Nobody Believes Me, But This Truly Happened

October 23, 2023 | Violet Newbury

Nobody Believes Me, But This Truly Happened

They say that truth is stranger than fiction—and sometimes, real-life occurrences are so out there that no one believes they actually happened. These folks shared the outlandish stories that left their friends and family shaking their heads in disbelief.

1. Telepathic Teacher

In high school, I had a teacher who was really into all this spiritual stuff like ghosts, mind-reading, and so on. One day, she decided we would play a little game in class. She wrote a student’s name on a piece of paper and placed it face down on her desk. Then, she announced, “Without any hints from me, the person whose name is on this paper will stand up".

After a few awkward moments of silence, I had this gut feeling it was my name, so I stood up... I'll never forget the look on my teacher's face. I was right!

I've never been a believer in this kind of stuff, and this incident left me puzzled for years. How did it happen? Did she know us so well that she could guess who would get impatient or start thinking it was their name? Or was this just a trick to mess with me?

I didn’t actually see the paper myself, but several other students did. Some of them even thought I was in on it with the teacher or that she had given me a secret signal, but I swear, none of that was true.

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2. Taken By Surprise

I was all alone, swimming in the Gulf in this super clear water, about 10–15 feet deep. The shore was a good 200–300 yards away, and there wasn’t another soul in the water within 100 yards of me. My folks and my sister were on the beach, keeping an eye on me. 

The water was so clear and calm that I'd sometimes dive down, exhale all my air, and just chill on the sandy bottom. I can manage to keep my eyes open for a little while in salt water, so I’d take a look around once I got settled at the bottom. During one of those dives, I bumped into something. Instantly, my blood ran cold. 

When I opened my eyes, all I could see was this massive dark shape. My first thought? “Alligator. I’m done for". But, it was actually a manatee, looking just as surprised as I was! I didn’t realize those guys could move so fast. Most people find it hard to believe, but it was honestly one of the most unreal experiences of my life.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedFlickr, U.S. Geological Survey

3. Dumb Luck

When I was little, my family had this routine of watching the Texas lottery drawing right after the evening news. I still remember sitting there, and out of the blue, I started calling out numbers, trying to predict what they’d be before they were announced. And guess what? I nailed all the numbers! My family was totally spooked.

They made light of it, joking that I was going to be their go-to numbers picker for lottery tickets from that day on. But here's the weird part. Years later, I brought up this story at a family gathering, but oddly enough, no one else remembered that happening. But it’s still clear as day in my mind.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedUnsplash, Alejandro Garay

4. Identity Crisis

Once, I had a job interview in a town I'd never visited. I ended up lost and figured the best move was to park my car and ask a passerby for directions. I approached this elderly gentleman I’d never met before and inquired about the location of the company I was interviewing with. 

He kindly gave me the directions, but then things took a bizarre turn. He said, “You’re welcome,” and called me by my full name! I was stunned—I hadn’t told him my name, and I just stood there, baffled, while he chuckled and wandered off into a nearby store. I’ve got a pretty unique name, so there’s no way he could’ve just guessed it.

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5. Always On My Mind

Back in the summer of '87, I found myself in a little bar in a small village in New York, right outside West Point. It was a quiet midweek night, just me and the bartender hanging out. Then, Willie Nelson walks in! He joins us and we shared a couple of hours chatting over drinks. 

At the time, he was super famous, and he was my favorite singer. I’d just finished his autobiography a few weeks prior. I'm usually talkative, but that day, I was utterly speechless. No one believed my story then, and I bet some still don’t.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedFlickr, John P.

6. Stop The Music!

So, when I was in university, living in the residence halls, I had this crazy incident. I was trying to put a CD back in its case, but oops, dropped it. Now, here’s the wild part—it didn’t land on the top or the shiny bottom, but on its SIDE. And it starts rolling towards the open door, then makes a sharp right turn out of nowhere!

It keeps rolling in a perfectly straight line, going 40 feet down the hallway, and where does it stop? Right in a puddle of barf from the night before, shiny side down.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

7. Great Minds Think Alike

So, one day, my dad and I drove around 20 miles to the countryside. He wanted to visit a buddy of his who had a river flowing through his land to talk about fishing stuff. This friend also had a little shop that sold various trinkets and ornaments. Now, my dad is known for being super tight with money; he hardly ever buys anything. I had to BEG him to let me pick out a gift.

He finally agreed, but only to one item. I chose this little blue-ish Viking statue. It was part of a set, but there was no way he'd let me get the female Viking too, just the one. What happened next totally blew my mind.

