Under My Skin: The Creepiest Weirdos Around

June 25, 2021 | Sammy Tran

Under My Skin: The Creepiest Weirdos Around

Creeps. Weirdos. Predators. Unfortunately, most of us can't move through life without bumping into at least a few of these unsavory characters. But creepiness is definitely a spectrum, and these stories showcase the weirdest creeps imaginable. Boundaries will be crossed and shivers are guaranteed. Get ready to be as disturbed as these poor Redditors were.

1. Beneath The Bed

A few years ago, I went to a language school abroad that had sister schools in different cities so you could start in one place and if you wanted a change, you could just up and go to one of the other cities for a while. The school had low grade apartments that housed four or five people located near the school. So, it was normal for roommates to come and go and reappear again.

One day a new roommate arrived called Amy who had been in another city for a few months already. We got along great and one night after a few drinks she told me the craziest story I've ever heard. In the previous city one of her roommates kept to himself, didn't interact with them, ordered takeaway and ate alone in his room.

Each to their own. He went away for 2 weeks for reasons unknown to Amy, he just mentioned when he would be back to another roommate and went. This happened to coincide with a heatwave. After a couple of days there was a bad smell coming from his room. A couple days later they agreed they are going to have to go in and get rid of whatever it is, because it's overwhelming.

They open his room, and an instant retching smell hits them. Against a wall is every takeaway carton from months of daily meals stacked up, but they're clean. Rinsed clean, not just empty. They aren't the source. After a brief search they find a boot nearby. Inside the boot is filled with pieces of cooked chicken. It looked like he was getting chicken stews or curries or similar everyday and had licked the sauce off these pieces and stuffed them into a boot.

They chuck the chicken, wrap the boot in several bags and put it back where they found it. A couple of days later it's clear the smell is still getting worse. They have to go back. So they go. They look around for the other boot, but when they find it, it's chicken free. They are going to have to dig a little deeper. Nothing could have prepared them for what they discovered...

Under the bed was something large in black bags and it definitely was the source of the smell. They pull the whole thing out from under there into the center of the room and it's heavy. They all stood for a moment trying to register what it was. It was roughly person shaped, made of black bags with tape used to create the neck and to attach the 'arms and legs'.

Amy noticed a small split in the bag at the join of the 'legs' but it didn't look accidental as the split was reinforced with more tape. She leaned closer to see what was in the bag. It was more cooked chicken, a lot of cooked chicken. Then it all fell into place. The boot was a homemade flesh light, this thing was the next level up.

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2. Getting Up Close And Personal

I drove my sister to get sushi in a not so good part of town one time. We were in the car about to get out, and I reached down to get my wallet. I looked back up to find the creepiest, most strung-out looking human being I've ever seen in my life. He had his face against her window, licking the glass. He then pulled his sleeve up to show us some scars on his forearm, face on the glass all the while.

I don't drive out to get food at that restaurant anymore...

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3. Like A Woman Possessed

This happened back in college when my friends and I were still into the club and live band scene. We went to one bar and had a couple of rounds of drinks, not enough to get us wasted, but we were definitely having a good time that evening…until two girls introduced themselves to us. One of them looked okay, but the other had an RBF that was pretty to look at.

My friends and I were like, alright, cool. These two girls are making the first move. Great, let’s see where this goes. The second girl sat beside me, and she was weird to me from the get-go. She would place a drink in front of me and say, “Chug that.” I ignored it every time, and she didn’t seem to mind, but different things like that went on during the night.

Almost like she was giving me orders, she would say, “Dance with me,” or “Take a shot,” while her friend conversed away with my other friends. Then out of nowhere, this weird girl...she abruptly transformed as if she’d suddenly gotten possessed. She gave us all this angry, spiteful look. With her eyes full of hate, she reached out and hastily scratched one of my friends at the neck.

I sobered up instantly. To make things short, we noped the heck out of that place really quickly. On the drive home, my friends and I were just stunned into silence.

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4. Lock Your Doors

My wife and I had to travel to San Antonio for my PRK/LASEK surgery. When we arrived in town, we found out our initial hotel plans fell through, and we had to find a last-minute motel to stay at. We get everything situated around noon and get our key for a second-floor room. We load back into our car and drive to the other side of the motel to park our car near our room and start unloading our luggage.

As we were unloading our car with our two suitcases and a couple of backpacks, my wife and I noticed a disheveled man walking parallel to the motel. He turns towards us and starts approaching us. In our mind, we figured he was just going to ask for cash and go on his way. I mean, the majority of my encounters with homeless and/or drug users are that, but we're still on guard because we don't know this area.

After he approached us, he asked if we needed help unloading our stuff. He has a 40oz in one hand and another 40oz halfway out of his cargo pocket, and at this point, I can smell the booze coming off of him. We politely tell him no and that we don't need help as it's only a couple of things. He stumbles to put his opened 40oz on the brick ledge next to us and states he would like to help us and it's the least he can do.

He firmly takes my suitcase out of my hand and starts to introduce himself as, "Reuben.” I'm obviously on guard here, I mean the man has my suitcase in his hand and I don't even know him. He starts walking to the stairs, continuing his life story. He seems pretty harmless, but still gives my wife and me those vibes. I explained to him that I don't have cash on hand and that I wouldn't be able to tip him for his generosity.

Reuben says that it's fine, and again, this is the least he could do. At this point, he's following my wife and me on the outside balcony to our room. Again, my bells are ringing and so are my wife's. I restate that I don't have cash. My wife hurries into the room and I'm with Reuben with my stuff. He hands me my stuff and I put it in the room right behind the door.

I'm starting to close the door, my thigh pressed against it as well as my wife. As I'm thanking him for his help, he extends his hand out in the form of expecting a payment. I again tell him that we don't have the cash to tip him. In an instant, Reubens' facial expression underwent a radical transformation: it changed from an "I'm glad to help you" happy face to an, "I will hurt you and your wife and won't think twice about it"-soulless look.

My hand is on my knife and at this point, I am pushing the door shut, but before I shut it, he utters a bone-chilling warning, "You better keep your windows and doors locked." I slammed and immediately locked the door and ensured the windows were in fact locked. We moved some of the furniture in front of the door and windows in a way to barricade them and kept them there for the remainder of our stay when we were in the room and finally notified the front desk of him.

Even returning to the room, we would look under the bed and in the bathroom for him in case he broke in. Each time we left the room for my medical appointments, we would always be on the lookout for Reuben and even to the point of parking in different spots and taking different ways to our room so we wouldn't bump into him again.

This was 4-5 years ago and my wife and I still get shivers down our spine by the way he just changed so suddenly and uttered those words to us. Hypothetically, if someone would share a San Antonio news report of a man named Reuben murdering someone since then, I wouldn't be surprised.

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 5. Man’s Best Friend

My family has a Bernese mountain dog called Ava, who is very big. She’s a quiet and lazy dog, but she also seems to be alert at all times. One night, my parents went out for dinner and left me at home with Ava. I was downstairs watching TV and my lounge is right next to the front door. At around 8:00 PM, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door to see a guy in fairly plain clothes standing there. He told me that he had a delivery for me. I was confused because he didn’t look like a delivery driver, and he had no parcel. Suddenly, I turn my head and see another guy around the side of my driveway which goes to our back door. This other man is clearly walking towards my back door.

I freak out and the guy at the door notices this. He barges through, shouting for the other guy. This is when Ava wakes up and begins to let out the loudest bark I’ve ever heard, making the guy stumble back. She rushed towards him and jumped up, grabbing his shoulder and literally throwing him out the door. His buddy came along, but saw Ava and started to run.

The other guy managed to slip out of Ava’s grip and run down the road. I somehow managed to get Ava to stay so I didn’t lose her, and they got away. I was so shaken up. I called my parents and then the authorities, and I gave them a statement. It’s safe to say that Ava got plenty of treats from then on, and I always keep her nearby when I am on my own.

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6. Hello Neighbour

I have a neighbor who lives on the same floor as me and his apartment is right next to mine. He's over seventy and blind, and every now and then he enjoys walking down the hall, while feeling the walls around him, because he has no strength to actually go outside anymore. Last year in August, I was locking my apartment door and getting ready to leave and meet a friend, when I noticed him walking slowly down the hall towards me.

I politely said hi to him, as usual. As I fumbled with my keys, he approached me slowly and then he did the most demented thing ever: He leaned in and started fondling my butt. I took a step away in shock, but he came after me and said, "Let me kiss your pussy." I felt my blood freeze. I then said in disbelief "What the? You should be ashamed!" but he replied by repeating the exact same phrase. I pushed him away and left quickly.

I still live here, and he still takes strolls in the hallway. I have told a few friends, but not my landlord or any authority, because I'm sure they won't take me seriously or say something like "Don't mind him, he's old and senile, he doesn't know what he's doing." My friends were concerned though and asked me if I was ok. I wasn't.

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7. A Taste Of His Own Medicine

I was standing in line at the local pharmacy to get my prescriptions. This is a small town and I am a regular there, so they know me on sight. I was behind a couple of other people in line, and there were a couple of people behind me. I kept feeling a tickle in my hair in the back of my head, but every time I looked behind me, the guy there was a few steps back and looking at the floor.

This happened several times by the time I reached the front of the line. The pharmacist told me she wanted to talk to me about my medication in the consultation room. I thought this was weird, because we both knew I had been on this medication for years and would be for life. Nothing new. I get back to the room and close the door, and she comes in from the pharmacy.

She told me that the man behind me had been stepping forward, sticking his nose in my hair, and smelling it before stepping back and looking at the floor. This shook me pretty badly as this is such weird behavior, especially in my little town. The pharmacy staff insisted on having me wait there until the guy was distracted by another pharmacy employee.

They then had a security guard walk me to my car and watch me drive off, to make sure I was gone before Hair Sniffer came out and saw what car I was driving or what direction I was going in. I still use this pharmacy and some of the same people still work there. I will always be grateful that they took the initiative to make sure I was safe that day.

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8. Talking To The Devil

When I was in my 8th year of middle school, I knew a kid who was super weird. He had an obsession with the devil. He constantly talked about it. He actually wasn't a bad kid like he got decent grades, never got in trouble and dressed pretty average, no goth or emo styles to him at all. One day I'm hanging out with him on the playground before school started and he said, "Can I tell you something?" And I replied, "What's up man." I had no idea what I was in for...

