These Sleepovers Turned Into Horror Stories

October 30, 2023 | Violet Newbury

These Sleepovers Turned Into Horror Stories

As a kid, there is nothing more exciting than spending the night at a friend’s house. After all, what’s better than staying up all night with your best buds, snacking, playing games, and having a great time? Sounds dreamy, right? Unfortunately, all too often, those dreams turn into nightmares. These are some of the worst sleepovers people have ever had.

1. The Unwanted Invite

During my fourth grade, I attended a sleepover birthday party hosted by a friend. Not long after we'd all arrived, another guest showed up - an older kid from the 6th grade. The boys' parents were buddies with my friend's folks, and he was invited despite not having many friends. It wasn't long before we discovered why: he was aggressive, boastful and a bit mean-spirited.

Later on, we started wrestling and this is when things spiraled. He punched a kid below the belt, and in response, another boy retaliated with a firm punch to his chest. He dropped instantly and for the remainder of the party kept to himself, hiding in the basement.

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2. Love Me Some Sweet Milk

Looking back to my childhood in the early 90s, I fondly remember a sleepover at a pal's house. The morning after, his mother served us cereal that tasted unusually sweet. It didn't take long to realize why. After my friend finished eating, his mom tipped the bowl and poured the remaining milk back into a carton.

She did the same with hers, too. I felt embarrassed and a whirlwind of emotions churning in my stomach. I asked, quite surprised and repulsed, "What's going on?" He nonchalantly responded, "That’s our cereal milk". I learned that they collected everyone's leftover milk in a distinct milk carton, reserved explicitly for cereal. Unknowingly, I had consumed this family’s communal milk.

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3. Goofing Gone Wrong

One evening, I visited another buddy's house for a sleepover along with a friend. In our typical pre-teen mischief, we got a little too rowdy and his father started sternly reprimanding him. Things got more uncomfortable when my friend rashly told his father to "shut up". His dad responded by bringing out a belt, instructing his son to lower his trousers, and gave him a few well-aimed smacks. He insisted that we watch this display of old-fashioned discipline.

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4. Playback Time

When I was around eight years old, I attended a sleepover at a girl's house. It was just the three of us. In a rather unsettling incident, her father slid a tape recorder amongst the stuffed animals he distributed. We were innocently talking about our schoolboy crushes and such. The next morning, he used the recorded conversation to wake us, listening keenly and chuckling at our youthful prattle, with a rather unsettling delight.

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5. Lonely Old Nana

During my elementary school years, I often stayed overnight at my best friend's house. There, the grandmother lived with the family, but they treated her like a nuisance. They painted her as crazy and mean, but she was always sweet to me, and I returned the kindness out of respect for elders. One day, while my friend was talking to her mom, the granny invited me into her room.

Her room was unique, filled with collections from her previous home. We had a chat, the details now blurry, but I remember she gifted me a metal bracelet and asked me to hide it from her family, making me nervous about wearing it in front of my friend.

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6. All Tied Up

When I was 12, I attended a sleepover at my then-best friend's house. Her 17-year-old brother blasted loud music and then behaved inappropriately towards me. My friend and her brother tied me to a chair and forced me to watch a scary movie, subsequently laughing at my distress following a related nightmare. We aren't friends anymore.

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7. A Man’s Garage Is His Castle

One of my best friends had an impressive house, and his dad was a huge fan of his garage. His prized fishing boat, trophies, and cherished items filled the clean, carpeted space. Whenever I visited, the dad seemed to always be in that garage.

One day, an impromptu water fight between my friend, his brother, and me broke out. Unfortunately, we ended up moving the battle into the garage, accidentally leaving a garden hose running from midday till the dad returned home. I still remember the terrifying sounds. The screams and cries from the dad, my friend's mom's sobs, and the pleas from my friend and his brother to get her to do something. He dragged them into the garage while I stayed outside. The chaos lasted until my parents came to pick me up me.

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8. Swim Date Scuffle

I was supposed to spend the night at a friend's house a few doors down from my grandparents'. He lived with his grandparents, and his grandpa suggested taking us swimming at the posh apartment complex where he worked. He left us at the crowded main pool, and we eventually found a smaller, lesser-occupied one.

