Ordinary People Describe The Cruelest Things They’ve Ever Done

June 28, 2023 | Miles Brucker

Ordinary People Describe The Cruelest Things They’ve Ever Done

People can be messed up sometimes. It may not be a nice thing to say, but it’s definitely true. While most of us prefer to hear stories of positive acts of kindness, there is no denying that acts of cruelty are far too common in this world. Like it or not, cruelty is always present as the dark side of human behavior. Here are 50 firsthand accounts of some of the cruelest things that seemingly ordinary people have ever done in their lives.

1. Parental Control

Whеn I was young, I once had an argument wіth a friend. I don’t know why, but I decided to insult him over the fact that hіs parents had both passed. I went home and immediately rеalized what I had done and how awful it was. I cried my ӏittle eyes out. He came over as I was crуing and comforted me. I still don't hаve words for that.


2. You’ve Got Mail

A long time ago, I got a hold of my high school nemesis' personal email address and phone number. Ever since that day, any time I come across a survey, subscription, or anything online that spams you with constant emails, I sign that sucker up for it. I'm out of high school now but I don't think I'll ever stop. I freaking hate that kid!

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3. He Was Not On The Same Page

In high school, one of my teachers had rented a pager that had numbers displayed along the side. Being high schoolers, we thought it would be funny to page it all the time with stupid things like "boobies" and "69". Finally, at the end of the week, the teacher looked at the pager and was clearly very upset.

He said, "Man, someone keeps paging me a bunch of stupid nonsense. And my wife is pregnant and due anytime. The only reason I got this pager was so that she could page me when she goes into labor so I can go get her". Ooops. I guess what we were doing to him had actually been pretty cruel. We stopped sending the messages after that...

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4. Blog Of The Month Club

I was told by a friend that a girl who tormented me for years was writing an anonymous adult blog about herself and her partners, and posting pictures onto it. Once I confirmed that it was in fact her, I made it my mission in life to share the blog and the evidence proving it was her to all of her friends and family. All anonymously, of course.

I laughed my butt off reading her aunt, gran, boyfriend who knew nothing about it, and everyone else ripping into her on social media over being so stupid. I should have felt bad for her when people at school started quoting her description of her first intimate experience to her in the hallways, but I'm not going to lie. I loved watching her hide away in shame.

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5. Sister Scratch Fever

The cruelest thing that I’ve ever done was something that I did to myself. My sister once scratched my face, but it didn't leave a mark. I really wanted her to get in trouble for this, so I ended up scratching myself really hard to create false evidence. Unfortunately, my mom still didn't believe me. So now I just have a little scar on my cheek from all those years ago, and my sister got off scot-free.

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6. The Key To Your Heart

I once drove my college girlfriend to an on-campus party in her car. As a result, I had her keys. I then found out while the party was going on that she was cheating on me with a guy who was a friend of mine, who was also at the party. I told her to get over to me right away. When we got home, I confronted her about what she had done and told her to get out of my house and never return.

As she walked down the street at night away from my house, I pounded a drink in the front yard. I then realized that I still had her car and dorm keys on me. I shouted, "Hey loser, you forgot your keys!" and threw them at her. She was maybe 40 or 50 yards away, under a street light. The keys hit her in the back of the head and she dropped to the ground like a sack.

I instantly felt terrible, and I still do more than 25 years later. The image of her dropping like a rock under the street light without even making a sound is still stuck in my head. And I think it always will be. And as if that wasn’t cruel enough, I just stood there and did nothing while she was lying on the ground. Even though she cheated, my behavior was uncalled for.

We are good now, though. All is forgiven.

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7. Differing Plans For The Future

I once broke a girl's heart in the worst way possible. I had met this girl online. I can't remember which dating app it had been on, but she was a nice girl without a doubt. We went out for drinks on our first date to a local Mexican restaurant nearby where I lived. We had one drink each, ate really quick, and went back to my place for some much needed alone time for the both of us.

The deed was done, so she left happy and I was happy. We continued this for a while, except I didn't claim her as a girlfriend even though she very clearly claimed me as a boyfriend. I'm not a relationship type of person, but I played along just so I could sleep around with her. After about a month of nearly daily private encounters with this young lady, she calls me one mid-afternoon.

