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Electrifying Facts About Chris Hemsworth

“People who put themselves on the line and sacrifice their own safety for the greater good and for others, and anyone in any profession whose concern is the welfare for other people instead of the individual, are inspiring and important.”—Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is the man from down under who’s best known for playing Thor, stealing the hearts of countless women in the process. His role in the first Thor film took him out of his relative anonymity and has helped him build an impressive film resume, even if people still tend to think of him as the God of Thunder. Maybe he gets tired of being seen only as the one character, but come on, if people only think of you as a literal god, how bad can it really be? With the entire fate of the Marvel Universe moving forward completely up in the air after Infinity War, who knows where ol' Point Break will end up, but one thing is for sure—we all look forward to seeing Chris Hemsworth light up the screen (shirts optional) for years to come. Keep on reading to discover 42 facts about this Aussie dreamboat.

Chris Hemsworth Facts

42. Three’s Company

Hemsworth is the middle child of his family. His older brother, Luke, is probably best known by American audiences for his role as Ashley Stubbs in Westworld. Meanwhile, Liam made his name playing Gale in The Hunger Games franchise and romantic films like The Last Song (not to mention his relationship with Miley Cyrus). While Luke may not be the most famous brother, he was the first to land a professional acting role, with his spot on the Australian soap opera Neighbours. Luke must have inspired something in his siblings, since their parents were not actors, yet all three of them seem to have made a pretty impressive go at it.

Chris Hemsworth facts Wikimedia Commons, Gage Skidmore

41. Cha Cha Cha

Chris, like his older brother, got his start on Neighbours, but he also managed to land the role of King Arthur in an Australian miniseries called Guinevere Jones. His big break was on another Aussie soap called Home and Away, the same show that a young Heath Ledger started his career with. In Home and Away Chris played the son of a high school principal for 171 episodes, and he got popular enough to appear on Dancing with the Stars Australia. Hemsworth and his partner finished in fifth place, but it was probably for the best. Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige said Chris’s involvement in the show nearly cost him the Thor role, since he was worried fans would find the videos online and become more skeptical of the choice.

Chris Hemsworth factsGuinevere Jones (2002), Crawfords Australia

40. Boldly Go

If you go back and rewatch Star Trek (2009), you’ll notice a younger and thinner (everything’s relative) Chris Hemsworth starring as George Kirk, James T. Kirk’s dad. Hemsworth isn’t on screen for long, but his emotional delivery of George Kirk's final moments help him break through into stardom. Hemsworth originally auditioned for the role of James Kirk, which went to Chris Pine, but was rejected because director JJ Abrams stated the 6'3" actor was too tall for the part. However, he called Hemsworth into his office to read for the part of George and gave him the role after he had only read a few lines.

Chris Hemsworth factsStar Trek (2009), Paramount Pictures

39. Stereotype

Hemsworth and his brothers spent their childhoods bouncing around between Melbourne and more stereotypically Australian Outback territory. Later in their childhoods they moved to Phillip Island, which the brothers unanimously describe as little more than cow-dotted farmland. So not that different from Hollywood...

Chris Hemsworth facts Shutterstock


38. Getaway

In 2018, Hemsworth starred in the war drama 12 Strong with a familiar face playing his wife—his actual wife, Elsa Pataky. Hemsworth admits his friends wondered if it was a good idea, since a little time away from your loved ones isn’t always a bad thing. However, Hemsworth says it was like a “working holiday” since he and Pataky were able to spend time together just the two of them without their children. Some of the film’s lines were actually pulled from directly Hemsworth and Pataky’s marriage.

Chris Hemsworth facts 12 Strong (2018), Alcon Entertainment

37. Prodigal Son

Hemsworth’s preferred place of residence is Byron Bay, Australia. While he has lived in LA like most Hollywood actors, he finds the city “suffocating” and cherishes being able to have conversations that don’t revolve around Hollywood and show business.

Chris Hemsworth facts Wikipedia

36. Credit Where Credit's Due

When you ask a Hollywood actor to identify the most stylish person they know, you might expect them to identify a peer or some designer whose clothing you’ve coveted for years. Instead, Hemsworth identifies his current assistant, who's actually an old friend from high school, as his style icon. Hemsworth remembers his friend for wearing things like loafers and narrow-legged pants with rolled up ankles. Eventually he realized the man's talents, and the rest is history.

Chris Hemsworth facts Flickr, Eva Rinaldi

35. Like a Boss

As of October 2017, Hemsworth is the new face of Hugo Boss Bottled. He also says Hugo Boss is the first cologne he remembers using as a kid. Ingo Wilts, Hugo Boss’s chief brand officer, described Hemsworth as “the perfect man” due to his looks, humility and status as a family-man. Don't let that go to your head, Chris!

