Slumber Party Panic: People Share Their Messed-Up Sleepover Stories

February 9, 2023 | Scott Mazza

Slumber Party Panic: People Share Their Messed-Up Sleepover Stories

Sleepovers can be one of the most exciting events in a kid’s life, but they can also be like walking into the belly of the beast. You go in expecting laughs, snacks, and secret-swapping, and before you know it, you’re dialing 9-1-1 amidst the sound of screams. These Redditors came together to share the most messed-up stuff they witnessed at slumber parties, and their stories range from absolutely hilarious to utterly horrifying.

1. Unsolved Mysteries: Sleepover Edition

When I was in elementary school, my sister and I got invited to a birthday party. Everything was going fine for most of the night, and then the catastrophe happened. The host's mom came down to the basement and was clearly very upset, but didn’t explain why. She then had each of us line up on the stairs from the basement to the ground level of the house and brought us in one by one.

I wasn’t the first in line but no one was telling us what happened once it was their turn. Finally, I was up, and her mom took me into the bathroom and showed me a trash can with a piece of poop in it. She was basically on the verge of tears, pointing to the trash can and asking me, “Is this your poop!? Is this your poop!?” It wasn’t.

We never found out whose it was, or at least I wasn’t told. We have joked that someone will finally come forward in their final moments on Earth, but my sister and I have since lost contact with those girls, so we may never know.


2. Glitch In The Matrix

While sleeping over at my friend’s house, I woke up in the middle of the night because I felt sick. When I opened my eyes, I saw something that made my blood run cold. My friend’s bed was empty and both clocks were stuck at some random time like 1:38 AM or something. I was convinced that time had frozen and everyone had disappeared.

I remember crying and being too scared to go downstairs to check another clock. Eventually, I went into his parents’ room and woke up his parents. That’s where I found my friend, who’d ditched me. Oh and it turned out the clocks were just broken.

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3. Stay Together For The Kids

I was at my friend’s house when his dad's mistress came over. Apparently, this lady wasn't a secret. His mother knew of her existence and it had justifiably been putting a strain on their marriage. My buddy and I hid in the basement while the wife and mistress were screaming at each other upstairs. Shockingly, this did not end in divorce.

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4. Sick As A Dog

It was a sleepover party for a friend's birthday. We were maybe 7 or 8. I was going to sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag. I wake up to her dog—yes, dog—walking over me like he’s blackout, smelling like pee, not responding to anything, but still walking around and bumping into everything. The parents refused to bring the dog to the vet, and the birthday girl acted like it was nothing new.

Basically, long story short, I watched a dog slowly succumb to a brain tumor at my friend's birthday sleepover.

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5. Playing With Fire

A friend had bunch of us over for a sleepover for his birthday. There were 5-8 of us, all around 10 years old, "camping" in a large tent in the backyard. Someone came up with the idea of putting gasoline in a 2-liter bottle and seeing how quick it'd burn, but we didn't want to set it off in the yard, so we snuck out and walked down the block.

We planted not one but three 2-liter bottles filled with gasoline and fitted with cloth rags for "fuses," lit them, and ran. Now being young and stupid, we didn't think there would be anyone driving that late at night, but of course, some poor soul drove by right as one of them went off. Luckily, the driver was a lane away, so there wasn't any damage that we could see.

So with that, we booked it back to my friend’s house and started goofing off until we heard the siren's from the fire truck. And yeah, we made sure not to tell anyone outside of that group what we did.

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6. The Domino Effect

It was a friend's birthday slumber party, so there were quite a few of us. We were all sitting at the kitchen table and one of the girls vomited. Then, in grotesque, spectacular domino fashion, everyone else started to vomit too. It was like that scene in Stand By Me except instead of being funny, it was really bizarre…and gross.

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7. Who Invited That Guy?

When I was about 14, some friends and I had a campout in one of our backyards. This was in a regular, older neighborhood in the city. Certainly not rich, but not a scary place either; just a working-class neighborhood. Anyway, I have no idea what time it was, but I woke up and made a truly horrifying discovery. There was this guy standing in amongst us as we lay there on the ground in our sleeping bags.

He was just looking at us. I freaking froze, but I was ready to scream my lungs out as I watched him through the slits of my eyes. After what seemed like a year, he stepped out from between us all, went over and hopped the chain-link fence and walked off down the alley. I immediately woke everyone and we went inside to tell my friend's mom.