She tells me that she's pregnant, and internally I'm annoyed. Mainly at myself for bringing this upon me. I really didn't like this girl that much, yet here I was, about to have a child with her. So, I figure to myself that I'll just stay with her until she has the baby, then we'll split after and figure out the necessary child support stuff.

Well, a few weeks after the news and pretending I was excited to be a dad, she calls me up crying one day. She's sobbing and telling me that she had unexpectedly had her time of the month and went to the doctor. The doctor told her that she had lost the baby. She was devastated and was blaming herself, while I "tried" to console her.

I dumped her the week after. I told her that I was never really feeling what she felt at all. She was devastated and angry. She let me have a piece of her mind, and I deserved every word of it. I still feel horrible about it three years later. I broke her heart like a jerk that I told myself I'd never become. I haven't talked to her since, but I wish her the best.

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8. Not A Very Friendly Attitude

The cruelest thing that I’ve ever done to someone was when I reacted to my best friend confessing his secret feelings for me by laughing in his face. I don’t know why I had to do that to the poor guy. I could have just politely and maturely told him that I didn’t feel the same way. Instead, I probably crushed his feelings in a way he’ll never forget.

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9. An Unhappy Meal

As a child, I remember my mother taking my sister and me through a McDonald's drive-thru and ordering us each a burger and fries. We were fairly poor back then, but our mom splurged and let us each have the treat. When we got to the window, my sister and I started whining about it not being Happy Meals and not getting a toy.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not necessarily cruel, as a child is always thoughtlessly cruel to their parents, but as an adult I shudder on the inside when I realize how humiliated my mother must have been to have not been able to afford the Happy Meals. Some nice teenager in the window heard the commotion and gave the boxes and toys to her for free.

I apologized to her a few months ago for having been such an ungrateful little twerp. And, lo and behold, bless the woman! She doesn't even remember the incident! Yet here I am having been cringing off and on for the last two decades over it because of how guilty I felt. It just goes to show how strange life truly is...

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10. Not Quite His Style Of Humor...

The cruelest thing that I’ve ever done was when I made a "yo mama" joke to someone whose mother had recently passed. I knew the circumstances and I was old enough to have understood why what I was doing was wrong. Yet I did it anyway for some inexplicable reason. I still cringe years later every time I think about this.

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11. I See What You Mean

I once beat a man until he went blind in his left eye. I had caught the dude while he was trying to rob my truck and he was clearly whacked out on some kind of bad substance. In fairness, he did seem like a threat so I do not regret fighting with him. But I definitely pushed it way too far like a piece of garbage. Not a day goes by where I don't feel regret about what I did.

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12. A Horrible Time For A Heartless Rant

I was coldly and cruelly honest to a woman I got pregnant because I didn't want her to keep the baby. When I was around 30 years old, I was casually sleeping with a woman a few years my senior. I knew she likely wanted something more, but it was just a casual thing for me. One day, she told me that she was pregnant with my baby.

She said she didn't know what she wanted to do with it. Her look was both scared and hopeful. As soon as she told me, I felt an iciness take over me and my whole demeanor changed. While I acknowledged that it was her ultimate choice what to do with her body, I told her that I did not want to have a child with her. It was bad enough—but I didn't have to be as cruel as I was.

I said to her in no uncertain terms that we were not going to get married and that we were not going to be a couple. I continued that any romantic relationship that we had was now over. I let her know that if she decided to keep the baby, and if it was proven to be mine, I would be financially responsible and have a relationship with the child but I would only deal with her at arm's length.

And even then, only when absolutely necessary. I realize now that some of these things were really cruel statements to make to someone in her situation. Then, just to top it all off, I ended my rant by saying something to the effect of, "If you keep the baby, you will be a single mother and you will probably then be single forever". It was so cold.

I got what I wanted but I'll never forgive myself for how I utterly ripped this woman apart at an incredibly vulnerable time in her life.

