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The Aztecs resided in the Valley Of Mexico starting in the 13th century. They built a civilization based on agriculture, sacrifice and, of all things, cleanliness. At its peak, Aztec culture was rich in mythology and religious traditions all while achieving some astonishing architectural and artistic feats.

Enjoy these historic facts about the Aztec civilization.

28. A Housing Market To Die For

Aztecs would commonly bury their deceased under the houses that they occupied while alive. Imaging having to ask your real-estate agent about a property’s body count.

Aztec Civilization Facts

27. Mom, Where’s Sparky?

On occasion, a dog would be killed and buried along with the deceased. It was believed that a dog could guide the spirit to the after life. All doggies guide to heaven.

Aztec Civilization Facts

Aztec Technology

26. You Are What We Say You Are

Europeans created the name “Aztec”. The people were originally known as the Mexica.

Aztec Empire Facts


25. Pick A Name Out Of A Hat

Tenochca is another name the Aztecs went by. It is the root name of the historic Aztec major city of Tenochtitlan.  Tenochtitlan was eventually renamed Mexico City which got its root from the original Aztec name, the Mexica.

Aztec Civilization Facts

The Founding of Tenochtitlan


24. Next To Godliness

The city of Tenochtitlan was known to be very clean and even had garbage men.

Aztec Empire Facts

23. Floating City

The city of Tenochtitlan was built in the middle of the salt lake Texcoco. They built in the middle of the lake because they believed they were commanded to by the God of Sun and War Huitzilopochtli. A lot of work was done to build the whole settlement on the water, there were dams, bridges, canals and lakes within it so people would travel by boat  just like in the modern day Venice.
Aztec Empire Facts

22. Humble Brag

All the achievements of the Aztecs are made more impressive when you know they had no beasts of burden, never discovered the wheel, and had no steel or iron.

Aztec Empire Facts

21. Sophie’s Choice

People would sell themselves or their children into slavery in order to pay off debts. That’s a good motivator to do your chores.
Aztec Empire Facts

20. Indentured Servitude

The Aztec’s form of slavery made it possible for slaves to eventually buy their freedom back once a debt had been worked or paid off.

Aztec Empire Facts

19. No Child Left Behind

The Aztecs were amongst the first societies to implement mandatory child education. If you thought scantron was annoying, try chiselling your test answers into rock.

Aztec Empire Facts


18. So Many Gods, So Little Time

The Aztecs praised many gods and goddesses. Each of them controlled one or more facet of the Aztec life, such as daily activities and nature. There were many agricultural gods because farming and natural elements were central to the culture.

Aztec Civilization Facts

17. Two-Face

The majority of Aztec gods had two faces. One represented their good personality and the other was bad. You think the mayor of Halloweentown was an Aztec god?
Aztec Civilization Facts

16. Heads Will Roll

Aztec gods and religion demanded more human sacrifices than any other faith in history. Priests would conduct these rituals at the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon. Roughly 500 to 700 people were killed each year in order to appease the gods.

Aztec Civilization Facts

15. The Ultimate Warrior

Most of the people sacrificed  were prisoners of war. It is believed that the Aztecs would arrange battles with their enemies for the specific purpose of each side being able to capture prisoners for sacrifice. Good day to call in sick to work.

Aztec Civilization Facts

14. No One Was Safe

Children would be sacrificed during times of dry spell, as it was believed that their tears would bring rain. The remains of 42 child skeletons were found near a large Aztec temple in 1980.

Aztec Civilization Facts

Tlaloc, Aztec God of rain

13. Cavities For All!

The Aztecs were the first people to introduced Europeans to chocolate. I’m sure every dentist would like to personally thank the Aztecs for all that sweet cavity money.

Aztec Civilization Facts

Couple drinking chocolate upon marriage.


12. From A to Deer-snake

The Aztec alphabet consisted of detailed drawings and hieroglyphs. It was a very advanced system used to keep records of everything from taxes to sacrifices.

Aztec Civilization Facts

11. Who Needs A Gym

The stones used by Aztecs to build their temples weighed in at roughly 44 tons. Although they extensively used boats to transport construction materials, once they got to the building site the blick had to be moved by hand, without the use of wheeled carts or beasts of burden. I hope they didn’t skip leg day.

Aztec Civilization Facts

10. Don’t Forget Your Change

Though there were a few sources of currency at the time, cacao beans were mainly exchanged for small purchases while cotton cloths were used for bigger items.

Aztec Civilization Facts

9. Playoff Season

Ullamaliztli was a popular team sport that involved getting a rubber ball through small hoops without it touching the ground. Players were only allowed to use their knees, elbows, hips and head.

Aztec Civilization Facts

8. Play To Win… Or Die

The courts used to play Ullamaliztli would often be lined with the skulls of sacrificed former players. Because sacrifice tied to the sport was considered honourable, historians don’t know whether the winners or losers were the ones killed after games. Isn’t it just easier to retire a player’s jersey?

Aztec Civilization Facts

7. Hold Onto Your Four Leaf Clovers

There were 365 days on the Aztec calendar based around the movement of the sun. A year was divided up into 18 months, each with 20 days. This left 5 days at the end of the year that were considered very unlucky.

Aztec Civilization Facts

Aztec Calendar


6. Good Eats

The Aztec diet consisted mainly of maize, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, beans and chocolate. Aside from what they grew, hunting of coyotes, armadillos, snakes, rabbits and wild turkeys was also common. They practically had their own Whole Foods!

Aztec Civilization Facts

5. Forward Thinking

With a top-notch agricultural setup, the Aztecs also developed a comprehensive irrigation system that helped to strengthen their civilization.

Aztec Civilization Facts


4. When One Isn’t Enough

Polygamy was a widespread practice amongst Aztec males; although it did come with certain boundaries. While all wives were acknowledged in official records, only the first wife would receive a wedding ceremony. The term tying the knot is believed to have come from the Aztec wedding tradition of literally tying the bride and groom’s robes together.

Aztec Civilization Facts


3. Cover Your Mouth When You Cough

With roughly 20 million people having lost their lives, diseases brought over by the Spanish are believed to be the main reason for the Aztec’s ultimate demise. Europeans can’t help themselves but to conquer.

Aztec Civilization Facts

2. Last But Not Least

Overthrown by the Spanish and neighbouring enemy tribes, the fall of the Aztecs marked the last major Native American civilization.

Aztec Civilization Facts

1. I Ate His Liver With Some Fava Beans

Xipe Totec (meaning “Our Lord the Flayed One”), was the Aztec god of agriculture, vegetation, the east, disease, spring, goldsmiths, silversmiths, liberation and the seasons. It was believed that he flayed himself to provide food for humanity. As such, followers of the god were to wear the flayed skin of prisoners during worship.

Aztec Civilization Facts

In this depiction of Xipe Totec, the skin of his hands  has been flayed and is hanging at the wrist.

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