When I got back home, my mom mentioned she’d been out driving that day with her partner and had stopped at a quaint little gift shop. And guess what she bought? A female Viking statue! It turned out to be the matching half of the set. 

Happy kid is holding a present in hands on yellow background.master1305, Freepik

8. In Charge Of Saving My Dog

One night, while my husband was at work, I let my dog out in our backyard. Our old rental house didn’t have any backyard lights, so I’d shine a flashlight through the living room windows to keep an eye on him. So there I was, watching my dog, when suddenly, he stopped and stared at something. 

I quickly aimed the flashlight in the direction he was looking. Less than 10 feet away was a grizzly bear, locking eyes with my dog, with just a thin chicken wire fence between them. My mind raced to the safe upstairs, but I knew there was no time. So, believe it or not, I hatched this crazy plan. 

I bolted outside, stomped towards the bear, waved my arms to appear bigger, and shone the flashlight to blind it. I shouted as deep and loud as I could, “Go away, bear! Leave him alone! Get out of here”! Surprisingly, the bear got spooked and took off into the night. I dashed to my dog, grabbed him, rushed him inside, and locked the door. 

Just that same month, another dog in town wasn’t as lucky and got ended by a bear during a nighttime outing. I’ve kind of stopped sharing this story because people either don’t believe I’d actually run at a bear or they think I’m nuts, but hey, I love my dog.

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9. The Gamble That Paid Off

A bunch of years back, in my mid-20s, a buddy invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her in Laughlin, Nevada, since she didn’t have anyone else to chill with. Being a single guy with no other plans, I thought, why not, and made the lengthy drive there. So there I am, late at night, a total rookie at the dice table, rolling dice with this super cute girl. I was totally punching above my weight.

I was enjoying quite a few drinks, winning big, and having a blast. She was on another level, making bets I’d never even heard of. One thing led to another, and next thing I know, I’m back in her room. The following morning, over breakfast, she casually flips through her photos in Play boy magazine. After our goodbyes, I never saw her again.

That was the only one-night stand I’ve ever had. Just an average Joe who had an unexpected night with a Playmate. I’ve shared this with only a handful of people, but, unsurprisingly, they were skeptical. So, I mostly kept it to myself. I mean, I get it; it does sound like a tale straight out of a guy’s wishful thinking.

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10. Sink Or Swim

So it was the Fourth of July, and I decided to join my younger cousins for a swim. They were over the moon because a "big kid" was swimming with them! I dove into the pool, and they all excitedly piled on top of me. In their excitement, they were pushing me down, and I was struggling to reach the surface. That's when things took a turn for the worse. 

I remember briefly blacking out and thinking, "I'm not going out in a swimming pool!" Doing the only thing I could think of, I went against my instincts and dove deeper into the deep end. Eventually, I managed to wriggle out from under my cousins and haul myself out of the pool. My parents, aunts, and uncles were all around but didn’t notice a thing. 

To this day, they insist it never happened, saying they would have seen it.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

11. Going In Circles

One evening, I was heading out to meet some friends for dinner after work. We had set a specific time to meet, and as I clocked out from work, I kept an eye on the time. Given my usual half-hour commute, I knew I’d be a tad late. I embarked on my regular route to their place, which was pretty straightforward. 

About 20 minutes into the drive, I realized the road started to look a bit unfamiliar. Trying to make sense of it, I squinted at street signs and opted to take the next turn that came my way. I drove down this road for an extra 10 minutes and, to my surprise, landed back on the main road—the very same one connecting my workplace to my friend’s house. 

Based on my location, I still had another 20-minute drive ahead. The puzzling part? I hadn’t made any turns initially and couldn’t figure out how I ended up there. My buddies reckoned I must’ve been driving on auto-pilot or dozed off behind the wheel.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

12. Vision Impossible

One morning when I was around 10, I woke up earlier than the rest of my family and wandered into the living room. From there, I could see my younger brother—my only sibling—sitting at the dining table, his back towards me. It seemed like he was busy drawing or coloring. I asked him something like, “Good morning, whatcha doing?”

He continued drawing, not responding or turning around. For a brief moment, I moved past a column separating the dining area and the kitchen. When I glanced back at him after passing the column, he had vanished. A shiver ran down my spine. The crayons and paper were still there, but no sign of him. 

I paused, feeling a mix of confusion and fear, called out his name, and when there was no response, I ran to my parents’ bedroom, spooked. Both my parents and my brother were sound asleep. Turns out, my brother had had a nightmare and had joined my parents for the night. 

Given the layout of our house, there was no way he could have snuck past me and pretended to be asleep in their room that quickly. My parents have always been skeptical about my story, thinking maybe I dreamt it, and to this day, my brother insists he was never in the dining room that morning.