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13. Two Of A Kind

I recently told my identical twin sister that I see her as nothing more than a person who I happen to look like. She's obsessed with having a sisterly relationship with me and I can't even find myself telling her that I love her. Even just putting this down in writing feels really weird for me. But it’s the truth. And she was not happy when she heard me say it to her…

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14. The Wrong Thing To Say

I'm chronically ill. When I was younger, we didn't know what was wrong with me. Weekday mornings were awful, because I was always in an exorbitant amount of pain and, more often than not, I could not go to school. I would relay this to my mom, who would insist that nothing was wrong with me and that I needed to just get up and go.

This was shortly after moving to the other end of the state and starting middle school, so I became extremely depressed. One day, while sobbing, I angrily told my mom that she was the reason I didn't want to live anymore. Of course, none of what I was going through was her fault, and that's not what I really meant to say. I was just a kid in too much pain. And I feel awful now, because that was so cruel of me.

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15. Bringing Back Some Terrible Memories

In high school, my homeroom teacher was this old Vietnam vet who had severe PTSD. Being the child of a soldier, you'd think I would be sympathetic towards him, but a wake and bake kind of impaired my judgment. I pulled the little firework out of a firecracker toy, and brought it to class for no particular reason.

In class, I got the guy sitting next to me to set off the little popper in an attempt to freak the teacher out, hoping for a funny reaction. Instead, as soon as he heard the popping sound, he just got really silent for the rest of the period and awkwardly stared off into the distance the whole time. To this day, I feel extremely bad about what I did to this poor guy.

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16. The Wheels On The Bus

As a kid, I once swiped a tricycle from a girl in Pre-Kindergarten. I didn’t even want the tricycle. I just did it because I felt that I had to assert my dominance over her. In hindsight, it was very cruel and pretty much accomplished nothing. I just made a little girl cry for no reason. And I have felt pretty bad about it ever since.

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17. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Back when I was in preschool, I had to go pee one time and this other kid happened to be standing right in front of me. So, I punched him straight in the nose. He left the bathroom with a bloody nose, and I went to pee. I got back into the classroom to find the teacher furious at me, and I had to sit in the "naughty" chair for about an hour or so.

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18. Getting Off Scott Free

This happened all the way back when I was in the fifth grade. My class and I were on a field trip and I was feeling mischievous. So, I wrote on the wall, "Scott’s mom is an idiot". When my classmate Scott saw it, he came up to me and said: "Dude, my mom isn't alive anymore!" Then, right in front of the poor kid, I changed it to say "Scott’s mom WAS an idiot".

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19. No Laughing Matter

My friend, let's call him A, and I were walking down the hall in school. Walking roughly five feet in front of us was this annoying freshman who was wearing a shirt that said "Kash" on the back of it. So I asked my friend, "Why does his shirt have ‘cash’ spelled with a K?" A replied: "That's just how his name is spelled". Me: "And why did he shave his whole head?" A: "I think he had cancer". Me: "Is that cancer with a K?"

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20. A Real Pain In The Thigh

Back in my seventh-grade math class, I once lost my temper and stabbed a fellow student in the thigh with a ballpoint pen. Why was I so angry, you ask? Because that kid had politely asked me to stop interrupting him. Let’s just say the people around me did not view my reaction as particularly mature or reasonable. Was my response cruel and unnecessary? Yes. Do I regret it? Also yes.

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21. Not My Kind Of Bowling...

When I was a stupid child, I once came up with the bright idea for every kid in the neighborhood to pee in a bowl that we would then dump on the kid who was picked on by everyone. Unfortunately, the other kids thought this idea was hilarious and we actually went through with it. I feel extremely bad to this day whenever I think about it.

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22. Fence Sitter

Many years ago, when I was in the first grade, my cousin and I always picked on a smaller kid from our school. One day, we hung him by his underwear on a fence post. I’m sure it made him feel terrible and there was no good reason for us to have treated him that way. That poor kid. I’m really sorry, whatever your name was!

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23. Bucket List

As kids, we would catch tadpoles in the river, throw them into a bucket, and then carry them to our friend's garage where we'd fill up cans of gasoline. We'd then put the tadpoles in the gas and see how long they could survive swimming around like mad. They didn't like that too much. In retrospect, we were some very sick people at seven years old…

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24. A Frog’s Life

When I was a child, I once randomly decided to end a frog’s life by smashing it with a cinderblock. I honestly don't even know why I did it. A sick urge just took over my brain for a moment and next thing I knew the deed was done. I regret it immensely now. The poor little helpless animal did not deserve that. Rest in peace, little fella!

