The Worst Moments Captured By Security Cameras

May 25, 2023 | Miles Brucker

The Worst Moments Captured By Security Cameras

Security cameras can capture the essence of life, letting us see what we’re like when no one is looking. From oddball criminals and glimpses of paranormal activity to some of the strangest human behavior imaginable, these are the worst things people have ever seen caught on security footage. It’s safe to say that these folks did a whole lot more than smile for the camera.

1. Bursting At The Seams

Oh god, this isn’t something I saw but I'm pretty sure my ex-boss saw me do this via our security cameras. I worked Sunday shifts alone in a small shop, and as such, I couldn't go to the toilet or I'd have to close the shop for a bit. Anyway, I'm standing there and with an hour to go, I'm struggling, holding my legs together, just sitting down, jumping, whatever, just to keep it in. Little did I know, my worst fears were about to come true.

So by the time closing time rolls around, I'm practically bursting. I run out back and fumble with keys to get there, but I'm too late. It begins. I empty about a third of my bladder into my jeans and then finish up in the right place. So then I walk back to the front of the shop with quite wet jeans, pull out a small heater we've got, and sit on it for about 20 minutes, praying to the high heavens that I don't smell too terrible. I still cringe looking back.

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2. A Private Moment

I work at a hospital as a security officer. We have a large number of cameras, most of them in hallways and at the exits. There's this one camera that monitors the entrance to our ER, and another that monitors the hallway just beyond it, leading to respiratory therapy and the ER/CCS charge nurse office. It's empty most of the time, and out of sight of the people in the ER.

Anyway, I try not to let anything I see at work get to me, but I saw something a little while ago that really impacted me. We had a young man brought in. He was in an accident and in really bad shape. His family was just outside the ER entrance, a whole group of people pacing, worrying, wondering, and hoping. I always watch when something like this is happening, because family members with potentially dying loved ones are not always rational (understandably so) and sometimes I need to step in to keep everything civil.

I had my eye on them while the nursing staff worked on this young man, and one family member stood out to me in particular. The father stood, stony and silent. I could see him occasionally hug and console crying people. You could tell he was really helping to keep everyone together. When the doctor came out, it was obvious the patient hadn't survived.

Everyone reacted to the news very visibly. The whole time, he kept it together, hugging and consoling people, talking to them, all without breaking. One by one, he saw them all off until it was just him and his wife. He held his wife for a while while she cried, and then she went outside to smoke, and he didn't follow.

He stared at a wall for a while, and then slowly trudged away from the entrance, into the hall, and around the corner, so that he was out of view of everyone. Everyone but me. He leaned against the wall, his shoulders beginning to heave with uncontrollable sobs. Hee collapsed, alone at last, not needing to be strong for anyone.

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3. The Apple Of His Eye

I used to be a bouncer at a club. Every Thursday, a dude used to take a girl (always the same girl) to one of our VIP rooms and watch her eat an apple. That's it. It was the strangest thing I've ever seen. There was nothing dirty—she had clothes on—it was just, Hey, I'll take you back there for a couple of songs while you eat an apple. They had been doing this for a while.

Every week she brought an apple, and he showed up to watch her eat it. To this day I just don't understand.

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4. Strenuous Testing

Before I graduated from college, I worked as a test center administrator for a big testing agency. A large part of our job was to monitor surveillance while candidates were testing. Though we frequently walked through rooms, there were also cameras over each individual testing cubicle for us to watch when we weren't in the room.

I'd seen plenty of people pick their noses and fall asleep, but after a while that got old. However, there was one bit of surveillance I will never forget. A man came in to take the second part of his doctoral boards. He seemed fairly well-spoken, and didn't really raise any red flags. That is, until the last hour or so of his exam.

I was watching the security cameras and saw him unzip his pants and start pleasuring himself right at his cubicle. I had NO idea how to react, but obviously, he was making noise because heads in the room started turning towards him. As such, I walked in the room to "investigate" and by the time I got to his cubicle it appeared both hands were free of his goodies.

