The Strangest Stories: "You Don't See THAT Every Day"

May 9, 2023 | J. Hunter

The Strangest Stories: "You Don't See THAT Every Day"

It's easy to get lost in the mundanity of an everyday routine. But sometimes the universe conspires to shake things up and interrupts your average day with a surprising twist of events. Sometimes it’s a happy coincidence or an outrageous sighting, other times it’s a near-fatal encounter. Let’s dive into some of the weirdest stories you’ll ever read.

1. Getting Dumped

At the restaurant where I worked, we had a garbage corral behind the building. One night, one of the staff came running back and said “I heard something in the corral. It sounded like an animal!” So, being the manager on shift at the time, I made the decision that I would go out and investigate with a big guy on staff.

When we opened the corral door, we couldn’t see anything. So, we shone the flashlight around. Still nothing. But suddenly, we heard a weird echoed grunt, which I then realized was coming from inside the cardboard dumpster. I immediately thought it must be a bear or some other large animal, so we called for help inside.

Officers came with a ladder to take a look. When the officer was done, he asked if any cameras were out there. We said yes, and he asked to see the footage and said that we were going to want to see it too. Two people with no clothes ran into frame. The man falls off the fence and lands face-first on the corral’s side.

He then falls into the dumpster which was right against the wall. The woman climbs the wall somehow, and she tries reaching down to help him climb out but then ends up falling inside too. The officer told us that when he shone his flashlight down there, he saw them huddling together for warmth and sobbing hysterically.

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2. Nature’s Order

One day, a turkey vulture swooped down in front of me and grabbed a squirrel right in front of me. And then 30 seconds later, a red-tailed hawk attacked the vulture and started to chow down. Five minutes into eating, a bobcat sprinted out and grabbed the hawk. It’s not every day that you see the food chain happen live.

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3. Insurance Purposes

A lady coming out of the rail station parking lot hit the back of my car with her SUV just as I was pulling out of my office parking lot. Annoyed, we both stopped at the taco restaurant so we could exchange information. But to my surprise, a pickup truck had followed behind us. I shrugged and approached the lady’s car.

When I got there, she was completely avoiding my gaze. I knocked on her window wondering what was going on. That was when the man got out of his truck and walked up to me. He was yelling at me wanting to know what happened and why I’d hit her. Feeling accosted, I asked who he was and said that she was the one at fault.

I was getting madder and madder by the second and just wanted to get home. Then, out of nowhere, a van from a local Mexican restaurant pulled up to us. A second man came out and started to yell at the pickup truck man. They seemed to know each other. That was when I heard the lady still in her car power lock her doors.

Tired and confused, I turned back to address the second man who was still arguing with the pickup truck man. I saw the security guard from the rail station coming then waved him over for help. As I did that, the van man full out rammed his head into the pickup truck man. I was now in total disbelief watching it happen.

The security guard was now frantically running over to us and had to jump a hedge. He got there and broke up the fight. This was when I started fearing for my safety, but I was already too deeply invested in the drama unfolding before my eyes. It turned out that the woman was having an affair with the pickup truck man.

They’d just had their rendezvous at the rail station parking lot. The second man was her husband who had just caught them in the act. But the very worst part of everything was that their teenage son was with him as well. The husband was practically giddy telling me to contact him if I needed a witness for the accident.

It was almost too much for me to take in because it’s not every day you get to see an affair uncovered and a grown man head butting another grown man in a parking lot.

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4. Funny Thing To Do

It was a normal day on the subway, and we were at a station. After the usual hustle and bustle of people getting on and off, I watched as a guy in a clown suit with full makeup and wearing a red nose bend over and sniff a girl’s seat. I looked around, and no one else could believe their eyes or knew what to make of it.

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5. A Chirping Secret

When I was working as a cocktail server at a casino, this lady came up to me and asked if I wanted to see something cool. I, not sure what to expect, said sure because why not? The lady pulled a purple rag from her bra and unfolded it. I started hearing tiny chirping sounds coming from the rag. She was holding a chick.

She let me pet it then folded the rag back up. She stuffed the chick back into her bra and told me not to tell anyone. I told everyone.

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6. That’s Not Supposed To Be There

I was neutering a dog the other day that appeared to be a cryptorchid, which means he had one normal testicle and one that hadn’t descended in the abdomen. It’s important to neuter dogs like this since the one inside can later develop cancer if not removed. So, I went into the abdomen looking for it and found a uterus.