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13. Greetings From Beyond

One time, I was hanging out in a room with no windows, just me and my aunt’s dog, when suddenly the shadow of a man with a big belly moved slowly across the wall, just 3-4 feet from me. It kept moving towards the door and then disappeared. I knew I wasn’t imagining things because the dog was following the shadow with its head too. 

After that, I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to my aunt’s house. She brushed it off, saying it was normal, and that her deceased relatives drop by to say hi every once in a while.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

14. Lost In Space?

I was on a drive with a buddy, heading to another friend’s place. We'd been there several times at night, so we knew the route pretty well, especially since my friend’s house was right by the beach, next to a road lined with palm trees. 

It usually took us about 20 minutes to get there. But this one time, out of the blue, we came across a roundabout we’d never seen before. We were totally baffled. We kept driving for a few more minutes before deciding to turn back. After 45 minutes on the road, we finally spotted our friend’s house. 

We got there completely spooked by the whole experience and, to this day, we still don’t have an explanation. A few days later, we drove the same route again and everything was back to normal; we made it there in the usual 20 minutes. It felt like we had been “lost in space” for a while.

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15. Bad News Bear

When I was just five, I went on a camping trip with my dad, uncle, and grandad. One sunny morning, the family in the next tent over left their breakfast on the picnic table and wandered off for a hike. And guess what? A bear strolled in, hopped on the table, and helped itself to the feast.

Me, being a curious five-year-old, tried to approach and pet the bear until my dad swiftly grabbed me. I was only about 10 feet away from it—but it gets crazier. After a while, someone arrived and shooed the bear away. The bear LEAPT off the side of a cliff and slid down the mountain as if it were a slide.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedFlickr, ucumari photography

16. Rest Stop Reverie

So, when I was around 12, I dozed off during a road trip. In my dream, we were pulling into a rest stop with a lovely pond and a vending machine stocked with Fruitopia. When I woke up, we were still on the road, but I was in for a surprise.

My dad announced he was taking the next exit. And, in about ten minutes, it turned out to be the very same exit I saw in my dream.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

17. The Almighty Dollar

In the summer of 2020, I had to say goodbye to my dog, and it plunged me into a deep sadness. Every day, I'd try to escape the pain by using substances and drinking, especially after work. By February 2021, I found myself having a long, heart-to-heart phone call with an old buddy. 

We spent hours catching up, and I shared how I was struggling with losing my dog. He'd been through something similar, so we really connected over the experience, talking about how tough it was to handle the grief.

I remember telling him, “I feel so empty, like nothing matters anymore. I could walk past a $5 bill on the street and not even bother to pick it up”. He totally got what I was saying. After a while, he had to hang up, but that conversation stuck with me. Later, I went out for some grocery shopping.

While I was at the store, this heaviness settled in my chest. My heart raced, and I had to take some deep breaths to avoid a full-on panic attack. Once I felt a bit better, I finished up and started heading home. I usually take the same route, but this time, nature called, and I had to detour to find a discreet spot behind a snow bank. Afterwards, I continued in that direction towards home.

That's when I saw something that stopped me in my tracks—a $5 bill right there on the sidewalk. It immediately brought me back to the conversation with my friend. So, I picked it up, took a photo, and texted it to him, saying, "Look what I found". He couldn't believe it. 

I felt like it was a sign from my dog, encouraging me to move forward. That night, I cried until the sun came up. Things didn't change overnight, but it was a significant turning point for me. The next month, I started therapy again, quit my unfulfilling job a couple of months later, began a new relationship in the fall after five years of being single, and by the end of 2021, I was in a better apartment. 

I’ve shared this story with a few people, but most seem to think I’m embellishing.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedFlickr, Steven Pisano

18. The Eye Of The Storm

Back when I was a kid, I lived in a cozy little house with my mom, godmother, little sister, and my godmother's three kids. We were just down the street from my grandparents’ place. Being the oldest, I often looked after the younger kids. 

One day, a pretty nasty storm hit, and we lost power. So, I rounded up all the kids, had them hold hands, and led them to our grandparents' house to be with the adults. A little later, my mom and godmother burst into the house, tears streaming down their faces, panicking, saying the kids were trapped inside our house. 

They told us they could hear the little ones crying inside, but couldn’t get the door open, and there was no response from the older kids. They were beside themselves with worry, and I stepped forward, trying to understand what was going on. 

My godmother's mom was baffled, saying, "What are you talking about? The kids have been here since the power went out". To this day, some 25 years later, this memory still leaves my mom and godmother feeling uneasy.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

19. If Pigs Could Fly

So, there was this toy pig that an elderly couple gifted to me and my roommates. We used to playfully toss it around at each other. Then one day, it just vanished. We were sure we had thrown it in a corner of my bedroom, but nope, it wasn’t there. 