Just as I was about to walk away he raised his hand and asked for Kleenex.

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5. Paranormal Activity

I used to hunt quite frequently across Scandinavia; I was in Northern Sweden in this case. I had a deer camera I would often set up in a remote forest in order to review the footage the next day and establish whether or not there was any activity in the area. I had set up the camera for the night right next to my camping area, which both myself and my friend were sleeping in.

It gives me chills thinking about it, but after fast-forwarding 12 hours of footage the next morning, I noticed something really odd. At around 4 AM, I could make out the silhouette of a human emerging from the forest, and creep up to our campsite. The figure had strange posture and movement, however, they were clearly human.

The footage revealed the figure slowly approaching the tent and circling around it. This lasted about 30 minutes until the figure vanished back into the forest.

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6. A Sticky Situation

I used to work at Borders. While the stores were closing down, we had a number of incidents, the most notable being of a man who followed customers around the store, vigorously playing with himself when they turned their back to him. He did this for about forty minutes before someone saw him finish in the pets section. Thankfully, he was apprehended.

I was the only one who knew how to use the security camera system, so I got to watch the tape and make careful notes of the minute marks where everything happened. And the best part of all? I also got to sell the bookshelf he finished on.

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7. A Carjacker’s Worst Nightmare

I was an APC for a large corporation. I was stationed in a northern state near a very large city a few years ago during the winter. Law enforcement regularly came in and requested video footage for whatever happened near the property, since the cameras can easily pick out license plates, etc. I pulled up some requested footage around five a.m. and this is what I saw...

A person (who appeared to be male) with a hoodie was walking around in a circle in the parking lot. His hands were in his pockets, and he was looking at his feet as he walked in and out of the parking lot lights. A two-door car pulled into the parking lot and sped toward him. The car approached and slowed down, and the window came down just a little bit.

The windows were dark and the headlights kind of blinded the camera. Suddenly, the most terrifying thing goes down: The guy pulls his right hand out of his pocket and points a pistol into the interior of the car. It happened a little fast after that, but the car immediately accelerated and the man's arm/hand was trapped in the interior of the car. It twisted him around, and soon, the care began to drag him.

According to the overnight staff, they heard honking through the delivery bay door cracks and went to investigate. Someone called law enforcement once they saw a man hanging limp from the window of a speeding car that was doing laps in the parking lot. This car just circled and circled the empty parking lot; it didn't slow down at all.

Finally, law enforcement arrived. This two-door car stops in front of the officers, the door opens and a skinny little girl hops out of the car and she starts kicking the hoodie guy senseless. The officers pull the girl off him as paramedics arrive to attend to the hoodie guy. I was able to get a copy of the report, and what I read was absolutely astonishing.

The girl was 16 years old and was stopping to offer a ride to the guy when he pulled a gun on her, she grabbed his hand and pulled the gun past her, and started gnawing on his hand and arm. At the same time, she rolled the window up and hit the gas. Needless to say, the man had many, many broken bones and very bad damage to his hand and arm by this girl's teeth.

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8. Casually Incontinent

In a past professional life, I worked in the arcade business. One location I worked at was a pretty standard "Chuck E. Cheese" type amusement/restaurant combo place. One evening, the staff found a random poo on the carpet near the exit. Rolling back the tape, they saw a 60-something-year-old man and woman walking sweetly together, arm-in-arm, smiling and chatting.

As they approached the exit, the man gave his leg a quick shake and the poop popped silently out his pant leg onto the floor. He didn't miss a step, and I don't think the lady even noticed.

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9. Boy, That Escalated Quickly

Okay, where to begin. I monitor street cams in San Diego (a scheme to catch muggers and such) and one day I'm going through the footage and I see these four guys, all very well dressed, walking through a rough area of town. All of a sudden another four well-dressed fellows ride in on bikes and circle the first four guys.

