Plot Twist: These Surprise Endings Put M. Night Shyamalan To Shame

September 24, 2023 | Phillip Hamilton

Plot Twist: These Surprise Endings Put M. Night Shyamalan To Shame

Life is kind of like a movie that switches genres way too often. One minute we’re living it up in a fun and flirty rom-com, the next we’re struggling to keep our sanity in an M. Night Shyamalan madhouse. I mean, how else do you describe some of these absolutely insane plot twists that go on every day? From heart-wrenching to hilarious, here are 50 of the biggest plot twists Redditors have ever experienced.

1. Missed Encounters

At a wedding of a college friend of my husband’s, we learned that the bride (his old friend) had been in love with him for over a decade. We learned this from the women at our table at the reception. We introduced ourselves while we waited for the bride and groom to arrive. They were horrified that we were there—and extremely worried.

My husband had NO idea that she had feelings for him. She bee-lined right for our table after the "introducing Mr & Mrs" thing—ignoring her family and leaving her husband standing alone. She clung to my husband and sobbed—lifting her head to glare at me. She had to be pulled off of him.

She repaired herself, then followed us as we tried to leave quietly—her parting shot was to stare at my chest and say, "Well I guess I know what I was missing all along!" Her new husband was in shock and my husband was horrified and embarrassed—he was completely clueless and would never have gone to the wedding if he'd know she was obsessed with him. It was bizarre.


2. All In The Family

In primary school, we had a WWI-memorial lesson and we were asked if anyone had any relatives who fought at the time. My friend brought in a picture of his great, great grandfather with his wife. A girl also brought in a picture of her great, great grandfather with his wife. This is when the dark truth came out.

The teacher said they looked similar. She put them side-by-side and looked shocked. We gathered around, and it was the same man, who had kept his two wives a secret. Both had been married privately. My classmates were cousins and didn’t even know.

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3. Great Pain To Great Pleasure

I was transferred to a new division, and within a few months my new supervisor and I hated each other. She was incompetent and I spoke up when she screwed up. She made my life the worst and finally decided to give me a job that she thought would make me quit. I packed up my stuff in a box and asked for help moving to my new desk.

She said she didn't have anyone to spare. I was carrying my box and didn't see a spill on the floor, ironically, just outside her office. I slipped, fell, and broke my knee. I am on permanent disability, very legitimately, received a huge settlement, lifetime healthcare, retired early. She was demoted, then fired, partially due to the way she handled my case.

This all happened a few years ago. Recently when my husband and I were grocery shopping, I saw her in the store. I didn't want to see her, but my husband caught her eye. His response was hilarious. He gave her a big "thumbs up," and she looked absolutely furious. Honestly, I don't feel bad at all. Serves her right.

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4. The Legend Of The Legless Man

I work at a prison, and a lady flew all the way from Nigeria to visit her brother, who was supposed to be incarcerated at my unit. She speaks a little English, but we tried to explain to her that the inmate was not in the system anymore. He must have been released. We call a supervisor, and it turns out he was released over five months before.

She walks away confused and comes back in with her husband, who speaks English much better. We tell him the scenario and he asks, “Well, where did he go? He doesn’t have any friends or family in the US.” We told him we don’t know where he went, he was released and could be anywhere. The guy, obviously confused, says, “Well... he couldn’t have gone anywhere... because he doesn’t have any legs.”

So a legless Nigerian ex-felon with no ties is scooting around the US and no one knows where he is.

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5. Better Late Than Never

Since I was 13, I have had horrible foot pain whenever I walk more than an hour. When I worked at my church bookstore, I would often have to sit for the majority of the time I was there. My ankle would swell up, and if it was really bad, my knee would too. Every photo of me we have taken at Disney or Universal, I am in a wheelchair.

We never really got a conclusive diagnosis. I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, an unspecified autoimmune disorder, and even a ganglion cyst. After an MRI, the doctors finally revealed the disturbing answer. They found a partly fused bone in my ankle. A single surgery was all it would take to fix it, or at least lessen the pain. If only we had known that back then…

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6. Haiti Datey

My sister's boyfriend decided that he wanted to do more with his architecture skills, so he gave his two-weeks’ notice and moved to Haiti to help rebuild after the earthquake. They stayed together. He had bad phone service, so they mostly kept in touch through emails. He would send her long emails with photos and stories of what they were doing.

This went on for a couple of months. But then, his web of lies unraveled. One off-handed tip from a co-worker and a week of sleuthing later, and it turns out he never went to Haiti. He moved to Seattle to be with his fiancé and partner of nine years. She was totally shell-shocked about the news, but I mean, so were we all.

