April 26, 2023 | Delaney Caulfield

People Share Their Creepiest Classmate Stories

In school, we all had that one weird or creepy kid in our class. The one that would sit by themselves and maybe make strange comments here and there. If you can’t think of the one from your own school experience, well then maybe there’s a good chance it was you.

So this list is for you, you creep. Enjoy these stories from Redditors still slightly traumatized by those strange and sometimes blatantly disturbing interactions. Reading these now you may recognize that some of these so-called weirdos are just bullied kids who were just trying to be themselves. It says a lot more about our society and the way we’re socialized that we find introverts that like to keep to themselves creepy. Granted, among these stories you’ll also find obvious red flags of people who are so full of anger and rage that it must’ve been terrifying to be seated in the same room as them. Let’s just be glad that most of these end in an uncomfortable exchange and nothing more. There are also the true oddballs who dance to the beat of their own drum, who are really more entertaining than weird.

Allow these stories to awaken your own memories of classmates long forgotten, both creepy and weird. Here are some of the most disturbing creepy classmate stories out there.

1. Goth Kid

There was this kid named Jarmin. He believed he was a vampire. He would do the most random stuff. For example, he came flying outside one day and spat blood across the ground, wiped his mouth and said, "Sorry, I just had lunch."

creepy students

2. Misunderstood and Haunted

There was a girl who, unfortunately, witnessed her mother take her own life. This girl was my friend and she started whispering all the time and muttering to herself. I called her out once and asked why she did it, she said she could hear her mother and was just answering her.

Creepy Classmate factsBrain Wellness Spa

3. This is Disturbing on a New Level

We had a ginger dude who was very quiet and kept to himself 99 percent of the time. I sat next to him one class and noticed he had his mp3 player on. Asked what he was listening to, in order to be nice and strike up a conversation, he simply passed me his earphones in answer.

He was listening to a metronome.

Creepy Classmate factsSuperMenU

4. The Magic of Nitro

He called himself "Nitro" because he was explosive, like nitroglycerin. He swore he was raised by ninjas somewhere in Russia, and snuck into the country by walking a thousand miles through the snow and hitching a ride on a plane. He sold "Magic Juice" out of his school locker for $100 a bottle. It was just different Gatorade flavors all mixed together with hot sauce and other stuff mixed in. He constantly threatened to fight anyone who questioned his ninja skills and ran up and down the halls with a headband on, flailing his arms like he was doing some sort of magic spell.

He was also the best dodgeball player I have ever seen.

Creepy Classmate factsExpres

5. He’s Still a Weirdo

My grandma told me that she went to school with Stephen King in Maine when she was a little girl. She told me that he always drew strange pictures and especially a lot of dragons. He was apparently the "weirdo" of the class.

Creepy Classmate factsNPR

6. I Would Love to Channel This Kid’s Confidence

We had this one kid that was a senior when I was a junior. He would wear a normal T-shirt and shorts under a suit jacket, carried around a Nintendo Zapper pistol and entered every class like James Bond, gunshot down the barrel after a dramatic turn. "Take my coat, Moneypenny."

Creepy Classmate factsDigital Cortex

7. That’s an Extra Serving of Creep Right There

I went to elementary school with a girl that went beyond painfully shy. She never spoke, and she acted like she was petrified to answer questions in front of the class when called upon. She was really smart, but there was definitely something that seemed "off" about her. Nobody knew her because she was so quiet, it was just impossible to make friends.

In high school, she babysat for this oddball family with a sleazy looking 40-something-year-old dad. On her 18th birthday, he left his wife and married her.

Creepy Classmate factsStory Bistro

8. Just Sounds Like a Typical Redneck to Me

The kid with a rat tail haircut and a knife collection he would bring to school.

Creepy Classmate factsBest Kitchen Design 2018

9. Creep Wants Answers

Pretty sure it was me and I have no idea why.

To start, in freshman year, my photo was accidentally (maybe?) swapped with a preppy girl's photo in the yearbook. I am a man and we look nothing alike.

Fast forward three years out of high school, my girlfriend is working at a sports club as a lifeguard in my hometown. One of the girls she was working with (girl who had her picture swapped) was talking to her about high school, since they both attended, but were in different graduating classes. My girlfriend tells her how I had my picture swapped with someone else in a yearbook—but has yet to drop my name or school—and she replies with "That's so weird, mine did too, but it was with this suuuuuuuppper creepy, like, serial-killer kind of guy. I wonder what his deal was? He's probably locked up now or something, that guy really creeped me out."

