Absolutely Ridiculous Legal Drama

October 30, 2023 | Scott Mazza

Absolutely Ridiculous Legal Drama

At one point or another in our lives, almost all of us encounter some form of trouble with the law. When that happens, it can be hard to know what to do, or how to react well to whatever pickle we’ve gotten into. But when it comes to drama inside and outside of the courtroom, you don’t need a law degree to realize that these Redditors and their law-related stories are simply the best.

1. If It Ain’t Broke…

I had a few friends over, and a buddy brought along an extra pal. That’s when disaster hit. I accidentally sat on her MacBook that was on the couch, breaking it. Feeling responsible, I offered to cover the cost, which was $2,200 three years ago when she bought it.

I planned to wire her the money within a week. However, she emailed, demanding $2,700 instead, saying we'd agreed to that amount (we hadn't!). I was baffled and called her for clarity. She insisted I pay for a new, upgraded MacBook, claiming she was "due for an upgrade anyway" and threatened to take me to Small Claims Court if I refused.


2. Little Girl Lost

Over the last seven months since moving into my new home with my daughter and dogs, my neighbors' 16-year-old, who has severe Down Syndrome, has regularly been entering my property and house. Initially, I spoke with the neighbors. They apologized and promised closer supervision when she was in their yard.

However, after a few months, their concern waned and they began dismissing the issue. But things escalated. I’ve installed security cameras front and back for safety, especially since we have a pool. She climbs over the fence into my yard using a ladder from their shed, letting my dogs out.

To prevent her from letting my dogs “free”, as she puts it, I’ve used chains and padlocks on the gates. Previously, she would even let the dogs out of the house to "free" them. Numerous times, if my garage door is open, she will walk into my house to “free” my dogs, for reasons only known to her.

When she climbs into the backyard (sometimes when I'm away) and can't get back out, she screams, cries, and shuts down. Before I began chaining and locking my gates, her parents would simply retrieve her and leave. Now, they throw a fit about me having her “locked” in my backyard, requiring them to climb the fence and carry her back over. Somehow, they blame me. While I understand she doesn’t comprehend the risks, she’s fortunate my dogs are friendly. My genuine concern is her safety, especially around the pool and climbing fences, due to what seems like a lack of supervision on her parents’ part.

I’ve installed security cameras for liability reasons in case she falls into the pool when I’m not around. Her parents seemingly just let her be in the backyard unattended. I've reported to Child and Family Services (CPS) several times in recent months because her parents’ negligence and indifference to her wandering into people's yards, garages, and houses seem to place her at risk.

With a garage full of power tools and table saws, I now shut off the breaker when I open the doors, fearing she might severely hurt herself. Despite numerous conversations with the parents, calls to family services, camera installation, and additional gate locks, I’m at a loss. I've considered calling the authorities when she enters, but I'm unsure how that will unfold.

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3. Without A Trace

In June 2019, my neighbors, who we'd previously joined for a BBQ, knocked on our door with a request. They needed to head back to Taiwan due to his mother's impending passing and asked if we could care for their pets and house for the next three weeks. I agreed, but I was in for a shock. They left us $500 for the food of their two German Shepherds and cat, and then – they vanished.

They never returned, and I'm in the dark whether they encountered troubles or chose not to come back. Recently, I discovered their basement had flooded, likely last week, due to a burst pipe, leaving the entire room in chaos. I footed the bill for the leak repair and spent today draining the basement with my shop vac as much as possible.

Additionally, with one of their dogs needing surgery and addressing the basement disaster, I've spent several thousand dollars of my own. The basement damage is extensive. I'm without their insurance paperwork and unsure about proceeding with a claim on their behalf. Managing their two sizable, though sweet, German Shepherds is becoming quite a handful for us.

Attempts to track them down are stymied by their common last name and private Facebook profiles. So, here I am, baffled about what to do next.

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4. An Apple A Day

A few months ago, I kicked soda and energy drinks, swapping them for Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice. These 10 oz. glass bottles bear a striking resemblance to Corona bottles, and this likeness led to a disturbing incident this morning. Walking from my apartment to my car, juice in one hand and my one-year-old daughter in her car seat in the other, my neighbors unexpectedly confronted me.

Suddenly, one snatched my kid out of her car seat while the other began aggressively punching, kicking, and shouting at me, accusing me of attempting to drink and drive with my baby. Amidst the chaos, my juice bottle broke, slicing my hand, my phone screen got wrecked, and I suspect my nose got fractured.

But the nightmare wasn't over: the neighbor who took my daughter retreated into his apartment with her.It required an intense 10 minutes of clarifying through his screen door that my beverage of choice was apple juice, not an intoxicating drink. And no apologies followed the realization. They insisted they were performing their “duty” to safeguard the community.

I’ve called the authorities. As they arrived, over six neighbors emerged, providing their witness accounts. So, here we are, entangled in this unexpected mess.

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5. Mother Doesn’t Know Best

I'm 15 and come from a very religious family. I try to respect our beliefs, but you know, I'm a teenager and sometimes I need some personal "me" time to...relieve stress, let's say. I can't focus on anything if I don't. I worry about whether it's normal, and it does make me feel quite guilty.

Despite my sincerity, my mom doesn’t believe me and has tried several things to stop me from doing it, like removing my bedroom door and grounding me. Now, she's threatening to use a device to physically prevent me from being able to touch myself. She's always been strict - we can’t eat on Fridays due to religious beliefs, which I try to respect, but often I sneak out to get food because I get so hungry. But then things only got MORE complicated...

A significant turn of events occurred when I shared my mom's plans with my math teacher - then my mom was taken into custody. My 13-year-old brother and I went to see this teacher after school yesterday. I didn’t tell him every detail, but enough that he understood the severity. When he first wanted to call our mom, I had to threaten to run away and report to the authorities to stop him because it scared my brother so much.

Even so, he called some people, and soon enough, officers and others arrived. It seems like they were already suspicious about our neighborhood. A lot came to light, including my mom using physically harmful punishment, like burning us, which I didn't realize wasn't normal. Additionally, they discovered some prohibited substances that she and our preacher were consuming.

My other six siblings and I were at home when this all unfolded. The authorities went to find my mom and preacher, and I’m not sure exactly what happened next, but they took her in on what I think are drug-related and other charges. A lot of people talked to us, and then we were taken to a place where we’re going to stay for the time being.

In hindsight, I wish I’d spoken up years ago. I feel guilty for not getting my siblings out of that situation sooner. Now, I don’t know what’s coming next, but at least where we are is cleaner, we have clothes, food, and we don’t have to care for toddlers. The officials were pretty shocked when they saw our living conditions and realized my younger sisters can't even read.

They seemed quite disappointed with our home, and honestly, I hope we never have to go back.

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6. Power Trip

I reside in a quaint Wisconsin town, and it's one of those places where the local law enforcement is familiar with most individuals. However, there's this one officer who consistently pulls me over for the silliest reasons you could think of - like being too close to the curb or not stopping correctly at a stop sign. Given that we're both young and not unattractive, part of me wonders if he’s attempting to strike up a flirtation in a very misplaced way?

But his actions are getting disturbing. They're actually really irritating, and it seems like he's intentionally trying to provoke me, baiting me into reacting so he can escalate things. However, today things went too far. He stopped me again, claiming I was speeding (going 50 in a 45), and when he approached with his usual condescending tone, he insisted on searching ME, not my car, alleging it smelled odd.

Now, my car smells distinctly of vanilla and has never been smoked in, so I knew he was making things up again. I insisted that if he was going to search me, he’d need a female officer present, but he threatened to detain me if I didn't comply. Reluctantly, I stepped out and followed his instructions to place my hands on the car, and instead of conducting a legitimate search, he just started to inappropriately rub his hands over me.

He brushed over my thighs twice, lingered on my lower back, and almost touched my chest. My outfit, a tight skirt set, clearly didn’t conceal anything - no pockets, nothing. I'm writing this just about 30 minutes after it all happened, and I’m feeling a mix of anger and shame—but mostly anger.

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7. Family Means Love

Hi, my world’s been turning upside down lately. Just a few weeks ago, I lost my dad and stepmom in a car crash. They were married for seven years, and my stepmom brought an amazing 8-year-old daughter from her previous marriage into our family. I adore her like she’s my own sister and would do anything to protect her. With no other immediate family in the area, her biological father was slated to gain full custody.

