These Creepy Encounters Are Truly Demented

The world is filled with unique and, sometimes, very weird people. These Redditors have heard the creepiest declarations imaginable and are here to recount their terrifying tales. These wacky stories range from laughably curious to downright disturbing. Count your blessings that you haven’t had to endure some of these extremely questionable encounters.

1. Just Say The Word

When I was at university during the summer I went back home and worked on farms, mostly picking up hay. Every year there would be different workers. Some good and some bad. But this one was downright scary. This one bloke had been in the Mongrel Mob, which was a gang in New Zealand that tends to attract the absolute scum of society.

He wasn’t too bad a chap and was quite funny and hard-working. Just what you want on your team when you’re spending ten hours a day picking up hay bales. One day I was driving the truck to another farm with him beside me. We started talking about one of the other workers. I knew him from university and he had come up for the work on my suggestion.

At university he seemed a decent sort but he soon showed his true colours of being a useless pos. I was complaining about the useless prick and apologizing for being responsible for him being there. I jokingly suggested that maybe we could arrange a “farm acciden.” Like have the tractor back over him and a stack of hay bales collapse on him. That sort of thing…I never expected him to actually take me seriously…

At this point the mongrel casually mentioned he knew people who for just $5000, would kill and dispose of anyone. He said they had a set-up out in the bush, which was New Zealand speak for middle of nowhere, where they would feed the body to pigs then dispose of any remains in an acid bath. The completely casual way he spoke of this was really unsettling.


2. Good Riddance

Towards the end of our marriage, my ex-husband got really angry with me one day and began to explain in detail how he could murder me and get away with it. He laid out every detail and gave rationales behind each one to prove why his method would be fool proof and result in him never getting caught. I was terrified. It really made me open my eyes to his maltreatment and fear for my life knowing he had been meticulously planning this out in his head.

It made it worse that he had gotten to the point where he was comfortable sharing this with me as if I wouldn’t be around long enough to do anything about it.


3. Trying To Lose It All

I worked on the phone in a gambling or betting place in OZ while I was travelling and mainly did the night shift. One of the regulars was winning a lot and kept placing higher and higher bets which is a red flag. I asked him about how his night was going and why he was making such big bets. His answer was seriously messed up…

He told me it was the anniversary of his sons’ suicide and he was trying to lose all his money. But that wasn’t all. He said that after losing all of his money, he too wanted to take his own life. The problem was—he just kept winning. Authorities were eventually called and after they did a check-in, he ended up getting rushed to the hospital. But he was okay and betting again the next week normally. He acted like nothing had ever happened.

It was in the most normal tone when he said it on the phone, and even laughed at it, “I’m just trying to lose my money and end it all but it’s just my luck that I can’t even lose.” That comment creeped me out and that I’ve probably thought about this more than he has since it happened.


4. You Good Bro?

I went to middle school in a not so good neighborhood so lots of kids were involved in gang activities. This one kid had some anger issues but honestly wasn’t a bad person and we got along well. One day in class he leans over and asks, “do you want to see it?” And before I could reply he flashes a weapon from his bag. Immediately my face fell.

He followed it up with, “don’t worry, you’re good.” This could have very easily been a much worse situation. And middle school me wasn’t smart enough to tell anyone about it but I asked him to leave it at home since the staff could check our lockers and bags. I wasn’t worried about him using it in school but I should have been. Thank goodness nothing ever happened.


5. You’ve Got The Wrong Guy

When I was around eight years old, I was waiting outside the Disneyland bathroom for my dad who was in there for a while and some guy who looked like a grandfather came up to me and yelled in a shaky voice, “C’mon, Jake! I can’t stand here forever, now!” I’m a girl, so that made it even weirder. At first, I thought he was talking to someone else, but then he came closer.

