People Reveal The Mysterious Experiences That Still Haunt Them

August 6, 2023 | Miles Brucker

People Reveal The Mysterious Experiences That Still Haunt Them

As much as humans love to try and make sense of the world, not everything in life can be explained. From supernatural encounters to circumstances that just seem completely impossible, there are all kinds of phenomena out there that we have yet to figure out logical explanations for. Now, unsolved mysteries are spooky enough when they’re things we just hear about—but when we actually experience them first hand, they reach a whole other level of creepiness. Here are 50 personal stories of unsolved mysteries from the lives of ordinary folks out there.

1. Gone With The Wind

It was 1978 or so. I was in my college house making dinner. I yelled upstairs to one of my roommates that dinner was almost ready. She yelled back: "Okay, I'll be there in a minute!" She never came down. Halfway through dinner, someone got annoyed and went up to get her. Turns out she was gone. Like completely gone, nowhere to be found—but that wasn’t even the weirdest part.

There was nothing missing from her room, but no one ever heard from her again. Just like that, she disappeared and became an official missing person. A year later, they found a skeleton in a nearby garden, but the authorities quickly ruled out the possibility that it could be her. Her name was Bev Gold and I still wonder to this day what on earth happened.

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2. Big Brother Isn’t Watching You

When I was an early teenager, I got involved with a Big Brothers program. My Big Brother was a guy named Chris who, like me, was a little odd, and so we got along really well and hung out a lot. When we had been paired for about a year, he told me that he was going on a trip to Baltimore. He also told me the date that he would be back on.

I waited for a few days after his return date before trying to call him, but when I did, the person on the other line said, "There's no Chris here". I looked in the phonebook to make sure I had dialed correctly, and I know for a fact that I did because I had the number circled and it matched the number I had dialed. But the man repeated, "We've been living here for a long time, and there's never been a Chris here".

Chris never returned from Baltimore, and neither I nor the Big Brothers program ever heard from him again.

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3. Treasure Island

This was around 2006 when I was 10 years old. It was after midnight. I was sleeping in one of my aunts' beds while my brother slept in another's, adjacent to mine. Across from us was our grandparents' bedroom and, downstairs, next to the laundry room, was my parents' bedroom. I woke up, groggy and confused and needing to pee very very badly, and suddenly I heard a voice. 

With eight people in the house, that wasn't uncommon. Someone had probably gotten up to go to the washroom and either started talking to someone else or they had answered the phone. Mind you, I was still half-asleep, so to me a phone call after midnight seemed totally reasonable. Well, it turns out that couldn't have been possible because I didn't recognize the voice.

That was what immediately woke me up. And I froze, clutching my blanket while sitting up in bed. It was a man. His voice wasn't deep, not like my dad or grandfather's, and he kept prattling on about some “treasure". He was right outside the door, but he never turned the doorknob or made any attempt at entering any of the rooms.

He just kept passing by, as if pacing, all the while talking to himself about this treasure. I was terrified and looked over to my aunt, who was sound asleep. I still don't know how I managed to not wet the bed. Eventually, the voice went silent, and I somehow fell asleep. The next morning, everyone is doing their thing, getting ready for work or school, or busy in the kitchen, so I assumed it was all just a dream.

I really wish I'd kept my mouth shut. As I'm eating breakfast, I told my mom and grandmother about the voice, and laughed at how weird the brain is. They froze. Everyone froze. It turns out the voice was real. I hadn't mentioned his obsession with a “treasure,” but my grandfather did. As did my mother. And brother. Everyone agreed about the 'treasure' thing.

Apparently, he combed the entire house, but he never actually entered any of the rooms. Nothing was taken, all the doors were locked, and all the windows had screens, none of which were missing. Two weeks later, while I was helping my grandparents clean out the garage, my grandmother found several empty Coke cans behind the old sofa, which had been up against one of the walls for quite some time.

There were also empty bags of chips, candy wrappers, fruit cores, and peels. All of which were taken from the garage. The sofa was high enough for someone to lay underneath. So the guy had clearly been inside our house. Inside our garage. We've moved now, as have my aunts. But my grandparents still live there, and we're only about a three-minute drive from them.

We still don't know who he was, how he got in, and, most importantly: How long had he been inside our home?

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4. Card Sharks

I'll preface this story with the fact that I've been a Braves fan since I was a kid. So I'm in college in the mid-2000s and I have a group of friends that I watch Braves games with. This particular season, the Braves had a closer by the name of Bob Wickman. He was a journeyman type player, kind of a big guy near the end of his career. We loved him.

To be funny, I even made his picture my profile picture on Facebook. A few weeks go by and I get an envelope in my campus mail. It is a signed Bob Wickman baseball card from his younger days when he played for the Yankees. The envelope was from a cards and collectibles type company and had nothing in it but the card.

