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Battle Royale: People Share Insane Online Gaming Moments

You never know who you’re going to run into when online gaming. Sometimes you’ll make a lifelong friend, and other times, a mortal enemy. There’s something about the anonymity and the competition that tends to bring out either the best or the worst in people, with no in-between—and these Reddit posts are proof. From screaming 12-year-olds to insane psychological warfare, discover the internet's craziest online gaming encounters.

1. Feeling the Rhythm

Playing Halo 3, on good ol' Valhalla. Teammate grabs the sniper and pushes mid-hill with it. Proceeds to annihilate the enemy team almost completely while singing the Scooby-Doo theme song. "Scooby-Dooby-Doo. pop Where are you? pop pop We've got some work for you now. Triple! Scooby-Dooby-Doo. Overkill! Where are you? Killtacular! We need some help from you now. Killtrocity!"

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2. The Skittle Slayer

I played Splinter Cell multiplayer back in the day. One of the many neat features of that game was that cross team communications would only work when the spy had the Merc in a chokehold. You could essentially whisper something into your enemy's ear before you snapped their neck. On one occasion I was playing as a Merc and got caught by a spy. Over my earpiece I heard, "Taste the rainbow, loser," as he snapped my neck. I laughed so hard.

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3. General Junior

I was playing one of the earlier Call of Duty games and a little kid came on the mic. He sounded like he was maybe seven or eight. I probably wasn't the only one who was getting ready to hear about how he screwed somebody's mom. Except the kid is super polite, says hello to everybody on the team and asks if we mind working together. It turns out this kid was an amazing tactician.

I'm not sure what was more impressive; that the little kid organized it all and was super nice, or that everyone on the team listened to him and we all worked together. We cleaned house that match and I never saw him again.

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4. Just Another Clown in the Circus

In the game Elite: Dangerous I was flying around in a more populated area when I got interdicted by a wing of Orcas (very large fast ship, great for ramming other ships). One of the players rings my ship for voice coms and I accept, hoping to talk my way out of a hostile situation. Nope, he blasts circus music and they all start flying at me at insane speeds. I didn't get away, but I laughed in the end.

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5. Come on, Dad!

I was playing StarCraft one day, the usual people are around and we begin our game. The dude takes a fast natural and all is normal on the scouting front. But then he just stops playing. I go and scout around the map and he’s straight up stopped building everything. I just walk into his base and start destroying his stuff while rather confused that someone’s just afk'd in a game of StarCraft. He then messages me not long after and says, "Wow, sorry, my dad just cut off his finger".

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6. How to Enable Sticky Keys

This one time during a Smite ranked game everyone decided to join a curse to communicate better. It was all good until this one moment during picks and bans, one of our players says, "I'll be right back I'm going to mute". Perfectly fine, no problem there. But he didn't mute at all. So, we had to sit through hearing him touch himself whilst picks and bans were happening. And at the end all we heard is, "Uh oh, it's all over my keyboard". Yeah, we lost.

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7. Hello, Burn Unit?

I was playing Call of Duty on Xbox. There was a kid who sounded about 10 and was just kicking everyone's butts. He then asked, “What’s the difference between jelly and jam?” I said one doesn't have fruit chunks. He goes, “No! The difference is I can't jelly my willy in your mouth!” I slowly set down the remote and contemplated life. He so savagely roasted me. I don't know if I will ever recover 100%.

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8. It Was Good

I used to play World of Warcraft in the days before Wrath of the Lich King. I played with this one guy who played as a hunter. He was older than us but was still cool with playing with me and my friends. One day he said he was going to go to Blizzcon that year and he wouldn't log in for a little while because of it. So, we wished him a good time and went on with our gaming.

He never came back; he still comes up in conversation from time to time between me and my friend. We say he's in the big Blizzcon in the sky now. I hope he’s doing well – I know he’s watching over our clan with kind eyes and a wholesome heart.

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9. Gamer Groupies: They Exist

I met a girl through Team Fortress 2. We played for a while, and then she wanted my Skype information to play some more another time because she was leaving. "Sure thing, here you go!" She added me right away. I accepted. She video called me, flashed her chest, and hung up. Never have I been more shocked and pleased at the same time.

