Ambitious Facts About Sharon Osbourne, The Rock Goddess

August 4, 2023 | Nur Karageldi

Ambitious Facts About Sharon Osbourne, The Rock Goddess

Sharon Osbourne was one of the few celebrities who managed to stay in the spotlight in spite of marrying a rockstar. Her jarring childhood and her scandalous marriage would have been the highlights of her life if she wasn’t a crazy, mega-manager and a TV personality. Here are awesome facts about the hot-tempered Sharon Osbourne and the troubles she got herself into. 

1. She Was A Rock’n Roll Baby

In 1952, music promoter Don Arden and his wife Hope Shaw added a daughter—named Sharon Rachel Levy—to their rock’n roller lives. She came to the world on a calm October day, but nothing about her life was calm because she was the baby in a room full of rock stars, producers, and artists. 

It sounds exciting. But exciting can be a bad thing.Sharon Osbourne at the Primetime Emmy Awards in black dressKathy Hutchins, Shutterstock

2. She Witnessed All The Wrong Things Very Early

During her earlier years, Osbourne often found herself in the middle of scandals, fights, and shady business deals. She often stood by her father’s side, spectating. From time to time, her father would be the one doing the threatening or fighting—sometimes even waving loaded weapons in people's faces. 

And her dad wasn’t the only bad parent in the house. Don Arden in suit and carrying an umbrella walking down the streetHarold Clements, Getty Images

3. Her Mother Was Cold

Sharon Osbourne claims her mother was a soulless woman who always wished that Osbourne had been born a boy. Hope Shaw didn’t get along well with her daughter—and the feeling was mutual. As Osbourne put it, "I think there was an underlying love, but there was no friendship, nothing at all, we didn't like each other."

As she got older, things went from bad to worse.Sharon Osbourne at the nominations announcement for the 2012 People's Choice Awards at the Paley Center for Media. November 8, 2011 Los Angeles, CA in black suitJaguar PS, Shutterstock

4. She Had An Unplanned Pregnancy

When Osbourne turned 17, her love life took a turn that haunted her and her mother for the rest of their lives. Her first time sleeping with a man resulted in a baby in her belly. As this wasn’t stupefying enough, her mother’s reaction was even more shocking. Sharon and David Arden begin to learn French at Britain's first language laboratory in London wearing headphonesHulton Deutsch, Getty Images

5. Her Mother Forced Her To Get Rid Of The Baby

Instead of being a supportive and caring mother, when Osbourne's mother heard the news she responded immediately with a cold demand: “You have to get rid of it.” Osbourne was horror-struck, as her mother continued mumbling. She claimed that she was going to have to get her daughter out of this mess.

So that’s what she set out to do.Sharon Osbourne at The X Factor London auditions held at Wembley arena, London in blue and white topFeatureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock

6. She Regretted It For The Rest Of Her Life

Despite all the big words and angry promises about getting her out of this mess, Osbourne's mother didn’t even show up on the day of her abortion. She had to go through with it alone and terrified. 

Later, Osbourne called it the biggest mistake she had ever made. So without a baby and with lots of mommy issues, she sought shelter in her dad’s arms. Sharon Osbourne at the 43rd Daytime Emmy Awards at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel on May 1, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA in white and black suitKathy Hutchins, Shutterstock

7. Her Father Fired Someone

As soon as she grew old enough to work, Osbourne became a receptionist at her father’s office. There, she met someone who'd change her life forever. At the time, Don Arden was managing Black Sabbath, who were looking to replace their unstable lead singer, Ozzy Osbourne

But this wasn't exactly the meet cute you're expecting. In fact, Sharon tried to replace Ozzy.Ozzy Osbourne in Cardiff 1981Andrew King, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

8. She Charmed Someone 

When Sharon Osbourne first heard about Black Sabbath, they were searching for a new lead singer, so Sharon suggested Ronnie James Dio. Despite her trying to replace him, Ozzy reported being attracted to Sharon from the start—but, as he put it "she probably thought [he] was a lunatic". 

Well, if she did, he sure knew how to win her over.Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne at Spike TV's 4th Annual s_bukley, Shutterstock

9. She Was Rebellious

Against her father’s wish, 18-year-old Sharon began dating Ozzy Osbourne. As if this didn’t infuriate her dad enough, she also took over his career, recruited a band for his solo career, and set out to launch his album. It was bad enough that Sharon had another man in the center of her life, but Arden hated Ozzy to boot.

