11 Influential Facts About Powerful Families in History

April 30, 2018 | Reid Kerr-Keller

11 Influential Facts About Powerful Families in History

Everyone grows up thinking their family is a little bit weird. Maybe you had one of those houses where everyone was asked to take their shoes off (I know I did). Maybe your friends thought your food smelled weird. Not matter what, there's always something for a young person to feel embarrassed and/or weird about, when it comes to their family. It's a universal experience. Oh god, is Dad going to start making jokes again? In public?! Almost nobody gets to escape adolescence without that particular pain.

But the next time you're in the shower and remember a time your family freaked you out, just remember how lucky you are: you're strange, freaky family could've been famous as well. And if you think that would have been amazing, maybe think again. Because if you came from one of these powerful historical families, all those embarrassing moments would've been matters of public record. Every one of your parent's odd quirks be common knowledge to all your friends.

And imagine the pressure! By the time you were able to walk, there'd be people expecting great things from you. All your awkward, angst-y teenage troubles are just gossip-fuel for everyone you meet. No thanks.

We hope you enjoyed this video recap of history's most influential families.

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