Obviously, we finished our sleepover inside. That was also the last outside sleepover...ever.

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8. For Emergency Use Only

I slept over at a kid’s house who had a "pee jar" in his closet. It was a gallon pickle jar, and if he had to pee in the middle of the night, he had to use the jar—and it gets worse. Once his mom put him—and us—in his room for the night, we weren't allowed to leave his room until she came to get us the next morning.

How did they make sure of that? The doorknob was turned around backward so they could lock us in. Thank goodness I didn’t have to pee in the middle of the night.

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9. Ouija Boards Are For Amateurs

I grew up in a very rural area of the Southern US. A middle school girlfriend was having a sleepover and later in the evening her mom came in the room. That’s when the weirdest night of my life began. My friend’s mom told us that she could talk to spirits through her daughter. She made her daughter drink wine and then hypnotized her.

I don’t know how long we sat in that room, but a lot of time went by with her mom demanding that the spirits speak through her daughter. Over time, her daughter admitted to all sorts of terrible things—supposedly all these spirits speaking through her. This was over 30 years ago and I still remember it with complete clarity.

I remember the daughter slumped over in a chair, slurring confessions of super dark stuff like hurting people, being hurt, etc. She told us sometimes spirits would manifest in such a way that her daughter would attack her and tear the house up. It was really strange. Her daughter was a very quiet girl, the things that spoke through her were not like her at all. It was beyond messed up.

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10. Stone Cold Stunned

When I was in the ninth grade, I was at a new friend's house for my very first sleepover with her. The whole house was asleep, and I was still awake (insomniac), and I suddenly heard the LOUDEST crashing sound of glass I've ever heard in my life! My friend slept right through it. My only assumption was that her elderly and partially blind dog had knocked over an antique cabinet or something, so I left the room to check on the dog as well as investigate what had happened.

When I stood at the top of the stairs and looked down, I could see a man standing downstairs in her living room, and shattered glass was absolutely everywhere, and there was a BOULDER in the middle of the mess. Once I got a better look, I realized it was her dad standing down there, and when he noticed me, he shouted up at me and said: "Go call 9-1-1!", which her mom was already in the process of.

The mom then collected all the girls, and she locked us in the master bedroom for safety. Once law enforcement arrived and investigated, they said that the boulder had been intentionally THROWN through the front living room window, and that two of their vehicles outside also had massive rocks shattered through the windshields. Later, I learned the bizarre reason behind it all.

It turns out that the older sister had thrown a big party the weekend before, and far too many people showed up. She had to start turning some teenagers away, saying she couldn't have any more people at the party. This group of guys from our high school were apparently so enraged about being turned away, that they came back the following weekend to mess with the family and destroy their property.

Once the windshields got fixed, the guys came back two weeks later and smashed the windshields again. The older sister ended up figuring out exactly who had done it, and not only did the family press charges, but all five of the guys involved got expelled from our school. The older sister also transferred to a different school afterward because of the embarrassment of the whole ordeal.

I never had a sleepover with that friend again…

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11. Fall From Grace

It was a sleepover in friend’s basement with four of us there. I think this was fourth grade. Sometime around midnight the host friend’s dad opened the door at the top of the basement stairs to ask if we wanted snacks, but right as the words started out of his mouth, he comes tumbling down the stairs and hit his head pretty hard.

He didn’t move for what felt like forever, and we heard from the top of the stairs some delirious yelling. Because I was so young, I thought that it was the host’s mom who was freaking out because her husband just tripped and fell. Later, I learned the disturbing truth. My other friend explained to me that the host mom was extremely intoxicated and had pushed the dad down the stairs.

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12. Broken Telephone

I was at a friend’s birthday party in the second grade. His epileptic cousin woke me up in the middle of the night saying he wanted Little Caesar’s. I told him to go back to bed, because we could have Little Caesar's tomorrow. Nope, huge mistake. My friend, thank God, woke up and leapt into action. It turns out the poor kid was saying he was having a seizure...

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13. An Earworm For The Eyes

All of my siblings and my cousins were having a big sleepover at my grandparents' house when my young cousin woke up me and my sister, and told us his bum was itchy. We were half-asleep and just told him to go back to bed, but he kept insisting it was really itchy and something was wrong. He pulled down his pajama bottoms. It was the most gruesome thing I’ve ever seen.

