These Spiteful Exes Take "Revenge" To The Next Level

June 9, 2023 | Scott Mazza

These Spiteful Exes Take "Revenge" To The Next Level

We’ve all had a breakup (or three). Sometimes we’re on the receiving end and having our hearts broken, while other times we’re the ones breaking the unpleasant news to someone we once loved. Either way, it’s never fun—but our worst split was probably nothing like these horrific breakups and spiteful exes. After all, you know what they say about a lover scorned...

1. Spread The Love

My ex-wife started sleeping with my best friend of 14 years as soon as we separated, but I'm pretty sure that their affair started before that, when we were still married. Yep, not only did my ex crush my soul, she also took my best friend. Oh, and he was also married throughout the whole time. I hear they have a baby now…and he is still married to his wife. Whatever. I hope karma comes for them soon.

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2. The Calm Before The Storm

My ex is a physician and an addict, so she can manipulate with the best of them. When we decided to split, it was quite clear who was in the wrong, and we agreed that the debt she had accumulated through her multiple tours in rehab (well north of $100K) would stay with her. We didn't have any children, or any joint property to cause any fights over, so the divorce seemed pretty straight forward. Or so I thought.

She got a lawyer to help her get through the proceedings, meanwhile I didn't plan on getting one for myself to save costs (obvious mistake). I was supposed to go to her attorney's office to sign some paperwork, but kept having trouble reaching someone at the office to schedule a time for me to stop by—I know, I know, this was totally another red flag too.

My ex's lawyer emailed her that day saying that he hadn't heard from me yet, but the lawyer accidentally forwarded this email to me…without realizing that she was forwarding me the entire email chain that she had with her counsel. Oops! In the emails, my ex very clearly stated that she wanted to hit me with the rehab debt, stating that I was "complicit in her use".

This was totally false, by the way. Needless to say, I went pretty crazy, and immediately hired the most cutthroat lawyer I could find. My lawyer was awesome, and he routinely put her in her proper place.

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3. Picking Sides

My ex's friend coordinated for all our mutual friends and acquaintances to delete me on Facebook at the same time, two months after the breakup. They're all in their 20s. I was not impressed. Coincidentally, within the same week of this happening I got three emails from Facebook about password change requests, so I guess someone wanted to get into my account, too.

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4. Act Your Age

My high school girlfriend's mother worked at our high school, and so she basically knew all of my friends' parents. When we broke up, the ex's mom spread dirty rumors about me to all of those parents. Real mature, Sandra.

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5. Family Feud

My ex filed a bogus Restraining Order not allowing me to see me my son, who I was taking care of while she was at work. The court accepted the order. Six months later, she calls saying, "You need to start watching the baby again". Of course, I start watching my son again and then I ask her if he could spend at least one night a week with me.

I had just retired from the force due to an on-the-job injury, so I finally had the time to be able to spend time with my son. She flat-out refused. Long story short, after all the false allegations she stated about me, and even though the courts and state social worker found her to be a scorned woman and a rampant liar, they awarded her full custody.

It's been 5 years, 6 months, 7 days, 16 hours, 4 minutes and counting since I last saw or spoke with my son. I cannot see him, I still pay $400 a month in child support, and he only lives 10 minutes away from me.

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6. Liar, Liar

I had an ex spread a rumor around my small hometown, saying that I had mistreated her throughout our relationship. I couldn't figure it out at first, but all of my (platonic) girlfriends suddenly started hating and avoiding me when I would visit. When I called my ex out on it at a party, her heartless response chilled me to the bone.

She just started laughing and said, "Oh yeah, I was just mad at you and told people that. Isn't that funny?" All I could do was shake my head and say, "No. That's not funny at all!" I still have to correct people to this day, two years later.

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7. A Work Of Art

My first serious live-in girlfriend cheated on me with several of her past partners. I could never catch her doing it, but for a variety of reasons I knew. I was nuts about her though, and she lied like a politician. Finally, one of my friends came up with a horrific plan. Unbeknownst to me, he slept with her too, to "prove it". Uh, yeah, thanks for that, I guess (?).

I packed up my stuff and left, peacefully. However, I had forgotten to grab my art portfolio from behind the couch. I called her that afternoon and said I would be right down to get it. As I pulled into the driveway, she dropped the lit match onto the gasoline-soaked pile of my entire life’s collection of artwork. Never did another piece of artwork again.

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8. All’s Fair In Love

My ex wrote a poem about my you-know-what being small. It was like 10 verses long, and it was actually very good, if I’m being honest. She sent it to all my friends, but not me. I found out that she did this when my friend showed me it five years after we broke up, and I had to be like, "GOD, she owned me". Anyway, it’s not that small. Just saying.

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9. Savior Complex

This was pretty narcissistic and ridiculous: My ex broke up with me and took our jointly-owned car to another state. He proceeded to lose a series of jobs and failed to help pay any of our joint debt, when the agreement had been that he would pay it all, as I was a poor grad student and he was supposedly walking into a six-figure salary.