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7. Heading To Norway

I was contacted in July to take a DNA test to see if I was the father of a two-year-old in Norway. I am in the US. 99.9996% match in August, best plot twist of my life.

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8. A Textbook Case

We are living in Florida at the time and my Dad goes to the eye doctor because he is seeing double. In all other respects, he’s healthy. He explains his symptoms to the doctor. This was the early 2000s. The doctor picks up a medical book on eye problems. He finds the kind of symptoms my Dad is describing. The doctor shows him the book.

In the book, there is a whole medical page explaining what he is experiencing, and a picture of a kid from the 1960s. My dad sees the photo, and a shock runs through him. He looks at the picture and says, “Doc, that’s me!” The doctor says, “Yes, those are the symptoms you are showing.” My Dad says, “No, really, that’s me in the picture!”

It turns out my Dad had this eye problem when he was a kid and it was so rare that they took his picture in 1960s Ohio and slapped him in a book of rare eye problems. He doesn’t remember much about taking the picture but he did manage to get a copy of it to take home. And hey, he figured out his eye problem in the meantime.

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9. Nip Trip

For 17 years, I thought I had two birthmarks on my torso. That is, until my girlfriend was curious about them and took a very close look at them. Turns out I have an extra set of nips. Tiny but fully formed.

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10. Tattoo Removal Near Me

Went traveling with my girlfriend of four years, we met an amazing person, all became best friends and traveled with each other for four months, got matching tattoos as a souvenir of our amazing time. Plot twist: girlfriend cheated on me with that person we had become best friends with every night in the last week...whilst I was in the same room, asleep. Found out through fixing her broken phone for her and the messages coming through.

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11. Played Yourself

1991, I'm 19, just signed the lease for my first (solo) apartment, and just got the first paycheck from my new job. I deposit the paycheck at an ATM, another first! I'd always gone into the bank to do it. Two weeks later, I get my bank statement in the mail, and see with horror I have only $1.87 in my account. Way wrong, I should have at least $200, I'd been very careful with my spending.

I'm freaked, I came within $2 of bouncing my first rent check. I'm literally reaching for the phone to call the bank when the phone rings. It's the authorities, asking if my ATM card was taken. I check my wallet and the card is missing; my job at a theater pub came with cash tips so I didn't use the card often. I then tell them I was going to call them anyway because I was missing $200 from my account.

"Well, we've got your card, and your $200, so come down to the station," they tell me. I can't figure out how they have my card AND the cash. Doesn't make sense. I drive down there. Detective says someone (let's call him Bob) pulled in to use an ATM and saw a man acting suspiciously while he was using it, moving back and forth as if trying to dodge the camera.

Bob says the man then left the ATM, got into a car, and drove away at high speeds as if fleeing. Bob then went to the ATM and put his card in, which popped out. Bob then withdrew $200, and then another ATM card popped out. My card. Bob's card had popped out because the crook had left my card in the ATM before speeding away.

Bob realized he had withdrawn the money from my account and not his, so he brought my card and the cash to the authorities and reported the attempted theft. The detective gives me the description of the crook. It made my blood run cold. According to Bob, it was a man, 5'7", brown hair, round gold-rimmed glasses. I say out loud "So, about my height, my color hair, and glasses like mine," before realizing Bob was describing me.

I'd never deposited a check in an ATM before, so I was moving back and forth, following the instructions on the screen, filling out the envelope with my account number, punching the amount in, etc. I then forgot to take my card out and just left because I'm a frigging idiot. I drove away at high speeds because I was 19 and that's how I drove everywhere.

Worried the detective might be annoyed, I didn't tell him I was the crook, I just thanked him and left with the money I took from myself. Somewhere in a box in my closet, I still have the report where I'm both the victim and the perp.

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12. Special Delivery

A guy I knew in high school English class was talking one winter day about how he was late to school because someone hit his mailbox. His folks made him fix it up before he went to school, he missed his ride, and had to walk instead, but the school staff was cool about it and didn't punish him. He didn't have to wait long to get clarity. 

A few minutes later, another girl comes into class and she's talking about how her morning sucked, she lost control going down a hill and hit someone's mailbox. She freaked out and drove off before anyone witnessed it and described a few details of the house. Mailbox guy puts two and two together and blurts out, "You hit MY mailbox!"

He wasn't super mad about it and she turned beet red; it was hilarious at the time the way they both reacted.

