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Thrilling Facts About Sharon Stone, Hollywood's Ice Queen

Sharon Stone is like an ice princess. Equal parts brainy and beautiful, she has fascinated the world for decades. Stone is an incredibly talented actress, although her most memorable movie scene probably has more to do with her being sans underwear than her acting abilities. But off-screen, Stone’s real life has been as dramatic, in its highs and lows, as her film career. Here are 45 riveting facts about Sharon Stone.

1. A Stone Is Born

Sharon Vonne Stone was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Her mother, Dorothy, was an accountant, while papa Joseph worked in tool and die manufacturing. Her "fellow Stones" were her older brother, Michael, younger brother, Patrick, and younger sister, Kelly.

Sharon Stone facts Wikimedia Commons

2. Her Mom Was no Kidder

At a Hollywood banquet for the Women’s Choice Awards, Stone tearfully revealed that her mom, Dorothy, was a pretty tough nut who didn’t lavish affection on her kids. But Stone also revealed that her mom didn’t really have a childhood. Dorothy became a live-in maid at just nine years old, working in the home of a local dentist.

Sharon Stone facts Getty Images

3. Basically Wrong

LGBTQ protesters in the 90s went to town on the movie Basic Instinct because Stone's character, Catherine Tramell, played into the common movie trope that painted bisexuals as psychopaths.

Sharon Stone factsShutterstock

4. Write What You Know

Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas pulled Stone's twisted character in Basic Instinct from his own experiences. He based Catherine Trammel on a real go-go dancer, with whom he had a one-night stand. The dancer pulled a gun on him, in his hotel room, asking him why she “shouldn’t pull this trigger?”

Sharon Stone facts Getty Images


5. Ice Pick

Stone revealed in interviews, following the making of Basic Instinct, that the film's explicit scenes weren’t an issue for her—but the violence was. The infamous "ice pick scene" was especially traumatic for Stone, but she came up with a way to get through it. She brought her real-life best friend on set to tell her jokes and keep things light while they filmed the scene.

Producers also kept a paramedic on set with an oxygen tank in case she started hyperventilating.

Sharon Stone facts Basic Instinct (1992), TriStar Pictures

6. She Had Them at Commando

Sharon Stone’s interrogation scene in Basic Instinct became one of the most iconic scenes in movie history…but Stone appearing "sans undies" was not in the original script. Director Paul Verhoeven thought it’d be “fun” if Stone didn’t wear underwear during the scene. I guess you could say he made the decision on...instinct.

Sharon Stone facts Basic Instinct (1992), TriStar Pictures

7.  Not a Buddy Movie

Stone has revealed that she didn’t feel comfortable around her Basic Instinct co-star, Michael Douglas, or vice versa. However, she doesn't think that's necessarily a bad thing. The way she sees it, the real-life tension between them upped the dramatic tension in the movie, creating a better film.

Sharon Stone factsBasic Instinct (1992), TriStar Pictures

8.  It Was Like a Horror Selfie

Sharon Stone was utterly convincing as the glamorous, albeit dangerous Trammel in Basic Instinct. So much so that Stone freaked out while watching herself onscreen. Stone revealed that by the time she saw the finished product, she’d forgotten some of the more intense scenes she’d filmed. When the premiere finally came, she was horrified to relive it as a spectator.

Sharon Stone factsBasic Instinct (1992), TriStar Pictures

9.  Promiscuous Boy

Basic Instinct screenwriter Joe Eszterhas has some mighty loose lips. According to him, he and Stone had a one night stand after Basic Instinct came out—but their entanglements don't end there. Eszterhas has also “thanked” Stone for having an affair with a producer named William McDonald. Why? McDonald left his wife, Naomi Baka, for Stone, and Eszterhas would later marry Baka, whom he calls the love of his life.

Sharon Stone facts Getty Images


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10. Finger Painting Is Basic

Academically gifted as a kid, Stone skipped all that kindergarten claptrap, and bypassed grade 1 too, sailing right into the second grade at just five years old.

Weird Family Habits factsShutterstock


11. They Totally Noticed Her

Stone got a lot of attention when she starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall, a 1990 sci-fi thriller. It introduced her to audiences worldwide—and to director Paul Verhoeven, who would go on to direct Basic Instinct.

Sharon Stone facts Total Recall (1990), TriStar Pictures

12. No Silver Lining

Stone headlined in the movie Silver, based on a thriller novel, about a posh New York City high-rise where...suspicious stuff happens. Critics hated it, and Stone earned a Worst Actress nom at the Golden Raspberry Awards. Ok, so it wasn't the greatest followup to Basic Instinct, but who hasn't made a few mistakes in their career?