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7. Hog It Out

While I was driving, I watched as a pig jumped out of a farmer’s pickup truck when the traffic signal changed. The pig put its legs on the tailgate and opened it. Then, the pig leapt from the truck and literally bounced on the asphalt. It rolled about five feet, got on its feet, and then started to run through traffic.

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8. Time For A Cleaning

My husband and I were in Split, Croatia on vacation. We were due to catch an evening ferry and had hours of free time. So, we waited down by the dock where cruise ships stopped to people watch. A bedraggled old lady was also hanging around the area. She wore dirty clothes and a funny hat and had a few suitcases in tow.

She didn’t do anything remarkable until we noticed something was up when she walked over to a large stone water fountain. She climbed into the fountain fully clothed. When she stood up, she took out a small bowl and filled it with water. Then she basically started taking a bath and was splashing water all over herself. But it didn't end there.

People were everywhere, but no one batted an eye. Well, my husband and I couldn’t look away and decided to move to sit near her. She eventually got out and sat on a bench. After opening her suitcase, she pulled out a razor and started shaving her legs. She even managed to swipe at her bikini area with her pants undone.

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9. Late Night Snacks

After a long day of hanging out, my friend and I were sitting out on my porch at two in the morning. Only the crickets were chirping until we heard someone coming down the street. Under the streetlight, this old lady was dragging a vacuum behind her. She stopped, looked at us, and offered each of us a pink marshmallow.

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10. Wipe Of Shame

I’d just parked my car to go into the store when I saw a man walk out holding a bag. He stopped in front of the doors and pulled a package of toilet paper from his bag. I watched as he opened the toilet paper, grabbed a roll, and then wiped his butt…right in front of a busy store in broad daylight for the world to see.

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11. Favorite Veggies

There was some local event happening at the mall when I was there with my friends one day. We were just walking around and then all stopped at the same time. There was this one girl wearing a bright red beret and nonchalantly walking a head of lettuce on a leash. We couldn’t help but just stare at her as she passed us.

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12. Brains Over Brawn

I’d missed an exam while I was on a trip for another class in senior year. So, I had to stay late to make it up. My best friend was with me, and we both had siblings who were freshman. They were waiting around for us all to drive home. My brother knew that I was taking a test but started calling me over and over again.

I finally got out, called him back, and just heard him and my friend’s sister freaking out. They said that someone was trying to hurt them. I told them to meet me at my car. They came running over absolutely terrified. And behind them, there were two guys following who were trash talking and threatening they’d hurt us.

I reached into my trunk and pulled out my machete from my science engineering event. These guys weren’t expecting a machete to appear. They stopped like deer in headlights and just backed away slowly. Later, some poor kid was beaten to a pulp and needed surgeries. Thanks to being a nerd, I saved the day with a machete!

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13. On A Role

I was at the Ritz-Carlton around 3 AM when I saw a man rollerblading through the lobby. I stared in shock that the hotel staff was just letting him get away with it. I couldn’t believe that no one even attempted to try to stop him. I ended up getting on the elevator behind him. I found out why. That man was Jim Carrey.

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14. Roost Room

I used to work at a gas station and had to clean the restrooms. I started with the men’s room as it was usually the dirtier of the two. While I cleaned, all I heard was this odd clicking and tutting noise in the women’s restroom. I just figured it was high heels or some women talking. I finished up with the men’s room.

As I went to clean the women’s restroom, I could still hear the noise. It had been over a half hour, so what were those women doing in there? I knocked, but there was no response. So, I knocked again but louder. Nothing. So, I banged on the door and announced myself. I opened the door to see a rooster strutting around.

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15. Song And Dance

At the end of the night at the restaurant where I worked, an intoxicated man was walking down the street. One of my coworkers recognized him and asked if he was the German opera singer performing in the city. The man nodded and then asked if we wanted to hear him sing. So, he gave us a three minute private performance.

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16. That Wheelie Happened

My wife and I were in bumper-to-bumper traffic next to a truck pulling a flatbed trailer. On the other side of the truck was an SUV that wanted to get behind him. As soon as the truck was past the SUV, he began changing lanes. Except he hadn’t noticed the trailer. When he did, he swerved back quickly but overcorrected. I couldn't believe my eyes.

The SUV was up on two wheels like in a stunt show. I watched the drive shaft spin. He’d held it for so long that I was able to turn to my wife, tap her arm, and say, “hey, look at that.” She saw it, and he set it back down then kept going. I was left wondering if we’d been in a movie scene for the rest of the car ride.

