August 25, 2023 | Miles Brucker

People Share The Awkward Times They Shouldn't Have Laughed—But They Did Anyway

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but that may not always be the case. From giggling at funerals to cackling at stories of personal hardship, here are 51 extremely awkward stories about “inappropriate laughter” moments that will surely tickle your fancy!

1. The Aunts Go Marching

My mother and father once went to the funeral of one of my mother’s aunts whom she was not close to. In fact, my father had never even met her. As they stood in front of the open casket, my father jokingly said to my mother “She just doesn’t look like herself today". Again, my father had never seen this aunt before in his life.

For whatever reason, this struck my mother as very funny and she started laughing. She held her hands to her face and ran away from the casket. Her sisters saw this and thought she was distraught. So they followed her out to console her. My mother then had to awkwardly explain that she was laughing and not crying, as well as why. She was so annoyed with my father after. It was hilarious.

inappropriate laughter

2. Nosy Neighbors

I was visiting my grandmother’s grave with my grandfather for the first time a few years ago. Going into it, I was expecting nothing but tears and a solemn day. Instead, we passed a grave marked "Wanda" and my grandfather said: "Well, I wanda what killed her?" None of us could stop laughing for the rest of the entire day. I truly believe that my grandmother would have loved it.

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3. Voice Of Reason

I had this really nice but really awkward physics teacher back in high school. He was a large nerdy man that spoke with a lisp and a very soft voice. Imagine the guy from Office Space asking for his stapler, that’s how he sounded. One day, he is giving his lesson and, in the middle of a sentence, he just randomly goes from this voice to what sounded like the voice of Satan himself.

It was something like: “Okay class, please...TAKE OUT YOUR BOOKS...cough cough, erm excuse me. I must have something in my throat". Then, he continued like nothing had even happened. I could not for the life of me stop laughing, and I was the only one. It was the most bizarre and hilarious thing I had ever seen. I had to walk out of the class to catch my composure.

This was at least 15 years ago now, and I’ll never forget it.

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4. Animal Instinct

In school, we did a course on mythology and had a project where we had to write our own mythological stories about the creation of creatures and places. One kid wrote a story about how a man was abusing his horse, so the gods cursed him. One day, the story continued, his horse got angry and threw him onto a spear, which went through the back of his head and out of his forehead.

He then transformed into the first unicorn. And that was how the story ended. I literally could not stop laughing for a solid five minutes straight. I thought it was one of the funniest things I had ever heard. The teacher berated me for laughing at something so brutal and violent, but the kid and I both thought it was funny as heck.

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5. The Right To Bear Arms

One time, I was shopping at a clothing retail store. This little girl comes running up to me with her arms inside a shirt far too big, swinging the sleeves by twisting her torso back and forth. I thought this was hilarious and started laughing my head off. I smiled at her, leaned down, and started to play along with her game by saying, "You don't have any arms, do you?" What happened next will haunt me forever.

Turns out it wasn't a game. She actually didn't have arms.

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6. What’s In A Name?

One time, I was at a funeral where the pastor kept referring to God as "The Great Comforter," and all I could think of was a giant tacky bedspread glowing with holy light. Every time he said it, my giggles got worse and worse. Eventually, it got to the point where I had to pretend that I was just crying really hard and left to hide in the bathroom.

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7. Musical Memories

This story sounds pretty bad and embarrassing, but I actually look back on it as a positive memory. My grandfather had the old song "If You Don't Know Me By Now" played as the curtains closed at his funeral. For anyone who doesn’t remember, the chorus goes “If you don’t know me by now…you will never, ever, ever, know me".

I shouldn't have laughed. But I couldn't help it. That guy was a legend. This was the perfect way to bid him farewell.

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8. Falling Prey

On the best date of my life, I went to see a really stupid movie called A Walk To Remember. The date was with the person that went on to become my first girlfriend. We were sitting in the fourth or fifth row from the screen, and two rows ahead of us were a group of younger girls. One of them is rushing back to her seat with her friends when she suddenly slips and falls.

It was a nasty fall too. And, even though I felt bad for her, I couldn't stop myself from laughing. It was awful. I don't know why I couldn't stop and I was even like, "God, I know I shouldn't laugh but that's just making me laugh harder". It took me at least 10 minutes to stop. Girl who fell, if you're out there somewhere, I hope my laughing didn't make you feel bad!

To this day, I still don't really get why it was so darn funny to me.