I have no idea what I did to creep her out. I'm not sure we ever exchanged a sentence during our four-year tour in high school. I started D-Line on the football team, never did anything else really noteworthy. I am an IT guy, but I never was as socially awkward as the stereotype normally portrays. I have no court record, got a good job right out of college, and am in a long-term relationship with a woman I intend on marrying.

I'm not an idiot, I knew I was not well-liked in high school, but I never did figure out why.

Creepy Classmate factsWeb Design Development Company in Lebanon

10. But, Why?

This boy in fifth grade pooped in class at his desk, rolled the log down his leg, and kicked it over to under a girl's desk.

Creepy Classmate factsSweatpants & Coffee

11. Well, This is the Clear Winner

I went to school with Jean Pierre Orlewicz. He's creepy because of this:

"18-year-old high school senior Jean Pierre Orlewicz was [detained] on November 12, 2007, and charged with the November 7 murder and decapitation of Daniel Sorensen, 26, in the Detroit suburb of Canton, Michigan. Sorensen's torso was found on the side of a road. His hands and feet had been burned with a blowtorch and his head was found nearly 15 miles away. He had been stabbed 12 times.

Prosecutors referred to the case as a 'thrill' slaying, due to its gruesomeness and the apparent lack of serious motive."

He was creepy before this, but this was the icing on the cake.

Creepy Classmate factsMurderpedia

12. Totally Normal Behavior

In one of my lectures, this young man just stared at me, snapped his mechanical pencil in half with a creepy smirk, then just got up and left half-way through the class.

Creepy Classmate factsTeaching in Higher Ed

13. Sniffing is Such a Giveaway

Grade 11. This weird kid that wore Hawaiian shirts every day. I've hated him since grade eight. Long greasy hair, obnoxious, talks like he's super smart—spoiler: he wasn't—and was just all-around weird.

Well, day one of law class, he's basically leaning on his desk, smelling the girl sitting in front of him. She goes to the washroom, and he grabs her pencil case, and starts sniffing it. She walks back while he's in the middle of this. She switched to a different class the same day.

Creepy Classmate factsThe Guardian

14. Those Ol’ Flood Pants

There was a guy called "Pirate Pants" that wore these gigantic purple pants that came down to about four inches above his ankles. I miss Pirate Pants.

Creepy Classmate factsCartoon characters Wikia

15. What a Terrible Club

Not an individual, but a group of kids at my high school would wear tails and pretend they were wolves. They all had their own wolf name, wore contacts that made their eyes look like wolves, and would meet in the woods when there was a full moon to howl at it.

Well, for three weeks straight, a member of this group took their own life every Wednesday. It was strange, to say the least. Here's a link to the story. It was written after the second loss. The second person was at an alternative school at the time of his passing because he had been expelled from my high school.

Creepy Classmate factsReader

16. Not Sure What Kind of Potion That Would Be

Ah, good ol' Lord Taranus. In the second grade, a few of my friends were playing some fantasy game during lunch break where they just pretended to have sword fights and what not and they let this kid in and they play along. For the game, he calls himself Lord Taranus or the Dark Lord.

The last time I saw him in tenth grade, he was still going by that name and he had a full backstory, such as he was the son of Adolf H and a volcano. Occasionally he would ask the stoners to brew him a potion, but overall he was still a pretty nice guy.

Creepy Classmate factsSB

17. Can’t Get Creepier Than That

There was this redneck dude in my art class who usually kept to himself, but would only talk to this one girl who was a year below us. One day, me and my friends saw them making out hard in an empty classroom. I asked him the next day about his girlfriend and he told me with a straight face that his girlfriend was actually his cousin. Not making this up.

Creepy Classmate factsMeme Maker

18. I Hope Rachel Got the Counseling She Needed

Death note Rachel. She wore the same all-black outfit everyday. One day, someone discovered she'd been making a kill list, numbered, of people from the school. Terrifyingly, my good friend "made the cut." Surprisingly, Rachel was not suspended.

