Beliebable Facts About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer/songwriter who was born in 1994 in Stratford, Ontario, and raised by a single mom. After being discovered through YouTube by a talent manager, he was quickly signed to a big-time contract and has never looked back. Today, he’s one of the best-selling music artists in the world. Below are 46 cool facts about this talented artist.

Justin Bieber Facts

1. Bonjour


Thanks to encouragement from his mom, Justin Bieber is fluent in French. He attended a French Immersion school in his home town.

2. Late Bloomer

Justin Bieber taught himself to play guitar, piano, trumpet, and drums. He received his first drum set at 2 years old, but didn’t properly learn to play until the ripe old age of four.

3. 1st is For Suckers Anyway

When he was 12-years-old, Justin Bieber placed 2nd in a talent show in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario with his rendition of “So Sick” by Neyo.

4. YouTube Sensation

When Bieber was a kid, Justin and his mom decided to post clips of Bieber performing on YouTube as a way of sharing his singing with his family. He became an online sensation and was discovered by Scooter Braun, who later became his manager.


5. Usher Says No Thanks

When Bieber’s manager flew him to Atlanta to meet some studio executives, he encountered Usher in the parking lot and asked to perform for him. Usher initially turned him down, but changed his mind after watching his videos.

6. You Paid How Much for a Haircut?!

Maintaining his signature hairdo took a lot of work, and Justin Bieber was reportedly spending as much as $750.00 every two weeks on salon visits, which amounted to $18000 a year!

7. Just a Sentimental Softy!

In an Interview with Seventeen Magazine, Justin Bieber revealed that he secretly loves the movie The Notebook. In a separate interview, he also told TV host James Corden that he cried when he watched the film.

8. Not Too Shabby

Justin Bieber’s documentary concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is the highest-grossing music concert film since the genre’s inception. The film was an inside look at Bieber’s rise to stardom, and grossed 73 million dollars, beating out Michael Jackson for the top spot.

9. Brains Get Degrees

Justin Bieber’s career has meant that he’s unable to attend a regular high school, but he still managed to complete a long-distance degree. He told Martha Stewart in an interview that he finished with a 4.0 GPA, despite moving to Atlanta to pursue his music when he was 13.

10. Usher vs. Timberlake

A week after being turned down by Usher, Bieber got a meeting with Justin Timberlake. When Usher had a change of heart, he and Timberlake got into a label bidding war, which Usher ultimately won.


11. Thanks, Bro.

Despite losing out on signing Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake is still fond of Bieber. After seeing each other at a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show, Bieber reached out to Timberlake, thanking him for his kind words when they met. Timberlake quickly responded, anPinsDaddyPinsDaddyPinsDaddyd said, “Keep up the good work, lil’ bro.”

12. In Solemn Memory…

When Bieber was 16, he landed a guest spot on the hit show CSI, where he played a troubled teen. Though his character was shot and killed in the second episode of the season, he thought the experience was really cool.

13. Coming for You, Katy

Justin Bieber has an ever-growing presence on social media, and in 2016, he was the second most-followed celebrity on Twitter with 90.2 million followers. Katy Perry topped the list with 94.5 million followers.

14. “Sorry” Reigns Supreme

While Katy Perry may be the current Queen of Twitter, Bieber’s video Sorry was at the top of music video viewing platform Vevo’s list of most popular videos for 2016. The video has crossed over 2 billion views on YouTube, and is joined by two other songs by the artist, coming in at 5&6 on the list.

15. Advice from “Dr.” Will

Justin Bieber is fortunate to count many A-list celebrities among his mentors, but none more so than Will Smith. A particularly tough bout for Bieber prompted Smith to drive to his house and pull him out of bed for a three-hour talk. Since then, the pair speak weekly over the phone to give Bieber advice and encouragement.

16. Swagger Tax

Justin Bieber has been in trouble with the law a fair number of times over his career, and according to an episode of CNBC’s The Filthy Rich Guide, he has paid at least $141,600 in “swagger tax” to get himself out of trouble.


17. Monkey Love

Justin Bieber received a monkey as a gift and decided to keep it as a pet. Unfortunately, it was seized by German Customs Officials for lack of documentation and quarantined shortly after he landed in Munich. When he failed to provide the proper paperwork by the deadline, the monkey was released to a zoo.

18. The New Face of Softbank

Justin Bieber recently filmed a commercial with Tokyo-based tele-communications company Softbank. The commercial features Bieber and YouTube star Piko-Taro, and encourages students to sign a contract with the company. The commercial hasn’t aired outside of Japan, but can be found on Bieber’s YouTube Channel.

19. Flaunting his Calvins

Bieber stripped down to his skivvies for Calvin Klein’s Spring 16 campaign, which featured a variety of celebrities telling the world what they do in their Calvins. He shared the sexy shots on Instagram with the caption “I flaunt in #mycalvins” and caused teenaged girls around the world to swoon.

20. Bought a House for His Family

Back in 2013, Justin Bieber bought an $850,000, five-bedroom home for his father and half-siblings. Bieber is close to his father and reportedly wanted to make sure that they had a nice, safe place to live.

21. Expert Cuber

The Rubix Cube puzzle has been stumping people since 1974, but Justin Bieber can solve the puzzle in under 2 minutes.

22. Made a Sick Girl’s Dream Come True

In January 2013, Justin Bieber delayed the start of his Salt Lake City concert for a very good reason. He was visiting a 7-year-old girl with Leukemia in the hospital who was unable to come to his show. He sang her his song “Baby” and gave her his guitar pick.


23. Don’t Stop “Beliebing”

Justin Bieber fanatics call themselves “beliebers.” The word has been included in dictionaries since 2010, and was voted one of the best new words of 2010.

