Hot N Cold Facts About Katy Perry

June 18, 2017 | Miles Brucker

Hot N Cold Facts About Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been a pop sensation since her debut single “I Kissed A Girl” in 2008. Since then she’s released hit after hit and made an impact on the pop-music landscape.

Here are 42 hot and cold facts about Katy Perry.

Katy Perry Facts

1. Confusion

Katy Perry isn’t her real name, it’s actually Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and her debut album was released as Katy Hudson. The album was unsuccessful and she changed her stage name to  Katy Perry to avoid being confused with the actor Kate Hudson. Perry is Katy’s mother’s maiden name.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

2. Religious Upbringing

Born on October 25th 1984 to two pastor parents. She started her singing career at the age of nine, singing in her parents’ church until she was 17. She grew up listening strictly Christian music, eventually being inspired by Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know.”

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

3. If At First You Don’t Succeed

Katy’s first self titled album Katy Hudson was released in 2001 and was entirely Christian rock. Though the album only sold 200 copies, she was not deterred and kept trying, eventually switching over to pop music. It took another 7 years before she made her breakthrough with “I Kissed A Girl.”

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, Joella Marano

4. Leave The Nest

Katy left home when she was 17 to pursue a career in music. She signed to Island Def Jam’s record label after moving to Los Angeles. The album she was set to release with them never saw the light of day.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, Eva Rinaldi

5. Famous Friends

Katy dated Gym Class Heroes’ lead singer Travis McCoy for several years, eventually splitting in 2009. The two were still dating when Katy made her breakthrough with “I Kissed A Girl,” and Travis even made a cameo in the video.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Image

6. Famous Footsteps

Katy is the only singer to have 5 number 1 hits from the same album since Michael Jackson. Not bad for someone who’s first album didn’t even reach 1000 people.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, Thomas Crenshaw

7. 3Documentary

Katy Perry’s 3D concert/bio Katy Perry: Part Of Me was released by MTV studios in 2012. It was the second MTV movie to get a PG rating (the first being Napoleon Dynamite), and the first documentary from the studio to get that rating.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

8. Operatic

Katy studied Italian Opera for a short while before transitioning into pop, and has a contralto vocal range. The term contralto refers to the lowest-pitched variety of female voice.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

9. Move On

After her split with Travis McCoy, Katy got engaged to Russell Brand in December of 2009. The two were only dating since September of that year. Russell wanted the two to get married in India atop an elephant while watching fireworks. Sad to say that idea fizzled out.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

10. Cut

Katy was supposed to make an appearance in Russell’s 2010 movie Get Him To The Greek, but her scene was eventually cut from the film. Had she made the final cut, Get Him To The Greek would have been her big screen debut.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, Don Sniegowski

11. Inspired

Her debut single “I Kissed A Girl” was inspired by Scarlett Johansson.

Cannes 'Match Point' PhotocallGetty Images

12. Cat

Katy Perry has a cat named Kitty Purry, and another cat named Monkey. Unfortunately for Monkey, Kitty Purry is the only one of the two to have a successful blog. Kitty was even nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Celebrity Pet, but didn’t win. It’s ok, it must have been an honour to simply have been nominated.

Katy Perry FactsWikimedia Commons, oouinouin from Nanterre, France

13. Move On Part II

After their marriage in 2010, Katy Perry filed for divorce from her then husband Russell Brand in 2011, almost exactly one year from the day they got married.

Katy Perry FactsWikimedia Commons, slgckgc

14. No Thanks

Katy was supposedly offered $20 million to join American Idol’s 12th season as a judge, but declined the offer to work on her own projects.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, NRK P3

15. Ladies First

For her 28th birthday, Katy got to have lunch with the then First Lady Michelle Obama. No word on whether they kissed, but we have a feeling Katy would have liked it had.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, Gage Skidmore

16. Fatty Perry

Katy Perry once described herself as the fatter Amy Winehouse and the skinnier Lily Allen. Allen took offense to this (obviously), and threatened to release Katy’s personal phone number on social media. Lily eventually cooled off and Katy’s privacy was safe.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, Erik F. Brandsborg


17. Kissed A Girl

After Katy Perry performed on The View, host Whoopi Goldberg gave Katy a kiss on the lips and proclaimed “I liked it.” The studio audience liked it too.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, DeShaun Craddock

18. Ghost Writer

Katy isn’t just a famous singer, she’s also a skilled song writer. She’s written songs for Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, and even Kelly Clarkson. Way to go Katy!