He got irritated, saying, “Jake! Don’t ignore me!” I started looking at him with a clearly confused face, trying to signal that I don’t know who in the world Jake is, so please go away, but he got even closer and grabbed my arm and started pulling me away, saying “We are GOING to sit down, Jake! C’mon!” I was trying to stay put but this guy was strong and eventually, my legs wouldn’t stay put.

He effectively dragged me out of my place. At this point, I started screaming but it was more unintelligible shrieks and people must have thought that I really was “Jake,” and I was just resisting, not that I didn’t even know who this guy was. Luckily though, my dad came out of the bathroom then pulled me back and started yelling at the guy.

The security got involved and then they told us the most upsetting story. Apparently, the guy’s grandson was named Jake, who had a seizure and passed inside that bathroom over a year ago. The grandfather had some form of Alzheimer’s and stayed there every weekend just waiting for his grandson to come out of the bathroom.


6. Enjoying Their Afterlife

My friend and I were both high on home-grown tincture at a cabin in the backwoods somewhere and my friend turned to me and said in a serious tone, “I see people who aren’t there. Even when I’m sober.” I asked them if they saw any at that moment and they replied, “No, but there were others with us in the hot tub earlier.” That messed me up for the rest of the weekend.


7. Where’s Banjo?

One morning I woke up my five-year-old son to get ready for kindergarten. Still half asleep he asked me “where is Banjo? When are we going to look for him?” This completely creeped me out. Banjo was the name of our family dog, a bull terrier, that we had on the farm when I was still a pre-teenager. One day in 1970 there was a flash flood in our area and my little brother was stuck in the middle of the raging river on a rock.

Banjo jumped in the water to rescue my brother, but he got swept away by the powerful current and we never saw him again. I also clearly remember seeing two cows being swept away by the water. My brother had to stay on that rock for a full 11 hours before the water was safe enough for a boat to cross to get to him. My brother was distraught about our dog having been presumably killed by the flood.

Only two years after that incident, my brother passed while cycling on the rural road when a speeding vehicle passing a truck on the wrong side of the road hit him from behind. I have never told my son about Banjo. There’s no way he could have known that name. But that’s not even the weirdest part. My son has been acting in ways that remind me of my deceased brother.

They have the same favourite color, they like the same food, they both like to sing. I can’t help but think that the soul of my brother migrated into my son somehow.


8. No Hard Feelings

I had a co-worker tell me something so disturbing—I didn’t even know how to respond. He said, “I could probably just kill someone and not feel anything about it. Especially if they had it coming.” Who says something like that?? And mind you, this was after we got done chatting about his mutually toxic relationship. Whoever she is, I hope she’s okay…


9. Secret Admirer Gone Too Far

When I was in middle school this random girl sat beside me at the lunch table and showed me something extremely disturbing. She rolled up her sleeve and showed me that she had carved my name into her arm. She then went on to tell me how much she loved me. I had never said anything more than “hi” while walking by her before that, and was totally creeped out..


10. She Has Your Eyes

As a child there was a girl that was friends with my cousin who developed an obsession with me. She found my number and would call my house phone asking about me daily. In 8th grade she got my phone number and would send me voicemails and call me at super late hours. One night, she left the most disturbing message yet: “If I can’t be with you, I will pluck your eyes out with a fork and keep them in a jar.” I have very light hazel eyes and that’s what started it all.


11. Shadow People

My brother, who had been addicted to drugs in the past, told me a story about a drug binge that I’ll never forget. He claimed to have been up for about 2 weeks straight on the stuff and on the last night he was alone, driving around at night, and said he felt like he was the only person in the world with no other cars or people in his perception.

He made it to his driveway and said the moment he turned off the car, there was suddenly a massive army of shadow people outside his car kicking and screaming at him. He said it felt like someone was shaking the car around and trying to open the door. He decided to open it, and as soon as he did they all vanished and he was alone again.

He said that experience made him eventually quit and he has been clean for over a year now.