I had no idea who had sent this to me. I asked everybody I knew if they had done it. Nobody would ever admit to it. I still, to this day, have the card, and I still have no idea who sent it to me. I still think about it sometimes. It’s definitely the most baffling mystery that I have in my life. So, thank you, mystery person, whoever you are. Oh, and thank you, Bob Wickman!

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5. Love’s Labors Lost

This is something that has always bothered me. When I was in high school, my family lived in the Philippines. When school ended in the summer, we would always leave for summer vacation to either some other country or back home to the States. When I got back to the Philippines after summer vacation, ready to start my senior year, our maid told me that a guy had shown up at our house the day after we left with roses for me.

Apparently, he had been planning this huge romantic gesture. She told him that we were gone for the summer and he left, taking the flowers and any card or anything with him. I tried figuring out who it was at school, and either no one knew or the people who did know kept quiet. I never found out who it was, and it's bugged me for more than 20 years.

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6. A Long, Long Time Ago

My brother is about two years older than me. Me, my parents, and our eldest brother distinctly remember him telling a lot of stories when he was little about his "past life". One in particular that I remember was about his grandpa and his dog who lived in a house that caught on fire, killing them both. When he was little, he would tell creepy stories like this all the time.

At one point, unprovoked, months later, I remember him pointing out a burnt down shack and saying that it was his grandpa's house. We later came to find out that an elderly man and his dog had indeed lived there and passed in a fire. But it wasn't anyone we knew or were related to. My brother was less than 10 years old when this happened, and it was way before our internet days.

We also never read the newspaper or watched the news. Too caught up in sports and cartoons. If you ask him about any of this now, he says he doesn't remember.

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7. Voice Of Reason

When I was about seven years old, around 2002, my dad just never came home one day. He went to work in the morning and just refused to come back and work out his marriage with my mother. It was a really stressful time in our lives, and I remember my mom and me calling him every single day and asking why he wouldn't come back.

Well, one night, we got an anonymous phone call to our house. My mother told me that a man called her from a blocked number and told her something along the lines of "You don't know who I am, but your husband is having an affair and everyone at work knows about it". It did lead to my mom freaking the heck out, but I'm honestly really thankful that the person called and let her know.

She's loyal to a fault, and I know that she wouldn't have been able to pick up our stuff and leave if there was any chance of saving her marriage. We still don't know who called that day though, or if my father even actually knew the guy. I think I'd like to know one day, but I'm okay not knowing if that’s the way it has to be.

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8. Three’s Company

My best friend, his boyfriend, and a third roommate of theirs were all living in a new apartment together. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was so new that they were the only tenants to have ever lived in that unit at that point. The third roommate was a pretty quiet guy. He kept to himself and often stayed in his room, with the door closed at all times.

He was also sort of a slob. Anyway, one day, the couple comes home and sees that their roommate's door is open, which never happens. They go and peer in, and see a perfectly folded uniform for a nearby banquet hall laying on his bed. It was from the sort of place that could be rented to host events, wedding receptions, and the like.

The thing is that their roommate didn't work there. He never did. None of them ever did, and they didn't know anyone that did either. Yet here is this uniform sitting on his bed. They questioned him about it, and he seemed as baffled as they did. Fast forward a month or two, and one day my friend comes home to find the house completely empty.

He goes to the bathroom and, right there on the bathroom floor, he spots a lacy women's garter belt, the type worn on a wedding day. This is again strange, because of the three men in the apartment, two were gay and the other had no female contact. Once again, none of the housemates could explain where it had come from.

While the appearances of both items are unexplained, I think the strangest part is that there is actually a link between both clothing items. One from a banquet hall that hosts wedding receptions, and then a garter belt is worn on a wedding day. I'm a pretty skeptical person, so when they told me all of this, I tried to come up with every logical solution I could imagine.

But they had really good responses that shut all of them down, as they too had tried to come up with an explanation and couldn't. We still have no idea what happened.

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9. Birds Of A Feather

My childhood home in Utah was right behind a farm with regular farm things: horses, chickens, goats, etc. One day, a peacock shows up out of nowhere and makes the farm and our backyard his own home. He cries and cries for weeks. Later, a peahen shows up. They have babies, the babies have babies, and loads of peafowl are suddenly all over our yard.

They became part of my everyday life. My chores were to feed the peafowl our cat food, and scrape their poop off the deck every day. This goes on for eight years or so. Then, just as suddenly as Peter the peacock and Petra the peahen had appeared, they all of a sudden disappeared one day. No one in the neighborhood had any idea where they came from or where they went.

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10. Book Worms

I worked at the public library. I once scanned a guy's library card, then went to hand it back to him. He saw me start to hand it to him. Our hands were about a foot apart. Then, suddenly, the card was gone. It never made it into his hand. We were both totally confused. I looked under the computer desk, even in weird cracks, but we never found it.

