Seeing Double: The Wild Lives Of Twins

October 3, 2023 | Chameleon

Seeing Double: The Wild Lives Of Twins

Having a twin is an excellent opportunity to have awesome Halloween costumes and pull amazing pranks, but it’s not all fun and games. People can never tell you apart, you pretty much have to share everything, and then sometimes, you get blamed for things your twin has done. From confused teachers and family members to amused friends to bemused twins themselves, these Redditors share their most interesting twin stories.

1. Extra Holy

My grandmother Baptized the same kid twice.


2. Poly-vaxxer

During a baby checkup when our twin boys were about six months old, they had to get two shots each. Due to a lack of communication in the clinic, our oldest son got all four shots. Luckily, nothing bad happened.

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3. Capture the Twin

We were playing capture the flag, and the teams got to hide their flag. Each team in the game had a twin, and the one on my team came up with a devious idea. He walked over to the other team’s side and asked to be "reminded" where their flag was. Then he grabbed it and ran back before anyone noticed he was the wrong twin!

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4. Clone Campers

I was a volunteer at a summer camp for 14-year-olds when I was 18 or so. I’m horrible with names, so I only knew the names of the ones I talked the most with, and the ones who were in my group. At the end of the two weeks, one of the girls I didn't talk to that much came to say bye to me. Then, to my surprise, her twin sister came up as well!

I had no idea they were twins, or that there were two of them up until that moment. I definitely called one of them by the wrong name more than once.

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5. Confusing Things

On Halloween, a couple of friends and I organized a costume party, and we invited twin sisters. They dressed as Thing One and Thing Two. I was secretly in love with one of the twins, but back then, I still couldn't tell her apart from her sister, and their costumes were not helping. I was pretty sure that my crush was Thing One and her sister was Thing Two.

Everyone started playing games and chatting for a while, then when we went to get something to eat, my heart leapt; Thing One came to talk to me! And she stuck around! We held hands, hugged, and looked for each other after we drifted apart during the party, which for teenage me were great signs of progress.

Then I heard someone else call Thing One’s name...and realized she wasn’t my crush. It turns out my crush was Thing Two, and I had been really, REALLY cold to her. I think I even pushed her away a couple of times! I freaked out and had no idea what to do. I think they knew I liked one of them, and even worse, I think the one I liked knew I liked her.

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6. Switcheroo?

I had identical twins by C-section, and for some reason, I’ve always worried that I may have gotten them mixed up when we finally took their hospital bracelets off. They had no real differences as infants, so there really was no reliable way to tell them apart. I think about that at least five times a day, and they're four now.

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7. Preventative Measures

Identical twin here. My Dad intentionally swapped our ID bracelets many times when we were infants in order to stop any argument about who was older. His words.

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8. Pedi-cute

I am the younger sister of identical twin brothers. My mom was so scared of switching them after removing their hospital bracelets that she painted one of their big toes just until she knew she'd be able to tell them apart.

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9. Seeing Double

I took my two sons to the optometrist to get their eyes checked. One of the twins needed glasses, the other didn't. So I ordered the glasses, but when I got them I forgot which twin needed them so I asked them. Apparently the twin who didn't need glasses wanted them for some reason, so he claimed they were for him.

Long story short, the glasses ended up straining his eyes and now they both need glasses.

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10. Bond From Beyond

Two of my brothers are twins. Unfortunately, Twin 1 passed about a year ago. During the wake, we had TONS of pictures of him, like way more than even I expected. In hindsight, it makes sense though; whenever we were doing something photo-worthy, my Mom would take three pictures of them—one of each twin, and then one of both together.

About halfway through the wake, my family realized that my Mom had made a terrible mistake. She'd accidentally chosen a picture of Twin 2 for one of the photo boards. Nobody else at the wake noticed, as even the extended family couldn't tell them apart. Weirdly, it was actually a light-hearted moment. My whole family found it funny that just that one detail slipped through the cracks, and we joked that even then, both twins were still doing something together.

I think we just really needed something to laugh at during that time, so it was really perfect timing.

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11. Seeing A Ghost

My grandmother was a twin. At her twin sister's funeral, she decided to go sit up front next to her deceased twin's husband, and left my grandfather sitting by himself in the second row. People would walk into the room, look at my grandmother sitting next to her twins's husband, look at my great-aunt in the casket, and then back and forth about five times.

My great-aunt apparently had many friends who had never realized she had a twin!

