“You know how many foods are shaped like dicks? The best kinds.” – Superbad

Here are some facts about Superbad!

28. Teenage dream

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote the film when they were teenagers. The lead characters Seth and Evan are obviously based on them, and all the other characters have the names of their former schoolmates.

27. Age gaps

At the time they were filming, Christopher Mintz-Plasse was only 17, Michael Cera was 18, and Jonah Hill was the oldest in the trio at 23.

26. In-between takes

Director Greg Mottola would leave the camera rolling in-between takes to catch the cast interacting and hanging out together. Some of that footage made it into the film.

25. Kind of looks like Eminem

Superbad is allegedly Eminem’s favourite movie. The rapper even references the film in two of his songs – “Brainless” and “Ballin’ Uncontrollably”.

24. All the penises

Seth’s childhood penis drawings were actually drawn by Evan Goldberg’s brother, who works as a lawyer. The collection of illustrations can be purchased on Amazon.  About 1,000 different drawings were made. That’s a lot of dicks, folks.

23. Katniss Everdeen as Jules

Jennifer Lawrence was considered for the role of Jules.

22. Adding a sprinkle of drama

Producer Judd Apatow added the conflict about Seth and Evan going to different colleges into the script. In reality, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg didn’t have any anxiety about going their own separate ways.

21. Looking for Evan

When Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill were casting Evan, they weren’t really looking for an actor, they said they were “casting for a new best friend.” Aw. And they found Michael Cera.

20. Seth Rogen’s dad

Yup, Seth Rogen’s actual Dad makes an appearance in the film as a baseball wielding dad in the scene where Seth and Fogell are running through backyards.

19. Getting hit in the head

Emma Stone’s reaction to being hit in the head by Jonah Hill was totally improvised. It worked so well that it was kept in the film.

18. Dancing for the opening credits

There is footage of Michael Cera improvising dance moves for an hour, which was supposed to be used for the menu on the DVDs. After a suggestion from the editor’s assistant, Cera’s moves were turned into a silhouette and Jonah Hill was also recorded, and the footage was used in the opening credits of the film.

17. Throwback to the 70s

The 1970s version of the Columbia Pictures logo was used at the beginning of the film instead of their current one.

16. Jason Segel originally read for Evan

While they were working on Undeclared, Rogen and Jason Segel would read through the script together as Evan and Seth. It took years for the script to be turned into a film, and by the time they were ready to shoot, both Rogen and Segel were too old to play high-school students.

15. Real-life Fogell

Apparently, the real Fogell once threatened to kill some guy at a bar and actually went home to grab his sword.

14. Fake ID problems

The film’s DVD had to be pulled from the Walmart shelves in Hawaii because it included the fake McLovin ID.

13. Thank you, Jay Baruchel

Seth Rogen was working on Fanboys with Jay Baruchel, who recommended Michael Cera for one of the leading roles. At the time, the actor was a complete unknown. Cera’s mum got a hold of the script and convinced him to consider the role.

12. The F count

The F-word is used 186 times in the film, which makes out to be to 1.6 F-bombs per minute.

11. All the alcohol

In scenes involving alcohol, water was used for vodka, apple juice for hard liquor and non-alcoholic beer instead of the real deal.

10. A sequel?

Seth Rogen has been approached to make a sequel to Superbad on numerous occasions, but the actor is so far unwilling to pursue that option. In an interview, Michael Cera has stated that a sequel is unnecessary.

9. Cameos that have been cut

Justin Long originally appeared in the film, but his scene was cut. It’s still available on the DVDs, along with cameos from Kristen Wiig, Ken Jeong and Adam Scott.

8. Superbad original titles

Some of the titles considered for the film included The Bitter End and Separation Anxiety.

7. “I thought there was semen on everything.”

The “semen” conversation originally lasted four minutes and was totally improvised. It was later cut down to under a minute.

6. Future pedophile

The scene where Seth says Fogell looks like a future pedophile – after seeing his fake ID – was improvised by the actor.

5. Feature debut

Superbad was a feature debut for both Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Emma Stone.

4. Oh Greg

Greg, the soccer player who allegedly “pissed his pants” (as Seth mentioned), was played by Dave Franco, James Franco’s brother.  Dave’s career has taken off since Superbad. He’s had major roles in 21 Jump Street, Neighbors, and Now You See Me.

3. Name change

The original name for Becca (Martha McIsaac) was Helen.

2. Takes a while to prepare

Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) doesn’t get introduced in the film until the 15-minute mark.

1. Awko-taco mom alert

Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin) had to have his mother on the set during his sex scene because he was only 17-years-old during filming and legally required parental supervision.  This is something taken straight out of our darkest nightmares.

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