There were little white worms crawling from his bum and falling all over the place. My sister and I were horrified, and ran and got our mum, who then woke his mum. Needless to say, we all had to be treated for pinworms after that. Apparently it's highly contagious, and we likely all would have wound up like him from being in close quarters, playing all day, etc.

The image of his wormy bum is burned into my mind for all eternity.

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14. It’s All Fun & Games Until…

A group of us guys were over at our friend’s for his birthday, somewhere around 8-10-year-olds. We were playing Monopoly. The game had already been going on for a while and had gotten a little heated. The house rule was that if you don't realize someone is on your property before the next roll, rent is forfeited.

I roll my dice and land on a property where S had owned the Monopoly. I quickly gave my dice to the next player G and he rolled. G moves on before S realized what happened. S blew up! He started yelling and screaming about how I cheated him out of his rent. S ends up taking all of his money and walks away from the board.

G starts egging him on, saying things like: "You going to buy some fake toys with that fake money?" This infuriates S even more. It escalates into a real wrestle fight. There are five to six young boys all screaming and wrestling about "Fake Money." Now this all happened somewhere around midnight, after an evening of junk food and movie watching.

We were in the basement of the house and the parent's bedroom was immediately at the top of the stairs. The door in the stairs blows open. It’s my friend’s dad. He has his belt in his hands and booms, "If you all don't stop now, I will whip all of you!" That silences us all. We settle down and realize that we should probably be sleeping.

We all climb into our sleeping bags to try to sleep. S takes his over to the corner, with his money. G whispers, "You still going to buy those fake toys?" We all snicker. To this day, S is still so furious about that game. That was nearly 40 years ago.

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15. Possessed

My first sleep over at my friend’s in middle school. His mom came in and put the “religious” channel on, which I guess helped him sleep all his life. I was on the floor in a sleeping bag and he was in a bed. I was so intrigued by the pastor I couldn’t go to sleep. But then, in the middle of the night, I got the scare of my life.

He sits up out of bed all a sudden and he screams: “I didn’t do it! It was him and it is over there!!” Multiple times. His mom runs in and basically soothes him back to sleep as he is repeating that phrase. I am on the floor stone frozen as she puts him down and leaves. He had a lot of weird sleepwalking moments, but that was my first experience with them.

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16. It’s Called A Birthday Suit For A Reason

When I was around 13-14, a kid I invited over to my sleepover birthday party decided to strip down to his tighty-whities right before cake and ice cream. Myself, my parents, friends, and relatives were mortified. Apparently, it was normal behavior at his house.

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17. Rude Awakening

I was staying at my friend’s one night and I was woken up by a very loud sound. I raised up and looked around but everything was normal and she was still asleep, so I thought whatever I must have imagined it. After falling back asleep, we were both woken up by law enforcement banging on the door. The sound I heard had actually been a gunshot and it hit her apartment. Yikes.

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18. Nine Lives Weren’t Enough

I once had a sleepover birthday party with around eight girls. We're camped out in the living room gossiping, as tweens do. Slowly falling asleep. Around 3 AM, the worst howling you could imagine came from the center of our group. We wake up to find my cat, Helen, seizing on the floor and in the final throes of her life.

She's spraying pee as she contorts her body into horrifying positions. Immediately, the gaggle of girls start screaming at the top of their lungs. My parents come running downstairs, but the damage is done. They wrapped the cat up and took her away. Promised to take her to the vet in a few hours. Told us whatever we needed to hear to get us to calm down.

Helen didn't need a vet. She needed a hole in the ground. So, yeah. My cat literally passed in the middle of my birthday sleepover.

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19. Foolish Games

At a sleepover, this one friend introduced my sisters and I to a fun—and completely twisted—little game she liked to play. For the game, you take several deep breaths/hyperventilate and hold your breath until you pass out. Whoever fakes it had to sleep alone. Needless to say, my mom was absolutely furious when she found us all unconscious in different areas of the bedroom.

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20. Walking On Broken Glass

My best friend was sleeping over one weekend when we were about 11 or 12 years old. We were hanging out in my room, with me on my bed and her on a mattress between my bed and the window. Out of absolutely nowhere, we hear a bang and my wall-length window totally shatters. Glass flies clean across the room, and we are both covered.