Then out of nowhere, they all produce a variety of firearms, some very unorthodox, like a grenade. As the fight is about to kick off, another four well-dressed men approach the group. Before I know it there are five groups of well-dressed men fighting it out. Needless to say, some crazy things happened.

One guy got thrown through a windshield, while another was set on fire. One of them got caught in a net and dragged around by horses. Then this one guy produces a trident and freaking throws it at one of the riders who then has his chest pierced by said trident. Oh, and the saddest part of all? One of the perps kicked a dog off a bridge.

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10. It’s Snot Funny

Once a week the security guard takes an early lunch and asks me to cover for him. Around this time almost everyone is busy in their cubicles or making copies. But one day I saw a man pick his nose outside of the break room. He went at it for a solid two minutes. He finally worked out the booger. He wiped the booger on the break room door and went back to work.

Seconds later someone opened that door and had an unpleasant surprise.

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11. Ah, Puberty

I work loss prevention at a well-known department store. It was late one night, like 11, and a big family came in. I decided to watch the youngest boy, probably 12, because I thought we would be the most likely to take something. He breaks away from the family and goes straight to the women's underwear section. He's showing all the signs we look for on thieves.

I thought for sure he would take some women's underwear as many kids his age do. He wanders the department looking super suspicious then does something I was not expecting. He begins taking all of the display posters of half-clothed ladies out of the frames and folding them up. After practically clearing out the department of our display posters he proceeds to go to the bathroom with them.

He is in there for a solid 20 minutes doing God only knows what. I checked the bathroom after he left, they were all crumbled up behind the toilet. To this day there are still empty plastic frames where the posters were.

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12. A Thief’s Misfortune

This is a story of what happened to me while working at a casino, and it all took place over about five minutes. I was told over the two-way radio that a patron had reportedly been pickpocketed and that they were sitting at 'X' slot machine. So I punched in the camera number and looked at our security chatting to an old man.

The security guard told me that the old man had been sitting in the bar around 30 minutes earlier when he last saw his money. Now that I knew what the old man looked like and where he had last seen his money, I brought up a recording camera in the bar on another monitor to see what happened. I checked the footage and sure enough, there's the old man sitting at a booth in the bar.

Based on the footage, it appeared that something resembling a wallet was on the table in front of him. I fast-forwarded through the footage to see what happened to the wallet on the table and the old man simply gets up and exits the bar, leaving his wallet behind (this is extremely typical). At this point, I checked my other monitor and saw security was still talking to the old man, getting the guy's details.

I returned to my footage review and saw that about two minutes after the old man left, an older woman in a white hat and pink top walked into the bar. She saw the wallet, opened it up, took an unidentifiable amount of notes out of it, and promptly left. I received a phone call from the security guard at this point who filled me in on any details.

I told him that I could confirm that the money was stolen, but it wasn't from a pickpocket. I told him I was still following it up. Now what happened next was one of the weirdest coincidences I've ever seen. While I was still on the phone with the guard, I glanced over at my first monitor and noticed that sitting next to the old man was a person wearing a white hat and pink shirt!

I told the security guard that I'm pretty darn sure that the person who took the money is sitting next to the old man. I quickly checked where the old lady went after she took the man’s money and sure enough, she left the bar and happened to sit down next to the guy she took it from, with his cash still in her hands!

The security guard went and told the old man, who faced the old lady, and said God only knows what. The old lady paid back the money and was banned from the casino. It was very gratifying for all involved; very rarely does the victim get to confront the offender like this.

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13. Like Nothing Happened

I worked for a sushi restaurant that had a camera on the backdoor with the monitor in the kitchen. We would see all kinds of crazy stuff happen, but one night we watched this *very* intoxicated dude getting blown by this chick, and mid-act, he pukes all down the chick's back...and does she stop? NO. This chick doesn't miss a beat and continues for like another minute before walking away as though nothing happened.

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14. Tying One…Or Six…On

I remember at a grocery store I used to work at, a security video circulated of this 50ish-year-old Polish guy who came in with his wife and excused himself from their shopping to go to the spirits section. This man had no scruples whatsoever...He opened a bottle and proceeded to drain it in its entirety; he downed it in five-to-six big gulps and then dropped to the ground, the bottle still in his mouth.