Chris Hemsworth factsWikimedia Commons

34. You’re All So Kind

Hemsworth might not have an Oscar or an Emmy, but he does have a title that I have coveted for decades: Sexiest Man Alive (some day, it will be mine...). To be specific, he was awarded the title in 2014 at age 31. Apparently, the title doesn’t just come with magazine covers and new waves of fangirls and/or fanguys (Pride Month!). Hemsworth says “I think there was a little trophy or something.” Allegedly, he lost it somewhere along the way, but I wonder if he threw it in the garbage in a rage when he was dethroned in 2015.

Chris Hemsworth factsShutterstock


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33. No Pressure

Every relationship requires some form of sacrifice. For Hemsworth’s wife, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, she sacrificed her career to allow him to pursue his. Pataky may not be a household name, but she enjoyed some TV success in Spain prior to meeting Hemsworth, and American audiences might know her as Elena Neves in the Fast and the Furious franchise. When the two became serious they realized that pursuing acting careers and having kids was going to be tough. Therefore, Pataky made the choice to put her career on the back burner. Hemsworth better not screw it up, though he seems to be doing OK so far.

Chris Hemsworth factsShutterstock


32. Improv

When you think of Chris Hemsworth’s filmography, ranging from his debut soap opera to Snow White and the Huntsman to Avengers: Infinity War, you might not guess his most challenging role was actually in Ghostbusters (2016). Hemsworth played the ghostbusters’ assistant, a dopey character at odds with his more confident leading roles. Hemsworth consulted with director Paul Feig and admitted that he didn’t know how to approach the role, so Feig said they’d just roll with it.

The Ghostbusters Films factsGhostbusters (2016), Columbia Pictures

31. Be Humble

Hemsworth has been recognized for his humility by co-stars such as Melissa McCarthy, who said he seemed so perfect she “needed something to be wrong with him.” Hemsworth says his humility comes from his home country, where there's an informal system called “tall poppy syndrome.” A “tall poppy” is a very successful individual, and other Australians regulate the tall poppy by cutting it down. As Hemsworth says, “You aren’t allowed to feel good about what you’ve achieved.” I'm all for some humility, but come Chris, you're allowed to feel a little good about yourself, right? You're Chris Freaking Hemsworth!

The Ghostbusters Films factsGhostbusters (2016), Columbia Pictures

30. Choose Wisely

Hemsworth’s biggest role involves a seemingly unending line of CGI and action-heavy films, so it's no surprise that he consciously looks for roles that offer something different. This desire to branch out influenced his pursuit of roles in Rush and In the Heart of the Sea: “A big part of me really wants to find smaller, character-driven dramas and not be distracted by the special effects and green screens.”

Chris Hemsworth factsIn the Heart of the Sea (2015), Warner Bros.

29. Date Night

If you ever take your other half to Australia (or even get a significant other in the first place, in my case) then Chris Hemsworth recommends heading to Whitehaven Beach. It's only accessible by boat or by seaplane, but according to Hemsworth, there's no place like it. He and his wife once flew in via helicopter for a picnic, complete with Champagne. Sounds alright to me.

Chris Hemsworth factsFlickr, Kevin Gibbons

28. Sophomore Slump

Although Cabin in the Woods (2012) was released after Thor (2011), the film actually started filming in 2009. It was delayed due to MGM’s bankruptcy, but technically it was Hemsworth’s follow-up to his role as George Kirk in Star Trek.

Chris Hemsworth factsThe Cabin in the Woods (2011), Lionsgate

27. Cowabunga

Did any of us wake up at four am when we were kids, if we didn’t have to? I doubt many of us, but Hemsworth wasn't like other kids. He and his brothers would wake up at that time every morning before school to go surfing. Hemsworth says he spent most of his time in the ocean as a child. He credits his love of surfing to instilling a broader love of adventure, which is what attracted him to the film industry in the first place.

Chris Hemsworth factsPxHere


26. Sorry Bro

By winning the role of Thor, Chris actually had to take it away from his own brother, Liam. During filming for Cabin in the Woods, director Drew Goddard and writer Joss Whedon were reviewing the top five choices for the God of Thunder. When they saw Liam in the running, they knew Chris belonged there too, and it looks like they turned out to be right.

Thor factsShutterstock

25. Reunion

Although Avengers wasn’t released until 2012, Joss Whedon was hired to direct in 2010. Whedon was previously involved with Cabin in the Woods as a co-writer and had met Hemsworth during the casting process. The two reunited when Hemsworth auditioned for a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although he ultimately got Thor, Whedon initially wanted Hemsworth for the role of Captain America—just in case his ego wasn't too big already.