12. Cover Your Windows

A random guy once told me, “I drove by your house the other day and watched you change”. He then proceeded to tell me what I had been wearing and what I changed into. He described my clothes 100% accurately. And at the time I was 15 and he was 26. My bedroom was in the basement, and he literally had to be hiding in the bushes in order to see through my window and blinds because there were massive and thick bushes covering them. But that wasn’t even the creepiest part.

I hung blankets over my windows immediately and have had blackout curtains in every house I’ve ever lived in since. A few months after that incident I got a random call from a woman asking if I knew this guy. She asked if anything ever happened to me and if I was okay. Turns out he was under arrest for rape and had a room filled with photos of all the women he was stalking. My photo and address were on his wall.


13. Men Can’t Help It

When I was sixteen, I had a male therapist completely cross the line: He told me that men can’t help feeling attracted to me because my eyes and lips make me look like I’m aroused. I was speaking to him partly because I had been harassed by an adult male that year. I was so embarrassed that I never told anyone about this and I am still mad at myself for not saying anything then.


14. You’re Not Going Anywhere

When I was in school, I had a rotation on a psych unit and one of the patients was describing this woman he saw through the window and how he wanted to kill her and do horrific things to her on the hood of his car. Then he looked at my classmates and said that he would do it to them too. Needless to say, he got to stay on the unit longer because of that.


15. She Was Prepared

In high school a girl a year older than me wrote a notebook in my yearbook and it ended up being totally prophetic. She wrote,“cessation waits for no one.” A few years later, the unimaginable happened: She passed in a car accident. When I heard news of her tragic passing, I immediately thought about her note, and to this day, I still do.


16. Teacher’s Favorite

Back when I was 17 my French high school teacher was clearly hitting on me. She would always tell me how much she thought I was great even though I wasn’t that good in her class. But one time, it got really creepy. She started by doing the usual stuff but then started to touch my face and caress it. She then said, “I think you’re good-looking.”

And at that point, the young me realized what was going on and I kept avoiding these situations at all costs. It was still super creepy, considering she was in her 50s.


17. Just Give Me A Taste

Not long before he passed, a guy I know made the most shocking confession: He said that he wanted to kidnap someone, tie them up, and experiment with cannibalism. But that wasn’t all. In particular, he said he was so curious about how someone’s cheek tasted. I was freaked out then, and it still freak me out to think about it now.


18. Bad Pickup Line

I was at a club once when I was nineteen and some loser kept following my friend and I around, despite us repeatedly asking him to leave us alone. We were at the bar ordering shots and he came up behind me, put his hand on the back of my neck and said, “let’s not turn this rape into a murder.” I absolutely flew into a rage, to which he obviously said, “it was just a joke”.

I punched him in the face and then a bouncer threw me over his shoulder and kicked me out because I started a fight.


19.  Stranger Danger

I was six and was walking down the sidewalk with my cousins. Some homeless man grabs my arm and holds me. My cousins kept walking and didn’t realize at first. The old homeless man points to some building across the street and says to me, “your daddy’s in there.”  My mother, brother, and I went down to the shore to spend time with my mom’s side of the family.

My dad didn’t come because he wasn’t able to get off of work. I was confused. I was like, “what? My dad is not there. My dad is at home.” And this man held me tighter and kept repeating the same creepy thing—“your daddy’s in there.” A few minutes later my cousins realized I was missing and came back for me. They asked me what that was about and I told them.

We were all pretty young at the time and didn’t fully understand, but I think I almost got kidnapped. We didn’t tell our parents or anything because I don’t think any of us realized the potential danger I was in. It was wild.


20. Hit List

My brother had a friend with a creepy tag-along little brother Gideon. This family was ultra religious and Gideon was creepy as a teenager. He went into the military and had served two tours as a truck driver. While he was there, he had a roommate that beat him up a lot. Gideon supposedly stood over the roommate when he OD’d on drugs and watched him die pleading for help.