I had to track down his mom to get my name off of his car loan as he wouldn't answer my emails about it. I then had to slowly pay the remaining joint debt off myself to preserve my credit. Then he had the gall to make a post on social media about how he purposefully left his high-paying job to follow his dream and become a penniless writer.

He brought up our relationship in the comments and mentioned how he had paid all of our joint debt himself when he left since he could afford it and I was just a student. After all the time and saving it took me to get rid of that debt myself, that was pretty awful to read. Pretty much the whole post was very self-congratulatory like that; a lot of people bought into it and stroked his ego, too.

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10. The More You Know

I came home one evening and found a note from my girlfriend, saying she didn't love me anymore, she had moved in with her parents, and she would appreciate it if I could be gone during the upcoming weekend so she could come and collect her stuff. Stunned and stupid as I was at this point in time, I complied. This turned out to be the biggest mistake of my entire life.

I came back home Sunday evening to find the place completely empty. She took everything, except one thing: a 22-volume Britannica she bought the month before, despite my protests, and had only paid the first instalment for. When I asked for an explanation, she told me that since I had a job and salary and she was a student, I would be able to replace all the furniture and pay off the Encyclopedia.

The first thing I did was sell the books and spend the money on a trip to Paris. Witch.

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11. You’re All Mine

I dated this guy for about three months and then I broke it off because he was trying to control me. Before we broke up, he was living with me and subletting his apartment. Well, once we broke up, I obviously wanted him gone. Unbeknownst to me, though, he had gotten himself a residency permit—which meant that legally, I couldn’t kick him out.

I spent nine months fighting this. In the meantime, he would smack himself in the face until it was bright red and then call the authorities and say I was beating him, I would get detained and then let out the next day when he decided not to press charges. He did that about once a month. The apartment was in my name, too, so I couldn't just leave it without penalty.

I was essentially stuck. Nothing I tried to get him to leave worked. Finally, I met a new guy, and the ex decided that if he couldn't have me, no one could. That’s when he dealt me his cruellest hit yet. He lied and told everyone I know that I had herpes and had a history of getting knocked up and getting abortions. All the rumors essentially ended my new relationship.

I couldn't take it anymore. I called my dad, had him come pick me up, broke my lease, and got the heck out of there.

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12. Dog Days

When my ex and I were going through a divorce, he made a disturbing confession. He decided to share with me that a year and a half prior, he had taken my dog—she was 14, and I’d had her since she was six weeks old—with him to work, dropping her off in the middle of nowhere on the way. She was afraid of him, but he lured her into his truck somehow.

He even left the gate open to make it look like she got out on her own. All this time, I really had thought she’d run away. I searched for that dog for months. Meanwhile, he sat back and watched me cry, put up posters, and go to every animal shelter around us without ever finding her. I hate that man, and not only for that reason. He’s also a religious weirdo.

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13. Bonnie And Clyde

I dated a hot/crazy girl in high school. When we were going out, I thought that I would be super cool and take her to my parents’ lake house for a weekend. After we had (inevitably) broken up a couple of weeks later, she and her new boyfriend rented a U-haul van and cleaned out the house of all of the furniture. She even took my eight-year-old little sister's bunk bed.

The only thing left was fridge, because they couldn't get it through the door. Dad found the house trashed and was shocked, but we didn't find out she was the culprit until a couple of years later, when her boyfriend got caught on another charge. He admitted to taking our stuff since the officers were able to match the serial numbers on our old washer and dryer.

I knew something was up when she called me up that Thanksgiving, just before we got the news about her boyfriend, and said that she really loved me and really missed me. Stupid me thought this girl was coming around and we would get back and life would be great. Two weeks later, I was giving my report to a detective and she is now currently behind bars.

I am now married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is my best friend with a baby on the way.

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14. Father Knows Best

She wouldn’t let me off the lease for our apartment, but still had her new boyfriend move in with her. They got it on in the bed I slept in, as well as on pretty much every surface of the apartment. I won in the end, though: Her dad called me to tell me he was sorry for raising a daughter who could do something like that, and said I was a better man than her boy toy new boyfriend. Feels good, man.

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15. Homewrecker

My ex-wife freaked out when I got engaged and bought a house with someone else, so she took off for months with our son, and spent that time harassing and stalking me, filing bogus charges, etc. I told her my new fiancée was pregnant, that it was an unlikely pregnancy, and that it was a very easy one to lose, so please stop causing us stress. Her reply was heartbreaking.

All she said was, "I don’t care". She cost me my fiancée, the pregnancy, the house, and my new job. She ruined both of our lives, and messed up life for our son. All because I didn't want her. I told her at the beginning that I had met someone, that it was serious, and could she please just act like an adult and share our son and everyone could move forward.