Sharon Stone facts Sliver (1993), Paramount Pictures

13. What Do Critics Know Anyways?

Don't feel too bad for her though: Stone’s critically panned movie Silver was still a huge commercial success, making nearly four times its budget at the box office.

Sharon Stone facts Sliver (1993), Paramount Pictures

14. This Ginger Got All the Love

When Sharon Stone played Ginger McKenna in the Martin Scorsese film Casino, she was the only person on the project to receive any recognition during awards season (no small feat…with Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci among her co-stars). Stone was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, and she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama.

Sharon Stone facts Casino (1995), Universal Pictures

15. She Was Outstanding

It's not all about the movies for Sharon Stone—she's also graced the small screen as well. Her work on the drama series, The Practice, earned her an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.

Sharon Stone facts The Practice (1997–2004), ABC

16. Wish They All Could Be Pennsylvania Girls

From beauty pageants to show business? In her youth, Stone won the Miss Crawford County, Pennsylvania pageant, taking home the coveted crown. She was also in the running for Miss Pennsylvania but fell short on the big stage. It wasn't a complete loss, though: A pageant judge suggested she jump states, move to New York City, and get into modeling. Stone didn’t have to be told twice.

Sharon Stone facts Wikimedia Commons


17. European Vacation

After getting her start in New York City, Stone flew across the pond and spent time modeling in Europe.

Sharon Stone facts Getty Images

18. French Cinema

While modeling in Europe, Sharon Stone allegedly got a bit part in a French movie. It wasn't about to win her an Oscar, but Stone was hooked. She decided to quit the living mannequin thing and become an actress.

Sharon Stone facts Wikipedia

19. She Was so Extra

Stone moved back to New York to pursue acting—but she had to work her way up the ladder. She recalled standing in line to try and land a role as an extra in a Woody Allen movie. Well, it worked out, and her first credited part was as "Pretty Girl on Train," in Allen's Stardust Memories.

Sharon Stone facts Wikimedia Commons

20. Jumping a Hurdle

Would you rather be an extra in Stardust Memories, or get a speaking role in a critically panned, low-budget horror movie? If you have a hard time deciding, just ask Sharon Stone, who appeared in Wes Craven's Deadly Blessing shortly after her landmark role as "Pretty Girl on Train."

Sharon Stone facts Deadly Blessing (1981), United Artists

21. She Came in Peace

At one point in her career, Stone decided that she had to be more than "just" an actress. Starting in the 2000s, she became an activist for many causes, including world peace and gay rights. In 2006, she traveled to Israel with Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres, promoting peace in the Middle East.

Sharon Stone factsWikimedia Commons

22. A Heart of Stone

Eventually, Stone's activism work was bound to get her some recognition. In 2013, she was granted a Peace Summit Award, recognizing her work with HIV/AIDS sufferers.

Sharon Stone facts Getty Images


23. One Hella Auctioneer

In 2015, Stone attended a banquet for the Pilosio Building Peace Award in Milan. The crowd of construction industry CEOs was in for a treat when Stone jumped on stage, starting an impromptu fundraising auction. She raised enough in that one evening to build almost 30 schools in third-world countries.

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

24. Returning the Rock

Sharon Stone has been married twice, but she’s been engaged—and broken those engagements off—numerous times too. One such unfortunate ex was a guy named Bob Wagner, who met Stone in 1995 and put a ring on it soon after. After they broke up, Stone allegedly returned the rock to Wagner by FedEx. I hope she used a padded envelope.

James Bond FactsGetty Images

25. Who Was She Wearing?

In a real-life fashion moment—maybe as infamous as her interrogation scene in Basic Instinct—Stone wore her then-husband’s button-down Gap shirt…to the Oscars. It was classic Stone, and by the megawatt smile on her face, she couldn't care less if anyone thought the top was way out of place. She got the last laugh, too, as her defining look has gone down in Oscars history as a fashion triumph.

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

26. Finding Buddha

Stone has converted to Tibetan Buddhism. I wonder how a button-down Gap t-shirt would look under a monk’s robe?

Sharon Stone facts Wikimedia Commons

27. She Really Speaks Amore

Stone isn’t just a Tibetan Buddhist—She’s an Italian speaking Tibetan Buddhist. Is zen amore a thing?

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

28. It Weighed Three Stone

Sharon Stone's character wore a gorg, golden and white-beaded gown in Casino. Before we all get green with jealousy at how fab she looked, take some small comfort in the fact that the freakin’ dress reportedly weighed 45 pounds!

Sharon Stone facts Casino (1995), Universal Pictures

29. Stalked by Scorsese

Stone scheduled two auditions for Casino, but both times, director Martin Scorsese canceled on her. Stone got suspicious that Scorsese was blowing her off, and when his people contacted her again for a third try, she blew them off, going out to dinner instead. Scorsese tracked her down at the restaurant, apologized his head off, and convinced her to finally audition for him.