Everything was fun until a splash fight started leading to a heated argument. Then everything went downhill. When he tried to forcefully dunk me underwater, I defended myself by striking him, causing his nose to bleed profusely. I quickly left the scene while he kept cursing and following me.

Back at the complex's entrance, I tried to borrow a phone to call home, but everyone was too focused on the screaming, blood-covered kid. His grandpa finally showed up, took the kid through a door, and later returned to ask about the incident. My attempts to call my parents failed, and I ended up waiting for hours in the parking lot until my aunt could pick me up.

When I got home, my parents scolded me for leaving home alone, and a few days later, my mom announced that I couldn't hang out with the kid anymore due to his temper, controlled by medication, which he missed that day. I never saw him again.

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9. Sleepwalking Smasher

When I was about seven, I had a knack for sleepwalking. One evening, I was staying over at a friend's place when I ended up sleepwalking into a confined space. Initially, I freaked out and started pushing against what I thought was a wall, but later realized I had misjudged. When I realized what it was, my blood ran cold. I had actually bumped into a giant cabinet, filled to the brim with plates, glasses, and other breakables, positioned at an angle in the dining room corner. Long story short, I ended up toppling it over at 4 am. What a mess!

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10. Stepping up to the Plate

At 14, I attended a sleepover where my friend's health-conscious mom laid down the law: no pizza until we finished off a colossal fruit platter she'd prepared. As nightfall loomed and the pizzeria's closing time was fast approaching, her rule stayed firm. Clearly, the platter needed to be finished, and I decided to be the hero of the hour. 

I dived into it, gobbling down fruit rapidly and mostly without chewing. Keep in mind, this was enough fruit for about eight people! We did finally order the pizza, but I was so stuffed and queasy I spent the rest of the night being sick and couldn't enjoy a single slice.

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11. Curled Up With Kitty

Around the age of nine or ten, I hosted a big sleepover where we camped out in my garden. One of the girls let my quirky cat join us in the tent, giving him lots of cuddles—it was all pretty good fun. That is until the next morning when I found poop in another girl's hair! As it turned out, while we were sleeping, my cat had wandered over to the sleeping girl, done his business, and then returned to his original snuggle spot!

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12. And Those Are the Rules….

One time, upon visiting a friend's home for the first time, I came to understand why she had always preferred hanging out at my place. Things went sour rather quickly. They had strict dining rules and ended up making me feel uncomfortable about my weight. The unkind comments extended to my race and family too which made the experience even more awful. 

To add insult to injury, they had a nightly household lockdown rule, which I unknowingly violated, leading to another lecture. To top it off, I was coerced into attending their morning church service before being allowed to leave. All this made it pretty obvious why she had always preferred to hang out at my house.

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13. He's Unclad and I'm Frightened.

I remember an average sleepover with the usual stuff - movies, video games, popcorn. I changed into my pajama pants and came back to see my friend grinning from his bed. I snuggled into my sleeping bag and suggested we play a bit more before sleep. That's when he surprised me by being undressed.

He flashed me, I was shocked and ordered him to get dressed. He countered with a cheeky "No, it's my house, my rules". I felt really uneasy but he decided to put his clothes back on. We brushed off the awkward moment by playing a few games before finally hitting the hay.

Soon after, I heard my friend moving around, then he let me know he was without clothes again! He even tried to lay on me. I was utterly exasperated! I shoved him away and repeatedly told him to just go to sleep. I thought I'd finally gotten through when I heard him get up. But then something even worse happened.

I felt something splashing against my sleeping bag, near my feet. It was quite clear what he was doing. He was urinating on me. I snapped and told him I'm leaving, but as I attempted to escape my sleeping bag, he tackled me. The surprise left me momentarily paralyzed. As soon as he made another attempt, I retaliated by striking him in the stomach with my foot. The incident left him in tears.

I woke his mom around midnight and narrated everything. Her reaction was to send me home immediately. As she was madly cleaning the pee-soaked room, I waited on their porch for my own mom to come pick me up.

