Outraged People Reveal Severe Cases Of “Spoiled Brat Syndrome”

August 14, 2023 | Scott Mazza

Outraged People Reveal Severe Cases Of “Spoiled Brat Syndrome”

Some people’s children, am I right? Whether it’s out-sized toddler tantrums or a smug little rich kid, we’ve all come face-to-face with a supremely pampered child (or adult) in our lives. Maybe one day they’ll turn out all right, but for now, these Redditors have revealed the worst cases of “spoiled brat syndrome” they’ve ever seen.

1. Happy Now?

One time, I was in line at McDonald’s and a little kid was making a list of demands to his mom, saying that he wants all the menu items. The mom says no, you are only getting a Happy Meal. The kid then whines and says he wants more items. Mom says “No, only a Happy Meal". Eventually, the kid goes "I will get whatever I want and there is nothing you can do about it!"

Mom says nothing. Then the kid starts twisting around the bar that guides the line queue and the pathetic mother is like "Stop Timmy, stop, Tiiiiiimy" while the kid ignores her. Finally, it's their turn to order. The kid says nothing, but the mother orders everything the kid demanded earlier PLUS a Happy Meal. I was so frustrated that I left the building and got into the drive-thru line.

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2. Double the Displeasure

An old friend of mine and his family are loaded. They constantly get the newest car, most massive house, multiple out-of-country vacations a year first-class, and he’ll get the most expensive tickets possible for concerts. Plus, mommy and daddy would never say no. So when the iPhones/ and iPod touches were blowing up, he asked for a very specific color and GB for the iPod touch.

It was near Christmas and they were sold out EVERYWHERE. His mom was so disappointed that she went overboard with a ridiculous gesture. She paid a lady at the mall DOUBLE the price of the newest iPhone max GB while she was walking out so he could get something similar since she couldn’t find the exact make and model that he really wanted for Christmas.

Fast forward to Christmas Day, he opened the box and was so peeved it wasn’t what he wanted that he slammed it onto the floor, saying that it wasn’t what he asked for. It was DESTROYED. Then he called her a witch (but worse) and left to go to his room without opening the rest of his presents. Truly unbelievable.

The mom then had a breakdown and went to the mall again to ask for what he wanted for the next few weeks until yet again, someone had just bought one and she paid double to gift it for him again. That was the last time we ever spoke, and from what I hear, he has no job, still lives with mom and dad, no high school diploma, upgrades his Mercedes every year, and decided that he’s going to be a rapper or nothing at all.

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3. Be Careful What You Wish for

I threw a fit when I was ten. My parents decided they’d get my brothers and I snowboards for Christmas. My brothers were super into it, but I showed little interest. Christmas Day, I got a Walmart “fake” (my word) snowboard while my brothers both got really nice “real” ones. I got angry, started crying, and my brothers rightfully called me an ungrateful jerk.

The next week, my parents relented and got me a “real snowboard” that I was too heavy and uncoordinated to effectively use. I strapped what amounted to $275 worth of snowboard to my feet no more than three times. I kept the snowboard, mostly as a reminder that you don’t need to be rich to be spoiled.

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4. Strapped for Cash

Spoiled child syndrome that bled into adulthood. I work at a collection agency, and this one guy racked up a 200k debt. Thing is, anything of that size we had to go over the person's financials. That's when I learned the infuriating truth. It turns out that dude got 60k A MONTH from his father. A month. He got more in a month than I do in a year. But, I still followed procedures.

He claimed huge amounts for expenses. Didn’t add up to the 60k though, only 20k a month. Dude could pay off his debt in half a year. He then informs me that he can’t afford the 40k monthly payment, as he is renovating his house. And spending all of that 40k each month on said renovations. Just so, so ridiculously spoiled and actively stupid too.

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5. Child Services

My ex's niece. They got her a car—she wrecked it. So they got her another one. She wrecked that one. And so on. There were about four cars they got her, one right after the other, during the years I was with her uncle. Oh! And speaking of "one right after the other," one guess what else that applied to? Her kids.