He got up after a few seconds, hid the open bottle behind some unopened ones, and casually walked back over to his wife.

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15. Smell Ya Later

I worked at a video rental place and one day, this guy came and started smelling the videos. Actually smelling them all over! No video on the action section was spared when he went on his smelling spree. Not sure what was going on in this guy's head, but it was pretty entertaining. Seriously though, we threw him out pretty fast once we realized his nose juices were all over the tapes. Weirdo.

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16. It’s Safe To Say They’ll Be Disappointed

When I was in college, two guys broke into the student union where I was the building manager. One of the guys had on a hoodie and gloves. The other didn't have a mask, so he had his jacket pulled up over his head like Cornholio. The first guy had a hammer, while Beavis was the lookout, going back and forth between doors on the first floor where they were attempting to break into an ATM.

After hammering on the door for 45 minutes, it finally swung open. They danced around as if Maury had just informed them of their parental status. As they composed themselves and stooped down to have a look at their bounty, they noticed the problem: It was only the door to the case, there was still a safe inside. Angrily, they rocked the ATM off the tile foundation and broke it free.

They placed it on one of our chair stacking carts and rolled it out of the building. But there was one thing these unwitting thieves didn't know. The bank manager informed me that if they tried to open the safe, it would either explode or shoot dye all over. And even more satisfying? The stolen machine wasn't even filled with money; it had been scheduled for a refill.

If any money at all was still left inside, it was probably only $20-$80.

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17. (Too Much) Fun On The Job

I once worked at a theme park doing IT. Honestly, it was kinda rad. I got free hot dogs, free churros, and I was always the hero when I fixed something no matter how easy it was. I got in the habit of photobombing people easily 30 times a day, but usually more often. The way I saw it: the bigger the group, the better. So this went on for a few months.

One day, a guy from loss prevention asked to set up a meeting. This was nothing new; it happened anytime they wanted to monitor a sales rep who they thought was stealing. I thought this was more of the same. I stepped into their offices and was taken into a room with dozens of monitors. The guy signaled his lackey to press play, and what followed was truly amazing.

It was a montage of more than 250 of my photobombs caught on tape, edited together. He then told me, "It's not really a bad thing, but if you could just not do it anymore". I begged for a copy of the tape. I wanted to play it over "Yakety Sax". They declined.

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18. A Lucrative Side Hustle

First, a bit of background is necessary: Qualcomm offers free sodas to its employees. With this in mind, I used to work at Qualcomm and every night someone would drive by and take all of the recyclables out of the trash cans and drive away. At first, I thought it was weird and then I realized if they did this to every Qualcomm building in the area (there are about 28) they would be making twice as much as me.

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19. Tunnel Love

Someone I know works managing the operations of a large road tunnel on a freeway in Auckland, New Zealand (the Johnstone Hill tunnel, for other Kiwis). As part of his job, he reviews security footage of the tunnel for various reasons, preventing incidents and the like. He's seen all sorts of incidents—crashes, crazy driving, etc. But one incident, in particular, took the cake.

One day, a couple pulled up on the side of the freeway in this tunnel, at night, got out of the car, and started doing it on the hood on the side of the freeway. This was all cheerfully captured on the security cameras, for posterity (as it were). It was submitted to Youtube by one of the contractors, who was discovered and promptly fired.

Caught on cameraPexels

20. A Rotten Partnership

From when I was eight years old until I was about 13 years old, my parents owned a very successful fruit and veggie shop. My dad quit as the assistant manager in a city-based fruit shop to buy this new business with his best friend, Ethan. Basically, my dad was the boss and Ethan screwed around nonstop. But it worked. They took a crumbling little business and went to win our state's small business award twice in a row.

