The Best Shapewear Proves You Don’t Have To Choose Between Comfort And Support

May 29, 2020 | Scott Mazza

The Best Shapewear Proves You Don’t Have To Choose Between Comfort And Support

Whether you’re a skinny Minnie or a thicker gal, everyone has worn shapewear at least once in their lives—but not everyone has had a positive experience. For some of us, wearing shaping garments can feel more like an endurance sport than a simple outfit of the day. Shapewear is supposed to provide tummy control, amplify our assets, and gently smooth out our curves, not make us feel like we’re being stuffed into sausage casing. So, what’s the best shapewear out there?

Even though the whole point of shapewear is to boost our confidence and highlight our curves, the wrong garment can easily make us feel insecure and unattractive. Thankfully, not all shapewear is straight out of Satan’s closet. We scoured the web to find the most flattering, affordable, and comfortable shapewear items available today. Get ready to stock up: When it comes to looking and feeling great, these garments are total game-changers.

Shapewear Review

Hioffer Waist Cincher

Give me a girdle...but make it fashion. This seamless, mega-affordable waist cincher is perfect for curvy ladies who want tummy support, but not the kind of coverage than can shortchange a curvy derriere. The thong design and breathable fabric ensure that wearers stay comfy while also stealing the spotlight with a waist to hip ratio that would make Jessica Rabbit jealous. Plus, this bodysuit is an absolutely steal at under $15. Need we say more?

Bali Body Briefer

If you’ve had a traumatic experience with too-tight, panic-sweat-inducing shapewear, this Bali bodysuit is for you. Its lacy fabric makes it pretty (a rarity in the world of ultra-functional shapewear!) while also being comfortable and, most importantly, breathable. With three colors to choose from (black, white, and a soft pinky beige called “rosewood”) and a convenient crotch closure, this bodysuit is perfect for taking a cute dress to the next level. If you want to combine comfort with a little extra support, the Bali body briefer has your back (and tush...and tummy...and waistline...)

Flexees High-Waist Shorts

If you wish Spanx could slash fifty percent off its prices, then you need to check out Flexees. Women love this brand for its high-quality support garments and its ultra-affordable price points. These high-waist black shorts are a particular fan favorite. Their simple design and comfy compression makes them perfect for a virtually endless number of occasions. They can streamline your curves at a business meeting, help you avoid chub rub while wearing cute summer dresses, and guarantee that you’ll turn heads at a formal event.


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Flexees Bodysuit

No, this post is not sponsored by Flexees—they’re just that beloved. Over 1500 happy customers gave the brand’s bodysuit at least four out of five stars—and for good reason. This romper provides tummy control and a trim waistline, while its unique bonus features help out with some other essentials. The hook and eye closures make it easy to go to the bathroom and because the bodysuit doesn’t cover the chest area, you’re free to combine it with your favorite bra. Win, win, win.


Rago Bottomless Girdle

Bear with me on an extended journey through one of the greatest romcoms of all time. I promise: It all comes back to an invaluable shapewear garment.

Remember the scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary where Bridget debates which pair of undies to wear on her date with Daniel Cleaver? She holds up a lacy thong and admits that if she and her hot boss go all the way, they’d be the most attractive option. But then again, Bridget muses, her tried and true granny panties, with all their stomach-holding-in powers, will “greatly increase” her chances of getting into bed with Daniel in the first place. In the end, Bridget goes with the high waist undies, only for them to work their magic. As Daniel slides his hand up her skirt, he’s ready for some slinky undergarments, only to realize that his date is rocking some “absolutely enormous panties.”

Well, that sequence would have ended differently if Bridget had known about Rago’s ingenious shapewear-garter belt hybrid. The “bottomless girdle” (Rago, please rename this item) proves that there is such a thing as sexy shapewear. The garter belt nips in the waist and holds in the tummy while also looking good enough to be lingerie. What more can I say? Horrible product names aside, the people at Rago are true artists. Da Vinci could never.

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