I still think about it.

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11. Getting Schooled

When I was a freshman in high school, it was around November and I was in English class. The teacher receives a phone call in the middle of class and she picks it up. After being on the phone for around 15 seconds, she walks out of the class and never comes back. We got a substitute teacher the next day and eventually, the school hired a new teacher to replace her.

To this day, I have never heard a definite explanation as to why she left. I have heard plenty of interesting rumors as to where she has been, but most likely the real reason will never be released to the students as to why she left and the school administration will be the only ones to know. It is a mystery that I still often wonder about.

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12.  Rain Woman

When I was little, me and my babysitter were outside and it started to rain. My babysitter said "watch this" and walked out into the road when there were no cars coming. I still can’t believe what I saw her do. She lifted her arms to form a T shape, and it started to rain heavier. She then put them down and the rain slowed down. She put them back up, and it poured again. I’m sure there's a valid explanation, but for now, I'm still baffled.

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13. Car Trouble

I had something crazy happen when I was about five or six years old. My mom and I were doing something at my grandpa's house while he was out, and I was just messing around in the yard. I remember a Mustang coming down the street slow enough to be a bit suspicious. Then, they slowed down even more when they started to pass me.

So I was just standing there thinking, “What are they doing? This feels weird". I became overwhelmed with the urge to run inside the garage as fast as I could. A split second after that, the car suddenly reversed very quickly, enough to spin the tires a bit. I darted so fast into the garage and hit the button to close the door.

I thought maybe I was just overreacting—but I was about to learn how wrong I was. As soon as the door closed, someone tried to kick it in. They left a huge dent and messed it up a little bit. Afterward, I was freaking out trying to tell my mom what happened, but I think she thought I was being high strung or something. It was the eeriest feeling I ever had though.

I haven’t thought about it in a long time and I’m getting that gut feeling/dread of “something is definitely not right here” just thinking about it.

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14. Say Hello To My Little Friend

My fiancé and I came back to our apartment after being away all day. We get in, drop our bags off, and get settled. I walked into the kitchen and there, on my countertop, was a picture of a random girl. It was like a senior portrait with the name “Brandy” on it. My fiancé and I don’t know anyone named Brandy. I remember unlocking the door, so I know the door was locked and nothing else seemed out of sorts.

Some people assume it was probably our landlord or building maintenance people who left the photo behind. But we lived in that building for four years and had a great relationship with the front office and maintenance staff. We even took the photo down to show them and asked if anyone was in our apartment that day. No one knows who she is and no one was in the apartment for any reason.

We knew it probably wasn’t them anyway, as they were required to give us 24 hours’ notice before coming into the apartment. It’s possible that it was stuck to a grocery bag or something like that, but who knows! A little mystery in life never hurt anyone. It was just a wallet-sized photo. So, naturally, I framed it and now Brandy is an unofficial member of our family.

Brandy, if you are out there, we love you. Come visit!

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15. Mama Mia!

I was traveling in Italy when two American girls came up to me and started talking excitedly about how they couldn't believe they'd run into me in Rome. They wanted to know how my trip had been going, but I had no idea who either of them was. And if you're thinking "It's a prank, bro," you’re wrong. They knew specific things about my life and my travels that only someone who knew me would have known.

I still have no idea who the heck they were.

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16. A Pair Of Brown Eyes

When I was a kid, around seven or eight years old, I started to randomly see nothing but brown one day. It was like staring at a wall. It was usually only on one eye, but not always the same one. Rarely on both at the same time. I went to several doctors and they did some testing, but nothing came up. As I grew older, there was more time between occurrences, and now I haven't had it in close to ten years.

Sometimes it still bothers me not knowing what the heck that was...

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17. Door Man

In 2015, I was working on some assignments at home. It was about 9:00 in the morning. I was sitting at the desk in the living room, doing my work on the computer. I could see directly into my housemate’s room from the desk, but since he was asleep the door was shut. The door was slightly raised off the ground, so you could see if there was anyone standing behind it. That’s when the most disturbing thing I’ve ever experienced happened.

Suddenly, the door starts shaking and rattling as if someone is trying to demolish it. There's no one behind it. I'm just looking at it with my mouth agape and then, a few terrifying minutes later, my roommate opens the door and asks me: "Dude, what the heck are you doing?" So I go: "It wasn't me, I'm sitting over here!" We are both completely flummoxed to this day. What the heck could have caused that?

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18. The Cold Hard Truth

The biggest mystery I have is the time I woke up on top of my refrigerator. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but it was some time in my early teens. And it’s exactly what I said. I woke up on top of my refrigerator. I had been sleeping up there curled up like a cat, and to this day I have no idea how I got up there.