We both start losing our minds and run out of the room, covered in blood and cutting our feet up as we run. My dad flies into action mode and locks us in the pantry, grabs a kitchen knife, and runs into the backyard to look for anyone who may have been behind the window smashing. There was no one, so he calls law enforcement and tends to our injuries.

When law enforcement arrives, they search my room for what could’ve caused it and discover a HUGE solid ball bearing, presumably from a truck. It had landed less than 20cm from where my friend's foot had been. If it had hit one of us it could have maimed us or worse. There are no roads or anything near us and my room faced into the back fence.

To this day, we still have no clue where it came from, or how it was traveling at such a speed it cleared possibly multiple fences and smashed a window. My mum had been out getting us happy meals while this whole ordeal went on, so she was more than a little shocked when she arrived home.

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21. Is That A Hot Dog In Your Pocket Or Are You Etc Etc

I had a friend whose dad had a fish tank of piranha. I really wanted to feed them a hot dog, but her dad told me they already ate. During the night, I snuck down to where the fish tank was, and I could see the remnants of their “supper”—picked clean fish bones in the tank. The dad was down there watching football and he spotted me, and asked if I still wanted to feed the piranha.

Being a small piranha-obsessed child, I nodded and produced the hot dog I’d saved from the barbeque dinner we had. It was the most terrifying and awesome thing I have ever seen.

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22. Shifting The Blame

It didn’t happen during the night of the sleepover, it happened the morning after. I was at a friend’s house when I was maybe 8 or 9. I had gone to the bathroom for a quick number one and gone back out. Nothing strange. Then my friend goes in after me and comes back out. About ten minutes later, I heard a bloodcurdling scream.

His mom comes storming out of the bathroom and screams at me. At first, I don’t understand what it’s about, but then she points me to the bathroom where there’s a big puddle of pee on the floor. She made me clean up her son’s mess, because he’d told her I’d done it. Needless to say, I didn’t really speak to my friend after that. It was an awkward breakfast.

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23. Come Clean

The craziest thing I ever saw at a sleepover was my own mother. She started screaming at us for covering the kitchen floor with water and dish soap at 2 AM so we could go "skating." At the time, I really couldn't understand what she was so upset about. "But, Mom, we're helping clean."

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24. Fanfic

My friend “Ellen” and I were the last ones up at our mutual friend’s sleepover. The host friend “Kelly” told us to go to her room to chat so we don’t disturb those who are sleeping in the living room. Once in the bedroom, Ellen found a notebook and started flipping through it. She soon realized it was a first person narrative story written by Kelly pretending to be me.

She wrote in detail about how I would wash my “jet black hair” in the shower, etc. We put it away quickly and never brought it up to Kelly. It creeped us out so bad.

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25. Beyond OCD

I went to a friend’s house for the first time, and I accidentally went in "the good living room.” He freaked out. I thought it was super weird but he got the vacuum out in order to remove my footprints from the living room carpet. It was in the thick pile, not dirt or anything—but it meant you could see where I walked.

For a second I thought it was funny, but he was so scared of his mom that it really freaked me out. I also found out that they had to shower sitting in their bathtub so that they wouldn't splash water everywhere. Super sad that people that crazy even have kids in the first place.

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26. *Do* Burst My Bubble

I was having a sleep over at my friend’s house and I got this massive gas bubble stuck in my intestines. Anyway, I couldn't wake up my friend so I slowly crawled to his mom's room and told her to call my mom. I ended up throwing up from the pain. It was easily the most painful experience of my life. Worst then any broken bone or fall I've had—and pretty bad timing too.


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27. The Not-So Classics

I went to a church “lock in” with my then-best friend. I made the mistake of falling asleep first in a group of chatty, nasty girls. They dipped my hand in warm water (classic, didn’t work), threw caramel corn at me all night, and smeared toothpaste on my face so that it got all on the inside of my sleeping bag. But here's the worst part: I didn’t realize until later that they were picking on me.

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28. He’s Got Skin In The Game

A kid got on the treadmill and put it on the fastest possible setting. The thing was going crazy and the poor guy couldn't keep up. Eventually, he tripped and held on to the handles as his feet and legs were dragging on it skin was peeling off EVERYWHERE. He literally skinned his own legs. The kicker? He is me, I was the stupid kid.

