These Relationships Started Off In The Weirdest Ways

August 22, 2023 | Eul Basa

These Relationships Started Off In The Weirdest Ways

Those who look for love generally pursue the same end goal: a stable, long-lasting relationship. But the way those relationships start can differ drastically from couple to couple—sometimes the road to love is short and sweet, while other times, it is long and turbulent. From seemingly doomed first dates to unexpected situations, these love stories prove that if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

1. One Fateful Night

I hit a deer going about 45 mph and I knocked one of my headlights out. The car was drivable, but it was dark and foggy in the country. My crush was with me that evening, and after cursing the deer for a solid 10 minutes, I asked if it was okay if she stayed with me that night instead of driving her home (and potentially getting into another accident).

She agreed. We got back to my dorm, and I had to use the restroom. I told her I’d fix the bed situation when I got out. I intended to pull the mattress cover off and let her have the bed for the night while I used the floor. Yeah, she didn’t think that. I came out of the bathroom to find her wrapped in my blankets. I asked where I should sleep and she told me to just sleep next to her.

We ended up cuddling all night and having a tasty campus breakfast date the next morning. We’re still together two years later.


2. Consolation Prize

My ex-wife was the consolation prize in a radio contest. Well...kind of. I used to co-host a morning radio show back in the 90s, and we did a version of The Dating Game on the air. Just like the classic TV show, we'd have a woman choosing between three eligible bachelors, or a man choosing between three bachelorettes. The winner would get a date paid for by the station, and the runners-up would get a consolation prize.

Part of my job was to coordinate everything between the contestants. This one day, we had the bachelor in the studio and three women on the phone. He picked one for his date (he was given tickets to a baseball game and a paid-for dinner at a nice restaurant), and afterward, I got all the information from the runners up so that they could get their prizes.

One of them sounded really fun on the phone, and we hit it off. Our studio window looked out over the station's lobby and I told her that if she came in to get her prize while I was still on the air, she should turn and wave at the window. A few hours later, I looked out the window and saw her waving. I couldn't believe my eyes.

My first thought was "Whoa, she needs a date?" Turns out, she was pretty hot...and I had her phone number. So I called back later and asked her out. Our relationship lasted seven years.

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3. Hiking Buddy

Back when I was single, I offered to take some colleagues on a climbing trip for the weekend. Only one person signed up—she flew up to Glasgow to meet me and she brought a guy along with her. We drove to our hotel from the airport and got settled into our connecting rooms. I took one of the rooms, while she and the guy took the other one.

We had dinner later that night, all three of us, then we played some pool before retiring for the night. All that time, I assumed she was in a relationship with the guy she brought with her, but the following day, I discovered the truth. We spent the day hiking on a hill and she ended up going back to the hotel before me and the other guy.

When I got back to the hotel much later, I walked into my bathroom—and my jaw hit the ground. There she was...IN my shower, inviting me in. WHAT?? Turns out, she had a huge crush on me at work, and she only agreed to the trip so she could spend time with me. She admitted that she brought along her guy friend for moral support.

We ended up getting together after that and our relationship lasted two years.

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4. Fountain Of Fate

She was one of my best friends in high school. I was always into her, but she never saw me as more than just a friend. When we graduated, she ended up moving to Missouri with some dude that she had been in a long-distance relationship. After a couple of years, I moved to a new city with a friend and we started trade school together.

While browsing social media, I came across her profile and I stalked it a little bit. I found out that she had also moved to the same city I was in. I reached out to her and she told me she had broken up with her boyfriend before she moved. I asked her what part of the city she was in, and she ended up being in my area...more specifically, in my very apartment complex. I didn't believe her.

I asked her if she could see a big pond with a fountain in the middle since my apartment overlooked it. She said yes. I then asked her to walk out to it and lo and behold, there she was—the one that got away had all of of a sudden returned. I think we both felt this was fate, so we began a whirlwind romance.

We were together for five years until life took us in different directions. We wanted different things and, to be honest, I was a jerk. We have since lost touch, which is mostly my fault since I sort of gave her the silent treatment after our breakup. She unfriended me on social media and moved away again. I haven't heard from her since, but I hope she's well.

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5. Brought Into Existence

In school, I drew a lot and would often draw randomly made-up people. Once, I doodled a pretty girl and a girl sitting next to me asked who she was. I told her she wasn't a specific person, but she thought I was just too shy to admit who she really was. She kept pressing me for a name, and she ended up getting all of the other girls in our class involved.