He then goes on to tell me, "The devil told me that my sister is going to die soon. I tried telling my mom, but she yelled at me and told me I was going insane." I told him to tell the school counselor and they had him talk to some therapist. Two years would come and go and by then we went to different high schools. During my sophomore year I came to find out that his sister had passed from some kind of spinal tumor.

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9. You Saved The Day

When I was 17, my friend and I were walking down the street near my house at about 1:00 AM. We lived in a dense neighborhood dominated by three-story houses. We came around a corner to see this huge man on his knees, standing over a woman. He was furiously smashing her head into the concrete sidewalk. His muscles were huge and bulging.

He reminded me of the Hulk. Only, he was not green. He was red. Red as if he was having heatstroke. We screamed at him right away. He looked up, and I will never forget that face. There was snot pouring out of his nose. Long strands of it hung all the way down to the woman's head. His eyes were bright white, crazed, wide, and far too circular.

His face expressed a murderous fury that I had never seen before, and hope I never see again. He lifted the woman's head by her hair, and with a loud "crack" spiked it into the cement like a football, and screamed, "You want some of this, huh!" I had not seen my friend pick up the rock he had, but he threw at the guy's snarling face. He hit him right in the nose.

It was a big rock, but it did not even phase the guy. The guy lunged at my friend, who took off running. The guy took off chasing my friend. I knew there was no way a guy that size would be able to catch up to my buddy who was a track and field athlete. I ran to help the woman. Her hair was all over the place, and dark red blood was gushing from a huge deep gash across her forehead.

I could not believe she was still conscious. I tried to tell her I was here to help and she became combative. She started punching me, screaming to leave her man alone. I was afraid that her screaming would bring that monster back to us. With that thought, I said "screw this" to myself. I grabbed her wrists, dragged her to the nearest door, and started pounding on it.

I was scared that the guy would be back before I got to someplace safe. Two men opened the door and pretty much freaked out when they saw that I was restraining a small woman covered in blood. I think they were about to take me out, but I screamed "Call an ambulance!" I told them that we needed to get inside before the abuser came back. I told them "He WILL come back!"

We quickly dragged the woman into the hallway, then shut and locked the front door. One of the guys called the authorities and they showed up in what seemed like seconds. An ambulance arrived soon after. My buddy, seeing the lights of the squad cars, returned to the scene. He had outrun the guy and gotten to a store where he could call for help.

So I guess they were already on the way before we made the call. The officers had a lot of questions, of course. We had no idea who the guy was. We never saw him or the woman before. In the end, they gave us a card and said that if we ever see this guy in the area again, we should call them right away. Like I would even hesitate!

The next day, the events of the night before were in the paper. I read the article sitting on my porch. It said that the woman was in critical condition. It mentioned my name as well as my buddy. It also said that the man was yet to be identified, and was yet to be apprehended. Here is the part that really messed with my head. 

The place where this happened was one block away from my porch. I looked up and could see the spot where he had been smashing her head. I remember thinking, "That evil man is still out there!" and then, looking down at the paper, "He knows my name." Two weeks later I turned 18, and I immediately boarded a plane to boot camp. This guy scared me THAT much.

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10. Just Say The Word

When I was at university during the summer I went back home and worked on farms, mostly picking up hay. Every year there would be different workers. Some good and some bad. But this one was downright scary. This one bloke had been in the Mongrel Mob, which was a gang in New Zealand that tends to attract the absolute scum of society.

He wasn't too bad a chap and was quite funny and hard-working. Just what you want on your team when you're spending ten hours a day picking up hay bales. One day I was driving the truck to another farm with him beside me. We started talking about one of the other workers. I knew him from university and he had come up for the work on my suggestion.

At university he seemed a decent sort but he soon showed his true colours of being a useless pos. I was complaining about the useless prick and apologizing for being responsible for him being there. I jokingly suggested that maybe we could arrange a "farm acciden." Like have the tractor back over him and a stack of hay bales collapse on him. That sort of thing...I never expected him to actually take me seriously...

At this point the mongrel casually mentioned he knew people who for just $5000, would kill and dispose of anyone. He said they had a set-up out in the bush, which was New Zealand speak for middle of nowhere, where they would feed the body to pigs then dispose of any remains in an acid bath. The completely casual way he spoke of this was really unsettling.

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11. Long Time, Definitely No See

I was taking a language course, and there was this girl I was friends with. I never made a move or flirted with her. I introduced her to my girlfriend and made it very clear I was not interested. Regardless, she fell head over heels for me and started calling me every day: one to two times at first, but then up to 20 times a day.

I again told her I was not interested and that I was unavailable. She then started leaving love notes on my car, on my door, on my motorcycle, and at my work. I changed my number, but she got my new number through my work, and I started cussing at her on the phone to leave me alone. She just giggled and asked why I was playing hard to get.

After she appeared at my sliding glass back doors at 3 AM for the third time, I finally called law enforcement on her. I never told her where I lived—it was totally freaky. Twenty years later, she sent me a message on Facebook and mentioned that she was single and tried to friend me. I blocked her immediately.

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12. The Present Danger

Back when I was 19 or 20 years old, I had a part-time counter job at a local shop. After work, I would go out to my car, and I started finding notes tucked under my windshield wiper. They were casual “you’re so cute, I want to get to know you” type notes. There was no name or anything, so I just kind of shrugged it off and went about my business.

Then the notes started becoming more frequent and eventually turned into full-out love letters. The writer talked about being lonely and wanting to be my girlfriend, but she was too shy to talk to me. At that point, I started to get concerned, so I asked the people I worked with if they knew anything. None of them knew a thing about it but thought it was hilarious. What happened next wasn't hilarious.

Then what really put me over the top was when I went out to my car one night and found nothing on my windshield. So, I got in my car and noticed a wrapped present with an envelope taped to it. It was inside my car. I opened the gift, and it was a very expensive bottle of booze that I threw out. The letter was super graphic and vulgar and clearly from a woman.

I still had no idea who was doing this, but it kept going on with a different gift for the next few nights: a bag of weed, a CD from my favorite band, and a restaurant gift card. I was super freaked out at this point, so I talked to my bosses to see if there was anything they could do. They basically shut me down and wished me good luck with the issue.

That night I triple-checked to make sure I locked my car door, and sure enough, after my shift, I found another bottle of booze and a letter. I called my boss the next day and quit. I never went back, and I never found out who it was.

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13. None Of His Business

When I was maybe seven or eight years old, I went to a local Burger King with my mom. I was impatient to eat, so I went to go play around in one of those plastic playground things that are about 20 feet high. There were no other kids in it, so I just started to climb to the highest point. But things got really weird, really fast…

A businessman in a white shirt and tie looked at me climbing up, then calmly put his burger down and proceeded to climb up after me. He didn't say anything as he did it. I was old enough to think that this was weird, and had flashbacks to our school counselor talking to the class about getting kidnapped and such. I rushed to the slide and ran straight to my mom.

I gave her a giant hug. I didn't tell her about the incident until later.

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14. Fortress Of Solitude

This story is 100% true. I experienced it myself in the summer of 1991. When I was about 10 years old, I lived on Woodway Drive in the Fox Harbor Apartments in Paducah, Kentucky. If you look up the address, you will see some woods just to the north of the apartment complex. My friends and I played in those woods every day after school and all day on the weekends.

During the few years I lived there, we cleared a small area in the woods and created a fort from various things we got out of dumpsters. It was our own place that no one else knew about, and it was awesome. One day, as we were walking to our fort, off in the distance we saw a man walking through the woods. He was walking parallel to us, but in the opposite direction.

We stopped talking and halted dead in our tracks when we saw him. We never saw anyone in the woods, especially not adults. When we stopped moving, he did too. He turned towards us and looked right at us. As I stared at him and was able to make out the details of what he looked like, I felt my heart stop in my chest. Not only was he was wearing what looked like a Halloween mask, he was also carrying an ax in his hands.

We stood there in silence and motionless for what was probably about 10 seconds, him looking at us and us looking at him. Then, he started sprinting straight at us. We did the only thing we thought to do, run straight to our fort. We were probably about 50 yards from the entrance to the fort and, in those 50 yards, he gained a lot of ground on us.

When we finally made it, he was upon us. All of my friends scurried up a tree and were screaming, but I was the last in line. By the time I could try and climb the tree, he was standing right there by us. He was screaming like a lunatic and waving the ax in the air. I was scared, had no idea what was going on, and my mind was blank on what I should do.

I grabbed a large stick and took a nice big baseball-style swing and cracked him on the face with it. He stumbled back a bit, moaned, and took the mask off. The craziest part? I recognized the face. It was the landlord and manager of the apartment complex. A man who was probably about FIFTY years old. He wanted to play a joke on us and thought this was the most appropriate thing to do. He was insane.

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15. Good Riddance

Towards the end of our marriage, my ex-husband got really angry with me one day and began to explain in detail how he could murder me and get away with it. He laid out every detail and gave rationales behind each one to prove why his method would be fool proof and result in him never getting caught. I was terrified. It really made me open my eyes to his maltreatment and fear for my life knowing he had been meticulously planning this out in his head.

It made it worse that he had gotten to the point where he was comfortable sharing this with me as if I wouldn’t be around long enough to do anything about it.

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16. Trying To Lose It All

I worked on the phone in a gambling or betting place in OZ while I was travelling and mainly did the night shift. One of the regulars was winning a lot and kept placing higher and higher bets which is a red flag. I asked him about how his night was going and why he was making such big bets. His answer was seriously messed up...

He told me it was the anniversary of his sons’ suicide and he was trying to lose all his money. But that wasn't all. He said that after losing all of his money, he too wanted to take his own life. The problem was—he just kept winning. Authorities were eventually called and after they did a check-in, he ended up getting rushed to the hospital. But he was okay and betting again the next week normally. He acted like nothing had ever happened.

It was in the most normal tone when he said it on the phone, and even laughed at it, "I'm just trying to lose my money and end it all but it’s just my luck that I can't even lose." That comment creeped me out and that I've probably thought about this more than he has since it happened.

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17. I’ll Be Watching You

This happened in the 90s. A woman found my address in the phone book and sat outside my home for multiple nights, all night long, just watching my house. I live in the middle of the woods, miles outside of town. The thing is, we only had one date and agreed to leave it at that. I only found out sometime later what she had been doing.

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18. You Good Bro?

