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Psychology is from the Greek words Psyche meaning soul, and ology meaning study of, and is the science of behavior and the mind. The mind still holds many mysteries, but a lot has already been uncovered.

Enjoy these mind-bending Psychology facts.

44. Forest For The Trees

When focusing very hard, people will often miss large changes right before their eyes. This affect is called inattention blindness. Check out this video:

43. Speed Read

People read faster when looking at long lines of text.
Our eyes, however, prefer shorter lines.

Psychology Facts

42. What’s Your Angle?

People tend to imagine things from a high, tilted angle, like they’re looking at it on a table that’s about waist high.

Psychology Facts

41. ‘Member?

Memories are reconstructed as they are recalled instead of playing back like a film. That’s why memories change over time, and why people forget certain details. Unforgettable fact right here.

Psychology Facts


40. Memory Lanes

You can only remember 3 or 4 things at time. Remember that, too.

Psychology Facts

39. Multifaking

Multiple studies (not all at once) have shown that you cannot actually multitask. Either all the things you’re doing are related to your main goal, or your performance dips in one of the tasks. One step at a time people!

Psychology Facts


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