But here’s the thing: this guy is a colossal jerk. My stepmom left him because he was abusive, though she never reported it. He was abusive because he never wanted a child, especially after my stepsister was born. He's never shown any interest in her, never visited, and never cared... until now.

A few days ago, I was home with my stepsister when he knocked. We had a harsh talk about her future without her mom and my dad. I insisted that if he gained custody, I’d want to be a regular part of her life since she is my family. His response shocked me.

He said exactly: "That's not gonna happen, son. I don't want my daughter spending time with half caste blood". He’s referencing that my dad and I are of mixed race. Enraged, I shut the door in his face. But then, I sprang into action and found a wonderful family lawyer.

Through tears, I relayed the heartrending situation of my parents' passing, and she pledged to do everything possible to support me. When my stepsister’s biological dad learned I was fighting for full custody, he crumbled within hours. Though my lawyer said it might not have even mattered.

Because he hadn’t visited for so long, it was considered "abandonment" legally, and his chances of gaining custody were slim anyway. After he said he didn’t want my stepsister, I spent weeks filling out papers and talking to the right people.

I’ve never dealt with so much paperwork. Since my stepsister had no biological family other than her dad, my lawyer said I was handed custody quite easily. Her bio dad didn't seek visitation rights, and it seems he didn’t really care in the first place. He probably just wanted to use my stepsister to hurt me further.

Yesterday, I signed the final paperwork confirming my 100% custody of my stepsister. After signing, we both broke down and cried for hours. We're both trying to come to terms with the loss of her mom and my dad. As I write this, she's peacefully sleeping next to me, her head resting on my shoulder. The past two months have undoubtedly been the toughest of my life.

Meeting my stepsister has been the best thing that ever happened to me, and adopting her is the best decision I’ve ever made. This whole ordeal has made me realize that family isn’t just about DNA; it’s about actively caring for those you love. I wish you all wonderful lives. Please give your loved ones an extra tight hug for me.

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8. A Bird Of A Different Feather

Alright, quick story time. I'm in my late 20s and live in Oregon. Had a deep goth phase when I was younger, thought it was behind me, but a couple of months ago, I saw this nature show about crows. The show said if you feed and befriend crows, they might bring you small gifts. My emo self resurfaced big time.

I was laid off and had time, so I thought, "Why not make some crow buddies?" Well, it worked... maybe too well. The local five crows turned into a squad of 15. Initially, my neighbors, mostly older folks who enjoyed bird watching, thought it was hilarious that I had a crow entourage following me around outside.

But recently, the crows have become defensive. When a neighbor came to chat, they swooped down aggressively at her, not ceasing until she left my yard. They didn’t touch her, but it was close. Real talk: if these crows hurt someone, am I responsible since I fed them? I mean, I clearly can’t control the crows.

I definitely don’t want them attacking my neighbors. But since I kind of started this mess, would I be financially responsible for any injuries? Just to clarify, they're not always aggressive. They're friendly, normal crows when it's just the neighbors outside. They only get aggressive when someone approaches me or my property. Seriously, what have I gotten myself into?

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9. Strings Attached

So, I was the head bartender at a local restaurant for several years, and there was this regular who came in all the time. We interacted a lot. This customer always tipped me in scratch tickets, asked for my work schedule, and even asked me out a few times. They were probably about 40 years older than me.

One day, I scratched off something bigger than the usual five or 10 bucks; after taxes, it was about three months' worth of my decent salary. I purposely didn’t tell the customer, not because I thought they'd want it back, but because I didn't want them thinking I owed them or should be extra grateful.

But word got out. I’d told a co-worker, and somehow, the customer found out. Next time I saw them, they congratulated me but then asked how we were going to split it. Instant chill up my spine. I firmly told them it was my tip. Long story short, they complained to my manager, who sided with them. I quit—which was in the cards anyway since I’m finishing up school. But that wasn't all.

My manager actually gave this customer my email, and they emailed me, threatening court action if I didn’t give them 50% of the winnings. Is this something I should be seriously worried about? Should I be doing something to safeguard myself? I’m thinking it’s a bluff, but I want to be sure I’m covered just in case.

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10. Sleepaway Camp

I am 16 years and two months old. My parents believe I am a disaster and unruly child, but they are delusional parents. My mother has bipolar disorder and does not take her meds regularly and I'm sure my father has undiagnosed mental health problems as well. They have been wanting to send me to a camp for troubled teenagers for a while, and two people recently came to take me without me knowing.

I thought they were kidnapping me. I screamed, and my brother who was at home (though he wasn't supposed to be) grabbed my father's weapon and threatened to end their lives. That was when they told us who they are and why they are here. We called the authorities but they did nothing after they talked to our parents. I do not trust my parents anymore and I want to get emancipated. I don't think my parents will object; they will be happy to get rid of me.

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11. Skeletons In The Closet

I'm 16 years old, and I have a strong suspicion that my mom and dad might not be my biological parents. When I was six years old, my older sister, who was much older than me (26 at the time), sadly took her own life. We still have her belongings stored in boxes in the basement, but I don't remember much about her, and that sometimes makes me feel sad. My parents don't talk about her much.

In our house, there's a beautiful painting of a swamp that she created, and it's my favorite thing in the world. One day, I decided to explore her things in the basement, mainly hoping to find more pictures. What I discovered were several notebooks filled with her writing, mostly poetry. At first, I felt strange reading them because they often revolved around her struggles with depression. But then I stumbled upon a story that deeply affected me.

The story was about her having a baby and someone taking the baby away. It was pretty short and seemed filled with metaphors, making it hard to understand completely. Curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to ask my mom if she ever had a baby. Her reaction was odd; she seemed uncomfortable and wanted to know why I was asking. I told her that I found some things in the basement and was just curious.

She became upset with me, scolded me for snooping, and insisted she never had any children. This got me thinking further. I look remarkably similar to my sister, but I don't resemble my mom or dad in the same way. The next day, I casually asked my mom if I could see my birth certificate, and once again, she became angry and refused to show it to me.

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12. Keep An Open Mind

My mom and stepdad are really into some unconventional "new age" beliefs, and I've never seen eye to eye with them on this. Lately, they've taken it to a whole new level by joining an unusual support group, though I can't figure out who these people are because they never mention any group names or organizations.

Because of their secrecy, I haven't been able to dig up much information. Searching for "new age cult" just gives me too many results to sift through. Then, this past Monday, my mom and stepdad sat me and my four siblings down for a big announcement. I wasn't prepared for what they had to say: They told us that by the end of the month, we'll be moving to a more "stable" location within a spiritual community. And that's not all. They want to yank all five of us out of our current schools and enroll us in a "mind awakening" school in our new location.

I tried to get more details out of them, but they shut me down completely. They insisted that, because I'm still a child in "mind, body, and spirit," I need to just listen to them without asking questions. Bear in mind, I'm 16. I've been excessively worried about this ever since they revealed the shocking news, but I've struggled to find any advice. They've cut off our internet, phone, and TV access and have been keeping a watchful eye on me and my siblings ever since.

Right now, I'm at a friend's house, and this is the only way I've managed to access the internet. Honestly, this situation seems like a cult to me. Last night, they brought in three people to talk to me and my siblings, and what they said was downright crazy. I had a one-on-one conversation with an older man who told me my mind is "closed" but would gradually open up, just like my parents' minds have supposedly opened. He mentioned that the "leaders" would love to meet me and include me in their programs.

I'm desperate to know what I can do in this situation. My dad shares custody of me, but I haven't had any contact with him since my mom and stepdad revealed this shocking news to us. My mom claims he's on board with all of this, but I tried calling him this morning, and he didn't answer. He lives in another state, so it's tough to reach him aside from phone and email.

I'm at my friend's house because, for the first time in a week, my parents allowed me to leave the house this morning when I said I wanted to go to the park. Instead, I came here and spilled the beans to my friend. Her parents aren't home, but she's trying to reach them, and I'm planning to stay here tonight if possible. My parents have banned me from using the internet, claiming it's full of lies.

I'm feeling utterly lost right now, and the thought of going along with my parents to this seemingly cult-like compound is making me sick. Tomorrow, I'll be purchasing a burner phone and withdrawing all my money from the bank..