She said yeah, sure, no problem. The day I told her I was getting married, she started her revenge. No one's life has recovered since.

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16. Band Of Brothers

During my second deployment to Afghanistan, I deployed with a friend of mine who I now consider to be a brother. When we first started our tour, his wife told him she would write weekly. We eventually found out this was a big fat lie. This brother of mine goes months without hearing from his wife, and the longer he doesn't hear from her, the sadder he gets.

His morale dropped so low that my commanding officer suggested putting him on suicide watch. Well, about nine months into our deployment, he finally gets a letter from her. After mail call was over and we were dismissed, we all ran to our tent as fast as we could to see him open the letter. After seeing how excited he was, the most horrendous thing happened.

He ripped the envelope open, and inside were divorce papers. He went through some very, very rough times after that, but we were always there for him. I took him into my own house, and I’ve never been happier to have practically a real brother living with me. We both still look out for each other, and I still hate his ex-wife with a passion.

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17. You Did Me A Favor

In 6th grade, this girl I "dated" told everyone that I was gay, which followed me until I left public school as a junior in high school. The outcome? Well, turns out that I actually am gay. In a sick way, I'm kind of glad she did it. Being among the lowest of outcasts in the school-social hierarchy was very defining in who I am now, and really helped shape my world view.

Also, she looks like a Neanderthal now and has horrible health problems, for her.

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18. Let’s Go To The Tape

Right after high school, there was a girl who liked me, but the feeling was not mutual. She decided to cope with her rejection using the means at her disposal—and came up with a diabolical plan. She was an assistant manager at a video rental chain in town. I had stopped renting there, but my rental account was still open.

So she started checking out movies under my name that I never actually borrowed.  They would of course never get returned, so massive late fees plus replacement fees showed up on my account. She also changed my mailing address in their system so that I would never receive the notices in the mail and never cotton on to the whole thing.

It wasn't until close to a year later that I started getting the phone calls from debt collection agencies.  It took years to get them to stop, and it negatively impacted my credit because I had no proof that the debts weren't valid, whereas the video chain had computer records of the rentals. In all honesty, I would think it was genius if it hadn’t completely ruined my life.

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19. She’s A Man-Eater

I got screwed over by both my ex and my $5,000 divorce lawyer. During negotiations, we reached an agreement that she did not want anything from me except $1000/month in child support. By the way, this is after I came home from work a couple of months previously to find nothing but an old chair in my house. She had movers come and take everything while I was at work.

Still, I said OK, and we left it at that. We were now just waiting for the court date, when her lawyer was supposed to bring our agreement to the judge. Anyway, I show up in court with my lawyer, we go in front of the judge, and her lawyer goes: "We want child support, alimony, and we want the husband to pay the remainder of the car loan. We also want the husband to pay for my services, because he was the one who filed for divorce".

Judge goes: "Sounds good. We are done". Meanwhile, my lawyer did not open his mouth or look up from whatever he was reading during the entire court session. And this jerk had the audacity to mail me a card later, congratulating me on the positive outcome of my divorce case. So for the next year I paid 75% of what I made, leaving me with nothing.

I sold my car, moved out of my apartment, and couch surfed for a while. The day the ex received her last alimony check, she got her final revenge.  She married my ex-best friend, which was why I filed for divorce in the first place. It took me five more years to pay off her car and her lawyer, and she is currently on husband #4.

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20. Leaving A Mark

The most spiteful thing I could think of was something I did to someone else. My girlfriend of 11 months showed up to a party with a hickey. A mutual acquaintance just assumed I had put it there and wanted to joke about the situation. She inspected the hickey and turned to me—"Nice dude, high-five". But I knew the whole truth.

I laughed dismissively, looked past the mutual acquaintance to my at-the-time-girlfriend, and said, "I don't leave bite marks". She started crying instantly and ran to the bathroom. Epilogue: She's now married to said mark-leaver, and I couldn't be happier for her. He's a great guy and she's a great friend. Some people can get past the spite.

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21. Confidential Information

Three years after I broke up with my ex, she found out who my new girlfriend was, somehow got her phone number, bought a disposable phone, and texted the new girlfriend that I was cheating on her. She used a different name and, using her previous knowledge of a birthmark location and what I like to do in bed, came off as pretty darn believable.

This threw my new girlfriend into rage and she didn't believe me due to the contents of the message. Forever alone.

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22. Puppy Love

My ex broke up with me with the usual excuses of "I need my space" and "I'm not ready to date". However, less than a week later, she showed up crying and saying she had made a mistake. I take her back…only to have her immediately ask me to watch her apartment while she goes to Hawaii for a month with her family. Then it got weirder.

I stupidly say yes to watching her apartment and taking care of her puppy, which wasn't potty trained yet. Afterward, she gets back in town and is real distant right away. After being back a week and going out to dinner several times, she breaks up with me again with the same excuses—only this time she met a guy in Hawaii and they are soul mates.