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12. Disney Script

I have an identical twin brother. When we were four, we were at Disney World with all my cousins who were around the same age. I wandered off for just a minute and my family chose that moment to move on somewhere else. When my Mom was doing a headcount, my brother moved and she counted him twice, so it took them a few minutes to even realize I was lost.

Some nice strangers saw me crying and realized I was lost, so they helped me look for my family. My Dad eventually spotted me, but he was on the other side of a 7-foot fence. He was so panicked and so relieved to find me that he just climbed the fence and came to scoop me up. Security didn't like that very much, and they almost kicked him out.

But everything worked out in the end.

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13. Seeking Clarity

I babysat a pair of twins for a long time and when they were little, their Mom told me she could tell them apart because Twin B had the bigger head. Great, but there was one problem: you couldn't actually tell who had the bigger head if they weren't looking directly at you, and how often do you think infant twins stop beside each other long enough to look at you simultaneously?

So, when I got them mixed up, I'd wrap one hand around both of their heads like I was reading two crystal balls to tell the difference. I think it worked most of the time.

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14. Psyche!

My Mom is an identical twin. Her twin lives across the country but when they get together, they find it hilarious to get the same haircut, dress the same, and even record voicemail greetings for each other. There was nothing more frustrating as a teenager than coming home and lamenting to my Mom about something from school, only to be suddenly interrupted by a triumphant, "I'm not your Mom!”

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15. Changing Hats

My Grandfather and his twin brother actually wrote and published a book with a chapter in it detailing all the debauchery they got into. My favorite story is about the time that they both had to renew their driver’s licenses, and one of them couldn't make the appointment. The one that could go just went twice; he put on a hat the second time to avoid suspicion and make the photos different.

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16. Play To Your Strengths

We had a pair of identical twins on my high school swim team. Twin A was better at backstroke than Twin B. Meanwhile, Twin B was better at breaststroke. At one particular meet, our coach decided to put them together in a relay where A would swim breaststroke and B would have to swim backstroke. I guess he was trying to take them out of their comfort zones or something. Unfortunately for him, the only way you could tell the twins apart was by their swim caps.

So they decided to switch swim caps and swim for each other on the relay, so that each could swim his strongest stroke. None of us even figured it out until the year after, when they told us.

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17. Grandma Needs Glasses

I'm a fraternal twin, but we looked identical when we were little. When we were infants, my Grandmother fed my sister twice one night, thinking she had fed the two of us. I, the twin who wasn't fed, wouldn't stop crying obviously, because I was hungry. When my Mom got home, she figured out what had happened pretty quick, because when she asked if I was hungry, my Grandmother replied, "No, I already fed [my sister],” while pointing at me.

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18. Foot In Mouth

When I was in university, there was a pair of identical twins in my year. One of the twins was in the same class as me, and we talked a few times. I saw her in the hall outside class one day and said hello, only to be met with a blank look, then realization. “Oh, you mean my sister". Awkward. This happened so many times that eventually, I just stopped greeting altogether because I was always unsure which twin it was. Then neither of them talked to me.

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19. She Probably Thought I Was A Stalker

I worked with a girl for a few months at a restaurant in my area, but after she quit, we lost track of each other. A few years later, I was working at a different restaurant and we had a new hire. Someone else was training her, and I didn’t pay much attention until I caught sight of her face, which was incredibly familiar.

I kept finding excuses to walk past and look at her, trying to place her. Apparently, I was being really obvious, and she noticed. She eventually strode over to me, looking a bit hostile, and said, “What do you want? Why do you keep staring at me?” It all clicked when I heard her voice. I told her we had worked together at the previous restaurant and asked if she remembered me.

Her annoyance immediately changed to amusement. She said that she had never worked at that restaurant, but her identical twin had worked there. I felt like an idiot, but I really had had no idea. At least she was really forgiving about it!

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20. Incognito

I went to elementary school with twins in my year. When we were in third grade, the twins didn’t like their assigned teachers, but they each liked the other’s teacher. So, they came up with an insane scheme—they just switched! They did it sometime in the first semester, and some of the kids like me knew, but none of the staff ever figured it out. To make it even more amazing, their Mom worked at the school, and she never found out either!

They definitely bragged about it the next year. It’s weird to think that some people never noticed.

