental health isn’t good and she’s in emergency therapy.

I’d never wish this hardship on her, but I’m glad I wasn’t the one she deemed “mature” enough to have kids with so young as I probably would have. Phew.

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30. He Was Off His Noodle

He had a very particular way he liked his noodles cooked—al dente, but just a hair soft. He was obsessed with it and always told me I needed to make the noodles because I tended to hit closer to his desired texture than he himself could. One time, I had gotten off from work, and he had been home all day. I had worked 12 hours and commuted almost an hour to get home.

The first thing out of his mouth was, “I'm hungry. Make some noodles”. He had thrown temper tantrums in the past, and I was too tired to deal with it, so I just quietly went about making his noodles. I don't know if it was my exhaustion or something else, but I didn't get the noodles out quick enough, and they were softer than what he normally liked.

I plated some, seasoned them, put them down in front of him, and went to the bedroom to take a shower and go to bed. I had no clue that I was in danger. I was halfway through undressing when a plate full of noodles suddenly exploded against the wall next to me.

Then, I felt something on the back of my head, and the next thing I remember was seeing the bathroom tiles staining red and the world turning gray. He had his hands wrapped around my neck. I remember him saying, "I will end you if you ever make me soggy noodles again".

When I regained consciousness, he was sitting in the living room again, watching TV as if nothing had happened. I tried to go to the hospital, but he caught me before I got out the door. He blocked the door and said with the most frightening smile that still haunts me, "You're not going anywhere until I get my noodles".

I snuck out later that night and went to the hospital. I had a concussion and a cracked rib. The authorities were called, and I got a restraining order. I had some friends at work get my stuff from the apartment—at least what little was left, as he threw out and destroyed most of my possessions. But that was the moment I knew that this man was psychotic and he would end me.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

31.  Social Media Psycho

I was with some guy for about two to three months. He kept trying to pressure me into telling him I loved him. He would cry because when we discussed children, I was always an adamant "No" on the subject, and he would cry about how we could compromise. It was not something I was willing to compromise on.

I eventually got a nice incentive to end it because I wasn't that invested, and he clearly was. The psycho in him didn't come out until after I ended it. He kept texting me that he was going to "Fight for me", whatever that meant. He also said he wasn't going to give up because he had “basically become [her] dad”—referring to my cat—after three months.

He would switch between begging me to come back and threatening me. I blocked it, and when I didn't respond to his texts, he would message me on Skype. So, I blocked him there, too, then on Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Eventually, he started getting nastier and nastier.

He began calling me fat, ugly, and promiscuous and claimed that there was someone else. I changed all the combinations and passwords in my house because I didn’t know if he had watched me type my pin over my shoulder. He then started to harass mutual people we knew.

He would message my best friend and talk about how he was going to put a restraining order on me and that I should expect something in the mail. He spoke of suing another girl I knew for slander and lashed out at a bunch of people in the same circle. Everyone ended up blocking him as well.

Apparently, his behavior wasn't that abnormal because a few other girls came out of the woodwork stating they had a similar experience with him. It all quieted down after a few months, until not too long ago when he tried to add me on Instagram. I immediately blocked him, and he found my super old Flickr account.

He messaged me on that, saying how he was sorry about the way he acted and if I didn't want him on Instagram, I didn't have to delete my account, yadda, yadda. I never responded; I just deleted.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

32. Spider Senses

I dated a guy for a few months and I really liked him, but something just started to feel off. It’s hard to explain because he was never aggressive or weird. Still, I sensed there was something about him that didn't feel quite right. I ended up breaking up with him over text. I know, it’s horrible. But I was a teenager and didn't want to break up face-to-face.

Even though I never heard from him or saw him ever again, it didn’t really stop there. He was angry about the breakup and talking about me to others. My best friend, the one who had introduced us, told me that he was saying disturbing things about me. It was dark stuff like how he hoped I would hurt myself and take my life.

Eventually, he forgot about me and moved on. He started dating a new girl. But when she told him she wanted to break up, he apparently freaked out and stuck a blade in her. He then injured her in other ways and went on the run from the authorities. When they found him in a neighboring country and tried to arrest him, he became aggressive!

So, yeah. Even though I really liked him I'm glad my spidey sense was tingling!

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

33. A Lost Soul

My high school girlfriend was a lot of "firsts" for me. She also cheated on me multiple times and introduced me to a lot of substances that I definitely didn't need, etc. Anyway, sometime after getting myself involved with the authorities and expelled, I finally woke up and realized that I was just being used for different things.

It was still super difficult though. I think first experiences tend to have that effect. So my girlfriend went ahead and promptly had a kid with some lowlife in town and then, a couple of years later, went and had a second kid with another lowlife. I went quite a while without speaking to her until one day, out of the blue, I received this random message from her.

I thought, “Oh wow. It might be nice to catch up and mend some of the past," since I still cared about her as a person. Then she immediately asked me for money. Hahaha, guess you're still the same person! She passed about a year ago. Her mom, who is in her 60s, is now taking care of two young children by herself in a state pretty far away.

My heart breaks for all of them. Wish she could have realized that there were people who loved her. Wish she was still here to take care of her boys. Wish a lot of things.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

34. Plenty O’ Fish In The Sea

I came over before he got home from work as usual. I opened his computer—which I did all the time as I had the password—and he had left Plenty O’ Fish and Cougar Life open and was logged in. I was like, “Dude, what"? I looked at the messages, and he'd been trying to meet up with women near us for a while. I called him, and he freaked out.

He told me he set up the account for a friend. Of course, I knew it was baloney, but I wanted closure and stuck around until he got home from work. This was a bad move. I broke up with him; he took my phone and keys, slammed the door in my face, shoved and restrained me, and did everything he could to keep me inside the house with him.

It was the most terrifying thing because he was way bigger than me, and I had never been so powerless in my life. He was screaming at me at the top of his lungs with the veins in his neck standing out, holding my arms as tightly as he could. I eventually ended up curled up in a ball on the couch, dissociating. I hadn't realized until then how bad he was.

I finally talked him down, and he let me go. I didn't go to the authorities because I was in shock, but I had bruises on my arms and was shaky for days. I found out way later that he'd been charged before and had confined another woman. I wish I had gone to the authorities when it happened to me. If I had, I have no doubt that he'd be behind bars now after his second offense.

The worst part was that I GOT BACK TOGETHER WITH HIM and stayed with this guy for a few more months until things escalated even further. We finally broke up for the last time, and he tried to contact me for YEARS. I still have panic attacks when I hear a man yelling at a woman, and I'm still wary of unknown numbers.

I check his name in the court records every once in a while, hoping he's deceased or locked up.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

35. News Flash—I’m Gone!

On 9/11, my ex and I heard about the planes hitting the towers on the radio while on our way to a coffee shop where I was going to work on my thesis. After the second report, I said, "That wasn't an accident". He proceeded to call me "stupid" and rambled on and on about how dumb I was to say that and that, of course, it was an accident as nobody would do that on purpose.

We got to the coffee shop, where they had wheeled out a TV on a cart in the middle of the restaurant so patrons could watch what was going on. We sat and watched. As we were watching the live footage, we saw one of the towers come down. I immediately burst into tears, as I knew I had just witnessed innocent people lose their lives.

I was wondering, “Oh my God, how many people were still in that building”?! Plus, my brother was on a flight when it happened—he was fine—and one of my friends worked in the financial district in NYC. I was distraught. Anyone with any sense of humanity would have been so.

He leaned over and put his arm around me, thinking he was trying to comfort me. Then he said something that made my blood run cold. He hissed in my ear, "You're embarrassing me and making a scene. Stop crying or go sit in the car". That was the moment I knew I was done.

We lived together, so I was biding my time and planning to leave. A few weeks later, I wanted to go out with my friends, and he didn't want me to go because he would get irate when I had any fun. We had an argument, and he pinned me against the wall and said, "I wish I could punch you in the face right now", and then laughed.