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29. All Noise And No Sleep Makes Dad Something-Something

When I was in grade 7, like 12 years old, I had a sleepover at my house for my birthday, with about six girls total. I’ve always loved horror movies, and since I was the birthday girl, I chose The Shining as the movie we would watch that night. We didn’t start watching it until about midnight or so, and we were all in our sleeping bags in the family room.

Well, as soon as those elevator doors started spewing blood, we all started screaming, as 12-year-old girls are wont to do. That’s when my very Polish, broken-English-speaking father, comes out of my parents’ bedroom in nothing but his tighty-whities, yelling that “eef you geerls no quiet, I drive you home and tell you parents you screaming!”

I nearly keeled over out of embarrassment, my friends went quiet with horror, and my best friend still brings it up as the most hilarious thing she’s ever seen.

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30. Losing The Gamble

I remember we did a secondary school bonding thing in our first year where you effectively go to a summer camp for the weekend with the whole year group, about 200 11- and 12-year-olds, so that we can all get to know everyone. Sleeping arrangements were in dormitories with bunk beds, all separated by gender, about 30 kids to a room.

Lights go out in my dorm, no teachers, just 30 pre-teens that don’t know each other that well. A kid passes gas. Hilarious. Someone else does the same, then a few others. Then, I vividly remember a distinct sloppy sound followed by a panicked “oh.” That’s right, this kid pooped himself. The worst part? This kid had totally had other accidents in public before.

He did it again final year during an overnight camping trip. I was sharing a tent with him. That’s a whole different story.

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31. Mixed Company

All of my friends had had blowout sleepover parties, so I begged my parents to let me have a big sleepover party for my ninth birthday. What I didn't consider is that I had friends across different cliques. When everyone was at the party, I quickly realized that a lot of them didn't get along with each other. A couple of friends from Little League couldn't stand the kids from my neighborhood.

One friend who was two years older hated everyone else. Friends who didn't like sports were appalled at how many of my friends did like sports, and how much I liked sports. That’s when the “incidents” began. One of my neighborhood friends stripped down and ran birthday-suit laps in the living room. That led to at least two kids calling their parents in the middle of the night asking to go home.

Then, others who stayed didn't want to be around the others, so they found other places to sleep. I think someone busted into my dad's home office and slept underneath his desk. Some kids ransacked the freezer for ice cream and made a mess of it in the kitchen. One kid got food poisoning and was puking on and off all night. Meanwhile, I tried to not play favorites, but I was incredibly frustrated and eventually just locked myself in my bedroom and let everyone else fight each other.

It was a weird night. And I never had another party.

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32. …And The Best Actor Trophy Goes To

This isn’t a sleepover in the traditional sense, but it’s still my most insane story. When I was 12, We went on a family trip to Vegas. I woke up in the hotel to my parents doing the deed in the bed next to me. I was trapped and had nowhere to go. My mom said something along the lines of "Stop, we're gonna wake up the kids."

My dad gets up, walks over to our bed, rips the blankets off our faces, and says: "See? Fast asleep." I should have won an Oscar.

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33. A Comedy Of Errors

We tried the old “hand in a bowl of warm water” trick to make our sleeping friend pee. My friend Eddie misunderstood the instructions, and when we sent him off to get the bowl of water ready he peed in a bowl. He brought it in and we put our friend David’s hand in it and waited. A few minutes later he starts to stir, pulls his hand out, and still asleep, licks it.

Eddie suddenly panics and we don’t know why. When he tells us why, we start literally rolling on the floor in laughter. David wakes up from all the laughter and sees us on the floor and Eddie looking over him with a frozen mortified face and a wet hand which he proceeds to lick clean. The two of us laughing were hurting it was so funny.

David spent the rest of the night gargling mouth wash.

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34. Eternally Funny

When I was growing up, we had church lock-ins. I still remember sleeping on a wooden balcony and about five minutes after lights out, it was finally quiet. Our youth leader lets one rip, passing gas so loud that it sounds like a wicked chainsaw. It was somehow amplified by the wooden floor. And that’s not even the funniest part.

His unconscious body then yells out, “There’s a goodnight kiss from your mother.” I’m 35 and I still think about that and laugh sometimes.