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17. Just A Walk In The Park

I was walking down a secluded trail on the hottest day in the city. I stopped at a bench just to cool down. A tall black guy with a foot cast sitting in a motorized chair stopped in front of me holding a joint. He asked if I wanted a lift. I agreed, sat on one of the arm rests, and away he drove. He even gave me a hit.

It was one of the most bizarre situations that I’ve ever experienced. We passed an old lady, which was when it hit me that it was not every day that you see a brown and black guy cruising on a motorized chair in the most affluent part of the city. To make it even stranger, we were also sharing a joint on the scenic path.

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18. It’s Only Natural

When I was working as a delivery driver, I saw a lot of strange things happen. One day, I was driving down a busy split four lane road and saw a car in the emergency lane. The driver was just nonchalantly peeing thirty feet from the median. There were restaurants and gas stations close enough that this was unnecessary.

He was mooning everyone with his pants and underwear around his ankle. As I drove closer, I watched as his wife got out of the car and ran to him as fast as she could. By the time I got to them, she reached him and was desperately trying to pull up his pants. All of this while he kept going without a care in the world.

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19. Up And At ‘Em

I walked into my backyard and found a chicken. The strange part was that my backyard is completely fenced off with no gaps that any chicken could have sneaked in through. So, I wondered, “where did this chicken come from and how did it get in my backyard?” Well, I got the answer to my second question when I spooked it.

It ran full speed at the chain-link fence at the end of the yard, grabbed a link with its beak, and pulled itself up. It locked in one foot and then the other and climbed the fence like that. At the top, it hopped off blasting its wings to slow its descent. And that was how I found out my neighbor was raising chickens.

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20. Unplanned Convenience

I was sitting in traffic when an ambulance drove over a pedestrian on its way to a medical emergency. They stopped, picked up the person they had just run over, and went on their way. They treated him and brought him back to hospital after getting the other patient. Fortunately, both of the emergencies turned out okay.

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21. No Time To Squabble

I’d just entered my neighborhood on the way home when I saw a fully grown turkey mid-flight about 15 feet in the air. I watched as it glided across the road and then face first into the side of a house. It plopped down on the ground. But in no time, I watched it stand up and high tail it around the corner out of sight.

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22. Young Driver

I was driving when a kid who looked no older than 8 cut me off. He parked in the middle of the schoolyard, which was when I noticed that there was an even younger girl who sat on the back without a helmet. They jumped off the bike and ran to play. The bike stayed there unattended and still running almost an hour later.

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23. Getting To Know The Neighbors

I’d just moved into my new place and let my dog out to do his business around 11PM. It was pitch black outside. The only visible light was from the street lamps and my hallway. I was standing out there enjoying the silence after my dog had gone back inside. Then suddenly, I heard this strange faint clip clopping noise.

Confused, I couldn’t tell what it was. So, I listened as it got louder and louder then stopped. Out of nowhere, this massive horse popped its head around my front gate and stared at me. I almost screamed; It was not what I was expecting to see in the middle of the night. This huge horse with no rider just looked at me.

A couple seconds later, another huge horse showed up. Both horses just stared at me like I had something of theirs. I didn’t know what to do and just said, “…good evening?” They just snorted and clip clopped away into the night. I found out they’d escape from a farm nearby, and it took a lot of people to get them back.

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24. Not Going Anywhere

A guy holding a giant flatscreen TV flew through the store’s front glass window while I was working. He’d grabbed the TV and ran down the street with it. We had to watch the security footage five times before finally spotting the tiny 5’2” loss prevention lady’s flying tackle which was what sent him through the window.

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25. Perfect Fit

My friend and I had just gotten on the freeway on the way to go canoeing when I saw the rope that was keeping the canoe down start to fray. My first reaction was to incorrectly slam on my brakes, which severed both ropes. The canoe catapulted into the median. It didn’t lose any speed as it flew toward oncoming traffic.

We lost sight of it when it landed in a low spot by the shoulder of the road. We ran across the median only to find the canoe sticking out of a large appliance box inches from the freeway. We got it out and checked the box. It was sealed and full of packing peanuts. I don’t know what would’ve happened without it there.

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26. Cleaning The Streets

As I was walking down a London street, a dog appeared out of nowhere and dropped a huge dump in the middle of the sidewalk half a block ahead. Immediately after, a guy came and grabbed a frying pan from a pile of trash bags on the side of the street, scooped up the mess, dumped it into a paper bag, and went on his way.