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13. Get It Off Your Chest

Roughly eighteen months ago, I battled cancer in my chest. Fortunately, I underwent surgery, and I didn't need chemo or radiation because the surgery removed all the tumors. I still have to go for check-ups and screenings occasionally, which occasionally means missing work. There's another coworker in a different department who also has cancer but had a more extended treatment process.

She's still undergoing treatment. I chose not to pursue reconstructive surgery, so I returned to work after approximately 3 and a half weeks. On my left side, there's nothing but a flat scar—no tissue or anything, and on my right side, there's less tissue than before because they removed a significant portion during the lumpectomy. They managed to save about 55% of the tissue.

For the past few weeks, my coworkers and immediate supervisor have been discussing my cancer because I had to miss an important meeting due to an MRI and a bone scan. I requested the time off, and my manager and HR approved it. However, this coworker and supervisor have started spreading rumors, suggesting that I didn't actually have cancer because I returned to work so soon.

I wear a prosthetic at work, so nobody can tell that I'm flat-chested. They argue that everyone they know who's had cancer had to take a lot of time off work and that I look perfectly fine. Someone even claimed they saw me at the store after an oncology appointment, which was approved by my manager. I did stop by the grocery store on my way home, and I looked okay.

It's essential to note that I'm not on chemotherapy, so my appointments are mainly check-ups and blood draws. While they can be emotionally draining, I feel physically great afterward. I got to a point where I was hesitant to schedule appointments because I knew returning to work would be difficult. My manager and HR have always been supportive, but the issue lies with my supervisor and coworkers.

I have upcoming surgery to address some scarring. They'll be tidying up the tissue now that I've been cancer-free for over a year. I mentioned this to my supervisor, and he responded with, "Right, the cancer thing again". One day last week, I overheard them in the office next door talking about me, claiming I was scamming everyone and didn't deserve the upcoming raises. They reiterated that I didn't have cancer.

In a moment of frustration, I did something kind of insane. I walked over, lifted my shirt and prosthetic bra, showing them the scars on my chest. I did cover my remaining 55% with my hand, but the scars were visible. I told them to go screw themselves and went back to my desk. This happened on a Friday at 3:30 pm, and I left at 4:30, as usual. No one has said anything since. Now it's Monday, and I'm concerned.

Over the weekend, I had time to reflect and realized that showing my scars was a significant mistake. I should have gone to HR about the gossip. I've seen my manager, but he hasn't said anything. My supervisor hasn't said anything either. None of the gossiping coworkers have approached me, and the ones who don't engage in gossip are acting as usual.

So, what should I do to try and resolve this situation? What can I expect my employer to do, if anything, about this situation?

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14. Psycho: The True Story

Back in October 2020, my husband and I were living in a duplex, with my father-in-law owning our half, and the other half owned by another family — a woman who cared for her elderly mom. We brought our baby boy home from the NICU in August, and by the end of September, our caretaker neighbor began banging on our shared wall whenever she heard him cry.

Things got worse over the following two months. The neighbor went from pounding on the walls to using a megaphone to yell threats and call us horrendous names through them, often until the wee hours of the morning. We called the authorities repeatedly, but they said they couldn't do anything unless she acted on her threats. And though the elderly mother hadn’t been seen for months, requests for wellness checks were dismissed. The general advice we received implied we, as renters, were powerless and that enduring this was somewhat justified since a crying baby can be quite bothersome.

Eventually, for our safety, we moved in with my grandma. This came after the neighbor smashed a softball-sized hole in our shared wall, sometimes using it to scream at us or just eerily watch us. A terrible smell emanated from that hole — a red flag we perhaps should’ve noted sooner.

Our security cameras also caught her, almost nightly around 2 am, silently standing by my son’s nursery window, clutching her cat. It wasn’t until the end of January that authorities were able to enter her property. Once they arrived, they found that the elderly mother, all dressed up in her Sunday attire, had been lifeless, confined in a room, since no earlier than June.

A news article reported the mother succumbed to natural causes. The daughter was admitted to a psychiatric facility.

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15. Let It Go

Five years ago, I went through a terrifying experience when a guy I had known for less than a month started stalking me for six months. We had a brief dating period, and when I decided to end it, things initially seemed amicable. However, it quickly took a dark turn. He began showing up outside my house and demanding that we be together. He had convinced himself that he deserved a chance, and he even threatened to harm me or wished I would take my own life if I didn't comply.

For six long months, I endured daily threats, reported the situation over ten times, made several attempts to obtain restraining orders, relocated, and cut ties with all social media. Despite my efforts, he somehow found me and forcibly entered my home at midnight. This is when my life spiraled into chaos. In an act of self-defense, I had to shoot him in the chest, and he was finally sentenced and imprisoned. I thought I had put that chapter behind me—I was so wrong.

It appears that he was on parole for roughly four months following his recent release, and he immediately resumed his harassment. I started receiving messages and comments from him immediately after his release, as if he had never stopped. I reached out to the parole board, and they confirmed that he had been released from supervision a few days before. I also contacted the authorities and was granted a restraining order. However, they have struggled to serve it.

Despite him using his name, posting his pictures, and even referencing the incident in comment replies, the authorities claim they can't definitively prove the messages are from him. The detective is awaiting a subpoena to establish his involvement. I'm meticulously documenting every instance of harassment, but I must admit, I am utterly drained. I'm frustrated by the limited assistance available and the closed doors for people like me who are enduring the torment of stalking.

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16. A Friend In Need

Last month, I had a rather tense situation involving a friend of mine, whom I'll call Aaron (because, well, that's his name). Aaron and I had gone to pick up some car parts from an eBay purchase after work, back in early November. Things were fine until the weather decided to turn against us. While loading the parts, it started pouring rain, and we had to navigate some back roads to get to the property.

As we headed back, we approached a causeway we had passed just an hour ago. However, now it looked like it was covered in about half a meter of water, and we had to stop. I was the one navigating, and I knew we could reverse and take a much longer route to get to the other side, even though the highway was right there. But there was no way I was going through that water. You see, I had a similar experience 20 years ago on a causeway with less water, and it was one of the scariest moments of my life. I didn't want to risk it.

So, I suggested we turn back and take the alternative road, which would lead us over a bridge across the same river. However, Aaron decided to push forward and started moving. I panicked and immediately got out of the car. This was way more water than what I had encountered when I almost lost my car and my life before.

Aaron didn't even make it halfway across before the water forced his car off the side, rolling it completely over, and it ended up upright on the bank downstream. He was incredibly fortunate not to drown, and I rushed down to help him. Strangely, his reaction was aggressive and confrontational. He believed that with my weight in the car, he could have made it across.

Now, the car was a Commodore wagon with a couple of hundred kilograms of eBay parts in the back, so my presence wouldn't have made a significant difference. We called for assistance, and within an hour, the river receded enough for us to cross the causeway on foot. Since then, Aaron and I haven't spoken, and he's actively avoided me in our usual hangout spots.

However, last Friday, I received a letter from a local lawyer, which I know is legitimate, but it reads as if it were penned by Aaron himself. The letter is demanding $50,000 for the car and personal damages, alleging that I made the car unsafe by getting out. Mind you, the car was a 1997 Commodore, and on a good day, it might have been worth $1,500. To put it bluntly, I think Aaron is being full.

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17. You Get What You Give

I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. Earlier today, my neighbor came knocking loudly on my door, shouting at me. After managing to calm him down, I learned that he was flying his drone in my backyard once again, and this time my dog finally managed to catch it and wrecked it. He claims it was a $900 drone and insisted I pay him right then and there. I refused and closed the door on him. But this was just the beginning.

A couple of hours later, a law enforcement officer arrived to collect the drone, which was still in my yard. My dog completely ignored it once it stopped buzzing. The officer asked about the situation and mentioned that my neighbor had called them, claiming that I had denied him access to my yard to retrieve it. That's not true at all; he never even asked. Now, I'm concerned that my neighbor might try to press charges against me for property damage or even sue me.

The issue is that my neighbor has a history of flying his drone very low over my yard, intentionally teasing my dog. I've asked him multiple times to stop, but he always refuses, insisting that I don't own the airspace above my yard. On a previous occasion, I even called the authorities to complain when he was doing "flybys" dangerously close to my dog. They didn't explicitly tell him not to fly his drone in my yard, but they did ask him to stop to prevent conflicts. Unfortunately, that only seemed to encourage him further.