She had three little kids, back-to-back, whom she never took care of, and used to foist off onto her mother to take care of. Oh, and she never had a job, she'd just live there and sponge off the parents. "Well, why can't you get a job, Donna?" "Because I have three kids I have to stay home and take care of." But your mother does that because you ignore them.

As soon as the littlest one would be big enough to go to school, leaving her no excuse to not get a job, she'd pop out another one—and there you go! Can't possibly get a job with an infant to take care of! Except her mother would take care of that kid, too. So she and her three little children had free room, board, and child care while this girl went out partying, and if she wrecked the car they gave her, they just bought her a new one.

This had been going on from the time she was 16, when I started dating her uncle, until she was 25 when I broke up with him. I don't know if it's still going on, but probably.

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6. Regan, Is That You?

I offered to help some friends out and watch their children for a short period. Their nanny had quit unexpectedly and they didn't have a new one lined up. I found out why the nanny quit on day one. Dad was home, but worked nights, so I was in charge (5 am to 9 pm) and expected to keep the kids (3.5 and under 1) quiet, fed, clean, occupied, and perform some minor household chores: wash dishes, tidy up toys, fold laundry, dust, start dinner. etc.

This was for $100/wk because that was what they paid their previous live-in above her room and board and visa expenses. The one-year-old was the Easiest Baby Ever (TM). No fussing, no crying, happy all the time, easy to feed and get changed, loved baths. The 3.5-year-old, however, made me consider a tubal. And possibly an exorcism.

She had apparently never had the previous nannies tell her no, so she had been allowed to ride roughshod over them and the household pretty much since she was born. She told her mom I shut a cabinet door on her hand because I picked her up and removed her from the kitchen pantry where she was climbing shelves to get to the junk food.

She threatened to call "Dramma and Drampa" on me repeatedly until I handed her the phone to do it, then screamed and threw it at me because I wouldn't dial it for her. Tried to kick me in the shins for serving nutritious meals and not just chips and cookies all day. Took a pair of scissors and threatened to cut the baby's hair off and tell their parents I had done it.

When all the various intimidations didn't work, she tried screaming to get her way. Twice, she woke her father up with an ear-piercing, bloodcurdling scream, then tearfully told him I was "beewing mean" and demanded I get fired. Dad pitched a fit, swatted her on the butt and went back to bed after telling me to do my freaking job and keep her quiet so he could sleep.

But it gets worse. All this was in the two weeks I covered them while the service got a new nanny. The new nanny quit after three days. According to what the little beast's mom told me when she begged me to come back and nanny for them again, the girl had ruined their dining table the first day by fingerpainting on it with honey, chocolate syrup, pancake syrup, and Nesquik powder.

Day two, she dragged a bucket into the living room to "shampoo" the baby's hair while the nanny was making lunch—and dumped the entire bucket, plus an entire bottle of baby shampoo, over the baby's head. She nearly drowned the baby, ruined the living room carpet and shorted out the TV. Off to a great start her.

Day three, the nanny had put both kids down for their afternoon nap, and came in to find the elder girl standing over the baby's crib with a pair of scissors, getting ready to stab the baby in the face. That was when she woke the father up, quit, packed her bags and walked out. Of course, they blamed all of this on the nanny's lack of attentiveness and lax discipline.

In hindsight, I feel kind of bad for her...no boundaries, no attention, no mental stimulation. What do you expect?

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7. Daddy’s Little Ghoul

Had a boss ages ago. Great guy. He had two kids: One was a pretty normal guy, and then a very, very "everything is about me" daddy's girl for a daughter. One day, she runs through our office, tears streaming down her face, straight out "looks like someone kicked the bucket" levels of trauma. I was actually scared. She slams the door to his overhead office, loud enough that everyone in the store can hear.