A few days later, it mysteriously turned up on the top shelf in the kitchen, a spot only I could reach. For the next month or two, this little toy pig kept pulling a Houdini on us, disappearing and reappearing in the most random spots.

We all pointed fingers at each other, thinking someone was playing pranks—until one day, the pig pulled another disappearing act from the front room. We had all stepped out to grab some stuff from the store. When we returned, there it was, sitting on the sidewalk right in front of our house. 

After I moved out, one of my roommates, convinced the toy pig was haunted, threw it away.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

20. A Visit To The North Pole

I was out thrift shopping with my three little munchkins, and we decided to grab some food at a Chinese place afterward. We met this really sweet couple there, and they started telling us about their neighbor’s house, which was supposedly decorated like a Christmas wonderland, inside and out. 

Intrigued, I got the address and directions from them, and off we went to find this festive spectacle. We eventually found the house, all bright and twinkling, parked the car, and were met by a friendly older gentleman outside. He asked us to wait a bit to check if Santa was home. 

We hung out on the porch, and soon Mrs Claus came out to welcome us. My older kids, who were four and two at the time, were handed candy canes and given a grand tour of the house. Every room had a theme, with multiple Christmas trees, dolls, trains, and decorations filling every nook and cranny of the huge place—they must have spent a fortune.

I didn’t have a camera with me that day, and back then, our phones weren’t equipped with cameras, so the only proof I have is the somewhat fuzzy memories of my oldest. When I got home and shared the story, my hubby looked at me like I’d gone a little loopy.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

21. A Long Way From Home

Back when I was in first grade, I had quite an adventure. It was 7 pm, and since no one had come to pick me up, the principal let me walk to my grandparents' house. When my mom finally showed up and didn’t find me at the kindergarten doors, she rushed to my grandparents' place to check. 

But by the time I got to my grandparents', there was no one there. So, I decided to trek about 4 miles to our apartment complex, only to find that my mom had gone back to the school. Finding the apartment empty, I thought, "Well, I know the way to mom’s workplace," and set off on a 9-mile walk to the mall where my mom worked as a dental assistant. 

On the way there, I saw something pretty shocking—a car flipped over right in front of me after being hit at full speed and collided with the traffic light while I was crossing. I shrugged it off and continued to my mom’s workplace, but it was closed.

Luckily, a friend of mine was there because his mom had some business in the area. His mom spotted me, whipped out one of those early cell phones, and called my grandmother’s landline—that’s where my mom happened to be at that time. 

Turns out, there was an Amber Alert out for me, and believe it or not, I’m the reason the elementary schools in my area now have a strict policy of not letting kids out until a guardian comes to pick them up. And the twist in the tale? I work as a teacher for that same school board now.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

22. Bobbing For Breaths

When we were kids, we used to hang out at my uncle’s vacation home. One day, I was in the swimming pool, sitting in an inflatable boat with floaters on my arms, just having fun. Eventually, I thought, “I don’t need these floaters!” and took them off. BIG MISTAKE.

I continued playing in the boat until it tipped over, plunging me underwater, hidden beneath the boat. I wasn’t panicking or drowning, thanks to my dad teaching me to stay calm in water. He’d told me to take whatever air I could, release my breath underwater, touch the pool’s bottom, push up, and grab more air until I could get to the edge. 

Meanwhile, my younger brother, who was four and had gorgeous, long, curly blonde hair, was caught up in his own little drama. He’d found a lighter on a table and, while playing with it, accidentally set his hair on fire. My uncle, thinking quickly and seeing the pool nearby, grabbed my brother and tossed him into the water before jumping in to rescue him. 

Once they were out of the water, my mom, looking around, asked, “Where’s your sister?” My uncle turned, spotted the flipped boat, and saw my head bumping against it every few seconds, giving away my location. Nobody ever believed this tale, but it remains my favorite memory of my uncle.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

23. Starstruck

I’m from Canada and years ago, I had this unexpected encounter in a hotel elevator. When I stepped in, I was taken aback—there stood Brad Pitt with a bodyguard. I let out a surprised “Oh,” and started to back out, but Pitt was really friendly. He said, “Hey, don’t worry, come on in,” flashing a warm smile.

Seeing that I looked a bit anxious, he extended a handshake and introduced himself, saying, “Hi, I’m Brad". I reciprocated and we exchanged a few words about our day. When the elevator reached my floor and I stepped out, he left me with a friendly, “Pleasure to meet you, Amber!”

