Little Known Facts About Simon Cowell

“If you’ve got a big mouth and you’re controversial, you’re going to get attention.” – Simon Cowell.

Simon has certainly been a controversial figure. He’s known for his tough streak as a judge on American Idol and The X Factor, but he’s not always mean! Here are our favorite facts about Simon Cowell!

Simon Cowell Facts

30. Born to be


On 7 October 1959, Eric and Julie Cowell welcomed little Simon into the world. The happy day took place in Brighton, East Sussex.

29. For the love of animals

Simon is a vegetarian and an animal activist. Simon has lent his celebrity to important animal care campaigns, taking time to remind people not to leave dogs in hot cars and speaking about the importance of spaying and neutering.

28. Ouch

He’s is the only American Idol judge without a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

27. An animated cameo

Simon makes an appearance in Shrek 2. He plays a judge on Far Far Away Idol, proving that every talent competition needs a Simon Cowell.


26. The classic Simon T-shirts

Simon loves wearing T-shirts, particularly the loose, ratty ones that he often sports. That doesn’t mean he’s above labels. He owns over 30 black Armani T-shirts.

25. The Godfather

He’s the godfather of pop artist Sinitta’s adopted children. Simon and Sinitta dated on and off for 20 years.

24. Get those vitamins

Each week, Cowell has an intravenous drip with B12, magnesium, vitamin C, and, he says, “something for your liver.” out.

23. Big Bucks

Simon Cowell has earned $120 million from The X Factor and other shows.

22. Staying young

Simon says that he has used botox. “Hopefully I look better now – I probably did have a little too much Botox a couple of years ago, because everyone on TV has it.”

21. A break up

He dated Terri Seymour from 2002 until 2008. It’s believed that they broke up because Simon didn’t want to shack up.


20. Thanks, daddy

Simon’s dad was an executive at EMI Music Publishing and managed to convince someone to give Simon a job in the mail room.

19. Going out on his own

After climbing the ladder at EMI, Simon and his boss Ellis Rich left to form E&S Music. Many jobs and partnerships later, Simon found himself so deep in debt in 1989 that he had to move back in with his parents.

18. First blood

Simon judged the first British Pop Idol contest in 2000. This is where he first displayed his meanie demeanour. He joined the American Idol panel in 2002.

17. A nod to Christina

Simon says that Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful is one of the best pop songs ever made.

16. The Shining

After school, Simon took a job as a runner on the set of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, but he didn’t get along with the bosses so he quit.

15. Ever wonder where the critiques come from?

Simon claims that he often has “dark moods and miserable thoughts.”


14. Not the best student…

It’s reported that naughty Simon attended 16 schools because of bad behaviour and eventually dropped out at age 16.

13. Writing chops

In 2003, Simon published an autobiography called I Don’t Mean to be Rude, but… What an apt, but predictable title! The book details his life in the music business and gives tips for being successful.

12. A scandal

Simon broke off his engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy in 2012. This came following pictures of Cowell emerged showing him and Lauren appearing to kiss while she was on holiday with her husband Andrew in August 2012.

11. Early critiques from a young Simon…

When Simon was 4, he told his mother that her fuzzy, white pillbox hat made her look like a poodle.

10. The Cowell family

Simon has two nieces and a nephew. All three appeared in the audience at some time during the first season of Pop Idol.

9. The friendly neighbourhood Jacqueline

Paula isn’t his best friend. Simon’s best friend is London neighbor Jacqueline St. Claire.

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell


8. Teletubbies!

Simon is into kids’ shows. His early productions under S Records include Teletubbies and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

7. Well played, Simon

Simon is allergic to lamb’s wool. He says his secret is to buy expensive cashmere sweaters instead. “In fact, if I find a cashmere jumper I can wear without getting itchy, I don’t just buy one, I buy five in five different colours.”

6. Early wins

Simon got an early start on TV. Back in 1990, Simon appeared on the UK series Sale of the Century and won a set of kitchen utensils.

5. A few reality TV appearances

Simon turned down an offer of £1 million to be the face of Viagra in 2007. Simon said, “Sorry, but that has to be a [redacted] insult.”

4. Controversial love

Simon had an affair with his best friend’s wife. He began dating Lauren Silverman, wife of Andrew Silverman, in 2009. He added that he was “not proud of the circumstances,” but after learning she was pregnant, made a decision to move forward.

“This was not something I planned. But I remember going to the first scan with Lauren. I called him Tad because he looked like a tadpole. Something just kicked in. I felt unbelievably protective of both of them. I just absolutely wanted him. I just hadn’t known that before.”

He also has spoken about his relationship with Eric Cowell, his son with Lauren. “I adore my son. We make each other laugh. We play with the dogs. I’ve taught him to share, to say please and thank you. Whatever he has he offers it to me.”

The couple is still together, and their son recently celebrated his second birthday.

2. Sticking up for Honey G

For all the verbal smack downs Simon deals out, he can also be a voice of support. When The X-Factor contestant Honey G faced backlash and criticism for her unique rap style, Simon defended her. “For everyone that’s been criticising you, you know what? Music can be fun – and you are fun.” He went on to say that, “This is why I love the X Factor. Technically this shouldn’t work, but it does… Behind the scenes, Honey G is one of the nicest contestants we’ve ever had on the show.”

1. Criminal past!

When Simon Cowell was only twelve years old, he was arrested because he hijacked a bus with a pea gun. “It’s a gun that fires peas and they go about six feet. Myself and a friend were going on a bus and we thought it would be a joke to put the gun to the driver’s head and say take us to where we were going. He believed us and I remember sitting on the bus thinking, ‘God, this guy’s really playing along with this well,’ because he didn’t stop for 20 miles. We got to the other end and there were police cars waiting for us and they threw us in jail.”

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