And then there is a ton of tearful screaming ("WWAHHHHHTBTHBTHA THASKJHT THBTHTBTHBTHBT') as her father just keeps repeating over and over "What’s wrong? What happened?" Ten minutes later, she blurts out I RAN OVER MY IPOD MINI. She must've dropped it in the parking lot at the gym and backed over it somehow? Who knows. Couldn't stand her at all, apple fell very far from the tree on that one.

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8. The More the Merrier

A guy (in his mid-20s) who worked for me was mad that his father bought him one jet Ski-Doo. On Christmas, he said to his father, “What am I going to do with one?” His father bought him a second one so his friends could go too.

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9. Nice Try There, Cupcake

Hosted and gave a lecture to a cooking group (+ kids), and as a thank you for this free event, the organizers gave me some cupcakes they had baked during the workshop. One of the kids started screaming at me that she wanted the cupcakes and almost pulled the plate from my hands. The mother very softly said that those were meant for me.

The kid shouted while stamping her foot, "But I want them, she [meaning me] doesn't want them." The mother just looked ashamed and did not say anything further while the kid ran off angry. It's not about the worth of the cupcakes, more about the sheer confidence in the kid’s eyes that I would hand the thank-you gift I had just gotten over to her, just because she wanted them.

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10. Shopping Spree

I used to work at a big chain grocery store, and there would be screaming kids and such, but they're peanuts compared to this horror story. So this mom and her two sons (6 and probably 13) came in one summer day and the boys just started acting out. They rode in the carts and were crashing into walls or displays. Mom does nothing to quiet them.

They continue to run around the store, causing chaos and irritating customers. When they got to the soda aisle, all heck broke loose. The kids grabbed soda bottles and started shaking them and then opening them. Soda sprayed everywhere and their mom did NOTHING. My manager just had enough and confronted the mom. She called the kids "little brats" and said that she was going to make the mom pay for the sodas that were opened.

The mom refused and said, "I'm not paying for something I'm not going to buy." People then pointed out the sodas that were opened and the mess her kids made. "They were just having fun!" She yelled, but no one took her side. A uniformed officer happened to be in the store and confronted the mom with the threat of writing a ticket for unpaid merchandise. She then finally paid up, but she left her cart of food behind. My manager then banned her and her brats from the store.

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11. Maybe I Want to Try New Things

A girl in my high school bullied her mom into buying her an electric guitar that was signed by our state basketball team at a silent auction. She didn't play the guitar, or like sports.

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12. The Omen: Spoiled Brat Edition

My mom used to run an in-home daycare. One 5-year-old kid named Jackson did lots of horrible things for attention, but here are the three worst. First, he broke a TV by throwing his backpack at it. Second, he bit his little sister hard enough to break the skin (she was like 2 or 3), and third, a year after we stopped babysitting him, we heard from his mother that he had punctured his father with a pocket knife and they had to go to the ER.

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13. Crazy Rich Asians

I tutored for my college's writing center, so we dealt with a lot of ESL students. I never witnessed this, but our supervising professor told us about how he had run an intensive English-language training course over the summer. Our school hosted a number of wealthy Chinese students for the months leading up to orientation so they could brush up on their English.

Apparently, one of these kids was sent over to the US with a duffle-bag filled with over $100,000 cash for, you know, walking around money. The school eventually had to confiscate her giant bag of money when she brought it with her downtown and began just throwing money out of the window of her brand-new Mercedes.

They were apparently worried she was going to be kidnapped.

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14. Money Can’t Buy Sense

The last girl I dated was spoiled, but at the same time that lead to her being naive as well. She knows all about designer stuff and how to decorate a house, but it was only 10 months or so ago that she learned about the space station and that people are in space year-round. Or that we have rovers on Mars, and have for a while.

She also just learned that our solar system is in a galaxy, and that the galaxy is in the universe—She thought the solar system was the universe. You may say “so what?” but she is a teacher in the local school system who has no basic understanding of science whatsoever. She thought that Einstein was the guy who either built or designed the Eiffel tower.