There was nobody home at the time who would, or could, have put me up there while I was sleeping, and there’s no way I could have climbed up there unassisted. There were no chairs or stools or anything around the fridge that I could have used to climb up, and I obviously couldn’t have used one and then put it back while I was still up there.

I also had no prior history of sleepwalking whatsoever. And, to my knowledge, I’ve never sleepwalked again since. To this day, I have absolutely no freaking idea what happened, and it still bugs me every time I think about it. If anybody has any theories as to how this could have been possible, I would love to hear them!

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19. Early Morning Caller

Someone once knocked on my parents' door at 3:00 in the morning, claiming that they ran away from home because they were being physically abused by their father. Apparently, we were the only people to answer the door. My parents immediately checked that person into a local shelter. Eventually, they left the shelter and returned home.

One day, my parents tried to reach back out to them and see how their life was going. Their reaction was chilling. This person denied ever knowing my parents. They claimed that their family life at home was perfectly fine and that they had no recollection of ever speaking with my parents, let alone asking them for help. They even accused my parents of making the whole thing up.

To this day, I have no idea whether that person is psychotic or whether we just somehow slipped into an alternate reality. Blows my mind.

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20. Open Door Policy

Something crazy once happened to me. My husband went out with some friends. I went to lay down upstairs, took all four dogs with me, and closed the bedroom door. About an hour later, I’m still scrolling online and hear the front door open. The dogs start going crazy. I hear keys hit the table, followed by heavy footsteps walking up the stairs.

The dogs are getting excited. Whining, tails wagging, pawing at the door. The footsteps come down the hallway and toward our bedroom door, then stop. I wait a few minutes and he still hasn’t come into the bedroom. All four dogs are sitting, staring at the door with their tails wagging. I call out “Hey! What are you doing? The door’s unlocked".

No reply. I yell again, “Hey, doors open!” Nothing. I open the bedroom door and the dogs take off through the house, running up and down the stairs. So I go back to the bed to grab my phone and call. I’m thinking maybe he left something in the car and stepped back out to get it? I call his cell. He picks up and what I heard made my blood run cold. I immediately notice the background noise of a bar, including music and talking.

My heart sank. I knew there was no way that he made it from home to the bar in two minutes. I call the dogs, run back into the room, and tell him what just happened. He rushes home, checks the house, and finds nothing. I don’t know who came to visit me that night. I was wide awake, and the dogs reacted at the exact times I heard the door open, then the keys, then the footsteps. So that only confirms to me that I didn’t imagine it.

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21. Devaluing Currency

When I was 12 years old, I was working some under the table jobs and made a lot of money. I hid the cash in a helmet in my room. I remember taking $20 dollars out once. But that’s it. Since then, I’ve moved twice. And to this day, I don’t know where the money is. I know exactly where the hiding spot was, and I know I never spent it. It was probably about $500.

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22. Haunted House

One time, when I was in university, I went out drinking on Halloween and blacked out. I woke up with all of my clothes soaking wet, and a black eye. It hadn't rained the previous night and, to this day, I still have no idea how I got soaked or what happened to my eye. I asked my housemates and everyone I had been out with if they had put me in a shower or poured water on me, but no one had.

The black eye very well may have been the result of a fall. I wouldn't put it past me. But we'll never know!

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23. Mighty Mouse

I've had pet rats for half a decade now, and there have definitely been some strange things that have happened with them. About two years ago, I got a pair of boys from a breeder. I got them all set up in their cage and life was good. The cage I have for them has bars with considerably small spacing between them. About half an inch. Definitely too small for even the tiniest, most flexible rats to squeeze through.

So imagine my surprise when I walk into my room, see the cage doors closed with the bars all intact and no other holes in the cage, and spot a smug little jerk staring down at me from the top of the cage that is taller than I am, perched on the corner like Batman. There is not a chance in the world that this rat was able to open one of the doors and close it by himself.

I know for a fact that I did not accidentally leave him out during playtime, and the bars are way too small for him to have squeezed through. To this day, I have no idea how he got out of the cage, and he never did it again. Nor have I ever had another rat do it. I'm half-convinced that he up and teleported out of the cage. So for quite a while afterward, you bet your buns I called him Houdini.

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24. O Father, Where Art Thou?

The biggest mystery in my life is whether my dad is really my dad. When I was conceived, my mother and her then-boyfriend were having some pretty bad relationship issues. He cheated on her with his ex-wife. She went on a road trip to another state with some girlfriends to clear her head and blow off steam. While there, she ran into another guy she knew from back home.

He had a nice car and offered to give her a ride in it. Then, they spent the night together. She went back home and, a short while after, she and her then-boyfriend made up and resumed dating. Shortly after, she finds out she’s pregnant. The boyfriend wants her to abort the pregnancy, but she refuses. They end up breaking up sometime during her pregnancy.