Ethan was very laid-back, loved the money, and loved the people he worked with. Dad loved the functionality of the shop and keeping something thriving. I pretty much just rocked up after school and screwed around, not doing much, so I got along pretty well with Ethan. I mostly hung out in the office, watching the CCTV videos over the monitors, and helped out whenever I was wanted in-store.

I noticed, however, there was this Vietnamese man and his wife that ALWAYS asked for Ethan. We never thought much of it; dad had customers who loved him and always struck some deals with him. However, if Ethan wasn't present, they'd leave. It took three years before my dad realized something was up, and by then, the business was doing so well that my dad was making over $150k a year.

Anyways, we wanted to know what was going on with this Vietnamese guy, so we checked the CCTV footage (something we only did for thieves and similar kinds of things). Turns out Ethan was giving thousands of dollars worth of produce a week at EXTREMELY low prices, which was being sold on the roadside out the back of his van.

Before we confronted Ethan, we noticed something else. He was swiping money and lots of it. Over the course of three years, my father's best friend had stolen roughly $50k from the tills. The confrontation was brutal. My dad had to fire his best friend out of their partnership. My dad even PICKED HIM UP and shook him, even though he's a few inches shorter than him.

Caught on cameraPexels

21. Unsellable

I worked as a lead at Sears in a fairly ritzy area. I spent most of my time in the security office hanging out with the guys. I saw a teen girl shove her hand and arm down the front of her pants for almost a full minute, fiddle around, pull it out, and wipe her hand all over a sweatshirt in the girls’ department.

One of our security (undercover) guys ran up to confront her and request that she pay for the item she just defiled. She refused, started yelling, and then ran to her dad. The security guard explained that she had made the merchandise "unsellable" and requested payment. The father got irate until we showed him the video. He paid and they left.

Caught on cameraWikimedia.Commons

22. Movie Theater Robberies

I work at the movie theater, and some of the weirdest things have been captured on camera. Firstly, some guys took the large Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks during the midnight showing of Hangover II. They just picked him up by the head and awkwardly waddled outside. About 300 people watched them and said nothing. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

I also saw a group of janitors smash open a change machine to take the money from it. It was quite impressive when they took it, because it weighed over 350 lbs.

Caught on cameraPexels

23. A Performance In The Park

I monitored wilderness cameras for smokes during fire season as part of my dispatch duties. We could control the camera's angle and focus and would do base checks from time to time to monitor the site. Well, some guy noticed the cameras, and for whatever reason, they turned him on. He'd drive up the mountain and bring a blanket and a picnic...

After setting up shop he'd proceed to look deep into the camera while undressed and fooling around with himself. Always brightened my day.

Caught on cameraPexels

24. Mom Of The Year

I used to do video retrieval for a company whenever a store of theirs got robbed. A lady with two young kids walked in on the middle of a stick-up, saw what was happening when she was a few feet into the store, then turned around and booked it back out the door. Leaving her kids standing there. This wild woman literally abandone her children in the middle of a stick-up. I can't.

Caught on cameraUnsplash

25. The Haunting Of Macau Casino

This is a story my cousin recently told me. He works as a manager at a casino in Macau. One night he's there in the security camera monitoring room with his mate (who works in security) and the mate's manager just shooting the breeze. The security manager notices, on the monitor, that at one of the cards tables the croupier is just standing there with his arms crossed, looking bored, when clearly on the monitor there's a customer sitting at his table.

The security friend radios the croupier and asks if everything is okay, and asks why he's not dealing cards to the client on his table. And here's the horrifying part...The croupier responds, confused, saying there's no one at his table. At which point the mystery man gets up and leaves and doesn't appear in any other camera. NOPE!

Caught on cameraUnsplash

26. Warehouse Explosion

My last job was client services for an art warehouse. Part of my job was to monitor the cameras for movement in and out of the facility. Might sound morbid, but the best day was when a truck at the warehouse next to us exploded. It caught fire and burned for a while, then all of a sudden BLAM! It was interesting watching the pieces of rubber and metal rain down all over our parking lot. The fire department comes, everyone gets evacuated, lots of chaos and drama. It was an interesting day.