One of them said she knew her. She claimed it was some girl who went to a nearby school. So they asked me if that's who it was and if I'd like for her to come up and meet with me. I said screw it, yeah. They arranged for us to meet up that weekend and we ended up going out for a few months. So, I basically drew a girlfriend into existence.

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6. Car Troubles

I stopped to help what I thought was an old lady with her car on the side of the road. Boy, was I wrong. Turned out, the owner of the car was actually a gorgeous German girl and the old lady simply walked over from a house to help. I pushed the car to a church parking lot about a quarter-mile away, took her to the gas station for gasoline and a Slurpee, and gave her car a jump.

We exchanged numbers because she wanted to thank me later, but our schedules never worked out. I thought it wasn't meant to be and forgot about her—but our story wasn't over yet. She messaged me a month or two later to ask me on a date. We're still together today.

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7. Shared Interest

When I got my job nine years ago, the developer on the team started talking about anime with me. She was very nerdy and so was I, so we clicked. It was when we were at a McDonald’s waiting for our lunches that she mentioned the title of one spicy anime that I immediately recognized. I called her out on it and we proceeded to make plans to watch it.

Neither of us drove at the time, and I didn't want to take the last bus home either, so she made me offered to share her bed with me since it was midnight by the time we finished. Cue my first time getting intimate with a girl at 20. She was lovely, but a bit crazy in the end. We had a great relationship and now we just remain best friends. I trust her with my life.

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8.  Guilt Trip

I was guilted into dating this guy I went to high school with right after I graduated. We were friends, but the more we hung out (we had lots of mutual friends), the worse it got. When I became uncomfortable with his advances, he would threaten to hurt himself. Like…really badly. It was the worst experience I've had in a relationship so far.

Since I was young at the time, I did not fully understand the situation. I would feel awful and try to calm him down, and it got me looped into a cycle. He would try and force me into going on dates with him. He would tell people I was his girlfriend, and later on, I would have to clarify, “No, no—we're just hanging out".

Pretty soon, everyone thought we were together and they painted me out to be some really mean chick who hurt him a lot. If I tried to stop talking to him, all of his friends would spam my phone because he would lock himself in a bathroom with dangerous items and I would have to sit on speakerphone to talk him out of it like a crisis counselor.

If I posted a picture online, he would comment on it immediately to put himself there. Once I moved away for college, he got even worse. He would threaten to move near me, or show up at my grandmother’s house to force me to see him.  He'd call me so many times in a row I would have to turn off my phone. I blocked him one time, but then I got heat from everybody else, saying that I was heartless for ignoring him.

After a few months of that, I had enough. It all came to an end when he told me he would end himself if I didn't see him. I called the authorities and decided to wash my hands of the crazy. The officers called me back later, saying that when they got there, he was just sitting on the couch with his mom. The messages eventually stopped, and I genuinely stopped caring. I was so happy to be free.

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9. Trading Places

My girlfriend and I moved in together after high school. She ended up working at a dental office as a dental assistant in Massachusetts. There was a husband and wife who worked there—both of them were dentists and they came from New York.

The wife would often go back to New York with their kids to visit family and he would stay behind. My girlfriend would often invite him out with us because she felt bad that he was alone. It started getting weird and when I approached her about it, she would get defensive and justify the whole situation. While I had no definitive proof, I knew something was going on.

Our relationship eventually crumbled and we split. I tried to warn the wife about what was going on, but I was unsuccessful in speaking with her. After some time, I needed some dental work done, and she offered to do the work...but what she really wanted was to see if I knew anything. Apparently, my ex played the role of the newly single girl with no place to go. The wife felt bad for her and offered her a room in their home.

She started catching on to what was going on when her husband came home once and went straight to hanging out with my girlfriend without even addressing their son or one-year-old daughter. Eventually, the wife kicked her out against the husband's wishes. He eventually moved out as well. Over all that drama, the wife and I bonded. It was a wild turn of events.

She became a single mom of two kids, and I became single myself. She didn’t know how to fix a faucet or hang shelves in the closet, so I would help her out here and there. Well…we have been together 20 years now, married for almost 15 of those years, and we have a 10-year-old daughter. Our exes stayed together maybe for one year before they fizzled out.