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13. This Town Ain’t Big Enough, Period

I graduated law and got engaged to the girl I had been with through university. We both applied for the same graduate program and ended up working in the same office in Canberra. Three months before our wedding, I found out she was cheating on me with our mutual boss, and I broke it off with her. It really broke my heart.

Long story short, it got really, really ugly, and the two of us ended up in a very bitter court case over property. Canberra is a pretty small city and the law world is pretty bloody small there, too, and everywhere I went I bumped into my ex. It was beginning to seriously get me down, and her too. I had to do something about it.

I applied for an Australian government overseas development job in Tuvalu, a Pacific island with about an 11,000 population. It's quite a prestigious job to get, with only two positions offered for a two-year contract on a rotating basis. I was successful in the application and moved on-island to start my posting. Only to discover that my ex was the other successful applicant.

I spent the next two years sharing a tiny office on a tiny island with the person that I quite honestly loathe more than any other person in the world.

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14. Careful What You Joke

My boyfriend used to have a terrible run-down Mustang and would joke with his friends that he "liked his women like he liked his cars: can't run." After dating for a year and half, we got in a car crash that left me paralyzed from the waist down.

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15. Big Dog Barks His Last

I worked for a bank at their call center as a workforce administrator. We had a supervisor with a higher than normal personnel rotation. People would be doing okay, then suddenly their numbers would drop, and they’d quit. In one of those, the guy quitting made a big freaking scene, called him out, insulted him, pushed him around and ended up being restrained by other coworkers.

At the HR meeting, supervisor is going off on this guy, bringing up every single thing the guy did wrong. He was boasting a bit too about how he had to fix all of this dude’s mistakes. The entire time the guy sat silent, said nothing, just stared at whomever asked him something. When the HR rep asked if he had anything to add, he pulled out a tape recording. It contents were stunning.

He just...played recording after recording. Of what you ask? Of the supervisor literally threatening the guy. Harassing him, belittling him, and overall being a complete jerk. Apparently, this guy would target over-performing agents and make their working environment terrible, all just so he could protect his position.

I’m told the supervisor simply stared at his feet and nodded when they told him he was fired. The agent, as I understand it, was also let go, but very well compensated.

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16. No Takebacks

Traded a beloved Subaru for a new Lexus SUV because my girlfriend and I needed something big for the dogs and I couldn’t afford two cars. Fast forward to when I was able to afford two cars and wanted to order a brand new Subaru. One day, I saw my old one driving around. The exact same one. I talked to the driver and he sold it to me.

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17. You Are Not The Son

I found my adoption papers in the family strong box when I was 19, despite having been told my whole life that my parents were my biological parents. Turns out, my parents planted it for me to find. Specifically, I found the certificate stating that my dad was my adoptive guardian. My mom was my real mom, which is why I had pictures of her with me at the hospital when I was born, which is also why I never suspected a thing.

They had me via sperm donor. I always wondered why I didn't look at ALL like my Dad, but I look like a carbon copy of my mom. Apparently, this was a huge relief to her as I grew up because the ENTIRE FAMILY knew except me and the fear of having a huge, loud, Irish family letting something like that slip was pretty serious. I'm honestly shocked they managed.

They were never going to tell me but they decided that for an accurate medical history, I should know that I don't have my dad's predisposition to heart disease. My dad cried when he told me because he was so worried that I suddenly wouldn't love him if my entire childhood was a lie or something.

I laughed and told him of course he was my dad and always would be. It brought us closer. But it also explained a lot of things in my childhood, like why I didn't look anything like him, why I didn't need glasses but my parents were both blind as anything, etc.

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18. The Ultimate Betrayal

For a semester in high school, my English teacher set up this game where one student was a secret killer. Every couple of days, the killer would sneak a note into a classmate’s locker, backpack, textbook, or whatever that says, "You've been defeated." My best friend and I were trying harder than anyone else in the class to play detective on this, especially near the end of the semester.

Near the end of school, there were about 6 students left alive, and it turns out my best friend was the killer the whole time.

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19. Never Lose Hope

This one is good. Literally one of the luckiest and the best things that happened to me. When I finished secondary school at 15 years old, I had such poor grades that I was not selected for any high school I applied to. I had no plan for my life. Then my parents saw that a local vocational school/college was starting to try out combining college and high school,

I got in just by signing the paper. It took four years, but after that I went to University of Applied Sciences and here I am now: product development engineer and working for big company, planning power plants.