She was pretty sure that the guy with the car was the father, but she didn’t know for sure. The ex assumed he was the father, but didn’t really want to fill the daddy role. I came into the world and, during my second year of life, my mom wrote a letter to the guy with the car. She used his mother’s address, as she couldn’t think of how else to contact him since she didn’t know where he was living at the time.

She tells him about me and gives him the choice of being in my life or not. We were fine either way. She never got a response. Fast forward 13 years. My half-sister from my mom’s previous marriage is having a wedding. It’s pretty close to the home of the mother of the guy who had the car. I had heard as much as my mom could tell about him, and I really wanted to meet him.

So she goes to the house, informs his mom of my existence, and leaves our phone number. He calls later that night, and we arrange a meeting for the next day. We met, he was very friendly, and we began to form a relationship. He claimed he didn’t need a paternity test and believed he was the father. My mom believed it too. But then, tragedy struck. 

Four years after I met him, he died suddenly in a fire. In the last two years of his life, we didn’t get to see each other much, but we kept in contact through the telephone. My mom passed on shortly as well. I have never heard from her cheating ex-boyfriend since I was basically a toddler, and I don’t even know if he’s alive.

I still don’t officially know which one is my real father. For those of you wondering about DNA testing, I don’t really have any contact with the remainder of either guy’s families. Both of the car guy’s parents are deceased and his family was never too keen on the discovery of my existence to begin with. They were a very conservative family and having an “illegitimate” child in the mix threw them off a bit at the time.

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25. A Screw Loose

I once dropped a screwdriver in my bedroom, heard it hit the floor, and then watched as it just disappeared. I never saw it again. I wasn’t even standing up, I was kneeling. So it only fell a few inches. It wasn’t a huge screwdriver, but there aren’t any gaps that I could find in my bedroom floor where a screwdriver even half its size could fit into!

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26. Something Is Bugging You

The biggest real-life mystery that I have is definitely the time a friend and I saw a dragonfly that had a wingspan of over a foot in the American Midwest. It was too big to be real, yet it clearly was. We were maybe about 12 years old at the time, and this was more than 20 years ago. He still remembers it just as vividly as I do.

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27. The Witching Hour

On the Fourth of July, I had a few drinks. Then a few more. The next morning, I woke up with a black eye, a bunch of one-dollar bills, and a longtime crush of mine in bed with me. Neither of us remembers anything after midnight from the night before. None of our friends saw us after midnight, and we both had no texts or calls outgoing after midnight.

It was still one of my best Fourths ever, just with big gaps.

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28. The Great Escape

I had a dear friend in high school that was forced to leave the school for unclear reasons. He was sent to a different boarding school and would call us almost every night saying how depressed he was, how he wanted to escape, etc. So my friend and I made up this whole plan to break him out. We had no car, so I’m not sure what we were thinking.

A few months later, we got this weird call from him saying that he had escaped the school and was on his way back to our school. Then nothing. He never showed up. And we never heard from him again. We tried to contact his family, but with no luck. This was 16 years ago and I still have no idea what happened to him. I just wish I knew if he was still alive. He was a sweet guy.

Miss you, Symon!

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29. Mystery Man

The biggest mystery in my life is my dad. He never speaks about his past, and I have never met any of his family. He always used a fake name when I was young, and his supposed real name was discovered to belong to someone deceased a few years ago. He can’t get social security or retirement or anything, because we don’t know who the heck he really is.

Not even my mom knows anything. He is alive and well, and a very good person. So I really don't know what he could be running from.

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30. An Outstretched Arm

When I was 11, I wasn't the tallest kid around. I could not have been much more than 4'5'' tall or so. When on a vacation in Germany, I used to go to this pool that was deeper than my height. I could not swim at the time, but I was hanging out in the big and warm section that was slightly deeper than my height. I managed to not drown by holding my breath, going underwater, and jumping from the bottom to catch my breath.

But one time, it didn't go as planned and I started drowning. It was only for a few seconds, but to me, it felt like long minutes. I thought this was going to be the end of my life. Then, all of a sudden, I felt someone grabbing me by the arm and lifting me out of the water in one motion. I was choking and had water in my eyes.

It took me around ten seconds to be able to see again, but there was no one around me. I asked a lady that was sitting in the pool just in front of me if she had seen anything. But she was not even aware I was drowning and didn't see anyone getting me out of the pool. I quickly went to the lifeguard booth and he was sitting there minding his own business.

He was way too far away to have been the one that got me out of water. To this day, I have no idea who saved me. Two days later, there was a camera overseeing the pool that I had nearly drowned in.

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31. Panic In The Attic

Alright, there is one event that happened to me in high school that I've always wondered about. There was a month or so where my sleep paralysis was happening almost every night. These paralysis episodes mostly consisted of me seeing a dark figure walking around in my room. It would come by my bed and stare at me, or do other similar things like this.