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35. Domestic Disturbance

I was staying at my buddy's house when his dad showed up. His parents were separated but divorce hadn't happened yet. Apparently, mom had a new boyfriend over and somehow dad got wind. I still remember hearing him pounding on the front door and screaming while his mom and the boyfriend yelled back.

Eventually, law enforcement showed up and took his dad away for disturbing the peace or something like that. We were huddled in the basement listening to all of it and then his mom came down and acted like nothing had happened. Asked if we wanted a snack or something. I just wanted to go home.

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36. Full Cavity Inspection

It was in the middle of my birthday sleepover party. My mom rounded us all up and she was furious. Someone had taken a dump right in front of the toilet and no one would fess up. She couldn’t figure out why you wouldn’t just use the toilet properly—but that’s not even the craziest part of it all. She took us all one by one and I kid you not, checked our butts for residual poop.

I heard her venting to my dad later that night that she’d discovered the culprit. It happened to be my best friend at the time. I didn’t really know what to think though, because the whole thing was so weird. My mom being that mad, checking all our behinds, and why in heaven’s name did my friend go on the floor in front of the toilet?! None of it made sense!

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37. Involuntary Voyeurism

We had put up a tent in my buddy’s backyard. There was a catwalk that his backyard had a gate to, that went down between the houses. Eventually, it came to a school field. It was late, we were chilling in the tent laughing and eating snacks, when we heard voices coming down the path. There were shrubs along the fence line, except for the gate area, so they couldn't see us.

We snuck out and hid in the bushes. We were going to scare them when they walked past. But the closer they got, the older they sounded, and the guy sounded really angry. So we decided to stay super quiet, let them pass, and go back to the tent. Nope. When they got just past the house, we could hear whoever the guy was pressuring whoever the girl was to hook up, right there out in the open.

We had to sit there for like 10 minutes until they were done. We were totally terrified that if we made a sound he would see us and hurt us.

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38. Questionable Methods

During a sleepover, my friend’s mother accused me of stealing $50. When I tried to leave to go home, she blocked the door and insisted she drive me home. I bolted out of the door when she went to get her keys. Later, I learned the dark truth. It turns out she just didn't want me to spend the night but thought accusing me of theft was the best way to get me to leave. I was just a kid!

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39. Snitches Get Stitches

The sleepover was how I discovered my friend was a total tattletale. We were playing with GI Joes and going through them I picked up Dr. Mindbender and proclaimed “I don’t like this guy, he’s dumb.” The kid shot out of his room and ran to his mom to inform her I called an action figure “dumb.” She came barging into the room yelling at me about how we don’t use langue like that in this house. My fault, I apologized and moved on.

At dinner, I had accidentally dropped a piece of green bean on the floor which their dog ate, he snitched on me again and said I was feeding the dog. The mother again ripped into me about how “we don’t feed the dog people food in this house.” After the verbal lashing, I got upset and asked to call my grandma to pick me up.

Needless to say I never talked or played with that jerk again because of him and his mom.

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40. There’s A First Time For Everything

I was at a sleepover at a friend’s house and there were about 10 if us bundled into the living room. Me and another girl were last ones up watching some random garbage on TV—I think it was Speed. Anyway, that’s when the craziest thing happened. One if the girls sat bolt upright and the light of the TV was reflecting off her face.

Her eyes were glazed over and she wasn't responding to anything we said. She then got up and we obviously followed her, we guessed at this point she was sleep walking. Into the kitchen she goes, opens up one of the cupboards. This is where it got even crazier. She pulls down her PJs and starts peeing! We just stood there in shock. No idea what to do.

Because we were dumb kids, none of us wanted to touch it, so we just kinda shut the door on it. The next day, we could not get her to believe us. Apparently, she had never sleep walked before.

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41. They’re Heeeeeere

When I was 12, I was going to sleep over my friend's house. Earlier in the night we all went to the movies. We saw Poltergeist. I wasn't a big fan of scary movies and this was the scariest movie I had ever seen up that point. The clown. Holy smokes, that clown. So, we get back to his house and get ready for bed. They set me up in a sleeping bag on the floor between his bed and his little brother’s...on the floor...between two beds.