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18. Too Close For Comfort

This situation unfolded due to my mom's close ties to a small-town hospital where she worked for over 30 years. She had strong connections with the doctors, nurses, and office workers not only in the hospital but throughout the town. My primary care physician (GP), who I've been seeing since I was around 10 years old, is one of those people my mom is close to. When I left for college at 18, I continued to see him partly because I didn't want to go through the hassle of finding a new GP and partly because my mom wanted me to keep seeing him since I'd been with him for half my life. In hindsight, this turned out to be a big mistake.

I undergo regular blood work to monitor my liver function and check the levels of a specific medication I take. These results aren't something I want to keep secret; they don't reveal anything sensitive, like illicit drug use. However, a problem arose when, on the first occasion I had this work done, my mom received the call with my results. They even disclosed specific details, such as my liver enzyme levels and medication levels. While I don't have any reason to hide this information from my mother, it was concerning that she received the call while I heard nothing about my results.

Since I get these tests done monthly, I decided to address the issue the next month. I told the lab worker at the office that I wanted to update my information to ensure that I received the results directly. I also thought that since I'd been seeing this doctor since I was 10, I might never have given them my phone number before. A few days later, the same thing happened again.

Once more, my mother got the call and informed me about my results. I, on the other hand, didn't receive any communication from the office. While it may not seem like a major issue, it bothered me because I had explicitly provided my phone number instead of my mother's, yet I still wasn't contacted. I decided to wait until my next lab work to bring it up again.

During this visit, I had both lab work and an appointment to refill my birth control prescription. My doctor asked me to do a pregnancy test along with the blood work since I had run out of birth control a few days earlier. I wasn't worried about being pregnant, but I felt it was high time to put an end to them calling my mom with my results. I asked the person drawing my blood to double-check my phone number to see if it had been updated the last time.

It had indeed been updated, so as I was leaving, I took a moment to speak with the women at the office desk. I made it crystal clear that I wanted to be the only one contacted with my results, not my mother. They casually agreed, and I also asked them to verify my phone number in their office system, which they did. Unfortunately, during this visit, I happened to be staying with my mom while in town, and guess what? She received the phone call right in front of me, providing her with my results, including the negative pregnancy test.

At this point, my mom exploded with anger. She wanted to know why I needed a pregnancy test, even though it was negative, and a heated argument ensued. I eventually pointed out that this was a distinct breach of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), and my mom who had worked in a hospital, was aware of that. She dismissed my concerns, citing the doctor's long history with me, her friendship with the office staff, and the claim that "It's not a big deal, I'm your mom!"

As a result, I decided to get my lab work done elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, there have been no issues since then. I'm not personally affected anymore, but I worry about the possibility of this happening to someone else.

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19. Everything Has A Price

My parents are quite devout Mormons, and we recently had a tithing settlement. During the discussion, they asked if I had paid my tithing, and I told them I hadn't. When they inquired if I had a plan to "rectify" that, I explained that I felt like I had worked too hard to simply give that money away.

After our conversation, my mom, who is my co-owner on the account since I'm under 18, decided to withdraw 10% of my bank balance and refused to return it. It didn't sit right with me, so I planned to gradually withdraw the money over the next few days. However, the situation took an unexpected turn. It turns out my dad is frustrated with my mom's overspending habits. He took two steps: he stopped paying tithing himself and replaced my mom's credit card with a debit card.

My mom used my money to cover the tithing for him and gave me roughly $200 back. She mentioned that she'd return the rest, but it doesn't seem like I'll get my money back anytime soon. Both of my parents are dealing with significant debts, and they had a heated argument yesterday. My mom spent almost $10,000 on various expenses in the past month or so.

To address this financial instability, my dad has started making budget cuts, and one of the expenses he's trimmed is tithing. Given the circumstances, I've decided to follow through with my plan to safeguard my money in a place where my parents can't access it, just in case they consider taking it again.

Co-Worker KarensShutterstock

20. You Can Always Do More

I'm a 16-year-old junior in high school, and I work part-time at a gym. On weekends, I usually open the gym at 7 am and am the only one there until our housekeeping staff arrives at 8:00 am. Things start off slow as members trickle in, and it typically gets busier around 9 am when our Sales staff and General Manager come in. Our gym has two stories.

Earlier this morning, around 8ish, another member approached me and told me there was a woman in the downstairs locker room who seemed to be having a seizure. Without hesitation, I rushed downstairs to the locker room and found a woman shaking uncontrollably, but she was still breathing. Luckily, I had my cell phone with me, so I immediately dialed 9-1-1.

While I waited for the EMTs and paramedics, I stayed on the line with the dispatcher. They advised me not to attempt CPR or First Aid (even though I'm licensed) or to move her, but to ensure she didn't fall off the bench. The EMTs arrived about five minutes later, managed to revive her, and then transported her to the hospital.

It took us about 20 minutes to convince her to go to the hospital—she was quite stubborn about it. Fortunately, there was a personal trainer there to assist me, and I'm incredibly grateful for their help. I later filled out an incident report and submitted it to our General Manager when he arrived. We've had concerns about this member's health in the past due to her pre-existing conditions.

The thing that worries me is that I have no idea how long she had been experiencing the seizure. It seemed like it happened while she was in the middle of changing into her gym clothes. She had checked in shortly after 7:15 am. Now, I've received a text message from my General Manager saying that she's threatening to sue the gym for her seizure. My concern is whether she can personally come after me. I'm in the dark about how long she was in that state, and this situation has me quite anxious.

Nightmare Roommates FactsShutterstock

21. Fighting Like Cats And Dogs

I live in Wake County, Raleigh, NC, within the city limits, which has strict leash laws. Our new neighbors moved in next door around six months ago, and they have two large Labradors. They often let their dogs out into their backyard without leashes. One of their dogs is well-behaved, but the other can be aggressive and charges at people and other dogs.

We've spoken to them multiple times about the city leash laws, explaining that dogs should be on leashes when outside. However, they've consistently refused to comply with these rules. Two months ago, one of their Labs charged at me and my small beagle across the yard. The situation got intense quickly. The dog's owner just watched as I struggled to fend off her dog while protecting my beagle.

During the scuffle, the dog bit my arm, causing it to bleed. I had to kick the dog to get it to back off and stop attacking. The owner reacted angrily to my actions and filed a complaint against me the next day. However, this backfired on her when authorities contacted me for my side of the story. They ended up fining our neighbor $250.

I didn't report the incident to animal control since my injury wasn't severe, and I believed the fine would make them take leash laws more seriously. Unfortunately, they continued to let their dogs roam freely, even onto our porch, where their aggressive dog would aggressively attempt to reach our dogs inside our house.

Last month, I confronted our neighbor with videos of their dogs running free and the aggressive dog trying to get at our dogs. I made it clear that we were no longer willing to be afraid to use our back porch or walk our dogs because of their pets. I told her this was the final time we would ask nicely, and next time, we'd involve animal control.

Fast forward to six days ago, and I woke up to a nightmare. I heard one of my dogs, and it sounded like she was in extreme distress. I rushed outside to find my sister and one of my beagles under attack by the neighbor's dog. It was a horrifying situation that repeated itself. I tackled the neighbor's dog and, despite being an animal lover, I had to use force to subdue her. It was a desperate attempt to protect my family and our dog.

Afterward, my dog had significant injuries, including a chunk ripped out of her throat, multiple ear lacerations, six broken teeth, a shattered front paw, a broken arm, and multiple bites on her face and rib cage. She needed extensive medical treatment, including surgery to remove the broken teeth, pins in her arm and paw, dozens of stitches, and a skin graft to close the wound on her neck.

My sister required 38 stitches for her injuries, while I needed 29 stitches for mine. All three of us are on antibiotics and will require follow-up care, including rabies shots because the neighbor's dog didn't have up-to-date vaccinations. The combined cost of our medical and vet bills is $29,000, and we still have more follow-up appointments ahead.

Regrettably, our neighbor refuses to take any responsibility and claims she's not at fault because our yard isn't fenced. She's even threatening to sue us, alleging that I injured her dog when I tackled it. To cover the basic payments for my dog's treatment, I emptied my savings account, leaving me with no money to hire a lawyer.

We can barely afford the insurance copays for our treatments and medications. I tried to get an advance on my pay, but it may take up to two weeks to come through. Meanwhile, I was served with a court summons today, accusing me of injuring her dog and causing her pain and suffering due to her pet's trauma. The claim also asserts that I used unnecessary force to subdue her dog.