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20. Breaking Ribs & Making Bonds

I'll share my grandma's story, which is one of my favorites. As a young woman, she worked at a humble bakery in a small town in Australia. American soldiers were stationed in her town as they readied for deployment. One day, a soldier from NYC came in when she was working and tried to order something that wasn't on the menu.

His accent was very thick and she could not understand him. She was very embarrassed, but kept trying to assist him. After a couple minutes like this, the soldier got very impatient and started cussing and insulting my grandmother, the bakery, the town, etc. Well, my grandmother, a proud woman of small stature but surprising strength, came around the counter and punched that man hard in the chest.

I'm told she broke one of his ribs, even. She definitely knocked him over. Fellow soldiers lifted the stunned soldier off the ground and back to the base where they told their CO the story. The CO panicked about ruining relations with the town and pointed to the nearest man. He asked where he was from (Illinois), and hearing no accent, sent him back to the bakery to apologize on behalf of the army.

The man did a wonderful job and made a good impression. And he went back to that town after the war. And he married my grandma, and they lived happily ever after. They eventually moved back to the States, but she refused to ever visit NYC.

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21. Before It Hits The Fan

Moving halfway across the country, only for my dad to tell me later we had to because my mom was getting into our church's cult.

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22. Number Two, Meet Number One

I met a girl on Plenty of Fish and dated her for a year. She lived six minutes up the street from me, so we saw each other quite often. Both of us were quite introverted, so we mainly only hung out with each other. We both considered the relationship to be serious and exclusive. Anyway, right from the start of the relationship, I noticed that she would text this one guy pretty frequently.

I asked her about him, and she told me that he was her tattoo artist. Just to be snoopy, I checked out the website of the place she gets her tattoos done. Sure enough, there was a tattoo artist there with the same first name as the guy in her phone, but the last name was different. I asked her about it, and she quickly called me out on being paranoid, and how it was ridiculous to think that she would lie to me.

I agreed, it was pretty paranoid of me. Maybe five months later into the relationship, I'm on Facebook and I decide to search the name of the guy in her phone. A profile comes up in the same small city we both live in, but there is no profile picture or anything. I decide to bring it up with her again, because now there are two Facebook profiles: one who is actually a tattoo artist, and one who has the same name that is in her phone.

She freaks out on me for bringing it up again, and tells me that I'm crazy. I agreed, but just wanted a straight answer. She told me that I had nothing to be worried about. I apologized, and we got over it. About a year into the relationship, I found her on Plenty of Fish. I would periodically go on there to see if she recreated her profile, as we both deleted our profiles.

I found a profile that I thought might be hers, but obviously no pictures. I catfished it, and it turned out to be her. She was back on Plenty of Fish and looking for guys. I had all the evidence I needed, and I was going to confront her with it the next day and break up with her...however, I knew I needed to do just one more thing.

I thought that if I was going to break up with her, I was going to message this Facebook profile I had found that matched the name in her phone, just out of curiosity...PLOT TWIST. I message the guy. He gets back to me immediately. We converse, and it turns out that he is her boyfriend. I had been her second boyfriend the entire time.

She met him two months before she met me. She bounced back between me and him for an entire year, neither me nor him knew about each other. He saw my name in her phone once, and she said that I was her tattoo artist. Every time I ever called her out, I was right. Every time she was gone mysteriously at night, she was with him.

Every time she said she was hanging out with a friend of hers, she was with him. She doesn't actually have any friends. It was always him. Anyway, we both broke up with her the next morning and met the next day to have a beer. Haven't spoken with him since.

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23. One-Man Fight Club

The little town I grew up in had these two car dealerships on opposite sides of town, one Chevy, one Ford. The owners were bitter rivals. Attack ads, smack-talking salesmen, billboard wars, you name it. It took one of them dying to reveal the truth. When the owner of the Chevy dealership passed on, it came out he'd also owned the Ford dealership by way of a shell company.

No one saw that coming, including a lot of the higher ups who worked at the dealerships.

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24. Cat-ernity Test

I had two cats. Adopted them at different times, and they were the same age or close to each other. They both got sick and had to be taken to the vet. He took blood tests on both of them, said he noticed similarities and then ran them against each other. I don't understand what he did exactly, but it revealed that they were related.

Yep, like brother and sister. They were adopted years apart, one as a kitten and one at 2 years old.  Honestly couldn't believe it.

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25. Hello, Real World

Grew up uber rich, my dad was a real estate mogul in the European country I grew up in. Seriously no worries in the world, life was absolutely perfect. Then, one day, a bunch of government officials, heavily armed, raid our home, take all the contents of my dad's office, take him away, and now he's in the clinker for money laundering.