Turns out, she had already made plans to meet this guy on vacation way before reuniting with me. She only got back with me because her friend who had agreed to watch her apartment dropped out because she had gotten a new puppy and didn't want to house train it. I’ve never felt so betrayed or so angry, and I do not have that girl in my life anymore.

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23. Show Me The Money

My ex girlfriend and I shared a bank account after living together for two years. I know, the groundwork for a happy ending, right? Well, the entire time she was lying about having a job, all while I was working every day. So I broke it off with her and moved out, then went to the bank to close our account. There was just one big problem.

I was told that both parties had to be there to close the account, but she wasn't coming around for a while. So I just took my name off the account and opened my own new one. Fast forward three months later: I had a few grand saved up and was doing well. At the time, my ex actually wanted to get back with me, even though she now had another boyfriend.

I had no interest in her anymore, and tell her no. The next night, I go out to get something at the store and none of my cards are working. I call my bank, and they tell me that there is suspicious activity…on my joint account. Yep, in a fit of what I can only guess was revenge for my refusal, my ex had written $40,000 in bad checks from our old account.

The bank saw that I used to be on that account and drained it completely to cover the $40k. I am not a guy who has credit cards so this was my only source of money, period. I was flat broke.

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24. Full Circle

I know a woman who was married for a couple of months, and then got pregnant. Her husband told her to get an abortion. Being in a small town, she had to drive several hours to the nearest clinic, but as she waits outside for an hour or two, she realizes she can't go through with it. So she calls him to tell him she can't do it. He hangs up on her.

After a long drive back, she comes home to her house, which is now completely empty. Like, everything, including the ice trays in the fridge, is gone. The only things left are a rocking chair and some of her clothes. He never shows back up. But there’s a happy ending: She had the baby girl. That baby girl grew up and I married her. The woman is now my mother-in-law and she is a wonderful person.

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25. A Bundle Of Joy

I was dating this girl for almost a year. She was always super happy and smiley and just amazing to be around, not to mention she was the artsy cutie in the top of her class in Visual Design, which is just my type. When college started back up after the summer I met her, I started hanging out with my college friends, going to the nearby dive bar and just being a normal college student.

One of these friends was a girl I'd known for years. She had a boyfriend, I had a girlfriend, and we never thought of each other as anything more than brother and sister. Anyway, the girl I was dating started getting jealous and wanted me to spend more and more time with her. So, I pretty much lived at her dorm while I was wasting a year's lease on my apartment, all the while not being able to see my friends.

Next semester rolls around and she can't afford the dorm fee. Being the idiot I am, I offered for her to come live with me and even give her part of my savings to help her out. This was a HUGE mistake. I was no longer "allowed" to drink or hang out with any of my "terrible friends". So, we have many extremely heated arguments resulting in hot make-up times.

One night, she ticks me off so much that I punched a hole through the wall and dent my fridge with my already fractured fist. I tell her to get lost. She comes back to me a week later and tells my parents I am a terrible person and makes up lies about my lifestyle, saying I do hard substances (I don’t). I have to console my mother for days.

My mother was very, very upset that I was a supposed hard user (which, again, I'm not). To top all that off, my ex proceeds to tell me she is pregnant with our baby. I say to myself, "I'm OK with this. I'll do the right thing and just pay child support". But it doesn't end there. She changes her mind about keeping the kid and asks me to give her money to get an abortion.

I talk to her and make sure this is what she wanted to do, because my head is spinning at this point. I had a lingering thought that maybe she was lying, so I asked to see the test results. They seemed legit so I give her MORE money this time to help with the procedure. Later on, I found out the dark truth.  The papers were forged with the skills she had learned as a Visual Design student.

She played me HARD. Darn, am I glad to have her out of my life.

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26. Photo Finish

While splitting up all of our stuff during our divorce, my ex opted to claim ownership of every single photograph in the house. Including the very small handful that I still had of my brother who had passed years before. I found them by accident while making sure she wasn't taking more than her fair share, and she claimed it was just an oversight that my five pictures were wrapped in an envelope, inside another envelope, and packed in the bottom of a box.

Karma: I'm a solid foot taller than her and she outweighs me by 40 lbs now.

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27. Mrs. Wrong

She hunted down my next girlfriend on Facebook through their mutual friends, then told those friends they needed to meet because she was worried for the safety of my current girlfriend and needed to tell her some things about me. My girlfriend at the time decided to meet up with her, and broke up with me that night after. I soon found out what had gone down.

My ex told her I used to beat her and that I slept around all the time and cheated on her. She even said that I'd cheated on my current girlfriend by sleeping with her (my ex) only a few weeks prior. Not only did I lose my girlfriend at the time, but a lot of my friends heard all of this and avoided me afterwards. I lost a lot of people who I thought were good friends.