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedFlickr, Sam Javanrouh

24. Under The Spell Of Santeria

One side of my family practices Santeria, and they host a party for Santa Barbara every year. It's like a friends and family BBQ where some folks engage in rituals while others, who are pretty skeptical, just enjoy the party. As the ritual began, my dad started making fun of it.

He attempted to “join” the group by smoke with them, but he wasn’t very respectful about it. After finishing his cigar, he began acting strangely, demanding food as if he was possessed. He rummaged through all the food and even started eating an entire pineapple without peeling it, causing his face to react.

Seeing this, the group began praying and conducting rituals to make the “spirit” leave. Eventually, my dad “came back” to his normal self, remembering nothing and insisting he must have just fainted. When told what happened, he dismisses it as a prank.

Most people I share this story with think I’m making it up, but I witnessed it. And honestly, it wasn’t the only strange occurrence at those parties, but definitely the most shocking I’ve ever seen. It gave me nightmares for months.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPxhere

25. It Rocked Me To The Core

I once dreamt that someone was hurling rocks from a building, and one hit me on the head, knocking me out. The next day, I headed to work and thought I’d explore a potential shortcut, a route I had never taken before. Unobservant, I totally missed a sign indicating the road was closed. 

Turning a corner, I found rocks being tossed from a rooftop. Looking up, I saw one heading straight for me. I made a quick exit from there. That’s an experience I’ll never forget.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedFreepik, cookie_studio

26. All Shook Up

One summer as a teen, I visited the family that used to babysit me. I spent a month in California with them, staying on a Christian foundation that I'm not sure still exists. The place was gorgeous, with the unforgettable scent of jasmine in the air. 

We tried to visit as many tourist spots as possible: the beach, shopping, In-N-Out Burger, Mann’s Theatre, Disneyland, Glendale Galleria, and so on. On the last weekend of my visit, we went to Universal Studios. I remember going on a park tour where we saw the Psycho house and experienced the infamous earthquake ride.

 While in line, the mom wished for a real, mild earthquake to happen so I could experience it. That turned out to be a big mistake. The very next morning, at 4:57 AM, I awoke to my bed seemingly rolling around the room. I wasn't scared, just utterly confused. 

It was indeed an earthquake—the Landers earthquake with a 7.3 magnitude. A few hours later, we experienced another one, the Big Bear earthquake, measuring 6.5. I recall a news anchor mentioning it was the first time in recorded history that such large earthquakes occurred on different fault lines on the same day. 

I'm not sure about the accuracy of that, but it stuck with me. Besides my family, no one back home believed this tale, but it truly happened. My mom was quite shaken and relieved that I’d be coming home soon. The whole thing was an incredible coincidence.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

27. Happy Landing

Once when I was a kid, I found myself standing at the edge of a cliff above my dad’s garage. I’d been climbing it with a friend, and let me tell you, it was pretty slippery. That’s when it happened—I accidentally slipped and tumbled down. The ground was a good 20–22 feet below. But that wasn't all.

There was this single plank set between two tables on the ground. I fell, must’ve been about 16–20 feet, landed squarely on my behind on that plank, and then bounced right onto my feet on the ground. And would you believe it? It didn’t hurt at all! Talk about a lucky break, huh?

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

28. Right On Target

This happened at a Target. This particular one had three parking floors and three inside floors—ground, middle, and roof. I remember parking my car on the second floor, right next to this blue Subaru Forester. After grabbing a few things and checking out, I headed back to the elevator to the second floor. Now, here’s where it gets weird. 

I reached the spot where I was sure I parked, but my car was gone. Instead, there’s this white Mini Cooper. The blue Subaru Forester was still there, right where I remembered it. I stood there, scratching my head for a few seconds, then thought, maybe I got mixed up and parked on the third floor?

So, I checked the third floor—no sign of my car. I headed back to the second floor, bags in hand, totally convinced I parked there. At this point, I was wondering if I was losing it or if someone swiped my car. I checked by the blue Forester again, and what do you know—there was my red Sentra, right where I left it.

To this day, I can’t figure out what happened. Now, I always park on the ground level and close to other cars—you know, to avoid any car-vanishing or dimension-hopping shenanigans. My relatives don’t buy this story, and I haven’t dared to tell my friends—they might think I’ve gone off the deep end.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

29. Wheel Of Fortune

I was getting ready for a solo road trip. And two nights before leaving, I got this nagging feeling that I should go check my car in the parking garage, especially the tires. It kept bugging me until I finally decided to go down and check. I was drawn straight to the front passenger tire and found a bulge on the sidewall!