I went to middle school in a not so good neighborhood so lots of kids were involved in gang activities. This one kid had some anger issues but honestly wasn’t a bad person and we got along well. One day in class he leans over and asks, “do you want to see it?” And before I could reply he flashes a weapon from his bag. Immediately my face fell.

He followed it up with, “don’t worry, you’re good.” This could have very easily been a much worse situation. And middle school me wasn’t smart enough to tell anyone about it but I asked him to leave it at home since the staff could check our lockers and bags. I wasn't worried about him using it in school but I should have been. Thank goodness nothing ever happened.

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19. A Devoted Follower

I was 13 years old and on vacation with my parents in Turkey. We were at an all-inclusive hotel and enjoying the holiday. The hotel was full of tourists from different countries. There was this one guy, around 20 years old, who was staring at me for some time. I felt uncomfortable and asked him how he was doing. Wrong choice.

The next few days, everywhere I went, he also suddenly appeared. Not flirting, just lurking for hours and watching me. He had a really strange vibe around him and I felt I shouldn't be alone with him. Now, I was still young and my parents didn't want to leave me alone in a foreign country. So he couldn’t really bother me at any point.

But one night, there was entertainment in the hotel, which became boring to me after some time. I told my parents I wanted to go up to our hotel room and that I would see them in the morning. I left and walked to the elevator. I didn’t know it, but I was making a dire mistake. The guy who had been watching me for days saw me leaving, and he had followed me.

When I saw him also coming into the elevator, I was shaking with fear. He looked at me silently with a sinister smile. "This is it." I thought. Who knows what horrible plans he had for me. And just before the doors of the elevator were closing, someone stuck his boot between in order to prevent the doors from closing. I am not kidding, all I could see was a boot.

The doors opened and it was my dad. He saw that the creepy guy was leaving at the exact time I had left and didn't trust it. He looked the guy in the eye and said hello. My dad took me to my hotel room. To this day, I am so glad for the rescue because I don't want to know what would've happened if he didn't.

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20. You’ve Got The Wrong Guy

When I was around eight years old, I was waiting outside the Disneyland bathroom for my dad who was in there for a while and some guy who looked like a grandfather came up to me and yelled in a shaky voice, "C'mon, Jake! I can't stand here forever, now!" I'm a girl, so that made it even weirder. At first, I thought he was talking to someone else, but then he came closer.

He got irritated, saying, "Jake! Don't ignore me!" I started looking at him with a clearly confused face, trying to signal that I don't know who in the world Jake is, so please go away, but he got even closer and grabbed my arm and started pulling me away, saying "We are GOING to sit down, Jake! C'mon!" I was trying to stay put but this guy was strong and eventually, my legs wouldn't stay put.

He effectively dragged me out of my place. At this point, I started screaming but it was more unintelligible shrieks and people must have thought that I really was "Jake," and I was just resisting, not that I didn't even know who this guy was. Luckily though, my dad came out of the bathroom then pulled me back and started yelling at the guy.

The security got involved and then they told us the most upsetting story. Apparently, the guy's grandson was named Jake, who had a seizure and passed inside that bathroom over a year ago. The grandfather had some form of Alzheimer’s and stayed there every weekend just waiting for his grandson to come out of the bathroom.

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21. Home Sweet Home

When I was 13 years old, my family moved from a village to a city. This city had a fairly high homelessness rate, so of course, there were always a lot of people looking for somewhere to stay. An old family friend of mine is a letting agent, so he often lets me use some of the unoccupied houses as a sort of recording studio for music that I create in my spare time.

He is totally fine with me using the houses for this purpose as long as I keep them clean and clear out for a while whenever there are viewings. This arrangement works fine for me. One night, after recording at one of the houses, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet there. So, I cycled back, got my wallet, and decided to check the rooms since the door hadn’t been locked properly.

I go upstairs and open the door to one of the bedrooms. Lo and behold, there was a man in his mid-30s lying on the bed like it was his own home. Both of us just looked at each other, completely startled. Neither of us said anything. I guess we came to some sort of non-verbal agreement, and I showed him out. Definitely a creepy experience…

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22. Window Shopping

When I used to walk home from the bus stop, I used to walk past a house where a man, maybe in his 40s, lived. If he was out in front when I walked past, we would say hello to each other. Perfectly normal. But sometimes, he would be inside at the window just looking out at me. He didn't wave or show any sign that he saw me.

My friend happened to be with me once when he did this, and she told me that it almost seemed as though he thought we couldn't see him. This behavior didn't happen all the time. Don't get the wrong idea, he wasn't a weird stalker or anything. Just sometimes, maybe about 10 to 12 times in total. Nothing ever came of it.

I eventually stopped bussing and started driving. He moved away from the area a few years ago, and then I moved away too even more recently. But I never forgot the creepy feeling of seeing him behind that window. I just remember that horrible feeling whenever I saw him watching, because I had no way of knowing what he was thinking.

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23. Morbid Curiosity

I once got a friend request on Facebook in the summer of 2011. I was 17, and she was 20. She seemed kinda familiar, so I assumed we knew each other. So, I accepted and asked how we knew each other. It turned out we did not know each other. She found my profile via creeping and decided she wanted to sleep with me. So, she sent me photos and messages trying to convince me.

Now, this freaked me out—there were red flags everywhere. But, I was really more curious than anything. I agreed to meet her in a public place, and she agreed because she wanted to bang in public. I made sure to pack condoms. We met in person, and she actually matched her photos. So, I spent a good part of a day banging her in various public places and getting to know this stranger.

She was insane. I cannot stress enough how crazy she was. But I was in too deep at this point. I was not going to be anything less than friendly while she had me in a...compromising position. Afterward, she wanted to meet again and go on a date. I ghosted her, and she got the message. But wait, there’s more. A few months later, she tried to hit me up again, and I just kept giving her lame excuses until she stopped.

Then I saw she added my friend on Facebook. I had told him about her before, but we were not on good terms at the time. They met up and actually dated. Like, my homie knew why I backed out, but he still drove right in. Things inevitably fell apart shortly after she got pregnant. That’s the story of how my accepting a friend request resulted in my buddy having a kid.

Creepy womanUnsplash

24. Enjoying Their Afterlife

My friend and I were both high on home-grown tincture at a cabin in the backwoods somewhere and my friend turned to me and said in a serious tone, “I see people who aren’t there. Even when I’m sober.” I asked them if they saw any at that moment and they replied, “No, but there were others with us in the hot tub earlier.” That messed me up for the rest of the weekend.

Creepy Encounters factsPexels

25. Where’s Banjo?

One morning I woke up my five-year-old son to get ready for kindergarten. Still half asleep he asked me "where is Banjo? When are we going to look for him?" This completely creeped me out. Banjo was the name of our family dog, a bull terrier, that we had on the farm when I was still a pre-teenager. One day in 1970 there was a flash flood in our area and my little brother was stuck in the middle of the raging river on a rock.

Banjo jumped in the water to rescue my brother, but he got swept away by the powerful current and we never saw him again. I also clearly remember seeing two cows being swept away by the water. My brother had to stay on that rock for a full 11 hours before the water was safe enough for a boat to cross to get to him. My brother was distraught about our dog having been presumably killed by the flood.

Only two years after that incident, my brother passed while cycling on the rural road when a speeding vehicle passing a truck on the wrong side of the road hit him from behind. I have never told my son about Banjo. There's no way he could have known that name. But that's not even the weirdest part. My son has been acting in ways that remind me of my deceased brother.

They have the same favourite color, they like the same food, they both like to sing. I can't help but think that the soul of my brother migrated into my son somehow.

Creepy Encounters factsPixabay

26. An Officer And A Gentleman

Many years ago, I had a ‘92 Camaro that I kept in great condition and only drove when I was on leave. One night, I was driving home from a date when I got lit up. I checked my speed, and sure enough, I was doing 85 in a 55 zone. Dang. I pulled over, and a female officer approached my car. She asked for my license, my registration, the usual. I forked everything over, and she asked me if my car was a ’92.

I told her that it was, and she started asking me all kinds of questions about it. Had I done any engine work? Did I replace the transmission or rear pumpkin? What kind of clutch did I have on it? Where did I get it from? I answered gamely enough, thinking that maybe I might get a lesser ticket if she was in a good mood.

One of my answers mentioned that I bought it at auction a few years back. She then said she used to drive a pursuit car that was a ’92 Camaro…which was eventually sold at auction a few years back. Then she told me how she lost her virginity in the back seat of that car. Well, okay then. That’s when things started to get weird.

She claimed there was a problem with my plate and ran my VIN. Sure enough, it was the same car she used to drive. She started flirting with me—a lot. Not even just flirting, but she began telling me about herself. She was a virgin until she was 27 because she was a devout Christian, but she eventually realized that God doesn’t really care about premarital relations.

She’d tried “every drug known to man” by taking “samples” from evidence, but the only drugs she liked were coke and booze. She also liked to party. Then, after she saw my army ID, she started telling me about a marine she used to date and how they would “do it” in public. She also told me how much she loved our troops. She said she wanted to have kids: a boy and a girl. She couldn’t see herself settling down, though, unless it was with a cop or a soldier.

I started out confused, but then she climbed into the back seat and told me that she’d like to recreate some old memories. Now I really started to freak out. This was an adult woman, in her full officer get-up, sitting in my back seat, basically proposing to me and offering to consummate the union right there, on the side of a road in an upscale suburb of Miami in the middle of the night.

An image then popped into my head of me coming home after dating and breaking up with her, only to later find my next girlfriend dead alongside a murder weapon with my fingerprints on it lying next to her. I couldn’t shake it the whole time. I was scared in a way I had never been before. I made my excuses, claimed to have a girlfriend (I did not: the date hadn’t gone that well), and told her I had to get up early in the morning.

She let me off with a warning...and her phone number. I never lost a number so fast in my life. I spent the rest of my leave getting spooked by every cop car I saw, thinking it was her.

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27. No Hard Feelings

I had a co-worker tell me something so disturbing—I didn't even know how to respond. He said, "I could probably just kill someone and not feel anything about it. Especially if they had it coming." Who says something like that?? And mind you, this was after we got done chatting about his mutually toxic relationship. Whoever she is, I hope she's okay...