The next day I packed my stuff while he was at work. He was broken; the part of him with empathy just wasn't there.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

36. Festival Of Lies

My friend’s girlfriend had been taking trips to a specific city for months because her mother had been diagnosed with lupus and apparently needed a lot of care. One day, before leaving for another trip to go see her, she broke up with my friend because she felt she “was being a bad girlfriend and couldn’t devote enough time for him”.

My friend took it like a champ and wished her the best. She even left the door open for a possible continuance of their relationship once her mother got better. She spent that weekend texting him about how hard it was to take care of her mother and how she had gotten no sleep because she had spent the night at the hospital.

The whole time my friend was being incredibly supportive and texting her studies on lupus and all this other stuff. A few days later, my friend was randomly checking his Facebook and saw one of those 360-degree panoramic pictures posted by someone he knew who also had a fling with this girl. The picture was taken at a popular music festival that happened to be around the city where his ex’s mom lived.

My friend panned around, and there was his ex, partying it up. Instead of visiting her sick mom, she had gone to this music festival and hooked back up with this guy. He found pictures of her there all weekend which means she was at the festival the whole time. All that texting about being at the hospital was complete nonsense.

He wasn’t even sure if her mom ever had lupus, or if she was just hooking up with this guy for months instead. He immediately confronted her, and her response was just to ghost him. She could have just broken up with him instead of launching a massive campaign of lies so that she could eat her cake and have it too.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

37. That Outfit Is Familiar

I started seeing this woman earlier this summer that I met through an online dating site. Around the fourth date or so, I discovered that she is an awful mother with two kids from two different men. She also has not paid one nickel in child support. Things started to get suspicious for me when she never had her ID on her.

So I did a cursory background check on her. It revealed that her license is suspended in three states because of unpaid child support. Just a few hours before our date, she got taken in on a warrant for the unpaid child support. She was even wearing the same clothes in her booking photo that she wore on the second date. She was hot but yeah…thank god I dodged that.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

38. A Real Winner

Me and this guy were really vibing at first and we were talking every day. I thought for sure it was going to turn into something. Well, it turns out that while he was casually talking to me, he was also talking to another girl. One weekend, I go away on a trip with my family and he spends some one-on-one time with this other girl.

Well, she becomes pregnant with twins and he has to drop out of high school in order to support them. Shortly after the twins are born, he develops a substance problem and ends up leaving them. It doesn’t take long for it to spiral into a major, full-blown problem that lands him behind bars for a year.

He's out now, works odd jobs for cash, and evades child support. I heard he got another girl pregnant whom he also left. Wow, am I ever glad we didn't become a thing.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

39. Don’t Mess This Up

I was dating this guy for a few weeks. There were some major red flags but what convinced me to cut him out of my life happened after our last date. He pushed me up against my car and said, "Don't mess this up". I completely avoided him after that. Luckily he didn't know where I lived at that point because I'd go to see him.

A month or two later, I saw him at a Christmas party and he had a new girlfriend. I was a bit worried for her so I managed to get her aside when he wasn’t looking and told her to be careful.

This guy had serious crazy eyes. Maybe a year later, I’m watching TV and guess who's mugshot comes across the news? Yeah, you guessed it. It was him. Turns out, he absolutely lost it.

His girlfriend dumped him, so he showed up at her house in the middle of the night, plastered and angry. He busted into the house and dragged her out onto the front lawn by her hair. The neighbors called the authorities. When they arrived, he fired at both of the officers! One in the neck, one in the leg.

Somehow, one officer was the one able to get him in cuffs. I couldn't believe it.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

40. He Was A Different Brand Of Crazy

One evening, my boyfriend invited a bunch of people over to hang out by his fire pit so I could meet his friends.  I hit it off with a few of his guy friends as we had the same taste in movies, etc. There was no flirting whatsoever.  As the last person was leaving, he and I were standing in the backyard by the gate.  He grabbed me by the belt loop and pulled me towards him.

I thought he wanted a hug—he didn't. He was unhappy that I hit it off with his friends because now they might “steal me from him,"  and this was all my fault. I was confused. He had a large stick he had pulled from the fire in his hand. He wasn't pulling me close.

He was trying to "brand" me with the still red-hot stick in a place no one would see. I still have the scar, but I don't have him.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

41. Nothing Was Real

I dated a psycho for nine months. He was lying about his career, past life, and even that his parents weren’t really biologically his. He would flip out and cause a scene for the slightest issues.

If I were three minutes late to his in the car, he would start shouting. If we were at a nice dinner with his family and chatting more than he felt I should have with his sister, he would make a scene at the table that was so loud the neighbors would complain.

I had money in my room, and shortly after he moved in, I found it missing, along with some jewelry. I discovered he had pawned them when I found the receipts behind some furniture. He claimed to have cancer in order for me to not go away on business for two weeks.

Meanwhile, I was the sole breadwinner and wasn’t doing anything to give him any doubts, and we needed the money. I found out later that the clinic he was being dropped off at didn’t offer any treatments for anything he claimed to have. After he moved out, I found yellowish makeup, which he applied to look ill.

I put up with it all for longer than I should have and cracked seven months in. I had a fair number of therapy sessions to process everything and had trust issues with future dates and partners.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

42. Scrambling To Survive

My boyfriend had called the authorities and reported me for things he had actually done to me. It was a very interesting and unpleasant situation for the detective and me to work out. The monster popped the ignition in my car and caused it to catch fire while driving down the interstate.

He knocked me unconscious, then accused my 90-pound, extremely sickly self of hurting him, a 300-pound wannabe linebacker. He stalked me on campus, had his friends call my phone constantly, and generally made my life a nightmare until I could switch schools. But he had the audacity to try to say I had done all of this.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

43. Two-Faced Terror

My first long-term boyfriend had some weird little quirks. Once he got into doing something, he would ignore me, even if he had asked me to be around. Then, when I had plans, he'd guilt me into canceling them and doing something with him. He would try to isolate me to the point that I was almost always with him, and he would monitor what I was doing. He would also look through my phone.

Once, my friend kissed me on the cheek in front of him. He laughed at the time, only to shout at me later. He had different faces for different people. It was a slow build-up; he went from attentive boyfriend to my sole keeper. Luckily for me, one day, he just seemed to lose interest. It was like a switch had been flipped.

It hurt at the time to be suddenly dumped without reason, but I'm glad in retrospect. He was later diagnosed as schizophrenic.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoUnsplash, Oliver Ragfelt

44. Miracles Are Real

There was a girl that was great across the board. She actually approached me and asked me for my number. That was the first time any girl ever did that to me so I was really excited. We talked for a while and had a ton of stuff in common. Same music, movies, games, etc. She was very much my type. Beautiful girl. Half of my friends didn't even believe me that she was talking to me.

Eventually, we started dating and everything was great for a couple months. Then the other shoe drops. She tells me that her family has always had issues having children and she is not able to get pregnant. I asked her, “How do you know that”? and she tells me that she’s never had a period before. She has even gone to hospitals and had tests done. She says she is completely infertile.

So, she says, there’s no reason to even use birth control. It doesn't matter. The look on her face and the look in her eyes kinda weirded me out. Like, I could just tell something wasn't right. I said, “No it's okay. I'm fine with using birth control anyways because of STDs and just to be extra safe”. But she INSISTED on no birth control. Just begging me to do it.

But I gave a firm “no” and it just didn't sit right with me. I tell her I'm sorry but we have to break up cause something just feels off. We almost got back together a few times because I started to miss her and thought I might have been overreacting a little. But some of my female friends agreed with me and said it didn't sit right with them either. So, I ended up walking away.

Well, not even three months later she is with a new guy and it’s a miracle, she is pregnant! It turns out that she was an absolute psychopath. She magically turned into a huge farm girl and basically became a carbon copy of her new boyfriend. I have absolutely no idea where she is now because she really gave me the chills. Yikes.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

45. State Hopping

I dated a guy in high school for about six months. He broke up with me for another girl. It turns out that they didn't last long and I ended up moving to the state next door. He would come to visit me but I decided I didn’t want a long-distance relationship. I was only 15 years old (he was around 18 or 19). So I cut it off.