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10. Party Favor

When I was 16 years old,  I was cheated on by my boyfriend. I wanted to forget about all the pain and just get trashed. Weirdly enough, this was the best choice I could have made. My friend held a party at his place, and his friend knew that he had a thing for me. So, while we were all tipsy, he told me to go kiss him and that's all I remember until I woke up in his bed the next morning.

He was cuddling me and I had his teddy bear (which he never let anyone touch). He told me that my ex had messaged me the night before about wanting to get back together and I had a meltdown, so he let me de-stress in his room. I apparently asked him to stay with me so I wouldn't be alone and I fell asleep on him. He looked after me all night, making sure I had food and water the whole time.

At 3:14 am, after he updated me on what had happened, we agreed to try dating. 10 and a half years later, we are married with three kids and a house. This still proves to be the best tipsy decision I've ever made.

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11. Take The Plunge

I was in the hospital for 11 or 12 days once and one of my attending doctor's residents was super hot. Sometimes, she’d hang back to ask me questions and give me those little exams, or she'd show up alone for whatever reason and I’d use those chances to try to chat her up. I tried to bring my A-game with her and I was somehow nailing it, making her laugh and getting her to talk a lot.

I was like Michael Jordan in the flu game, seriously. When I got discharged, my doctor wanted to meet me in the lobby and she was there too. Then, my doctor took off and it was just us...I was like, it’s now or never buddy, so I just asked her out on a date. By some miracle, she said yes!

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12. Gamer Love

I was holding tryouts for people to join our clan in Starcraft. She joined our game and it was decided that I would face her in a match while the rest of our clan watched. I absolutely destroyed her and we agreed she could join up with us if she still wanted to. Initially, I couldn't stand her and tried to avoid her like the plague...What a fool I was.

Later on, we somehow started talking over AOL Instant Messenger and ended up learning she was a four-hour drive away in the state next door. Things fell into place and we ended up in a long-distance relationship at the tender age of 16. We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this last September. I can still beat her in video games.

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13. Swipe Right

I had a profile on this one social network site. I don't even remember what site it was, but it was so old that you had to link your pictures; you couldn't even upload them. I checked my e-mail one day and this girl messaged me. I looked at her profile and she was very cute. We talked, and during our conversation, she told me that even though I didn't have any pictures, my profile was great.

I forgot I had redone the folders on my website that I linked my photos from, so she couldn't access them initially. But that didn't matter to her so much, and we still talked for a couple of months. I ended up moving near her and we dated for a bit, but there's no happy ending here...She ended up going insane. Good times.

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14. Holding Hands

I wore a pink turban with red, white, and pink feathers and a red rose to a show named Crowns (a musical play about southern black women in their fancy church hats). My friend was performing in it and she told all her friends to wear their "crowns". Well, I was the only one with a hat of any kind in the whole audience.

My assigned seat was next to a male friend I’d known casually and even dated (once, unsuccessfully) in the past. He brought his roommate to the show. When my friend introduced me to his roommate, I shook his hand but held on a little longer than normal. I looked him right in the eye, smiling. We’ve been together 14 years, married for nine years, and we have an adopted daughter.

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15. Bound By The Force

I went to the hospital with a broken bone and made Star Wars jokes to the doctor. He called me a week later to ask how I was. I couldn’t remember his name, so I had to look it up in my medical records. I found him on Facebook and sent him a message asking him out. We're now coming up on 10 years together, and we're married with two kids.

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16. Snowed In

My roommate’s girlfriend and her friend stayed at our place for a week during a snowstorm. The friend and I stayed up late talking one night, and the next thing I knew, we were cuddling on the couch watching The Princess Bride. We only dated for a month, but I thought it interesting how near-complete isolation with someone who was practically a stranger resulted in a relationship days later.

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17. Joke's On Him

A guy I knew kept teasing me and another one of my guy friends about getting together, even though we weren’t romantically interested in each other. He would not stop joking about it and he even told a bunch of our teachers that this guy and I were dating. It got to a point where I was so fed up with it, I actually asked the guy out.

I thought he would have been pretty delighted to see that we finally got together, but he was so upset we ruined his joke that he cut us off. I dated the other guy for about two years and we’re still friends today.

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18. The Mars Bar Deal

My husband was my first real boyfriend. We met when we were 20 years old and were interested in each other from the get-go. We wanted to watch Scott Pilgrim on our second date but the TV broke, so we just made out. We were both quite awkward around each other because we were both so excited and in love, but we didn’t know what the other one wanted.