He came home after that and worked on the family farm. He is an angry incel. On a holiday we were all home again and Gideon tagged along, as usual. We were all having a conversation and with nothing to do with any topic, Gideon just drops, “I have a kill list, some of those names have a star next to them.” That ruined the conversation completely.

After a long pause, I just piped in with, “How different is that list, from the list of people you ever met?”. I think I got myself on that list that night.


21. Little Devil

Back in middle school a girl asked me if I had a peanut allergy, and being the dumb 7th grader I was, I said no and didn’t think much of it. Turns out, she had a diabolical plan along, and was intending to give someone an allergic reaction. My friend overheard her talking about it and told a teacher before telling me. It’s one of those scenarios where it isn’t creepy outright, just a little weird without context, but when you know the context, it becomes disturbing.


22. Show Off

I had a regular that used to come in and was always very pleasant. One day he was telling me that a city that he used to live in used to have a problem where dead prostitutes would be found on the shores of the river. The way he said it and the look on his face came across as if he was bragging about it. His whole face lit up when he was telling me about it.

I didn’t see him after that day. I think I had put in my notice, but it was an unnerving experience with a guy who if you saw on the street, you wouldn’t think twice about him.


23. You’ve Got Mail!

When I was in elementary school, I got a new phone and was super happy about this. It was a small Samsung, oval shaped, that you had to slide up to reveal the keyboard. I took the bus home after school and played some games on my phone when two older guys who were probably in their early twenties started talking to me, saying how cool my phone was and if they could have a closer look at it.

I very proudly handed them my phone. But their intention were not good. After a couple of minutes they gave it back to me and I went off the bus because I arrived at my stop. My parents were divorced, and I spent the weekend at my dad’s. I had my dad’s contact saved with his number and email address. Suddenly my dad, sitting in front of his PC, called me over to look at something.

It was an email, sent to his account, directed at me talking about how they met me in the bus and that I was so nice and fun and if I would like to meet them again. My dad laughed and mocked me about how, “I have an admirer”, but I clearly remember my heart sinking to my feet as I remembered those two guys I encountered some days prior.

Some pedophiles sent me an email to my dad’s account, trying to meet me again and my dad mocked me for having admirers. I clearly remember feeling so vulnerable and hurt and I am still traumatized by this.


24. Free Haircut

I was in the middle of a retail shift and it was probably late at night when this middle-aged woman came through my line. She stared at me for a solid minute or so before asking me to remove my face mask so she could see my face. I was super confused but did it anyway. She then handed me a card and told me she wanted to cut my hair and then left.

It literally was the most bizarre thing that ever happened to me. She has come through my line a few more times after that and all she does is stare at me while I’m cashing her out and at the end she’ll mumble about when I’m going to let her cut my hair.


25. Still Waiting

I was sitting on a train in the Bay Area and some guy dressed in a 3-piece suit walks up to me and sits directly across from me. I had my headphones in as we west coasters don’t want to be bothered and he taps my leg gesturing to ask me something. He looked me dead in the eye and said “you’re going to have a terrible, terrible life.”, then got up and walked away.

That was 4 years ago so I’m still waiting for the terrible thing to happen!


26. On All Fours

While I was working, a man came in and  asked for help finding some CDs. He gave me the names and I didn’t see it on the shelf so I decided to check our understock under the shelves. I went on my hands and knees to look and found the CDs of the albums he wanted. I stood up and said, “Here you go, that should be all the ones you wanted.”

And before I could say anything else, he said something so creepy—it sent shivers up my spine. He goes “I bet you spend a lot of time on your hands and knees huh?” in a rather suggestive tone. I had no idea what to do so I just awkwardly giggled and asked if he needed anymore help finding things and he said “no” so I quickly ran into the back and waited for five minutes for him to check out and leave.


27. I’m Watching You

I used to have this really weird classmate that I dated for only two months because of the pressure she put me under. One night I woke up to see her outside my window, just standing there and staring. She looked up at me, pointed and then fell backwards and went completely unconscious. Turned out that she had a stroke.