So, a few years later, I got a phone call. Apparently, my ex-boyfriend had run away to another state with his new girlfriend who was 16 years old. He would have been around 24 or 25 at that time. I was shocked to find out that he had taken her life and then his own when they got to their destination.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

46. Ugly On The Inside

I dated a guy in 2012 who I thought was super hot, smart, and successful. He dumped me after nine months because I wasn’t “hot enough”. Cut to this year and I saw his face with the collection of mugshots as part of the white supremacy group who were taken in by authorities before invading a Pride celebration in Idaho. It made national news. But here's the plot twist.

We are both gay men. To clarify, it’s hard to tell who he is in the mugshot because everyone looks awful in mugshots, but he was really hot in 2012. Short and muscular, very much my type. After we dated, he moved from Colorado to Wyoming and ran for public office but ended up losing. He never had a chance, really.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

47. What Nightmares Are Made Of

I dated this girl for a few months online. Suddenly she vanishes and deletes all her social media. Some dude pops up looking for her, saying he was her boyfriend. I said, “Yeah, me too” and he calls me a liar. I block him. Six months later, she returns and says he was a crazy stalker.  My gut said she was lying but it sounded plausible since he hunted down her friends and family. I should have listened to my gut.

She goes missing again and her mom left a bunch of people nasty messages about us "taking advantage of her daughter". We were all confused. I began digging around to figure out what was going on. It turned out she was deemed incompetent by a psychiatrist. I found a couple of old groups she was in—and discovered something scandalous.

She was having a relationship with six other guys. She had four boyfriends, one “daddy," and a "master". She told each guy they were her love, then told stories about all the other boys being stalkers. It turns out I was one of the guys. The “stalker” was too. When she returned once more, me and many of the other guys dropped her all at once.

She sent me pictures of her slashing her arms with a blade. The caption said, "When they find me gone, my last messages are to you so you go to prison for life". I called one of her family members and they busted through her door and took her to a psych hospital.

Later, I learned she had a local boyfriend and when things went south, she faked an allegation as revenge. The courts didn’t believe it and he went after her for defamation of character. The reason she kept vanishing online is because she kept going after him and his social circles by using fake accounts.

I actually ended up being put into a psych ward over the situation. Nobody should see a person they loved attempt to harm themselves just to hurt them. After I got out, I got a crazy message from her family. They asked me how I was doing and hoped I'd try again with the girl in the future. They said I was a good guy and she needed that.

They then asked that I keep her revenge harm attempt and fake allegations to myself because they "didn’t want it to make her lose all her internet friends". I blocked them and changed all my account names and pictures. I took screenshots and told everyone I possibly knew that had any kind of connection to her.

To this day, I still have panic attacks when random people message me because I immediately think it’s her and that she’s going to try and take revenge against me again. At least I didn’t marry her. But I have never completely recovered from that nightmare.

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48. Baby, You Crazy

He sent me to pick up a present he got for his friend's baby shower. I went to the store and asked for it, but they said they didn't have an order. I called him and gave my phone to the cashier. After a moment, she gave the phone back to me, saying, "I will not be talked to like that". I was so confused.

She said he was very rude to her and refused to help me, so I left. When I came home, he denied being rude to her and got mad at me for taking her side. Later, he told me I had ruined everything, we wouldn't be going to the baby shower, and that his friend was very upset. I was confused and felt awful, so I called his friend to apologize.

She had no idea what I was talking about. He had lied about the whole thing to make me feel like a bad person, and it made me realize he was gaslighting me during our entire three-year relationship to make me feel crazy.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoUnsplash, Obie Fernandez

49. Rewind The Tape, He Did What?

I was married for 23 and a half years. He was as nice as could be, and an every-day-a-wonderful-day-kind of guy until he got taken into custody for pleasuring himself in an AMC movie theater parking lot—at matinee hour—with children present. What really came as a shock was that he used his company's mailing address on the official report.

With a little digging, I discovered that not only had he been taken into custody before and during our marriage—and never brought it up—but he had been detained by immigration twice, with officers inquiring where his son was. We had no children. I  filed for divorce the very next day as soon as the office opened. He ghosted me after that, forever.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

50. Gut Instinct

For a while, I saw a girl I thought I had hit it off with. We were into the same stuff, but something in my gut was telling me she was off, so I broke it off and tried to remain friendly with her. I found out later that she was playing a long con with me and was only pretending to be into everything I liked in an attempt to domesticate me.

I also learned that once I broke things off, she got so angry she smashed a glass against her door, and when her roommate went to sweep it up, she said, “No, leave it. Those are the shattered pieces of my heart”. Safe to say, I have no regrets and have never doubted my gut instinct since.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

51. Scary Fan Girl

Talked to an attractive girl over text but it never went anywhere. A couple of years later, I see on the news that she was taken in for conspiring to plant explosives at her workplace. The FBI found "fan art" of her favorite serial slayer at home and discovered that she’d been sending mail to him in prison.

Twisted Dating StoriesFlickr, Michael Pollak

52. Seeing Red

Before I met my serious boyfriend, I was talking to this guy in the Navy on an online dating platform. It was purely casual talking with maybe some slight feelings. We FaceTimed a lot and stuff, but it was meant to be just talking, nothing more. One night, I went out to Taco Bell with my best friend, who happens to be a guy.

I happened to be wearing red lipstick. This. Guy. Flips. I get a barrage of messages like, “Who are you with? Why are you with him? You shouldn’t be wearing red lipstick. Do you know what happens when women wear red lipstick? If you’re going to play games, lose my number”. The only response I had was “it was never saved” before blocking him.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

53. Red Flags At Night

I really liked this guy. I was a terrible flirt, but we eventually did date. I ignored some red flags that pointed at some mental illness and anger problems, but these became much more apparent after we started dating. He really needed some therapy or some form of help for his depression. In hindsight, his anger was really scary.

He was obsessed with an ex-girlfriend and did a lot of online stalking. He complained about her and wished her harm. We dated for two weeks before he dumped me for a chance to get back with his ex. That didn't last long and he came running back, but I refused to get back together.

He would beg, demand, and bug me nonstop any time we would run into each other or talk over text/social media. I got sick of it and blocked him. After a few years, I stupidly unblocked him, thinking he wouldn't bother me anymore. He eventually realized he could message me again and was very quick to pick up where he left off.

I blocked him again, this time for good. I'm sure he talks about me the same way he talked about his other ex, despite it being years since we last spoke. But I truly hope he got some help.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

54. Sign Up For The Latest Updates

My first love was "perfect" to me in every way. Her family loved me, too. Both of our families got along really well. But, because of the hour-long drive to see her, I was completely unaware of her other life. One thing I knew she lied about was being a virgin. However, after getting dumped by her, I found out a lot more.

I never suspected her of cheating on me. Apparently, I was the “other” guy while she was actually with her supposed “ex” boyfriend the whole time. She was using substances with her stoner best friend all the time and she ultimately dropped out of college. Her family kept all these secrets in hopes I could save her from herself. Her mom even accused me of not trying harder after getting dumped.

After spending News Years' Eve 1999 all alone and failing college myself because I couldn't cope, I met my future wife and turned it all around. On Valentine's Day 2000, my ex surprised me at my workplace. She's officially single, very sorry, and wants to try again. I want to say that even if I was single, I would say no, but thankfully, I was NOT single.

I decided that I will stay with my current girlfriend because she is worth it in every way. After a few tears, my ex left. Unfortunately, now, because my ex and both of our families remained friends all this time (despite the utter betrayal), I get to hear constant updates on my ex's situation. FOR 20 YEARS AND COUNTING.