Creepy Classmate factsGoals Infinite

19. This Was Amusing Up Until the Self-Mutilation

A girl in my school was super duper intelligent, in all the top sets but would meow or woof at teachers instead of speak most of the time. She would go out of her way to tell everyone how incredibly gifted she was in a Patrick Bateman style. She then became obsessed with a friend of mine and carved her name into her arm. Totally crazy.

Creepy Classmate factsRambler

20. Yep, Sounds Pretty Weird to Me

In middle school, there was a kid named Ethan. There were so many weird things about him.

  1. He had some language problems so instead of learning French like the rest of us middle school Canadians, he learned two instruments, one from strings (violin) one from winds (flute). That meant he was running around like crazy during concerts.
  2. He was obsessed with dirty videos, there was nothing stopping him from opening up some good ol' internet smut in the middle of geography in the computer lab—in seventh grade. He was blocked from using computers for the rest of the month but got back the privilege after that.
  3. He fails classes, he actually failed with less than 50% in some classes yet he's still in the school and grade.
  4. He picks at a bunch of scars around his legs and they always look like they're about to bleed.
  5. I just remembered he sort of humps people. He goes up to me or my classmates—he's really short too—and he just sort of back-humps us and talks about dwarf smut and stuff. See, I was hesitant about adding number 5 because it's the sort of thing I'd read and call nonesense, but it's true.

Creepy Classmate factsNuvelbits

21. Scab Eater

We had a guy who would scratch his face compulsively in our math specialist classes. His face looked like he got mauled by a pack of feral cats every day and during tests, he would often scratch himself so hard he would bleed. Worst of all, he would also pick the scabs and eat proceed to eat them. I just wanted to stick a cone of shame on him or just dump antibiotics on his face so it wouldn't get infected.

Creepy Classmate factsMedium

22. Posers Man

We had a kid who purposely nurtured such a reputation. As a result, I didn't have much respect for it. He wore black all the time, had really long hair, was extremely skinny and wore trench coats. He didn't talk to people except his few oddball friends and if he did he would say creepy things like "I know 99 ways to kill a person with a Popsicle stick." To which I'd reply, "Wouldn't one way be enough?"

We had "goth day" during Homecoming Week, and as expected, he wore a white Scooby Doo T-shirt and blue jeans. He just had to be different. It was sickening how conformist he was to nonconformity.

Creepy Classmate factsBlack Flirt

23. Eggness, I Feel For You

There was this one weird girl in elementary school that got caught with a rotten egg in her desk drawer. The classroom stank so the teacher did an inspection in front of everyone. Poor girl was named Agnes. After that, she was forever known as Eggness.

Creepy Classmate factsHealthline

24. The Disappointing Brother-In-Law

This kid used to walk around in a full black trench coat with wraparound headphones on. This was pre-Columbine, mind you. There weren't really bullies in my high school because it's a small farm town where everyone just got along—as far as I could tell anyway—but this kid stuck out like a sore thumb.

One day I witnessed a kid ask him what his deal was when he had his headphones off in the hall. Turns out he had moved here (Canada) from the US because his mom was a psycho. He didn't get less anti-social after that interaction and I graduated and moved on with life and forgot he existed.

Fast forward a couple years and I move home from living out West and guess who's now my sister's long-term boyfriend? I'm not the protective type, so it's all good I'm just glad my sister is happy, but the thing is, in my opinion, he's grown for the worse. He's soooo lame to talk to. The dude is a dial tone and at every social gathering I avoid contact with him because statements he makes are just so awful it's not even funny its just...air coming out of his mouth. I know that sounds harsh, but I guess you just hope that if your sister is gonna be bringing a dude around he'd at least be fun.

Creepy Classmate factsEveryday Feminism

25. Regurgitation is a Lost Art

Kid named Frankie in third grade used to eat large slices of cucumber in one bite and puke it all up. Personally I found it hilarious but now that I think of it, it wasn't.

Creepy Classmate factsHealth Magazine

26. They’re Coming to Get You Barbara

Where to start!?!?

We had four.

A boy who thought it was a good idea to sing "They're Coming to Take Me Away"—a very strange song about a mad scientist who is waiting for attendants from an insane asylum to come take him away—at a school talent contest. He strode around the stage in a straight jacket lip syncing it and even the laugh. Their whole family was quite unique.