The next morning, I didn’t waste any time and took my car to the dealership to get the tire replaced. The folks there told me I was lucky to have caught it—if I’d driven on that tire, it could have easily burst. That thought has stuck with me and kind of haunted me ever since.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

30. Bridge Over Troubled Water

So, back in 1994, I found myself stuck in traffic on a bridge that was under construction. I was on my way to my second job and thought I’d timed it right to avoid the lane being worked on, but boy, was I wrong. Traffic was backed up for mile. A huge crane was lifting cement sections, swinging them around, and placing them just right.

One of the workers was standing on the slabs, holding onto the support cables and signaling directions to the crane operator. What happened next was just horrific. Suddenly, the crane started shaking violently, and I watched in shock as the man on the slab fell down onto the cement. He didn’t move. 

It took ages before they could remove the worker’s lifeless body, and by then, I was hours late. I didn’t have a cell phone back then, so I couldn’t let anyone know. When I finally got to work, I was called in and scolded. I explained what had happened, thinking that since I worked in radio news, they’d find the story useful. 

Instead, they told me to figure out a different route to work or start looking for a new job.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedFlickr, NCDOTcommunications

31. Chatty Catty

Back when I was around 17, I had this super cool cat named Scar. He was probably the most unique cat my mom ever had. I used to tell my then-girlfriend (now wife) that Scar could say our names when he wanted to come inside. She thought I was just trying to show off with a wild story and didn’t believe me.

One night, her parents let her stay over, and we were chilling in my room. I heard Scar on the back deck and told her, "Listen closely, he might say my name". When Scar “spoke," he didn’t sound like any regular cat. Instead, it was this eerie, almost alien-like voice. Sure enough, he came up to the window and called my name.

She freaked out and was like, "No way, don’t let him in!" She was so spooked, she clung to me all night and couldn’t sleep. The next day, she wasn’t as friendly to Scar as she used to be. People still think I’m making this up, but my wife always chimes in with, "I didn’t believe him at first either!"

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

32. When Lightning Strikes

When I was just 6 years old, I spent some time at my aunt’s huge property in Arizona. She had this big practice arena for her horses set amidst a large pecan grove. Being a goofy kid, I loved trying to balance and walk along the perimeter rails like I was on a tightrope. But then, out of nowhere, it started to rain, and that’s when things got weird.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash and a loud noise that got cut off abruptly. The next thing I knew, I was lying a few feet away with my ears ringing. When I looked up, I saw a part of the fence was all blackened and twisted. I raced inside to tell my mom and aunt, shouting, “I think I got struck by lightning!” 

They just responded with, "That’s nice, honey," not believing me one bit. Even when they later found the damaged fence, they attributed it to something else entirely.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

33. Mowed Over By What I Saw

On a balmy July evening, I was hanging out outside my house, waiting for my girlfriend to swing by after her shift. That’s when I saw a local character from our town, out cold on a riding lawn mower. He was wrapped in Christmas lights, with a blinking light-up reindeer attached to the front of the mower. 

My street is pretty long, and I just stood there, wide-eyed. He was slumped over and unconscious, but just kept on driving past my place.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

34. Feeling The Pain

Before I ended up at the same duty station with this guy, I’d heard some rumors. The word was, he’d filed a report saying he’d walked in front of a powered dish and felt “a wave pass through his body”. We’d all had a good laugh about that. 

Then, on one particularly hot day, while the guy was on leave and the rest of us were outside putting away equipment, I had this strange feeling. I told everyone, “It felt like a piece of metal just passed through my body". Later on, I discovered the heart-wrenching truth.

About ten minutes after my strange feeling, the Sergeant checked in on us and mentioned there was a shop meeting and we needed to wrap up our work. Once we were all gathered in the office, we were informed that the guy had taken his own life and there was grief counseling available for those who needed it. 

I exchanged a horrified glance with my coworker.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

35. It Was The Ducking Truth!

So, when I was about 10, I was in the shower and kept hearing what sounded like a duck right below me. After I got out, I told my dad about it, but he just brushed it off, saying it was probably the tub making noises. 

Fast forward a few weeks, and there was an actual duck in our kitchen! I was home alone, so I just opened the door and let it waddle out. To this day, no one believes me when I tell this story.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

36. Kindergarten Terror

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher would constantly tell my parents that I wasn't going to achieve much, calling me the "bottom of the barrel". But she didn’t stop there. She discovered that my parents smoked and shockingly told me, just a little kindergartener, that this habit would shorten their lives. 