For instance, I know that after a series of abusive drug addict ex-boyfriends, she got a good-paying management job, before relapsing and losing it all. Then, I heard that she decided to become a drug counselor and enlist in college. She dated another guy in the same program, a fellow addict. Well, the two of them relapsed and dropped out of school.

He took what he could and left her. She ended up on the streets before her mom found her panhandling. And I get to hear about how her greatest regret was dumping me, over and over again. So yeah, a nuclear-tipped bullet dodged. I try not to show concern for the ex's situation for the sake of my wife and kids.

But, honestly, it still hurts me deep down that she is suffering, that my first love was an illusion, and at her lowest, she's still crying out for me. I hope that she finds peace and happiness someday, someone to love who doesn't remind her of me. She's paid for what's been done many times over.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

55.  Prove Your Love

Not sure if this is psychopathic or sociopathic, but towards the end of my two-year relationship, my boyfriend threatened to throw himself out of the window. We were 11 flights up, and he opened the sliding glass door, with the railing waist-high. I spent what felt like an eternity physically restraining him from going over the edge, or so I thought.

Both of us were screaming and crying. I was finally able to pull him away, and we both fell back, with me crashing into the TV and him falling on top of me. After that, he just stood up, brushed himself off, and said he was never going to take his life; he just needed me to prove how much I loved him. That’s when I realized he was a psycho and was finally able to break things off.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

56. Slow, Subtle Sicko

It started out with little things like comparing me to his exes, but it was always favorable at first. He seemed overly enthusiastic about wanting to join me in activities and hobbies I did without him. He would force his way in, then pout or make fun the whole time, but it was subtle. He would make legit jokes about my hobbies that I’d laugh off, but it kept getting worse and more frequent.

He’d then put me down, giving me back-handed compliments, and if I caught on and got upset, he’d say, “Joking” with this smile that never met his eyes. One night we were lying on the couch, drinking, watching a game, and just relaxing. We were having a good time when out of nowhere, he said he no longer wanted to live. I took him seriously and started asking more questions.

He shook his head back and forth in a daze and claimed he didn’t say that. Things got much worse after that. They finally came to an end when he choked me in a rage. He said he was sorry, called me, and sent me flowers. Luckily, my sister helped me out. I hadn’t mentioned too much of what was going on to my family because he had slowly been isolating me, but also because I felt crazy.

I thought I was reading too much into his comments, suggestions, etc. When he choked me, I ran straight to my sister. I left him and everything I had at his house and moved on. It took years and dating some more grounded people to get over it.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

57. Sweet Jesus, She Was Crazy

I had a girlfriend who was nuts. I got reamed out for two hours because we missed a bus by five minutes and had to get a different one ten minutes later. I was taking a really hard college course and wouldn’t use my phone much during the term or near exam time. She would get upset when I didn’t respond to her texts fast enough.

She wanted to meet five times a week and call me every night for two hours. Once, I was with her at my parents' house, and she wanted and demanded sweets. We didn’t keep sweets in the house, and the closest shop was a 15-minute drive away. She claimed I cheated on her four times because that’s probably how many days I didn’t call her.

When I broke up with her, it got even worse. She threatened to take her life and got my friends to text me to call her back. She made fake accounts to contact me, and I blocked them all. Then, she got new SIM cards to call and text me. I would get prank texts during the middle of the night, and I blocked them all. And then there was the cherry on top...

She slept with my friend in an attempt to get back at me and tried to get with another friend of mine who, luckily, turned her down many times.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoUnsplash, Ryan Snaadt

58.  Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I dated a girl in college for two years. It took me WAY longer than it should have to realize she was nuts. While we were dating some of the signs were subtle, although she was very controlling. The craziest stuff happened after I smartened up and broke up with her.

A group of friends and I worked for my college in the summers and were provided free housing on campus as part of the compensation. She had a similar situation in the summer but for a different department. By that point, we had broken up. There was a large rock outside of the building I stayed in. Any time I found myself walking by it, she would be there, sitting on it, crying.

If I walked by with friends, I would get stares from her. There would be times I would walk by with a friend of mine, who is female. Two minutes later, I got a text asking if I was now getting busy with that girl. The building we were living in for the summer was configured in a C shape with a courtyard in the middle.

My room was on one side of the building, and directly across the courtyard was my friend's room. One night, I was hanging out in my room, and I got a call from my friend across the courtyard. They had seen my crazy ex, dressed in all black, hiding in the bushes under my window, trying to spy on me.

I immediately called her and asked what on earth she was doing. She claimed she was at Walmart. Then, more than six months after I had broken up with her, I was at the big spring concert at my college, seeing one of my favorite bands with my new girlfriend, who later became my wife.

Of course, my ex was there too. She came right up to us, checked out my (now) wife, looked at me, and just said, "This is fine. I don't care. This is totally fine," and then just walked away. I don't know what I was thinking for the TWO YEARS I was with her.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

59. What Could Have Been

Recently, I reconnected with my first girlfriend after 17 years. For one thing, time has not been particularly kind to her. But that wasn't the worst part. She ended up becoming a two-faced, manipulative, gas-lighting, cheater.

She was cheating on her fiancé, who also happens to be the father of her child. This affair went on for six months before she finally broke it off with her fiancé.

So, the relationship with the other guy continued for another six months before he kicked her sorry self to the curb. That was about a year ago. Even then, it took her months to tell the baby daddy. I’m not sure which side of the aisle I stand on as far as telling him after the fact. But it still feels pretty shady to me.

Now she’s pretty much just wallowing around in self-pity, acting like she’s better off alone forever. After some of the two-faced stuff I’ve seen her do, I’d say that’s probably accurate. I do feel bad for her ex-fiancé because he’s still hopelessly in love with her. It’s sad because he doesn’t seem to be handling things very well.

And I can totally understand where he’s coming from. I can say from experience that this woman is extremely convincing to your face, but you have no idea what she’s saying or doing behind your back. I feel like if he knew or understood what she actually did to him, it would help him move on. But that’s obviously not my business to butt into.

Anyway, this is only just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more to tell but I’m not going to get into more of the gory details. Essentially, I had spent a lot of time wondering what might have happened if circumstances had allowed me and her to properly continue our relationship. Now I know, and I’m glad they didn’t.

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Valentin Salja

60. Not On The Same Page

There was a girl I was pretty in love with throughout college. When we met, she had a long-distance boyfriend, but we got super close—weekly dinners, meeting on campus multiple times a week to hang out, etc. She broke up with her boyfriend one summer and when she got back in town, she and I went to a movie and had dinner. But it didn't last long.

A couple of months later, she was dating someone else. At the time, I really, really kicked myself. When I look back on some interactions, I really think I had a shot that I was just too scared to take. I just kept thinking that if I made a move, I could ruin this friendship that meant so much to me.

I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that post-graduation, we would only see each other once or twice before she moved across the country with the guy who became her husband.

Well, now I'm gay and REALLY glad I never tried to get into a serious relationship with her…or any woman. I was gay then, too, of course, but still deep in the closet. Now it seems like she has a great life and is still an awesome person, but I probably would have made us both miserable if we had ever tried to make it work.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

61. Teen Romance Movie

My “dodge a bullet relationship story” was my high school boyfriend. We had this really intense crush on each other for the last three years of high school, but never knew we liked each other until senior year. At the end of senior year, we finally got together, and it honestly felt like the happy ending of a teen romance movie.

Except after dating for a few months, he broke up with me because, according to him, we were of different religions and he wasn’t sure I could commit to the virtuous tenets of his faith. I also suspect it was because once he got to know me as his girlfriend I suddenly wasn’t as exciting as when he was pining for me from across the room.

Long story short, I was devastated for a full year. He dates around a bunch and then goes on a religious mission trip. I’ve been with my husband for a full ten years now, we have two great kids. My ex? Married the girl who waited for him while he was on his mission. They divorced a year and a half later. He’s on his second marriage now.