Agents of SHIELD FactsWikimedia Commons, Gage Skidmore

24. Putting Down Under in the Spotlight

To date, Hemsworth has only filmed one movie in Australia. Parts of Thor: Ragnarok were filmed in the Gold Coast a city on the continent's west coast, at Hemsworth’s request. Hemsworth decided to throw out the idea of filming in Australia and felt blessed when the studio agreed. In fact, much of the movie was a Down Under affair, as it was directed by kiwi Taika Waititi, who cast several New Zealanders/Australians for various parts and had a local indigenous tribe come and bless the production before filming started.

Chris Hemsworth factsThor: Ragnarok (2017), Marvel Studios

23. Stepping Stone

Hemsworth’s performance in Cabin in the Woods, specifically a scene where he's giving orders to other characters, was enough to land him his role in Red Dawn (2012). He wasn't quite a superstar yet, but you know what they say, baby steps.

Chris Hemsworth factsThe Cabin in the Woods (2011), Lionsgate

22. Destiny

Thursday is named after Thor, and is it coincidence that Chris Hemsworth was born on a Thursday? I think not!

Chris Hemsworth factsFlickr, Jorge Figueroa

21. Hello Clarice

Sir Anthony Hopkins is partly to blame for Hemsworth’s humility. It was Hopkins who advised Hemsworth to savor every moment as an actor, with the knowledge that you never know when you might stop receiving roles. Hopkins advised Hemsworth to treat everyone with respect and never take his life for granted. That's some pretty solid advice, Sir Anthony, let's hope Hemsworth sticks with it.

Chris Hemsworth factsFlickr, Jorge Figueroa


20. Cutting Season

Hemsworth may be known for being jacked, but his role as a shipwrecked sailor in In the Heart of the Sea meant adopting the look of a person who hasn't seen a good meal in weeks.

In order to pull off the transformation, you can only imagine the amount of lifestyle changes he had to adopt. The man really committed to the role.

Chris Hemsworth factsIn the Heart of the Sea (2015), Warner Bros.

19. Sportsmanship

Hemsworth is a fan of Australian Rules Football, supporting the Western Bulldogs, who play out of Melbourne in the Australian Football League (AFL). Aside from just watching, Hemsworth actually took part in the league’s 2014 marketing campaign.

Chris Hemsworth factsGetty Images

18. Man Crush

Hemsworth and Tom Holland worked together on In the Heart of the Sea before Holland had even been cast as Spider-Man. Holland admits he was a big Thor fan and pestered Hemsworth with questions about his role. Hey, I'd do the exact same thing—Hemsworth just has that effect on people.

Chris Hemsworth factsIn the Heart of the Sea (2015), Warner Bros.

17. Prop

Playing a superhero is cool, but getting to keep props from the films is even better. Chris Evans got to keep a shield, and Chris Hemsworth got to take a hammer from each film. Since the hammers were slightly different from one movie to the next, Thor has quite a few lying around the ol' homestead. While the hammers don’t impress two of his kids, Tristan holds them near and dear. He's not quite big enough to pick them up quite yet, but he’s the one that always asks his dad if he “beat up the monsters?”.

Chris Hemsworth factsAvengers: Infinity War (2018), Marvel studios

16. Lucky Number

Three brothers, and three children, life comes full circle. Since his marriage to Pataky in 2010, their family has grown to include a daughter, India Rose, who was born in 2012, and twins Sasha and Tristan, who were born in 2014. They'd better stop having kids, or my three/three symmetry line kinda goes up in smoke.

Chris Hemsworth factsGetty Images

15. Method Upbringing

Hemsworth’s role as the Huntsman required an actor who would feel comfortable in the wilderness, at least according to the director. Once he got the role, Hemsworth was advised to spend some time living in the wilds, and he was able to put all of his experience from his time in the Outback to good use.

Chris Hemsworth factsSnow White and the Huntsman (2012), Universal Pictures

14. Giving Back

Chris and his brother Liam both serve as spokespeople for the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF). Aside from lending his face and voice to commercials, Chris also took part in fundraising by offering up some pretty amazing prizes for his fans. These prizes included a small speaking role in Thor: Ragnarok and a private dinner with the man himself. They were all auctioned off and helped raise over $200,000 for the ACF.

Chris Hemsworth factsGetty Images

13. Sibling Rivalry

Brotherly pranks and teasing appear to be universal. Liam and Chris have both engaged in public vandalism of each other’s magazine covers. Chris started it when he scribbled on Liam’s Men’s Health cover and posted the image to Instagram. Liam then fired back by scribbling all over Chris’s Vanity Fair cover. Settle down boys!

Thor Franchise FactsGetty Images

12. What’s That Sound?

Between his debut role in Home and Away and Ghosbusters, Hemsworth had yet to use his natural Australian accent in a film. He admits that when he began filming Ghostbusters it felt unnatural not to change his accent. His voice “became another prop” and he was much more conscious of how he sounded.