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10. Clobbering Time

My friends and I were playing Modern Warfare 2. We'd all equip riot shields and move around like Spartans in the Phalanx formation. Without talking to the other team or communicating with them in any way, they also started moving in the Phalanx formation, and eventually, it evolved into a riot shield fight club inside the bunker.

Two guys would go into the middle and start ramming each other with their shields while the rest of us were standing around them in a circle, jumping. It was one of the funniest and strangest things I have ever seen. The fact that there is another group of friends out there as weird as mine, and that we somehow managed to run into them was very surprising.

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11. Pen Pals

As a brief primer on EVE, in "normal" space, there is this thing called "local" which is the chat window for the system. It lists all players currently in the system. So, you always know if there's someone there. Then there's "Wormhole" space. There is no local; you only appear there once you enter a message into the chat window. Because of this, no one chats. Like, ever.

You could be surrounded by 20 players ready to gank you and you wouldn't know till you went pop. However, there is a thing called Dscan that reveals ships near you. One time, this led to a very odd situation. When I was running around in Wormhole space. I had named my ship "PLEASE DON'T SHOOT" or something similar. I hit my Dscan and discovered a ship called "Oh yes I will". In jest, I renamed my ship to "Please no". On my next Dscan hit, the ship had changed to "Coming to get you". I then proceeded to have a conversation for a few minutes purely by constantly changing the name of my ship and never once using the chat function provided in game.

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12. Buffalo Dreams

The second time my friends and I tripped on acid we decided to play Red Dead Redemption posse mode. It’s essentially like GTA Online but with Wild West scenery. A bunch of hilarity ensued, but eventually we became fixated on another player who had a buffalo as his mount. All we wanted was to ride the buffalo and the player kept laughing and speeding away from our pathetic donkey mounts. It was such a trial to finally defeat the player and ride his buffalo for a few moments, but it was paradise.

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13. For the Sun God!

I was playing Rust a little while ago and started a battle between my friends and the admin's buds (he was a cool admin). It all started when we saw two men strolling outside our abode without any clothes. This being a rare spectacle we greeted them with our arms, and invited them inside. We designed an airlock kind of design on our house so we told them to stay in the decompression part of the entrance while we fetched supplies to give them.

After we gave them some nice clothing and arms that we had found, we invited them to our morning ritual—worshiping the sun god. Every morning, as the sun rose, we would fire off 10 rounds at the sky to honor its return. We even built a giant obelisk that you would climb with a platform at the top to fire from. Our acquaintances followed and upon firing off our fifth shot or so I had declared that the god demands a sacrifice to my friend. We paused and both shot down our new friends while making Tuskan Raider-like screams. The next four hours consisted of five guys trying to snipe us in our home while we tried to counter snipe them. It was a blast.

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14. When Dentists Game

Once while playing Team Fortress 2 with my friends, we encountered an Australian who seemed quite intent on proving he was better than us. He did this by shouting phrases at us such as, "I'm in a club. Are you in a club?" and "Go brush your teeth". Gave us a really good laugh. Dude was the trash-talk king and I won’t be convinced otherwise.

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15. Gamer Rage: An Epidemic

Years ago, I listened to two brothers living in the same house who were on separate Xbox's argue with each other in an Xbox Live Party. They were both members of a large clan I was in. Well, it got so heated brother #1 ran over two brother #2 and they started physically fighting. We could hear it since neither of them took their mics off and for whatever reason they didn't fall off or get unplugged.

Brother #2 started crying. We then hear their parents screaming at them and we can hear brother #1 try to justify his actions, and brother #2 claim that he was unfairly hit in the face multiple times. We couldn't hear the parents’ specific words, but we could tell they were FURIOUS. Eventually, both brothers are saying "NO!" and "PLEASE NO!" and "MOM! OH MY GOD! NO!"

After that, both mics go silent, one after the other (the party screen showed the mics weren't plugged in anymore), and neither brother does anything for about 10 minutes. After, they go offline and we never see them come online again. Oh, and both brothers sounded like they were about 14-16 years old. RIP, I guess?

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16. Wife Her

I WAS Playing RuneScape back in the day, this "girl" pmed me, "Can I be ur gf?" and followed me around all day and kept world hopping when I switched worlds. She wouldn’t let me go. Not sure if she/he was serious or not, but it went on for a good five or six hours. Five or six of the strangest, yet most lovely hours of my life.