Creepy Encounters factsUnsplash

28. Secret Admirer Gone Too Far

When I was in middle school this random girl sat beside me at the lunch table and showed me something extremely disturbing. She rolled up her sleeve and showed me that she had carved my name into her arm. She then went on to tell me how much she loved me. I had never said anything more than "hi" while walking by her before that, and was totally creeped out..

Creepy Encounters factsShutterstock

29. An Uninvited Guest

When I was nine years old, my sister and I were doing swimming classes together at our community pool. One evening, after my mom had picked us up from the pool, she told us to get ready to go to the grocery store. So, I went upstairs to shower and get the chlorinated water off me before we left home. My sister was changing in our room. While I was in the shower, I heard someone come into the bathroom and start rummaging through the drawers.

I asked what my sister was looking for because I couldn't see through the frosted glass and, at that point, I assumed it was her looking for something for her hair. It wasn’t. All of a sudden, this strange man jumped into the shower with me, pulled off his shirt, and draped it over my head. I screamed at the top of my lungs and crouched down into a ball to protect myself.

My incessant screaming and squirming scared the guy off after a few seconds. He jumped out and ran out the back door. Seconds later, my dad came bolting into the room to see if I was okay. I was scared out of my mind, but thankfully I was okay. Unbeknownst to us, earlier in the day, an employee of ours had left the front door open while doing some work outside and a man snuck into our home. This man had secretly been hiding inside our house all day long. I was too traumatized to go into the bathroom by myself for like a year and a half after that.

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30. She Has Your Eyes

As a child there was a girl that was friends with my cousin who developed an obsession with me. She found my number and would call my house phone asking about me daily. In 8th grade she got my phone number and would send me voicemails and call me at super late hours. One night, she left the most disturbing message yet: “If I can’t be with you, I will pluck your eyes out with a fork and keep them in a jar.” I have very light hazel eyes and that’s what started it all.

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31. Mother Goose’s Creepy Uncle

Today, I was standing outside of my dentist's office waiting for my wife. I was minding my own business and having a smoke when this old guy walked up to me from out of nowhere. With seemingly no emotion in his eyes, he looked straight at me and asked me “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

I was about to start laughing it off when I started to realize that he was being fully serious and didn’t mean this as any kind of a joke. I awkwardly said that a woodchuck could chuck as much as it felt like. He just stared at me silently for a few seconds, then turned around and walked away. I just stood there watching him go and thought the whole thing was downright creepy.

Blind datesFlickr

32. Cover Your Windows

A random guy once told me, "I drove by your house the other day and watched you change". He then proceeded to tell me what I had been wearing and what I changed into. He described my clothes 100% accurately. And at the time I was 15 and he was 26. My bedroom was in the basement, and he literally had to be hiding in the bushes in order to see through my window and blinds because there were massive and thick bushes covering them. But that wasn't even the creepiest part.

I hung blankets over my windows immediately and have had blackout curtains in every house I've ever lived in since. A few months after that incident I got a random call from a woman asking if I knew this guy. She asked if anything ever happened to me and if I was okay. Turns out he was under arrest for rape and had a room filled with photos of all the women he was stalking. My photo and address were on his wall.

Something is Wrong factsShutterstock

33. After Hours

When I was in high school, I spent the better portion of my junior year being grounded. I was always in trouble for something and fighting with my parents. During one of these timeouts, a friend wanted to hang out. Being a teen, I wanted to hang out with my friends. I explained that I was in trouble, and he suggested that we wait until my parents were asleep so I could sneak out.

There was a park right next to my apartment building and it seemed innocent enough, so I agreed. My parents fell asleep and I could hear my stepdad snoring, so I tiptoed out of my house and met up with my friend. It was late, about 1:00 AM. As planned, we went to the park to smoke and hang out. We were sitting on the jungle gym, just talking, when we spotted another person walking around.

After a few moments, the person sees us and approaches us. He started asking us a bunch of questions, like: “Are you guys together?”, “What are you doing?”, “Where do you live?”, “Why are you here right now?”, “How old are you?” The person was obviously on some kind of substance and we politely tried to answer him without revealing any information about ourselves.

After a few minutes, the guy asked us if we wanted to come and see his house. Despite it being the middle of the night, we quickly said we had somewhere to be and rushed back to the car. We just sat there for a minute, not sure of what we avoided. All I could think about was that this guy could have done something terrible to me, and my parents would not have known what happened because I had snuck out.

Needless to say, that was the first and last time I ever snuck out of my house.

Never Want To Meet Again factsShutterstock

34. Men Can’t Help It

When I was sixteen, I had a male therapist completely cross the line: He told me that men can’t help feeling attracted to me because my eyes and lips make me look like I’m aroused. I was speaking to him partly because I had been harassed by an adult male that year. I was so embarrassed that I never told anyone about this and I am still mad at myself for not saying anything then.

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35. Late Night Visitor

One night, around three in the morning, I was fast asleep with my ex-boyfriend next to me. All of a sudden, I heard a voice inside my house asking if anyone was home. I woke up my ex and told him to go see what the heck was going on. He was a total chicken and he made me go. I got out of bed and couldn't find my glasses, but the guy was still shouting.

I came out of my bedroom in my pajamas and see a big bald dude in what looks to be a law enforcement uniform standing in my entryway. I'm squinting trying to get a good look at him. He looked at me and said, "I just wanted to tell you that your door was left unlocked and you should lock it." I mumbled something to the effect of "Uh, thanks?" and he left my apartment.

I was still as blind as a bat, but then I noticed something that scared the living daylights out of me. I saw that he walked away instead of getting into a car. No policeman would have ever been patrolling the random woodsy area that I live in on foot. The next day, I called the local station and asked if any officers had reported this incident. They said they would check with their officers and get back to me.

They called me back the next day and informed me that none of their guys had done this. So we have no idea who that guy was. I still get freaked out whenever I think about this happening and I wish I knew what that guy was really up to. I mean, what motive could someone possibly have for entering someone’s house in a costume and then just leaving?

Night Shift Paranormal FactsUnsplash

36. You’re Not Going Anywhere

When I was in school, I had a rotation on a psych unit and one of the patients was describing this woman he saw through the window and how he wanted to kill her and do horrific things to her on the hood of his car. Then he looked at my classmates and said that he would do it to them too. Needless to say, he got to stay on the unit longer because of that.

Hospital Horror Stories FactsShutterstock

37. Peeping Tom

I once lived in a sort of bad neighborhood, in a very tiny house with just myself and my brother who was rarely there. It was an old house, so it was a little creepy and also felt like anyone who wanted to could have broken in. One night, I was getting ready for bed. It was pretty late on a hot summer night and we didn't have A/C, so I opened my bedroom window.

I began to slip out of my clothes and change for bed. As soon as I put my pajama shirt on, I heard something that will forever stay seared into my brain. A low, masculine voice said, "Let's see that chest again." I think my whole body stopped working for at least five seconds while I absorbed the fact that there was a creepy man spying on me from right outside my window and I was alone in a house that he could easily get into if he so wished.

It was the first and only time in my life that I have ever called the local authorities. I had a full-blown panic attack while waiting for the officers to show up, and the very nice dispatch lady had to calm me down on the phone while I waited. On the bright side, it was an apparently slow night for the officers and they sent no less than three cars to come and help me.

I was so happy when I moved out of that house...

Paranormal Explained FactsPxfuel

38. Teacher’s Favorite

Back when I was 17 my French high school teacher was clearly hitting on me. She would always tell me how much she thought I was great even though I wasn't that good in her class. But one time, it got really creepy. She started by doing the usual stuff but then started to touch my face and caress it. She then said, "I think you're good-looking."

And at that point, the young me realized what was going on and I kept avoiding these situations at all costs. It was still super creepy, considering she was in her 50s.

Creepy Encounters factsShutterstock

39. I Spy With My Little Eye

In December 2018, my ex and I split up after seven years in a relationship. I was new to the dating game so I didn’t want to just jump into it. In February, I met a guy at the bar. The second time I met him, we exchanged numbers. By the end of March, I was feeling pretty comfortable with him and invited him to a party at my house.

He stayed after the party and one thing led to another. After it was all said and done, I had a weird vibe from him. He was too pushy and it made me uncomfortable. So I asked him to leave. I planned to never speak to him again, that is until he started to text me from random numbers. He would say things like “Hope you have fun fishing” when I didn’t post on any social media about going fishing.

“I hope the movie was good” when I hadn’t posted anything online indicating that I was at the movies. He would text me and ask how I liked the bar whenever I was at the bar where I had met him with my friends. I had never told anyone or posted where we were going. We had no mutual friends who he could be getting the information from, so he was obviously following me.

The final straw came when my friends took me to Washington, DC for my 25th birthday celebration. We barhopped all over the city. Around 2:30 in the morning, we came out of a bar and decided to get cookies across the street. As we were coming out of the cookie shop, guess who pops up. You guessed it! He does. And I am not amused...

He goes “I hope visiting the monuments was fun earlier! I wanted to say hi earlier but since you haven’t been replying to my messages I didn’t wanna freak you out.” I was TERRIFIED. Thankfully, my friend's husband stepped in and called him out. He threatened to report him to the authorities. I changed my number and moved. Thankfully, I haven’t heard from him since.

Uma Thurman factsShutterstock

40. Just Give Me A Taste

Not long before he passed, a guy I know made the most shocking confession: He said that he wanted to kidnap someone, tie them up, and experiment with cannibalism. But that wasn't all. In particular, he said he was so curious about how someone's cheek tasted. I was freaked out then, and it still freak me out to think about it now.

Creepy Encounters factsPixabay

41. Changing Things Up

I'm a 14-year-old girl, but I’m often mistaken for 18 because of my shape. One time, I was at the YMCA with my sisters. We were swimming for a while and then I started to feel sick. My younger sister said, "You don't look good, maybe you should sit in the changing room for a while." I agreed. I went into the changing room for some peace and quiet, and luckily no one else was there.

I sat on one of the benches and closed my eyes. A few moments later, I heard someone come in. It was a guy who was tall, muscular, and genuinely good looking. I brushed it off thinking he was probably waiting on his girlfriend and came in to check on her or something. That is until he approached me and sat right next to me, so close our thighs were touching.

I was really surprised. I scooted over and gave him that “What do you think you're doing?” look. He smiled at me and said, "Don't worry girl, I'm not gonna hurt you." He proceeded to put his hand on my back. I stood up and slowly backed away. I was scared to run because he seemed athletic, so he probably could've caught me.