A brother-sister combo. The sister would not speak above two decibels due to some social or family emotional trauma. Teachers stopped calling on her, except one who was bound to fix her and singled her out all the time, yelling and screaming at her to raise her voice. The brother decided a telephone pole looked at him the wrong way and spent an entire recess doing Kung fu to it.

A girl who loved birds so much, she would randomly chirp during class and would flutter her eyes when you asked her "Who's a pretty bird?"

Creepy Classmate factsWallpaperUP

27. Makes You Wonder How Many of These Guys Exist in the World

There was this guy that kind of stalked every pretty girl in our year. There was always something off about him. He had sort of... crazy eyes, bad skin and a funny walk. He always felt the need to jump in everyone's conversations with the most random and rude comment ever.

He was a little obsessed with my best friend for a while, probably due to her timid demeanor and large bust. A mutual friend of mine and myself finally got him to stop around Valentine's Day one year. He had cornered our friend after English class and was trying to make her take a Valentine from him, even though she kept politely declining. I snatched it out of his hand and told him to leave. He pulled another identical Valentine from his pocket. Mutual friend takes that one from him. He pulls out a third freaking Valentine, at which point mutual friend and I physically remove BFF from scene. I told him to leave her alone and not to try this stuff again. He did not.

Junior or senior year, he was on-again off-again dating this girl who openly admitted to having a bunch of STDs and looked and acted just as crazy as he did. At some point, he wrote a letter to a girl in our year about how she was going to be his girlfriend, how he was going to be intimate with her all the time, whether she liked it or not, and how she wasn't allowed to use birth control because BC is for loose women or something, and he wanted to get her pregnant. It sounded like a contract. I think there was a clause about him beating her up if she ever refused his to do it with him. She never reported it because she was too embarrassed.

Creepy Classmate factsIl Mattino

28. Sounds Like Quite the Prankster

There was kid who would do all sorts of strange stuff. He once brought a rubber contraceptive into the Latin class I had with him, and he blew it up like a balloon. A bit later, he excused himself to the bathroom. Came back, and had a pee-filled-rubber-balloon, which he slings across the room into the trash; thankfully he was a good shot because it popped, filling the trash with his pee.

Another time he came into school with one of those body pillows that have weird anime girls on them, I believe this one was the girl from Elfen Lied, and was humping it in the locker bay. He took it to all his classes, and sat it down next to him.

The third incident happened several years later, and I can't even begin to comprehend how he managed it, but he snuck 69 volleyballs, all with naughty toys attached to them, into a basketball game. All chaos broke loose. There were toys on the court, balls flying everywhere, and the band couldn't play because of how hard they were laughing. It was truly the most hilarious thing I have experienced.

The weirdest part? He wasn't a strange kid; he was very nice, social, captain of the track team, knew everybody. He was like strange antisocial freak in the teenage heart throb's life. He and I have since become incredibly close friends, and he still does stuff like this all the time. Its amazingly strange.

Creepy Classmate factsGettyImages

29. Always Befriend the Weirdos, You Just Never Know

I knew a kid who brought a Bowie knife to school every day tucked into his hoodie sleeve, ate nothing but full sticks of butter and cans of Campbell’s soup (which he opened with his Bowie), and always talked about who he was going to kill. I ended up making friends with him, partly because I felt bad for him, and partly because I didn't want to die if he decided to shoot up the school.

Creepy Classmate factsSkewby

30. That’s Better Than Being Called a Pirate

Was not her fault, but a girl in my old grade school earned her creepy title due to having a prosthetic eye. Kids made fun of her since it looked so obviously fake. She kind of went with it and just fell into the role that others put her into. Kind of sad actually. She started telling people that she could see things with her fake eye, like ghost or demons that were around us. I went to a Catholic school at the time, so it freaked us out. Not sure what happened to her after we moved on to high school.

Creepy Classmate factsVerywell Family

31. Simple Error in Judgment

Honestly, in college, I think I could have been that person.

In my sociology class, we had to write our name and five interesting facts about ourselves. The teacher randomly picked and read mine off.

"When I was young, I wanted to be a serial killer."


Didn’t make any friends in that class.

