Spoiled Rotten Brats

October 18, 2023 | Paul Pitura

Spoiled Rotten Brats

They get whatever they want, whenever they want it. Money is no object and the word “no” is meaningless. They are family, friends, and acquaintances who are spoiled rotten. Whether it’s cars, cash, or credit cards, these spoiled brats live in a world that those of us in the “unwashed mob” will never understand. Here are some stories of excess, elitism, and egos that will make you wonder how some people always get their way.

1. Spoiled Sister

My sister refused to look for a job and as a result, moved back home. She used my parents’ vehicle to drive around with her boyfriend and go to parties. One day there was a family emergency and the car wasn’t in the driveway for her to use. Her reaction was chilling. She threw a tantrum, trashed the house, and ran away with her boyfriend.

By the way, my sister is 22 years old.

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2. He Needs Swift Kick

I was at the Ford dealership getting my oil changed and wasting by walking through the big showroom. A Mustang GT350 is sitting in the middle with a huge bow on it and folks gathered around waiting for someone. Minutes later the family comes in with their son who immediately yells about wanting it in blue instead of black and denting the passenger door with a swift kick.

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3. A Day At The (Dog) Spa

When I was considering how expensive it will be to put my cat down when someone spoke up and said their family flew their dog to Italy to live out his final days in a dog spa so he could “live out his final days in comfort” then the family flew out for the full funeral and burial they had for the dog.

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4. Sweet Sixteen

It was in high school, 1987. This really pretty girl was about to turn 16 and her parents got her a fully restored 1965 Mustang. It wasn't what she wanted, so they got her a new Porsche 944. It was customized with rims and upholstery that had her name embroidered on it. When she graduated they got her a new Lexus sedan.

Her father was a preacher at a small rural church. Her mom was a stay at home trophy wife. Still have no idea how they pulled that off.

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5. A Real Chore

My boyfriend's little half-sister has parents who are real hippies and live at least 40 minutes from the nearest little town, live on an eco-friendly farm that her parents built from scratch. Since the age of 10 (she's now 16), my boyfriend’s sister has been taking other’s people’s money. She started by taking coins when she was babysitting for neighbors.

She would eventually find out where stashes of cash were kept and took their money. The neighbors found out and told her parents. They were mortified but didn't do much apart from telling her off and make her promise she wouldn't do it again. Well, that was just the start of her nightmare. Little things like that happened and the same outcome. Then her late grandad left a share of $1 million to her mother, which was used to upgrade the farm buy more land.

She took money from her granddad’s wallet out of his pocket when he was lying in the house, expired, when no one was looking. All she got was a bit of a talking to. She never has to give the money back because she spends it first. Her parents just say she has to work it off by doing chores. Now she's 16 and her latest antics have been taking her mother’s credit card to buy $800 of makeup online.

Her parents took the makeup from her, hoping to return it, but not before she replaced the makeup in the boxes with old bottles. They let her keep the makeup and still let her do all her school camps and parties, and the last I heard, her parents started a bed and breakfast and made a couple of grand, only to have it disappear.

She found out their internet banking passwords and transferred all her parents’ money to herself, then she spent it on food, friends, and makeup all in a weekend before they could find out. Her punishment? Working it off by doing chores. It makes me sick. I had to do chores for free! I'm still doing chores for free in my own house.

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6. Kid Comeuppance

I had a friend, Don, who had two kids who are a year apart in age. When his son turned 16, Don was ready to give him his pristine Volkswagen. Don babied his cars, so this Jetta, though about seven years old, was truly in like-new condition, a car that most normal 16-year-olds would be thrilled to have. I would have been thrilled to have it myself!

So Don tells his son the plan and his son goes, "Dad, I'm not driving that car. It's a seven-year-old Jetta. I need a new pickup truck". After taking a deep breath so he didn't throttle his son, Don simply said "Well, then, I'll drive the Jetta for one more year and then give it to your sister when she's 16. If you want a new pickup truck then you'll either have to ask your mother or buy one yourself".

Now Don and his kids' mother had been divorced for years and, through a series of bad choices, his ex-wife had barely two dimes to rub together. Don had gotten remarried to a woman who was a very successful and wealthy business owner. So his son (very mistakenly) thought that Don and his current wife would foot the bill for whatever the son wanted; how very wrong he was...