Whenever I share this story, people find it hard to believe that a teacher would say such a thing to a child. On a positive note, this incident actually led my parents to quit their bad habit.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

37. The Sweetest Thing

My daughter and I were heading to a U2 concert located at a football stadium. As we reached the south side of the venue, we saw tall chain-link fences encircling the field. Out of the blue, a black SUV pulled up. Since we were by ourselves, it was quite a surprise when a window rolled down, and Bono popped out. 

He greeted us with a “Hello, ladies,” and waved. Being a massive fan, I was left utterly speechless!

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedFlickr, Marco Manna

38. Got To Go!

I found myself in a residential area, desperately searching for a spot to relieve myself, feeling like I was about to burst. I'm a bit shy, so I chose to duck behind the bushes at the back of a house. Turning around, I noticed a dog in the garden, just watching me through the fence, which didn’t bother me. After all, we watch dogs do their business, so it seemed only fair.

Suddenly, the door flung open, and someone rushed toward me, flashlight shining in my face, wildly gesturing and trying to imitate James Earl Jones—though, poorly, I might add. The embarrassment was mutual; I felt just as embarrassed for them as I did for being caught in the act. Needless to say, I made a quick exit from there.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedFreepik, wayhomestudio

39. Seeing Double

When I was 17, I encountered my doppelgänger. She was leaving a Target as I was walking in. Our eyes met, and we both froze, completely stopped in our tracks. We were identical, even down to our outfits—same band T-shirt, same colored Converse, and our bangs swooped to the same side. We stared at each other for about a minute before hurrying off in opposite directions.

The whole experience was pretty eerie. My sister teased me, saying I must have been seeing things. But, about two weeks later, she texted me, puzzled as to why I didn't respond when she called my name while she was out with friends. I was at work at the time, so I’m pretty sure she met my doppelgänger too.


40. Fighting For My Life

When I was nine, I had a close call at the skating rink. I was experiencing an asthma attack, and I didn’t have my inhaler with me. It felt like no one around cared; I was struggling to breathe and stay conscious. People often think I’m being dramatic or making this story up, but I’m not. 

I’ve never felt so alone surrounded by so many people. I remember one woman, a mother, just eating and watching me struggle, as if it were some sort of show.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

41. Ripe For The Taking

Our family was on a mission to raise $5,000 to support an orphanage in Eastern Europe. We planned a yard sale and started collecting items we didn’t need anymore. A few years back, I had picked up an upside-down tomato planter from a thrift store, and it had been sitting in its box ever since. 

Before selling it, I wanted to make sure all its parts were there, so I opened the box to inspect it. What I found left me speechless. Hidden in a little nook were twenty fresh $100 bills. They were so crisp, they almost looked fake. Stunned, I took them to a local grocery store where they confirmed that the bills were indeed real. 

I reached out to every thrift store I had visited over the years, asking if anyone had reported missing the planter or the cash, but no one had.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

42. He Was The Big Cheese

I bumped into a well-known musician at McDonald’s once, but I totally didn’t recognize him. He mentioned he was a singer, but I just thought he might be a tourist or someone just visiting. I responded, “Cool man, hope you make it big". 

Fast forward to that evening, I was on a date at a pretty nice concert venue, and there he was on stage with a crowd of fans cheering him on. He pointed right at me and shot me this look as if to say, “Haha, bet you know now".

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

43. We Weren’t Twisting The Truth

Back in fourth grade, our teacher wouldn’t let us leave the classroom during an actual tornado warning. The siren was blaring, and we could see all the other kids heading downstairs, but if we tried to say something, she’d just shush us. 

After a long while, she finally called the office and learned that yes, the warning was real and we needed to head downstairs. We were supposed to be on the first floor, sheltering in a second-grade classroom. Oddly, an entire class of fourth graders was unaccounted for, and nobody thought to check on us. 

That teacher really should’ve faced consequences for putting us in danger, and someone should’ve realized something wasn’t right. Lots of us told our parents, but they didn’t buy our story. To this day, my mom doesn’t believe me—she was more bothered by the fact that the teacher didn’t know my name well into the school year than the fact that she’d literally put my life at risk.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

44. A Wild Night Out

My buddy had this bright idea to visit a girl’s house during a snowstorm—we're talking 40 mph winds and temperatures dropping to -2 degrees. We trudged a mile and a half to get there. 

Once we were there, hanging out in her room, she suddenly goes, “My two older brothers and my dad are awake… they might actually come after you guys”. We were only 13, so yeah, I was pretty scared. Next thing we know, there’s a knock on the door. Her brother calls out, “You okay in there? Who’s with you?” 

Without missing a beat, my friend and I bolted through the window. I was faster and managed to hop over a fence, but he just sprinted down the street. In the commotion, my phone slipped out of my pocket into the snow. I kept on moving, jumping over about seven more fences, until I found myself in an elderly lady’s backyard. 