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17. A Lose-to-Win Situation

I was playing Company of Heroes 2 and this guy was thoroughly beating me. When I was on my last legs, he said, “Right… come into my base and defeat me, I won't fight back". Then he withdrew all his forces to one side, and tried to let me. What was happening? I had to think for a few seconds, but then I figured it out. In COH2 you play against people of your skill level.

This fool would do anything to win. He'd play until he knew he'd won the game (psychologically), then actually let the other player technically win, so he stayed in the worst league and got to continually whup people who weren't as experienced as him. What an absolute jerk, right? So, I thought “Screw that". I told him he was going to have to finish me off because I wasn't going to end him!

So he starts 'base destroying' his OWN base. So now I'm really mad and I start destroying my OWN base to teach him a lesson. It goes on and on, getting weirder by the minute until, in desperation, I pulled the plug on my internet knowing that my disconnect meant he would register a win and I'd get a lose. Which somehow, in my head, makes me the winner. Then I sat back, took a deep breath, and thought to myself, “What the heck just happened?”

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18. One Last Song, Oh Piano Man

I was playing a game of Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars (bear in mind each game has 250 players). My team was defending a large house surrounded by walls. A unique thing about the game is that you can choose to play bagpipers and various other characters with musical instruments. So, I was running around the house and I saw a piano, so I went over and started picking tunes to play on it.

A few seconds later a squad of musicians come running down the stairs and just start playing with me. Eventually almost the entire team was down there dancing by toggling crouch. Out of nowhere a cannon ball came flying through the wall and the piano and defeated me. Then someone on the chat typed out five words that changed the game. 

“They defeated the piano man". A few moments later someone else typed: “FORWARD, FOR THE PIANO MAN". They charged out of the newly formed hole in the wall and the entire team followed shouting the same into chat. It was hilarious and bewildering at the same time. One of the greatest online gaming experiences I’ve ever had, honestly.

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19. Can You Say Overpowered?

I played Borderlands 2 with some randoms and one guy was a level 70 Krieg. I remember we were fighting some of the constructors near Opportunity. I distinctly remember him typing in: Let the hunt begin. He promptly meleed himself in the face, and set himself on fire. Incredible.

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20. God Speed

I was helping people defeat a boss in Dark Souls. There was this one guy that I had been connecting to all night amidst the other people. After maybe three hours of helping people, I had connected to his world like 10 times, and still no luck! After a while, I decided to switch it up and start invading. Well, I ended up in his world again, as an invader this time instead of an ally.

I was so emotionally torn, you can't communicate directly in Dark Souls multiplayer, but you can use some basic gestures. We had shared all sorts of funny moments together, and become wordless friends over the course of the evening. So now, unsure of what to do, I just unequipped all of my arms and turned my back to him to show vulnerability and trust.

After he did the same in response, we headed into the dungeon. As an invader, I couldn't hurt any of the enemies, but I just went up and swung my sword at them anyways. I just kind of pretended to be his ally, and we made it to the boss door again together. Once we were there, we both stood still for a while. We spun around a bit, unsure of how to proceed.

I went up to him, dropped five humanity items (useful items in the game, not super rare, but convenient to get for free) waved at him, and ran off a cliff, leaving him free to fight the boss. I never connected to his world again, so as far as I can tell, he was able to do it alone after all, with a little encouragement along the way.

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21. Friends Till the End

I was playing The Culling, which is a survival/PVP game where everyone scavenges arms and supplies and has a free for all in a huge outdoor space. Anyway, I was walking a trail when a dude stepped out from behind a tree and started to approach me. I had an arm ready so that I could defend myself, but he stopped near me and didn't attack.

Instead he started jumping up and down, and soon enough I did, too. We basically instated a non-verbal truce and went running into the mountains. We spent a chunk of the game picking up rocks and giving them to each other. Eventually someone else came across us, who didn't take kindly to the jumping invitation. We were both blown up using a remote explosive, and that was the end of it, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

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22. All In a Days Work

I was playing GTA Online a few months ago when a group of four guys in stealth gear pulled up to me in their armored car. They all got out and pointed their pieces at me, telling me to get in. Me, being a quite passive player decided to go with the roleplay and get in. We drove for about 10 minutes while they squabbled with each other about what to do with me.