Creepy Classmate factsHuffPost

32. It’s His Burn Book

There was a Russian guy who went to my high school. He was actually quite nice and very bright. But nobody noticed any of this because the cloud of creepiness he carried around overshadowed any positive qualities he had. He was a bit odd looking so that didn't help. He was extremely quiet until he would have these bursts of loud words escaping from his mouth, always finished off with this high pitched cackle. And then he'd grab his black book and leave.

One day, he forgot to grab his black book. Someone took a look inside. It had the names of everyone in our grade and a few from other years. Some people had ticks next to their name and some didn't. There was no tick next to my name. I don't know what that means but I was always nice to him so I figured no ticks = good thing!

Occasionally I wonder what he's doing. He'd be 26 now. What's he doing? Did he mellow out? Get a job? Does he date? Does he still have that book?

Creepy Classmate factsKreaktiv-Office Ruth Bucher

33. Creepers Be Creeping

There was a boy in my high school who was about six feet tall by his freshman year, huge and husky, and shaped like a square and really hairy all over his body, but for whatever reason, he went all four years of high school without his voice dropping. He eternally sounded like a ten-year-old boy.

Combined with the fact that he never said a sentence without going "um" after every other word, he was very awkward to speak with. That was off-putting on its own, but he also had a bad habit of stalking multiple girls at a time. I remember he became interested in my best friend one month, and he'd call my home phone every day to ask me if I knew where she was. If I told him I didn't know, he'd suggest that he thought I was lying.

I was in our high school on a Saturday morning one day. I was very early for a club meeting and no one else was around when I ran into him in the hall. Well, not exactly ran into him. More like I turned a corner and saw him at the end of the hall. He didn't make any move to say hi or start talking, but he began following me wherever I walked. He'd never get any closer than half a hall away. If I stopped, he'd sit down on the floor and pretend he was texting on his phone. Then when I got back up, he would too and kept following me. This kind of creeped me out, so I kept walking and this went on for about an hour until I found a teacher to talk to. The boy left when he saw that.

I guess similar things had happened to a lot of other girls, too. Since he was never very shy or private about doing it, a lot of kids knew and he was generally treated as the school creeper. I'm happy to say there were at least a few boys who were still nice to him, so I like to think that he grew up to be a more social and non-stalky kind of person.

Creepy Classmate factsSend Flowers

34. Jeff is a Stalker

In my college, there was this very creepy guy who followed me around a party one night. Never talked to me, just always stayed about three feet away from me wherever I went.

He later was in a short fiction class. He was one of two guys named Jeff in the class, and our less-than-tactful professor called him "Bad Jeff."

One day after class was over, I left to go to an open house event for theater folks. We were a very tight-knit group, maybe about 20 of us in total. He followed me there. Gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Creepy Classmate factsclothe the tiger

35. Some People Are Just Into Different Things

Knew a kid who believed he was a cat. Meows, purrs, hissing, the whole nine lives. In adulthood he finds he is a "babyfur," and he now poops his adult diapers while purring. Grade A creeper.

Creepy Classmate factsYouTube

36. Small Town Achievements

Eighth grade English class and there was this very attractive girl that was two seats away from me. She had to have been on dope or something because she was bugging out and twitching like crazy. All of a sudden she lets out a loud scream and flips her desk over and just demon walks out the door of the classroom, walks over to the lockers and starts banging her head on lockers so loud that other teachers hear and lock their classrooms.

A teacher at a neighboring classroom tackles this chick and gets her to settle down. And all the little old lady teaching our class does is asks the guy sitting next to her, "Joey, what did you do to her???" Very funny. Needless to say, by senior year she is pregnant and wins Homecoming Queen. Ahhh, small towns.

Creepy Classmate facts102.3 The Bull

37. Buzz is Where He Belongs Now

Guy who used to hang with us in high school, his name was, uh, let’s say "Buzz." Buzz had terrible, terrible acne, to the point of barely a square inch of his face wasn't covered in white pus. So, of course, he wasn't a hit with the ladies. This didn't stop Buzz however, he had problems with inappropriate comments and touching chicks. This ended up with him basically assaulting a girl in the school library which landed him in court.

Now, we didn't know the specifics but we all pretty much suspected it was true because Buzz was one dirty bird. Calling out to chicks during lunchtime "Hey baby, wanna sit on my hotrod!" was a favorite of his.

It went through the courts but nothing came of it—he didn't move schools either.