Fast forward a year, his daughter is very happily driving the Jetta. Don bought himself a brand new Mazda. His son has access to neither of them. In desperation, his son bought himself an awful $800 beater just to get himself to and from work. Lesson learned I hope. I applaud Don for sticking to his guns and teaching his kid not to be an entitled jerk at an early age.

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7.Sibling Rivalry

My sister has no job and lives by herself in my parents’ summer condo. She drives my parents old car, doesn't pay any bills, and squanders all the money my parents give her for food and “emergencies” on partying and going to bars. She refuses to apply for anything that isn't a “glamorous” receptionist position for at least 17$ an hour because she's too good for it, despite having a worthless degree from a joke private school.

She has a new garbage boyfriend every other week. She is also incredibly mean. She never has anything nice to say to my parents or other siblings and constantly criticizes them to their faces and behind their backs. The last thing we trusted her with was picking us up at the airport (literally 30 minutes away from the house), for which we gave her a week's notice and texted her every other day to remind her.

We land and she doesn't answer my calls; then she calls my mom to complain and my mother starts yelling at us for “ruining my sister's night". My sister then sends us a bunch of text messages saying how disrespectful it was for us to ruin her weekend by expecting her to stay home to pick us up instead of going out. It was like 7 pm.

She could have easily gone out after. We had to take the train and it took us three hours to get home. I am never speaking to her again.

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8. No Toying Around

I was in a Toys R Us in the 1990s. This mother and her daughter who had to be around 12 were shopping. The girl asks if she can have some toys. The mother said, "No, we are here to get a gift for someone else". The girl asked once or twice more and the mom declined. I couldn’t believe how the girl reacted. She then said “Screw you, mommy," and took off running.

The mother chased her while the kid cursed her out. Eventually, it must have ended. I went to check out and the mother/daughter was behind me. The mother not only got the toy the girl wanted, but also apologized to her daughter.

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9.Valuable Lessons

I know a multimillionaire woman. Maybe $95 million in net worth. She's a friend of my ex-wife. We hang out with her on a semi-regular basis. At any rate, one day (years ago), my kid is playing some Gameboy DS sharable game with her sons. It's a game that my kid has. Her boys don't. They finally finish the game while the grownups are getting lit and eating way too much crab.

One of her boys runs up to his mom and asks, "Can we get this game? It's really fun!" She says, "Oh... money's tight. Tell you what. Put it on your Christmas list. That's only a couple of months away, okay?" "Okay..." And, with that, all the kids went downstairs to play whatever on the whatever. I looked at her and said, "Money's tight?"

She related the tale of how the kids have no idea that they have money. It was the way she was raised. She didn't discover the money until she graduated from university. At first, she was angry because her college could have been so much easier with money but, a few months after graduation, she started thinking back on how mad she had been at the wealthy kids who just bought their way out of every problem that came their way and how disgusted she had been at the way they lived their lives.

She apologized to her dad and swore that she would raise her kids the same way. She lives in a modest little house. Her boys wear sneakers until they destroy them. They will find out when they graduate college.

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10. Ticket Tantrum

When I turned 16 all I wanted for my birthday was to seeperform in Las Vegas. I saved my own money to pay for my ticket. I gave my mom the money, and I was excited because my mom said she had the tickets and everything. My mom, my sister, and I all got in the car to go see the show. We arrived at the wrong place and I immediately thought something was wrong.

When I ask my mom why we were there, she said that my sister wanted to see "O" by Cirque du Soleil, so she just bought tickets for that instead. I was so blown away that even though it was my birthday and my money, my sister had the final say over what we ended up doing. I refused to see the show and opted to walk through the casino the entire time instead.

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11. “Stunning Privilege”

I'll throw out the disclaimer that the guy wasn't a jerk, he was okay, but the stunning privilege was both jaw-dropping and hilarious. He was a guy in college who came from a pretty wealthy family. He never had a job before—which isn't that crazy for his age and being a student, though I had been working throughout college.

One day he decided to get a job because he was "bored and wanted to see what it was like". I forget where he got a job, but it was a pretty laid-back part-time job pushing paper in an office setting. A few weeks after starting, we're hanging out, and he's talking about work. He reaches in his pocket and says, "Today they gave me this. What am I supposed to do with it?" It was his paycheck.