Yeah, the money isn't there anymore, my family was torn apart and because I missed being a spoiled brat, I drank myself into oblivion for two years. Now I just function like anyone else: work full-time at a restaurant, internship, college classes. It is just interesting making the mental shift from KNOWING your life will be worry-free and extraordinary because of nothing I had accomplished to not knowing what my future will look like and working hard to earn a spot in this world.

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26. Sleep Twins

Studying abroad in England, I planned a weekend trip to Barcelona with this girl. This is pre-cellphones. I overslept. Got to the airport like three hours late. As soon as I arrive, there's the girl. At the exact same time we both say, "I am SO sorry...Wait, what are you sorry for?" Turns out she overslept too. British Airways changed our tickets for us, no charge, and we got to Barcelona a few hours late.

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27. Change Of Heart

I used to be pretty overweight, around 50 pounds. I'd pretty much eat at a buffet once every week and had absolutely no intentions of stopping or losing weight. Plot twist: One fateful lunch, I went to Red Robin and ate a ton. I probably shouldn't have had that refill of fries, but I said, "Let's do this." Then I shouldn't have eaten dinner that night, but I's just a little bit of curry. Big mistake. 

That night, I had the WORST heartburn in my life. I seriously thought I was having a heart attack and went to the hospital and all that. All I could pretty much eat was fruits, veggies, and oatmeal. So...this is all I ate three meals a day for the next several weeks. Sometimes I would eat some porridge with chicken, but that was kind of the limit.

Any time I ate anything slightly greasy, I got instant heartburn. It was Thanksgiving weekend and all I did was try a little bit of stuffing and bam...heartburn. So, I was pretty much on chicken or fish, fruits, veggies, and my savior...oatmeal. I now eat oatmeal every morning with some apples and bananas, and I'm still 50 pounds lighter.

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28. Sock It To 'Em

I was at a big art show with my wife and kid, who was 3 or 4 at the time. We were walking up to a doorway and I notice a couple of huge, bare statues. I mean, like, no big deal to me, but I was worried about what the kid was going to say because he's a bit of a loud-mouth at the best of times, and I didn't need him yelling about statue junk in the middle of a crowded art gallery.

I realized the worst thing to do was make any kind of a scene about it. No covering eyes or anything, just subtly angling the stroller away from the statues and making a big deal about art things on the opposite side of the aisle. Then, the inevitable happens. I remember it happening in slow motion. Kid's head turns towards the statues.

Eyes widen. Arm raises and finger points. Mouth slowly opens. "Dad! Look at those statues! They aren't wearing any socks!"

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29. My Catholic Atheist Rabbi

Entered seminary planning to be a rabbi. 5 years later, I'm an atheist, a teacher, and dating a Catholic. Whoops.

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30. The Family Tangled Ball Of Yarn

I used to work with a guy in his early 20s who, at the time this story begins, was getting ready to go with his family for his first big trip out of the country. He was pretty dang excited and we were getting the play-by-play of all the things they were going to see. Where they were staying, what they were going to do, he was preparing for all of it.

Specifically, he would need to get a passport, but his birth certificate had been lost. When the replacement one arrived, the dark family secret got revealed. His mom's name isn't the woman he's called "mom" his whole life, it's his sister. Turns out, his "sister" had him super young, and his grandparents basically took him on and raised them as their son.

No one ever told him the truth. So Sister was actually Mom and Mom and Dad was actually Grandpa and Grandma. Real dad is unknown. He took a few days off work to sort himself out, still went on the trip, still apparently had a blast.

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31. One More Try

My freshman year of high school, a female friend of mine asked me to Homecoming and I shut her down pretty hard. Not maliciously of course. I was just a stupid, dense teenage boy. We both went on to date other people and ended up in super long-lasting tumultuous relationships. Three days ago, I married that girl who I was such an idiot to turn down.

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32. That’s Cheating

I was a Starbucks barista before the whole "names on cups" thing was big—or at least, it wasn't really practiced in my tiny store. There was this very cute guy who came in maybe 4-6x a week. A little often, but nothing out of the ordinary. I flirted like mad. He flirted back. It was all great. Then he comes in with his fiancé. I was betrayed and treated him coldly from then on. But I had it all wrong.

A month later, two of them come in together and I find out that he—uh, they—are twins and I'd shot down any chance I had with the single one.