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14. Bar Hopper

As teenagers, I’d usually go over my friend’s house, but one time, we decided to stay at mine. My parents took us along to the bar, a common practice back then. My dad had a little too much to drink and as a result, we ended up stuck there until 1 am. We managed to escape when he went to the bathroom, thanks to my quick-thinking mom.

He was livid and began pounding the van as we drove off. Back home, after dinner, we settled in the living room for a movie - a rare treat for me. But an hour into it, my dad showed up, sprawled on the couch, and passed out. We quickly retreated to the safety of my room and later, my friend’s parents came to pick us up. That incident ended all sleepovers at my place.

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15. Aunty Flo Crashed the Party

My period unexpectedly arrived during one sleepover at my friend's place. Unfortunately, I ended up bleeding all over her bed. I was so embarrassed, I kept it to myself. I tidied up in the bathroom and fixed the bed before anyone else woke up. The memory still embarrasses me to this day, some 15 years later.

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16. Like A Bat Outta...

During a summer sleepover, a group of six or seven of us decided to camp outside. Amidst the playful chaos involving lots of pebble throwing and tangled sleeping bags, I felt something nudging me. Brushing it off at first, I quickly reacted when I felt a nudge inside my bag.

The next thing I know, I'm shrieking at the top of my lungs, causing a frenzy amongst my friends. As I stood up, I realized I was still zipped in my mummy-style sleeping bag and whatever was causing the commotion was trapped with me inside. One of the other kids helped me shake the intruder out of the bag. Turns out, it was an enormous bat! Thankfully, it didn't bite me.

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17. Heavy Handed Hijinks

I attended a sleepover at my mom's friend's daughter's place. I didn't know anyone else there. I was a little reserved but was excited for junk food and fun movies. Suddenly one girl had a panic or anger attack, ranting about how everyone hated her and began throwing things around.

Unexpectedly, a heavy dinner plate hit my nose that she had flung. I fell back, hitting my head on the window frame and passed out. I downplayed the incident to my parents as I didn't want them to panic. But as my nose still hurt after a week, my mom eventually took me to see a doctor.

Even after a month, the pain persisted, so I finally confessed the severity of the incident at the sleepover. My mom took me to another doctor who immediately referred me for x-rays and a consultation with the plastic surgery team. They discovered that the bridge of my nose was crushed and a vertical crack ran down its centre. The displacement of bone fragments was a result of the impact, and due to delayed treatment, they had begun to heal abnormally.

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18. The House in the Woods

At eight, I had a sleepover with a friend whose family was living in a shabby house in the woods whilst their main house was under construction. The temporary house didn't have an indoor toilet, just an outhouse at the back. It was even scarier during the raging thunderstorm on the sleepover night.

The rule was to use the toilet before bed, but the rain, thunder, and horse standing between the door and the outhouse outback discouraged me. Unable to hold it in, I ended up wetting the bed that night, much to the chagrin of her father. The next morning, her brother greeted me saying, “So you’re the one who wet the bed". My friend didn't hold back and told everyone at school.

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19. The Day the Drain Field Collapsed

During a sleepover party at my place, a friend of mine clogged up the entire drainage system. His massive dump caused the water, mixed with excrement, to seep through the sinks and washing machines. We spent a portion of the night getting rid of water from the bathroom window. The following morning we woke up to the loud noises of a backhoe and my dad yelling. Turns out my buddy's dump was the last straw that ultimately broke the drain field. We had to dig up our entire backyard and install a brand new drain field.

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20. Chocolate Chunkies

It was around Halloween, and I was at a sleepover playing video games and relishing a bunch of chocolate candies. Around 2 am, while sleeping, I suddenly had this horrifying nightmare. I woke up feeling nauseous, sprinted towards the toilet downstairs and started retching.

When I later checked, I discovered I’d also thrown up all over my friend's spare bed and the floor while I'd been asleep.