This was going to get far worse before it got better.Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne in Brazil, 1985 sitting by the poolDave Hogan, Getty Images

10. She Tied The Knot

One family comes as one family goes. Just a few years after they first met, in 1979, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne tied the not, and Sharon Levy became Sharon Osbourne. Pretty soon, the Osbournes added a third to their number.Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne at a partyRon Galella, Getty Images

11. She Was Pregnant, Again

Maybe Sharon felt deja vu when, a year after her wedding, she learned she was pregnant again. However, this time, no one referred to the baby as a mess. On September 2, 1983, a little girl named Aimee Osbourne joined the rockstar family. 

This was a precious moment for Osbourne—but what came next wasn’t.Sharon Osbourne, Richard Branson, Aimee Osbourne (baby), Ozzy Osbourne in front of a wooden cabinVirginia Turbett, Getty Images

12. They Had Notorious Fights

Sharon and Ozzy fought constantly. They weren't just in a war of words, either; it often got physical. Sometimes, it was humiliatingly public. Once, Ozzy ran off stage in the middle of a concert to yell at her, then came back to continue with the song. With all that fighting, it's no surprise their marriage started getting worse and worse with each passing day.Ozzy Osbourne performing live in Cardiff (1980) in red clothesAndrew King, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

13. People Pitied Her

News about the distressed couple piled up—but one unspeakable act took the cake. The media began to describe Osbourne as the “beaten woman” after her husband knocked out her front teeth. However, the media didn't tell the whole story... Ozzy Osbourne & Sharon Osbourne during American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, United States in black clothesJeff Kravitz, Getty Images

14. She Was Not That Innocent

As it turned out, Osbourne wasn't so innocent herself. She often responded to her husband in the form of an eye for an eye. On one occasion, when she got caught in the heat of the moment, she threw a full bottle of scotch at his head. So yes, Ozzy was chaotic and troubled, but Sharon was no slouch either. 

But being with him was still better than being with her father—as one chilling incident proved.Ozzy Osbourne poses with his wife Sharon Osbourne at Ridge Farm Studios in West Sussex during the recording of 'Bark At The Moon' album in August 1983  huggingFin Costello, Getty Images

15. She Was Not Welcomed

Osbourne was already having trouble with her parents, but this mutual dislike hit a new level when she visited them once in the early 80s—even if it wasn’t technically her parents’ fault. When Sharon entered the house, her parents' dogs savagely attacked her. The Doberman knocked her to the ground, then they swarmed her.

Painfully enough, this wasn’t the end of the nightmare. Don Arden At Home 1995Martyn Goodacre, Getty Images

16. She Suffered A Second Loss

Osbourne simply said, “It’s the most frightening thing in the world and time goes in slow motion and fear.” But once she got to the hospital, she had to face a heartbreaking reality. As it turned out, she was pregnant, and she lost the baby in the attack.

But right when she was at her lowest, something magical happened. Sharon Osbourne wife of Pop Singer Ozzy Osbourne looking sad in white topMirrorpix, Getty Images

17. Then Her Babies Came, With Worries 

In the years that followed the tragedy, the Osbournes welcomed three babies, with Kelly and Jack coming soon after Aimee. Nevertheless, Osbourne constantly worried about turning into her mother or cursing her babies with her own messed up marriage and lifestyle. 

Even though she worried about showing them the right way in life, what came next was a complete disaster. Sharon Osbourne is pictured with her three children, Aimee, Kelly and Jack, Circa 1986Mirrorpix, Getty Images

18. They Went To Russia

In 1989, the Osbournes went to Moscow because Ozzy had a performance scheduled for the Moscow Music Peace Festival—yet there was nothing peaceful about it. This was the moment Ozzy hit rock bottom. He was using substances, drinking excessively, and was severely unstable. 

After an incident we'll discuss soon, he decided he needed to change his ways. Incredibly it worked—sort of.

Ozzy Osbourne in Moscow on stageKoh Hasebe/Shinko Music, Getty Images

19. She Was The First Lady Of Ozzfest 

In the following years, Sharon Osbourne organized what came to be the most successful enterprise of her husband's career: Ozzfest. She was the mastermind who launched the phenomenal festival in spite of people who, by the 90s, thought Ozzy was “uncool".

Considering the ongoing success of Ozzfest, it seemed like she won that battle—but another was just around the corner.Ozzfest Main StageBryan, CC BY 2.0 , Wikimedia Commons

20. Her Phone Rang In The Middle Of The Night

Even though Osbourne didn’t stay in touch with her parents, she still knew what was going on in their lives. As such, she knew that her mother had been in a terrible car accident—yet she recalls only feeling strange and cold after learning of it. After all, the two weren't even speaking by that point. 