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33. I’ll Accept Immediately

I got laid off from a company I had worked at for over 20 years. I went in for my exit interview and the HR lady said "Dwayne, from a site three states away, wants to hire you." I said, "I'm not moving that far." She said, "You can just work from home." Now, where I was working was a 130-mile round trip commute.

So I got laid off and ended up with a commute that was from my bedroom to my den. Kept doing it for over 4 more years.


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34. Skip To The Good Part

A few years ago, I got invited to a friend's engagement party. They were throwing a huge bash because they were planning on a very small destination wedding. Later in the evening, my friend's fiancé takes the mic and starts thanking everyone for being there. "Sorry, Jen will be out to thank you guys in a minute, she's just having a wardrobe malfunction."

He goes on to tell the story about how they met, how they were best friends and decided to get engaged and finished along the lines of "We wish you could all be there and that we could get married right now. So, we're going to." Out walks Jen in her wedding dress. The party went crazy, it was such a good moment. Great night.

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35. Oh Nein

Gave up learning German aged 14; I was studying French as well, and used it far more often. I remember saying "When will I need German after this?" At 24, I got a job in Austria. The language of Austria is German. 14-year-old me didn't think 10 years ahead.

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36. No Corrections

I used to call my tutor Mr. for the first 8 months of tutoring...just to find out she was a woman.

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37. Don’t Make Me Mexi-Go

My mom and a gal pal went to Mexico for break during college. They had a great time. While boarding the return flight, her friend says, "Sorry, I'm staying," and runs off. My mom hears from her a few weeks later after not being able to contact her at all. This was the 70s, meaning long-distance calls and phones were scarce.

Turns out, her friend had been sneaking off at night and screwing the hotel gardener. She loves him and stayed in Mexico. That's all my mom knows. Hopefully they lived happily ever after.

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38. Anything For The Good Armor

One of my high school friends from Texas has a very strange brother who likes to pretend he's a girl on online games to get free stuff from people, or something like that. After I graduated, I moved to Boston for college, and last winter I went back to visit my friend. I was hanging out in her house when I saw her brother's laptop in the game room open with pictures of this girl on the desktop. When I saw them, I was stunned.

He said they were random pictures he found of some girl who posted on Reddit, but her account was inactive for years now so he was using those pictures to "prove" to someone he was a girl in the game he was playing. It blew my mind because that girl went to my school all the way in Boston, and was in my Econ class.

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39. Still Jamming?

Met a dude at my local 24-Hour Fitness who was wearing a Shark Punch shirt. Since most people have no freaking clue about that band, I immediately decided I needed to talk to bro-out with this dude about his particular taste in music (metal). We get to talking, find out he’s a drummer, lives locally and wants to start jamming some evil stuff.

Awesome! Exchange numbers and all that good stuff. Of course, however, actually meeting up with reliable musicians is much harder than it sounds, despite the enthusiasm. Around the same time, I was working security at a local bar, and met this random cute girl who wasn't from the area but was totally into me and wanted to hang out.

Exchanged numbers and planned to meet up. When we finally did, we hit it off pretty well, but she had mentioned that she’s still kinda "dating around" but really liked me and hoped that I was okay with that. Totally was okay with that because I was also doing the same thing. We hung out maybe another time but then shortly after was hit with the "sorry but I’m kinda dating this other guy for serious" line, and I said I understood and moved on.

When gym guy and I finally managed to get together to jam, a friend of his was there to play bass with us. We get introduced, started talking about random stuff, then gym guy happened to mention to the buddy about the girl he was dating. He and I both started sharing our similarities in preference of people we date and I asked to see what she looked like.

He's like, "sorry dude, she doesn't have any social media or anything like that, but I have a video of her at some restaurant we went to a few weeks back." So he shows me the video. Me: Ah, she’s cute! Him: Yeah, I met her hanging outside of some bar in LA. Me: Dude she totally reminds me of this girl I was dating not too long ago. What’s her name?

Him: Kim. Me: Wait, really? That's so weird, I was dating a girl named Kim too. What are the odds? Hold up, she has a snapchat right? Him: Yeah...why? Me: (I start trying to find her on snap) Dude, what’s her name on there? The friend at this time is looking at the both of us like " oh no, oh no, oh no," and starts laughing.

Both of us at the same time: "Kimber-Sleaze." Friend is dying of laughter at this point, and we both come to the realization that we are the same dudes she ended up leaving/staying with. We still ended up jamming anyways.

Twin Stories FactsShutterstock

40. In-Ex-Scapable

Started dating a girl. Her single mom meets my single dad. They mingle. Hard. Girl sleeps with my best friend. Messy breakup. Now my ex girlfriend is my stepsister. Life is a sick ride.