Afterwards she told a load of people I gave her the stroke and then a few days later caught me off guard and told me that I was lucky for being such a light sleeper. I didn’t sleep for days after that. What’s worse however, is that I didn’t tell anyone about what she had said.


28. Creepy Uncle

My uncle-in-law joined the family in about 2015 and I think I was about seven or eight years old. He was always very weird. He just had that “creepy” look and he married my aunt in the mountains with no one there except for his mom and a priest. Then they moved about four states away to live in a log cabin. Every year my grandparents would throw a big all-day party and invite all my extended cousins since they lived far away.

It was always a ton of fun. So, they also invited this uncle-in-law. Shortly after I first met him, he told me, “Wouldn’t it be so funny if you went missing?” Then chuckled a bit and did that creepy smile. I talked with my older cousin about this, and she said he said something really similar to her. If something were to happen to my aunt, I would go under oath and say that my uncle 100% did it.


29. The Curtain

I used to drive a Tastykake truck a few years back. In my truck I had a curtain hanging on a tension rod to keep the heat in the front during the winter. The truck barely had heat so I did what I could to keep warm. I was in my truck putting this deli order together and the owner came out knocking on my door. I ignored it but then he opened my door.

He reached in and tried touching me, but I backed away and told him not to do that. What he said next chilled me to the core. He looked at the curtain and said, “mmmm the things I could do to you back there and nobody would know.” I grabbed my order, served his store and took off fast. I told my boss, who was an older Italian dude. His friend and him go there on a Saturday for a talk with the owner.

Not only did I not have to serve him again, but I lost my curtain.


30. What It Feels Like

I had a step uncle who has since passed. I didn’t know him too well but he wasn’t a bad guy. However one evening when I was maybe thirteen, my parents were having a small party with a few family members having drinks. I had been sent to bed but had gotten up to get a drink from the kitchen. Said uncle was standing in the kitchen in a kind of stupor and he said, “wouldn’t you stab somebody if you had the chance?”

I think I replied, “what?” He gives me a super intense look and just goes, “aren’t you curious to know what it would feel like? Pushing that blade into somebody?” I honestly think I laughed and said, “yeah” but I had never felt more uncomfortable in my life. That’s the only awkward encounter I had with him and though I hadn’t seen him for years when he passed, by all accounts, he was a good man. That definitely creeped me out though.


31. The Mask Maker

This guy I had just moved in with told me that he was friends with a mask maker who used human skin to make the masks. There were five people living in the house but the others arrived a few days later so I genuinely slept with the door locked at first. He was a very odd guy but turned out just to be a sweetheart with gigantic piles of social awkwardness.


32. She’s Behind You

During high school, we were returning from a trip of ten days taken by our school during the vacation. We had returned at night and were divided into groups according to our location and boarded the bus likewise. Luckily, my friend and I were on the same bus since I was staying at her place for the night and returning home the next day.

The bus we were on had only a few students in it and my friend chose to sit in the second to last seat of the bus. We were just having fun during the long bus trip and gradually fell asleep. Suddenly she grabbed my arm painfully and whispered in my ear, “There’s someone in the back seat. Please look behind you.” There was no light and the seats in the back were empty.

I was really scared and asked her if she was joking. But she started sobbing saying someone’s behind me and I should check. I refused but she begged me to. I slowly turned my head praying to God and of course, nothing was there. I quickly turned to her and said nothing was there. She didn’t reply and I realised she’d fallen back asleep.

We had a quick break in the middle of the road for bathroom breaks and I asked her what all that was about. She was surprised and said, “oh did I really say that to you? I actually dreamt of a woman sitting right behind us and asked you to turn and confirm it.” I couldn’t sleep the whole trip and sang songs to keep my mind from going there.