He asked me "How old are you baby?" in a sickeningly sweet tone. I say 14 and he nonchalantly says "Cool." So I asked how old he was, and he said "23." He then stood up and started walking over to me. I backed away from him. This was the turning point. That was the moment when I heard a bathroom stall open and there, standing in all her glory, was the lady who I'll call my hero.

She stepped out and I know she heard everything. That dude hightailed it outta there. The lady was nice and stayed with me for a while. Her name was Stacy. Thank you Stacy!

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42. Bad Pickup Line

I was at a club once when I was nineteen and some loser kept following my friend and I around, despite us repeatedly asking him to leave us alone. We were at the bar ordering shots and he came up behind me, put his hand on the back of my neck and said, "let's not turn this rape into a murder." I absolutely flew into a rage, to which he obviously said, "it was just a joke".

I punched him in the face and then a bouncer threw me over his shoulder and kicked me out because I started a fight.

Worst People On Earth factsShutterstock

43.  Stranger Danger

I was six and was walking down the sidewalk with my cousins. Some homeless man grabs my arm and holds me. My cousins kept walking and didn’t realize at first. The old homeless man points to some building across the street and says to me, “your daddy’s in there.”  My mother, brother, and I went down to the shore to spend time with my mom’s side of the family.

My dad didn’t come because he wasn’t able to get off of work. I was confused. I was like, “what? My dad is not there. My dad is at home.” And this man held me tighter and kept repeating the same creepy thing—“your daddy’s in there.” A few minutes later my cousins realized I was missing and came back for me. They asked me what that was about and I told them.

We were all pretty young at the time and didn’t fully understand, but I think I almost got kidnapped. We didn’t tell our parents or anything because I don’t think any of us realized the potential danger I was in. It was wild.

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44. She Set His Teeth On Edge

My dentist told me this story once. While he was still studying to become a dentist, he would often work in free clinics in the poor areas around the campus for his practice requirements. A girl came in a few times to have some cavities filled, and during her last session, he told her, “Great, we’re done. All your holes are filled.”

She then made bad, sexy eyes at him. While still in the chair, she replied to him, “Not all of them.” That wasn’t so bad…except that his wife (who at the time was his serious girlfriend) was also his dental assistant. He said the combination of the location, situation, and circumstances creeped him out so much that he nearly ran out of the office.

Creepy womanPexels

45. Mechanical Mind

When I was around 12 years old, a neighbor had a party where I met a girl my age. My mom was happy to see me making friends, so we headed to my house to play games. My dog was very sweet and had never been angry or growled ever. This girl walks up to him to pet him, and he immediately growls and barks at her.

I couldn't believe it, but even at that age, I believed you don't just ignore a dog's intuition. So, I take note of the sign, and we go play and then go for a walk. Not even ten minutes into the conversation, I made a disturbing realization. It was clear that this girl is an obvious sociopath. I realized what I and the dog had felt about her. She was empty and fake, in a very visceral way.

She starts talking about assault, and saying things like “Doesn't that sound interesting? How do the logistics of it work?” She specifically wondered how one could assault another person while also holding a knife to their neck at the same time without losing their balance. Her parents invited me to spend the night at their house. I declined.

Petty Revenge factsPublic Domain Pictures

46. Hit List

My brother had a friend with a creepy tag-along little brother Gideon. This family was ultra religious and Gideon was creepy as a teenager. He went into the military and had served two tours as a truck driver. While he was there, he had a roommate that beat him up a lot. Gideon supposedly stood over the roommate when he OD'd on drugs and watched him die pleading for help.

He came home after that and worked on the family farm. He is an angry incel. On a holiday we were all home again and Gideon tagged along, as usual. We were all having a conversation and with nothing to do with any topic, Gideon just drops, "I have a kill list, some of those names have a star next to them." That ruined the conversation completely.

After a long pause, I just piped in with, "How different is that list, from the list of people you ever met?". I think I got myself on that list that night.

Creepy Encounters factsShutterstock

47. Little Devil

Back in middle school a girl asked me if I had a peanut allergy, and being the dumb 7th grader I was, I said no and didn't think much of it. Turns out, she had a diabolical plan along, and was intending to give someone an allergic reaction. My friend overheard her talking about it and told a teacher before telling me. It's one of those scenarios where it isn't creepy outright, just a little weird without context, but when you know the context, it becomes disturbing.

Creepy Encounters factsPexels

48. Phoning It In

When I was 17 years old, my older sister took me to the mall to get a cell phone. The guy who sold it to us showed us several options and let me choose from a selection of phone numbers. He then set us up with a plan and we left. Pretty standard stuff. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary…until I got a text later that evening.

"Hey, it's the guy who sold you your new phone." I don’t remember how I replied to that. What I do remember is that the guy kept texting me and calling me non-stop. He kept telling me how attractive I was and that we should be together. I told him that it wasn't a good time for me and that I was about to leave town for the entire summer.

He asked where I was going and offered to come along. He then offered to quit his job and leave the state with me on a whim. Again, he had only ever spoken to me in-person for around 15 minutes. I asked him to leave me alone, and to stop calling and texting me. He kept calling, I kept not answering. We eventually had to file a complaint and change my number.

Never Want To Meet Again factsWikimedia Commons

49. Show Off

I had a regular that used to come in and was always very pleasant. One day he was telling me that a city that he used to live in used to have a problem where dead prostitutes would be found on the shores of the river. The way he said it and the look on his face came across as if he was bragging about it. His whole face lit up when he was telling me about it.

I didn't see him after that day. I think I had put in my notice, but it was an unnerving experience with a guy who if you saw on the street, you wouldn't think twice about him.

Creepy Encounters factsPexels

50. Getting The Message

I first got social media when I was about 13. I wasn't very smart about using it, so I was always talking to these random people that I didn't know. One day, some guy who claimed to be from my school sent me a message and we started talking. Being 13 and naive, I talked to him for days and developed a "crush" on him.

He asked me if I wanted to meet up to "hang out" and we even planned a specific time and place to do so. But as the time approached, I became a little skeptical. I made the smart choice to ask my older sister, who was the age the guy claimed to be, if she knew him. She didn't, which was a red flag to me, since the school is small and it's impossible to not know someone there.

I decided not to meet the guy, and I blocked him on social media too. I was creeped out that he had obviously been lying to me. The scariest part? About three years later, I saw a news article with that guy's name. Turns out he didn't lie about that, or the fact that he was from my town. But he was really 25 years old.

Why was he in the news? He was convicted of assaulting three young girls who he'd lured to his house through social media.

Scary People FactsPixnio

51. Free Haircut

I was in the middle of a retail shift and it was probably late at night when this middle-aged woman came through my line. She stared at me for a solid minute or so before asking me to remove my face mask so she could see my face. I was super confused but did it anyway. She then handed me a card and told me she wanted to cut my hair and then left.

It literally was the most bizarre thing that ever happened to me. She has come through my line a few more times after that and all she does is stare at me while I’m cashing her out and at the end she’ll mumble about when I'm going to let her cut my hair.

Creepy Encounters factsShutterstock

52. A Shot In The Dark

My older brother and I were once playing in a cemetery in a small Texas town. The cemetery sat next to some railroad tracks which led into an unfamiliar part of town. It's a huge cemetery and there was no one around. Then, we suddenly heard these little popping sounds, and pieces of the headstones began flying off around us.

We looked toward the railroad tracks and, off in the distance, there was an old man shooting at us. So scary.

Paranormal Mysteries FactsWikimedia Commons, Guliolopez

53. On All Fours

While I was working, a man came in and  asked for help finding some CDs. He gave me the names and I didn't see it on the shelf so I decided to check our understock under the shelves. I went on my hands and knees to look and found the CDs of the albums he wanted. I stood up and said, "Here you go, that should be all the ones you wanted."

And before I could say anything else, he said something so creepy—it sent shivers up my spine. He goes "I bet you spend a lot of time on your hands and knees huh?" in a rather suggestive tone. I had no idea what to do so I just awkwardly giggled and asked if he needed anymore help finding things and he said "no" so I quickly ran into the back and waited for five minutes for him to check out and leave.

Creepy Encounters factsShutterstock

54. Still Waiting

I was sitting on a train in the Bay Area and some guy dressed in a 3-piece suit walks up to me and sits directly across from me. I had my headphones in as we west coasters don’t want to be bothered and he taps my leg gesturing to ask me something. He looked me dead in the eye and said “you’re going to have a terrible, terrible life.”, then got up and walked away.

That was 4 years ago so I’m still waiting for the terrible thing to happen!

Creepy Encounters factsPexels

55. Fairy Tale

When I was way younger, I had gone into my bedroom alone to change into pajamas. Apparently, I then came back and asked my mom why Peter Pan was at my window and if we could let him in. She, of course, ran to my bedroom. Sure enough, someone had pulled the screen off my window and had opened it slightly. Needless to say, we moved shortly after that.

I was oblivious as to what was wrong because, hey, I got to meet Peter Pan!

Scaredy Cats factsShutterstock

56. I’m Watching You

I used to have this really weird classmate that I dated for only two months because of the pressure she put me under. One night I woke up to see her outside my window, just standing there and staring. She looked up at me, pointed and then fell backwards and went completely unconscious. Turned out that she had a stroke.

Afterwards she told a load of people I gave her the stroke and then a few days later caught me off guard and told me that I was lucky for being such a light sleeper. I didn’t sleep for days after that. What's worse however, is that I didn’t tell anyone about what she had said.

Creepy Things Witnessed factsShutterstock

57. The Curtain

I used to drive a Tastykake truck a few years back. In my truck I had a curtain hanging on a tension rod to keep the heat in the front during the winter. The truck barely had heat so I did what I could to keep warm. I was in my truck putting this deli order together and the owner came out knocking on my door. I ignored it but then he opened my door.

He reached in and tried touching me, but I backed away and told him not to do that. What he said next chilled me to the core. He looked at the curtain and said, "mmmm the things I could do to you back there and nobody would know." I grabbed my order, served his store and took off fast. I told my boss, who was an older Italian dude. His friend and him go there on a Saturday for a talk with the owner.

Not only did I not have to serve him again, but I lost my curtain.

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58. Tarzan The Ape Man

I took my ex-girlfriend to Red Rocks one evening. It's a natural amphitheater that is sometimes used for concerts just outside of Denver. If there isn't a concert going on, it's just a park that you can run around in. We got down to the stage without being bothered. Then, we see this silhouette of some guy not too far away.