Two dark, cavernous, empty voids of beds. I spent hours just waiting to be dragged under. I didn't go on a sleepover for a bit after that one.

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42. They Say Do What You Love—This Is Different

I’m so sorry you’ll have to suffer the mental image of this. It was a classic high school sleepover; we ate tons of junk food and drank a good amount of purloined brews, after which friend #1 suggests we sneak into the community pool to go skinny dipping. We were all pretty reckless, so it came as a surprise when friend #2 vehemently opposed the idea.

He absolutely would not budge for the longest time. Of course, we eventually bullied him into compliance, as teens do, climbed the fence, dropped our drawers, and went for a dip. Unfortunately for us, it must have been a full moon that night because despite the lateness of the evening, there was still enough light for us all to see. What happened next is so gross, it’s impossible to forget.

As soon as we jumped in, much to our horror, the aptly-named “friend #2” begin releasing stream after stream of projectile diarrhea just moments after we all got in the pool. And yes, it looked exactly like what you’re undoubtedly picturing in your mind right now. We also completely neglected to bring towels, so we ended the night with a long, wet, cold, and completely silent walk back to friend #1’s house.

The next morning, friend #2 pretended to have blacked out from his two drinks and claimed he had no memory of the event. We are still friends to this day…and hilariously enough, he is now my gastroenterologist.

Believe In Ghosts FactsFlickr

43. Mess Around And Find Out

My dad was always telling my siblings and I about standing up for ourselves and never hitting first and what not. I mentioned I was being tormented in school and he was he was jokingly (?) mentioning head-butting them and how to do it. I was 12 at the time. Soon after, I went to a sleepover and the girl who was mean to me was there.

We were up pretty late and I’d had ENOUGH of this girl and her stupid friends. We had fallen asleep and in the morning, I could hear them talking about putting peanut butter on my face and eyes. I thought, “This is my time to shine.” I let little Marissa get real close to me. She was kinda laughing, and I could see the shadow of her head over mine.

That’s when I whipped upright from laying down, and forcefully threw my head into hers. I broke her nose! Also, it hurt so bad. In my fit of pain—which I would not show—I said: “Mess with me again, I dare you.” Well, she did not mess with me again. My dad laughed so hard I thought he was going to pass out, my mom…not so much.

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

44. Lesson Learned

Honestly, I had no idea this could happen before I read this story, so let it serve as a warning. A bunch of friends all slept over at this one guy’s house. They were watching Point Break and decided to eat cookie dough. The guy who lived there was absentmindedly eating, not realizing that nobody else was, and he ate any entire king-sized roll to himself.

Anyway, they all went off to bed and the guy went up to his room. In the middle of the night, they hear a terrifying sound. The guy is screaming in his room, and he’s clearly in trouble, so they go to check on him. He’s undressed in his ensuite bathroom calling for help, sicker than they could even comprehend. The dough had fermented and expanded in his stomach, and they had to get an ambulance.

Shouldn’t Have Done That FactsFlickr, Marco Verch

45. Too Close To Home

When I was 11, I went to a sleepover. One of girls seemed to be special needs, couldn't talk, and needed assistance with eating. The birthday girl had told me she was her cousin and that her parents forced to have her over. I was a kind human and tried to help her what not. This went on for a couple of hours.

Then she started having a seizure which got me upset because, unbeknownst to them, my dad had passed after having a bad one. I started to freak out. That’s when I learned the dark truth. It turns out that she’d been pretending the whole time. Everyone was in on it and they laughed hysterically. They thought it would be fun to do that to me.

I asked to call my mom so I could go home. Being bullied sucks.

Parenting Mistakes factsWikimedia Commons

46. Dodged A Bullet

I went to sleep in a basement room with six guys. When I woke up, I was completely alone in the house. During the night, everyone got food poisoning and the family took the kids to the hospital. Because I didn't eat any of whatever it was, I was fine…and the family totally forgot about me.

Tarrare FactsShutterstock

47. Yesterday’s Disgusting Discovery Is Tomorrow’s Hot Food Trend

When I was a kid, I slept over at a buddy’s house for the first time. The next morning we woke up and his mom made us a couple of bowls of cereal. The milk tasted really sweet, even for my child taste buds. Something about it all just seemed off. That’s when I witnessed it—something so gross, I still remember it to this day.