33. Door Breaker

I used to live in some sketchy apartment complexes back in college. There used to be a guy who seemed nice and asked me out a few times but I was dating someone at the time and wasn’t interested. He started coming over to chit chat and made some comments about the door being easy to kick in and the locks not working well. Kind of weird.

This dude was tall and easily over 6 feet, and probably weighed 250 lbs. Me being 5 feet, 120 lbs at the time was definitely a little more than intimidated. Years passed, I moved out, met my current husband, and popped out a few kids. Got a call at 1 am one day and it’s the dude asking if I wanted to go get coffee. Nah man, I’m good.


34. Roleplay

At work I had a regular customer who was a middle-aged gay guy. He was always polite. We all knew him for years. He once invited me to his apartment for drinks after work. I respectfully declined. Months later he tells me he has a puppy outside and wanted to show me. I respectfully declined again. Now, my stupid brain forgot he was there.

I went outside for a smoke and saw a teenage boy dressed in a dog costume waiting for his owner. And this was nowhere near Halloween.


35. Overly Protective

Approximately six years ago I was sitting in a lobby of a building waiting for my husband to get out of an appointment. I had my infant son with me in his car seat. Some random older woman comes to me and asks if she can see him. I say of course because naturally I think my child is adorable and she’s an older, non-threatening woman. Boy was I wrong.

She looks at him and starts commenting on how cute he is and then in a total baby talk voice goes, “you’re so cute, yes you are! I’d kill anyone that hurt you, yes I would.” I was horrified.


36. Psyched Out

A few years ago, I was working an evening shift alone when an older gentleman came in who I had never met before. He told me he was a psychic and that I should quit drinking so much cider and make up with my roommate. Both of these things were true. I’ve never had a cider since and talked it out with my roomie. I don’t usually believe in that stuff so his accuracy really creeped me out.


37. Go Bananas

A special needs kid at my school hated the word banana. People would scream it at him and he would freak out. He would run away, scream, and sometimes get aggressive. One day a bunch of kids surrounded him and just started shouting banana. He clawed at the floor with his fingernails, screamed bloody murder and covered his ears.

It was seeing him claw at the gravel that messed me up the most until a guidance counselor came running up and ushered him away. This kid lived in my neighborhood and was the son of the HOA people. I was curious so I went and asked the counselor what it was that made him respond like that. The kid was apparently fatally allergic to bananas.

So when he heard the word, it triggered him so viscerally he would imagine himself dying. He would see and smell corpses all around him. Years later, as someone chronically afraid of dying and who suffers from predominantly visual intrusive thoughts, I just got chills writing that.


38. Talk Dirty To Me

Once when I was eleven, I was eating a popsicle on the promenade when a homeless man came up to me and whispered in my ear that I have a very sensual mouth. I’ve never eaten a popsicle or ice cream in public since then.


39. So Random

I was on a boat with a male friend and his two buddies. We were anchored off a remote, uninhabited island, just relaxing and drinking. One guy, apropos of nothing, stared straight at me and said, “we should rape and murder Peux and throw her body overboard.” I was so shocked—I didn’t even know how to respond.

I wasn’t exactly scared of him and I wanted to wipe that smirk off his stupid face more, but it was so random yet so specific. And my friend didn’t immediately say anything so that made me feel uneasy. It was an uncomfortable boat ride home and after that whenever I saw that guy around, I headed the opposite direction, which isn’t easy when we lived on a tiny island.


40. Acrophobia

My old history teacher gave everyone in my class a permanent fear of heights by telling us this. He claimed he was never afraid of heights until one time he thought, “what if my body just jumps off the edge? Without me wanting it?” Kind of like an intrusive thought turning into an action. I can’t get close to edges with steep drop offs while hiking without that thought coming into my mind anymore.


41. Sniff Sniff

When I was only 16 years old, my stepfather said the most creepiest thing—it still haunts me to this day. I’ll never be able to look at him the same again. We were alone in the car together on an hour-long drive when he randomly said, “Your pheromones smell good.” I’ll never forget it.