Then, my ex called me like a week later, saying breaking up with me was the biggest mistake she ever made and that she wanted me back. It was all a ploy to get me single thought I'd just take her right back since I was single. WHAT?  The next girl I dated, I told her right away that I had a crazy ex. She said she was more appalled that my girlfriend at the time even agreed to meet her. We're getting married in a month. :)

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28. Free For A Price

After I broke up with him, he and his new girlfriend proceeded to post a dozen or so ads on different sections of Craigslist advertising "free" things (TVs, etc.) with my phone number, address, and email listed. As part of the ads, my ex made sure to write "feel free to call and text at any time". For a good two weeks, I simply had to keep my phone off to avoid the hundreds of phone calls I was receiving.

Many people became irate after realizing that the ad was a fake, a few even threatening me. I spent those weeks in a constant state of paranoia.

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29. The Key To My Heart

In college, I dated a girl who was a raging alcoholic. It was the day after Valentine's and we had been going out for eight months. We woke up at my place like any other day and I started studying for midterms. She said that she'd let me study for a while and left. About four hours later, she came into my apartment, nearly unable to stand.

Puzzled, I asked where she had been, and she told me she just finished a bottle with some of her bartender friends. It was 2 o'clock in the afternoon. After about an hour of trying to calm her down and put her to bed to sleep it off, I asked her to leave. She became so upset that she started throwing my things around in the apartment.

I couldn't get any work done, so I physically dragged her out of the apartment, hoping she'd go away. Then she turned her anger to my car. She grabs a "For Sale" sign out of a neighbor’s yard and tries to etch her name into the paint. I was able to get in and drive away before the artwork was complete, however. I then went to a friend’s house and studied for a few hours…until I got a horrific phone call.

It’s around 9 pm, and it’s from my deranged girlfriend. She proceeds to tell me that she just regained consciousness to TWO GUYS WITH HER IN BED IN A RANDOM APARTMENT. She didn't know them, she didn't know the apartment. I hung up and tried to digest what just happened. To get my mind off of it, I went out to a local bar to unwind. A female friend of mine happened to be there, and after a few drinks she said she didn't want to go home to her parents’ house, so I said she could crash at mine.

We didn't hook up, and weren't going to. At around 2 am, the girl and I are sitting on the couch, watching TV. My front door flies open (should have locked it, rookie move) and there is the psycho. She's been keeping up her buzz. Her eyes meet with the girl sitting on my couch. She wants blood. She grabs the first thing she can find and lunges at the girl.

It's my own set of keys. I tackle her and she uses the keys to scratch the ever living heck out of me. She actually got put behind bars briefly for that stunt.

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30. Collateral Damage

Around eight years ago, my then-girlfriend tricked me into getting her pregnant (sabotaged the birth control), and as soon as she got pregnant she cut off all contact. I tried to remain civil with her, and I have been up to this day, but she quite clearly told me that the only reason she started dating me in the first place is because she wanted a child.

I had simply never factored into her plans. When my daughter was born, she didn't put me on the birth certificate; the father was "Unknown". I took her to court multiple times, but she denied paternity was mine and the courts could not force a DNA test. She eventually moved away and completely disappeared off the radar.

I have an eight-year-old daughter out there somewhere who I have only ever seen once. I think about her every day.

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31. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

My friend has been dating this girl for a few months now and they're crazy about each other, but right before they were dating, she was going out with this other guy she really wanted to get away from. So she breaks up with him and goes after my friend. A few weeks ago, her now-ex contacted her and told her a chilling story.

He confessed he had attempted to take his own life and that he was in the hospital under 24 hour care. He knew exactly how she would react, and sure enough she starts crying and blaming herself for weeks. For about two or three weeks, she's completely messed up and full of self blame for what happened, until she starts talking to one of his best friends and discovered that he had made the whole thing up.

There was no attempt to end himself, and he had been telling all his friends that the reason he was talking to her was because they were considering getting back together. He also told her a few other lies, like he was going off to college to play football, that he had bought a horse, etc. I don’t know why he lied about that stuff; it doesn't make a lot of sense to anyone.

The story does have a happy ending however. She and my friend, her current boyfriend, messaged and called everyone who knew the both of them and told them the truth about what happened and what he had said. Including his mother. He lost a good amount of friends that day, as he should have, and my friend and the girl are still together.

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32. He Moves Fast

My ex dated a rebound girl for two weeks. She cheated on him while he was out of town, and he breaks up with her. Then she comes back and says sorry, so he proposes to her, deciding that’s somehow how he’s going to get over me. He goes through with it, but the entire time he's trying to tell me how much he still loves me and wants me back.

It messed up my mental state big time during my first semester at college.

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33. Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

She broke up with me after 2.5 of years saying she needed to be single and wasn't interested in being in a relationship. A week later, she called me to tell me how she met this awesome dude and she's in love. Then she slept with him, and he never called her again. She then called me, crying about how he broke her heart. I mean, she pretty much got what was coming to her, but why she felt the need to call me and tell me about it? I'll never understand.