That aside, she has no basic living skills. She can’t cook and often wonders why her cup/glass/bowl is on the table or counter where she left it. She called me asking for directions the first time she had to do laundry, one call for the washer and 30 minutes later another call for the dryer. She has no money management skills due to her family's wealth and always being supplied with cash.

Now that she is not at home, she can’t understand why her account gets to zero. I have been there when she goes to buy something and has insufficient funds. She will say "how is that possible, where did the money go...can you help me find where the money went?" like it’s just sitting in another account or something. She moved out from her parents’ house at 33 and she’s 36 now with no idea how to support herself.

She feels entitled when things are not exactly how she expects them. Oh, and mom and dad still pay for her cell phone, internet, Netflix, car insurance...all she pays is rent, food, clothing, and beauty products. I remember when she got this blank stare because I said I couldn't afford to drop almost $5,000 on a trip with no warning. It turned into "Why don’t you want to go with ME?"

She couldn’t understand when I said it wasn’t about her, it was about going on a trip that cost $5,000 and leaving in 2 weeks, no warning for work just drop everything and go. Not to mention if we booked the trip months in advance, we could have done it for half the cost. I can’t imagine how she will make it when her parents are gone.

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15. Boys Will Be Boys

Our neighbor had 2 children, a boy (8) and a girl (6). Trust me when I say that the boy was the most spoiled brat I've ever seen in the entirety of the 17 years of my life. I used to hear about the stereotypes on how Indian mothers coddle their sons too much, but this boy's mother is on an entirely different and utterly terrifying level.

He would throw tantrums all the time if his wishes weren't fulfilled, thrashing on the floor, whining, threatening that he will hurt us. He locked our front door (old houses have locks outside, too) once, and my entire family was late to where they were going. If he was asked to do anything by his elders, he'd reply, "No, I am a boy. Boys don't need to do housework. Girls need to do such things."

Then he’d drag his sister over and make her do it. Everyone just laughed, uncomfortably or not, I will never know. His mother just used to say, "Well, he will grow up. After all, he is my darling son." The mother always put her son's wishes first. I pitied her daughter, she wore the hand-me-downs of the brother, they were faded and sometimes they were even torn. She was scolded a lot too.

We moved away later. I sometimes wonder how the daughter's doing. I hope she is fine and has left the family for good. Though, I guess she will just be married off as the family is extremely conservative. Poor kid.

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16. Color Me Unimpressed

I got my brother a $300 drawing tablet when I was in college. It was the most money I'd ever spent on one thing, but I wanted him to have it. Cue my rich friend who'd just gotten a really nice Wacom for her birthday guilt-tripping me and saying hers isn't good enough and she wants one like I got for him. That I’m a bad friend for not doing it.

It got to the point where I almost felt bad for not considering her—a soon-to-be-famous comic artist in her mind—over my brother, who just likes to draw sometimes. Then I grew a pair and asked if she thought I was going to buy her a tablet too, because I wasn't. She was a brat who got whatever she so much as looked at because her parents were rich, while I was a full-time student and not poor by any means, but also not making any money.

That had been a HUGE expense for me. Sometime later, we were goofing around in a Discord call and, as part of a joke that really wasn't all that funny to start with, she slammed her leg onto the table in front of her, knocking an open water bottle onto her Wacom and nearly ruining it. I almost wish it had done the trick.

Maybe that would've taught her to appreciate what she had, but more than likely she would've just replaced it within the week.

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17. Wax on, Screw off

I teach karate, and every once in a while there are super spoiled kids who come. One girl is spoiled because her mom is the greatest example of a Karen that I have ever seen. One night during our normal class time (40-minutes long from warm-up to bowing out, mind you), she asked to get a drink because she was thirsty. But she wasn't coughing, sick, exhausted, or anything that would indicate she needed a drink right that second.