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21. Spelling Mistake

My younger brothers are identical twins. When they were in preschool, my parents made sure that they were in separate classrooms with the intention of allowing them to gain some independence and social skills with other children. One day, they schemed together and pulled a switcheroo. It took a bit of time for one of the teachers to notice that she had the wrong twin in her classroom.

The teacher only figured it out because the twin she had couldn't spell his brother’s name, only his own.

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22. Almost Flawless Act

During my first year teaching, there was a pair of senior girls who were identical twins in my classes. One was in first period, the other in fourth. One day, I gave a test and they tried to pull a trick on me. The twin in first period wrote the test, and then came back in fourth period and took the test again, clearly hoping I would think she was her sister.

She aced the test, obviously, since she had already seen it. However, she made one mistake: she wrote her own name on the test, not her twin’s.

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23. Doppelgänger

My twin brother and I used to referee soccer games together. Sometimes, when a third referee showed up that we didn’t know, we would mess with him.  Inevitably, since we literally look identical, the new referee would always ask if we were related. We used to look back at him and, with a completely straight face, swear up and down that we had never seen each other before.

We would then act like we didn't know each other, and ask each other questions, pretending to be shocked that we look so alike. We would keep it up for the entire game…until we got into the same car afterward! The look on their faces at the end of games was priceless.

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24. Hey Buddy

My twin boys are 13 now. When they were younger, they were really difficult to tell apart. I got sick of trying to remember who was who, so I used to address them with very generalized names like "son" and "buddy". It’s likely that I lost track of who was who.

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25. Mistaken Identity

When I worked at Circuit City during college, I worked with a pair of identical twins. Not only were they the "can't tell you guys apart" level of identical, but they also had a very distinct look, being darker-skinned African Americans with large afros, and the location being the middle of Missouri. Over the course of my time there, the following situation played out multiple times:

Twin 1 would be working with a customer and head back into the warehouse to find something. The customer would wait for a while, and then spy Twin 2 working with a different customer elsewhere in the store. That's when it got ugly. The first twin’s customer would storm over to Twin 2, demanding to know why they were talking to another customer when they should be in the back finding their TV.

Twin 2 would laugh and explain that his identical brother worked there as well and that he would probably be back out in just a second. The customer would get super angry, thinking that teenage Twin 2 was obviously trying to trick them, and would be just about halfway through their "What kind of idiot do you think I am!?" speech when Twin 1 would reappear with their TV.

The customer would do a double-take and then either apologize profusely or quietly step away and pretend that nothing had happened.

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26. Original Bill

My best friend Bill is a twin. His Dad had a few too many drinks one night and confessed that while he knew the older twin was named "Gary" and the younger twin was named "Bill," he wasn't actually sure which of the boys was the older one! Apparently, he was giving them a bath when they were about a month old, and he lost track of which one was which.

Eventually, after searching for any possible difference, he gave up and just put one back in the "Bill" outfit, and the other in the "Gary" outfit. This happened two other times before they were two years old, and he says that by that point, he had no clue if Bill was the original Bill or not. He never told their Mother.

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27. Physics Lesson

A physics professor of mine once pranked his class in a really brilliant way. He had been lecturing about wormholes when he suddenly claimed he could demonstrate how they worked because he had created on in the doorway. To the class’ amazement, he walked out the left door—and simultaneously walked back in the right door.

And that’s how his class found out he had a twin.

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28. Haircut Catalyst

I have identical twin boys, and I once lost one in a playground because I thought it was the same kid twice. They were about 4 years old, and going up and down the slide. I was sitting on a park bench about 10 feet away, reading a book, but still watching them. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of them running towards the park entrance, about 40 feet away!

I was so confused, because a split second ago, I could have sworn I had seen him on the slide. I grabbed him, brought him back, and then it dawned on me: I had been watching one son going up and down the slide, thinking it was both of them! He was just doing it fast! It scared me so much that I gave them two different haircuts the next week  so that it couldn't happen again.

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29. Grandma’s Mistake

When I was student teaching in a special education classroom, the Grandma of one of the kids sent the wrong twin to school. They were both on the spectrum, and the brother who accidentally came to our school was lower functioning than the real student, and consequently went to a different school for children with developmental disabilities.

The student we had was verbal, while his brother was not. We were concerned because “our” student was behaving strangely all day. He didn't pay attention, he didn’t seem to know any of our names, and he also took one of the aide's water bottles, which is something we never thought he would have done. Luckily, we found out the next day and it all made sense.