He is creeping around and trying to be quiet, but I could make out his shape while my ex could hear him breathing. We go up a few rows of steps and make a big circle around him to get to the steps. The guy is following us. We climb the stairs looking back at him. He'd creep from seats to the side of the wall. He must have thought he was being stealthy and he followed us up like that.

We didn't let on that we knew he was there until the last few steps. I had my ex run for it with the car keys while I half ran, keeping myself between her and the guy. At this point, the guy is following us while doing an ape impersonation. He was literally running with his hands on the ground and grunting loudly with every step.

When we get to the car, he is hiding from us. My ex unlocks the doors while I look around. But it wasn’t over yet…we get in and the guy jumps out at us from behind another car just as I start my engine. He beats on my windshield a few times, yells something that I don't understand, and then just runs off. He was probably on something pretty powerful…

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59. What It Feels Like

I had a step uncle who has since passed. I didn’t know him too well but he wasn’t a bad guy. However one evening when I was maybe thirteen, my parents were having a small party with a few family members having drinks. I had been sent to bed but had gotten up to get a drink from the kitchen. Said uncle was standing in the kitchen in a kind of stupor and he said, “wouldn’t you stab somebody if you had the chance?”

I think I replied, “what?” He gives me a super intense look and just goes, “aren’t you curious to know what it would feel like? Pushing that blade into somebody?” I honestly think I laughed and said, “yeah” but I had never felt more uncomfortable in my life. That’s the only awkward encounter I had with him and though I hadn’t seen him for years when he passed, by all accounts, he was a good man. That definitely creeped me out though.

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60. Cookie Cutter

When I was 11 years old, I was staying home alone with my little brother who was seven. At that time, it was about 9:00 at night. It was dark and rainy outside, and we were reading in our room right next to the front door, with a big window and open blinds. That's when I heard the front doorbell ring, followed by repeated rounds of knocking.

I thought my parents had arrived home, but found it strange that they didn't use the garage or their keys. I looked outside to try and see their car. I saw nothing but rain. As I approached the door, I heard a man's voice that was not my father's yell through the storm: "Would you like some cookies? We're selling Girl Scout cookies!"

I was shocked at this, considering the weather and time of day. Saying nothing, I checked the peephole and peered through the side window only to see that it was not a father with his girl as I had expected. My heart dropped. Standing there was just a fully grown man, maybe in his late 50s, with no box of cookies in sight, soaking on my doorstep.

I can remember the gut-wrenching feeling of having to check the locks while he was right on the other side. He heard this for sure. The two locks were the only thing separating myself and my brother from a potential monster. He continued to knock on the door and mention his cookies, as I considered calling the authorities.

That's when I remembered that the blinds were open in my room where my brother was, with the light on. As I turn the corner into the doorway, I see the man carefully peering into our window, possibly eyeing my brother who was focused on his book. My heart was pounding now as I began to panic. Using all of my willpower, I quickly turned off the lights and shut the blinds, in full view of the man.

As fast as I could, I double-checked all the locks in the house, closed all the blinds, and told my brother to go hang out in one of the big closets in the interior of the house with no windows. I didn't tell him what was going on so that he wouldn't be frightened. For some reason, I never did call law enforcement or my parents. I just waited in the hallway until the man left.

Thinking about it still gives me shivers. So many things could have gone wrong that night. My worst fear to this day is strangers getting to an unlocked door before I do.

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61. The Mask Maker

This guy I had just moved in with told me that he was friends with a mask maker who used human skin to make the masks. There were five people living in the house but the others arrived a few days later so I genuinely slept with the door locked at first. He was a very odd guy but turned out just to be a sweetheart with gigantic piles of social awkwardness.

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62. Musical Interlude

I'm a DJ in a local bar. I’ve met many, many weird and wonderful people in my time—emphasis on weird—but one stands out in particular. Her name is Alice, and she lives in her own wonderland 24/7. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure she's harmless. She's always happy and dances like she's auditioning for a new workout DVD, but she's the kind of person you don't wanna make eye contact with.

The creepiest moment with Alice had to be this one night when I was working. I had the headphones on, doing what I do, when I suddenly became aware of someone standing to the right of me, not dancing. I instantly got the feeling that you get when you know someone is staring at you, and you just have to look back.

So I did. What I saw was Alice staring right at me with the strangest "smile" on her face. I say smile but it wasn't a nice look. Her teeth and gums were in full view, and she had a crazy look in her eyes. "What on earth??" was my initial reaction. I stuck the headphones on again and continued what I was doing. Alice continued what she was doing too.

After a good couple of minutes, I removed the headphones and asked her, "Is there anything in particular I can help you with, Alice? Do you want a song request played or something?" Her reply will stay with me for the rest of my life. She just calmly said to me, "No, I'm good! Just showing you my teeth!" Umm, say what now??

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63. He’s Not Who You Thought He Was

A man just got convicted for breaking into multiple people’s houses, tying them up, and violently assaulting them. Although he only got caught recently, the attacks were 33 years ago. When the story was in the news, my dad and I were shocked. This man worked at the ticket booth at our nearest big train station. We both used to say hi to him every day, because he was so friendly.

I just found out about this today. I'm fairly creeped out.

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64. Roleplay

At work I had a regular customer who was a middle-aged gay guy. He was always polite. We all knew him for years. He once invited me to his apartment for drinks after work. I respectfully declined. Months later he tells me he has a puppy outside and wanted to show me. I respectfully declined again. Now, my stupid brain forgot he was there.

I went outside for a smoke and saw a teenage boy dressed in a dog costume waiting for his owner. And this was nowhere near Halloween.

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65. Workplace Harassment

My partner at one of my first jobs was a woman who outweighed me by about 300 pounds. Our job was picking up litter and changing out trash bags at the local parks. Whenever I’d bend over to pick up trash, she’d make comments about my butt, and she’d sometimes bring up that she thought I had a cute butt when we were alone in the truck.

While I was working, she’d also wait to see if my boxers showed at any point and then make an effort to memorize what color they were that day. At one point, another woman joined us for about a week; she only outweighed me by maybe 100 pounds. She graphically described what a threesome between the three of us would look like and insinuated that we should pull over somewhere to make that happen.

I felt incredibly uncomfortable, but there was no way in the heck my foreman would ever do anything about it other than make fun of me, assuming he believed me at all.

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66. Overly Protective

Approximately six years ago I was sitting in a lobby of a building waiting for my husband to get out of an appointment. I had my infant son with me in his car seat. Some random older woman comes to me and asks if she can see him. I say of course because naturally I think my child is adorable and she's an older, non-threatening woman. Boy was I wrong.

She looks at him and starts commenting on how cute he is and then in a total baby talk voice goes, "you're so cute, yes you are! I'd kill anyone that hurt you, yes I would." I was horrified.

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67. Bus-ted

One Sunday afternoon, I was waiting at the bus stop alone after an outing with a friend. I saw a driver get onto an empty bus, so I asked him if he was going to be stopping at my stop. He said that he was not, so I said okay and continued patiently waiting for the right bus. A few minutes later, he pulls up beside me and motions to me to come onto the bus.

I figure that he has changed his route or something and wanted to let me know that he would now be passing by my stop, but as soon as I approached him he started making a whole bunch of creepy comments about my body. He was also making really awkward eye contact with me the entire time he was speaking. I started to climb back off the bus to get of there, but he grabbed my hand.

I wiggled myself free and ran away as fast as I could. I immediately reported him to the authorities.

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68. Talk Dirty To Me

Once when I was eleven, I was eating a popsicle on the promenade when a homeless man came up to me and whispered in my ear that I have a very sensual mouth. I've never eaten a popsicle or ice cream in public since then.

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69. So Random

I was on a boat with a male friend and his two buddies. We were anchored off a remote, uninhabited island, just relaxing and drinking. One guy, apropos of nothing, stared straight at me and said, “we should rape and murder Peux and throw her body overboard.” I was so shocked—I didn't even know how to respond.

I wasn’t exactly scared of him and I wanted to wipe that smirk off his stupid face more, but it was so random yet so specific. And my friend didn’t immediately say anything so that made me feel uneasy. It was an uncomfortable boat ride home and after that whenever I saw that guy around, I headed the opposite direction, which isn’t easy when we lived on a tiny island.

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70. A Cultured Form Of Crazy

When I was around 13, I was sitting at the airport with my family waiting for a flight when a woman in the waiting area just got up and started loudly quoting from King Lear for no apparent reason. She was wearing pajamas, and didn’t appear to be directing her words to anybody in particular. She also paused after every few lines to awkwardly giggle. The experience was very unsettling to witness.

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71. It’s A Mall World After All

This happened about eight years ago in Germany. My daughters were four and two years old, respectively. It was a very nice morning, so I decided to take my girls to a little mall to walk around and do some shopping. My girls are and always were very well behaved and never ran away from me. Usually, we always held hands walking around in areas with many people.

On this day, the mall was almost empty. Still, the girls stayed on my hands. I noticed a man passing me. He looked at my daughters with a very stern look that gave me a bad vibe. I just brushed it off and kept walking. We wanted to go to a shoe store. This store had a very cute play area that the girls liked to go to.

As we entered the store, they asked if they could run ahead to the play area. I could see it from the entrance, so I told them yes and they took off. At that exact moment, that same strange man burst into the store and speed-walked past me towards my daughters. It didn’t even take me a second to realize that he was up to no good.

He was absolutely focused on getting to them, and fast. I instantly started yelling while running past him. I told my girls to come back right away. I am never very stern with them, so they knew that something was serious. He got thrown off by my yelling. I got to my daughters before he could, so he turned around and ran out of the store.

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72. Sniff Sniff

When I was only 16 years old, my stepfather said the most creepiest thing—it still haunts me to this day. I'll never be able to look at him the same again. We were alone in the car together on an hour-long drive when he randomly said, "Your pheromones smell good." I'll never forget it.

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73. Bathroom Break

About four years ago, I was living with an ex-boyfriend, his aunt, and her boyfriend Len. I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee. My ex was asleep in bed when I got up. I walked across the house and his aunt’s door was open. She and Len were both passed out. I made my way sleepily to the bathroom and saw that the light was on.