Around a year later, he ended up with a girlfriend about 10 years his senior. He was about 16 and would frequently brag about their intimate encounters. We saw his girlfriend a couple of times and even for randy schoolboys, she was in the "Not if I was the last man on earth" category of attractiveness.

Skipping ahead a bit, out of high school, I end up hearing a few years later that Buzz ended up in prison for assaulting his female cousin.

Creepy Classmate factsBridge Magazine

38. My Cat’s Breath Smells Like Cat Food

We had a creepy Leo, he was this skinny kid who probably had Tourette's. Once he leaned over to me, took a deep whiff of my hair and went "Hey...you. Your hair smells...like...hair." And then walked away cackling to himself.

Other highlights are his hatred for one particular guy in the class (because "He has red eyes, he scares me"), random cackling during tests, and holding up erasers to people's throats and going "I cut you!” Now imagine all this in this freaky raspy accent for maximum effect. God, I would love to know what that kid is up to these days...

Creepy Classmate factsMANSDEN

39. Umm, OK. That Definitely Wasn’t Predictable

Oh boy, so I went to a small K-12 (about 200 students). A friend found a flash drive full of dirty stories featuring girls in our school, moms, and community members written by a classmate. In total, there were about 40 stories, all about seven or eight single-spaced pages long.

Luckily for us, the friend who found the stories had the foresight to print one out before handing in the mammoth work of "literature." The story opened with the narrator cleaning the pool of our female gym teacher while she tanned with no clothes on. The story progressed pretty predictably for about three pages and then took the twist of the century. The narrative skips forward several months and we find the teacher pregnant with twin love children. Miscarriage ensues, and there were several pages dedicated to describing the emotional pain, before the big finish of the narrator and teacher creating new love children.

Creepy Classmate factsUPSC Today

40. Perhaps It’s Just a Form of Flattery

There was a loner in my school who used to sing to himself the name of whoever was unlucky enough to sit next to him in class.

Poor hygiene, bad skin, Quasimodo looks, all there, but I sat next to him once and after ten minutes I realized that humming noise was him singing my name on repeat under his breath.

I looked over at his work and he was drawing me, too. No notes, no work, just me. On the page before were pictures of a girl I recognized. He must have sat next to her in the lesson prior.

Weird Sammy Slowpence, if you're reading this, you were very weird.

Creepy Classmate factsSeenThis

41. Surprise: People Are Trash

She wasn't weird or creepy to begin with, they just made her that way.

There was a girl with Asperger’s in my class, she was really sweet and I'd talk to her from time to time and it was really quite clear she wasn't normal, the classmates knew she was quite vulnerable and they'd ask her to do stupid things like lift up her skirt, grab a guy’s crotch area, all those really cruddy things. She was 13 at the time, and I moved up a class so I only really saw her during break every once in a while.

She didn't have friends and I would never sit down to eat, just hang around the school gate, so she'd come up to talk to me and tell me how lonely she was, and it made me a bit sad, but as time passed her questions to me got more off and she asked me things about my bra and what not. These weren't very serious questions but I really wish the kids in school realized how Asperger’s works. I've left that school now but I know that the older girls continue to make her do things like smack someone on the butt or something along the lines of that. So now she goes around asking people stupid questions like the ones she asked me and doing weird physical things, all thanks to the lovely, supportive class she was put in.

I just hate the fact that they make her do all these stupid things. When you have Asperger’s you pick up things fairly easily, and now it's become okay for her to go around and hit people, and she thinks it's ok too. Dang, it infuriates me—especially when the senior girls do it, I mean how dumb do you need to be to realize that she's not completely normal and that you CAN'T take advantage of her just like that. These are the people who would go on a Facebook rant when they see something about a handicapped child being bullied and although what they make her do aren't really extreme things it still is bullying.

Creepy Classmate factsElegir Carrera

42. Sounds Like Voodoo

"Creepy Leo." He was like six-foot-something, had crazy eyes. Generally just acted weird and said weird stuff all the time.

One day in chem lab he came up really close behind me (mind you I'm 5’4” tall and had suuuuuuper long hair) and said in a low voice, "Can I have one of your hairs?" with this demented, weird look. I was very creeped out but I gave him one to make him go away. He burned it in the Bunsen burner. What the heck…

Creepy Classmate factsShaw Orthodontics


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