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30. Gluttonous Triplet

I am the father of triplets, and the two larger ones looked identical at birth. I had to fake being able to tell them apart. I color-coded everything to ensure bottles, soothers, diapers, sleepers, etc. didn’t get mixed up, but during one 3 am feeding, I must've sleepily mixed them up and tried to feed Number 1 twice.

He happily gobbled another bottle down. Number 2 eventually realized he wasn’t getting fed and screamed my wife awake an hour later, who assumed I hadn’t fed any of them, and consequently fed them all again. By mixing the kids up, the bottle count was: Number 1, three bottles; Number. 2, one bottle; and Nr. 3, two bottles. My wife realized something was wrong when Number 1 wasn’t in the correct cot—and when he projectile vomited his third bottle contents all over her.

We only pieced it together a day later, when fully awake. They are 10 now and, although very healthy, Number 1 has a voracious appetite, and I think it’s my fault because of that one hazy, mid-morning feed nine years and eight months ago.

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31. Imaginary Twin

When I was in school, I was in classes with someone who had an identical twin. Their parents had divorced though, and each twin lived with a different parent, one with Mom and one with Dad. Sometimes, they would swap out which school they went to that week and since they were in different schools, no one really knew the difference because nobody even knew that there were two of them. It was pretty entertaining sometimes.

For a long time, I thought she was just messing with people and didn't actually have a twin. It wasn’t until some 15 years later that I knew for sure, because I was in a grocery store and ran into both of them at the same time.

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32. Color Coding

When my twins were babies, we used to color-code them to tell them apart: one was white, and one was green. Now that they are school-aged, they of course don’t want the colors anymore. A few months back I took them to a museum, and the entire time I thought they weren’t behaving or listening very well, because they were not responding when I said their names.

About three hours into the day, I realized that Green Boy was dressed in a white shirt and White Boy was dressed in a green shirt. I had reverted back to color ID, and had been calling them by the wrong names all day! Poor guys were as frustrated as I was!

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33. Lucrative Impersonation

My cousins are identical twins, and they lived with us for a period of time. One day, one of them came home crying because her sister had taken her paycheck from work, tricking the boss by claiming it was hers.

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34. Mic Drop

I'm a twin, and growing up, my brother and I hated the attention we got for being twins. Everywhere we went, little old ladies would hobble over in walkers to pinch our cheeks and tell us how cute we were. The grocery store was the worst. We would inevitably have to endure aisle after aisle of obsequious fawning and petting by geriatric passers-by, while our mother assessed the comparative merits of breakfast cereals.

One day, after an unusually taxing supermarket gauntlet, we were in the checkout lane praying silently that the cashier wouldn't notice us, the two nearly-identically-dressed-but-one-in-red-and-one-in-blue little boys riding side by side in the front of the cart. No dice. The cashier did a quick double-take followed by, "Oh my GAWD! You're ADORABLE!!! ARE YOU TWINS???"

Incredibly, we both had the same devious idea at the same time: We looked at each other, then forlornly at the cashier, and said in perfect unison, "We used to be triplets".

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35. And Now, We Wait...

I speak quite a bit of Polish, and we recently got these twin boys on exchange from Poland coming to the high school that I work at. When they first arrived, everyone was fascinated by them and how kind they were; the girls were all basically pouncing on them. Then, one day, while I was in the lunch hall, they sat with some girls at the table I was sitting at.

This was the day I found out the dark truth about them. Just before I got up to go and put my lunch tray in the kitchen, I heard one of them whisper "brzydka dziewczyna" to the other one, which means “ugly girl". When the girl asked what he said, he told her that he'd just been describing how beautiful she was. Liar, liar!

Of course, I was very mad seeing this, because he had clearly called this girl ugly and then lied straight to her face. I’m still deciding how I want to let them know that I understood that—and I'm waiting for the perfect moment to attack…

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36. Double Take

My boyfriend has twin sisters that are four years old. I had no clue until we were on the phone one day, and I heard one say, "sister took my Elsa!"  I knew he had brothers, but up until then, I thought he only had one sister! I had been to the house a few times, and had been introduced to one sister, but I guess I had never seen the girls in one room together.

Needless to say, I suddenly understood why his sister seemed to completely ignore me 50% of the time.

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37. Go To Class!

I saw a student of mine who had missed some classes recently sitting on a sofa in our department. I went up to him in a friendly way, greeted him, and reminded him of some stuff he needed to catch up on. He was really smiley, nodding away attentively, and making affirmative type-noises, which was unusual for my student.