We sat on his couch and I asked him to give me a Mars chocolate bar. He replied sweetly, "Only if you will be my girlfriend". So I said “deal". We've been together for ten years now, and dang...that was the best Mars bar I ever had.

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19. Just Like Jerry

I was at a college party and it sucked. It was right around the time of Jerry Maguire, so I thought it'd be funny to yell, 'This party sucks, I'm going home to drink all night and all I want to know is who's coming with me?!" I then stormed out because I didn't know anyone at the party, and I had no reason at all to expect someone to come with me.

Once I was out of the building, I felt like was being followed. That's when I noticed a girl following behind me. We ended up hanging out that night and we went on to date each other for four years.

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20. The Hot Guy

In my freshman year of high school, I got asked out by the hot skater boy at a party while I was tipsy. I thought he was joking (since he was super hot, popular, older, and all the girls wanted him), so I told him he had to ask me again when he was sober. The next morning, he woke me up and said, "Well what do you think; do you want to be my girl?"

And here we are folks...16 years later, with over a decade of marriage and three wonderful kids!

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21. City Dating

A friend kept me out late on Valentine’s Day in Tokyo. We were at a sky-rise bar, and he was visiting from Brazil. He really wanted to meet a lady, while I just wanted to go home and rest. But I was a good host and I kept him company until the trains were about to end. At the end of the night, I was walking down a narrow street along these canals with many beautiful trees.

I passed by a small bar with maybe 10 seats was glowing from outside. I was immediately drawn to the place and I stared inside of it for what seemed like an eternity. It was such a surreal moment. I was literally just standing there waiting, and I didn’t know why. I had lived in the area for the past five years or so, but I never stopped at this place.

At one point, I noticed a lady outside the bar who was on her phone. She asked me to join her inside, and I did. Turns out, it was her birthday, and that night would end up being the first day of our seven-year relationship.

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22. Braided Connection

We were at the beach with some members of our church. I was brand new to the area and I only knew three people there. At one point, this one girl asked the girls if any of them could braid her hair so that it would stay out of her face. Surprisingly, none of them knew how to braid hair, so I stepped up and said I could do it, to her shock (since I'm a dude).

We didn't hang out the whole time, but we exchanged numbers after I did a pretty good job on her hair. We're still together today.

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23. Coming Off Strong

In the ninth grade, I was a loud, obnoxious girl who would say the stupidest things because I thought it was funny. My equally as obnoxious friend and I were on our way to a pep rally when I saw this lone guy walking in. So I decided I'd introduce myself in the most embarrassing way imaginable. "HI! My name is Petra, shake my freaking hand!"

My name is not Petra, by the way, and who in their right mind would shake my hand after introducing myself like that? But he did and it was like a chill button had been pushed. Here we are going on 15 years with two kids. I'm still weird as heck (without being obnoxious), but he doesn't seem to care.

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24. Thank You, Next

My ex and I broke up but were stuck living together for the time being, so we tried keeping things civil. One day, we went to see his best friend and we all started drinking. My ex kept pushing more and more booze on us, and it got to the point where I couldn't walk without assistance. My ex drove us back to our shared house and started getting touchy with me.

His friend stopped him, saying that I was way too tipsy to consent. Then, when my ex went to the kitchen, he helped take off my shoes and put me into bed before getting my ex to take him home. The next day, I went over to his place to profusely apologize for the night before. We talked and kept hanging out, and eventually, we both realized we caught feelings for each other.

Here we are almost five years later with a beautiful daughter and another one on the way.

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25. Stranger In My House

I went on a first date with a man I had just met. As he dropped me back off at home afterward, his car broke down in my driveway. It could not be fixed without buying new parts, and the auto parts stores were closed at that time. He was incredibly embarrassed. After about two hours of his attempts to reach friends with no luck, I hesitantly told him he could sleep on my couch.

He offered to walk to a hotel, but I insisted. I had NEVER had a boy at my house before, and though he seemed nice enough, I wasn't taking chances. I locked my bedroom door and tried to fall asleep, but I ended up feeling so nervous about a man in my house that I went out to check if he was still there 30 minutes later. He was wide awake, and we ended up talking and laughing until 7 am.

I ended up adoring him, and I couldn't get enough. We've been together for years now and we spend our free time in the garage working on our shared hobby—fixing up cars.