Both my sister and I are petite, and her dog is almost as big as we are. I'm unsure where to start or how to handle this situation. We believe we have a strong case due to the videos and paperwork from the previous incident, along with messages on the Nextdoor app where she admits to disregarding leash laws. In desperation, we've taken several measures.

We've all submitted reports to law enforcement, with an assigned officer recommending the engagement of animal control due to the neighbor's inability to present proof of her dog's rabies vaccination. This poses a public health risk, and city law mandates that all dogs within city limits are registered and up-to-date on shots. The officer recommended that we leave the neighborhood between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm or until we receive a follow-up call from animal control. Additionally, after reporting the incident to law enforcement, we've contacted our homeowners' insurance.

They documented our injuries and advised us to take pictures of our dog once we got home. We had already taken photos of ourselves and our dog the previous night, but they wanted their own set for their records. We inquired about obtaining a protection or restraining order, but it seems difficult to secure one since we'd need to prove that she maliciously and intentionally used her dog to harm us.

To bolster our case, my boyfriend purchased two cameras and SD cards, setting one up to monitor our backyard and the other overlooking our cars and front porch. The neighbor continues to let her dogs run free, and we aim to capture evidence of this on video. My sister, our dogs, and I have even decided to spend the night at my boyfriend's house to distance ourselves from the hostile neighbor.

We've taken additional steps by reaching out to most of our neighbors on our street, and some have had similar negative experiences and are willing to provide statements. Remarkably, the family directly behind us has a teenage son who recorded the major attack on his phone. He did this because the neighbor's dog had previously tried to attack his cat on their back porch, so he was alert when he heard the commotion. His family is willing to turn over the video and provide written statements.

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22. Squatter’s Rights

I recently moved to a new place, and while unloading my stuff with a couple of friends, we temporarily left some items on the street next to the moving truck. We were focused on moving heavier items like desks and shelves as a team.

About 15 minutes later, when I returned after bringing in more boxes, I was shocked to see a guy had loaded my couch into the bed of his truck. I hurried over and explained that I owned the couch.

His response was that since it was on the street corner, it's considered public property, and he believed he had the right to take it. Before I could stop him, he drove away. I managed to note down his license plate and immediately went to the law enforcement station to file a report.

At the station, they asked if the couch was indeed on the curb. I confirmed that it was, but I also emphasized that it was right next to a moving truck, wrapped up, and surrounded by boxes. Unfortunately, they didn't give me much assurance.

This couch has been in my family for three generations, and while it might not have a high monetary value, its sentimental worth is immeasurable.

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23. Soup Surprise

I'm currently on a Christmas vacation, visiting my family. I choose to follow a vegan lifestyle, and on top of that, I have a red meat allergy due to a previous bite from a "lone star tick". Even though I mainly cook my own meals and don't bring up my dietary choices much, my family occasionally teases me about being vegan.

Now, here's what happened recently. It seems that some of my extended family members weren't fully aware of the seriousness of my meat allergy. During our Christmas gathering, my younger cousin, perhaps unknowingly, chopped up some steak into really small pieces and added it to my butternut squash soup.

After consuming the soup, I started feeling awful. I had trouble breathing, and my skin broke out in hives. My mom noticed the severe reaction and called an ambulance. I ended up in the hospital on Christmas Day. Shockingly, when my cousin saw me breaking out in hives, he didn't apologize. Instead, he laughed and revealed what he had done.

Later, I received a text from him, saying, "Stop overreacting; you need protein," along with a picture of a slaughtered cow. While I appreciate that his family might not be financially stable, I can't help but contemplate resorting to a lawsuit against him.

Legal Drama FactsWikimedia Commons

24. Hold Please

A former Airbnb guest pulled a sneaky move by putting a mail hold on our address, and it's caused a lot of trouble, especially for our new renters. This tactic has been going on for two months now. One of our renters has a thyroid condition and had to spend $500 on medication. Others failed to receive their paychecks and credit card bills, and one lady even missed out on receiving a Certificate of Passing.

Initially, we thought someone might be stealing our mail from the mailbox. But as we observed, the mail carrier simply skipped our house every day, and some "test" mail we left out didn't get picked up either. So, I decided to contact the USPS, but that didn't lead to any resolution. It seems the only way to get this sorted out was to go to the post office in person.

There, we discovered that a lady we had previously asked to leave due to her behavior (like being unpleasant, attracting bugs, and damaging furniture) was somehow behind this. It appears she was upset with us or maybe using our address like her personal PO Box; we're not entirely sure. The post office staff was quite helpful and returned all our mail. But the major question is, could this even be allowed? To back our claims, we have copies of her hold requests, which clearly show it was her, even though she hadn't lived here for two weeks when she initiated the first hold.

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25. Clear Out

Tonight, my husband delivered a shocking revelation when he returned from work. He expressed his desire for a divorce and plans to depart until everything is settled. To be honest, it's not a complete shocker, as things between us have been rocky ever since our daughter was born two years ago. But what did catch me off guard was how suddenly this all came about. I've been a stay-at-home mom since our daughter's birth because it didn't make financial sense to work and spend nearly everything I earned on daycare. Little did I know there was more to come.

As we conversed prior to him completing his packing, he unveiled another surprise. He said, "Good luck with the mortgage and bills, I've taken MY money out of our bank account and disabled your card on MY credit". Again, I'd like to say I was surprised, but the truth is I wasn't. He tends to get mean when he's angry, and it feels like he's never really connected with our daughter. He had his heart set on having a boy, and ever since we found out we were having a girl, he's been distant.

Clearly, I need to hire an attorney. I checked our bank account, and sure enough, there's only $5 left. I can't fathom how he could just leave us high and dry like this all of a sudden, with barely enough for me to defend myself.

Lawyers one detailShutterstock

26. Airing The Dirty Laundry

I moved into my apartment at the beginning of January, and ever since then, I've had a nagging suspicion that someone has been taking my underwear. Each floor here has its own washer and dryer units, and since I moved in, I've had nearly a dozen things mysteriously vanish from either the washer or dryer. The laundry room is super cramped, with nowhere to sit except maybe on top of one of the machines, so it's tough to wait around and see what's happening.

About two weeks ago, I decided to buy a bunch of new stuff, and when I went to take my things out of the washer, I noticed that some of the new items had disappeared. Armed with this and the fact that it was early on a Saturday morning, I went straight to our landlord. She checked the security footage and found out that during the 35 minutes my laundry was going, the only person who went in was my next-door neighbor's son.

Now, at this point, I was really upset, so I decided to talk to his parents. Unfortunately, they didn't believe a word I said and called me a liar. They flat-out refused to accept my story. Oddly enough, after I confronted them, my stuff stopped disappearing for a while.

But today, I put my laundry in and started cleaning my apartment. When I went to take out the trash, I decided to check on my laundry. That's when I saw it: I caught our neighbor's son red-handed, rummaging through the dryer that I was using. I confronted his parents again, and they immediately began yelling at me for accusing their son. They even threatened to involve the authorities, accusing me of harassing him. Plus, they said they might sue me for "slandering" their son.

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27. Ring The Alarm

So, this past Friday, something pretty wild happened in our apartment building. A person who our landlady described as "bum-like" broke into the building around midnight and messed with a gas pipe. The crazy part is, my boyfriend and I slept through the whole thing! I only found out about it the next night when I was at work (which is nearby), and one of my co-workers asked where we were during the gas leak.

My co-worker filled me in on all the details – everyone was outside the building, there were fire trucks, and it was quite a scene. Right after that, a fire marshal inspected our alarm system, which is connected to the building. The marshal said it needed to be replaced because it wasn't working. But here's the kicker: it still hasn't been replaced.

My boyfriend texted our landlady about it, asking for a copy of the order for the replacement alarm. But she refused to give it to us. She even blamed us for not waking up during all the commotion (I use earplugs when I sleep, and my boyfriend's a heavy sleeper). She didn't apologize or anything and basically said if we're not comfortable, she'd help us move out. All we wanted was a working alarm for our unit.

Thankfully, neither we nor our cats got hurt, but if that gas leak had been worse, it could've been a real disaster. My boyfriend's dad, who happens to be a real estate agent, immediately mentioned a law that requires landlords to have an evacuation plan for all their tenants and units. I hate confrontation, and I feel like we might have come on too strong in our texts, but seriously, it's a safety issue.