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25. Rabbit Season

Back in college, I used to own an eleven foot long, forty-pound heavy albino Burmese python snake. His name was Butters. I owned a fair bunch of reptiles as pets around that time, but Butters was by far the biggest and gnarliest. He was super tame, gorgeous, and often ate fairly large rabbits once every other month or so.

The thing is when you have a snake this size, part of the way you keep them tame is by feeding them pre-slaughtered food. The thrill of a snake taking down its own prey can be an allure for some, and my large boas did that with rats. But I didn’t let that happen with the big boy. I took the responsible route and opted for pre-slaughtered dinners to keep him sweet and friendly.

The most humane and budget-friendly way to accomplish this was to catch rabbits using a rigid pole, in this case a hockey stick, and place it over the rabbit's neck. Making sure to get only the neck under the stick, I would stand on it while simultaneously lifting the body up and away with a turn to snap the neck. Several pops and a few seconds of feet struggle later, the job was done.

Short of constructing a DIY CO2 euthanasia chamber, that's about all I had to work with. It did the trick and the rabbits suffered only very shortly. Arguably a much quicker end than being bitten and crushed to a pulp by a giant reptile. First couple ones were pretty rough for me, though. I broke down and cried a little bit at how cruel I felt—treating the poor little animals this way. But ultimately I accepted my fate.

I decided to care for Butters, so I had to do what needed to be done to give him proper care. I had a wonderful several years with Butters and my other pets before ultimately downsizing my stash of animals. I found a wonderful home for Butters at a rescue shelter. They were thrilled about the massive living enclosure that came along with my donating him.

I hope he’s doing well. And I hope all those little bunnies can somehow forgive me for what I did to them!

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26. We All Fall Down

This happened to me when I was fifteen years old. My buddy and I had just smoked a substance and we were walking to 711 to grab some snacks. En route to 711, we saw an old man fall over, and he seemed to be struggling to get back up. Our intoxicated, panicked minds told us that we should bolt off in the other direction rather than go and help the poor guy. I hope he ended up being okay…

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27. Trickle Down Economics

I still feel bad about this. This happened a lot when I was like six or eight years old and my little brother was like three or five years old. Whenever I did something bad and my parents found out about it, they would lock my brother and me in a room until one of us confessed. Usually, the eventual punishment would be a spanking.

Since I hated being spanked, I would tell my brother that I would pay him a dime to say he did it. He, being so young that a dime seemed like a lot, would usually agree after a little convincing. While he was being spanked in my parents’ room, I would sneak into his room and break open his piggy bank. This is where my behavior goes from bad to worse.

He had a Barney piggy bank that was way too hard for his little hands to ever open, so he had no way of checking or keeping tabs on what was inside of it. So every time I broke into it, I would swipe out like 50 cents, plus a dime. After he would come back from getting spanked, I would give him his own dime back while keeping the extra 50 cents.

He would then gleefully run to his piggy bank to make his deposit, having no idea what had really just taken place...

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28. In Pogs We Trust

You all remember pogs, right? Well, they were basically currency back when I was in fifth grade. This one kid would do anything for pogs. And I really mean anything. I was the ringleader of our playground pog mob group. We promised that kid some pogs if he would do our bidding in return. Man, we made him do some messed up stuff.

For no reason other than our own sick amusement, we made him eat dog poop, punch himself in the face, and even put his mouth on this other kid's private part. You know, all that typical weird and inappropriate stuff that bullies make kids do just for the heck of it. To make matters worse, we didn't even give him a single pog in the end.

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29. Having A Bad Day

I once rudely told this girl from my class to shut up when she was trying to politely make conversation with me at school. I later learned that her father had just passed that morning and that she had probably just been looking for someone to talk to for a bit to get her mind off of her troubles. I feel pretty bad about it to this day.

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30. Give Peace A Chance

I fought for my country in the Iran-Iraq War back in the 1980s. I was forced to do a lot of bad things, but I particularly regret the things I did that I was not told to do. My friends and I almost always tormented our prisoners in very bad ways. I was a troubled, nationalist kid back then and I am glad to be in America now.