Since I knew everyone was asleep, I innocently assumed the aunt had left the light on. So I opened the door. I was wrong. I saw multiple things in a few seconds. The first thing I remember is that it smelled horrible, like poop. I also immediately noticed that someone had just taken a shower based on the steam. Then, I spotted a pile of clothes folded up and organized on the ground.

There was a random man on the toilet. I, having manners, and very much still half asleep, jumped, apologized, and closed the door. I panicked, went to my room, and texted the aunt. I said: “Hey, there is a man in the bathroom!” She texted back, “I know, it’s okay. He’s a friend of mine.” This calmed me down and I went back to sleep.

The next day, I bring it up when everyone is around. I was still shaken…but this is where it got so much worse. The aunt says she never texted me, as she was completely passed out. We soon realized that this guy had taken her phone into the bathroom, and that he himself had sent me that text. What in the world?? I was so confused and freaked out by this whole thing. It was the weirdest experience I’ve ever had.

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74. She Needed To Get Out Of His Hair

I was at a summer camp for blind and visually impaired people, and we were traveling somewhere. We were on a bus, and my friend and I were talking. All of a sudden, he said, “Oh yeah, by the way, there’s this girl that told me she likes you and that she’s going to sneak into your room and watch you sleep. She wanted you to know that, or else she threatened to kill me.”

I didn’t believe it at first, but then I noticed that I lost some hair the next morning. I was like, Okay. What. The. Actual. Heck? It happened every night for the rest of the time I was at camp. Even worse, the following year, it happened again. So, I started to make sure to lock my window. The night I started doing that, I heard repeated knocking, and even more aggressively, I could hear someone whispering, “I know you’re in there (insert my name here). Open the dang window!”

I noped the heck out right there and started sleeping with my cane ever since (I’m not completely blind, but I still have one). I haven’t been there since 2018, but I’m going back this year. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen again. That scarred me.

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75. If I Only Had A Hammer

One time, I was on a late-night Greyhound bus ride from Sacramento to San Francisco. There was a creepy-looking dude sitting right across the aisle from me. In his hands, he was holding a hammer. He had no luggage. Just a hammer. Nothing else. He had this weird look in his eyes, too. I have never had a more awkward moment than when he and I made eye contact.

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76. He Bit Off More Than He Could Chew

I remember back in high school, I was hanging out with a new group of friends. What was weird was that they warned me to "never touch Fergie's hat." I didn't get what that meant, but okay. Fergie was a big tall guy with red hair. He was nearly twice my size. Well, one day, Fergie was being annoying and obnoxious to me, and at one point he got all up in my face.

Irritated, I bat my hand at him. I didn't intend it to hit him. I just wanted him to instinctively flinch away. Well, he did flinch away. But, in doing so, I managed to accidentally knock his hat off of his head. “Uh oh,” I heard someone in the group literally gasp. Fergie glared at me and suddenly darted forward. He bit me on the shoulder.

I was too startled to fight back because I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Suddenly, he pushed me backward until I was sitting on the wall behind me. He lifted my leg up and then bit me on the shoe. And then he started laughing. I tried to kick at his face but missed, and he kept laughing. I grabbed my backpack and left the group.

I never hung out with them ever again. A week later, one of the girls spotted me and started talking to me. She said, "You know, you should come back and hang out with us again. Fergie really misses you." I got chills and said, "Um, thanks but no thanks." I then quickly walked away to my class and never spoke of this whole matter again.

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77. This Is My Stop

My friend and I were once building a treehouse in the woods behind my house. And by treehouse, I mean nailing some boards to a tree to use as steps. That is as far as our treehouse plans got. But I digress. There we were, nailing cut up 2x4s to the tree, when we suddenly heard a clanking metal sound. We turned around to look.

Behind us, on an old ten-speed bike, is this tall, lanky fellow who is as white as a ghost for lack of a better term. He sees us and stops, turns his bike around, and bolts off. It freaked us out and we came tearing out of the woods, leaving the tools and everything behind. We went back later to get them, like we were medics in a war zone going in for someone wounded, running and ducking behind stumps and trees, grabbing the goods and bolting.

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78. Message Delivered

I was around 10 or 11 years old when this happened, and I was home alone. The doorbell rang while I was watching TV, so I hastily moved my bowl of cereal and got up to answer the door. It was the mailman, who said we had gotten a package. But it was so big that he needed help carrying it in. Something felt off about him, as he wasn’t wearing a uniform, but a dirty white shirt and jeans.

I asked him where his truck was, because I didn’t see it parked out front. He said it was around the corner, and that I should just follow him out to grab my parcel. He kept telling me to go with him, but I politely said I wasn’t feeling well and that we would just get our mail from the post office. He said that would be a big hassle, and that I should just go out and get it then and there.

I said I had to get my shoes on from upstairs and he waited outside. I locked the door and bolted upstairs, closing all the windows. I called my mom and asked her to come home, explaining everything. The man was still outside and he shouted at me, asking if I’d gotten my shoes. I replied that my mom was coming because she’s much stronger and could help carry the package.

Once I’d said that, he was quick to run away. And I never saw him again. They never caught him and I hope that he never lured any other kids or tricked them into going near that van.

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79. Car Trouble

When I was five years old, a guy popped up out of nowhere and threw my mom out of the car as she was entering the door. I was in the back seat at the time. The man shoved his way into the car and was about to start the engine. He didn’t know that he’d messed with the wrong person. My mom ripped the door open and fought the guy off. She saved my life. I love her more than words can express.

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80. All She Saw Was A Piece Of Meat

I was at a costume party dressed as a piece of bacon. This wasted girl casually walked up to me, bit my nipple through my costume, and then continued to whisper in my ear, “What a juicy piece of meat.” I probably stood there for a solid minute as I tried to figure out what just happened before I got the heck out of there.

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81. Not The Kids

My wife's cousin told me my daughters were very hot. He was 31 and my children were 5, 6, and 8.

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82. Curbside Pickup

I was walking to the parking garage on campus late at night after studying for my finals. As I am walking to the pedestrian overpass leading to the garage, I notice a girl, maybe 18 or 19 years old, walking alone in her bare feet. It strikes me as odd, but I keep walking until she sits down on a curb and puts her head in her lap.

Concerned, I walk over to her and say, "Excuse me, is everything alright?" As soon as I speak, she stands straight up and starts walking towards me, but looking past me with a glazed look in her eyes. By this time, I don't know what to do. So I just stand there while she walks directly by me, almost touching shoulders with me, all the while looking directly ahead.

Eventually, she walked out of sight. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

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83. Crazy In Love

When I was single, I played the field, so to speak. This was in the heady days of the internet before smartphones and all that jazz. I met a lot of crazies. Like, a LOT of crazies. The weirdest one was probably the girl I met online on a Wednesday who quickly progressed to lurking outside my bedroom window by Sunday night. We had met in person on Friday and bumped nasties, as was the style at the time.

The following day I went to a BBQ with her and all her family, and she introduced me as her new long-term boyfriend. Her mum asked me about kids and stuff. It was all a bit wild—but this was just the beginning. On Sunday, I hung out with my mates and went to the movies. I turned my phone off for the movie, and by the time I turned it back on, I had 14 voice messages asking/pleading/yelling at me.

She’d convinced herself I was cheating and wanted to know where I was. Bear in mind: I had only just met her in person two days beforehand. I just went, “Witches be crazy, yo,” to my mates and thought nothing more of it. Then at 2 AM, I got a text that read, “We need to talk. I know you’re in there. I’m watching you right now.” She was outside my bedroom window.

I noped-noped-noped-freaking-noped, and she nearly tore the door down to get in. When I didn’t let her inside, she wrote a four-page manifesto and left it on my door for me to read. It was an insight into the mind of a crazy woman. Holy heck. She sort of bothered me a bit for the next couple of months but then found some new guy. I stalk her every now and then on Facebook, and she seems moderately sane. Maybe.

She’s one of those Live, Laugh, Love ladies. I kinda wonder what it would have been like if we’d stayed together and gone on a third date. I reckon she would have shanked me for looking at another woman.

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84. I Want You Back

When I was seven years old, I went to a small school in our little town in Alberta. There was this guy named Daniel. Daniel had slept with my mom ages before I was even conceived, yet he somehow had in his brain that I was his child. Full-blown delusional. So, Daniel decided that the smart and rational thing to do was to stalk me.

He apparently plotted out a map to my school, he knew my name, he knew how old I was, and he knew what I looked like. I have no idea how he got this information. My mom never really used Facebook, and he lived in a different province. I had never met this man before. As if that wasn’t bad enough already, Daniel decided that one day he wanted to take it a step further.

He had been ranting to his wife about me. He kept telling her that I was his kid, and that he was going to drive from British Columbia all the way to Alberta to bring me back. He was convinced that I was conceived earlier than I was, and that my mom had made some kind of conspiracy to hide the fact I was his kid from the world.

He had a whole plan for how to kidnap me, right down to the date he was going to do it. His wife decided to call my mom and warn her. My mom put safety measures up, like making sure I was always in groups and that I was home by 4:00, etc. I was only told about all this when I was about 14, and still don’t know all the details. Obviously, Daniel never successfully went through with his plan.

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85. Glory Off The Battlefield

My aunt's husband was the weirdest and creepiest guy I have ever met. He is a former soldier. He always had very wide eyes when he spoke, and was tall and lanky. He often talked about wanting to start up a network of civilian armies or something like that. This huge, creepy smile would always appear on his face when that topic came up.

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86. Bargain Basement

My mother used to work in real estate when she was younger. Once, she was asked to go out, alone, to a creepy and strange house in the middle of the country with a seeking buyer. This buyer was an equally creepy and strange man. My mom kept getting a bad feeling from this guy, and he seemed nervous and kept jumping around the whole time they were speaking.

Eventually, he asked her to go down and see the cavernous, unfinished basement with her. Very calmly, she responded, "Oh, no, I'll just wait up here while you check it out." The more she thought about that afterward, the creepier it got. When she told her boss about it the next day, he said that under no circumstances were you supposed to ever go out to a house like that alone with any customer.

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87. Sleep Tight

A woman once climbed up the fire escape next door and crawled through my first-floor bedroom window. That in itself wasn’t too creepy: she didn’t jump in my bed or anything. What was creepy was when I woke up to her standing in the middle of my room, watching me sleep. She actually turned her head to the side with a creepy smile and said, “Hello, sleepyhead.”