Now my dad is telling me we should report our landlady to the tenant tribunal or the fire department.

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28. The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

I was away for five days, and a co-worker kindly offered to take care of my four cats during that time. However, when I returned, I discovered that my cats had been neglected. They had no food or water, and their litter box hadn't been cleaned for days. My oldest cat was in terrible condition and couldn't move her back legs. I initially thought she might have fallen and injured her back. I was too scared to be angry...yet.

I rushed her to the ICU, and the doctor ran several tests. What they found was my worst nightmare. There were no broken bones, but she was severely dehydrated, likely from not having access to water for days. This dehydration triggered a diabetic episode that hadn't been diagnosed before, sending her into shock. She suffered for two agonizing days in the ICU, and then the doctor told me that she was only getting worse, and we had to make a decision.

Sadly, there was nothing more they could do, and she was in distress. I stayed with her as she was euthanized, and that was just about three days ago. My heart is broken. While there's no formal agreement in writing with my friend about caring for my cats, I do have text messages. These messages include me checking in on them and later receiving 42 messages in the morning, with another four hours' worth of messages from my friend trying to blame me. She blamed me for not reminding her, not disclosing an undiagnosed condition, and even for trusting her.

I understand that I'm feeling a mix of anger and grief. But due to what this person did, my cat suffered for days until I had to make the painful decision to let her go. I'm contemplating pursuing a course of action in accordance with the law.

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29. Nuts To That

My son's school has been consistently disregarding his peanut allergy, which has been a concern since the second day of school when he was given peanut butter crackers. Initially, we thought it might have been a simple oversight with the start of a new school year, but it has persisted, and we're increasingly worried because while his allergy isn't extremely severe, it's still a significant concern.

We had informed the school about his allergy even before the school year began and had a direct conversation with his teacher about it, highlighting that peanut butter crackers are the default snack if no other alternatives are provided by parents. We offered to supply a special alternative for him, but the school assured us that they had other options.

However, the problem recurred a few weeks later when he was given peanut butter crackers again. The school explained that he had taken another student's snack and consumed it before they could intervene. Although our son can be a bit headstrong, we talked to him about the seriousness of his allergy and the importance of avoiding peanuts.

He vehemently denied taking the snack and insisted that the teacher had given it to him. This prompted us to arrange a meeting with the principal, not to blame or accuse the teacher but to find a resolution. After that meeting, there were a few weeks without any issues, but then it happened again. This time, their explanation seemed extremely suspicious.

Once more, they claimed our son grabbed and ate the whole package of peanut butter crackers before they could stop him. It was difficult for us to believe that a six-year-old could manage to grab an unopened package, elude both a teacher and an aide, and consume the entire package without being noticed. Our son, however, continued to maintain that he was given the snacks, and after several incidents, we started believing him.

We had another meeting with the principal and the teacher, where they assured us it wouldn't happen again. We had another lengthy discussion with our son, teaching him to ask about nuts even if the snacks were given to him. However, the very next school day after the meeting, he was given peanut butter crackers once again, only asking about nuts after the fact.

We decided to send an email to the principal outlining the problem and warning that the next step would be involving the school board if he were given peanuts again. Their response shocked us: "If he's asking now, what's the problem? He should have known to ask to begin with. We are teachers, not parents".

We didn't encounter any issues for a while until this week when a parent brought in PB&J sandwiches for snack time, and our son was given one. He forgot to ask about nuts, assuming it was safe since it was different from the peanut butter crackers. Later, we found out the parent was aware of the nut allergy in the class and had brought in a separate jelly sandwich. Our son was not given this alternative, and he ended up in the hospital.

We've been continually talking to our son about his allergy and doing our best to educate him, but we also feel that some responsibility should lie with the teachers and school in ensuring his safety. Do schools not have an obligation to handle allergies properly? Interestingly, the school lunch program has never given him nuts and always provides a safe tray for him.

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30. Absent Mom

I'll probably end up consulting with a lawyer soon. Here's the backstory: I have a 13-year-old daughter with my ex, and we split when we were in our early 20s because my ex wasn't ready to be a parent. I took full custody of our daughter, and she pretty much disappeared from our lives. Over the years, my daughter and I moved forward, and I got remarried to a wonderful woman who's been an amazing stepmom to her.

Then, in 2016, our daughter was diagnosed with cancer. I kept my ex in the loop, sent updates, and tried to involve her, but she never visited or even called. Things went on without her. In December 2019, it became clear that our daughter's battle was coming to an end, and I sent my ex an email with the news and an invitation to see our daughter. Her reply? Just a "Thank you for the update".

After our daughter came home from the hospital, she asked me to send a letter and an email to her mom. I don't know what they said, but my ex didn't respond to either. In January, we tragically lost our daughter, and I reached out to my ex via email to inform her and share details about the funeral. I also offered to give her some of our daughter's ashes, but she declined, saying I could do what I wanted with them.

We did just that - shared some ashes with family, made jewelry, and kept some. Fast forward to the end of February, and my ex had a change of heart, asking for some ashes. I had to tell her that we didn't have any left, but I offered to send her the necklace with some of the ashes. She declined and seemed a bit offended by the gesture.

A few days ago, I received a notice. When I read it, I wanted to scream. She's suing me for emotional damages, claiming that I didn't offer her our daughter's cremains and only gave her a used necklace. To be honest, I feel like the one who's emotionally drained here. I'm grieving the loss of my child, dealing with two young kids who don't understand, and juggling a newborn. I've tried to be fair and communicative, but now I'm facing this lawsuit, and it's left me angry, tired, and frustrated. Frankly, I don't even have the emotional energy to fight it, so I'm contemplating just settling to make it go away.

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31. One Weird Morning

This morning was pretty unusual. I have a five-year-old son who stays with me on weekends. He usually sleeps through the night without any problems, except for the occasional nightmare or talking in his sleep. Last night, he was thrilled because we had just put up our Christmas tree. I put him to bed around 9 pm and spent some time watching movies with my fiancée, who lives with me.

Around 3 am, I got tired and joined her in bed. She has to get up early for work, around 4:30 am, and leaves by 5 am. At 6:30 am, I was startled awake by a single, quiet knocking sound. I got up, still half-asleep, thinking it might be my son playing around. As I left my room, I was shocked to see four officers standing in my hallway.

Initially, I didn't fully grasp what was happening and briefly wondered if I should offer them something to drink. One of the officers asked me who I was, and I gave my name while asking them why they were here. He continued questioning me, asking if I lived with a woman. Anxiety started creeping in, and I began worrying that something might have happened to my fiancée. I told them I lived with my girlfriend.

The officer then asked if I had a son, and I replied that I did. He asked me where he was. At that point, I peered over the wall and spotted my door busted open. I started fearing the worst, imagining someone had harmed my fiancée and taken my son. With trembling hands, I walked down the hallway to my son's room, cautiously opening the door. To my relief, I found my son still in bed, snugly tucked in and looking at me as if nothing was wrong.

I returned to the hallway and asked the officers, "He's right there, what's going on!?" They instructed me to step into the dining room, so I raised my hands as I walked past them. Two officers went into my room to check it out. I sat at the table, one officer sitting beside me while another kept watch. I glanced at the doorway, and there were two women I didn't recognize, one of whom guards the complex I live in.

The officer questioning me explained that someone had heard a child crying and called the authorities. He said they arrived at 5 am, which meant they got there shortly after my fiancée left for work. According to him, they had been knocking on my door for an hour and a half with no response. They claimed to have heard "detonations" inside and decided to enter forcibly. Oddly, they didn't try calling me from outside the window, which would have worked.

My apartment has weird acoustics, and I can't hear knocking in the living room from my room. The officer asked me why I didn't hear them, and I told him I must have been in a deep sleep. He also asked if I was under the influence, but I explained that I had simply gone to bed late. They left after giving me a case number for door repairs.

As they left, I overheard one of the women insisting that the child's crying couldn't have been nothing. The officer explained that they found no evidence of wrongdoing, but she couldn't believe it. I asked my son if he had been crying, and he said yes. When I asked why, his response made no sense – he said the fan stopped working.