Animals’ Biggest Power Moves FactsShutterstock

41. Join My Guild?

My mom divorced my dad when I was 15...for someone she met on World of Warcraft.

Mila Kunis FactsShutterstock

42. The Pressure’s On

My father passed on when I was six. My mom told me it was a heart attack while he was out at sea with the Navy. In my teens, I assumed she might have been covering up something bad about him to spare my feelings and maybe he offed himself or passed of an OD or something, because he wasn't fat or unhealthy.

Cut to 20 years later, and seven of the eight siblings in his family have expired before the age of 60 because of heart disease-related issues. I'm starting to think it wasn't a lie.

Memorable Patient Experiences factsPixabay

43. A Wave Of Relief

I dated a girl who lived in a city I had recently moved away from. On my birthday, I drove out so that we could be together/go out to dinner. The entire time we were at dinner she was distant and constantly checking her phone/sending texts/etc. There was virtually no conversation, and her constant texting was uncharacteristic.

It started to give me the vibe that she was either cheating on me or just not that into the relationship anymore. When we finish eating, she asks if it's ok if we stop by a mutual friend's house to pick up something. I reluctantly agreed, thinking it was a pretty selfish request considering it was my birthday and it was just something for her.

As we're walking up the steps to our friend's apartment I'm running through different ways for me to break off the relationship...up until when the door opens and I realize she had planned a big surprise party with a ton of my old friends (many of whom she didn't even know.) All of the texts and lack of attention that I had been attributing to a lack of interest in me turned out to be the exact opposite. She's a beautiful person.

Plot Twist Facts

44. Bi The Way

I struggled with my identity a lot; it took me years to admit that I was gay. 10 years after coming out of the closet, I fell for a girl and it caught me completely off guard.

Plot Twist Facts Pxfuel

45. Free Pizza, Though

I grew up winning loads of free pizza for being a bookworm, not to mention having a trophy case full of academic regalia. Plot Twist: IRL social skills matter far more than knowing what two rivers merge to form the Ohio.

Plot Twist FactsPxfuel

46. Bad Twist To Good Twist

I was 19 and casually seeing a girl. Then one day, I found a lump in one of my testicles while I was taking a shower. Went to the doctor and it turned out that it was cancer and that they would have to remove it. Oh, and I would have to have at least two rounds of the most intensive chemo out there if I wanted to not die.

There was also the very strong chance that I would be sterile for the rest of my life. Realizing that this was something that I might not survive, I ended things with the girl I was seeing and dropped off the face of the planet, as I didn't want to end up being the deceased boyfriend. She found out what was going on, though, and basically insisted that she be with me through it all.

She came to every single 8-10-hour chemo session and helped me through recovery. Fast forward six years, and we are happily married with two kids and our third on the way.

Caution to the Wind factsShutterstock

47. I’m Too Old For This Blessing

I have a co-worker, "Joe," a great guy who has an equally great wife, "Nina." Over the years, and even prior to meeting Joe, multiple doctors told Nina she would be unable to get pregnant on her own due to problems with her ovaries and Fallopian tubes. She and Joe decided that a child-free life was OK with them.

So, she and Joe married and lived happily for 12 years. When they started out, they didn't have much, but as time passed, they progressed in their careers and made a nice life for themselves. Finally, they got to a point that they were comfortable enough to buy a sports car for themselves, something Joe always wanted to do.

It was the first new, off-the-lot car they ever owned. Now Joe and Nina were in their early forties at this time and figured they'd just coast on into retirement. Well, about six months after they bought the car, winter came. Nina got a case of the flu she just couldn't seem to shake. She just felt run down and nauseous, just not herself.

After about three weeks of this, she went to the doctor. The doctor asked if there was any possibility she could be pregnant. She laughed at him and said, "I've been married for 12 years now and haven't had so much as a scare of being pregnant. Multiple doctors said it's just not going to happen for me. No way." But, her doctor said, "Humor me and let me rule it out. Just do a urine test."

Well, wanting to figure out what was actually wrong with her ASAP, Nina peed on the stick and, you guessed it, PREGNANT. So, in their forties and with 12 years of living just the two of them, they were expecting. After the initial shock wore off, they were actually pretty excited even though they had to sell the sports car, since a two-seater wasn't really going to work for them.

A few months later, their son Jon came into the world the usual way: happy, healthy baby. So, they became a family of three and they still are today. Jon just finished his first year of high school, great kid and super smart too. You just never know what life's gonna throw at you!