Harvey Keitel factsWikimedia Commons

30. Define a Backhanded Compliment

After Total Recall, Verhoeven knew Stone could pull off a character that changes from timid and charming to diabolically evil in a snap. She was the perfect fit for Basic Instinct. But, if you ask the director, this wasn't just acting: Verhoeven also noted that was the way Sharon Stone is in real life. Is that backhanded enough for ya?

Sharon Stone facts Basic Instinct (1992), TriStar Pictures

31. Putting in the Work

The Arnold (Schwarzenegger, like you needed to be told) was seriously impressed by the physical training Stone put into her role as his co-star in Total Recall. Stone went to town on pumping iron, and she got proficient at Tae Kwon Do. The Arnold nicknamed Stone the “Female Terminator” for her efforts.

Sharon Stone factsTotal Recall (1990), TriStar Pictures

32. No Dumb as a Rock Here

For anyone who needed to know, get out your pencils: Stone has an IQ of 154.

Criminal Minds FactsShutterstock

33. He’s Just Boffo

Stone's become something of a cradle-robber in recent years. In 2018, paparazzi caught her vacationing with a man nearly two decades her junior. His name was Angelo Boffo, and he was an Italian real estate mogul. Speaking Italian has its privileges.

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

34. The Family Stone

Stone has three adopted sons—Roan, Quinn, and Laird. At a touching awards luncheon in Beverly Hills in 2017, the boys presented Stone with a Mother of the Year Award, speaking lovingly of her in their own words. Stone says that people get too hung up with giving her, it’s not who “has you, but who loves you” that shapes a child into a person.

Sharon Stone factsShutterstock

35. Charlie Sheen Would Call It Winning

Stone has said she "failed" at the biggest things in her life—her health, her marriage…according to her, “everything.” But she said she picked herself up and went on. I say she succeeded!

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

36. No More Mrs. Nice Guy

Stone’s candor is both refreshing and kind of "stone-cold." She’s admitted she could “do nice,” but it’s not her goal in life. She’s more intent on being honest about herself, and she says she’s not always the “world’s cheerleader.”

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

37. True Lies

Stone has said that “women can fake an orgasm, but men can fake an entire relationship.” I’m not sure whether to say boo ya, or ouch.

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

38. Infancy...The New Forty

Stone says that she was “forty at birth.” She was potty-trained, walking and talking before her first birthday. When she started school, she says she drove people nuts because she asked adult questions—and she expected adult answers.

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

39. A Fame Dominatrix

Most celebs take advantage of their fame to score swag, or maybe the prime seat in a restaurant without a reservation. To Stone, one of the biggest benefits of fame is getting to torment "a higher class of men.” I doubt she’s joking.

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

40. Barbie Don’ts

Stone has said that “we Barbie dolls” aren’t supposed to behave the way she does. I’m thinking a Sharon Stone Barbie doll could whup Chucky.

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

41. An Actual Partnership Is Hard to Find

Aside from broken engagements, Stone has walked down the aisle twice. First, to TV producer Michael Greenburg, and second, newspaper executive Phil Bronstein. After two failed marriages, she’s said the kind of partnership she’s seeking is hard to find, and she refuses to let a man define her.

Sharon Stone factsShutterstock

42. She Dished

For all her fierce honesty regarding her health, her past relationships, and motherhood, Stone can still dish out some good old-fashioned cattiness, too. After a short fling (about four weeks) with massively talented, and unapologetically hillbilly, country star Dwight Yoakam, Stone said, “A dirt sandwich is better than Dwight Yoakam.” Ouch!

Sharon Stone factsWikimedia Commons

43. A 5% Chance to Live

At age 43, Stone suffered a terrifying brain hemorrhage and stroke straight out of left field. The harrowing experience changed her life forever, and it took Stone years to learn to walk, talk, and write again.

Funniest Comments Anesthesia Patients Made factsShutterstock

44. Momma is a Rolling Stone

After Stone’s father passed, her mother Dorothy rolled into LA to be closer to Stone and her grandchildren.

Sharon Stone facts Shutterstock

45. The Stone Poet

Stone’s older brother Michael has had a tough life. He’s a singer by trade, but he also tried to break into Hollywood films—albeit with Stone’s help. But the Hollywood lifestyle was too addictive to Michael, and he fell hard into drugs. Sadly, Michael’s son Colin, Stone’s nephew, inherited Michael’s destructive tendencies, and Colin lost his life to a drug overdose at just 22 years old.

Sharon Stone facts Getty images

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