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Dumb Parents Experiences

The Apple Fell Far: Smart Kids Reveal Their Parents’ Dumbest Moments

There's no IQ test needed to have children, which is why these idiots' offspring had to suffer incredibly mortifying moments like these.
June 28, 2023 Miles Brucker
Awkward Teen Phase Experience

Embarrassed Adults Share Their Cringey "Teen Phase" Stories

There are awkward phases, and then there are teenage nightmares. There’s a difference, and these people have first-hand experience.
June 24, 2023 J. Hunter
Awkward Job Interviews Experience

These Awful Job Interviews Make Unemployment Look Good

Believe it or not, sometimes being rejected is better than landing the job. These nightmarish interviews made us want to withdraw our applications, stat.
June 16, 2023 J. Hunter
Childhood Memories

Grateful Adults Share Their Favorite Childhood Memories

Although we can never physically go back to our childhoods, at least the "good old days" will always live on in our memories.
June 16, 2023 Scott Mazza
Alfred Hitchcock Facts

Chilling Facts About Alfred Hitchcock, The Dark Genius

Alfred Hitchcock is hailed as a cinematic genius, a master of horror and suspense, but most people don’t know his disturbing history of cruelty and abuse.
June 14, 2023 Kyle Climans
Bad Coworker experience

Move Over, Dwight: These Evil Co-Workers Make Us Want To Quit On The Spot

We’ve all worked with someone we didn’t like, but take our word for it: These horrible co-workers are the absolute worst.
June 14, 2023 Scott Mazza

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