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27. A Close Call

My friend was a security guard at a high-end company. While he was patrolling, there was a break-in. They never caught the guy, but when reviewing the footage, my friend noticed something scary. The angle of this camera faced a hallway with a window, which also faced another window into the next hallway. It showed him patrolling the far hallway, and the trespasser in the close hallway, pointing his gun at my friend.

Knowing that he was THAT close to getting shot without even realizing it at the time encouraged him to get a job someplace less dangerous.

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28. The Pharmacy Has To Have Something For That...

I worked at a grocery store and my buddy and I would often check the tapes randomly. One time we got to see our pharmacist (who was taking Magnesium Citrate to prep for a colonoscopy) poop himself from the pharmacy all the way to the back of the building—to the bathrooms. He even left a trail behind him. We also got to see numerous customers pooping themselves in the aisles.

Caught on cameraPexels

29. Raccoons Of Mass Destruction

I work as a manager at a grocery store, and about two years ago I opened up the store and noticed a massive mess (products on the floor, a display of salsa was knocked to the floor, and other damaged stuff). I have no idea how, but camera footage showed that during the night a family/group of raccoons somehow managed to infiltrate the store and proceeded to cause rampant destruction.

We never found out how the raccoons got in, or how they were able to exit the building, but they never came back.

Caught on cameraPexels

30. Person Of Interest

I was quite new at the time, working a job at an airport, I was using the security camera and decided to zoom in on a random person and just followed him around using the camera. Little did I know, that this technique is used by security for people of interest. I freaked out when I saw the sniffer dogs and law enforcement approach him.

Caught on cameraUnsplash

31. So Close...

I work security in a luxury condo in Atlantic City. I've seen a lot of funny things happen, especially when booze is involved. I've watched people trip coming out of the elevator, trip over furniture, etc.  I've even reviewed footage of my one coworkers falling out of his chair at the security desk. While I haven't seen anything too messed up working here, I did get to witness something interesting a couple of weeks ago...

A couple stumbled in around 3:30 AM and were all giggly and slurring their speech when they walked past the desk. They got on the elevator and started making out. When they reached their floor, they emerged from the elevator and he pushed her up against the wall in the hallway. It was pretty exciting to watch. They continued to kiss and grope each other for another half an hour. Her skirt even got lifted up at one point.

Then suddenly she stopped and went into her condo. The dude came back downstairs in the elevator and left looking so defeated.

Caught on cameraUnsplash

32. Nothing To See Here

For context, I work for a camera surveillance company. I think it was at a Taco Bell, but a guy had a heart attack in the kitchen and was on the floor. Less than six feet away, around the corner, on the other side of the oven, someone else was working and didn't notice. She then WALKS AROUND THAT CORNER, grabs something, and goes back to the other side, all while this guy is still writhing on the ground.

Finally, someone else came upon him about seven minutes after he collapsed, and the paramedics actually showed up faster than it took to find him on the ground. I hope the owners review the footage and fire that other employee.

Caught on cameraWikimedia.Commons

33. A Smashing Entrance

I don't monitor the camera footage, but this one incident was so bizarre that the security guard felt compelled to show everyone. This is what happened: A taxi lost control outside and ended up driving through the main entrance and into the lobby, barely avoiding a brick wall. He must have thought he could get away and tried to back out but couldn't.

Realizing that he was trapped, the guy tried to make a run for it. And the funniest part of all? He couldn't even get the car door open. By this point, several people arrived on the scene and he gave up all hope.

Caught on cameraUnsplash

34. Maybe He Should Switch To A Spoon

At a thrift store I worked for, I watched a guy drive a forklift, while intoxicated, and break the glass doors to our donation area on two different days. But that was nothing compared to what he did on the third day: He fell off the back of a semi-truck and thrashed around completely intoxicated. This was what finally alerted us to his day drinking, and we fired him.