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21. Didn’t Make the Cut

Growing up, I lived close to a girl who was one of my best pals. Around the age of 10 or 11, she had a sleepover birthday bash which I was invited to, along with six other girls. We engaged in a host of activities such as playing games, fixing our hair, enjoying movies, and belting out karaoke songs. However, towards the end, she announced in front of everyone that I had to leave because she was only allowed six sleepover guests.

She had not mentioned this before and I felt devastated. With a heavy heart, I packed my luggage and was ready to head home. But I didn't even know the worst part yet: When I was leaving, another girl was arriving late, all set for the sleepover. I walked home alone, played Monopoly by myself and acted as if everyone was there with me. She didn’t apologize and I never brought up the subject.

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22. Tiger Mom Torment

One Friday afternoon after school during my middle school years, I had to tag along with my friend's mother, whom I had never met before, and who was a hard-core disciplinarian (aka "Tiger Mom"). Her younger daughter needed a pickup from her school and during this time, the mom had to speak with the principal. She sternly made it clear that I needed to strictly sit still, quietly, not even breathing too loudly.

Her rigid rules caught me off guard, especially when the barrage of her scolding continued during our car ride. The atmosphere lightened up a bit when we reached home, however, my friend and I were still cautious, sticking to whispers. Though a sleepover should’ve been fun, the experience felt more stressful. The morning couldn't have come sooner when it was time to head back to my own home, free from the clutches of Tiger Mom.

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23. Locked up for the Night

One distressing experience was when I spent a night at a friend's home where his dad was struggling with alcoholism. The situation got worse with his increasing drunkenness, leading to violent shouting and making loads of noise. Suddenly, he stormed downstairs, blaming my friend for some random thing, and even physically pushing him.

He then dragged me into a hallway closet, shutting me in, followed by a strict warning to remain silent. After what felt like an eternity, the noises finally ceased. Later, my friend opened the door, signaling it was safe for me to leave. The horrifying experience left me in tears but luckily, my home wasn't far away.

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24. The Haunted Tea Set

Once at a friend’s sleepover, his mom introduced me to the unusual world of ghost hunting and Bigfoot TV shows. Me being 11, and naive, believed her when she said these things were real. This, along with her creepy story about her grandmother’s ghost haunting a silver tea set, terrified me so much that I struggled to sleep.

The sound of rattling silverware outside the door in the middle of the night made me break out into a cold sweat. I was completely frozen with fear, convinced that her grandmother's ghost was going to enter the room any minute. That night, I breathed a sigh of relief like no other when I made it back home.

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25. Don’t Flush!

When I was younger, my friend's mom didn't appreciate us kids using the toilet late at night, disturbing the quiet. She would also get upset if the toilet wasn't flushed properly. So, I decided not to use the bathroom when I had sleepovers. Once, after a night of video games and the other kids had dozed off, I felt the urge to go. Rather than risk waking anyone with the sound of flushing, I decided to hold it, even though it made sleep impossible. I spent the whole night holding it in and finally relieved myself the next morning. That night was tiring, to say the least.

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26. Too Much to Handle

My ninth birthday party was a super exciting sleepover with seven of my closest friends! We had a treasure hunt, candy, and all the other fun things you'd associate with being a kid. My dad's old friend, who was staying with us that night, had brought a huge box of chocolates as a gift. However, while we were busy playing outside, my two big dogs managed to eat the entire box of chocolates! It was total chaos. 

My dad and his friend were out, and my mom was left alone with eight little girls, a toddler sibling, and two poorly pups. Getting everyone to the vet wasn't an option, so I had to help her give the dogs hydrogen peroxide to make them throw up. The sounds of the dogs being sick in the backyard punctuated the remainder of the night, and many of the girls ended up wanting to leave early.

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27. If the Shoe Fits, Don’t Throw It

During a sleepover with a bunch of fellow eight-year-old boys, we started a game involving throwing things at each other in the dark. I tossed a shoe and immediately heard crying. As the lights turned back on, we noticed that the boy whose house it was had a nosebleed following my throw. When his mom saw, she lost it. She was furious and planned on ending the sleepover, but the boy decided he wanted us to stay - so we did.