I came here suffering from bad PTSD and schizophrenia. Thankfully, though, counseling has helped me become better. Every day, I think about the war and all of the regrets of my youth. If you live in a peaceful country like this, please be grateful for it. I would never wish any young person to have the same experiences as me.

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31. Relationships Are A Two-Way Street

I once completely ignored my very devoted girlfriend for about four weeks straight. Why? For absolutely no reason other than the fact that I simply lost interest. In hindsight, this was extremely cruel of me and I probably would have lost my mind if the shoe had been on the other foot. But at the time, all I cared about was the fact that I was bored with her.

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32. May The Force Be With Him

The cruelest thing I’ve ever done was spoil the ending to Star Wars for a friend who was planning to watch it for the first time and had been really looking forward to it. I’m not sure why I did that. It seems like a really stupid and pointless thing to do to someone. But I did it anyway for some reason. Maybe I thought it would be funny. Now I just feel bad about it.

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33. Getting The Assist

Before I met my wife, I was set up on a blind date with a friend of a coworker. I met the girl and we talked. I quickly realized that she wasn't really my type physically. I did my best to inform her of this gently, then I proceeded to ask her if she had any friends that were my type that she could set me up with. She did, and that's how I met my wife.

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34. Railroaded

Back when I was in middle school, I once found a deceased cat that I assume someone had placed on the train tracks in order to see its body get split open. My friends and I thought it would be hilarious to throw rocks at it and hit it with a stick. I've never been a large fan of cats, but my wife surprised me with one two years ago and that little brat is my baby now.

Now that I have a cat of my own that I actually care about, it torments me every time I think of what I did to that poor thing back when I was a kid.

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35. Phone A Friend

When I was in high school I had a group of "friends," but I knew that none of them truly cared about me. I was never invited to things and they never stood up for me when I was bullied by other kids. So, one day, I decided to swear to myself that I would never cave and do anything to try and impress them again. What happened next might surprise you...

They decided to hold a sleepover party for my 13th birthday and invited a bunch of these girls over who I normally never got to talk to. They all came, and that night I caved and violated my own oath. I joined in with their tormenting to try and look cool in front of the girls. We prank called this one girl all night and they all found it hilarious.

The entire time I felt absolutely sick to my stomach about how mean this was, but I kept doing it over and over again with them in the hopes that I'd finally be accepted. This poor girl had just found out that her parents were getting divorced after her father had had a four year long affair. I will never forgive myself for doing that to her.

I'll also never forgive myself for not coming clean and apologizing to her while I still had the chance. I've never been able to find her on Facebook as an adult.

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36. Quite The Misunderstanding...

I once laughed at a girl when she told me that she had been taken advantage of. I didn't do it because I thought what she said was funny, but rather because I had misunderstood what she said. I thought she meant it as a joke, which I realize still isn't okay. Even though it was a misunderstanding, I still realize how cruel it must have been. I definitely know better now.

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37. This Looks Like The End Of A Beautiful Friendship

Way back in 1998, I borrowed a really rare CD that my friend had a copy of. I promised I would get it back to him in good condition when I was done with it. Then, while listening to it, I realized that I liked it very much and wanted to keep it. So, I just never brought up returning it to him in all that time, even though he was counting on me as a friend to be responsible for it. I still have it to this day.

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38. Aiming For The Stars

This jerk of a girl that I went to high school with had a massive obsession and crush on Patrick Swayze. Well, the day he passed, my buddies and I were sitting in the hall at school and just eating lunch. The girl sat with her friends down the hall and was being her loud, ignorant self. She obviously hadn’t heard the news yet.

So, the following conversation happened. We’ll call her "Idiot" for the sake of the story. Me: Hey, Idiot! Idiot: What the heck do you want? Me: Patrick Swayze passed today. Long pause, followed by my friends and I laughing our heads off. Idiot: No he didn't. Insert her friends confirming said fact, and her breaking down into tears and letting out the loudest wails of sadness you can imagine.

She was pretty upset for the next few days—but we were just getting started. She had also recently dated one of my buddies at the time and cheated on him, so being the person that I was I decided to escalate the Swayzeness and continue on with the chaos. Let's call my buddy "Jacob". Jacob and I drew a crude picture of a rather rotted and emaciated looking Patrick Swayze.