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27. Fresh Caught Seafood

I was driving around the parking lot and made a stop. From the sky, this huge fish came falling and splattered onto the pavement in front of me. Bewildered, I looked up to see a bald eagle circling overhead. Apparently, the bird had dropped its snack after a successful hunt. Fish just don’t fall from the sky every day.

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28. A Nudge In The Right Direction

I had to drive the standup forklift to manage a pallet of food goods on a 45’ high rack in our warehouse that was knocked loose. The only thing that kept it together was one of the pallet’s wooden board and six inches of triple layer plastic wrap. We elevated a dumpster with another lift where we thought it would fall.

Management had already decided that the whole pallet was scrapped and unrecoverable because putting people on the platform would be too dangerous. I drove the lift to knock it loose and remove the hazard. I was suited in full safety gear – hard hat, glasses, face shield, and a thick jacket to protect me from the nails.

We removed one fork and centered the other. I raised my lift almost at maximum height and stuck the fork between the runners on the pallet. I got it in as far as I could then slowly raised it to maximum height, tilted it back, and reversed. Everything came loose. The plastic wrap tore, and the pallet swung upside down.

It rocked backwards, slipped off the fork, and flipped right side up in the dumpster. Not a single box fell off. Everything on the pallet perfectly intact. We took it out and moved everything to a new pallet since the other was broken, which had made it come loose in the first place. Management was upset this happened.

It was more of a pain to un-scrap the goods with our complicated system. I just wished we recorded it.

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29. Fall From Grace

I was on a train late going home on a Friday. There was a guy who was wasted and passed out sitting upright when I got on. As the train chugged along, every subtle bump made the man slump lower and lower without coming close to waking him up. After 15 minutes to everyone’s amusement, he ended up lying flat on his back.

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30. All About The Visuals

I was in the tribunal one time and talking to a friend. The new prosecutor came in and walked by us. He was fully dressed for court from the waist up but under, he wore shorts and flip-flops. He passed by and said, “morning, Your Honor,” as if nothing strange was happening. In shock, I stared at him as he kept walking.

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31. Road Etiquette

Some guy cut me off on a road with a speed limit of 35. A few minutes later, I happened to pull into the same gas station as him. I was trying my best not look at him; I didn't want to start anything. But then I heard him say, "hey!" I made a bee line for the gas station door. Then I heard a whistle from his direction.

When I finally turned to face him, this big tough looking guy came to say, “sorry for cutting you off back there, I was low on gas.” I told him no worries and thanked him. Because I drive for a living, I come across a lot of jerks daily. It was rare for anyone to say anything nice much less come up to me and apologize.

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32. Missing Bottoms

I was at the grocery store one day doing my normal shopping. I noticed a man walking around but didn’t pay much attention until I saw what he was wearing. He had on a shirt, socks, and shoes but no pants. He was strolling around the store going up and down each aisle carefully looking at every item like it was nothing.

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33. Transforming Moment

On my drive home, I drove past a truck that looked like Optimus Prime. I thought that it was pretty cool that someone bought an American style truck and did a custom paint job. But as I kept driving, I passed Bumblebee and then another Transformers car. It must have been for a promotion, but it was a cool sight to see.

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34. Let It Go

I was driving on the highway in the fast lane behind a truck that had a home gym sitting in the back. The next exit was 12 miles out, and we’re going 65. As we sped up, I saw the home gym start tilting side to side – they had not strapped it down! It was just sitting in the back against the tailgate. So, I slowed down.

I was trying to change lanes but then watched in slow motion as the truck hit a small bump in the road. That little bump made this big hunk of metal start to fall over. Luckily for me, I was already far enough to avoid it. The truck dragged the gym about a half mile before the last piece holding it in finally fell off.

Apparently, the people in the truck didn’t realize they’d lost it. I was able to avoid getting hit and get around them without causing an accident behind me. And then the next morning when I was passing the same spot, I saw it just sitting on the side of the road.

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35. Subway Strutter

My wife and I were on vacation in London and waiting for a train. Two trains arrived before ours showed up. As a native New Yorker, I was comforted to see that pigeons live in subway stations everywhere. The first train stopped, and the doors opened. As people got on and off the train, this pigeon came fluttering down.

It landed on the platform and calmly entered the train as if off to work. My wife and I chuckled at the idea as the doors closed, and the train pulled away. The second train came, and people shuffled out when the doors opened. Then, a different pigeon walked out of the train and fluttered to where the first pigeon was.