Well, I wake up one morning to my dad asking me if I had woken up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or anything like that. I inform him that I did not. He goes on to tell me that he heard footsteps in my room that night, so he came up to see what was going on. In my closet, there is a door that leads to the attic, which at this time he had found open.

This was extremely odd, since there is usually a lock on that door. After he told me this, we both kind of just shrugged it off as an odd occurrence. Later on that same week, though, I found a question mark drawn onto the dust of a mirror that sits against my wall. I am more than 100% sure that this had not been there the day before that day, and it had been dusty for a while so it's not like someone did that a month ago or whenever.

Just a bunch of odd events that happened in a short amount of time that I've always wondered about.

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32. Thinking Outside The Box

When I was about four or five years old, my brother and I were sitting on the floor with my grandma playing with my mom's old Barbie dolls. At one point, my grandma got up to go make dinner, but she wanted to put the box of dolls away first since they all had tiny accessories and she didn't want my baby brother to choke on them.

I watched her put the box on the top shelf of the closet behind me before walking to the kitchen. I found something else to do and was playing quietly by myself. My back was turned to both my brother and the closet. When my grandma came in to check on us a few minutes later, her face flashed with surprise. She asked me angrily why I had taken the box down after she put it away.

I had no clue what she was talking about until I turned around and saw my brother playing with a Barbie, the box sitting neatly in front of him. To this day, no one in my family has any idea how my brother got that box. My grandma assumed I was lying when I told her I didn't do it, but both my brother and I were way too small to reach the top shelf of the closet.

It's probably one of the clearest, yet most frustrating memories I have from my childhood.

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33. Egg-spert Testimony

My friend got this carved stone egg from his dad that he picked up somewhere in Africa. It had a fish on one side and a rooster on the other, with some art in between. One day, I was playing with it randomly, and discovered it had the following properties: If you spun the egg counterclockwise, it would ALWAYS stop with the fish side up.

If you spun it clockwise, it would ALWAYS stop with the rooster side up. It would NEVER stop with an art pattern facing up. And when I say "always," I mean ALWAYS. It was super weird. We were just yelling all day in his room every time we did a test spin when we first found out. Then, we started gaming kids at school for cash.

Kids would never pay attention to which way it spun. After a month of this, it was tough finding suckers. Then, one day, this kid got mad that he lost, so he picked up the egg and threw it across the room. It shattered to bits, and that was the end of that. I never did find out what sorcery was behind that darn thing!

Unsolved mysteriesShutterstock

34. Brotherly Love

My father got intoxicated once and let it slip that he had a child with another woman. He was married to my mom at the time, so the woman took their son and raised him in Germany, her homeland. I thought it was common knowledge on his side of the family, so I mentioned it once. But my casual announcement was greeted with shock and tears.

My dad was always a philandering liar, but apparently, he kept that child a secret. I can't even remember the kid's name now. I wrote it down in one of my many diaries. He'd be a middle-aged man now. My father has dementia, so I can't get the name from him. So, as a result, I know I have a brother out there somewhere in Europe, but I will probably never meet him and have no idea how to find out who he is.

Unsolved mysteries

35. Secret Santa

My mother always tells me the story of when she was growing up and how she really wanted this doll for Christmas. My grandpa had recently lost his job and money was very tight. The doll was pretty expensive. She wrote a letter to Santa talking about her family, how good she had been that year, and about her dad losing his job.

Well, one day before Christmas, the mailman comes to the door with a box and a letter from Santa. My grandparents had bought my mother the doll and it was sitting in the basement, so they were surprised to see another one delivered to the house. To this day, my grandparents and my mother have no idea who bought the doll for her.

She said it was the greatest Christmas gift she had ever received, and that it really shows the true meaning of Christmas.

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

36. Home Away From Home

One night, I heard my boyfriend come home from work while I was sleeping. He came in and said hi, then went out to the living room. I get up not long after to convince him to come to bed, only to make a chilling discovery. He's not actually home at all. I called him, and he told me he had stayed late at work. He also repeatedly insisted that he had not come home that night at all.

I freaked out and made him come home right away. The incident creeped me out for a while.

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

37. Pen Pals

During my senior year of high school, I always stayed in class to study rather than go to lunch to eat, because I had an early release and I ate soon afterward at home. Anyway, my pen rolled off my desk during lunch period, when only myself and the teacher were in the classroom. I never saw that pen again. I searched all over the room for it.

It couldn't have been any further than six feet from my desk, but it was nowhere to be seen.

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

38. Watch And Learn

One day, I woke up and my Rolex watch was gone from my bedside table. I was gutted, to say the least. It had enormous sentimental value. I searched the house high and low, but I found nothing. About 10 months later, I went to put some redundant boxes on a shelf that required a ladder and a steady person to foot it.