I don’t really think about him that much anymore. Every once in a while, I remember the stupid fights we would have and how he made me feel crazy for expressing how I felt and how often he made me cry. And then I think about my fertility struggles and other tragedies that happened in my family over the past ten years.

I am so thankful I went through it all with a wonderful man like my husband at my side, instead of my high school ex. Moral of the story, your high school romance probably won’t be your forever relationship and thank goodness for that.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

62. Bad Romance

I was driving my ex somewhere, and the Lady Gaga song "Bad Romance" came on the radio. I turned it up a little and started singing along. He lost his mind. He started screaming and crying in the car, saying I was sending him a secret message about our relationship. I tried to calm him down and told him it was just a song I liked!

He was convinced that I really thought we were in a "Bad Romance" and that this was a telltale sign of some impending breakup. He was still inconsolable 15 minutes later when we got back to his house, and his parents had to intervene and talk some sense into him.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

63. Time To Get Out

It was a typical Sunday evening, and my ex-husband had been without a job for a few years. He was well aware of the fact that I had to approve several dozen employee time cards before Monday so I could submit payroll. I did this every Sunday evening for three years, and the process took about an hour and a half. He also drank a lot and had a very bad temper.

That evening, he had some severe issues with me completing the employee time card approvals after I had spent an hour cooking dinner for him and my son. I was sitting on the floor of my living room because I couldn't afford a couch. As I was eating dinner and working, all I heard was him yelling at me to put down work and pay attention to him.

Before I could say, "I'm almost done, just a few more moments", he came up to me with a full plate of food, took a huge bite of tilapia, chewed it up nice and good, then unloaded it all over my face, keyboard, and all. I was in complete and total shock.

I couldn't believe the man that I was married to would spew food in my face and all over my work. I just sat there in awe and got him out of my life.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

64. She Ain’t Got No Alibi

One day, law enforcement called me and asked if I had gone out on a date with the woman I was seeing and named every dinner and movie we saw together because she kept all the receipts. She was trying to use me as some kind of romantic alibi.

Then, they asked me to check the front page of the paper, and I discovered she had been accused of throwing a four-year-old child out of an apartment building. She claimed dating me proved she couldn’t have done it because she no longer had feelings for the child’s father. It was about then I realized she was a psycho.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

65. Time To Hit The Road

I had a girlfriend and her mom discussing methods for disciplining a boyfriend when he would misbehave and how to use it as a good training tool. I was in the room and couldn't believe what I was hearing. She told her mom about something I did that she didn't like. Her mom said she would show her how to do it and demanded I come over and let her injure me.

I'm 6'3" and, generally speaking, a large person. No one was going to lay a hand on me without a fight, so I told her to get bent, walked out, and drove home. I was living with this girlfriend at the time, and I was her ride home. It was an hour and 20 minutes back to our house. I got about halfway home when the call came begging me to come back to get her.

When I got there, she asked me to come inside, and her mom demanded I let her pummel me for the original thing and for driving away. I got back in the car and went home. My girlfriend made it a few hours later after getting someone else to drive her. We never spoke of it again.

I dumped her in my head the moment they started talking about flogging men in front of me and I did it for real about a month or two later after making other living arrangements.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

66. Don’t Leave Me

I dated a guy for two years. I was madly in love with him, but the issue was he would not take care of his own mental health and often dumped all his problems on me. And when he wasn’t dumping his problems on me, he took out all of his anger on me. Finally, I decided I had enough of this treatment and knew it was time to break up.

When I went to break up with him, his reaction shocked me. He started crying and begging me to stay, saying that he’ll work on it. Of course, this wasn’t the first time he’d promised to work on it. I felt guilty for the longest time for giving up on him even though it was the best choice for me. I found out months later that he was cheating on me for months during our relationship.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

67. That Went Downhill

I met her when we were in high school. Her name was Jesse and she was the first girl who paid attention to me. I was head-over-heels in love with her, just absolutely swooning. We "dated" (as much as you can say that, as two 14-year-old kids, holding hands in the hallway between classes, long conversations on the phone after school, going to the movies and cuddling, that kinda thing). She was also my first kiss. It was as much "your first love" as you could possibly get.

I was barely a teenager, and I was convinced she was going to be my wife someday. If you've ever been 14, you know how it goes. After freshman year of high school, she moved about 30 minutes away to another school district. But, to a kid who couldn't legally drive for another two years, she may as well have been on the moon. Of course, I was devastated.

We remained friends, but I always wanted more. Jesse kinda kept me around because she liked the attention. She always "teased" at getting back together, but it never amounted to anything. It wasn't until I was older that I realized how manipulative and cruel she was. She went on to date a whole slew of characters all throughout high school, eventually landing on her second cousin at 17.

They dated for a while and even though her family was pretty accepting, everybody seemed to acknowledge that it was really pretty weird. Sometime after that, she broke up with him for some guy she just met. They high-tailed it to Alaska after graduation. From there, they took skiing lessons, and she falls in love with the ski instructor.

The dude she drove to Alaska with gets dumped and the poor guy had to drive all the way home to the midwest. She winds up having a kid with the ski dude. That was years ago now. We've since fallen out of touch as I've moved on with my life. Last I heard she dumped the ski instructor and went on to her next guy.

So, as a 14-year-old-just-figuring-things-out, you could call her "the one that got away" but, man, am I glad she dumped me.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

68. It’s Not You, It’s Me

I was in love with a girl, but was too scared to do anything about it. Eventually, she got tired of waiting and moved on to a sociopath who I used to think was a friend. He used me to get to her and then he told me that "if I want to sleep with her, I just have to wait until he gets bored with her, there's nothing easier than taking advantage of a girl who needs a shoulder to cry on".

After that, I was a mess and I acted irrationally. I finally declared my love, then I would send her 50 messages a day demanding an answer or telling her to choose between me and him. I was convinced that she was my only path to a relationship and happiness. I became increasingly paranoid.

I figured that if one person I thought was a friend could betray me and say something like that, then anyone can. So, I isolated myself. In addition, I hated myself for my breakdown. I hated how I was acting, hated harassing her, and more. I was not in a good place, so I took off. I moved to another country.

Moving helped. But, when I started socializing again and met new girls, I found that I would get very controlling and annoying. For instance, when I'd meet a girl I got along with at a party, I would follow her around, inject myself into every conversation she was having, etc. I knew I didn't want my insecurities and issues to affect other people.

So when the pandemic came along, I was kinda happy for the opportunity to deal with my problems without any social pressure. So that's what I've done in the last few years. I feel like I'm in a pretty good place now and I'm ready to get back out there. As for the girl, she ended up in a very controlling relationship with the sociopath.

When she first told me, I was furious. I told her to come live with me, that I would treat her right. Which was a lie, of course. I would have been just as controlling, if not worse. She called me two weeks ago and told me she dumped him. We're slowly getting to know each other again, but I know I don't want anything romantic with her.

She was one of my best friends before things went bad, so I want her to feel free and happy. I'll offer to help, but we're both different people than who we were before things went bad. Anyway, she was the one that got away. But she wasn't the bullet, I was. Too bad she dodged right into the path of another one.

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Jeremy Perkins

69. Gaslighting Goober

The guy I was seeing would get out his guns and—with the safety on—point them at me and go "Bang"! When I would jump, he would laugh and say, "That'd be funny if the safety was off. Wouldn't it? Wouldn't it"?

Then, the next day he'd gaslight me and tell me he didn't do anything of the sort the night before. He was the king of gaslighting. It got to the point where I seriously doubted my own sanity because he would deny everything.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

70. Going Nowhere Fast

This chick was crazy hot. She had told me jokingly she had been stalking me on Instagram for a month before hitting me up to make sure I was what she wanted. I just shrugged it off, but then it hit me. We had matched on two months prior, but she never admitted to it for some reason. I fell for the bait and we slept together on the first date.

Then, she wanted to come over the next day. I thought, "score"! I must have been great in bed. But it was different. She withheld affection and intimacy altogether. I thought, “OK, this might be something real for once. I'm an adult. I can roll with it”.