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34. The Back-up Groom

She married another guy several months before our scheduled wedding date. For us, she demanded a big wedding, reception, a specific priest and church (she was religious, I am not), and all sorts of other things I didn’t really want. With the second guy, she spontaneously did it on a random weekend. But that’s not even the worst part.

She didn't tell anybody and was out of the country when she did it, so people were calling me to figure out what was going on.  She just changed her name and relationship status on Facebook and left me to handle the fallout. Fun conversations always start with, "Did your fiancee get married to another guy?"

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35. Only Skin Deep

I had a neighbor who was a really good-looking skirt chaser. He spent his teenage years cheating on his gorgeous girlfriends and whatnot. By the time he was twenty-something, he fell in love with some girl and said he was going to marry her. His dad is really loaded, and he was going to inherit his dad's company. Basically, it was all going well for him. Until everything changed.

He got into a car accident. He wasn't driving and he was wearing his seat-belt, but when the car got hit, he flew out the window. He didn't get any ugly-looking injuries, just a scratch or two on his arms and a small bump on his head. However, he couldn't walk anymore from then on. In fact, he could barely move at all.

He spent a couple of years in bed being taken care of by his mother. And then the hammer came down. His girlfriend sued him. He'd been bed ridden for a couple of months when her lawyer started a fuss about how he'd promised to marry her and had taken two years of her life with that promise. She actually sued him for not being able to marry her anymore.

Apparently, she'd been with him those two years prior to the accident only because of his dad's money. When she realized she wouldn't have any of it anymore, she freaked out.

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36. Not The Grand Gesture You Want

Two weeks after we broke up, my ex showed up at my house at about 8 am. I woke up to him banging on my window, asking me for a place to sleep. Meanwhile, his hands were covered in black paint and his pant leg was torn for reasons that would only become fully clear later. Apparently, he had slept in a nearby neighbor’s bush.

We had a horrible argument, and finally I called his mom to come get him because it was starting to get out of hand. That night, a friend of mine calls me while walking past a pub near my house, telling me my name had been spray-painted on the wall. Yep, it was my ex. It said: "Screw you [my name]", "Hope You're Happy" and "You broke my heart".

I felt horrible every day walking by it, and still feel horrible thinking about it.

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37. Do You Want To Play A Game?

I had major depression, couldn't get out of bed, and used substances to try and feel some kind of emotion other than soul crushing sadness. I had hardly spoken to my buddies at the time; they used to come over and try to get me out of the house, but I was too busy drinking alone. One day, my best friend walked into my house and found me on the floor after I made an attempt on my life.

When I checked out of the hospital, him and my other friend took me for a drink to discuss how I was. While we were at the pub, we met up with some other people. That's when I met my ex. We were together for about a year and a half, and it turned me into a different person. I stopped drinking as heavily and I was getting better, coming out of my depression at long last.

The first half of our relationship, which was kept in secret because she said people would get angry, was blissful. We were perfect and completely in love. We spent hours talking through our problems and our lives, how similar they were and in fact how her life was so much worse than mine. We really understood each other. Then the bottom started to drop out.

She cheated on me several times with my one of my best friends, but I let that slide. After all, I needed her. Then, on New Year 2009, I had a massive party where I invited all my friends and her. She went upstairs with a guy she had brought. I followed them up and told her she couldn’t sleep with the guy in my bed since I had to sleep there, you know?

He left embarrassed when I told him I was her boyfriend, which she denied, and I asked her what the heck she was doing. She started screaming and pretending to cry, then ran downstairs into my kitchen. My best friend came over to me when I walked downstairs and told me that she had told everyone horrible lies about me, like I beat her.

I went to talk to her in the kitchen and I asked her why she was doing all this. Her response broke me into a million little pieces. She told me everything had been a lie, everything she told me about her life, her battle with depression and addiction, her telling me she loved me, it had all been a game to her, for fun.

Except my two friends heard every word, and told everyone else. The tables were turned. Now she's with another guy and I'm with someone who does love me for who I am. Good luck to her new boyfriend and thanks to her for letting me hit rock bottom, because after her, the only way I could go was up. I'm happy again now.

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38. And Your Little Dog Too

My girlfriend of three years, who was living with me, slept with a guy at her company. I found out through some digging that they were sleeping together regularly from around the time my mom passed. She was upset when I found out and kept me up all night, right before I started a new job. I went ballistic and told her she had to move out of the apartment.

The next morning she attacked me, hid my work computer, and barricaded herself in the bathroom to prevent me from going to work. I kicked her out of the apartment, but later felt bad and let her back into my life. I had bought a condo at this point and gave her a key. I even bought her a dog on Valentine's Day and asked her to get engaged after a while, to which she said yes.