Then one day in 1999, the phone rang. Her brother was on the line, and he had horrible news. Sharon Osbourne at An Evening with Women kick-off concert presented by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center at The Roxy Theater on March 15, 2014 in West Hollywood, CA in black and white jacketJoe Seer, Shutterstock

21. Her Response Was Bitter

Hope Arden, Sharon's mother, was gone. Their relationship had been strained, but still, Osbourne's response to the tragic news was shockingly unfeeling. The only words that came out of her mouth were, "Oh, what a shame". 

She then put the phone down and resumed her life—but whether she'd admit it or not, she was not the same person. In the backyard of their Beverly Hills home singer Ozzy Osbourne and wife Sharon Osbourne for an upfront Sunday calendar storyAl Seib, Getty Images

22. She Lost Tons Of Weight

The same year, Osbourne underwent lap-band surgery for weight loss. In one year she lost almost 100 pounds, and everything about her looks changed. She used to note that her large figure was “an essential part of her persona” because people took her more seriously. 

After the weight loss, she had to compensate for her tiny figure with scandals to make a statement. Sharon Osbourne as a host at Australian Commercial Radio Awards in black dress and jewelryEva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

23. She Told Lies About Her Father

Sharon Osbourne acted offensive and hostile around everyone, so it was no shock that her dad got the worst treatment. In an interview in 2001, when asked about her relationship with Arden, she revealed that her father had never met her children—and never would. On top of that, she said that her children thought their grandfather was not alive. 

However, this was about to change.Jack Osbourne, Aimee Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne at the premiere of Ron Galella, Getty Images 

24. Her Children Was About To Bust Her

Right after she lied about her father, her children encountered a man looking exactly like their grandfather—based on his pictures, of course. They were almost sure this was Arden because Osbourne was shouting at him at that moment. When they confronted their mom, Osbourne told another lie, saying that the man was Tony Curtis

Meanwhile, it looked like she got away with everything. Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon, tour the battleship USS Missouri in hatsDevin Wright, Wikimedia Commons

25. She Had Her Show

In 2002, a cable network made an offer to Osbourne she couldn’t refuse. The Osbourne family was about to have their own reality show—The Osbournes—which would broadcast all their family drama. The show instantly became a hit—people loved to see how rock stars fight and how rock parents took care of their children. 

Yet, something was missing. Sharon Osbourne on The OsbournesMTV Networks, The Osbournes (2002–2005)

26. She Had A Notorious Reunion

It took The Osbournes to heal the Osbournes' broken family. Don Arden appeared on the show, and father and daughter reconciled. He even met his grandchildren Kelly and Jack for the first time on camera. It looked like they were finally all one happy family. That's right when something earth-shattering happened. Sharon Osbourne giving someone a piece of her mindMTV Networks, The Osbournes (2002–2005)

27. Her Body Couldn't Take It Anymore

In July 2002, Osbourne discovered that she had cancer. She didn't take it very seriously at first and even insisted the show keep filming—but it turned out to be very serious. Medical professionals advised her to slow down—but Sharon Osbourne wasn’t a rule follower. Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne during The Osbourne Family Visits MTV's Theo Wargo, Getty Images

28. She Resisted 

For the following months, Osbourne juggled chemotherapy and doing the show. With a “show must go on” mentality, she requested the crew to document her illness, so the second season of The Osbournes started off with all eyes on her. 

In classic Sharon fashion, she tried everything in her power to look good for the cameras. Sharon Osbourne on The Osbournes speaking to someone in dark topMTV Networks, The Osbournes (2002–2005)

29. Cher Inspired Her

On top of all the makeup and medicines, she invested in wigs. Since her hair was falling out due to the chemotherapy, she collaborated with Cher’s wigmaker and purchased custom-made wigs. 

Even though wardrobe and makeup made her at least look like everything was normal, there wasn't anyone who could touch up her mental health quite so well. Sharon Osbourne on The Osbournes speaking to someone in dark topMTV Networks, The Osbournes (2002–2005)

30. She Adopted Someone, Or Did She?

Around the same time, her daughter Kelly’s friend Robert lost his mother due to cancer—and this incident was very touching for Osbourne. She then publicly announced that she adopted Robert. However, this sparked controversy when Robert went to live with his biological father—following a nervous breakdown—and Osbourne denied adopting him at all.

And while Osbourne was dealing with her fake adopted son, her real son was going through some dark stuff. Sharon Osbourne in black top at home MTV Networks, The Osbournes (2002–2005)

31. Her Son Was Practicing Self-Harm

Osbourne’s youngest child Jack followed in his father’s footsteps—all the way to rehab. The 17-year-old then confessed that he attempted to take his own life, as he put it, “I took a whole bunch of pills and drank some absinthe”. 