24. Auctioned his Hair on eBay

In 2011, after he cut his hair, Justin Bieber gave a lock of his hair to Ellen DeGeneres to auction off for a charity of his choosing. His hair fetched $40,668, and the proceeds went to an animal rights group called the “Gentle Barn Foundation.”

25. Loves the Happiest Place on Earth!

As a teen, Justin Bieber loved Disneyland dates, and he once took then-girlfriend Selena Gomez to Disney for Valentine’s Day.

26. Almost Auditioned for American Idol

In an interview with MTV news, Justin Bieber admitted that if he hadn’t gotten his big break, he would have tried out for American Idol when he turned 16. Lucky for him, his online videos turned out to be a faster route to fame.

27. Keep Your Gifts to Yourself!

At a recent concert, Justin Bieber was caught on video calling out a fan who threw a gift on stage. He explained that throwing the hat distracted him, and asked fans to refrain from throwing anything as he likely doesn’t want it anyway. Bieber later apologized for sounding mean.

28. He’s Seriously Inked!

Since he turned 16, Justin Bieber has been getting more and more tattoos, including a small cross under his eye. In 2017, he revealed two new tattoos on his Instagram page. One was a bear’s face underneath his right shoulder, and the other a screaming eagle with its wings spread just above his belly button. 

29. Temporarily Quit Instagram

in 2016, Justin Bieber quit Instagram for 6 months after an online feud with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. He reactivated his account in Feb 2017 by posting his T-Mobile Super Bowl ad.

30. Justin Bieber Ad is Punishment for Drunk Driving

On Super Bowl Sunday, Wyoming police threatened would-be drunk drivers with an unusual punishment. Motorists caught driving while intoxicated would be subjected to the Justin Bieber T-Mobile ad the entire way to jail. Bieber’s fans reportedly loved it, and Twitter users praised the police for their work.

31. That Time He Sang in Spanish

Justin Bieber teamed up with Latin superstars Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee in a remix of the song “Despactio” and surprised his fans by singing the chorus in Spanish. The single has garnered more than 980 million views on YouTube, and as of July 2017, it holds the top spot on Spotify’s Top 200 chart.

32. RicktheSizzler

In 2015, Justin Bieber joined the popular social media platform Snapchat under the handle RicktheSizzler. The singer has yet to offer an explanation for the name, but it hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of the most added users.

33.A Million for Happy Birthday

At last report, Justin Bieber was charging a cool million to make an appearance at a private event. That’s gotta be one amazing Happy Birthday!

34. Yup- I’m a Great Kisser!

Justin Bieber reportedly once kissed a poster of himself. Afterwards he exclaimed “Yup-I’m a Great Kisser!”

35.Is Afraid of Small Spaces

When Justin Bieber was little, his cousin locked him inside a toy box. Since then, he has suffered from Claustrophobia.

36.Rejected by Rhianna

When he was 16, Justin Bieber asked Rhianna out on a date. The then 23-year-old star turned him down for the simple reason that he was too young.

37. Don’t Try to Text Him!

Bieber is not a fan of texting and gives his number to very few people. The reason? Because as he says, “I don’t want people to feel like they can just get in contact with me that easy.”

38.Has his Own Emojii App

For the low price of $2.99 in the iTunes App Store, fans can download their very own Justmojii app, featuring hundreds of Bieber gifs and emojiis. Included in the app are emojiis that poke fun at some of Bieber’s more infamous moments, such as the time he egged a neighbor’s house and the time he peed in a bucket.

39. Broke a Beatle’s Record!

The Beatles enjoyed a combined 12 weeks with two songs in Billboard’s top Five at the same time in 1964 and 69—something no other artist has done until Justin Bieber. In May/June 2017, he had five weeks with two concurrent songs in the top three. When combined with his eight weeks from Jan/Feb 2016, he totalled 13 weeks and surpassed the Fab Four’s record.

40. Most Streamed Track and Album!

Justin Bieber holds the record for most streamed song on Spotify in one week, with his song “What Do You Mean” being streamed 30,723,708 times in seven days. He also holds the record for most streamed album, with his latest release Purpose streaming 205 million times worldwide.

41. Tearing up the Billboard Charts

Justin Bieber is the first male artist to debut at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 twice, and is only the third artist to have singles ranked #1 and #2 on Billboard’s Year-End Hot 100. The Beatles were the first in 1964, and Usher was the second in 2004.

42. Had Four Songs in the Top 40 Before Releasing an Album

Four singles from Justin Bieber’s debut album “My World” became Billboard top 40 hits before the album was even released. He is the only solo artist in history with this amazing accomplishment.

43. Has 5 Number 1 Albums

With the debut of “Believe Acoustic” on the Billboard 200 album chart at #1, he became the youngest artist in the U.S. to have five chart-topping albums. The album sold 211,000 copies in its first week, and included 3 new songs as well as acoustic versions of songs from his “Believe” album.

44. Ferrari Lost and Found

Justin Bieber once managed to lose his custom neon blue Ferrari 458 Italia after a night of clubbing with friends. The star reportedly forgot where he’d left it, but an assistant finally tracked it down three weeks later at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

45. Owns a Ducati Superbike

In 2012, Justin Bieber spent $20,000 on a White Ducati Superbike 848 Evo before he even had a motorcycle license. He bought the bike on the advice of his friend and mentor Usher, who has the same model in black.

46. Bizarre Dressing Room Requests

Justin Bieber recently raised eyebrows when music journalist Arjun S Ravi posted a leaked list of his India tour requests on Twitter. Among the demands were a Rolls Royce reserved exclusively for him, a Jacuzzi to unwind in before he goes on stage, and an Indian yoga casket filled with essential oils and books on chakras to be left in his hotel suite. He also banned lilies from his presence.

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