A few months later, I found out the truth: She was sleeping with yet another guy while I was at work, and I later found out she had cheated on me numerous times over the three years. In response, she attacked me physically, wrecked my condo, threw glasses at me, took a knife to my throat, and threatened me. I had to physically restrain her from ending my life.

Eventually, the authorities removed her from my condo and I kept the dog. I hate reminiscing about this she-devil...But there is a happy ending. As I said, I kept the dog. A couple weeks later, I met my future wife. We started off walking the dog and went on trips. I later rescued other similar dogs, and found them homes, and ultimately gave my sister the dog that was meant for my first fiancée.

I got married to this new better, genuine person who has since restored my faith in humanity.

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39. The Girl Is Mine

A relative of mine, Ted, is going through a divorce. His ex-wife has been a wreck for several years, regularly telling him and their five-year-old daughter that she hates them and doesn't want to ever see them again. Ted is hoping for primary custody because he dotes on his daughter and wants her to be raised by her competent parent—him.

So, when the lawyers are working out the divorce settlement, the ex starts claiming that Ted is violent, and beat both her and their daughter, and she wanted 100% custody with Ted barred from seeing his daughter. This lead to rare and supervised visits for six months. Ted—who is a counsellor for troubled teens, for God's sake!—hardly gets to see his daughter.

The daughter is distraught, and the ex-wife is grinning like a demon. The good news is that ultimately, Ted prevailed. The social workers and therapists all agreed that there was absolutely no evidence other than the spontaneous accusations of a manipulative and psychologically unsound woman. The daughter repeatedly said she wanted to live with daddy, he wanted her, and could provide for her.

The case isn’t done yet, but all the ex's plans have backfired so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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40. For Your Eyes Only

I broke up with my girlfriend in college, and she went crazy. She e-mailed my mother, who thinks I'm a wonderful Christian boy, and gave her very detailed accounts of some of the bedroom acts we tried, and also intimate pictures of me. She CC'd me. But! Since I'm on the computer 100% of the time, I got the email right when she sent it.

Also, since I set up my mom's account, I knew her password. I went in and deleted the message before she ever saw it. I also blocked all my ex-girlfriend’s email addresses at that time. But oy, my heart was a-pounding.

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41. No "I" In Team

My ex called me up after we had broken up for about a week. She told me that she had done a pregnancy test and she was pregnant and the baby was 100% mine, since the guy she cheated on me with always used protection. Being a bit dumbfounded, I asked "So... what do you want to do?" This was the wrong answer, as I found out.

She raged at me, called me a no-good guy who didn't deserve her, and hung up on me. I called her back and she said, "I don't need anything from you! I wanted to see the kind of man you are. You didn't say ‘What do you want us to do!’ You asked me what I wanted to do! I never want to hear from you again!’ Oh, but she wasn’t done yet.

Two days later, she calls me up again and tells me that she's not pregnant, she was just testing to see "what kind of man" I am and judging whether or not to take me back. It didn't even cross her mind that maybe I didn't want to get back with her, but I guess that was besides the point in her head at that moment. So... yeah...

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42. Femme Fatale

This happened in my town. This recently divorced guy went and got himself a crazy rebound girlfriend. One day, they’re drinking and they start arguing. She starts punching him and he's so gone that he falls on the ground. So she just goes and stomps on his face…wait for it... while WEARING HIGH HEELS. The heels pierced through his eye and gave him brain damage. Seriously.

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43. You’re A Mean One

She took all of my Christmas ornaments from when I was a kid when she moved out. I didn't know until months later when I gleefully went to set up for Christmas, went to the basement, and BOOM saw a note from her in the empty box that used to hold all my Christmas decorations. The message just said, "The Grinch was here".

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44. Let It Go

This is about my psycho, stalker ex. I’m a girl, and I was 17 at the time while he was 19. I met him through this guy I went on one date with, but there was no connection so we moved on. Me and this new guy started dating a year later. He seemed nice, shy, funny at times, and we just had fun together. I was his first girlfriend.

He was in my life for about two years. But eight months in, I started to notice things about him I HATED. He was a COMPLETELY different person around me than everyone else. He only showed his real personality to me, and it was dark. Everyone else thought he was sweet and innocent, especially his mom. Meanwhile, he would call me horrific names when we were alone.

He would also get mad if my phone ever went off around him, and even more mad if I answered it. This was always followed by statements like, "Who the heck is that? Are you sleeping with someone else?" He would get mad if I ever talked to another male in public, even a waiter or cashier. He would act fine until we left, then he’d start screaming.

He then told friends at his school EVERYTHING about our bedroom life, and he would text me nonstop all day long. If I didn't reply, he would call over and over. I think the record was 40+ calls. No surprise, he was so controlling that I could never see my friends. He could see his, but I couldn't see mine, and he hated all of my friends who were guys.