It's also a well-known rule that once they're on the mats, they can't leave unless it’s an emergency. She asked my co-worker, and he said no because the class was going to end in 10 minutes anyway. She didn't listen to him and left the mats anyway to get a drink. When she came back, he told her how she didn't follow directions and left the mats without permission. He wasn't yelling or anything, just being stern because she wasn't listening.

She started crying and her mom threw a fit too to our boss to get him fired for disrespecting and humiliating her daughter in front of the whole class. No one noticed the situation and even if they did, it wasn't that serious. I'm still amazed to this day this was all because she didn't follow the rules and got in trouble for it.

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18. Cruising for a Bruising

I had an old co-worker I was supervisor over at a concert venue (parking). This freaking kid, he was like maybe 19 or 20. For his 18th birthday, his parents bought him a brand new, top of the line Lexus. He wrecked it within a month. Then his parents bought him a Jeep Wrangler, which they also had outfitted with all the spotlights, rock lights, etc.

Then, like a year ago, his parents bought him another new Lexus. The spoiled child part is when he posts stuff on social like, "Have to drive the Lexus today, wish I could be in my Jeep" or "I miss my Lexus but I took the Jeep today" sort of stuff. It’s so weird and humble braggy but also super spoiled. Makes my blood boil.

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19. Sink Your Teeth Into This One

When I was a teenager, my mom ran an in-home daycare. There were these two sisters, about 3 and 5, who were spoiled rotten (literally). They weren't necessarily wealthy, but they were definitely never told no. We had lunches set up two ways: The parents could pay a little less and send lunch with their kids every day, or pay a little more and we would provide lunch for them.

These two girls would bring their "lunch," which their mother let them pick out and usually consisted of mostly fruit snacks, super sugary juice, and other non-nutritional foods. They simply refused to eat anything else. Of course, this meant they were always in a bad mood because sugar can only get you so far, and if another kid had a snack they wanted, the girls would gang up on the kid and try to take it.

They had to be closely monitored during lunch and snack time. They ate so much sugar that their front teeth were nothing but little brown nubs...

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20. Parental Advisory Warning

My boyfriend used to teach at a special needs school. The school had two different "tracks" for students on the spectrum. The academic track was to get the students prepared to enter public school and eventually go to college. The life skills track was to teach students how to sustain themselves somewhat independently (how to cook, basic skills for entry-level jobs, etc.).

One of his students was struggling REALLY hard in the academic track. This student was a pre-teen and could barely write out a full sentence. For example, they had to write a short essay during winter break. The student didn't do it and his parents insisted that he do the work in class for a partial grade. It took them WEEKS to get him to write just a single paragraph at the cost of slowing down the lessons for everyone else.

It was recommended that he get moved to the life skills track for everyone's benefit. But his parents absolutely refused and, because they paid top-dollar for his tuition, the school allowed him to stay on the academic track. To make things worse, the student and his family were of an extremely conservative religious faith that dictated the mother did all the child-raising, and as the eldest son, the student was catered to without question.

So when the student's mom was out of town, the dad didn't do anything. Those days were especially bad because the dad wouldn't even give the student his medication. I am not sure what the student was taking, but when he was off his meds, he was a monster. He would inappropriately touch the staff and students, punch and kick staff, say the most offensive things just to press people’s buttons.

And then the next day, he'd show up to school with a new game for his 3DS. Any kind of progress they made at school was undone at home because no one at home told him "No." As awful as his behavior was, I still feel pretty bad for him.

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21. Oh, Brother

My husband's brother has gotten everything he ever wanted and seems to have an outrageous sense of entitlement. His first car wasn't fancy enough, so he got a Mustang, which he was constantly being pulled over in for drag racing. If he started a fight with a classmate, Daddy would take care of it with the authorities so that the guy who was just defending himself got in trouble instead of his son.

But the worst "spoiled brat" moment came later. Shortly before my husband's grandpa passed on, he sold his car so he could split the money between all four grandkids in his will. He noticed that his cousin was driving a brand new Jeep. He got peeved because he wanted to know where his share of the cash was. Freaking unbelievable.