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36. Shared Sense Of Humor

I saw three boys who looked about ten walking on the street when I was on my drive home. Two of them were in hysterics, doubling over at the other. He was walking along wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and a gigantic bra that they had clearly just found in a bin. I'll be honest, I'm four times their age, and I laughed too.

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37. Side By Side

I got into my car in the parking lot and was pulling out when I noticed the license plate of the car next to me. The plate number was sequential to my own as in, ABC1234 and ABC1233. I stopped my car and pulled back into my spot to take a picture because what are the odds! I was almost late to get to where I was going!

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38. It Happens

My family and I were driving back from church on the freeway heading home. My sister was driving, and my dad was in the passenger's seat. My dad had his hand outside of the window holding onto the rooftop. Out of nowhere, we heard our dad groan in disgust because of something. A bird had covered his hand with its poop.

We all started laughing and were amazed at what just happened. It was a one in a million situation that a bird landed one on my dad’s hand while the car was going full speed on the freeway.

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39. Powerful Sight

I was parked across the street from a power station sitting in my work truck. I was looking at my phone when I felt the air pressure change suddenly. Before I had a chance to register anything, there was a loud crack and then an explosion of sparks and fire. I just stared as blue beams of electricity arched in the sky.

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40. Fluffy Feeling

We had a patient with mouth cancer at the dentist office where I worked. After a long time of chewing snuff, he needed a skin graft to replace his tongue. Well, they took the skin from his neck. He was a hairy guy. So, this man had a hairy tongue! I’d look at blood all day, but that image has been ingrained in my mind.

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41. Who’s Protecting Who?

When I was 10, my friend and I were walking her two huge pitbulls in the park. Then, out of nowhere, two cars full of people pulled up, and everyone got out. The two groups started loud a knife fight swearing and attacking each other. We watched in horror as one of the guys got hurt and was bleeding all over the grass.

Then one of the guys noticed us and ran at us holding a knife with a crazy look in his eyes. Being kids, we turned and tried running back home to safety. But he caught up to us. Then the dogs went in full protector state and defended us. They snarled, bared their teeth, and lunged at him while we gripped their leashes.

Not thinking that the dogs would do much more damage to him, we didn’t want the guy to hurt the dogs. They guy smartly decided not to attack and turned back. Soon, officers arrived on the scene, but everyone had already fled. Officers had arrived so fast because a witness had seen the guy run at us and called for help.

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42. A Bit Ruffled

My parents and I were coming back from dinner and saw there was an empty car just stopped in the middle of the road. As I stopped my car, a man ran out of the house, and there was a parrot on his shoulder. He got into the car, parked it properly, and then ran back inside with his feathered friend. Why? I’ll never know.

Don't See Everyday FactsWikimedia Commons

43. Local Heroes

I was on the bus, and we were at a stop. Out the window, I see two guys in Batman and Robin costumes running across the parking lot toward the bus. They just make it and sit at the front facing the back. Batman then started scolding Robin for crashing the Batmobile. A few stops later, a guy dressed as the Joker got on.

He sits opposite of the two other guys in costume, and they just stare at each other in silence.

I had to get off to go to work before anything else happened, but I regret it because the story is better than that job was.

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44. A Clip Clop Late

I was walking through my neighborhood with a couple friends one morning when a couple women in a car stopped in front of us. They rolled down their window and asked if we had seen their horse. Confused, we said that we hadn’t, and they drove away. But seconds later, a horse unbelievably came galloping out of the woods.

Medieval EuropeUnsplash

45. Height Of It All

I went on a drive with my mechanic trying to find the source a particularly loud rattle from the rear. We did a U-turn to head back to the workshop when all of a sudden, the car felt lighter, and the rattling stopped. And then we watched as the rear left wheel rolled past us. When we stopped, the car’s suspension fell.

Accidental Discoveries FactsPiqsels

46. Expected Newcomer

It was a regular Sunday morning at church before the pandemic when a uniformed officer came strolling through the back of the sanctuary. At the end of service, we learned that a very troubled young woman had “left” the secure facility nearby. Apparently, the officials were fairly concerned that she might have shown up.

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47. Just Looking Around

This bird comes into my house every day. He’s gotten pretty comfortable with us because we feed him. Then one day when the kitchen door was open, the bird flew into the house. The wild bird didn’t panic or fly around. He just hopped around and looked into each room. We left a window open for when he finished exploring.