Caught on cameraFlickr

35. Dangerous Machines

At a factory, one of the automated injection molding machines suffered a fault of some description which caused the hot 'bottom' of the mold to close instead of the part being ejected. The machine operative was immediately trapped, unable to reach the stop button. Frantic screaming and writhing ensued which alerted his work colleagues to his distress.

A work colleague rushed over and stopped the machine before attempting to back the mold off. Since the machine's door was open, the controls were locked out. Another colleague, with the help of friends, used a pry bar to release their coworker. As I understand, his arm was broken in multiple places and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Unfortunately, since I was just the person from the CCTV company doing the incident download, I don't know what happened from there.

Caught on cameraFlickr

36. The "I Can’t Believe I’m Not Dead" Dance

The worst (but also best) thing I have ever seen: A guy riding a scooter crosses a speed bump too quickly, and you see him lose control and skid right into the back of a BMW. He totals the scooter but he stands up and does a little "I can’t believe I’m not dead" dance. We also get some intoxicated randoms doing the Harlem shake (or at least trying to do the Harlem shake) in the hallways.

Caught on cameraUnsplash

37. No Rest For The Weary

I used to work at an independently-owned retail store. The manager decided to hire someone to give the floor a massive mopping and waxing overnight. Since they were left by themselves in a store full of video games and electronics, we decided to check the footage and see how productive this lady was. We witnessed a superhuman in action. She worked about 6 hours straight.

She didn’t take a break and only stopped for a second to take a drink of water. This was the most productive woman I had ever seen.

Caught on cameraUnsplash

38. Alley Patrol

My Mom runs a daycare center that is located near a package store and between two homeless shelters. It was not uncommon for people coming out the back door to encounter other people taking dumps or hookers servicing customers in the alley. To thwart negative behavior, they installed a CCTV camera and a horn. The receptionist monitors the alley and blares the horn at anyone doing anything unseemly, a job she takes great pleasure in.

Caught on cameraUnsplash

39. Elevator Light Show

A janitor was vacuuming one of our elevators when he made a HUGE mistake...He's holding the door open with one arm and sweeping with the other. Then he lets the door close, I guess to really get at a stubborn spot. He's really going at it for a minute. Then the cord starts rising to the top of the elevator door. The janitor panics and starts pressing buttons frantically.

The cord gets taut. He looks at it and holds the vacuum down. Then the cord snaps. His arms fly up over his face and sparks go everywhere.

Caught on cameraUnsplash

40. Candy Thief

My dad used to work in IT as a network engineer. Their IT group had a communal candy drawer and started noticing a conspicuous depletion of the candy there, so they set up a motion-activated webcam over the drawer overnight. Reviewing the footage, they saw a janitor coming through with a vacuum, stopping to reach for the drawer which put the camera at his eye level. BUSTED.

He looked up, saw it, froze, then promptly jumped back to his vacuum with feigned innocence. The janitor got fired not long after because apparently candy wasn't the only thing he was nabbing.

Caught on cameraUnsplash

41. Pedal To The Metal

Working for a camera surveillance company, I saw the standard old person behind the wheel scenario. They plowed into a Dairy Queen and caused a landslide of benches and tables. A guy got swept away in it. I'm pretty sure he lived, but these old people! He still had his foot on the gas, and you can hear someone yelling "TAKE YOUR F—ING FOOT OFF THE GAS!!!"

Old grandma and gramps get out of the car, looking around like they don't know what happened. I couldn't help but laugh at that.

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42. An Unusual Fight In An Unusual Place

My friend worked at a wax museum. He saw something nuts, so he told me to drive up there to watch this video from the security tapes. A man in a wheelchair got in a fight with a woman and she was hitting him with a sack full of something while he was striking her with a stick. She knocked him over and ran off. It was really crazy.

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43. Package Store Life

Here are some things I saw at the package store I managed. I saw one of my coworkers getting blown while on the loading dock. Not unwitting though. In fact, he made sure the camera would have a good view. Another time, I saw a guy carry someone half my size, one-handed, above his head, back through the doors of the store after he tried running away when we caught him shoplifting.