I stared at him for a second and said, "Dude, that's your check. What do you mean 'What do I do with it?’ Deposit it in your bank". He says, "I don't know how to do that. My dad just puts money in there. I don't look at it, I just take money out from ATMs or use my card". Not wanting to walk the poor guy through such an easy process, I just tell him to take it to a grocery store and cash it.

What he said next made me nearly fall off the couch in disbelief. He said, "What do you mean cash it? Like, they'll just give me money for this [looking at his paycheck]?" Must be nice.

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12. Dad The Wimp?

My employer's two sons have everything paid for so they never have to worry about the cost. They both have everything they want and need. One of them likes expensive shiny things and he's always thrown fits until he got what he wanted. For Christmas, he wanted a $1,200 55" Samsung curved television, even after his dad said that his budget is $1,000.

He threw fits and got mad at his dad and his dad, being the wimp he is, apologized and ended up buying it for him anyway. The son is 21 years old.

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13. This Is Rich

A friend of mine is married to a very, very rich man. It’s old coal money or something, and no one in the family has to work and they all just live off of investments. Anyway, she was crying one day because her mother-in-law was threatening to cut her husband’s allowance and he might have to—GASP—get a job!

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14. Snobette Snootyson

I was on my high school's newspaper staff and we always did a section on cars in the parking lot, where we highlighted one old beater and one super nice car and then interviewed both owners. Everyone loved it—and don't worry, the owners of the beaters were always super excited to be a part of it and they always had the best stories.

So we pick Snobette Snootyson because she's got a nice brand new Range Rover or something, and after I'm the last to call "not it" I'm forced to interview her. I asked her what was her favorite feature of the car? "Well one time I forgot to put it in park and it started rolling away, but it didn't roll that fast so probably that. Or my G-Eazy bumper sticker".

Then I asked, “Got any funny stories about your car?” "Yeah!” she exclaimed.  “When my parents first got me it, I was making faces at my friend and turned left when it wasn't a green arrow and totaled it. So they got me the same one again!" I managed to sneak into the article: "Snootyson has managed to keep her car undamaged since October". It was January.

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15. Daddy’s Dime

In college, I knew a girl whose daddy was some big shot banker or something. He made enough that the wife didn't have to work and three kids could go to expensive schools. This girl didn't have to work during college, had all her supplies and lodging paid for by daddy, and got to fly home every time there was a three-day weekend. All on her father's dime.

I once had to borrow $10 from her to pay for some food when we went out to eat. I promised I would pay her back once I got my check next week—at the time, I worked for a cafe. She seemed cool with it. Turns out she was not cool with it, and promptly bashed me on her blog and to all her other friends calling me a bad person and a thief because I borrowed $10.

I paid her back. I brought up the blog posts and she was very embarrassed. The last I heard of her she's living in a daddy-paid Manhattan apartment working part-time as a receptionist at a yoga studio. She started a new blog about "the struggle".

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16. They Were All Yellow

There was this rich, obnoxious high school classmate. When he got his driver's license, his parents bought him a brand-new bright yellow Nissan Xterra. But get this: he started color-coordinating his outfit. He wore bright yellow clothes EVERY DAY to match his car. We started calling him "school bus". He eventually stopped wearing yellow.

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17. It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

I was on a school bus as a senior. As we stopped at a house, there was a dog body by the road. The little girl getting off said to her friend who pointed it out, "Oh yeah, we got him this weekend. My dad will just get me another one, so it doesn't matter".

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18. Insta-Hilarious

There was a girl at my college with a big-shot oil daddy and she was the most insufferable human I've ever witnessed. She tried to brand herself as this super environmentalist hippy but used all of dad's oil money for weekly trips across the country and the globe in private jets with insane wardrobes and fancy dinners.

I've never seen someone use money so frivolously while constantly on social media preaching about all the earth has given her or whatever. Seriously her Instagram posts are hilarious: "As I am soaked in the bright and glorious sun I am moved with gratitude. I give thanks to every part of my body, for warrioring me through life and for simply being. Thank you water you are life, may we protect you as you do for us. For the past week I have been deep in the shadow... what a darker tone this is compared to the rose gold clouds I normally drift in. I've leaned into the unknown, and I've chosen to embrace it all.... pains... grace.... peace... I am blissful".

