Choosing The Best iPhone For Your Lifestyle And Budget

June 12, 2020 | Paul Pitura

Choosing The Best iPhone For Your Lifestyle And Budget

Has Apple’s delayed launch of the iPhone 12 left a sour taste in your mouth? Well, the iPhone 11 series is still in production and will be relevant for years to come, so now is actually a perfect time to upgrade or switch from your current smartphone. But where to start?

Each iPhone generation comes with many versions and models (and price tags) so choosing the right model is a little overwhelming, especially if you’re an iNovice. Start by deciding the features that are the most important to you and which ones don’t matter. Does it need to fit in your pocket easily? Do you need great pics in low light? Do you need long battery life? Or do you want a large screen to watch movies and videos? Not any one iPhone can be everything to everyone. So which one is calling you?

Pro Max

This is the best iPhone offered on the market. It has everything. A large, bright screen, long battery life, and fantastic camera. The powerful A13 Bionic processor boosts speed and conserves power. In fact, independent testing revealed the battery lasted 11.5 hours, which is one of the longest battery-life devices available. A large 6.5-inch screen is brighter and sharper than the competition, particularly with its Super Retina XDR display. The camera also has multiple lenses that offer telephoto and ultra-wide angle capabilities, as well as a Night Mode that lets you take brilliant pictures in low light.

However, you’ll have to pay for it all. The iPhone Pro Max is retailing for around $1000 and is the most expensive iPhone on the market—so the price alone may have you looking for other options. Plus, the large size means it won’t fit that easily into your pocket.

iPhone Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is just a smaller version of the Pro Max. It has many of the same features, like the bright screen-display, triple-lens camera and fast processor. The big difference is size, battery life, and price. The screen is almost an inch smaller than the Pro Max (5.8 inches), so it fits in one hand more easily. However, the size means the phone just can’t hold a big enough battery, so you’ll be recharging more often. The upside is price. If the Pro Max hefty price tag is too much for you, you may want to give this one a try. BTW, the Pro and Pro Max are waterproof up to 4 meters.

iPhone 11

This smartphone has become Apple’s most popular, replacing the iPhone XR. It has many of the Pro series features, but is much less expensive. It’s fast and powerful, with the same processor, and a great camera system that includes ultra wide angle and Night Mode technologies (no telephoto option on this one, though). It also has the same long battery life as the Pro Max. It has a basic, LCD display on a 6.1 inch screen. For the price, it is a great compromise if the Pro series isn’t in your budget.

SE 2020

The original SE launched four years ago as a compact, more affordable iPhone. The 2020 model is just that, and may be the phone you’re looking for if budget is a concern. The SE is the cheapest iPhone in production, and roughly half the price of the other new models. It has many of the great features, such as the A13 processor. It has a basic front-rear camera system and a 4.7-inch HD screen, so it fits comfortably in your hand. What it lacks is many of the camera functions and long battery life. So if an affordable, compact phone is what you need, have a look at the iPhone SE.

iPhone XR

Basically, this model is a more affordable large-screen smartphone, with a 6.1 inch screen. So if movies and videos are important and you can’t afford the big-league prices of the Pros, the iPhone XR should be on your radar. Instead of the A13 processor, this one has a slower A12. The screen is also a tad duller and it has only a single lens camera. So you’re not getting all the fancy extras, but you may not care if the price is right. It comes in a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, coral, red, white, so it stands out from the rest visually.

One last note: Keep storage space in mind. Base models deliver a maximum of 64GB, which isn’t a lot. Prices go way up for more GBs. The Pro models also come with fast-chargers, which is an extra cost for the other models. Happy iPhone hunting!

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