Kate Winslet FactsShutterstock

48. The Old Switcheroo Gone Wrong

I have one that is straight out of a freaking soap opera and I am fully ready to accept people calling me on it, but I'm gonna tell it anyway. I was very good friends with a guy in high school named John, who was dating a lovely guy named Janni and was madly in love with him. He carried Janni's picture around in his wallet, and every time they were together they were super sweet.

Really adorable couple. Then, one day, Janni starts acting really strange and distant, doesn't answer John's phone calls. Doesn't spend time with us, the whole works. He flat out broke up with John and broke the poor guy's heart. I brought a spare t-shirt for a few days because my shoulder would be soaked from him crying on it. And then it got even worse.

John called me one afternoon after school and begged me to come over because he needed a friend. When I got there, he told me that Janni had lost her life in a car accident and he was absolutely devastated all over again. I went with him to the funeral a few days later for moral support and he was just broken. Spent a couple of weeks just moping and being depressed. And here comes the plot twist.

Are you ready for this twist? He gets a freaking call from Janni. He had a twin brother who we never knew about who was apparently a big troublemaker and had been sent off to boarding school. When he'd been home to visit last, they'd swapped places for some reason that I never found out. Either simply for a laugh or for some other reason I never knew, but they did.

His twin was the one wo had been avoiding John and "broke up" with him, and he had been drinking and doing substances before he got into the accident that ended him. Janni had been off at boarding school, so he wasn't able to make it back for the funeral, and when he did get home he had to work up his nerve for a few days to tell his parents what they had done.

This led to them realizing that the child they thought they'd lost was actually alive and vice versa, which led to some fun family complications, not the least of which being obituary retractions, headstone replacement and lots of screaming apparently. Meanwhile, John and him had a whirlwind romance afterwards in a giddy fit of reunited bliss.

However, it fizzled out after a month or so because John was furious after the reality sank in at what Janni had done without telling him and letting him be so miserable all that time, not to mention letting him think that he'd passed on. I was the third-party observer in all this, but to this day it's probably the most unbelievable thing that's ever happened in my life.

Always Gotten Wrong factsShutterstock

49. True Fate

I was adopted from South America to the US when I was a toddler and have no memory of my birth parents. I had an older friend/mentor I met in college. I knew him as Mike. When I learned that my birth mother passed on, I got a few of her belongings including some pictures. Who was in these pictures? Mike. He was my birth father.

Anna Nicole Smith FactsShutterstock

50. You’ve Got Mail

My mom and I haven't really had any relationship for the past five years for a lot of reasons, a couple of huge parts of that being my having left the religion that I was raised in and her having severe bipolar disorder that made her nearly impossible to deal with. We have only spoken once in the last five years, and it was awful.

It was about a year and a half ago. I drove down to California to visit her (450 miles from me) and tried to patch things up. It ended up in a huge blowout fight and generally went as poorly as it possibly could have. We never spoke again. One morning in May of this year, my dad showed up at my door randomly (he and my mom had been divorced for many years) and said we needed to talk.

The apartment building my mom was living in had been set on fire and she didn't make it out. I still can't believe how hard it hit me. It changed me, maybe forever. The worst part was about three weeks ago, when I was trying to remember the password to an old PayPal account. I had to have it reset and it was sent to an old email address that I haven't used in years. What I saw when I logged in chilled me to the bone.

I found an email from her, sent just shortly before she passed on. In it, she was apologizing and trying to reconnect and make amends. We had been out of contact for so long that it was the last email address she had for me, but since I hadn't been using it for years I didn't get her message until months after her passing.

Online Friends FactsShutterstock

51. Coming Out Together

Parents split when I was little. Came out to my mom and stepdad when I was 13. Phoned my dad up when I was 16 because it was time I had to let him know. "Dad, I've got something to tell you." "Whatever it is, I love you." "I'm gay." "So am I." "Whatt?"

Angriest ever factsPixabay

52. The Old Switcharoo

My wife and I absolutely adore our son. It’s been amazing to watch him grow up—but neither of them know the painful secret that I’ve had to keep from them ever since the day my wife went into labor. She nearly lost her life while giving birth, and the labor was so difficult that she fell into a coma afterward for days. When she woke up cradling our son in her arms, she had no idea about the sin I’d committed.

I secretly bought my son from a human trafficker after my wife had lost our biological child during the birth process. This is quite easy to do in my country, considering that there are a lot of very poor parents willing to give their children away.

Dean Martin factsPixabay

Sources:  Reddit,

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