42. Sweet Dreams

I was staying with my friend who has a four-year-old son. She informed me as we were going to bed that sometimes her son sneaks in her room at 4 AM, sits under the bed, and whispers to himself. I definitely slept well that night.


43. Thank You, Next!

When I was in college, I was hosting a super smash tournament. There was a guy who entered and he started chatting with me. While we were talking, one sentence came out freakishly monotone. He said, “If we ever become friends, I want to tell you that I am very controlling.” You can bet that we never became friends. Noped right out of that.


44. Not The Kids

My wife’s cousin told me my daughters were very hot. He was 31 and my children were 5, 6, and 8.


45. Joy From Your Tears

When I was a child, an adult male family member told me he would get “perverse pleasure” in making me cry. I’m in my thirties now and if I have to cry, I still make every effort to do it in private.


46. Lock The Doors

My friend and I got in an Uber and the first thing the driver said was, “brave of you girls to get into a stranger’s car.” Immediately after saying that he locked the doors and began driving. Looking back, we should have gotten out of the car immediately, but we got home safe. Still creepy though!


47. Lock Your Doors

My wife and I had to travel to San Antonio for my PRK/LASEK surgery. When we arrived in town, we found out our initial hotel plans fell through, and we had to find a last-minute motel to stay at. We get everything situated around noon and get our key for a second-floor room. We load back into our car and drive to the other side of the motel to park our car near our room and start unloading our luggage.

As we were unloading our car with our two suitcases and a couple of backpacks, my wife and I noticed a disheveled man walking parallel to the motel. He turns towards us and starts approaching us. In our mind, we figured he was just going to ask for cash and go on his way. I mean, the majority of my encounters with homeless and/or drug users are that, but we’re still on guard because we don’t know this area.

After he approached us, he asked if we needed help unloading our stuff. He has a 40oz in one hand and another 40oz halfway out of his cargo pocket, and at this point, I can smell the booze coming off of him. We politely tell him no and that we don’t need help as it’s only a couple of things. He stumbles to put his opened 40oz on the brick ledge next to us and states he would like to help us and it’s the least he can do.

He firmly takes my suitcase out of my hand and starts to introduce himself as, “Reuben.” I’m obviously on guard here, I mean the man has my suitcase in his hand and I don’t even know him. He starts walking to the stairs, continuing his life story. He seems pretty harmless, but still gives my wife and me those vibes. I explained to him that I don’t have cash on hand and that I wouldn’t be able to tip him for his generosity.

Reuben says that it’s fine, and again, this is the least he could do. At this point, he’s following my wife and me on the outside balcony to our room. Again, my bells are ringing and so are my wife’s. I restate that I don’t have cash. My wife hurries into the room and I’m with Reuben with my stuff. He hands me my stuff and I put it in the room right behind the door.

I’m starting to close the door, my thigh pressed against it as well as my wife. As I’m thanking him for his help, he extends his hand out in the form of expecting a payment. I again tell him that we don’t have the cash to tip him. In an instant, Reubens’ facial expression underwent a radical transformation: it changed from an “I’m glad to help you” happy face to an, “I will hurt you and your wife and won’t think twice about it”-soulless look.

My hand is on my knife and at this point, I am pushing the door shut, but before I shut it, he utters a bone-chilling warning, “You better keep your windows and doors locked.” I slammed and immediately locked the door and ensured the windows were in fact locked. We moved some of the furniture in front of the door and windows in a way to barricade them and kept them there for the remainder of our stay when we were in the room and finally notified the front desk of him.

Even returning to the room, we would look under the bed and in the bathroom for him in case he broke in. Each time we left the room for my medical appointments, we would always be on the lookout for Reuben and even to the point of parking in different spots and taking different ways to our room so we wouldn’t bump into him again.

This was 4-5 years ago and my wife and I still get shivers down our spine by the way he just changed so suddenly and uttered those words to us. Hypothetically, if someone would share a San Antonio news report of a man named Reuben murdering someone since then, I wouldn’t be surprised.