Bear in mind that this was an old Victorian house with high shelves and that these shelves had never been used before. They were not even easily reachable, nor could you see what was on them unless you were standing on something. When I went to put the boxes up there, lo and behold, my Rolex was there. And it was still running and on time!

I have no explanation for how this happened, and it still freaks me out.

Unsolved mysteriesPexels

39. Doesn’t Add Up

My calculus teacher always just kind of materializes out of nowhere. I know what direction he walks toward the classroom from, so I've stood out there and looked, but he doesn't come from anywhere. He is just walking towards class all of a sudden with a cup of coffee. It's like he lives in his own pocket dimension or something.

Unsolved mysteriesShutterstock

40. The Lost Week

One day, when I was in eighth grade, I remember being woken up from my bathroom floor by my step-mother. It was around 7:00 in the evening, and I had no recollection whatsoever of that day or the day before. This was Wednesday, and the last thing I could remember was going to sleep on Monday night in my room like I would on any other weeknight.

I still wonder what happened during those two days that I don’t recall and how I ended up passed out on the bathroom floor.

Unsolved mysteries

41. The Cards You’re Dealt

About a year ago, I found a playing card in my wallet with a scantily clad woman on it. No matter how much prodding I did, my husband and all of our friends swear they didn't do it. I still have it in my wallet and occasionally ask friends about it, but to this day no one has fessed up to putting it there. I wasn't in Vegas, and I wasn't drinking the night before.

Unsolved mysteriesPexels

42. Follow The Leader

A car followed me home from work late at night. I didn't know where the nearest police station was, so I stopped on a dark road near my suburb to make sure he was actually following me. And, sure enough, he stops behind me. I got out and grabbed the emergency ax out of the truck without even shutting off the car. I started walking towards the guy with it, and the car sped off.

I was tired and stupid for doing that, but I will never know why or who that was.

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

43. Star Power

My mother passed about a dozen years ago. At the funeral home, we received a lot of flowers, but one thing stood out. It was a lovely bouquet of flowers with a card from the band The Red Hot Chili Peppers that said "We are saddened to hear of Renate's passing". We are a humble family from southern Indiana. There is zero chance she ever had any contact with those boys.

Is this something they just randomly do? They would have loved her, though. She was the warmest person you could ever hope to know.

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

44. Gaming The System

When I was about seven years old, I was playing on my game boy at my grandma's house. I got annoyed that I kept losing in Mario Kart, so I took the game out and threw it at the wall. I saw the game hit the wall and fall behind the dresser. After moving everything in the room and many years of searching, I still look for it and have no idea where it could have gone.

I still wonder what happened to it occasionally

Unsolved mysteriesPexels

45. Ticket To Ride

A few years ago, I got a traffic citation. It was for $350. When I went to pay it off, the clerk told me that it was already paid for. I was completely shocked. Who would randomly go and pay for someone else’s traffic ticket?? I asked everyone I know about it, and no one claimed responsibility for it. I don’t think I’ll ever find out who it was.

Unsolved mysteriesShutterstock

46. Special Relativity

Sometime when I was around seven years old, my dad left for Guatemala because he was going back to live there, which made me sad. Two summers later, I asked my mother if I could go visit him over there for his 30th birthday surprise. She planned for me to be there for about a week. Upon arrival, I didn't see my dad anywhere at the airport.

In fact, I didn't see him for the whole ride to his place, in which my other relatives who had picked me up kept stating that he was waiting at the house. When we got there, he wasn't at the house either. At this point, they said: "He's out practicing soccer with his friends". In fact, the entire week that I was there for, I didn't see my dad at all, because they kept making excuses.

I was so sad when I had to leave, because I didn't get to see him once! And when returning to America, I told my mom how I didn't see my dad once when I was there. She called my dad, and he said that he wasn't expecting me, which made sense since it was a surprise. He told us that he was at his house the entire time, so I should have seen him. But the next thing he said changed everything. 

He went on to say that he lives only with his dog, Barlo. And that's what frightened me. The thing was, I saw a tombstone when I was there with nothing written on it. When I asked the relatives what it was supposed to be, they said "Your dad's dog, Barlo. He passed a few months ago". When my mom tried contacting the relatives that I stayed with, they never picked up.

So she told my dad to contact them and find out what the heck had happened. However, he said that his relatives haven't lived with him since before he came to America all those years earlier. Since then, I have been wondering what happened, because the people I stayed with won't respond to anyone. Sometimes, I wonder if they were even my real relatives.

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

47. Men In Black

When I was in grade school, I made friends with another boy that I will call Jeremy. We actually became buddies because I needed help with my math homework and he was the only kid in our class who could do long division in his head. This was in first grade. Jeremy was not only the smartest kid I had ever met in my life, but also the smartest person.