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22. Don’t Put off Today What You Can’t Do Tomorrow

I know a kid who constantly screams and throws tantrums. All day, every day. It blows my mind how a person doesn't even try to discipline (not to be confused with punishing) that kind of behavior out of their child. Throwing constant screaming tantrums can be discouraged very early in life. It's time-consuming, but it's entirely possible.

Doesn't mean that any given child will entirely stop throwing tantrums, that would be an unrealistic claim. However, they can be reduced, especially as children learn to communicate by gestures and simple words rather than just crying.

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23. Growing to Love You

I am embarrassed to say it was me. I really wanted a bike when I was 10 years old. I had one, but I wanted one like my friend’s. This was earlier in the 90s and the mountain bike tires had just come out. They were the "new" thing in 10-speed bikes. I didn't get that memo and I wanted a 10-speed bike like my friend had, with the skinny tires.

So when my parents surprised me with a mountain bike on my 10th birthday, I was so mean about not wanting that bike. Whenever I think about it now, I am so embarrassed. I got over it and LOVED the bike! I liked it so much, I kept it and rode it until I moved out-of-state for marriage when I was 33. It was kind of beat up by then.

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24. Enough Said

The new girl in my class had a lion as a pet.

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25. Phoning It in

I was in second grade, and this kid had an iPhone. The teacher decided that he needed to stop playing on it in class, and took his phone. This kid full-on started to cry, yelling that she shouldn’t do that, and that she should give him his phone back. She sent him to the principal, and he came back a little while later and said it was fine that she took his phone because his mom would just buy him a new one. Her face was priceless.

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26. Biting the Hand That Feeds

My nephew used to bite everyone, and when you would tell his mom, she would just say “Well, he's just playing around, it’s not really hurting anyone". Um. It literally is. I love rough-housing with my cousins, so when he does this, I really lay down the law and tell him to cut that out. He just cries and runs to his mom. Believe it or not, she makes me even madder than the kid.

When I explain what happened, saying “Yep, he bit me so I yelled at him,” she will get mad at me and say that’s not my job. Well, do your own job and I won't have to.

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27. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

When I was in college, I worked as a substitute teacher at the local elementary schools. Subbed a kindergarten class one day. Things went fine until after recess. I went to pick up the kids at the designated line-up spot, and one little girl was throwing a fit because "My mommy says I have to be in the front of the line."

I got to the room and she threw another fit because "My mommy says I have to sit in a blue chair." This was the same chair she sat in before recess. It was (light) blue. The rest of the day, this same thing continued. End of the day, found out her mom was a girl I'd gone to high school with—and she had been one of my bullies. The overwhelming urge to tape the child's mouth shut suddenly made sense.

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28. Fair Is Where You...Learn to Drive

When my younger brother was in high school, one of his classmates was the daughter of a car dealership owner. As a perk for owning the dealership, her dad had demo cars that he would let her drive to school. Every few weeks, she'd crash one of these demo cars, but would just shrug it off because daddy would just give her a new one.

Don't know exactly how many she went through before he gave her a used car. But the worst part was yet to come. She would whine about how unfair it was to anyone who listened.

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29. A Real Gold Nugget

My cousin is an only child. He would get so many presents for Christmases and birthdays, it took three days to open everything. When visiting our grandparents, he'd have to bring every toy he owned so he could play with that in the back bedroom instead of spending time with family. He also only ever ate fast food (his mother was quite proud of never cooking).

One visit, when he was maybe 9 or 10, my grandparents wanted burritos for dinner, so my mom spent all day making a massive pot of beef machaca and a second massive pot of chicken machaca because the kid was only eating chicken at that time. As soon as the whole family sat down, the brat immediately turned to his mother and asked where his chicken nuggets were.