So here I am, in my apartment with my son and a broken front door. I'm worried about going outside and being judged by my neighbors as if I'm some kind of child abuser or worse. I've been trying to piece together the timeline of events. I went to bed at 3 am, my fiancée left for work at 5 am, and the officers claimed to arrive at 5 am as well. So, the call must have happened somewhere between 3:00 and 4:30 am.

My son must have stopped crying before my fiancée got up and didn't cry again throughout the night. The officers arrived at 5 and stood outside my door until 6:30 when they heard the "detonations," not a crying child. My son showed no signs of having been crying, and he even stood by me during the questioning. It's all very puzzling.

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32. It’s My House Now

My girlfriend and I decided to move in together pretty quickly, but after just two weeks, it became clear that it wasn't going to work out. She initially agreed to move out by the end of February, but now she's refusing to leave. I live in a one-bedroom apartment, and it's getting frustrating to sleep on the couch. But here's where it gets worse.

Lately, she's been taking things to the next level by denying me access to my own place. She's been using the deadbolt from the inside and acts like she can't hear me when I try to get in. Last night, when I got home around 11 pm, I found myself locked out of my own apartment. I knocked and called out for an hour, but she just screamed at me to go away.

In the end, I had to call the authorities. After a brief conversation with her, they told me to find somewhere else to stay for the night and basically asked me to leave. I ended up sleeping in my car all night. The next morning, while she was at work, I removed the deadbolt from my door.

I regretted it almost instantly. I came home to find a complete stranger sleeping in my living room and another girl passed out in my bed. After I kicked them out, my ex returned and told me I had no right to remove her guests.

She called the authorities again, and this time the officer said it was a civil issue. Tonight, I have another late shift, and I'm pretty sure the same thing will happen all over again. So, what on earth am I supposed to do in this situation?

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33. Back To The Wall

Three nights ago, I had a massive fight with my parents. I'm not a Christian, but they are devout believers. They strongly object to my bisexuality and believe it condemns me to eternal damnation. I was forced to come out of the closet because of some blackmail, and as a result, my parents promptly kicked me out. I managed to grab my dogs and keys, got into my car, and left.

We're new to this state, and I haven't had the chance to make friends yet. My siblings share the same beliefs as my parents, and my extended family lives thousands of miles away. Then last night, my parents cut off my phone plan and informed me that I'm no longer covered by their insurance. Right now, I'm on my own with my two large dogs, a pit bull and an American bulldog, and we're sleeping in my car.

My parents pressured me into quitting my job last week so I could focus more on school. When I checked my bank account last night, I discovered they had drained the $1,000 in savings I had. It's completely empty now. I'm just overwhelmed and scared, not knowing where to turn. My top priority is taking care of my dogs, and I don't want to give them up, but I'm not sure how much longer I can manage without neglecting them.

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34. No Visitors Allowed

My sister and I have a strained relationship with our mother, and we haven't had any contact with her for months. However, recently, our mother showed up at my niece's school without our knowledge or permission. She had lunch with my niece and even brought her a slushy to drink. When my niece got home, she told my sister about the visit.

My sister immediately contacted the school to investigate. It turns out our mother was not authorized for any school-related activities. This means that the school allowed a stranger to enter the premises and give a drink to a five-year-old without my sister's knowledge or consent.

The principal will be calling my sister later, and, so far, they seem to be downplaying the situation. We strongly disagree with that perspective. We believe that the school put my niece's safety at risk, and we think they need to understand the seriousness of what happened.

Perhaps my sister should consider reaching out to the school board to ensure this issue is addressed appropriately. It's crucial that they realize the potential dangers involved and take appropriate action.

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35. Bait And Switch

I put a gaming computer on layaway at Walmart a few weeks ago to avoid paying the full $1,000+ upfront. After making all the payments, I finally brought it home, only to find that the motherboard was cracked. So, I decided to return it.

Unfortunately, when I returned it, they told me they couldn't refund the full amount as a gift card, which was my plan since I wanted to buy a new one right away. Instead, they suggested that my mom, who has a Walmart debit card, could get the money immediately.

However, as soon as we attempted that, her account was suspended due to suspicion of deceptive activity. We contacted Walmart's customer service for help, and they told us that all we needed to do was provide the receipt as proof. We followed their advice, but when we called back, another representative said the receipt wasn't sufficient.

They claimed that the receipts showed different balances because I had used layaway and made payments. This situation has left me really upset and frustrated. I'm a college student and don't have extra funds to spare. I worked hard to save up for that gaming computer, and now I'm facing this difficult situation.

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36. You’re Not In Good Hands

I recently started working again after taking care of my daughter for two years. I left her at a daycare with 11 kids and three caregivers. On the second day, something really scary happened. I was driving and saw my daughter walking down the street quite far from the daycare, with a lady I'd never seen before.

I quickly got out of my car and asked the lady what was going on. She told me she found my daughter walking alone and was planning to take her to a nearby place where people help. I trusted her because there was indeed a helpful place on that road. I hurriedly took my daughter back to the daycare, only to find out that the caregivers didn't even realize she was missing.

I was super scared and worried about what might have happened if the kind stranger hadn't stepped in to help my daughter. So, I stayed calm, asked questions, got all the details, wrote them down, and sent an email to the daycare owner. I wanted to make sure there was a record of what happened and also let them know we were taking our daughter out of their care.

This happened just last week, and surprisingly, I still haven't heard back from the daycare owner, even though this is a really serious situation. Now, I'm wondering if there's anything I can do legally because they put my daughter in danger. I'm also wondering how I can tell other parents about this without getting into trouble for saying bad things about the daycare.

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37. Think Of The Children

I see my daughter every other weekend. She's nine years old, and her mom got her a cell phone, probably to keep in touch. This weekend, we were watching a movie when I got a text from my ex-wife, asking to talk to our daughter. I'm not glued to my phone (unless I'm working), so I saw the text about 30 minutes later.

When I noticed it, I told my daughter that her mom wanted to speak with her. I also texted my ex, letting her know that we were watching a movie but that I told our daughter about her message. The movie ended around 9:10 pm, and I asked my daughter to go shower, brush her teeth, and go to bed. I promised I'd come in to tuck her in. At about 9:40, I entered her room, and she was on the phone with her mother.

Her mom was yelling loudly on the phone, saying things like "YOU TELL HIM SCREW YOU!" I took the phone from my daughter and told my ex-wife that her behavior was very inappropriate. I suggested that if she had an issue with me, she should discuss it with me, not our daughter. She accused me of not allowing our daughter to use her phone, which was completely untrue.

I asked her to calm down and consider how her words were affecting our daughter. My ex-wife was furious, but she held back her anger. I handed the phone back to my daughter and said loudly enough for my ex-wife to hear, "Daddy is going to leave the room now, please don't stay on the phone too long; it's way past your bedtime".

I needed to get my stepson to bed as well. About 10-15 minutes later, I walked by my daughter's room, and she was apologizing repeatedly on the phone. It took all my strength not to take the phone away because I could see how upset she was. I went downstairs to do some chores and distract myself from my anger. It wasn't until 10:50 that my daughter came downstairs. She had obviously been crying and looked exhausted.

I sat with her in her room, said a prayer together, and tried to talk to her about what happened. She was really upset and didn't say much. I hugged her. My daughter told me that her mom had made 11 missed calls and said she was just worried about her. I'm tired of my limited time with my daughter being questioned. Divorce is already tough on kids, and I believe my ex-wife is making it even harder on our daughter than it needs to be.

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38. A Work Of Art

My boyfriend's sister-in-law mistreated and gave too much medication to her autistic child. So, several months ago, I contacted Child Protective Services about it. At that time, I was living near his family, but things went south during a holiday trip back home. My boyfriend had to quickly pack our things and join me a few days later.

However, he accidentally left behind a precious family painting that my grandfather had given me 14 years ago, before he departed from this life. Now, my sister-in-law and her husband sent me a video that destroyed me. In the video, they were setting the painting on fire and tauntingly said, "This is for calling CPS, witch". Both of them were clearly visible in the video, and they referred to it as a priceless painting.

This painting meant the world to me, as my grandfather had given it to me so many years ago. My heart is shattered into pieces, and I'd give up everything I own just to have it back.

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39. Get OUT

I have this unsettling feeling that my boyfriend, who's a doctor, has been secretly drugging me and gaslighting me for some time. It’s a tricky situation, but I’ve been experiencing memory gaps, which I initially brushed off as fatigue or stress. I thought about discussing it with him, but then I noticed something alarming.