They just go on and on like that. Last I heard she "somehow" convinced the school to let her do a "special" graduation program in Hawaii and now her dad pays for her to live a "gypset" lifestyle which if I understand correctly is just flying all over the world on insane dime doing whatever you want?

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19. Driven To Distraction

My brother once broke off one of theon my father's nicest car just two days before getting his license.  He was driving illegally because he couldn't be bothered with the five-minute walk to the store on a mild sunny day to get a can of soda. He then just put the car in the garage as if nothing happened.

My parents bought him a brand new motorcycle so that he "wouldn't be tempted to borrow the car" anymore.

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20. Spoiled Teen

When I was 15 I was dating this girl that I met at a coffee shop downtown. Her parents were loaded. Like home movie theater, cellar for vino, live-in maid. Loaded. The girl got a brand new Lexus for her 16th birthday. It took her four times to pass her driving test. A week later she totals the car…so they buy her another one.

Her parents also flew her from California to London to go school clothes shopping.

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21. That’s A Stretch

I'm from a rich area in Dallas, TX so I've seen some stuff. I went back for a visit and my childhood best friend was complaining that her parents were only letting her go to New Zealand instead of Amsterdam. Again, her dad is a multi-millionaire and both of her teenage brothers drive Teslas. My male best friend was complaining to me that he didn't get to go to prom in a Hummer limo, only a regular stretch.

He looked like he was going to pass out when I told him that I missed prom in high school to work a night shift. I’m glad I don't know them anymore

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22. New Or Used?

I dated a girl who was given a brand new car for her 16th birthday. She had it for less than a year before she crashed it. Her parents bought her a used car. She had it for about a year before crashing it. They bought her a third used car and then when her brother turned 16 she pitched a fit because he got a new car—while she had to drive around her used car.

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23. Extravagant Birthday

One of my clients threw a birthday party recently for their 14-year-old son and a bunch of his friends. They had it at The Palm, and it must have been at least $100/plate easily, and in a private room. I was there separately for a happy hour and recognized them. I joked with the bartender about how they could possibly top that for his 16th birthday.

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24. News From Abroad

We all went to a private, pretty expensive school in the US. The “spoiled rotten” girl got a degree in journalism and promptly moved to London to find a job. Her parents rented her an apartment, and I assume paid for her life for about two years before she was forced to move back because she never looked for work nor was employed while there.

Once back in the States she refused to live in her parents’ house, citing she was a grown woman how could this be expected of her. So her parents bought her an apartment in New York City. The last I heard she still lives in that apartment, without a job, but has moved because the apartment was in Brooklyn, not Manhattan.

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25. Prom Princess

My mom had cervical cancer a few years ago and had a full hysterectomy. She was out of work for a while and my brother and I had to work more hours and help out with the majority of the bills and groceries. My then-girlfriend at the time couldn't seem to understand why I wasn't willing to pay hundreds of dollars on a tux and prom stuff.

She proceeded to ask me every day if we were going until I finally yelled at her and told her sarcastically that I was sorry my mom had cancer and surgery to remove all of it and that I was sorry I had to help out with paying bills. She finally shut up about it and cried to her friends, literally cried, at the school. She told them I just didn't want to go to the prom with her.

She left out the cancer part. I only learned that the other week when one of the people she cried to got hired at my job and told me what she did. We later broke up because she cheated on me and she told everyone I hit her. I've never been in a fight in my life and I'm afraid to hit anyone. I guess prom overrules helping my mom who had cancer.

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26. Particular Pooch

My friend’s dog is spoiled rotten. He used to barbecue a steak for the dog once or twice a week. The dog didn't like it pan-fried.


27. Life Is Unfair

A friend of mine saved up for an iPod when they first came out. He saved for a year to get one. His mom took him and his sister to the mall so he can purchase his. His sister started throwing a tantrum because she didn't have one now. Their mom got so fed up with her about it she bought the sister one to just shut her up.

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28. Sharing Is Caring

Back when the Xbox 360 came out, I worked through the winter cutting firewood out of the back of the property my uncle owned. I would use a hand ax and cut down the trees. Then I would drag the trees back up to the front of the property by hand and cut the wood so it could be sold. After cutting and loading the wood into a trailer, I'd get dropped off at a nearby gas station to sell it.