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28. Nowhere to Hide

When I was about nine or ten years old, my friend's mother insisted on both of us taking a bath together to save water. Internally, I felt incredibly awkward about the whole situation but didn't want to cause a scene. My friend seemed alright with it, which made it slightly easier. 

But the awkwardness intensified when there were no bubbles or foam in the bath to provide some sort of cover-up, and we sat there, covering ourselves as well as we could. Making matters worse, my friend brought a carrot into the bath as a snack, and small bits of carrot ended up floating in the bathwater.

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29. Hiding in My Fort

When I was around 9, a new kid moved into my neighborhood and we became good buddies. Often, we would play video games into the night, but this one time, he asked me to sleep over so we built a fort in the upstairs game room with couch cushions and blankets. Things were going well until about 1 am. That's when the night took a turn.

Everyone else in the house was asleep except me. Laying there in our fort, I heard what sounded like high heels on tile flooring from down the hallway. The sound was so unforgettably loud and distinct, it couldn’t have been anything else, which was odd because they had carpet floors. I couldn't understand where the sound was coming from.

I didn't have a cellphone, so I was left peering into the dark through a crack in the fort when the walking sound halted. Then, after a brief silence, it seemed like it was running towards me. I hid behind the cushions just in time to see something knock over our entire fort. This woke up my friend who blamed me for it. Since then, I haven’t slept over at his house again.

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30. Bright Lights, Big Problem

At 12, I was super excited for my first sleepover but little did I know, it would turn out quite differently. The girl I was staying with slept with her nightlight on; a light that was as bright as day and flashing rainbow colors, coupled with loud music playing. It was like being in a strange concert. She slept through it all, while I lay awake the whole night.

The next day, I went home with zero sleep and finally realized why my parents hadn't allowed sleepovers earlier.

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31. I Think I’d Rather Be Forgotten

Despite often being overlooked as the youngest in my family, my 10th birthday was a significant event as we had a sleepover party. A memorable part was during a movie; my dog had diarrhea on my pillow! We made a beeline from there into another room to get some sleep – not the birthday surprise I was hoping for!

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32. Birthday Bash of Bad Friends

Growing up, my cousin who was six months older, was my best friend, and we often played with another friend who lived nearby, forming a great trio. When my cousin threw a birthday sleepover with her school friends, it was my first all-girls sleepover and understandably, I was thrilled.

However, the experience turned out to be miserable. My cousin's friends were not welcoming and even ignored us most of the evening. As they all attended a co-ed school, their conversation revolved around boys and they seemed to delight in mocking us for attending an all-girls school with no boy adventures to share. The evening was filled with uncomfortable isolation.

The situation worsened as the night wore on. I had had enough and decided to sleep in another room, but my cousin persuaded me to return, worried about her parents' reaction. The feeling of being insignificant was overwhelming and I couldn't wait for the ordeal to end. When my mom picked me up the next morning and asked about the night, I couldn’t keep the tears back anymore.

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33. Left in Stitches

My face had been stitched up recently. Despite having a fresh, repaired cut on my face, I convinced my parents to let me sleep over at a friend's place. Later, laughter filled the room, but this laughter caused my stitches to give way and the cut to reopen. This shocked my friend's parents and I ended up back in the hospital at 3 am for an emergency repair, courtesy of my own parents.

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34. Birthday Barfarama

When I was about ten, I attended a birthday sleepover party. There was a do-it-yourself sundae station and boy, did we treat ourselves! Later, we were all huddled together, sharing tales amidst our pillows and blankets. Suddenly, the birthday boy vomited in the center of our circle. My belongings were covered in puke.

But this was just the beginning. The sight triggered another kid - more vomit, more mess on my pillow. It felt like a never-ending puke-fest! Our parents were summoned and we all had to leave early.

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35. Private School Snobs

I once participated in a highly-anticipated sleepover at a friend's place. But, while there, her mom approached me and shared, “Deary, this is your last sleepover with us because we do not mingle with children from the public school". I quietly finished my breakfast, trying to fight back tears. Admittedly, this situation brought me to tears while I packed up to leave that morning.

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36. These Rumors Got Me Spooked!