Don't See Everyday FactsFlickr

48. Off The Top Of My Head

I watched a guy on a bike drop his hat, look back, and decide to leave it behind. Then, about two minutes later, some guy in a tan car drove up, swerved around it, and stopped. He leaned out of the car, picked up the hat, put it on his head, and just drove away like it was a just normal to get a new hat off the street.

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49. Catty Situation

My husband, my son, and I heard a single knock on the door. We looked at each other and then the door confused. I ignored it when nothing else happened. But my 18-year-old son went to investigate. The next thing I knew, there was a cat flying around in territorial mode. Then our two cats came to see what was happening.

They creeped down the stairs while the stranger cat hid in the pull-out couch. We started corralling our cats so we could try and get the other cat out. It was pure chaos. All of the doors in the house were wide open to shoo the cat back out. We didn’t know if the cat, understandably terrified, would try and attack us.

It took us about fifteen minutes before the cat shot back out the door. And when it did, we all just stared at each other stunned at what just happened.

Scariest Noise FactsPixabay

50. Catching Big Bird

My mother owns an emu. One day, he escaped, and my mother enlisted my help in wrangling him. So, down the road we went chasing him with me in the back of the truck. She pulled up beside him, and I jumped out of the moving truck to tackle this huge bird. Then I kept him down while my mom tied him up. It was all chaotic.

I was cursing like a sailor on the ground getting beat up by a giant bird with feathers flying everywhere. By the time we finally got him on the truck, we had gathered a small audience who had watched our feat. A couple of people from the crowd even took feathers as souvenirs and got to pet the ever-so-slippery Rasmus.

Embarrassing Moments In History factsWikimedia Commons

51. Snack Time

We were on a class field trip to a wildlife sanctuary when I was in 4th grade. One of the kids started throwing spicy corn puffs at the ground, and then several crows came swooping down to eat them. They seemed to like them. Then a couple of monkeys came by, and one of them started taking and eating the corn puffs too.

Amused and captivated, the kid threw his entire second unopened packet of spicy corn puffs at the monkey. The monkey then ripped open the packet and started devouring the corn puffs. The crows were trying to take some of the corn puffs too, but the monkey slapped at them and shooed them away every time they came close.

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52. Wherever The Wind Blows

A few months after getting a new car, I was driving down a narrow flat rural road. It was very windy, and tumbleweeds were all around rolling down the road at about 40 MPH. Tumbleweed thorns can tear paint, so I carefully drove among them making sure I avoided any potholes. So, there I was gazing at this surreal scene.

But then when I looked up, I saw an ostrich running almost as fast as the wind. When it saw me approaching, it matched my speed. For a full mile, I was driving behind a running ostrich dodging potholes surrounded by tumbleweeds. Then, without breaking stride, the ostrich went off into the ditch and then hopped a fence.

It then ran across a field toward the river. A bit later, I made a turn, and all the tumbleweeds disappeared. I actually had to pull over to stop for a little while and question reality.

Absurd FactsGetty Images

53. Bread And Butter

As a radiologist, I was pulling up a CT scan of a woman in her thirties for my reports. She had made a complaint of abdominal pain. Specifically, she described a tension then a popping sensation with sharp pain followed by a vague but moderately severe ache that persisted. I was looking for the usual suspects for this.

It wasn’t appendicitis, intestinal inflammation, or IBS. I found a foreign body in her small intestine. I couldn’t see what it was on single slices, so I reformatted the image to 3D. I couldn't believe it. It was a bread clip. Interestingly enough, I found another one six years later. My cases make up five percent of all bread clip findings.

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54. Show And Tell

My band was loading our equipment into our trailer from our practice studio and getting ready to hit the road for a tour. A kid about 10 on a bike came riding down the alley. He stopped and asked if we wanted to see what was in his backpack. After one of us said yes, he opened it and showed it was full of dead animals.

He had all sorts of roadkill. There were squirrels, mice, rats, rabbits, etc. The smell alone made us want to puke. The kid never gave us an answer for why he was collecting these animals.

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55. Heading The Wrong Way

I’d been watching a lot of videos of traffic accidents at work one week. And as I was leaving the office, I called my husband and told him about what I watched and that I wanted a dash cam to record some of the crazy happenings of my 55 mile commute. Then I was in the middle lane halfway home on the three-lane highway.

That was when I saw cloud of dirt rise off the median in the distance. I was confused and trying to make sense of it when suddenly, an 18-wheeler was heading toward oncoming traffic from that direction. It was absolutely horrifying. All of the cars somehow managed to dodge the truck before it ended up in the fast lane.

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