Hadn't tasted a bite, just expected to have chicken nuggets available at any time for him. On another visit, he had a complete breakdown because his peanut butter and jelly sandwich was folded the wrong way. I think the same visit, he also had a meltdown when his hot dog bun tore a bit and the hot dog started to fall out. Mom wrapped it up in a paper napkin, but he still refused to eat it because "now it's ugly."

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30. X This Guy out

Went on a date with a guy who seemed like a great match until he tried to force himself on me. When I told him I never wanted to speak with him again, he cried and moped to his family all weekend that his "dream girl" dumped him, so they bought him an Xbox One to make him feel better.

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31. The Princess Diaries

This was an adult, but she's still the most spoiled human being I've ever met. I had a roommate for a while. He wasn't the spoiled one, but his girlfriend was the most entitled brat I've ever met in my life. She didn't work because she claimed she had "health issues" and her parents paid for everything. Personally, I think her all-soda and fried food diet may have had something to do with her health issues.

I swear none of us ever saw her drink a glass of water. Anyways, she caused a car accident while texting, and her parents’ response was to buy her the same car. She then got in another accident (her fault again) and her parents bought her a slightly less nice (but still way nicer than anything I've owned) car.

She was a completely spoiled princess with no life skills, and my other roommates and I all hated her. The cherry on this sundae? She was 37 years old and acting like this. I just can't imagine being that age and seeing nothing wrong with being completely dependent on my parents for everything. And crashing my car a million times.

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32. Now I’m the Baby

My mom. She was the youngest of her siblings, and because her mother passed on before she had a chance to know her, her older siblings coddled her. Now she’s a leech who expects everyone to hand things to her. I’ve been working since I got out of high school to keep the lights on because she refuses to keep a job and expects me (her daughter) to spend all my extra money, which there is barely any of, on her.

She throws mild temper tantrums when she doesn’t get her way and resorts to stealing to get what she wants. I love my mom and my childhood was great, but now I’m planning on moving away to escape her bratty behavior. Her siblings still reinforce her behavior and I’m tired of watching grown adults baby another grown adult.

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33. Daddy Issues

My stepfather's third son, I'll refer to him as JC. I'm getting angry just from thinking about this. My (step)father was a self-made rich man. He was an old-fashioned, hard-working man who left the care of the children to his wife. I say "was" because he lost more than half of his wealth after his divorce.

He was still wealthy enough to be considered upper class, then he married my mom, and they've been together for 22 years now. Life was pretty good until almost four years ago when he was forced to retire due to his health, hospital bills didn't help at all, and today he relies heavily on the money my brothers (not from his previous marriage) and I give him every month.

Until he stopped working, he has always paid for JC's apartment. JC also has a pretty stable job as an English teacher for executives at a big organization. This job was thanks to my father's connections. He gets a really good salary, plus he has no kids nor wife to support. However, with all the drinking and parties, JC "doesn't have enough" to make ends meet.

One day, my younger brother grabbed my dad's phone to help him with some settings, and he saw some WhatsApp messages from JC. At first, it was asking him for money, until my father explained that he didn't have money to give him, so JC went on to mock my father for not being wealthy anymore. Calling him a failure and so many other insults.

Then, my little brother did something that made me love him even more. He texted JC back saying that if he dares to text my father again, no matter the reason, he will first kick the heck out of him, and then he will call the authorities on him for his substance issues. JC is over 40 years old, my younger brother just turned 20.

My younger brother got himself a job in the Ministry of Defense, and he could easily do the things he threatened JC with. There haven't been texts since. I know what many of you may think, that’s it’s my father's fault for still giving money to that jerk, or why didn't my brother send him straight to the clinker. Both questions have the same answer: Because it would hurt my father, because he still "loves" his son in a way and blames himself for not being more present when raising him.

Worst Birthdays EverShutterstock

34. First-Class Spoiled Brat

I was working with a 9-year-old once who didn’t understand that I couldn’t bring back a ton of bulky items from my vacation. I explained the sizes of suitcases, bag limits, etc. She looks at me and says something that made my jaw drop: “Well just ask your pilot to carry the extras, you don’t have a big family so your plane won’t be crowded". I then realized that this child had only ever been on her family’s private plane...