I once had a sleepover at a popular girl's house - the one just opposite the school. The food was tasty. We got ice cream for dessert and I particularly enjoyed watching the fire in their fireplace. What bugged me was a school rumor that her older siblings had attempted to harm a kid during a house party. I didn't know if it was true, but it troubled me.

We turned in quite early - around 9:30 pm. I woke up later, bathed in sweat and feeling a warm weight on my chest. My fear instantly skyrockets...only to realize it's their cat, happily dozing under my chin. That startled me enough to ask the girl's mother to drop me back home in the middle of the night.

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37. The Tag Alongs

In seventh grade, I stayed the night at a buddy's house. His folks informed us they were off to a party and we had to tag along since they couldn't leave us unsupervised. As the night wore on, each grown-up dozed off, leaving us youngsters to navigate on our own. I ended up sleeping in a vacant room, huddled against a corner wall.

Upon waking, the house was icy cold due to the lack of heating. Moreover, the kitchen was devoid of food. I found myself the only one awake and decided to head home. It ended up being a lengthy three-hour walk due to the substantial distance.

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38. Super Soaker

When I was about six years old, I had a sleepover at a friend's place. I had to use the restroom. Upon getting settled in front of the toilet, I noticed something wasn't right. I did my best to aim, but ended up missing horribly, causing a flood of urine to cover the bathroom - the bathtub, the rug, even the toilet rim, and I'm sure the wall got hit too. I vividly recall feeling panicked and tried to play it cool like nothing happened.

My friend’s mother sadly discovered the mess I made. To this day, this incident sticks with me.

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39. That’s Not Wall Art

I was around eight years old, sleeping over at a buddy's home, when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a sudden urge to poop. Upon reaching the bathroom, I positioned myself towards the toilet, situated in a corner against the wall. As I started to pull my pants down, I lost control and spilled diarrhea all over the wall and floor.

In panic, I attempted to clean up the mess using loo roll but quickly realized this was a losing battle. So, guided by my child-like wisdom, I composed myself, went back to bed, and acted as though nothing happened. Next morning, my friend's mom confronted me, "Cowboy, did something happen last night? Did you use the bathroom?"

Clinging to my strategy, I straight-up denied everything, and requested to go home.

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40. In Bed With the Bugs

At around 12 years old, I spent the night at one of my friend's houses before heading out for a weekend trip with her family. Her mom was a compulsive hoarder. I encountered a peculiar bug during that first night in my friend's room. She casually informed me it was a bedbug. Sleep was hard to come by that night, with the sensation of creepy bugs crawling over me, and my arms were covered in nasty bites for the rest of the trip. Luckily, none of the critters hitched a ride home with me.

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41. Stranger in the Window

We were all chilling in my buddy's room, while one of the girls sat near the window. Turning to us, she calmly said, "Don't look behind you, but there's a man peeping through the window. I'll go get your dad". On hearing this, she rose and exited the room. Paralyzed by fear, none of us dared to look and someone suggested to relocate to the living room.

Our friend had informed her dad who quickly grabbed a baseball bat and rushed outside. From inside, we could hear him shouting and chasing the intruder away. His wife contacted law enforcement while he relayed the incident to the attending officer. To ensure our safety, we all camped on the living room floor for the night while he took the nearby couch, still clutching his bat.

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42. Don’t Wake Up Mama

It was my friend's sleepover party in 5th grade, held in a hotel. Five other girls and I, along with her mom, filled the room. With permission to roam the premises unsupervised, we acted like mischievous 5th graders, swimming, running up and down the hallway and staying late well into the night.

When we finally returned to our room ready to sleep, we were met with her furiously angry mom, upset for having her sleep disturbed. As a result of our antics, all six of us were ordered to slumber in the hotel room's bathroom.

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43. To Grandma’s House We Don’t Go

At my friend's sleepover, who lived with her grandparents, I felt entrapped, unable to leave the room or even go downstairs. She just kept making excuses. It was creepy, and I almost decided to call my mom, but my friend persuaded me to stay. We tried to sleep through the night with the TV running, which was not the best for sound slumber.