He already suffered from depression, and seeing his mother's condition pushed him over the edge. Singer KELLY OSBOURNE & brother JACK OSBOURNE, children of Ozzie Osbourne, at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. 01 JUN 2002,Featureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock

32. She Had A New Show Alert

When Osbourne went into remission in 2003, she got herself another side hustle—her own talk show on TV. Based in the UK rather than Los Angeles, The Sharon Osbourne Show would include guests so that Osbourne would have the chance to showcase her HR skills. 

Before the show, they tested her skills with an event. The Sharon Osbourne Show, Sharon in black suitSO Divine Productions, The Sharon Osbourne Show (2003-04)

33. The Osbournes Hosted An Event

In January 2003, the American Music Awards announced that the whole Osbourne family would host that year's ceremony. Though some stiff collars raised their noses at the choice, The Osbournes was a hit and the decision made perfect sense. Then the night started... The Osbournes host 30th Annual American Music AwardsVince Bucci, Getty Images

34. The Night Was A Disaster For Her

The AMAs that year started off with controversy and ended with an outright scandal. Many viewers and audience members couldn't believe the Osbournes' shocking language—let's just say there was a lot of “beeping”. Eventually, it got so bad that presenter Patricia Heaton walked out of the ceremony in disgust. 

Osbournes desperately wanted to forget that night, which makes what came next tragically ironic.Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne at the 30th Annual AMAs speaking on stageKevin Winter, Getty Images

35. Her Father Was Forgetting Things

The whole family was already miserable when Sharon got a call from the Los Angeles nursing home caring for her father. Arden had advanced-stage Alzheimer's and pneumonia, and the staff needed to know if they should resuscitate him in the event of cardiac arrest. The end was officially near.

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Osbourne had a soft spot for him by now, so she hoisted a white flag. Sharon Osbourne at the 2009 Creative Arts Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in black topJaguar PS, Shutterstock

36. It Was Time For Her To Step Up

Osbourne put on her big girl shoes and forgave her father before she lost him forever. She ended up paying for his care for the rest of his life. Thus, this bitter sickness marked the end of the feud between these two rock star managers. 

But that didn't mean her problems were over.Sharon & Kelly Osbourne arrives to the Race To Erase MS 2013 on May 03, 2013 in Century City, CA in formal clothes  and jewelsDFree, Shutterstock

37. Her Show Wasn’t Going So Well

Osbourne’s new talk show wasn’t doing well with the ratings. How could it? Her body was deteriorating. Between the stress, the remnants of her cancer, and the family troubles, it's a wonder she could stand. The show’s critics noticed, commenting that she could barely do the basics of being a talk show host, like reading from a prompter or interviewing guests.

Even though she struggled to keep her show alive, another ending was nigh. Sharon Osbourne at the American Idol Final 13 Party at Area Nightclub, West Hollywood in golden topJaguar PS, Shutterstock

38. She Was All Plastic  

Osbourne has always cared dearly about her clothes, her accessories, and how she looked. She had been very open about her long list of cosmetic surgeries. In 2006, she made an appearance on Dr Phil and admitted that she almost changed everything on her body with surgery. 

She knew that a television personality must look like the part, and television loved her ageless looks. At least this enabled her to jump from one show to the other.

Sharon Osbourne at the CBS 2012 Fall Premiere party at Greystone Manor on September 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, California in black topJoe Seer, Shutterstock

39. She Was Everywhere

After the end of her reality show and her talk show, Osbourne became a judge on the UK’s version of The X Factor. Since everyone knew her personality on and off camera, she didn’t shock anyone with her outbursts—although she received tons of criticism because of what she said about another TV personality. 

Sharon Osbourne at The X Factor auditions held at London Excel London in black suitFeatureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock

40. She Made Inappropriate Comments

Before a live show in season three, Osbourne sparked another controversy when she spoke out against Chris Tarrant, the host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. This came after Tarrant made some comments about her husband. She openly discussed Tarrant’s infidelity and divorce, infuriating most of the producers of the show. 

However, despite all her outbursts, she had a long run with The X Factor team until 2010, when she began hosting another talk show of her own: The Talk.

Aisha Tyler, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, Sheryl Underwood & Julie Chen attend CBS 'The Talk' welcome to New YorkSam Aronov, Shutterstock

41. She Published Multiple Biographies

As you all know by now, Osbourne’s had more ups and downs than a roller coaster, so shouldn't be surprising that she published not one, not two, but three biographies to tell her stories. Her first one, Extreme, covered her childhood, the second one, Survivor, covered her cancer battle, and the third, Unbreakable, was about the chain of events that happened after cancer. 