We made this crude image of the late star hanging from a tree in the picture, and we wrote a super awful joke on the page before slipping it inside her locker. The joke went as follows: "Why do they call it Dirty Dancing? Because he's six feet under!" We slipped the picture into her locker with our names scribbled into a giant heart carved into said tree.

She saw it, got super angry, and I guess threw some kind of fit or temper tantrum in front of her locker. She wasn't at school for like a week after that. Yeah. In hindsight, this was a pretty cruel thing to do to someone when something they cared about got taken away from them. Looking back, I feel bad about that. At least somewhat…

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39. Reading Her Mind

I felt justified at the time because the guy was being a jerk to my girlfriend after she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him. But, nevertheless, I once told him "While you're laying in bed at night thinking of her, she's laying in bed thinking of me". After a while, I started to feel horrible for that. The poor guy is probably sad enough that he can’t be with her, I didn’t have to rub it in.

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40. Finally, A Happy Ending!

I once choked out a boy in middle school because some of my "friends" had said that he was talking smack about me behind my back. It was messed up because he started to vomit when I let him go and he was crying real bad. I felt really bad that night and couldn't sleep. I apologized to him the very next day and told him to choke me back to make amends. But he declined that offer.

I felt like I owed him something so I let him borrow my PlayStation game system for the weekend. We become good friends after that.

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41. Read It In Black And White

Back in middle school, I spotted a photo of my friend’s mom in the newspaper when she got apprehended for driving while intoxicated. For some reason, my first response was to call that friend and ask her if she had seen her mom's picture in the local paper. In hindsight, that was an extremely stupid and insensitive thing to do. Also, it turned out her dad had trashed the paper upon seeing it so that she wouldn’t find out about what had happened.

Why on earth did I make that call??

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42. Pouring Salt On A Wound

When I was a kid, I decided one day that I wanted to see what would happen if you poured salt on a slug. I tried it and I immediately felt so bad for him. That was something like twenty years ago and I still feel bad about it. I don't even squash bugs anymore because of it. I just shoo them away or capture them and put them outside. Except for mosquitoes. Mosquitos suck!

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43. A Story That Isn’t Family Friendly

I was walking home from school one day when someone ran up to me from behind, punched me as hard as they could, and then ran away. As a result of this incident, I ruthlessly bullied the boy who did it for more than a year. Every time he saw me and said something smart, I'd smack the heck out of him. We would beat lumps out of each other and everything.

Eventually, my mother found out what was going on and informed me that she didn’t like it one bit. She forced me to go over to the kid’s house, apologize, and be the bigger man. When I went over there, I noticed that he had an almost identical cousin. Turns out I had taken my brutal revenge out on the wrong family member for more than a full year...

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44. Leaving Her High And Dry

I was playing hide and seek with a neighbor girl and her mean older sister one day. We were in the basement of their house and I was peeking when they hid. The mean sister happened to hide inside the dryer while her sister went upstairs, so I shut the door, flipped the dryer on, and went upstairs. I will never forget her yelling to the sounds of "thump! thump! thump!" before the door finally opened and she fell out with all the sheets.

I wasn't allowed back at that house after that…

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45. A Little Bit Of Money Can Go A Long Way

On a Friday night back in high school, we had 50 cents left over at the end of an outing. Our parents were about to pick us up after several hours of hanging out downtown at the arcade and stuff. The question became what could we do with this small amount of money while we waited for our evening to come to an end. Finally, the answer came to us.

We went through the phonebook and picked out an absolutely random person. We then ordered them two pizzas, extra-large, with only anchovies and no cheese. We asked for it to be delivered at 10 pm. So that was how we spent the first 25 cents. With the last quarter, we ordered the same person two dozen roses with a note saying "Sorry for the pizza", to be delivered at 10:15 pm.

We probably caused some poor, innocent fellow to question his own sanity for no real reason other than our own entertainment.

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46. Car Show

Both of my parents passed when I was little, so I grew up with my grandparents. I was always very self-conscious about not having a mom and dad like the other kids did, especially when I went to places where there were a lot of families out and about. One time, my grandfather and I stopped by a restaurant called The Burger Shack to pick up some hamburgers.