Much later, the pieces fell into place, and I was horrified. Her grandfather had been inappropriate with her and she saw him eyeing us that night too.

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44. Taco Time

In 8th grade, I was trying to catch some sleep through mild congestion when some other kids woke up around 3 am. We started sharing scary tales, and a buddy of ours was reciting a well-known spooky story. However, the climax was literally 'muted' by another friend who was continuously passing gas in the next room—his dinner had decided to play spoilsport.

We attempted to suppress our giggles while concluding the story, and someone even began keeping track of the number of times someone passed gas. A group from the malodorous chamber shifted due to the unbearable smell, and our friend, plagued with flatulence, had trouble staying in bed, tumbling out thrice. By dawn, the fartometer had crossed 250, and we decided Tacos and sleepovers don't pair well.

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45. All Shook Up

When I was roughly 14 years old, I found myself chilling at a friend's house. Unbeknownst to me, he had recently discovered his mom's personal device in her room. He asked me to turn off the lights because he wanted to show me something. Before I had a chance to react, he placed his mom's private item in my mouth and then took off laughing. Needless to say, I never stayed the night at his place again, and I found it impossible to make eye contact with his mom.

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46. This Is Not What I Signed Up For

At the age of 12, a neighborhood buddy convinced me to join him and his dad at their lakeside cottage, promising exciting water activities like skiing and tubing. It sounded like an absolute blast. However, as soon as we arrived, his dad immediately had us doing a ton of yard work. Each time I inquired about the boat excursion, I was told 'after the chores'.

We spent nearly the entire weekend laboring away and only got to enjoy the boat once for a brief one to two-hour period. Plus, the food supply for the entire weekend was a single box of corn dogs. It was a lousy experience, to say the least.

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47. A Dangerous Game

I still remember the horrific incident when my friend's older brother brought out his Colt while we were engrossed in playing Nintendo. For some inexplicable reason, he thought terrorizing us by brandishing the weapon would be a hilarious prank. He dismissed our scared pleas, smugly asserting that it wasn't loaded and jokingly aimed it at my friend. To our utter shock, he pulled the trigger. But he was horribly mistaken. The weapon was indeed loaded.

The projectile hit my friend's face from an alarmingly close distance. He didn't survive. This distressing incident continues to disturb my dreams even into adulthood.

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48. Sudden Loss

I excitedly attended my first sleepover ever with my best friend in the first grade. The evening was fun-filled and memorable. Unfortunately, the mood at his house changed drastically the next morning. The family suddenly became very aloof and promptly requested my mom to pick me up. To my dismay, I later found out that his father had suffered a fatal aneurysm that same night.

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49. Flesh Tunnel

I recall a childhood friend's birthday sleepover when I was in grade school. We all had a blast, giggling and sharing spooky tales before bedtime. The next morning, however, I woke up feeling incredibly sick, complete with fever and an awful nauseous feeling. To make matters worse, I had this huge, hot, swollen red mark smack in the middle of my leg, between my ankle and knee. Something was seriously wrong.

I ended up in the hospital, feeling weaker by the minute. The doctor first suspected a spider bite, but later diagnosed me with a severe staph infection. Turns out, I had scraped my leg while we were messing around on the staircase the night before. The infection spread rapidly, eating into my flesh. I ended up with a pocket of infection that reached my kneecap and had to be stuffed with clean gauze every day. I was dangerously close to losing my leg.

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50. Whirling Dervish?

I often spent the night at one friend's house. One such night, after we had gone to bed, he suddenly switched on a lamp, stood in front of where I was sleeping and started twirling around while making odd sounds. I asked him what he was up to and his response was that he was possessed. Initially, I laughed it off, assuming it was his idea of a joke. But he kept at it for an hour, persisting even after I said I was tired and wanted him to stop.

He kept insisting that he couldn't stop because he was possessed. Finally, I rolled over and tried to sleep, despite the chaos. The next morning he claimed it had never happened. To the best of my knowledge, sleepwalking wasn't something he typically did during sleepovers. No matter how much I tried, he wouldn't admit to his strange antics the night before. The whole thing was unsettling and confusing.

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