After I would call my parents on a payphone to be picked up. I was 13 at the time. After a few weeks, I was able to afford an Xbox and Halo 3. My grandma bought my brother one a week later because I wasn't letting him play MY Xbox enough.

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29. Middle Sibling

I was the middle sibling and the only one able to save and be responsible with money. This resulted in my parents paying for more things for my sisters than for me since I had my own money and didn't waste it on junk all the time. It was a family joke how good I was at saving money, that I kept the first dollar I'd earned and whatnot.

For example, while growing up my dad always said he'd pay for half of our first car, so we had to work and save the rest of the money. He pays for half of my older sister’s car ($4,000, so he paid $2,000). My turn comes, suddenly it isn't half, it's just $2,000 towards whatever, so I pay $3,500 and he pays $2,000 for my $5,500 car. And I saved that money at a $5.25/hour part-time job too, which took forever.


My younger sister? He pays half, more than $2,000. I think around $3,000. I’m still kinda salty about it. I’m pretty sure it was because my sisters couldn't scrape up more than half but they knew I had it. I guess the joke is on them though, as I am more financially secure than them nowadays and generally better at managing money, and my car is nicer!

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30. iPad Launch

A friend I went to high school with got an iPadPro for his birthday, but he wanted the bigger one with more memory. He proceeded to throw it off a roof in retaliation. His parents then buy him another iPad—"the correct one,” as he put it. I don't talk to him anymore, because he was a condescending jerk.

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31. Not-So-Kinder Surprise

I had a fist-bump moment with a dad which started rotten and turned awesome. His son wanted a Kinder Surprise egg, and the dad said no. The kid threw a Kinder Surprise on the ground and said to his dad, "Now you have to buy it". The angry dad paid for said chocolate and waits for the kid to hold out his hand with a huge smile on his face. There was a surprise, all right.

Instead of giving it to the kid, the dad threw it in the trash can and dragged the now screaming child back to the car. Most satisfying turnaround I have ever seen.

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32. Birthday Ingrate

For a girl's 16th birthday, she was given a brand new Mercedes, and immediately broke down crying in front of all of us; there were about 20 of her guests. She was upset because she wanted a Porsche, not a Mercedes. I had to walk three miles home because I still didn't have a car.

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33. Why There’s Still Hope

My boyfriend's sister has skirted the line of "spoiled rotten," but for now, she's just "spoiled". She throws fits the moment school and work get a little too challenging for her (like full-on, screaming temper tantrums). Whenever she feels overwhelmed, her mom will spend hours doing her research homework and writing her papers for her.

I would report this to the school if it wouldn't be blatantly obvious who did it. Her mom is an educator and should know better. She once had her boyfriend drive four hours out, and another four back, to come to pick her up during a family trip because she didn't have enough private space to focus on her school work.

We were all sharing rooms and dealing with the lack of space equally, so her mom ended up doing that school work for her. Her parents even offered to give her the master bedroom to herself, which would've had two of us sleeping on the floor. I should mention, this girl is 22 and in college. She does have a sales job, which she's surprisingly really good at, which is why I think she still has hope of being a productive adult.

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34. Who Is The Most Spoiled?

It’s me. According to my older brother and sister, I'm spoiled rotten because mom bought me Cap'n Crunch cereal after my brother and sister left the house when they went off to college. This happened when I was around 15 and 30 years later, it's brought up at every family gathering how spoiled I was because I got Cap'n Crunch instead of Frosted Flakes.

Oh, the shame I've lived with.

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35. Now This Is Lazy

My friend went to Disney Land with her sister and niece. Her sister got her 10-year-old daughter a wheelchair to be wheeled around in so she wouldn't “get too tired". It wasn't so they could get special treatment or go through lines quicker, just because her kid was spoiled and lazy. My friend asked her niece, "See all of these other kids running around and having fun? Don't you want to do that too?"

The kid just ignored her.

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36. Weekend Trips To Bali

I went to a very expensive private school. I had a lot of scholarships so I wouldn't have to pay the $52,000 a year they were asking for. At the time they had a very lax acceptance policy but were considered a great school, which had the interesting result of attracting very rich kids who weren't interested in the school for its academics but more for its parties and nightlife.