He would constantly tell me about how he was going to get revenge against them. Revenge for what? I don’t know…So long story short, he's a jealous control freak, and it only gets worse from here. If you’re asking yourself, why did I not break up with this dude?! Well, I did, two or three times. But it wasn't as easy as just saying, "I'm breaking up with you" and having him disappear.

No, no, no. This guy would not disappear. But to fast forward, I was finally at my last straw. I didn't care anymore, and I broke up with him for good. He was so angry, he threatened he would tell my parents all these lies. Still, I cut off all contact with him, and it drove him completely insane. I should have known what was coming then.

One night, I was hanging out with this other guy I had been seeing. We were sitting in the parking lot of a grocery store at the time, which is two minutes from my home. All of a sudden, I see my insane ex drive by our car. No mistake: It was definitely him, even thought he lives a 30-minute drive away, and there was no reason he would be on this side of town.

It was also after 10 pm, so he's truly a creeper. Then he started doing even stranger stuff. He made a fake profile on Facebook and browsed for girls who went to high school with me, then added them. He tried to become their friend, then would badmouth me to all of these girls from my school. Honestly, I thought it was hilarious.

Who knows what he told all his friends about me, but he's had them all gang up on me since. His guy friends threatened to beat me up, come to my house and trash everything inside. I even had to park my car at my dad's place for a week, and I actually moved there for a while too. I was sure they would slash my car's tires or put sugar in my gas tank. But the worst was yet to come.

After we had been over for a while, I was still with that other guy, and one night we had been hanging out and he was driving me home when my phone rang. It was my psycho ex. Since he calls me non-stop, I picked up out of anger. Blah blah blah blah. Then he heard my boyfriend say something in the background. "Who the HECK is that?! Who are you with?!"

I said, "Anthony," and hung up. He called back over and over, and it was basically a bunch of yelling. He said he was driving to my house now, and I had to be there. Then I started freaking out. We got there, and he pulled up. He ran up to my front door and proceeded to open it. I yanked him by the shirt back outside and the fight continued from there.

He finally got into his car and started to leave, and he almost ran over my foot with the car. I haven't seen him since, but I recently got a disturbing text from him: "Your tail light is out". I'm sitting there thinking...WHAT. THE. HECK. Apparently, he had been driving behind me, or following me. I also learned that he has moved out of his mom's house and is now living up the street from me.

I'm still thinking, WHAT THE HECK. That's no coincidence. FREAK! I still get letters from him in the mail occasionally. They were long letters. One was creepy, all it was was a piece of copy paper with pink hearts drawn all over it. Most are about how he realized what a jerk he was, how he never treated me right, and how he knows he will never have me back.

Darn straight. I don't read them anymore, I just put them straight in the trash.

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45. Tragic Payback

I started dating a girl when we were just out of high school. Her ex-boyfriend was a loose cannon, and when he found out that we were dating, he tried to "befriend" me. I was unaware of his horrible habits until one day, he tried to beat me. When that didn’t work, he called the authorities on me for a trumped-up charge. But his final "screw you" was horrifying.

He put my girlfriend’s little brother in the car with him and drove off a bridge, killing both himself and her little brother. It’s still a tragic legend in my town, and no one has ever been able to forget it.

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46. You’ve Got Mail

Let's see…she sent bizarre postcards under random people's names with gibberish written on them. Three postcards to my work and three to my apartment manager's office. She also sent adult magazines to my landlord and called Pizza Hut to deliver $100-worth of pizza to my work, leaving me to cover the bill. She also got me on a mailing list for Victoria's Secret, which got sent to my work. And as a final "screw you" she also took a ton of stuff out of my apartment, claiming they were hers because she bought them…you know, using my money.

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47. Message Received

My girlfriend decided that the best way to break up with me was to make out with her ex… right in front of me. I did not see that one coming at the time.

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48. Case Closed

I'm pretty sure the day I broke up with my ex, he went through my apartment and tightened the lids on everything I own—nail polish, jars of food, bottles—because I'm a fetus and can't open anything on my own. It was mean...but looking back, it was probably the cleverest petty revenge act I've ever seen.

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49. The Bigger Man

Me and my girlfriend split a few months ago. Out of nowhere, I get a random text from her—I immediately wished I could unsee it. It happens to be an "intimate" picture of her with a gorgeous, built man. She began to explain how thankful she was I broke up with her so she could find a man like this. I wanted to be mad, but couldn't.

I just kind of stared at the picture for a while thinking, "Good for her".

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50. Ashes To Ashes

During my friend’s divorce, his ex took him to court for everything she could get, including his dog he had had since he was 15. Somehow, she was able to get the judge to give her custody of this dog, Alice. A week or so later, a box is mailed to his parents’ house with his name on it. When he opened it, his blood ran cold.

The box was full of ashes. This witch had the dog put to sleep at a vet, cremated it, put the ashes in a box, and mailed them to him.

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