Then, she came over the following day and the next. Suddenly, two weeks had passed, and she was leaving half her stuff at my house, taking up all my time, without any show of affection. She told me I needed to be careful not to break her heart because her ex-boyfriend forced himself on her in her sleep for two years, and she would take her life because she was so fragile.

I told her we needed to either be intimate with each other or if not, slow things “waaaay” down. We could go on dates on the weekends until she felt comfortable, but she couldn’t move into my place. She never talked to me after that. Not once. I shipped all her stuff in a box to her mom’s house where she lived, and she never once texted me or replied to anything.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

71. She Cashed In And I Cashed Out

I had been talking to a girl online, and we agreed to go out on a date. I showed up to pick her up, and she walked to my car while on the phone. She got into the passenger seat, and I started to drive to the movies where we were going. She was in the middle of a tearful conversation with her estranged father and put her finger to her lips to let me know to be quiet while she had her conversation.

We were 15 minutes away from town, and she stayed on the phone the entire time. She was working him for money to bail her out of a situation. She was making amends with a father she had cut out of her life seven years ago so he could wire her some cash. She put him on mute for a moment to ask me if I could stop at the Dollar General in town so she could get some kind of Green Dot card or something.

Having never officially even talked to this girl in person before, I agreed. I parked at the Dollar General, and she ran in to get the card, came out still talking to her father, gave him all the information while on the verge of tears, and even squeezed a few out for effect. She told him she was glad to have him back in her life once the card was filled with money.

She told him she loved him and hung up the phone. As soon as she hung up, she started to call him names, and as she did, she told me, "I can't stand him". She proceeded to put the phone away and cheerfully apologized for the awkwardness, and went on as if nothing had ever happened.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

72. Quaking In Fear

I had a seizure, and when I came out of it, he was standing above me, yelling and cursing at me, saying, “This is embarrassing". Then he dragged me up to my feet, slammed me against the wall, and bellowed at me to never do that again. That was the first indication he ever gave me that he was capable of something like that, and I noped right out of there.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

73. Downward Spiral

I have a story about my girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. She didn't know half of what he was doing until she was going through the divorce. People started fessing up to her about things they knew he was keeping from her. If you can believe it, he slept with someone on their wedding night. In fact, he cheated constantly on her.

Once, he started his own business and would only hire girls who he intended to cheat with. He had a narcotics habit for most of their marriage. Somehow, he managed to hide it, but it got worse.

It got so bad that he spent all of the money from his business on those substances until it all had to shut down. She's absolutely great and I'm doing my best to be empathetic since I've never been in any situation like that. I can understand why people develop trust issues.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

74. Run Away Screaming

Years ago, I met this guy that I instantly became friends with due to a mutual interest we had. We started talking and started becoming pretty close to the point where I started to develop feelings for him. He ended up rejecting me, but we still remained friends.

One or two years went by and we were still talking. We never dated, but he always treated me like we were and called me a bunch of nicknames. In hindsight, there were a couple of warning signs that this dude had some problems, or at least was developing some problems.

Maybe I was naïve or blinded by love, but I never picked up on the fact that this guy was a huge creep. Like, toward the end of our friendship, this dude was ranting about how the age of consent should be lowered so that he could get with kids. This man, in my opinion, is an absolutely pathetic excuse of a human being.

He essentially made liking young girls his whole personality. It’s sick and horrifying. So, what else could I do but report him to the authorities? I only had a bit of evidence but someone on the internet gave me advice on how to go about reporting him. He lives in the UK and I live in the States.

Sometime in the future, I want to report him again just to make sure he is rotting away in prison and away from children.

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Ihor Saveliev

75. What If

There was a gorgeous girl in my large circle of friends during undergrad who really stood out to me. She was slightly alternative amongst a sea of carbon copy sorority girls; loves music, is extremely fun and adventurous, graceful, kind, and has a beautiful singing voice. She just caught my attention. I felt like I really “saw” her.

For the entire four years we lived in that town, we would intermittently be together in social situations, parties, and ski trips. There was always this tension that bordered on being more than just flirty. Her close friends undoubtedly picked up on this. There was a murmur from them that she was “different” in a way that I wouldn’t understand and that we couldn’t be together because of it. That didn’t really make sense to me, so I ignored it. We continued to be in each other’s orbit off and on.

One day, in my senior year, I got the courage to step up and take her on a fancy date. The tension was so thick. We were sitting at a bar after dinner, staring into each other’s eyes, and just left our drinks right there on the counter and went home to make love. We had this wild up-and-down interaction for the rest of that year.

We had an incredible level of intimacy, although it was sporadic and fleeting. I would see her, then I wouldn’t. We never discussed being exclusive, but I secretly wished she would be a consistent part of my life. I felt a lot of things for her, but I never shared any of it with her. I dated other people, graduated, and moved to the big city. She came and stayed one time with me and it was magical. But she became distant again.

A year or two later, a friend of mine ran into her back in the college town. He told her that I always talked about her and obviously missed her. Then, she called me out of the blue, surprised I was still thinking of her. We got together again. We had both recently moved and it turned out we were living in the same new city.

The passion and intimacy was explosive again. I imagined starting a life with her, but it just never stuck. I just couldn’t seem to get the commitment vibe from her. Life went on. I met someone whom I fell in love with, and moved away again. More than ten years have now passed. I got married, have kids, and a very full life now.

As one does, over the years, I’d occasionally think back on our time together and wonder “what if”. One day, out of the blue, she contacted me on social media and told me that she’s seen my life unfold and is very happy for me. It turns out that she’s married as well. To a woman. A lot makes sense now and I’m very happy for her too.

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Erfan Moradi

76. False Positive

When I tried to break up with my girlfriend, she decided she was pregnant. There were lots of red flags beforehand, but that was really the icing on the cake. She would send me pictures of positive pregnancy tests but refused to take any tests while I was there. We made a doctor’s appointment to confirm, and she canceled it behind my back.

She was also pulling the whole “taking her life” schtick while this was going on. I should have known better, but I was young and stupid. It turned out she pulled all of this on her next boyfriend when he tried to break up with her. He got her Baker Act-ed.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

77. I Wheeled Her Out Of My Life

My ex-girlfriend would have rapid cycles of hating me and delusions of things that didn’t happen and loving me unconditionally. The straw that broke the camel’s back wasn’t even that bad, but it was stupid. One day, she called me at 6:45 am and told me how she was parked halfway in a handicapped parking space, and someone had come up and knocked on her window to tell her that.

All I said was, “You can get a $200 fine if you obstruct an accessible parking space”. Her response was, “YOU ALWAYS TAKE THE OTHER PERSON’S SIDE. You hate me. You’re the president of the I hate [her name] fan club. I can’t talk to you about work, ever”.

All this was over my letting her know what can happen if she obstructs a handicapped parking space. Safe to say, we discontinued our relationship about three minutes later, as it wasn’t the first crazy thing.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

78. Power Hungry

Once, we were talking about kids and how he wanted to have some at some point, and I definitely did not. He said that the reason why he wanted to have kids was because of the way kids revere their parents, and he just wanted to have that kind of omnipotence. He also said kids are great when they are young because they're so gullible.

He said you could make them believe in anything, and he couldn't wait to tell his future kids all kinds of lies and have them believe them. He just loved the idea of having that kind of power and control over other people. It was sick and seriously disturbing that the only reason he wanted children was to warp their minds. We broke up; he's now married with two kids.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

79. Post To Post

I was really young and innocent at the time. My boyfriend started posting all of my information online. He put my full name, address, and a bunch of other information out there for people to find. That was already pretty bad. Then, he started sending me pictures and videos of him self-harming and swallowing entire bottles of pills.

That’s when I knew I needed to get away from him.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

80. Ghost Girl

We matched up on the Tinder app during our freshman year of college. It was awesome. We met up for a lovely little coffee date and then met up again shortly after to study together. We kissed. But after she went home, she ghosted me. It was so weird because I felt like everything was going fine but she just disappeared.