The memory gaps seem to happen after our dates. It sounds wild, but I've woken up several times with dried stuff on my chest and no recollection of the previous evening. I'm certain it’s him. The first time, we’d been drinking, so I thought maybe I’d just overdone it. But it's occurred even when intoxicating substances weren't involved.

I intended to break up with him about it, but found myself on a date with him a few days later, even though I don’t recall agreeing to it. I remember being at the restaurant, but not how I got there. Both our cars were there, which puzzled me. I played it cool and went back to his place when he asked.

After three days there, I was recalling everything and beginning to trust him again. I meant to talk to him about my memory issues, but then he randomly pointed out some red bumps on my thigh, suggesting I treat them. I’d totally forgotten about these sore-looking, needle-like marks and freaked out when he mentioned them, so I left.

The next day he visited to "check on me," and again, I woke up with a gap in my memory. Today he met me for lunch, claiming we'd planned it. I know I didn’t agree to meet and certainly wouldn’t want to now. He often says we've agreed to things I don’t remember. I'm utterly fed up and want him held accountable.

It’s impacting my work life, too. I’ve become paranoid, thinking I’m about to be fired if a boss makes eye contact before entering a room. Friends say I've been acting oddly, and I’ve started losing sleep and sleepwalking. Is it possible to get blood work done to identify if he’s using a drug on me?

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40. Water Under The Bridge

My girlfriend, who is only 16, deals with type-1 diabetes and a heart condition called dysautonomia. Her doctor insists she drink more than 120 ounces of water daily. Occasionally, she might get dizzy and fall, but it's usually just for a few seconds. Despite her conditions, she’s incredibly spirited and outgoing, and she never exploits her health issues. However, one day, her manager called her, indicating she might get fired soon.

Her manager told her she should manage four hours without water and claimed she doesn't have a right to drink water while working. Now, my girlfriend is looking for a new job and planning to quit her current one soon.

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41. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I was at a diner with friends around 3 am when the guy in the next booth began coughing and gagging. Recognizing he was choking, I jumped to help since I'd learned the Heimlich maneuver at work. After the stuck item flew out, he seemed super angry, paid his bill, and stormed out. I felt a bit like a hero for the rest of our meal and then eventually stopped thinking about it. But then, something utterly bizarre happened.

Today, I received a letter from a lawyer saying I'm being sued for battery because they claim I bruised his rib while helping him. I'm baffled about how he found out who I am. I thought I was helping, given that he might have choked without some intervention.

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42. Heart-Stopping Problem

I need to start by saying this happened a decade ago, so I'm pretty sure there's not much that can be done now. When I was 16, my mom was driving me to a friend’s place when her defibrillator began shocking her, repeatedly, every few seconds. She initially thought it was just doing what it was supposed to do, until the shocks kept coming—over 40 shocks at a whopping 600 volts.

This episode severely damaged her heart and she had to undergo several open-heart surgeries to repair it. It turned out the wires connected to her defibrillator malfunctioned, sending incorrect signals about her heartbeat. Perhaps it’s some sort of PTSD from watching my mom nearly die in front of me, but when her defibrillator almost triggered again today, it brought all those memories rushing back.

She shared with me that she and my dad tried to figure out who was at fault (the company that made the wires, the defibrillator company, etc.) but all the doctors she consulted denied any wrongdoing. It’s really frustrating to know she went through so much pain and suffering and received absolutely no compensation. Knowing the ordeal she went through and seeing no action taken about it just makes my blood boil.

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43. Sticky Situation

So, I'm in a bit of a bind right now. I have a restraining order against me, and guess what? The girl who took it out just landed a job at my workplace. I noticed her in the building's lobby. She’s given me a heads up that if I don’t quit, she’ll get the authorities involved. Finding a new job right now, especially considering my background, seems almost impossible.

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44. Going Above And Beyond

Recently, my wife underwent surgery to have a kidney stone removed. While in there, the doctor saw a bit of scar tissue from the baby she delivered a few months back. He brought in a gynecologist and, just like that, the scar tissue was also gone. They filled me in on this after the surgery while my wife was still waking up in the recovery room. But this was, in fact, terrible news.

Our insurance covered the kidney stone bit but gave a big nope to the scar tissue removal. So now, we've got a $4,000 bill staring us down for a procedure we didn’t sign off on, and it wasn't even necessary for the kidney stone issue. Have we got any standing to argue against paying this $4,000?

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45. Car Trouble

I recently got back from college I couldn't get a parking sticker because my property manager’s office is closed right now. I did manage to talk to someone and got an online permit, which I paid for, and it’s good for several months. But here’s the wild part: my car gets towed EVERY time at 2 am and I end up paying the driver $60 every single morning, even though I show him my decal.

The driver told me the head of my HOA, who also lives in my neighborhood, keeps reporting my car to get it towed and once that happens, I have no choice but to pay to get my car back. And honestly, I can’t help but feel like this might be personal. I’m the only Black person in my community and this guy has made it pretty clear he’s not a fan of my family being here. He's been hassling us ever since he moved in three years ago, despite my family calling this place home for over 23 years.

I’m kind of at a loss on how to get in touch with the HOA or the property manager since my mom usually handles that, and she's always been the one to deal with the towing situation—except for the last time. We're planning to reach out to the HOA and try to get ahold of the property manager when she gets home. And yeah, I’m also gonna have a chat with my neighbor, because something’s gotta give.

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46. Miracle Babies

My ex-wife has hit me with a lawsuit for child support, but here’s the thing: I physically can't be a father. I lost the necessary “equipment” when I was 14 due to a serious health issue. When we got married, my ex told me she was asexual, but down the line, she revealed she was pregnant with twins from another man she’d been seeing. We split up before the kids were born, and that was four years ago.

Now, out of the blue, I get this letter saying I’m being sued for child support. There's no way those kids are mine, and we were already divorced before they came into the world. I’m really stuck in a rough spot. My health is in shambles, and my finances are stretched thin. I'm just scraping by as it is.

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47. A Scorned Man

A new guy moved in across the street about six months ago. A few weeks ago, I was hanging out in my garage, which is set up as a busy shop, and saw him lead his dog straight across the street into my front yard to pee, then head back home. He didn’t see me, but it struck me as odd.

My wife and I have a dog, and there are usually a few dog droppings around that we clean up regularly. I asked my wife if she’d noticed more poop than usual lately because she’d been on poop-patrol duty. She said yes, thinking it was just irresponsible dog-walkers letting their dogs go on our lawn.

My hunch was it was our new, peculiar neighbor. About a week later, it happened again: he let his dog poop on our lawn and walked away without cleaning it up, ignoring me when I offered him a bag. I was pretty annoyed.

I knocked on his door; no answer. So, we set up a discreet security camera to monitor our front lawn and I kept a lookout for a chance to chat with him. Checking the footage over the next few days, I saw him repeatedly letting his dog do its business on our lawn. Why us? No idea, we'd never even spoken to the guy.

When I next saw him heading to his car, I confronted him. I plainly told him I knew what he was up to with his dog and our yard, and that I’d report him for trespassing if it happened again. He denied it, blamed other neighbors, and drove off while I was left standing there.

Then, reviewing the recent footage, I was flabbergasted. Now, he’s having his dog poop in his own yard, scooping it up, walking it over, and flinging it into ours with a shovel. I’m totally baffled. What on earth is this guy’s deal, and how should I handle this situation?

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48. Joy Ride Gone Wrong

I took my Subaru WRX to a third-party service center for some work. When they called to say it was ready, I showed up, only to wait two hours before they told me they accidentally handed it over to another customer. They gave me a rental and said they'd get my car back in a few days. But, the real story was quite different.

When I contacted law enforcement, the staff instantly became upset and stressed. Turns out, a manager had taken my car for an unauthorized spin and crashed it. They admitted this, but I haven’t seen the car yet. They told me the damage was significant and tried to say I’d have to pay to fix some of it. This is where I decided a lawyer needed to step in.

I’m not accepting responsibility for their mistake. Even if they offer to cover the repairs, I'm wary because now the car, having been in a wreck, is worth less and might have issues down the line. They suggested they'd cut me a deal if I kept lawyers out of it, but after being lied to for hours, that's a no from me.

I’m pressing charges for theft, have lodged official complaints with the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board and the Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Section, and plan to sue them for a substantial, yet-to-be-determined amount.

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