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26. Surprise Visit

My dad first saw my mom when she tutored his nephew at his place. The second time they met was when he showed up unannounced in front of my mom's house. I thought it was creepy as heck, but my mom thought he was romantic and determined. This happened back in 1991. They proceeded to date for eight months before getting engaged.

By dating, I mean my mom spent most of the time doing her college assignments at home while my dad came over to her place and watched TV in silence. 29 years later, they still roast each other nonstop on how they first got together. I'd be so creeped out if a guy just suddenly knew where I lived and showed up unannounced. They're weird.

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27. Blue-Eyed Wonder

He was a friend I had known for years but never really talked to other than during our DnD games. During the pandemic, we played online and we often stayed connected on Discord after sessions. Turns out, he was a pretty interesting guy to talk to! I had a boyfriend back then, so my mind didn't really think about dating.

Then, after a while, I invited him to our house and the three of us had dinner. He was wearing something that made his underarms come out nicely and I also suddenly noticed how blue his eyes were. Fast forward two months later—I broke up with my boyfriend (due to unrelated issues that had been going on for quite a while) and I was watching Eurovision.

I was commenting on stuff in our DnD group chat and he replied. We took our conversation private as to not spam the chat and he invited me to his house a week later. Nothing happened, but there was a certain tension in the air. Two weeks later, we went to IKEA together and the tension was still there. A few other people in the store made jokes at us as if we were a couple, so I guess it was plain for others to see.

We hooked up that same evening and have been together since.

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28. The Skittle Trick

In my freshman year of high school, I got on the bus and saw the most amazing girl sitting across the aisle. Now, I need to mention that earlier in the day, I had bought a box of Skittles from these cheerleaders who were selling them for a fundraiser. With my Skittles in hand, I felt like it was my time to shine. “Hey, watch this” were the first words I ever said to her.

I put a Skittle up one nostril, closed off the other with my finger, and blew hard enough to shoot the Skittle across several rows. She was comically unimpressed. Grossed out even. I ended up dating her off and on in high school and in college. The day I saw her, I knew I wanted to marry her, and I very nearly did. It didn't end up working out, but she’s way happier now than she ever was with me and the same is true for me.

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29. Double Date

In 1996, a rock concert got postponed. To calm the angry attendants, the organizers made every ticket good for two people. On the day of the concert, everyone was trying to sell half their tickets. My friend and I approached everyone in the line and tried to sell ours, and we ended up talking to two girls who were trying to sell theirs.

None of us ended up getting rid of our tickets. We stayed as a group for the whole concert. Fast forward to the following year—I got married to one of the girls, and she is giving birth to our son.

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30. Sci-Fi Fantasy

My wife and I started chatting back in 2004 when dating websites were not filled with bots. She was asking me a bunch of questions and I just kept failing them. For example, she loves coffee but I told her I don't drink it. She loves going to the movies, but since I worked at a movie theater, I had zero interest in going to the movies.

She told me later on that she had already decided that we weren't a good match—but I managed to save myself by mentioning one key thing: I told her I liked sci-fi. She asked me which shows I liked and I said Star Trek. That totally sucked her back in. Apparently, she had been going to Star Trek conventions since she was a little girl. So Star Trek got me laid.

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31. Barista Crush

Many years ago, I worked as a barista. There was a really cute girl who would come into the cafe to get coffee and study. I never made a move on her because I didn’t want to be inappropriate at work or risk making a regular customer uncomfortable. Anyway, one night, I rode with my mom to attend my younger brother's high school graduation.

We stopped at a gas station attached to a grocery store, and at the time, it had just one employee working in a little booth. My mom paid for her gas and came back to me at the pump. She told me the girl in the booth asked if I worked at the coffee shop. I quickly went over to talk to her and that's when she told me her big secret.

Apparently, she only came into the coffee shop to pretend to study. In reality, she hoped I would approach her and eventually ask her out. She also admitted that she never made the first move because she felt it’d be inappropriate to disturb me during my shift. We were together for just over two years before we split amicably. Nothing but good memories though. Our lives just went in different directions.

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32. New Girl In Town

I met this really cute foreign girl in front of the student union building when I was in college. It was weird because she came up to me and initiated the conversation—usually, I was the one who did that. Anyway, I ended up with her phone number and I called her up a few days later. My intentions were wholly innocent, too.