I noticed he'd gained a little weight and looked pretty healthy, which I put down to not seeing him for a while. Despite his absences, I thought, "Well at least he seems well in himself, great!" After several minutes of cordial interaction, I said, "Well, bye Neil, see you soon! The next class is on Wednesday at 11. Bring your second draft for peer feedback," which was obviously when he realized that I had got the wrong twin.

He said, "Sorry, I am not Neil". I thought he was trying to be funny and told him that he was. He insisted his name was Alex. I started to get annoyed when it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I had mistaken him for his brother. That would explain the unusual attentiveness and weight gain. He affirmed my suspicion; they were not only brothers but identical twins.

Honestly, when I got to know Alex a bit better during the year, it turned out he was the "clueless and cheerful" half of the absenteeism-prone pair (Neil was "clueless and morose"). He literally thought I was probably a teacher of his who he'd never met since he missed so many classes.

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38. When Twins Can’t Tell Each Other Apart

My kids are in separate classes, but the teachers share resources. They had to do a craft project where they used their school photo. One daughter showed me her craft and proudly displayed it on the fridge. At dinner, I mentioned how cute she was in her picture, and my other daughter piped up and told me it was her photo and her craft.

I told her it wasn’t, that it was her sister's. Arguments ensued. Eventually, I got out the school photo to compare. She then went to her bag and pulled out the same craft…with her sister's photo on it! Somehow, her teacher had printed off the same photo twice, and even her own twin didn’t realize it!

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39. Fraternal Faceoff

A pair of twins, Daniel and Henrik Sedin, both played in the NHL on the same team, the Vancouver Canucks. Henrik played center, so was better at taking face-offs. At least one time (that people noticed), he got tossed out of the face-off by the referee. He moved to the wing to let his brother take the face-off—but they stopped to “talk” for a few seconds and quickly switched places so that Henrik came back in instead of his brother!

The referee, and everybody else, missed it until watching a replay later.

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40. Surprise Twin

I trained a service dog for a woman with cerebral palsy, who was the sister of one of my co-workers. My co-worker and I agreed to drive separately to a McDonald's one state over to meet his mom and his sister because he was also taking his whole clan. This co-worker was basically Ned Flanders—he had an impressive broom mustache and a super Christian attitude.

I arrived at the prescribed location, and quickly see my co-worker, his Mom, and his sister. I took a second look as I walked over though, because my co-worker looked very slightly different; his mustache was gone!!! As I was speaking out loud to accuse him of shaving while driving, the words train wrecked in my mouth as it simultaneously dawned on me that this must be my co-worker’s as-yet-undisclosed identical twin.

Sure enough, he introduced himself and assured me they've been doing that their whole lives.

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41. Misdirect

This is a story about my first year in the US. I was the new kid, I didn’t know anything about the school, or anyone. In my first class, we prepared for school by putting our names in our notebooks. Then, when we did a class rotation, I was the last one to pack up my stuff. Everyone was already going to the next class, so I quickly memorized one classmate’s appearance so that I could follow him to the next class.

Before I could leave the room, a class started coming into the room, and to my surprise, I saw “the person I remembered” in that class. So, I sat back down in my seat, assuming there was a problem so the class had had to return. We did the same preparation for our class, writing down our names in our books, so I was starting to be confused.

Then the teacher walked up to me and said, “(name), is that you?!” I nodded. “You’re supposed to be in Ms. (teacher)’s class!” I quickly packed up my stuff and went to Ms. (teacher)’s room. There, I saw the SAME face I remembered! That’s when I realized…they were twins.

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42. Feeling Each Other’s Pain

I’m an identical twin. My favorite story to tell takes place when we were two or three years old. My Mom had taken us to the doctor, who proceeded to look in my ears instead of those of my brother, who had been the one crying about his ears hurting. “Yeah, that’s an ear infection,” he said. My mother scoffed, “That’s the wrong twin. This one is the one who’s in pain".

The doctor looked between both of us, looked at her, and replied, “Well, this one has an ear infection".

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43. Twin Hustle

My old history teacher told a story about a set of identical twins who wore red and blue glasses to help others tell them apart. They were in separate classes. Twin A was in geography first semester, and then swapped with the other class to do history second semester, while Twin B had the opposite schedule. For some reason, these boys always did okay in the first semester and then absolutely aced the second semester.