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44. Bosnian Boss

I used to work in a video game store. I came in one day and my boss and the guy whose shift I was replacing was there staring at the video monitor in the back. Apparently, an Xbox 360 was missing off the shelf. We found the 360 in the store hidden behind some boxes in the front of the store. The guy had taken the 360 and put it there, sending his wife in later claiming that the games she got didn't work and I guess to take the 360.

They were both banned from the store via my crazy Bosnian boss threatening them with a baseball bat.

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45. To Protect And Amuse

Security officer here. One of my supervisors is constantly getting a body part stuck in the freight elevator doors. One time, I was sitting at the desk talking to one of my other supervisors, when I saw him lean out of the elevator and get his whole body stuck in the doors. I could not stop laughing. He's okay. Once the doors hit something, they open back up. But his look of total bewilderment had me cackling.

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46. Gotta Have My KFC

Saw an intoxicated guy break the window of a drive-through at a KFC, which took him a good five minutes. He then attempts to climb in through the window. He falls on his butt once he gets through. Then he just kind of stumbles around in the drive-through booth right in front of the register, and then climbs back through the window and leaves. Not sure what was going on.

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47. Party At Williams Park?

I worked in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The building I worked at overlooked Williams Park. I used to see homeless people doing all sorts of weird things. I always wanted to buy a small wheelbarrow full of cheap booze and leave it in the park, just to shake things up for my overnight shift.

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48. The Ghost Of Subways Past

Eight years ago we fitted out a brand new Subway restaurant with a CCTV system—it fully covered the front of house and back of house, 16 cameras in total. A couple of weeks after they open, the owner calls us in to download some footage for him. One night, while he's at home, he gets a screaming phone call from his staff who are closing up at the restaurant.

They have all bailed from the shop and are refusing to go back—ever. The shop is unlocked and he has to go down and close up. The staff claim that they were closing up at the end of the day as normal when a "ghost" came through the back wall. It floated through the kitchen, passing right through the chairs and tables. They all see it, freak out, and book it, leaving everything wide open and unlocked.

I go in the next day and review the footage—it's all there. I can't believe it. It's exactly as the employees described: A white, smoky figure comes out of the wall and takes a tour of the store. Footage shows the staff freaking out and bailing. "It" continues wandering around for a good two minutes before leaping onto a wall, and then rushing one of the cameras.

It runs/crawls directly into the camera and even makes the camera shake from the impact. Then it disappears. Three of us sat in the office reviewing that footage and were completely speechless. We just stared at each other for a few minutes; it was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. We downloaded the footage onto CDs and left them with the owner.

I still can't explain what we saw. Before you ask, I'm a firm atheist and skeptic; I don't believe in ghosts, the supernatural, or whatever, but I cannot explain what I saw. It was some kind of entity; it was witnessed first-hand by three people and it had enough physical presence to make the camera move when it hit it.

I have long since left that CCTV crew and have no idea what came of the footage. I have checked Youtube and it's not there. That one still boggles me.

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49. Fun With Mouthwash

I worked Loss Prevention at Sears for several years (best job ever) at a suburban mall in Florida. Every day, something different and weirder happened. Two of these things, believe it or not, involved mouthwash. Once a man in a suit opened a bottle of Listerine from a shelf, used it and spat it out, then proceeded to the main office for a job interview for department manager (it didn't go well).

In a similar vein, a downtrodden man drank an entire bottle of Listerine (chugged it, right there, ugh).

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50. Hot And Heavy At The Department Store

I was working a lazy Sunday at a department store. The only customers in the store were two women, and they were acting all suspicious like they were going to shoplift (stuff like looking up and down the aisles to see if anyone was there). But instead, they did something far more interesting: They went into the adult diaper aisle and made out with each other for a solid couple of minutes, grabbing each other and such.

The two ladies go on to repeat the process in just about every aisle. LP has all the guys on the sales floor in his office watching them go at it live. No work got done for about an hour.

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