Then we reached this abandoned lumber yard deep in the woods. There, they escorted me inside where I was forced to stay in the corner. Two of them went outside to meet with another guy (my buyer I assume?). I decided that this might be the time to leave so I came up with an interesting way to escape. Little did I know, it would be the start of an epic plan.

First, I put a bounty on their heads. I called muggers to come rob them, called in a private militia to distract them, and I called Lester (hackerman) to hide my marker on the map. Once they all arrived to fight my captors, a firefight ensued. I jumped through a window and ran away into the woods for a minute or two when I came across this railway.

I could hear them in the distance realizing that I was gone, and they ran after me since my marker had reappeared by now. Deus Ex Machina kicked in and the train arrived just before they got the fatal shot on me, so I hopped into the train and zipped away. They got into their armored car and followed me while I tried to shoot out their tires.

They had just about caught up with me when another player on the server arrived to come help me in his attack chopper. My new friend destroyed the captors, picked me up, and flew me back to the city where I hid in his company headquarters. We just chilled while half the server waited patiently outside the building for me to come outside.

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23. The Weedman Slacketh

I was running a dungeon on World of Warcraft. The group consisted of me, the tank, three damage dealers, and one healer who, you know, was expected to heal people. Mmm, not so much. He was always away when we needed him and when he showed up, he'd only talk about rolling weed. Every time someone was defeated he would just tell them, "Sorry, I was rolling my weed" or something like that.

Eventually all the others just left the group and I finished the dungeon with weedman. After trying to ask if he wanted part of my loot (it was for his class) he just walked around for a few minutes and typed in the chat, "ueosiqxhsjjwkdjw". Wherever you are weedman, I hope you’re still rolling in those dungeons.

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24. Ro-Blocked

I used to play Roblox religiously about 12 years ago. One time my brother and I were playing on a world he made, and some random person joined. They started talking to us, and somehow knew all of these recent details about our life. My dad’s knee surgery, our cat passing, our grandma passing, all sorts of stuff. This freaked us out badly, because we were just kids and thought this stranger somehow knew everything about us.

My mom ended up contacting Roblox to see if they could do anything, but the most they could do was tell us other accounts this person was connected to. That's when we learned the truth. It turns out it was our cousin who made a fake account just to harass us. It was super upsetting at the time. All of his accounts ended up getting banned, because he would apparently stalk people to whatever world they joined just to harass them and freak them out. Yeah, he has a lot of issues.

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25. Guild Therapy

We had a guild leader who lost a son. This particular leader was pretty much a jerk, and he made a few enemies because he treated people like trash and governed his little game fiefdom through a combination of harassment tactics. So fast forward to me joining his group. We were in the common gathering area together, and some people started making fun of him for losing a son in text chat.

So, this poor, messed-up dude just starts crying on voice chat, which of course the people making fun of him on text couldn't even hear. He was screaming stuff like, "YOU'LL NEVER KNOW MY PAIN". It was almost like when Ricky Bobby is running around on fire. It was so bizarre. It went on for a long time, and I felt really awkward. Then, things got so much worse.

Then a week or so later, literally the same scenario played out. Turns out, the people making fun of him were former in game friends of his who he had kicked out of his group gradually over time, because he was a total hot-headed mess of a leader... and this was what they did every time they saw him in game.

Every time, he would lose his mind and whatever we were doing would be cancelled so he could drown his sorrows and rant over voice chat about how nobody could know his pain. It was really a screwed up situation. I eventually left the group because I just couldn't take it anymore. On my way out he criticized me for leaving, saying I was just like the rest of them.

I felt bad for the guy, but wow! I really did not want to hear this guy cry about his deceased son every night after work when all I wanted was to unwind and play some games. He probably needed professional help, but I think I was too shocked by how nonsensical the whole thing was to even bring up the subject to him, especially as a new member of an "established" group of friends. Hope he's okay.

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26. The Good Hacker

The first time I got invaded in a Souls game. I was in the undead church area in Dark Souls 1, and then the words INVADED BY DARK SPIRIT YOKO_IS_MY_WAIFU flash across my screen. Oh god, I think. I'm a goner. I don't know anything. He's hidden, disguised as a container in the church. I know this because he was following me around, like, right on my heels.