After four years of this pattern, the teacher caught them swapping glasses in the corridor during second semester. They had been taking the same class twice! They knew all the test answers, course material, etc because it was their second time sitting the class every year.

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44. Two-Faced

When I began my current job, I encountered a woman in the designated area for breaks. We worked on different floors, but usually had the same break time. We got along well and usually chatted when we saw each other.  That was, until I saw her in the designated area for smokers, and she completely ignored me one day.

I thought I'd said something to offend her, but then the next time I saw her, she was back to normal chatting. This happened a few times, and I started to think maybe she had mental health issues, as the switch between friendly and cold shoulder was so drastic. Then, about a year in, I went out for a break—and there were two of them!

I had just never caught them on a break together! I told them how I'd been so confused by "her" behavior and the twin I didn't know confessed she thought I was strange for being so overly friendly! We all had a good laugh at my mistake.

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45. Academic Misconduct

I am actually two years older than my brother, but we look incredibly similar, so we can pull off twin pranks. The best one we have done was at his graduation. He was supposed to give opening remarks, and then sit on stage until it was time to graduate. He had joked all year about how he wasn't going to walk across the stage, so we ended up making it a reality.

He went and gave his speech and then sat down. He was supposed to then slip backstage and get in line to walk across stage. Instead, he sat there and I, having previously dressed up and hidden backstage, went and walked across the stage for him. It was hilarious and most people loved it, but unfortunately, it was a very serious thing, and I actually ended up leaving in handcuffs.

Still a great story though!

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46. Deja-vu

I worked as a supply teacher, and I had a chemistry class one morning. One kid in the class heard my surname name and commented on its similarity to his (they were one letter different). The next day, I was teaching math, and the same kid again commented on the similarity in names. I said, “I know, we had this conversation yesterday!”

I’ve never seen a kid look so confused. I think he was genuinely worried he’d had a blackout or something and we just stared at each other. Then, thankfully, another kid said, “Oh, she must have met Connor yesterday!”

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47. Convenient Connection

A pair of twins that I know had recently both been on trips in different states and both were coming home on the same day, but on different flights. They met up in an airport where they both had a layover—and switched IDs so that one of them who didn't feel well but had the later flight could get home first.

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48. Long Lost Twin

I had a neighbor who found out he had an identical twin when he was about 35 years old. His girlfriend came home and told him that she had seen a guy that looked exactly like him. They did some investigation, and eventually found out that his parents gave up one twin for adoption, and just never told the twin they had kept.

He was the youngest of nine kids and they grew up super close to each other but never knew they had another sibling.

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49. Prank Paul

A friend of mine pulled the best high school prank ever. When we got our sophomore yearbook in high school, I was going through the class photos and got to my friend Ronnie. Right beside him, looking EXACTLY the same as him, was someone named Paul. "I didn't know Ronnie had a twin?" I exclaimed. Every one of my friends started laughing and then turned to the same page, and there, next to Ron's photo was Paul, Ron's “identical twin".

Apparently, on photo day, Ron had gotten his photo taken, walked out, changed his hair, reversed his jacket, gone back in and had his photo retaken using his middle name—Paul. Ronnie will forever have a twin now.

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50. Partners in Wrongdoing

One time while on patrol, I pulled over a twin who had a suspended license. He obviously knew he had a suspended license, so he gave his brother’s information and claimed he didn't have his ID on him. He didn't realize it at the time, but he was making a huge mistake. Unfortunately for him, when I ran his brother’s information, I discovered that his brother had a no bond warrant out for his arrest.

He quickly retreated back to his actual name when I informed him of this, and took the ticket for driving with a suspended license. I didn't even arrest him for obstructing or lying, because that's some hilariously bad luck.

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51. At Ease Soldier

My twin had recently joined the Navy and was at boot camp. I, on the other hand, was walking around the grocery store when a man came running up to me in a panic. He began to shout, "What on earth are you doing here?!"  You're going to be sentenced to federal custody!" A bit shocked, I assumed it was just some crazy person, and started to back away but he followed.

So, I said, "Sir, I don't know what you're talking about". He then proceeded to say my twin's name and then I started laughing. Still very panicked and now angry, he asked why I thought this was funny. I explained I am such-and-such's twin. He didn't believe me until I finally pulled my ID out to prove I was who I said I was.

He then apologized and explained he was my brother's enlisting officer and was very concerned when he saw me.

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