48. Behind Closed Doors

A few years ago, I went to a language school abroad that had sister schools in different cities so you could start in one place and if you wanted a change, you could just up and go to one of the other cities for a while. The school had low grade apartments that housed four or five people located near the school. So, it was normal for roommates to come and go and reappear again.

One day a new roommate arrived called Amy who had been in another city for a few months already. We got along great and one night after a few drinks she told me the craziest story I’ve ever heard. In the previous city one of her roommates kept to himself, didn’t interact with them, ordered takeaway and ate alone in his room.

Each to their own. He went away for 2 weeks for reasons unknown to Amy, he just mentioned when he would be back to another roommate and went. This happened to coincide with a heatwave. After a couple of days there was a bad smell coming from his room. A couple days later they agreed they are going to have to go in and get rid of whatever it is, because it’s overwhelming.

They open his room, and an instant retching smell hits them. Against a wall is every takeaway carton from months of daily meals stacked up, but they’re clean. Rinsed clean, not just empty. They aren’t the source. After a brief search they find a boot nearby. Inside the boot is filled with pieces of cooked chicken. It looked like he was getting chicken stews or curries or similar everyday and had licked the sauce off these pieces and stuffed them into a boot.

They chuck the chicken, wrap the boot in several bags and put it back where they found it. A couple of days later it’s clear the smell is still getting worse. They have to go back. So they go. They look around for the other boot, but when they find it, it’s chicken free. They are going to have to dig a little deeper. Nothing could have prepared them for what they discovered…

Under the bed was something large in black bags and it definitely was the source of the smell. They pull the whole thing out from under there into the center of the room and it’s heavy. They all stood for a moment trying to register what it was. It was roughly person shaped, made of black bags with tape used to create the neck and to attach the ‘arms and legs’.

Amy noticed a small split in the bag at the join of the ‘legs’ but it didn’t look accidental as the split was reinforced with more tape. She leaned closer to see what was in the bag. It was more cooked chicken, a lot of cooked chicken. Then it all fell into place. The boot was a homemade flesh light, this thing was the next level up.


49. Hello Neighbour

I have a neighbor who lives on the same floor as me and his apartment is right next to mine. He’s over seventy and blind, and every now and then he enjoys walking down the hall, while feeling the walls around him, because he has no strength to actually go outside anymore. Last year in August, I was locking my apartment door and getting ready to leave and meet a friend, when I noticed him walking slowly down the hall towards me.

I politely said hi to him, as usual. As I fumbled with my keys, he approached me slowly and then he did the most demented thing ever: He leaned in and started fondling my butt. I took a step away in shock, but he came after me and said, “Let me kiss your pussy.” I felt my blood freeze. I then said in disbelief “What the? You should be ashamed!” but he replied by repeating the exact same phrase. I pushed him away and left quickly.

I still live here, and he still takes strolls in the hallway. I have told a few friends, but not my landlord or any authority, because I’m sure they won’t take me seriously or say something like “Don’t mind him, he’s old and senile, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.” My friends were concerned though and asked me if I was ok. I wasn’t.


50. Talking To The Devil

When I was in my 8th year of middle school, I knew a kid who was super weird. He had an obsession with the devil. He constantly talked about it. He actually wasn’t a bad kid like he got decent grades, never got in trouble and dressed pretty average, no goth or emo styles to him at all. One day I’m hanging out with him on the playground before school started and he said, “Can I tell you something?” And I replied, “What’s up man.” I had no idea what I was in for…

He then goes on to tell me, “The devil told me that my sister is going to die soon. I tried telling my mom, but she yelled at me and told me I was going insane.” I told him to tell the school counselor and they had him talk to some therapist. Two years would come and go and by then we went to different high schools. During my sophomore year I came to find out that his sister had passed from some kind of spinal tumor.


Source: 1

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