I attack him, and the illusion fades. He's a big, massive jerk. He waves at me. I panic and backstab him. 4 damage. Oh Christ. It's a hacker. He emotes again, then drops an item on the ground. That 'item' is ten twin humanities - a veritable fortune this early in the game. He then spent twenty minutes running around showing me all the secrets in the area and helping me unlock Lautrec before peacing out. Wherever you are, benevolent hacker YOKO_IS_MY_WAIFU, I'll always remember you.

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27. The Paper Boy

I was traveling with a friend on Day Z. We're playing on a semi-rp server where you're supposed to try and interact with each other. Ya know, talk things out. Well, we noticed that someone was following us as we looted around town. We had a car fixed up, so we decide to get the heck out of there just in case. We don't shoot him on sight because of the server rules.

About an hour later, we're basically on the other side of the map looting up the Myshkino base. We often check our car, make sure nobody is messing with it. Sure enough, that SAME guy is there again, and he's messing with our car’s inventory. We fire a few warning shots and he takes off into the woods. My friend is shouting over the mic that he's gonna "get that mofo".

He's chasing him into the woods, but I stop to check our car, see what he took, you know? I burst out laughing. Me: "Dude, let him go. He didn't take anything" Friend: "What? Why was he messing with the car!?" Me: "Bro, he filled our entire car with pieces of paper. There's like 60 pieces of paper in here. And they all say "paper paper paper paper paper" in red ink. Literally every single one had been written on.

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28. Working to Game, Gaming to Work

When I played the really old version of Rust, things were pretty messed up. Like, when you leave the game, your guy doesn't disappear like in most games. He just lies down and goes to sleep wherever you are standing. People can easily take your stuff while you sleep, if they don't fully end your life, which happened a LOT.

In some servers people would form large groups, build big fortresses, and hoard all the nice arms and armor. Guys in full Kevlar armour with fancy shotties and Ars would actually go out and enslave solo players who were just starting out. They would say that they would destroy you if you did anything and you couldn't leave because they would gank you in your sleep. They would say that they would free you in the future and let you keep your stuff if you just did some work for them. They gave you a stone hatchet and made you go out and smash rocks for like an hour or so. Rust was freaking crazy back in the day.

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29. Mining for Pizza

Okay, so, when I was playing Minecraft with some friends, I offhandedly mentioned that I was hungry. One guy who I didn't know but seemed relatively normal at the time said, "A pizza is on its way to your house". I immediately checked back in chat because I did not remember typing up my address, let alone giving it to someone I didn’t know personally.

I acted normal and kept playing. 30 minutes later, my jaw dropped. An actual pizza arrived at my door, already paid for. I immediately told all my friends to watch out for him, since he had somehow gotten my address. I have not heard or spoken to him in a couple of years, however, I am still somewhat cautious about giving out ANY information that may pin down my location

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30. The Dance of Deception

Was playing Star Wars: The Old Republic a couple years back and was on one of the smaller planets (can't remember which) at the starting area. A top-level stealth class guy kept backstabbing me whenever I spawned, and, unfortunately for me, none of the NPC guards were stationed near the back of the base where I respawned.

After four or five defeats, I just decided to have fun with it. I didn't try to run or fight, I just turned and waved to him. He stopped, paused, and waved back. We then began dancing together in a glorious display of friendship rivaling Christmas day during WWI. Then I announced on faction chat that I was distracting a high-level player through the power of dance and got someone to come take care of him for me.

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31. Play Away the Pain

I was playing Dawn of War on TeamSpeak one night when this guy got in a very loud, VERY heated argument accusing his wife of having an affair because she walked in the door at around midnight. We were going to kick him out from the channel, but overhearing their fight got really juicy. Then it got scary. Then it got sad. I think he was playing to distract himself.

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32. The Big Win

I was playing League of Legends when this happened. For a long, technical reason, when my game hit the 4-minute mark, the entire enemy team disconnected. My teammates and I just pushed our lanes because that's what you do when you're uncontested. I guess my teammates expected them to come back and when they didn't, they all left the game one by one. By the six-minute mark I was completely alone in a game that was meant for ten people. Don't worry, I won.