She was up, with her window blinds completely open. I found a decent rock to sit on and stayed put for an hour. She had a shed in her yard, so I cautiously moved towards it, sat down, and ended up lying there for another five hours. I had no clue what time it was or how much time had passed. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d make it through. 

I ended up with hypothermia and pneumonia. Safe to say, I never snuck out again.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

45. Heal Thyself

When I was little, I experienced a pretty bad accident: Hot oil spilled all over the right side of my body. It hurt like crazy. I couldn’t see out of one eye and had to wear patches for weeks. One day, Mom took me to the hospital to get my dressings changed, and the doctor warned her that I might need plastic surgery and skin grafts since it wasn’t healing as expected.

But, to everyone’s surprise, when he removed my dressings, there wasn’t a single mark left. I had healed completely, and my vision was back to normal! It’s such an unbelievable story that I’ve stopped sharing it because people just don’t buy it.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

46. Weathering The Storm

When I was 15, I had a rescue kitten named Storm. I took care of her, but sadly, she got sick after a month or so. Money was tight, and we couldn’t afford a vet. I did my best to nurse her back to health, but her condition worsened after three days. 

I knew she wouldn’t make it, and I stayed with her, whispering, "It's okay," over and over. I felt her twitch one last time while I was holding her. I couldn’t stop crying. My dad attempted to soothe me but eventually left me alone, saying he’d be in the next room if I needed him. I don’t know how long I cried, hugging my lifeless kitten. 

Then, everything went blank. I'm not sure if I passed out, but when I woke up, it was morning. My mom was making breakfast and greeted me in high spirits. I was not in the mood and asked, "Where's Storm?" Her response was shocking. She cheerfully said, “She's just there”. I was taken aback and annoyed. 

My cat was gone, and yet my mom seemed so cheerful. Just as I was about to get upset, Storm appeared, meowing and brushing against my leg. I realized it was Saturday again, the day before Storm started showing symptoms. I explained to my parents what happened, how Storm had passed, and how I felt I "went back in time," but they didn’t believe me. This time, however, I was ready. 

When Storm fell sick again, I borrowed money from my uncle and took her to the vet, and she received proper care. She got better and survived the day she was initially supposed to pass. However, a week later, she fell ill again. This time, things were different. 

It all happened quickly, and in less than 24 hours, she passed in my arms, just like the first time. I hoped I could go back in time again, but it never happened. To this day, only my wife knows this story.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

47. Caught In The Nick Of Time

When I was 15, I used to babysit for a little girl, a friend of my parents'. We’d often hang out in the living room, watching kids' movies. She was such an energetic child and would jump on the couch throughout the film. I figured it was best to let her burn off some energy to make bedtime smoother.

I sat beside her during the movie to catch her if she stumbled or fell. Everything was going smoothly until I needed to go to the bathroom. As I got up, I accidentally made her bounce higher on the couch, trampoline style. The couch was right next to a staircase leading to the basement, with a railing behind us, marking a 15–20 feet drop to the basement stairs.

She was launched headfirst over the railing. Reacting quickly, I lunged forward, catching her ankle at the last second. I pulled her back onto the couch, sat her down, and asked if she was alright. She just smiled and continued watching the movie, seemingly unaware of the danger she had just been in. 

Sometimes, I still wonder what might have happened if I hadn’t caught her.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

48. Get A Lick Of This

I was waiting at the London Underground station, and a train had just pulled up. However, it looked too crowded, so I decided to wait for the next one. During this time, there was a woman who kept staring at me with a really intense gaze. Even after she boarded the packed train, her eyes remained fixed on me. Then, something completely unexpected happened.

She turned her attention to the man next to her, who had his back turned to her. And, without him noticing, she actually licked his giant afro while still maintaining that intense eye contact with me. The train's doors closed, and it departed. People often find this story too bizarre to believe, but it's a memory that's etched into my mind.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels

49. Hands Off!

While I was out camping, I suddenly woke up to something pushing against the tent down by my feet. I watched as this pressing sensation shook the whole side of the tent and slowly moved up from my feet to my hip. That's when it hit me with a jolt of unease. 

The thing pushing on the tent was unmistakably a human hand; I could see the outline of the fingers very clearly. Panicking, I quickly checked to make sure everyone else in my tent was there, and fortunately, they were all present and accounted for. I jumped out of my cot, but I was the only one who had seen it. 

Everyone else insisted it was probably just a deer or something. I spent a good hour trying to convince myself that I hadn't actually seen a hand.

No One Believes Me, But This Really HappenedPexels


Sources: Reddit,

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