She had just arrived in America from Russia about six months before we met. Also, she was 18 and I was 26, so I thought she was way too young for me. Still, I figured we could be friends and I could show her around town or introduce her to people I knew. I was in a semi-popular local punk band at the time, so I knew quite a few people in the area.

Eventually, she took a chance on me and it led to the best relationship ever. We've been together for 22 years.

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33. Back And Forth

I hooked up with a co-worker who was in a relationship. Her boyfriend found out and he kicked her out. I felt bad about the situation, so I invited her to move in with me. She stayed with me for about a week, then left to go back to her ex without telling me. She moved a couple of states away with him, but eventually, they broke up again.

She then asked if she could come back with me, and I stupidly agreed. Our relationship lasted two years after that.

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34. Stay The Night

When I was 21, I was in the Air Force. I volunteered to work the Cheyenne Frontier and my job was to deliver supplies to the USAF-operated booths. This new girl on base was also at one of the booths—she was too young to distribute the supplies, so she was just working the freezer. I felt bad for her, so I pulled rank and had her be my co-driver in the golf cart.

During the time we spent together, we really really clicked, but I didn’t think I had a chance with her. I wasn't even sure if we were flirting with each other during our interactions, or if we were just being friendly. At the end of the night, she couldn’t find where she left her car, so she asked me to bring her to my place. We agreed we’d just find her in the morning.

We ended up hooking up and she basically never left my side for a week. I never officially asked her out at that time, but that’s basically how we ended up together. In hindsight, I think the whole car thing was just a ploy to get me to take her back to my place because in the morning we found her car right away.

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35. Best Decision Ever

Our high school math teacher was running late to class and all the students were waiting outside. My friend and I were chatting and I said, "Let's just ditch and go watch a movie". A girl neither of us knew who was standing near us overheard our plans and she asked if she could come along. We went through with ditching class and went to the theater to watch The Animal featuring Rob Schneider.

I spent more time with her after that day and we eventually started dating each other. We've been together ever since, for 20 years, and we're now married with three kids.

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36. New Flame

I was in a really bad place mentally and emotionally. I reached out to a co-worker and I asked him if he would like to help me "burn my life to the ground". I completely expected him to take advantage of my vulnerable state and that would have been fine by me since I wanted the hurt. But instead, he said, “No. How about I help you put the fire out?”

He’s my husband now.

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37. Trial And Error

My friend and I were at a bar and we met this guy. He was interested in me, but he was perfect for her, so I agreed to go out with him and I figured after a couple of dates, I’d pass him on to her. But she was insulted that he hadn’t been interested in her first, so she refused to participate. I ended up dating him for a few months out of inertia even though I knew he wasn't "the one" for me.

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38. Dating The Competition

I spent my spring break at his place and we started playing Soul Calibur. I'd never played it before, but I'm a fairly avid gamer myself, so I figured it would be fun to try. He thought he was a pro at the game because he would always play against his gamer cousin and win. Anyway, it took me three days to learn the game and completely annihilate him. I upset him so much that he raged quit.

I thought he was going to tell me to leave—but instead, he totally surprised me. He turned off the Xbox, sat back down, then asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend; just like that. The relationship didn't last, but after a few years, we learned it was because we're just better as friends (who enjoy getting competitive with each other).

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39. Take A Chance On Me

We met when she was an athletic trainer at my high school. At the time, I was a sophomore running track. There was no grooming or anything like that, but I definitely had a crush on her. Fast forward four years and she became the head coach. She reached out to me and asked if I wanted to come back to help her coach the team.

I did, and we ended up spending a lot of time together because of that. Eventually, we started grabbing dinner after practice; but the first time I asked her out, she rejected me. This cycle of asking and getting rejected continued for months until she finally came around to the idea. We've been together since.

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40. Wrong Signals

A long time ago, I fell asleep and woke up in a relationship. We had a long, boring assembly in a freezing cold auditorium. Apparently, when I took his hoodie and huddled near him for warmth, he assumed I was into him...but really, I was just trying to survive the cold. He ended up giving me a "Snow White" kiss while I was napping.

But as soon as I woke up, I realized I had sent him some confusing signals and he clearly thought this was the start of something. I felt bad, so I agreed to date him for a little bit. It literally only lasted a week, but it actually wasn't the worst relationship I've had.