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33. Santa and the Clowns

I'll never forget my first time on GTA online, with a friend who had played it only briefly. This was the weirdest thing that ever happened, and I've been playing for a long time now. So, as we were talking someone pulled up beside us, honked a clown horn beckoning my friend in, and then took him to a car park that had five others dressed up as clowns. They had all been jumping up and down for about 10 minutes by the time I showed up.

He took pictures, but I don't think he could work the camera properly. But yeah, basically, a dude picked him up to show him 10 clowns jumping up and down constantly. Then there was that time an undressed Santa decided he wanted to be my friend, and proceeded to protect me with a chain gun for about two hours, without either of us ever speaking a word.

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34. Gained a Life

When I was playing Rocket League on Xbox, over voice chat, this guy (he sounded like he was 17 or 18 years old) I was playing against starting cussing me out before I even hit the ball. I just assumed he was having a really bad day, so I just went about the game and ended up winning. This guy got really upset, and I mean REALLY upset.

He started crying and I kinda felt bad, so I invited him to my party to see what was going on with him. I had a really long deep chat that lasted a few hours with this stranger about how he was getting teased, like brutally teased at school, and how his parents practically kicked him out of the family. I tried to make him feel better, but he couldn't stop crying when I heard a loud bang.

My heart sank. I thought this guy just ended his own life, but he didn't. He said that his thoughts were extremely dark and ending himself felt like the best option, but he said that talking to me made him feel the tiniest bit better. It stopped him from doing the unthinkable. That made me cry, so now we were both crying.

I friended him and we talked every day until things started getting brighter for him. I told him to talk to his family and try to straighten things out and it worked! He left his headset on so I could hear the whole 3 hours of him making up with his family. He moved to a school where he made better friends who are really nice people (I ended up friending them too).

As a thank you to me for stopping him from ending his own life, he offered to buy me something, but I rejected his offer. I didn't help him for material gain, I helped him so he would make it to his adult life. Just typing that got me emotional, but that was my weirdest yet best encounter with a person online.

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35. Getting Munchy

I was playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive a few months ago and this guy (I'm assuming he was high as balls) was just whispering out the ingredients to different foods... Like he would whisper "eggs, bacon, sausage, toast..". and then randomly, again, "bread, hamburger, cheese, bacon, little more cheese.".

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36. Hats Off

In Team Fortress 2 there was a guy with no mic who decided to be my pocket medic (which means a medic that runs off with me instead of staying with the primary group of teammates). But he took this to utterly absurd lengths. He would never heal anyone but me. An ally scout that was currently on fire came running up to get healed/saved and the medic just watched him burn.

Then every time he ubered me (made me invincible for ten seconds) he'd blast Flight of the Valkyries over chat. And it was an all chat server so the enemy team could hear it too. Sometimes he'd turn it on even when he didn't have a uber-charge ready and people would start retreating thinking he was about to uber me. This went on for like an hour. He healed no one else, said nothing, typed nothing, and ubered me dozens of times. Then he left and gifted me vintage hat that was worth like ten bucks, and then didn't accept my friend request. Such a strange person.

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37. Ghost in the Machine

I was playing Left 4 Dead on PC with a friend of mine. We started a new campaign online hoping to play with some strangers but sadly we were set up with two bots. We went about our business but the bots were acting strange. When hordes came they would often friendly fire us in the back, or would run ahead to the safehouses and use up all the med kits.

We had no idea what was going on, it was totally not regular behavior for the bots to do what they were doing. At one point I was low health and a horde came and went straight for me. As I was firing, one of them came up and threw me pills, which took place o

f my arm, getting me beat to a pulp as I was defenseless. It was incredibly frustrating.

We were at our wits end but the session was almost over so we tried to power through it. Our escape was seconds away when we hear over the chat someone yell, "We don't have to outrun the zombies we just gotta out run you!" And the bots turn on us, shoot us down and run off to the boat. Turns out they weren't bots, instead it was two players who changed their in game names to the characters they were playing.

They acted like the AI until they went to screw with us. They played the whole campaign like that and we had no idea (not to say we weren’t wondering what the heck was happening). I can honestly say I'm not even mad. They were seriously committed to it and we were dumbstruck. Can't say I didn't try it out for myself after that, cuz that is amazingly funny to do to others.