She had “read receipts'' turned on and I would occasionally check to see if she actually read my text message, but she never opened it. Suddenly, during our second semester, she answered my text message as if only a short time had just gone by. I thought it was so strange but, whatever. I guess it was nice to talk to her again.

We kept talking until I broke the news to her that I had decided to transfer to another school. After that, I rarely heard from her anymore. And it wasn’t like I was so far away. The distance between her school and mine might have only been about an hour’s drive, so dating after I transferred wasn’t completely impossible.

So, now it’s our second semester of sophomore year. We started talking again. I don’t remember what sparked it. She came to my school a few times and we would hang out, study, and goof around. It was lovely and I thought things were really good between us for about two weeks. And then, guess what? She ghosted me again. I’m laughing now thinking back on it.

Two years later and it’s our senior year of college. Somehow we got to talking again and we went out on a few dates. Things actually stuck this time. We graduated and moved in together. This is where I feel like I should have recognized a bunch of obvious red flags that I ignored because I was so infatuated with this girl.

She was extremely selfish and showed signs of being a narcissist. I had ignored all of these signs because she disguised them really well as being a quirky person. She was extremely manipulative and a compulsive liar and worked me just like she would work other people. Eventually, she started cheating on me, gaslit me, and then fell into a horrible depression.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. Why was I trying to keep a relationship together with someone who didn’t care about me? So I broke up with her. I wish I'd gotten out earlier, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons from this relationship. Pulling myself out of that deep hole helped me to be a much healthier and happier person. Cheers to healing!

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Lance Reis

81. Must Love Dogs

Was always curious about what became of my high school “girlfriend," aka that girl that tolerated my presence in high school and made out with me a couple of times, so I stalked her a bit on Facebook. Turns out she’s happily married to some lady and lives in a house in the country with, like, a billion dogs. So, clearly, this would not have worked out, as I’m allergic to dogs.

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, nrd

82. Life Is A Stage

In college, I had a class with a guy that I thought was really cute. We ended up working together on a short assignment early on and I can't say what it was exactly, but I remember losing all attraction for him pretty abruptly. He stopped attending classes midway through the semester. Then, a detective showed up in our class and made a horrifying announcement.

He said that the cute guy had taken the life of a student that he had been dating. I'm not saying it was some "I knew there was something wrong with him" type thing. Honestly, I think it was more that I thought he was arrogant rather than potentially dangerous. But I am forever glad that whatever intuition I had about him shut that down.

Apparently, he had been dating and scamming a bunch of girls at the school. He claimed to have cancer and borrowed money from them. If I had shown any interest in him, he probably would have done that to me too. Anyway, the reason the detective spoke to our class was because this guy had written a disturbing one-act play.

He wrote a play about a guy who's being interrogated by officers regarding his deceased girlfriend. With the timing of it all, he would have written the play right around the same time the real-life incident took place. The authorities were trying to figure out which came first. If the play came first, it could be used as proof of premeditation.

I think it’s clearly obvious that he did it but the officers were trying to prove it.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

83. Take Out

I used to work with a girl at a restaurant. Well, I had a crush on her. We made out one time in a field. I figured we would stay in touch, keeping in contact on-and-off. I kinda never really heard from her in a while. I wondered what happened.

She ended up getting taken in for hurting her children and taking the life of a former co-worker's kid. I think about this a lot because she had met my child at the time.


Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Priscilla Du Preez

84. Long Distance Looney

I was in a long-distance relationship, and my girlfriend banned me from watching lewd videos. At one point, she got so serious about it that she forced me to install remote access software so she could randomly remote into my computer and make sure I wasn't watching anything behind her back.

This extended into my social media, where she would randomly log in to my Facebook and scour my messaging history to ensure I wasn't cheating on her. I'm so glad I got out.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

85. I Made A Quick Departure

I was traveling, and when I landed in Boston, I was immediately hit with a barrage of texts that grew increasingly agitated. They started with "Hey" and ended with, "WHERE ARE YOU! DO NOT IGNORE ME"!

I texted back, "I was on an airplane. Remember when you drove me to O'Hare THREE HOURS AGO"? We had only dated for a few weeks, and there were signs, but that was the red flag I needed to call it off.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

86.  Scene And Heard

I needed to catch a bus. The entrance of the university to the bus stop was a mile away. I was breaking up with my girlfriend in public to make sure she would not make a scene, but it totally backfired. She made a huge scene and begged me to stay with her, but I refused. She stalked and followed me, begging, crying, and yelling in front of around 30 strangers.

Once I got to the bus stop, she tried to push me in front of a running bus. I yelled at her, "Are you trying to kill me"? She responded, "I want to if you are not with me". Then, she proceeded to break into my house. She filled it with photos of us.

Later, she called me several times, screaming that she was going to take her life. Then, she tried hitting on my friends and managed to make out with my ex-best friend.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

87. Good Cop, Bad Cop

I dated an officer for about six months. He wasn’t cringey and we had insane chemistry. We really connected. In my mind, I was already dreaming about our wedding and planning all the details. It took a little time, but I discovered that my cop boyfriend was not as monogamous as he pretended to be. I was absolutely gutted. What else could I do but end things immediately?

Fast forward 12 years and I find out some interesting information about him. He was indicted and convicted for several serious crimes. Clearly, I knew nothing about the guy. I shake my head in disbelief whenever I think about the irony of my heartbreak and how things could have turned out.

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Jacky Lam

88. From Hot To Cold In 30 Seconds

This girl I knew had a boyfriend who was always a jerk to everybody. All our mutual friends agreed that she should break up with him. After some time, she finally realized that he was a bad dude and told us she was close to ending things with him. Then she got really flirty and forward with me and I was into it, and she even told me she wanted to kiss me.

I told her to dump the other dude first and then we could give things a try. I liked her too so I would look forward to it. When she did dump him, I went ahead and asked her out on a date. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I was a creep and a bad guy and if I thought she had any interest in me, I was wrong. Like, where did that come from?

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Maria Lysenko

89. Ya Think?

I once dated a guy who was a hardcore Satanist. I left him because I was getting bad vibes from him. When he got back with his ex who was the so-called “love of his life," he cheated on her twice and began having constant one-night stands and just cheating on every girl he was with. He got another girl pregnant. Man is for real a hustler.

Twisted Dating StoriesUnsplash, Sander Sammy

90. A Very Close Call

This crazy story didn’t happen to me, but to my high school girlfriend's mom. I was floored by this. The story goes that when she was in college, she was out at a bar and met a cute guy. He was charming and suave. He even wore a sports coat to this dumpy little campus bar! He said he was a law student. Pretty impressive so far.

So, she almost gives him her phone number. Almost. Something stopped her. You see, at this same time, there was some scary stuff happening in the area. A serial killer was on the loose. He was wreaking havoc a few streets over at a sorority house. Women in town were on edge. So, even though she liked this guy, she was playing it extra safe.

A week later, she sees the guy in the newspaper and gets a call from the Tallahassee authorities. Apparently, they had found her ID, among others (many of whom were deceased), in his personal effects. Turns out she was his "type": slender, blond, age 17-30. He was probably stalking her at the bar and had nicked her ID for her address. That suave law student was Ted Bundy.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

91. Eat And Run

I went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings one night with a few friends, and I told my girlfriend about this. I saw a couple of her friends come in and sit at a table near us, but they never ordered anything. They just drank water and sat there, occasionally glancing at us.

After my friends and I were done eating, we walked outside, and sure enough, I saw my girlfriend’s car in the parking lot. Her driver’s seat was reclined all the way back, and I could just barely see that she was in the driver's seat, trying to hide. I was already kind of weirded out at that point, so my friends and I  were going to leave.