In my dorm during freshman year, there was a girl who supposedly is a descendant of the Versace family of some sort. After seeing the money she'd spend nonchalantly, I was inclined to believe it. Almost every weekend there'd be a knock on our door as she ran through the halls asking who was coming with her on her trip this weekend.

She didn't mean her trip to the grocery store or even a trip home. She meant whatever trip she was planning around the world that weekend. Sometimes it was Paris, others were Australia, Bali, wherever her little heart desired. She'd fly out to these exotic places for weekends, not three-day weekends, not holiday breaks, just your average Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

She would be gobsmacked and sometimes insulted when after a moment of stunned silence, you tell her that you couldn't possibly go with her to Paris for three days let alone afford a last-minute ticket to Paris. She just couldn't comprehend that normal people couldn't afford those things. She also “lived in the dorms” because she was a freshman, and you couldn't live off-campus as a freshman.

But the dorm was just a facade. She actually lived off-campus in what I would later find out to be a $4,000 a month apartment by herself with a house cleaner who'd come every day. She was the most detached-from-reality person I've ever met. And of course, she was gorgeous. She'll probably never experience a “hard time” in her entire life, or have to work a single day.

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37. Name Game

I went to school with a kid who had the initials BMW and cried when he got a new Audi instead of a new BMW, because he wanted a car with his initials.

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38. Outta Control

I knew a mom and dad and their seven-year-old kid who sued the school system because they expelled the kid. He was running around throwing chairs, desks, etc., and would not listen to anyone. The teacher and administration, instead of beating him, sent him home until he could behave. The parents insisted he was nothing like they said, and they were just being mean.

When you saw the family in person, the kid would interrupt them every few seconds, screamed all the time, and refused to sit down. He would smack his dad in the head and pull his mom's hair, shove toys in their faces, all while they were saying what a sweet child he was and it was the teacher's fault. The dad looked defeated and just sat there dejected.

The mom would just look at her son and smile every time he interrupted her. It was a circus and I never really heard from them again.

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39. Adventures In Babysitting

There was a kid whose mom catered to every whim he had and never wanted him to feel any bad feelings. She would make him separate dinners, buy him everything he asked for, fight with his teachers when they said he was misbehaving in class—that sort of thing. Anyway, one day I babysat him for her because she had a family emergency.

He asked me for a pb&j sandwich. I made it for him and he started crying and said "this sandwich is different from the sandwich I have at home". He was seven years old, and I wasn't using weird ingredients or anything.

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40. Jealous Brothers, Or Spoiled Sister?

I got the family hand-me-down RAV4 that my brother drove before me for my first car. I was grateful, I had a car. Eventually, in college, I bought it off of them for very cheap like $1,500 or something. But that was a lot of hard work for me. Now, here comes my little sister. The day she got her learner’s permit my mom was at the Mini-Cooper dealership letting her pick out the exact one she wanted and bought it for her.

She drove it for about a year, but she wanted a white Jeep, not a red Mini. So the Mini got sold and now she drives her white Jeep. It still hurts me and my brother to this day. She gets to do a lot of things we couldn't do. I remember at Christmas when I was 20, and my birthday is January 8, I had to sit and watch the family drink margaritas and my mom wouldn't let me even touch them.

Now, my sister, who is 19, sits at home drinking and snap chatting with mom. It kills me.

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41. Cuba Libre

When I was 18 I wasn't allowed to go to the States with my boyfriend (now husband) and his step-dad to visit his step-family. A year later when my sister turned 18, she was allowed to go to Cuba with her boyfriend and friends, with no parents at all.

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42. Pocket Change

I knew a guy in high school whose parents were loaded. I'm talking multi-million dollar house in Louisiana loaded. He was demanding—but he wasn’t a brat. He'd invite a few of us over for dinner sometimes. I remember one time his parents brought out a big slice of chocolate cake for him and no dessert for us. We were cool with it, his house, right? He demanded that we get cake too because it's not fair.

He'd also regularly "loan" us some of his allowances. He got like $1,000 a month from his parents so sometimes he'd show up at your door with a $100 and stuff it in your pocket. All around cool dude.