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38. The Bare Warrior

Back in the early 2000's I was part of a fairly large raiding guild in EverQuest and we were in the first/second hour of the Plane of Fear. Minutes before attempting to fight the next group the Dwarf tank suddenly goes wild. He strips, throws his armor on the floor, and just books it right into a huge group of monsters which triggers the next group... and the next group... and then the boss. He then proceeds to lose instantly. It was hands down the funniest thing I had ever seen in an MMO. If you're still out there Waruk, I salute you.

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39. The Knights of No

It has to be in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. We were getting our butts handed to us on a silver platter. Eventually, everyone on the team just unanimously decided to spawn as a Knight, shields in front of us, standing at the objective, spamming "NO, M'LORD" over, and over, and over again. No one talked, no one typed, this all just happened without anyone needing to convey anything. We lost, but I'll never, ever forget being a part of the Knights of No. May our impenetrable wall be told in the halls of Valhalla.

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40. A Complicated Relationship

I was playing Soul Caliber 4 online, and played against some dude from another country. After a match, the dude would send a message in Spanish, wanting to play again. I'd send him a message saying okay. He'd then send me a message in all caps saying "DON'T SEND ME ANY MESSAGE IN ENGLISH EVER AGAIN". I guess the guy couldn't read English, even though he just sent me a message in English.

Whatever. After the second game he sends me another message saying, "Good game" and I send him a message saying good game back. He then sends me another message saying, "STOP SENDING ME MESSAGES". At this point I was like screw this and played against some other people. This experience felt like that one GI Joe PSA video from a while back. "Give him the stick, DON’T GIVE HIM THE STICK".

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41. I’m Too Young for This Trash

I was playing Prop Hunt with a friend when we started talking in Russian accents. It became a game of prop chasing hunters, everyone was in on it. There were 12 people talking in accents saying things like, "Come, comrades, we must find the hunters!" At one point a kid joined our server and began talking smack as only annoying brats can do.

We started saying things like, "Honey, it's way past your bedtime, shouldn't you be in bed?" and at one point I said "C'mon, kid, what are you? Like, 12?" And he freaking goes "No, I'm frigging eleven, for your information". And all of us just lost our minds. We couldn't handle it. He left after a while. He didn't realize why it was so funny.

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42. The Siren’s Call

I play Final Fantasy XIV a lot. In this one dungeon, I was queued up with a healer dressed up in the most adult costume I have ever seen. Now, this being a Final Fantasy game, there are some pretty risqué clothes. But this healer tops it all. There is this ability called 'stone skin' that the healer casts, which gives you a kind of shield that absorbs damage equaling 10% of your HP before it falls off.

This particular healer has a small program called a macro which literately says, "Come here, big boy, and let me make you hard" every time she casts the stone skin spell. In addition to that, she was flirting with the tank, and DPS, as they were all male characters. That has to be the best role player I have ever seen.

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43. Quest Complete

I used to play a small Flash based browser game called Adventure Quest Worlds. It is not much, but was a great time killer at the time. Well, I was having a small shouting match with another player for some reason or another via chat. This goes on for a bit when out of nowhere this guy comes in and tries to stop our fight.

His name was Playtodie. He got us to stop (it was stupid to argue over the Internet but you know how it gets) and I kind of played him off. He was a bit annoying. Fast forward a few years and we are friendly with one another on the game. We see each other often in popular hang outs and he's a nice guy overall.

I should stop here and say that I always read his name as Play Toadie. Don't know why. But that's how I pronounced it in my head. Well, it turns out I had it wrong. Like, so so wrong. His name was Play to die, and he was battling some illness all these years I knew him and was not on the winning side. I learned this just months before he passed. He was playing the game just to have fun. To meet people. He was always so kind and helpful, I had to take this opportunity to honor him some.

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44. Guess What Time it Is?

Was playing Call of Duty. While playing Search and Destroy, me and a random American guy bonded over two words: half time. What happened next was him and I constantly saying half time for about 15-20 minutes, while everyone else in the lobby abused us for it. We said things like 'Gotta love half time' and 'can't wait for that sweet sweet half time.’ I have no idea why or how this started, but it was glorious, still remember the guys gamertag as well.