Demi Moore FactsShutterstock

35. Lose My Number Like You Lost My Necklace

This girl who I was "best friends" with after one day. After like two years, she decided she wouldn't come to see me at the place we'd always hang out at since "I can't wake up early at 8:45 am, it gives me headaches". When I bought her a $20 friendship necklace, which was actually expensive for me at the time, she lost it after three days.

Spoiled Brat Syndrome factsShutterstock

36. The Main Attraction

In a popular mall, a grown woman rolled on the ground kicking and screaming when the grown man she was with refused to buy her jewelry. She slammed her hand on the glass counter, then it turned into a shouting match. Then the guy started telling her off about how she needs to be a "traditional woman” or something.

He then proceeded to (childishly) mock her about how childish she was behaving. Like full-on making fake crying sounds. She cried. Then stopped. Like cold, hard stop on the crying. This was the glorious moment when she jumped onto the ground and rolled around kicking and screaming. I loved to see it.

Spoiled Brat Syndrome factsShutterstock

37. Can Buy Me Love

This girl I used to be friends with broke up with her boyfriend because he didn't buy her the $4,000 Cartier bracelet she wanted for her birthday. Even though he took her out to a fancy dinner and bought her a bouquet of roses.

Cruel Betrayals factsShutterstock

38. Treat Yourself

When I was 3 or 4 years old, my parents threw me a birthday party at my house for our whole family. As soon as I started opening gifts, my older cousin promptly threw a massive temper tantrum over how she wasn't getting presents too. My grandparents ended up going out in the middle of the party and buying her all the same gifts they had gotten me.

Even worse, from then on for many years, our relatives would bring gifts for my cousin to other kids' birthday parties.

Spoiled Brat Syndrome factsShutterstock

39. Just What the Doctor Ordered

This kid kicked me in the leg while having a tantrum at the doctor’s office. His mom just looked at me and said he’s just expressing his frustration, and then proceeded to give him a bag of sweets because…well, I'm not sure why. Was mega peeved!

Angriest ever factsShutterstock

40. What a Chore

My sister's best friend is pretty terrible. Her parents bought her a $200k+ education, a brand new Audi A6, and are in the process of buying her a house. She used to call my sister crying a few times a month threatening to run away because of a ridiculous reason: Her parents would ask her to do really minor chores. She's like 22, lives with her parents, and has never had a job in her life.

Still Mad About FactsShutterstock

41. The Kids Are Alright

I knew a girl who cried when her 16th birthday present was a used BMW and not a brand new Mercedes. The story goes, she got T-boned at an intersection later that week, totaling the car and not her fault (yeah, right). The replacement car was a brand-new Mercedes. Because it's "safer". To the kid's credit, she graduated college top of her class and went to an Ivy League school for a law degree.

She now absolutely earned her brand-new BMW (the irony) and is making a good salary helping disadvantaged people with law issues. So, in the end, a pretty good story, I guess.

Spoiled Brat Syndrome factsShutterstock

42. Eat Your Words

A while ago I decided to treat myself to some Burger King. I was having a bad day and had a headache coming on. So I was waiting in line at the BK, when suddenly this woman comes in with a monster of a child. He was out of control, screaming, punching his mother, throwing things around. The mother didn't pay any attention to him and he continued yelling, "I want a PIE."

My headache turned into a full-blown migraine. I calmly turned and asked if she could please calm her child down. Immediately she got up in my face, telling me to mind my own business. I nodded and turned around, when the child cried out again how he wants a pie. I then decided to ruin their day in the most devious way I could think of.

When I got to the front of the line I asked the person at the register how many apple pies they have left. They told me and I bought all of them. I ate one and made sure the kid saw me throw the rest in the trash.

Epic Comeuppance Happen To A Spoiled Kid facts Grub Street

Sources: Reddit

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