That was freaky as heck. I put chains on my windows after she left that day. I told her it was to stop the cat from getting out my window.

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88. Calling Card

When we were both really young, my parents once left me and my brother at home while they went out. The two of us were all the way down in our basement, playing video games. We had the home phone in between us, just in case one of our parents called. About an hour goes by, and the phone starts to ring. We look down and the caller ID shows it’s our uncle calling.

We decide to just let it ring. Now, this phone usually rang four times when someone called, but I noticed that it stopped in the middle of the third ring. I couldn’t understand why this would have happened, unless someone else in the house had picked up one of the other phones. But no one else was in the house with us, right?

I got really suspicious and my paranoia got the better of me. I took my brother upstairs. We see that the phone is still there, but there is still a phone on the third floor in my parents' room. So we walk towards the stairs. What we saw next chilled us to the bone. A man in his late 40s was standing by the door of our parents' room and staring back at us.

The second we saw him, we both screamed, ran out of the house, and went straight to our neighbors’ house. We tell them what happened and they proceed to call the authorities and then our parents. They come fast and I don’t know what was wrong with the man, but he never left the house. He just stood there and let the officers take him away. I later heard he was taken to a mental hospital.

I shudder to imagine what could have happened to my brother and me if my uncle hadn’t decided to call at that exact moment.

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89. Center Of Attention

This happened a week ago. My blood still runs cold when I think about it. My brother wanted to get a drink from a place we both love to go to. It was going to close soon and he had work to do, so I went by myself. It wasn't very late, but it was already dark and my parents had drummed into me since birth about the dangers of walking alone at night.

I went and got both drinks and, for some reason, didn't get a bag. As a result, I was walking along with both hands full. As I was walking towards the street where my house was, I suddenly became aware of two men near me. One was in front of me, wearing a maroon pullover, and the other was behind me, wearing a grey zipped up hoodie with the hood pulled up.

I only turned around for a flash of a second, so I couldn't describe his face to you. I was weirded out, because I was walking between them and I was beginning to feel uncomfortably like they were trying to herd me. And just as I was telling myself that I was clearly overreacting, I came across a garage that was down an alleyway and a black Subaru was coming out.

I had time, so I crossed before they reached me. The person inside clearly wasn't counting on me doing that, so they swung around and parallel parked next to me, at most two feet away. So now I was between three men and a wall. When I saw the car door open, that was it for me. I bolted and didn't stop running until I reached my house.

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90. Like A Moth To The Flame

I have always been a lanky and non-muscular man. Needless to say, when I came face to face with a big dude holding a knife in the middle of the night, I was pretty much screwed. I was walking home from my closing shift on a warm summer night last year when he stepped out of the shadows and demanded my wallet. I didn't immediately reach for it, as I guess I was in shock.

He stepped closer and yelled at me to empty my pockets. When the realization set in that this guy was ready to take my life over the meager $20 I had on me, a white moth fluttered between us. To my surprise, the mugger began screaming and swinging his knife at the bug, which only caused it to fly around more sporadically.

Those fierce eyes which had been looking at me just a few seconds ago were now shrouded in terror and not breaking their focus on the moth. I took karate lessons for a few years when I was a young boy, so I took advantage of the large man desperately flailing at a small insect and performed the number one move recommended by all reputable martial arts schools. I ran like a madman.

I ran all the way back to my house, occasionally glancing behind myself, but I never saw him following. He had other matters to attend to, I suppose. So, an important lesson for all you wannabe criminals out there. Before attempting to commit a mugging, go see a therapist first who can help you get over your dumb phobias.

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91. Got Any Plans This Evening?

This complete stranger approached me in Hollywood once. He was super tall and bald. On top of that, he had an absurdly protruding belly and super-long arms, like a wax figure that's started to melt. Then I noticed that one of his eyes was clouded-white and he was missing a tooth or two. But that was just one part of what terrified me.

He walked up to me as I was drinking coffee on a patio, stopped inches away from my face, smiled at me, and said, "I might get rid of you tonight" in a low voice before walking off.

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92. Cooking The Books

A co-worker's cousin who I met at a cookout was the eeriest person I have ever encountered. He had no emotion whatsoever in his eyes when he spoke, and he just gave off a generally weird vibe. He looked at everyone kind of oddly, but the way he looked at women felt predatory. Any time I broke from conversations with others, he appeared.

He kept bringing up how people are touch-starved these days, especially men. I just kept saying, "that's deep" and would then dart off to find someone else to talk to. The fourth time he brought up men being touch-starved, he asked what I thought guys should do about it and got way too close to me. I told him he should get out my face and go get a freaking massage.

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93. Plot Twist: The Pub Was On Elm Street

I was chilling and chugging some beers with friends at my local pub in Germany. There were six people in our group that evening. Four of them went to play table soccer, but it wasn’t far away from our table—it was two or three meters away max. So I was left behind at that point with a girl I didn’t know. We were alone at the table, but my friends weren’t far away, so I didn’t mind.

Suddenly, this girl moved really close to me and was like, “Hey, wanna see my knives?” I—being a bit wasted and feeling a little bit randy at the time—thought she was good-looking, so I said, “Sure.” I couldn’t really understand her because the music was loud. So, she pulled out 10ish knives, and I was just like, “Why the heck do you have them with you!?”

She explained in a creepy tone and expression that she loved the feeling of knives on her and how she always fantasized about cutting herself. That was the point where I went, yeah, nope, screw that. I instantly excused myself. When I came back to the table, she was gone. Out of curiosity, I asked my friends where she went, and they told me she left.

One of my friends then asked who that girl even was, but nobody knew. Everyone just thought one of us knew her. Obviously, I told them the story right away. They all believed me because I’m an honest person when it comes to such things, and they all made fun of me as though I’d just survived Freddy Krueger.

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94. Locks Are Key

I was dating this girl who asked me if I had changed the locks since breaking up with my ex months prior. I was like, “No, but she wasn’t a crazy person, so I never worried about it.” She then said that she wouldn’t be comfortable sleeping over at my place if I didn’t change the locks. So, I changed the locks. Shockingly, the next day, my ex sent me an angry text, reading, “So, you changed your locks, huh? Real nice, jerk.”

It turned out that even after we’d broken up, my ex had been secretly coming over to my place the whole time and doing who knows what.

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95. Extreme Measures

I worked with an older diabetic lady at Taco Bell who had a disturbing habit. She would chug regular soda to cause a diabetic reaction so she could be sent home. She did this so often that the EMTs all knew her by name. The crazy part is that I’m pretty sure she was actually trying to lose her feet to diabetic complications, so she could collect disability checks.

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96. I’ll Huff And I’ll Puff

When I was 14, we shared our house with another man who lived on the floor below us. I was home with my younger brother while our mom went out. All of a sudden, the man came screaming and banging on the door. He was yelling about how downstairs was flooding and it was coming from our bathroom. I didn't know what to do.

But because he was an adult, I trusted him and opened the door. He came in, ran into the bathroom, and did something. After I told my mom, she called management. What they told her was truly disturbing. There had never been a leak. There didn't find water marks or any other signs of flooding. So, my mom told us not to open the door for him again.

The next time my mom went out, he came banging on the door again. We told him that our mom said we shouldn't open the door for him. His reaction was terrifying. He did not appreciate that and he went absolutely crazy. "Let me in now!" He screamed over and over again all the while banging on the door. We never found out why he wanted to come in.

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97. Come Closer, Little Girl

As I pulled up to work last night, I saw the girl who worked the swing shift being led to our second building by a very creepy-looking dude. She was young and petite and he had the look of a spider who had just caught himself a nice, juicy fly. Her eyes were wide with fear and she kept trying to make excuses, but he was insistent that he couldn’t get into his room and needed her to help him.

Reading the situation, even though I was still in my motorcycle gear and not yet technically in uniform, I told her that I'd escort him down. He still insisted that she do it, though he couldn’t give a good reason why. I said fine, but I stayed right behind them. At one point, he actually put his hand on her lower back and I politely but firmly asked him not to touch our employees. 

He took his hand off of her, but he was obviously not happy about my presence. We finally got to his door and he made a half-baked attempt to use his key card as if to prove he wasn’t lying about not being able to get in. I could tell he was about to ask her to do it for him, so I stepped in and said, “Allow me, sir.” I took the card from him and what do you know—the door unlocked on my first try. 

He gave me a half-hearted “Thanks, buddy.” Then he went into his room, slamming the door behind him. She thanked me and told me he’d been creeping her out for a while. Maybe I was reading too much into the situation, but I shudder to think what might have happened if I’d shown up just a couple of minutes later. I considered calling the authorities but I figured they couldn’t really do anything because they can’t detain someone for being a creep.

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98. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I worked in the bakery at a Fred Meyers store for about six months when I was freshly 19. There was this 45-year-old guy in the meat and seafood section who was super creepy. All of the women in my department, including a previous employee who had moved because of him, warned me about this man from day one.

Any time I was on my break, he would "coincidentally" be on his break too. He'd follow me into the break room and try to flirt with me the entire time. If I had to walk to another part of the store to get anything, he would run to catch up to me and walk with me. He also followed me to my car a few times after I got off shift.

The scariest time was when I was closing by myself and he came into the back of the bakery, following me around the long table. He kept telling me how much he liked me and how badly he wanted to be with me. When he got too touchy, I told him no and to leave me alone. But that's not even the worst part—the managers who were there to witness the situation just shrugged and said "that's just how he is."

My boyfriend threatened him when he got off work one time. Heck, even my father came in and threatened him because NO ONE was doing ANYTHING. The final straw for me was one night when I was closing alone again. He came into the back area, followed me into the freezer, and tried to kiss me. He also grabbed my butt. I pushed him away and ran to the closing manager who also functioned as HR.

He said he'd "watch the store footage" and talk to me the next day. When I came to work the following morning, he pulled me into his office. He said that he saw the video and had already "talked" to him about his behavior. Apparently, the creepy co-worker responded that it was just a "misunderstanding," and that was good enough for HR.

I replied that this had been going on for months and that I wasn't going to take it anymore. He then had the NERVE to tell me that, "He just does this to all the new girls. As soon as another girl gets hired, he'll leave you alone." I quit on the spot—but I soon found out the disturbing truth. Turns out, the creep was the brother of the store’s owner.

This guy had been behind bars in the past for assault but was now "cleaning his life up."

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