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45. She’s Good… Too Good

Around March/April this year I was playing with some friends when one of them invited a girl none of us have talked to before. She seemed pretty nice and quiet. After like five minutes of her joining us one of the guys asked her if she's high. She said yeah, that she got it from a friend, blah blah. Later she got a call from someone, so she was like, “I'll be right back".

But she didn't turn off her mic! So unfortunately, we overheard her darkest moments. She fully broke down. She told whoever was on the phone that he cheated on her and that she saw him with someone who turned out be his baby mamma and she started crying that she didn't know she was a side chick. Man oh man when she said that all of us burst out laughing.

The strange part is that when she hung up and she went back to talking to us, she didn't sound like someone who was just crying and having a break down. That made me think she was lying to the person she was talking to about the whole thing. It creeped me out a bit because her crying sounded so real and I even felt bad for her. No more talking to strangers.

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46. Have a Nice Day

I was playing counter strike with a player named Bon Jovi. He spent the game trying to convince us that Jon Bon Jovi was the greatest recording artist of all time. He gave stats about record sales, played songs of his on the mic, and was sniping hard . Eventually everyone on both T and CT were rush ending him at the beginning of every round. We weren’t convinced.

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47. Moving to IRL

Back in the day, my friends and I were big on Socom. We had a clan, recruited some players, the usual stuff. Had a nice group of 10-15 people that played regularly. One kid we recruited was named Kenny. Kenny lived on the other side of the country, so coordinating time zones was a bit of a hassle. We played with him for months, spent a lot of time on that game.

One day, he informs us he won't be able to play for a week or two because he's moving and won't have internet. We ask where he's moving, and he mentions our state. We ask what area; he gives a vague answer nearby. We tell him what town we're in, and he goes silent. Turns out, his parents had decided to move to our town. A few days later, we all met up in person. It was just so strange that out of the thousands of people we met, we recruited the kid that was destined to move to our town months down the line.

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48. This Gift Stinks

LittleBigPlanet 2. Happened about 4 years ago. I was bored one day and decided to play some level with a random player. I've had generally good experiences with randoms, so I figured that there shouldn't be much to worry about. I don't remember too many details about the guy, but I remember we blew through the level and I asked if he wanted to build some stuff with me.

He said sure. However, what happened next was what made this interesting. We go into an empty level and this guy immediately pulls out some weird vehicle. This vehicle also happened to have something resembling a canon on it. As soon as he got in the vehicle, he fired this cannon EVERYWHERE. The game lagged hard. I got rid of the vehicle and he'd pull out a different shaped vehicle, and it would make the game lag again.

Eventually, he said he had to go but he said he had a gift. It was a huge present, with a bowtie and everything. A switch was right next to the box to open the present. He left, and I flipped the switch. The camera focused on this present while a message appeared, saying "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I PRESENT TO YOU..".

I'm thinking to myself, "Hey, this is a neat way to reveal a gift", when the message finished with "...butt!" Two giant butt cheeks stick out of the present and begin to "flatulate" everywhere while dramatic music is playing. The gift made the game lag out. My PS3 froze after a few seconds. I stopped playing for the rest of that day.

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49. Mom Fight!

I was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 several years ago. I heard two young kids (maybe like 8-10) arguing and threatening each other. My friend and I sat back laughing and listening. Then, one of the kids got his mom on the mic. She told him that he can't threaten her kid etc. After a minute of scolding, the other kid got his mom on the mic and the two moms screamed at each other for the rest of the match. 10/10

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50. Not the Dog!

Back in the day I was on a random Minecraft server when I left my base to go mining. When I got back, I saw someone inside and asked in the chat why he was in there. He asked for my Skype name and then called me. What happened next was brutal. He'd rigged my house with TNT and said if I didn't give him all my valuables, he'd blow the house up.

To prove he was serious he did something I'll never forget. Dude took my dog Cecil to the window and made me watch as the pup kicked the bucket. A few of the mods from the server were online and nearby, so came over and asked if they wanted me to ban him. I thought it was quite funny so let it play out and tried to talk. That lasted a second before he blew the place up. Happy ending though, they banned him then helped me build a new house. RIP Cecil though.

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