Chris Hemsworth factsGhostbusters (2016), Columbia Pictures

11. Just say Chris

As a child, Chris had a hard time pronouncing his own name. Attempts to say “Christopher” came out sounding like “Kiptader,” hence his childhood nickname of “Kip.”

Anna of Russia factsShutterstock

10. The Humanity

Things happen sometimes when you’re filming, like a fake punch can become a real one. In Hemsworth's case, if you're going to take a punch, Kristen Stewart is probably a good person to take it from. The Twilight actress gave him a good one that “spun him right around” during the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman. She is still alive by the grace of Odin.

Chris Hemsworth factsShutterstock

9. Anti-Chameleon

While his stardom is undeniable, Hemsworth has occasionally taken some flak for his acting chops. Most specifically, the reception to his Scottish accent in Snow White and the Huntsman makes it clear he needs to spend a little bit more time with a dialect coach on the next go 'round, if the opportunity even comes up.

Chris Hemsworth factsSnow White and the Huntsman (2012), Universal Pictures

8. Get Swole

Although he's a pretty big guy, even in every day life, he still needed to gain 20 pounds for Thor. Then, just to make things interesting, he immediately had to slim down for the Formula 1 movie Rush... and then gain it all back for Thor: The Dark World. His bulking lifestyle included protein packed meals every three hours. His daily intake included 50 grams of cheese a day, four eggs, three protein shakes… you get the idea, guy had to eat.

Eating Sins FactsPixabay

7. Surf’s Up

Hemsworth’s love of surfing has led him to also care about protecting the environment. He recently collaborated with Corona Australia to mark World Oceans Day on June 8, 2018. Companies Corona and Parley created a large sculpture of a wave in Melbourne’s Federation Square, made entirely of plastic bottles. Hemsworth’s imposed image surfs along the wave, getting the message across about plastic pollution in the oceans. Hemsworth himself spoke about the initiative directly on Australia's Nine News.

Chris Hemsworth factsGetty Images

6. Cut Down To Size

The tall poppy syndrome might be at work now as Hemsworth begins to receive criticism for renovations to his mansion in Byron Bay. According to some locals, the $8 million renovations currently underway pose some environmental and noise concerns for the neighborhood, while also complaining about the increase of traffic to their town now that it's home to a celebrity.

Chris Hemsworth factsFlickr, leGuik

5. Provider

Hemsworth remembers the impetus to become an actor, tracing it to his high school years. He recalls hearing his parents constantly discussing bills and money when he was a child, so his main goal was to be able to pay off their house. He didn’t have any acting experience prior to pursuing it professionally, and admits that he got lucky with so much success. And yes, once he made it big he did go on to pay off his parent’s house.

Chris Hemsworth factsWikimedia Commons

4. Wingman

Chris Hemsworth got to join just about all his Marvel peers on set for filming Infinity War. When the cast would go out for drinks, one of the adult members apparently struggled to get any beer; Tom Holland, the latest spider-man, looks “about 12” when he's clean shaven, so Hemsworth would always buy his drinks for him. Did Holland never bring ID?

Tom Holland FactsShutterstock

3. The More the Merrier

While Loki and Thor might have a rather... contentious relationship as adopted siblings, off-screen Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are extremely close friends. So close, in fact, that Hemsworth has said that Hiddleston has been adopted into the family as an "honorary Hemsworth." How 'bout that?

Chris Hemsworth factsWikimedia Commons

2. Near Death Experience

Chris is still young and hopefully has a long career ahead of him, but his life nearly ended in tragedy years ago. Liam recalls a youth filled with fights between he and his brother, who were both extremely stubborn children. Being the smaller, younger brother, Liam remembers that he often had to use weapons to make it a fair fight, but his attempt to even the odds once nearly ended with a knife blade buried in Chris’s head. Liam threw the knife at Chris, but fortunately it landed handle first, instead of the other way around. This may have been the result of Liam’s lingering anger over all the other bullying he was subjected to, including being wrapped in blankets and then hunted with air rifles by Chris and Luke. That sounds pretty intense, hopefully they just talk things out now.

Chris Hemsworth factsShutterstock

1. That’s Not a Knife…

Who is the most famous fictional Australian character of all time? That title has to belong to Crocodile Dundee, and Hemsworth actually has multiple connections to the famous Aussie icon. Rod Ansell made a name for himself by surviving seven weeks in the Australian wilderness, and the character of Crocodile Dundee was partially based on his story. By chance, he was also married to Hemsworth's maternal aunt at one point. Eventually, after Ansell had split from Hemsworth's aunt, he became helplessly addicted to drugs, and ended up being killed in a shootout with the police. There's also another, less tragic, link between the Hemsworth and the character, since Hemsworth also bought Paul Hogan’s (the man who actually played Crocodile Dundee) Malibu home.

Chris Hemsworth factsFlickr, Jack Samuels

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