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43. Color Me Unimpressed

I overheard a girl complaining about her parents for buying her the wrong color car. She threatened them and said she would intentionally wreck the car and make them buy her a new one so she could get the right color and the "idiots" could get it right. The car was a brand new M3 and she was maybe 17.

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44. It’s Beneath Her

There was a girl who worked for a company I worked for who kept complaining about how she only worked there because her dad stopped paying her credit card bill but she felt she didn't need the job because he still paid her rent and bills. Then she made a post about how glad she was to get fired because the job was so beneath her and she'd never really need a minimum wage job as long as her father made six figures.

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45. Horses For No Particular Reason

I lived in a large house in a pretty affluent neighborhood, but my parents put me through public school, made me get a job, established some independence in me. The other kids that lived around me not so much. They all got brand new luxury cars when they turned 16 and most of them owned a horse at a local farm for no particular reason.

The best was when one group of brothers, they must have been between 6 and 10, all got four-wheelers one year, which they would then ride without helmets in the middle of the street. That was a nightmare when I got my license, trying not to kill these little jerks going 65 down residential streets.

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46. Ingrateful Sister

To this day, I give my sister a sizable allowance every month because my parents were having trouble making ends meet, and couldn't afford to give my sister spending money while she attended an expensive art school. One evening, I needed to attend a fancy fundraising dinner for work. Knowing my sister had no plans to go out that evening, I asked her if I could borrow the new luxury sports car.

It’s a nice car that my parents had bought for her. At the time, I was driving an old, beat-up hand-me-down. She tells me that she drove 50 miles that day, so she wanted the engine to rest. I give her the most incredulous look, and my dad, sensing how flabbergasted I was, tells my sister, "Your brother gives you money, couldn't you let him borrow your car for one night?" Her reply was infuriating. 

She said, "I never asked him for money". My dad reduced her to tears that evening.

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47. Money Is No Object

I had a friend who legitimately had no idea what things cost. His closet was as big as my bedroom. He left money laying everywhere. And I don't mean just a few ones and fives. I asked to borrow money once and he just pulled a bunch out of his pocket and said not to worry about paying it back cause it wasn't substantial.

He didn't even look at the bunch of money he handed me. It was more than $3,000. Nice guy though.

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48. Poor Parents

There was one kid whose parents did not have any money. He wanted new clothes was told no, so he put his clothes in the bathtub and poured bleach on them. So his parents bought him new clothes.

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49. Bad Role Model

I went to school with a girl who got a 2012 BMW and cried and cussed out her parents because she didn't get a 2015 model.

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50. Must Be Hard Being You

My roommate is an application essay reader for a university's business school. He was just telling me about a kid who wrote his "overcoming hardship" essay about how he wanted a boat because all of his friends had boats, and it was hard for him to be left out. Then he overcame his hardship when his parents bought a boat.

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51. Evil Sister

My sister takes money and other stuff from her friends at school and pretty much everyone in our house. Now mind you, I'm 18, my brother is 15, and she's 12. And, at her age, she managed to take three cellphones, a tablet, around $300 just from me (plus $200 from my mom and $50-$60 from my brother). She even tried stealing my girlfriend’s clothes. That's just a snippet.

And the worst part is that my mother doesn't do anything ever since my sister was adopted into the family. The reasoning? "She will learn from her mistakes and become a better person just like everyone". Four years later, it's just getting worse.

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52. Crash Course

I knew one girl who got a hot pink Hummer for her quinceañera. Since she still had a year before she could drive, she decided to keep the Hummer for no apparent reason and got a Mercedes roadster once she turned 16. I knew another girl who got a Mercedes G-wagon for her 16th birthday. She crashed it a week later on purpose. The reason why was deranged. 

Her stepdad bought it in an attempt to "buy her love" and she caught him cheating on her mom, so she did it in retaliation. I don’t know if that's exactly worth it.

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53. Momma’s Boy

My current roommate is an only child who decided to live with females. He expected us to be his mother, was confused when we told him to clean up his messes and do his laundry. He refused to buy toilet paper because he thought I would supply him for an entire year—but that’s not the worst part. He then physically fought me when I told him to buy his own.

He sat the rest of us down and told us he "needed us to give him more attention". He told his mother he "felt sad" so she flew to our apartment across the country within an hour of him saying so. The list goes on.

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