Just as my buddy finished his bowl of cereal, his mom came over and turned the bowl on its side to pour the leftover milk from the cereal bowl into a milk carton. The mom then did the same with hers. I felt my face turn red with shame and embarrassment and my stomach turn. Horrified and confused, I asked: “What is that? What are y’all doing?”

He turned to me and said, completely seriously: “That’s our cereal milk.” It turned out this sadistic freak and his ENTIRE family poured all of the leftover milk from each bowl of cereal back into a separate milk carton, specifically for cereal. I drank this entire family’s backwash. CEREAL MILK. Used. Cereal. Milk.

Class Clown Stories factsPeakpx

48. Olly Olly Oxen Free

We were playing hide and seek and I hid in a bathroom cupboard. The door had like slats/vents in so I could see out, but no one could see me. My friend’s mum walks in and goes to the toilet. Let me tell you, SHE IS IN THERE FOR A WHILE. Meanwhile my friends are getting frantic, I can hear them calling my name and running around the house.

Then someone knocks on the door. “Mum, we can’t find Susan anywhere. I think she might have left!” The mum finishes her business and rushes out, and she starts shouting my name and searches the house. I can’t get out of the cupboard, there’s seven girls and my friend’s family looking for me in the house. If I get out someone will see me and know where I’ve been hiding and what I’ve seen.

So I stay there, right up until she calls my mum. I hear her ask if I’ve turned up at home and the anxiety in her voice as she tells my mum that I’ve disappeared. I sheepishly make my way out of the cupboard to explain to my worried mum where and why I’d been hiding for over an hour. I was traumatized, she was mortified and furious. And to make matters worse, she was my math teacher for four or five years after this happened.

Wildest Things Found Inside Houses factsPixabay

49. Parents Can Have Sleepovers Too

I went to a giant sleepover when I was 8 or 9 for a friend's birthday. He had all his friends over and his parents had also invited some friends over as well. As the night winded down, we all went into my buddy’s room to jam some Super Smash Bros. Fast forward to about 2 AM. Most of the boys had fallen asleep, save for a few of us.

I had to go to the bathroom horribly. I was holding everything in as I was terrified of using other people's bathrooms and making a mess or smelling up the place. Eventually, I asked my friend where the bathroom was. I still don't know if I misheard him or was just stupid and forgot the minute I walked out of the room, but I somehow ended up at his parents door.

I opened it up full force—I will never, ever forgot what I saw next. I found myself staring at his mother in bed with this dude who’d been at the party, while his dad was sitting in the corner with the dude’s wife. I opened the door so quick they didn't even have time to semi-hide what they were doing. So there I was, 9 years old, frozen in place staring at his parents mid-swap with another couple.

I still see their faces to this day. The only reason I know they were swinging as I could see every single one of their faces. They all just looked at me trying to process what just happened. After a good five seconds of dead silence, finally the father yelled to get out and I just shut the door. I stood there for what seemed like hours.

I finally made my way back to my friend’s room, completely forgetting about my full bowels, and just laid down. I laid there all night, wide awake, till 7 AM when my mom picked me up. I never told anyone and NEVER went to another sleepover at my friend’s house or even went inside his house again, in fear of having to see his parents and having that talk with them.

Awkward Visits To The Doctor factsCanva

50. No Filter

We were 12. I'm invited to this awful girl named Laura's birthday, but I'm new, so my parents think it’s a good opportunity for me to make friends. I show up and immediately she made fun of my outfit, so the rest of the evening got progressively worse after that. Her friends were all from different circles, so everyone was in cliques and no one spoke.

Dinner was followed by a giant meltdown from the birthday girl because her parents didn't get her what she wanted—even though she was surrounded by gifts. As a child, I was raised in a lower-middle-class household so I was literally shocked that Laura could be such a spoiled brat. I couldn't take it any longer—and what I said was absolutely legendary.

I told her: “I have never heard someone be so disrespectful towards their family, and I think you're acting incredibly spoiled. You should be ashamed of yourself, acting like this in front of all your friends. Say thank you and stop being so ungrateful.” This girl started sobbing and locked herself in her room the rest of the night with half of the girls.

Well, I took the other half with me to the guest bedroom. We left first thing in the morning after breakfast, because calling home is for losers and pancakes are boss.

Sleepover Stories FactsShutterstock

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