Jack Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne at a book signing for 'Ordinary People: Our Story' at Barnes and Noble at the Grove on February 19, 2004 in Los Angeles, California, sitting at a deskJoe Seer, Shutterstock

42. People Canceled Her

After a very unsuccessful season, the producers decided to pull the plug on The Sharon Osbourne Show. Of course Osbourne was not happy with the decision, but she already had enough on her plate—Ozzfest 2004 was fast approaching. Although she was busy organizing the festival, she was upset and ready to make a scene about the cancellation.

So, of course: That's exactly what she did. John Campbell of Lamb of God at OzzfestKurt Christensen , CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons

43. She Orchestrated A Scandal

Once Ozzfest began, Osbourne caused a stir and signed her name under one of the biggest festival controversies of all time. While Iron Maiden was on stage, Osbourne and her entourage allegedly bombarded the band with eggs and other things. 

Even Sharon's daughter Kelly was involved in this incident. What came next was even juicier. Iron Maiden during OzzFest 2005Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

44. Her Plan Wasn’t Over

After Iron Maiden’s first three songs—by which point eggs already covered the stage—Osbourne engineered a power outage. Then, she played a recording of people playing "Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy". But she wasn't finished yet. On top of such humiliation, she found a microphone and announced that Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson was a “p-r-i-c-k” to 40,000 people. 

But when she returned home from this craze, karma was waiting for her.Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne at the OZZFEST 2007 press conference. Century Plaza Hotel, Century City, CA. 02-06-07 in black clothes and glassess_bukley, Shutterstock

45. Someone Got Her Jewels 

Back from the festival, Mr and Mrs Osbourne ticked another box in their list of dramatic events. Someone broke into their home in Jordans, Buckinghamshire, and made off with gems worth £2 million. Even worse, the couple was home at the time—Ozzy even tried to stop him! 

Alas, the man got away, along with treasured items like wedding and engagement rings. The invasion had Sharon Osbourne breathing fire, so she got in front of a camera to spit the fire. Ozzy Osbourne at the OZZFEST 2007 press conference in black clothes and  jewelss_bukley, Shutterstock

46. She Offered A Deal To The Public

Right after she realized the officials couldn’t find the guilty party, she asked for help from her fellow citizens. She appeared on a television program about unsolved crimes named Crimewatch and she offered £100,000 to whoever found her jewelry. She didn’t even want to find the thief, just the accessories. sharon osbourne sitting on a couch in black jacketJoe Seer, Shutterstock

48. She Lost It  

The first scandal occurred in 2000, when Osbourne resigned from managing The Smashing Pumpkins out of nowhere. She sent out a quirky memo, saying that “unfortunately I must resign today due to medical reasons ... [The Smashing Pumpkins frontman] Billy Corgan was making me sick”. 

Her hostile jokes accompanied outright lies. Smashing Pumpkins performingGyang333, CC BY-SA ,Wikimedia Commons

47. Her Husband Lost It

At the beginning of their relationship, Ozzy was always tipsy and absent. Soon, Sharon's other fears came disturbingly true. She caught him with another girl when she flew all the way to Tokyo to surprise him. His list of misdeeds was getting longer, and his temper was getting hotterOZZY OSBOURNE & wife SHARON at the 2002 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles in black clothesFeatureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock

49. She Was Almost Out Of Breath

Things went very wrong at the Moscow Peace Festival, a show Ozzy was playing. According to Sharon's accounts, her husband, after finishing four bottles, made a notorious decision. He said, "I've decided you have to go," put his hands around her neck, and started to squeeze. 

Sharon fought for her dear life in the following minutes. Thankfully, she won that fight—and immediately took action. Ozzy Osbourne & Sharon Orbourne arrives to Brent Shapiro Foundation Summer Spectacular 2014 on September 13, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA in blackDFree, Shutterstock

50. Her Husband Went To Rehab

Osbourne immediately called the authorities and they took Ozzy down to the station. For all the shock of her husband trying to take her life, she reacted in a very bizarre way. She made sure that nobody put her husband behind bars. 

Instead, they sent Ozzy to rehab for three months…but his journey would take longer than that.Sharon Osbourne at premiere of ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, NY 9/7/2003 in black jacketEverett Collection, Shutterstock

51. She Didn’t Press Charges

Instead of seeking justice, Osbourne sought a healthy relationship—which meant her husband recovering. So she didn’t press any charges. Moreover, she reminisced about the incident with a hauntingly optimistic comment, saying, “He was totally insane from all the drink and drugs he was doing, and well, these things happen". 

Sharon Osbourne at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards 2012 in black topEva Rinaldi, CC BY-SA 2.0 , Wikimedia Commons

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