He skipped three grades and went from second grade to sixth, yet he still remained at the top of his class. He always had an intense interest in nuclear physics, and he would talk online with professors and other adults about, well, I couldn't even understand what they were talking about to be perfectly honest. Smart people stuff.

So we continued to hang out, up until I was in seventh grade, when he was already taking college-level courses. He had his IQ tested during his junior year, and it was 165. This was the highest in our town's history, and he had a feature in the local paper. Anyways, during his junior year and my seventh-grade year, during which we were both 12 years old, he took a class called ASR, or advanced scientific research.

This is when he really started to get serious about nuclear physics. He would spend hours each day talking with professors and scientists online. We barely hung out during this time. He was so wrapped up in his research that he would rarely come to school. This is where it gets weird. One day, he invited me over. We were playing baseball in his front yard when a nondescript black SUV pulled up next to his curb.

Two men in suits got out and began walking towards the house. Our 12-year-old minds immediately thought "stranger danger," and we ran inside, locking the door. The men walked up to the door and knocked. We were so scared. His mom went to the door. One of the men revealed a badge and asked to be let in, saying he would like to speak to her about her son.

The mom told them they can't come in, but she would be happy to speak to them on the porch. Me and Jeremy, being the nosy kids we were, wanted to listen in on their conversation, so we went up to his door and pressed our ears against it. That was when one of the men came bursting into the house and told us to go to the basement and not to listen to the conversation.

He said it wasn't any of our business. We complied, and about two hours later, his mom called him out onto the porch. She then told me that it was probably time I went home, which was unusual. I ate dinner and stayed late there all the time. When I walked outside to go home, Jeremy's mom was on the porch, in tears, and Jeremy was talking to one of the men. That was the last I saw of him.

The men told me to go home, and one of them pulled me aside and said it would be best if I kept this meeting a secret. I don't know why, but I listened to him. This is the first time I am revealing this story to anybody. The next day, there was a for sale sign in front of Jeremy's house. Jeremy never showed up at school again, and his parents’ cars were never in the driveway of his house.

It was like he disappeared off the face of the earth. I honestly have no clue what this was about. It occurred about 15 to 20 years ago.

Unsolved mysteriesShutterstock

48. Scarier Than The Movie

One evening back in the 1980s, my mom was getting ready to watch a scary movie while my dad was away on a training trip. It was one of the first nights she had ever spent on her own in her entire life, as she moved straight from her father's house to a sorority house and then straight to her husband's house. So she made sure to lock up and check on every window, door, nook, and cranny in the house before she put the movie on.

There was not a single way in or out of that house that hadn't been closed up. Yet, halfway through the movie, she heard a noise. It was coming from the kitchen. So she gingerly tiptoed around the corner, and found something shocking. There was a black and white cat sitting in the middle of the room staring at her. They didn't have any pets.

She decided to keep her. My mom named her Devil Kitty, and she was the first cat I ever had.

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

49. Into The Woods

When I was a young kid, my dad got me those cool two-mile walkie-talkies so that we could talk whenever he drove near enough while working. I went to my grandma's house for Christmas and played with them. She had a huge patch of woods far behind her house and a big tree in the back. Come night, I'm in the back by myself thinking some kid stuff like what flavor of Jell-o Batman likes the most.

In the middle of this important thought, my walkie-talkie suddenly goes off. Uh oh, I didn't know I had left it on. They started to talk—and what they said was utterly terrifying. Basically, they told me exactly what I looked like and what I was wearing. They said they were in the woods. I wish I could describe how it seemed like those woods walked towards me when the feeling hit me. Sinking terror.

I couldn't get far enough away. My parents got involved. They thought it was my uncle playing a prank, but we found out that he was long gone by this time. I’ve left out one part—the worst thing this stranger said. He told me to look in the tree next to me. When I looked, there was a noose tied in it. It had definitely not been there earlier in the day, or we would have seen it instantly.

Like, the window of time for someone to be able to climb that tree and hang a noose with no one noticing was slim to none. I have received no answers about this situation. Only a sense of dread and a few nightmares.

Unsolved mysteriesUnsplash

50. Drive My Car

I remember one particular moment when I was around 13 years old. I was 100% wide awake. I was taking the family dog out to pee at like 11:00 at night. My mother and brother had left earlier so he could practice driving. Then, I see what appears to be my parents’ car pulling up to the house. It had special lights on top that were only for that model car, and very few people owned that model car in my area.

I think to myself: "There's my brother and Mom!" So I go inside, look out the window, and, sure enough, they're pulling in the driveway. I sit for a little while on my phone. After about 10 minutes, I'm thinking "Hey, where the heck are they?" I look outside, and the car is gone. When they finally do get home, I ask if they came home earlier and then went back out again.

They said, "No, we only just came home". Creepy stuff, man!

Unsolved mysteriesPexels

Sources:  Reddit,

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