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41. Loss And Gain

I met her at a mutual friend's wake. We were checking each other out there but only got to talking when the whole group went to the bar after the funeral. We lived in different states at the time but remained in contact with each other. Eventually, we gave dating a shot—it didn't last long, but it was definitely one heck of a way to meet someone.

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42. Taking One For The Team

I was very tipsy at a house party in college. I was making my way to the bathroom to throw up when I saw a girl who just lost a drinking game. She had to chug a cup that was filled with a mixture of different drinks. She looked like she really didn’t want to drink it. It was time to play the hero. I figured since I was going to go throw up anyway, I might as well drink it for her.

We ended up dating after that.

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43. Hot Tub Love

We a hot tub. I was about 14 and her best friend was dating my best friend. I put my arm around her and asked, "Do you come here often?" knowing it was an extremely cheesy pick-up line. Now, about 16 years later, she's my wife, and I still use that line on her when she's in the bathroom, in bed, in the kitchen...

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44. Hottie In Aisle 3

I saw him in the grocery store and I thought he was so handsome. I approached him in the frozen foods section as he was looking at a five-pound bag of chicken nuggets. I asked him if he was married, and when he said no, I asked if he would like to take me out some time. He put the bag of chicken nuggets on his head like he was about to pass out and we both laughed.

We are married now with two four-year-old boys. 10/10 would recommend approaching a handsome stranger in the supermarket.

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45. Small Talk

We met on the train. He was on his way back from seeing a client, and I was on my way back from working at a trade fair. Neither of us felt particularly like talking, but somehow we didn't stop once we started. We exchanged numbers and kept messaging each other back and forth. Eventually, we started dating, and the rest is history.

That fateful train ride was four years ago. We've been happy together (and uncharacteristically talkative around each other) ever since. We just got married last year.

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46. Ice-Breaker

We were at a business networking event where the rule was that you were not allowed to buy drinks for yourself. Whatever you bought, you had to put it into someone else's hand as an opener to a conversation. So this gorgeous brunette walked up to me, put a drink in my hand, and introduced herself. Hello, wife.

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47. When Love Calls

There was a phone number written on the back of a bus I was on when I was 15 years old and under it, there was a message: "I will date for money". I was with a few of my friends and to show off to them, I called the number and asked if she was for real. Later that day, I felt so bad for the girl that I ended up texting her and apologizing for being a jerk.

She was grateful for my message and explained that it was her ex who put her number and that message there. Anyway, we got texting and I ended up dating her for three years. Nice girl.

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48. Love At First Scare

I met a girl while exploring a creepy, abandoned insane asylum at 3 am. We were both there with separate groups, and neither group was aware of the other’s presence. Any time we heard any kind of movement, it scared us out of our minds because we thought a bunch of crazed hobos or criminals were using the place as a hideout or something.

Anyway, our groups kept getting closer and closer to one another. I turned a corner, saw a face, and nearly brained this poor girl with the baseball bat I was carrying before I realized it was just a bunch of scared college kids same as us. We had a good laugh about it—we hit it off and we ended up dating for a couple of years.

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49. Ice Cream Or Snog?

She was the sister of a friend who I worked with at a summer camp. When the sister arrived, she walked into the ice cream hut that I was running. Supposedly, she wanted to say hello to me, as her sister apparently mentioned that I was cute. I was feeling cocky that day, so I just straight-up asked her the most inappropriate question: ”Ice cream or snog?”

I had tried the same line on different girls a few times that summer, obviously failing terribly every time. Well, to my complete shock, the girl answered, "Snog". She then grabbed me by the shirt collar and stuck her tongue down my throat. We dated for several months. She was awesome.

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50. Un-Alienated

It was an alien-themed birthday party. I only knew the person whose birthday it was. I’ve also got a neurological condition, which means sometimes I need to take a "time out". So, I was sitting in a beanbag, leaning against a wall in a full alien morph suit. My "time out" must have gone for a while, and some people who arrived after me thought I was a decoration as I was motionless.

This one guy tripped over my foot, so I moved it out of the way. He freaked out, and then realized I was a person and came up to apologize. I just gave a thumbs up. Anywho, some time passed and I went to get some snacks. I took the hood part of my costume off and the guy who tripped on me was just staring at me, open-mouthed.

He eventually came up to say he first thought I was a decoration, then thought I was a dude. He then spent the rest of the night getting snacks for me.

Our relationship lasted a few months.

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