He was very excited for the two of us to pick the food up and take it home for lunch with Grandma. The place had windows all along the front, and I could see a lot of kids with their parents inside. I didn't want to go in with my grandpa because I felt like everyone would know that I didn't have parents like them. So I asked to stay in the truck while he went in and got the burgers.

When we got home, I overheard him telling my grandmother that he thought that I was embarrassed to be seen with him at the Burger Shack. I was probably only eight or ten years old at the time, and so I didn't have the guts to explain that I wasn't embarrassed by him, that I was only ashamed that I didn't have parents like the "normal" kids.

My Grandma and Grandpa have both been gone for over a decade now, and to this day I regret that I never explained to him why I did that. He was a fantastic grandfather and was my best buddy in the entire world growing up. Knowing that just makes it even worse that I made him think that he embarrassed me.

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47. Rock And Roll

When I was eight years old, I once got into a screaming contest with a neighborhood girl. During this contest, I picked up a rock and threatened to throw it at her. She goaded me by saying "Do it. I dare you!" So without giving the matter a second thought, I did. The rock hit her right in the head. It drew blood. Lots of it.

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48. When Goodbye Really Means Goodbye

The cruelest thing I have ever done was have my ex kicked out of the country. We broke up and I knew he was in this country illegally. So, I alerted the authorities. I soon learned that they had taken my report seriously and sent him back to his country of origin. I didn’t benefit in any way from what I did, other than knowing that I did something mean to someone I was upset with.

Cruelest thingsUnsplash

49. Bedside Manner

This actually just happened yesterday. My grandma has been fighting cancer for six years. First, it started in her bosom and she had them removed. But then it spread to her bones and skull. Right now, she's living with my uncle, my aunt, and their children, but none of them seem to really care about her or put any effort into her well-being.

Now, she's always been able to do things for herself but for the past couple of weeks, it's been very hard for her. No one told us anything about how things had been going and, when we came to visit her, the sight of her made my stomach drop: She only weighed 88 pounds and was looking really bad. She told us that no one had come into her room for a week and that she had eaten not one thing in all that time.

So, my mom told me that I was staying to take care of her from that point forward. I absolutely didn't want to because this family is absolutely horrible to each other, and I didn't want to deal with their bratty little kids or their incessant gossiping and psychotic ways. I decided that I was not going to stay and I began to pack my things.

While I was packing, my grandma kept looking at me and saying, "I'm so happy that you're staying!" as a sort of desperate plea to get me to change my mind. I didn't care. I loaded my last suitcase into the car and then she gave me the most defeated look I've ever seen and choked out, "But if you leave Grandma will cry!"

And then she just started weeping. I have never seen her cry before in my entire life. She has always been such a strong woman and she never once so much as complained about the chemo, radiation, surgeries, or anything else that she had to go through. After seeing that, I decided to stay. And I regret behaving in such a cruel manner towards her at first.

Cruelest ThingsUnsplash

50. All Is Fair In Love And The Internet

When I was in my teens, I started talking with this one girl on MySpace. I don't even remember how we became friends on there because she lived in a completely different state, but it probably had to do with the fact that we were both going through this emo punk phase. We would talk every day and even got comfortable enough to exchange phone numbers. We soon started talking on the phone.

Then, we started throwing around the word "love". I was a dumb teenager and thought that I did have feelings for her, but really I didn't know her that well and was more infatuated with the idea of being star-crossed lovers or whatever. Also, it was nice having someone to talk to. We would always say how great it would be if we didn't live so far away from each other.

One day, she tells me she's coming to Chicago. At first I'm excited and we plan to meet up, but then on the day of I get second thoughts. I had barely known this girl and we had only been talking for like a month or so. Yet here she was, hundreds of miles away from her home, just to see me. It became much too real for me and I was freaked out—but that doesn't make what I did to her OK.

I stood her up. She called my phone and left voicemails and text messages repeatedly, but I never returned any of them. I ignored her until I knew she was back home. I then said sorry to her in a message on MySpace and started distancing myself from her slowly but surely. I still feel terrible about the whole thing. We were just two lonely kids and she went out of her way to see me, but I broke her heart.

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