As soon as we backed out, her car started and backed out as well. She began to follow us through the parking lot. I began texting her, asking her what was going on, but she kept saying she was with her mom hanging out. I ended things shortly after that.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

92.  I Relieved Him Of His Duty

I was married to a psycho. He said he was going to the woods to take his own life. So, I called the authorities and told them I thought he was having a PTSD episode from being in the service. They stopped him, took his piece, and informed me he was NEVER IN THE ARMED FORCES.

This was four years into my marriage. I took photos of all the holes in my walls and got myself a restraining order and a divorce. The courts don't appreciate stolen valor being your excuse for brutality and emotional manipulation. He did the same to his second wife, who also divorced him.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

93. Hung Up On Her Ex

We were riding the train home from a date. I looked over, and couldn't believe my eyes.

She was logging in to her ex-boyfriend’s Facebook account. I asked her what she was doing, and she straight-up told me that she was logging in to her ex-boyfriend’s Facebook account. When I asked why, she said, “I’m just checking up on him; I want to make sure he’s OK. He never changed his password”.

Her checking up on him became reading through his statuses and his private messages. I asked why she couldn’t just look at his profile normally, and she said he blocked me. When I asked why she couldn’t just text him if it was that big of a deal, she said he blocked her number too.

I had so many more questions, but she started getting mad and defensive, and I still had a long train ride home, so I let it be.

My Date Turned Out To Be PsychoPexels

94. Sick Puppy

I met this one guy as a young adult. He was a mutual in my friend group. I thought he was cute. I gave him my social media info and we chatted back and forth for a little bit. Not long after we met, I ended up moving away from the area. After I moved, he messaged me constantly, asking me to come over to his house, attend parties with him, come to his area so he could buy me a drink, and so on and so forth.

I politely declined him every time. This went on for literally an entire year. Eventually, I entered into a committed relationship with a great new guy. Shortly after, this stalker asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said “yes”, and he proceeded to send me a bunch of gross, intimate pictures of himself. I instantly blocked him.

Two years later, through our mutual friends, I found out that he had been accused of some extremely disturbing acts involving several women. He would give them pills and hurt them. When the authorities came to his house to take him in, they made a disturbing discovery.

They found a woman in a dog kennel in his living room. Not sure the entire story behind it, but just thinking about it totally freaks me out.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

95. Family Resemblance

When I was in high school, people would approach me because they thought I was someone named Tina. It happened quite a few times. Then I started to date this guy. It turns out Tina was his sister. Even he mentioned how much I looked like Tina. And he pointed out how that meant we looked like brother and sister. My friends made fun of me all the time about it.

In fact, a friend pulled me aside and told me that everyone was making fun of us behind our backs because of how much Tina and I looked alike. Once, he even asked me to wear her hair in a side ponytail, which was her signature style. He posted a picture of Tina in a towel on Facebook with the caption “Tina looking all hot and wet”.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

96. Wanted Man

I was dating this guy and he had been staying over at my house a lot. One day an officer followed me from work, stopped me in a parking lot, and showed me pictures of my boyfriend. The officer demanded to know where he was. Long story short, my boyfriend had a warrant out for stalking and worse. The officer followed me to my house.

A whole bunch of officers were there and caught my boyfriend outside. It totally sucked. And the officers were jerks too, saying they were gonna arrest me for harboring a fugitive. I mean, what?? I was traumatized and angry that I got roped into all this, but thankful in the end. The whole crazy situation got me away from that awful man.

Turns out my so-called “boyfriend” was a manipulative, abusive liar who bums off of girls. That’s his pattern of behavior. Only six months later I found out something very disturbing. He landed himself behind bars again, this time for strangling his next girlfriend. I am very thankful that was not me.

Twisted Dating StoriesPexels

97. Memory Of A Goldfish

I’d been messaging a girl on Tinder for a couple of weeks. We even spoke on the phone some nights and she seemed pretty cool. We organized a date to check out a food market in the city and I offered to pick her up from her place. I let her know when I was on my way, but when I got there and let her know I was outside, there was no answer.

She lived in a gated apartment block so all I could really do was call and text. I must have waited out there for about 20 minutes trying to let her know I had arrived, but still no response. I went to grab myself a burrito near her place and she called me later with an update that made my blood boil—she told me she’d "forgotten about our date"… even though I literally called her like 30 minutes beforehand to confirm.

Anyway, she begged me to come back, and stupidly I obliged. By the time we went out, most places to eat were closed and she didn’t want to go to any bars or anything. She barely made an effort to engage in conversation and was just scrolling on her phone while we drove around. In the end, we decided to just call it a night.

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98. Stamp Of Disapproval

Years ago, I went on a first date with someone I met online. We met at a bar and the bartender carded us. Even though we were both older, they were still doing stings in the area, so he was carding every single person. I handed mine right over, but my date was a real jerk about it. The bartender checked mine and handed it back to me.

Then, he checked my date's ID, and rather than handing it back to him, he placed it on the bar right in front of me. When I saw it, my blood ran cold. It had the sex offender stamp on it, which is a thing in my state. The guy picked it up, looked at the bartender, looked at me, and then got up and walked out. I immediately Googled him.

He was on the registry and had been in prison. Lesson learned. Always Google. And that bartender? We’re still friends.

Dodged A BulletShutterstock

99. Bad Vibes

My ex and I stayed friendly after our breakup. He started dating someone new. After he introduced us, he asked me what I thought of her. I had a bad feeling about this girl and told him that he should be careful. The more I got to know her, the more I just had this sense that she’s bad news. He laughed it off, trying to say I was just saying that cause I still had feelings for him. I didn’t.

Few years later, he needs representation because she destroyed his business, his family, stalked and harassed him and even had him under investigation by the FBI. Took him a couple years to clean up the whole mess. I totally said I told you so.

Told you soPickpik

100. Misunderstandings

Her: Man, this is a great steak!

Him: Did you say this is a great date?


Waiter's ValentinesPexels

101. Taking The Term "Blind Date" A Little Too Far

Not sure this counts since the date didn't actually happen, but I was set up on a blind date. We planned to meet at a restaurant. I got there first and since it was a nice day out, I sat down on a bench outside the restaurant. He ended up calling me on his way over and I told him where I was sitting. He was still on the phone when he started walking up to the building.

He took one look at me, hung up the phone, and walked back to his car. I tried to call him back, thinking something must have happened, and he didn't answer. No more answers to calls or texts afterward.

The Worst Dates Factstwitter

102. A Relaxing Vacation

I met this guy. We vibed right away and started hooking up within a day or two. This guy swept me off my feet and I couldn't help but think, “Yes! FINALLY, a real man". Then, one day he said to me: “I know this house we could go stay at for the weekend if you’re interested". Sounds great, right? But then we got there and he said he forgot his he proceeded to get a crowbar.

That freaked me out, so I asked him to explain exactly whose house we were at. He assured me that it was his dad’s summer house and he definitely had permission to use it. I ignored my gut instinct and decided I was probably just freaking out for nothing and overreacting. We stayed there for about four days, with no more issues.

I slept in the master bedroom, showered there, made food in the kitchen, the works. When we left, this guy said, “Look what I got".  He proceeded to show me jewelry and some credit cards from the house. I was starting to truly panic now. As naïve as I was, I still thought it was his dad’s house and he was just having a rebellious moment.

And that’s when he fessed up. I realized that I’d just helped him burglarize this home. It wasn't even his dad's house; it was his mom's ex-boyfriend’s house, and let me tell you—they did NOT give him permission to be there. His stepdad even had a restraining order on him for a similar incident a few years before.

So fast forward a few weeks—I got pulled over and snatched out of my car for having been involved in this whole thing because these people had rightfully pressed charges. I ended up narrowly avoiding doing serious time.

Creepy Moments FactsShutterstock

103. Bad Suggestions

My twin brother passed in a car wreck and my family suggested that I should date his girlfriend because...grief, I guess? REAL FREAKIN' AWKWARD, MOM.

Worst Airplane Experience FactsShutterstock

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