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

19. Inked

Katy has gotten a tattoo for each album she’s released. It started with a strawberry for “One Of The Boys,” then she got a peppermint for “Teenage Dream.” She even brought a tattoo artist on tour with her, and opened it up to everyone working on her tour, including her dancers and stage crew.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

20. Irresistible

Whenever Katy bumps into TV hunk Mario Lopez, she can’t help herself but to poke his delightful dimples. Mario doesn’t seem to mind though.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

21. Busy Year

In 2011 Katy released her signature fragrance called Purr by Katy Perry that came complete in a cat shaped bottle. That same year, Katy released a Katy Perry Barbie doll with Mattel.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, Eva Rinaldi

22. Fan Fave

In June of 2017, Katy Perry became the first person to have 100 million Twitter followers, beating out Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, and even Donald Trump.

Katy Perry FactsWikimedia Commons, natalieaja

23. Stylish

Katy has been known to have her own unique style, often wearing zany outfits and changing her hair color. Katy also likes to dress up in outfits from different decades, and has made a habit of using fruit in her outfits.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

24. One Love

Katy has been a huge supporter of gay rights from the beginning, despite her strict religious upbringing. She voted no on Prop 8, which was an amendment in California to declare marriage be between a man and a woman, and supported then President Obama to legalize gay marriage. Nicely done Katy.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, slgckgc

25. World Record Holder

Katy Perry entered The Guinness Book Of World Records in 2010 after her first two singles sold over 2 million digital copies. Her official record is “Best Start On The US Digital Charts By A Female Artist.”

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, slgckgc

26. Copy Kat

When Katy first started with Columbia Records, Avril Lavigne was a big star. So much so that Columbia Records wanted Katy to mimic Avril’s punk style. Katy rejected the idea, instead opting for her own unique style. Good choice Katy.

Avril Lavigne factsGetty Images

27. Inked Part II

Aside from her album tattoos, Katy has two more tattoos. One is the word “Jesus” on her left wrist, and the other is “Go With The Flow” in sanskrit on her left arm. Her previously mentioned strawberry and peppermint tattoos are on her left and right foot respectively.

Katy Perry FactsShutterstock

28. Inappropriate

Katy is known to be a celebrity that might say or do something deemed inappropriate for children to see. That’s why when she was brought on to be a guest on Sesame Street, many parents were concerned. Eventually her guest appearance was deemed inappropriate for children because of Katy’s outfit and the segment never made it to air, but you can still find it on Youtube.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, Eva Rinaldi

29. Fitty Perry

Katy Perry has a very fit body, but she only uses one simple tool to make sure it stays that way. Can you guess what it is? It’s a jump rope.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

30. Strange Past(ors)

Despite both her parents being Pastors, they lead interesting lives before starting their religious lives. Katy’s mom was in a relationship with Jimi Hendrix, while Katy’s dad was formerly a drug dealer. That’s a 180 degree turn if we ever saw one.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

31. Personal Touch

Katy Perry is a huge fan of CD mixes despite the technology being outdated. Katy is known to make personalized CD mixes for all of her close friends who have said that she has great taste in music.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, slgckgc

32. Godliness

Katy isn’t like most celebrities. Her idea of fun is staying in and cleaning the house for the sake of fun, often taking great joy in chores like vacuuming and washing the dishes.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, Michael B.

33. Gifts

When Katy Perry is done with her tours, all her amazing outfits are gifted to any backstage crew who want them. Surprisingly, none of these outfits have made their way to eBay, yet.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

34. Fan Fave Part II

Katy Perry’s debut single “I Kissed A Girl” is still a huge fan favorite, often performing it at all her shows despite performing newer albums. Fans even throw cherry chapstick on stage when she starts singing the song.

Katy Perry FactsFlickr, slgckgc

35. Queenly Influence

Katy Perry has said multiple times that the late Queen singer Freddy Mercury was a huge inspiration for her. Katy even dressed up as the iconic singer for Halloween one year.

3479284116_086cded5e2_oFlickr, kentarotakizawa

36. Famous Friends Part II

Katy Perry has become very close friends with former Beatle Paul McCartney. The two where even on The Graham Norton Show together, where Paul told Katy that he and his 10 year old daughter love her song “Firework.”

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

37. Baby Perry

Katy Perry once helped her older sister deliver her baby with a natural water-birth. Katy even recorded it on her iPhone. Luckily, she didn’t post the video on instagram.

Katy Perry FactsShutterstock

38. Teenage Dropout

After only a few months in high school, Katy opted to complete her GED so that she could pursue a career in music instead. While we don’t recommend this for everyone, we sure are glad Katy did.

Katy Perry FactsShutterstock

39. Fanatic

Katy Perry is a big fan of both Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Don’t believe us? Katy owns locks of both singers’ hair, and even kept them in her purse for a time. This one’s a bit creepy, to be honest.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

40. Loud Music?

While she was dating singer John Mayer, the pair were so loud in bed that neighbors often complained about it.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

41. Young Start

At the age of 15, she caught the eye of a music producer from Nashville who saw her in a church choir. She was taken to Nashville to help develop her writing, as well as teach her how to play the guitar, which she can play very well.

Katy Perry FactsGetty Images

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