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9. This Is The End

In high school, there were three religion courses you could pick to take: Catholic, Protestant, or neutral. You would have different topics in class and different destinations for the yearly trip. I picked Catholic, and on the yearly trip, we went to a monastery. On the third day, one of the exercises was to talk about the topic of mortality.

So there are 20 kids sitting in a circle of chairs, and everyone is crying because everyone has lost a loved one at some point in their lives and this is obviously a very hard topic. The teacher starts talking about what she imagines the afterlife to be like, and begins to say: “I imagine after that after passing, there will be a very long spiral staircase. And you go down and down until there’s a door".

“And behind that door, there is..". The rest of her sentence I didn’t hear because my friend next to me whispers: “A freakin’ kebab stand!” We both sat there giggling for something like the next 20 minutes straight until the entire meeting was over. It was really awkward and embarrassing. To this day, I feel really bad about the whole thing.

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10. A Dirty Reason For A Dirty Look

I used to be a member of my school’s student council back in college. This one time, I was in a meeting with the campus Dean, who was explaining very seriously how some students were pooping on the toilet walls and throwing literal poop onto the bathroom ceilings. He complained that the poop was racking up the expenses for cleaning.

I was asked to give ideas on how to tackle the issue, and I clearly remember trying hard not to laugh and holding it in perfectly. But then, as I made eye contact with a friend of mine who was also on the council, it happened. We both burst out laughing to the point where our stomachs started to hurt. This then led to other members of the council laughing out loud as well.

Just to make matters worse, this was the first time that most of us had ever met the campus Dean. After that, anytime I'd see him, he'd give me a dirty look.

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11. Have A Drink?

One time I was at a funeral. There was a slushie machine in the building, and my cousins and I wreaked havoc on that thing.  We ended up having one of those moments where everything seemed funny to us and we just couldn’t stop laughing. We made a huge scene and our parents were extremely embarrassed. Let’s just say I wasn’t laughing anymore when I got home that day…

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12. Something To Remember Him By

A while back, I was at church memorial service for the fifth anniversary of my grandfather’s passing and the guy singing was so bad that my grandma and me both almost passed out from laughing so hard. It was pretty awkward, but I think everyone in attendance was completely aware of what we were laughing about. I’m sure Grandpa wouldn’t have been offended!

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13. Money Talks

When I worked with a financial advisor, he once misspoke and asked me to check a client's "investment in black [insert crude reference to male genitalia here]", instead of “Blackrock,” an industry fund. He didn't realize what he had said, and he was super big on maintaining a professional, humorless working environment, so I couldn't point it out to him.

I managed to keep a straight face long enough to excuse myself, then spent 15 minutes wheezing in a spare office.

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14. Fanning The Flames Of This Fire

My friend was getting fired from her job, yet for some reason, all she could think about was apparently “What’ll it be fellas? Mustard, or ketchup?” from the Spongebob Squarepants movie. She started laughing uncontrollably as her bosses were calmly trying to explain to her why her services would no longer be needed.

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15. The Worst Medicine

Back in 2004, I was at my late cousin's funeral, and my aunt was in such a shocked state over his passing that she couldn't stop laughing. She was known to do this at funerals. Because laughing is so infectious, I also started laughing a little bit, and I had to run over to the back of the church and hide in the bathroom to get it all out of my system.

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16. Tears Of A Clown

Oh, God. During an emotional class discussion, my professor was very solemnly telling us about what it was like for him when he watched the north tower fall on September 11, 2001. I still can’t believe how I reacted. I was so horrified that I started laughing uncontrollably. I physically couldn't stop, and my eyes were begging for help. I laugh uncontrollably when I'm uncomfortable and that was one of my worst moments ever.

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17. On The Road

I was once responding to a gruesome car accident in which someone had lost their life, and their body had splattered out all over the road. I had to scrape brains and guts off the pavement with a shovel. While doing so, it reminded me that as soon as I got back to the station I needed to start preparing the spaghetti meat sauce for dinner.

I mentioned this to my captain and we giggled on the side of the highway while shoveling some poor sucker’s body into a garbage bag.

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18. Who Cut The Cheese?

At my father's funeral, my daughter was only three months old and she was having a lot of belly pain. During the ceremony, she passed gas so loudly that the priest needed to stop talking in order for us to stop laughing. He even told us that the church was a serious place, and that if we couldn't behave ourselves then we should get out.

I told him that the deceased was my father, and that I couldn't control my daughter's gas.

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19. Teachers Are Like Onions, With Many Layers

So, many years ago, back when I was in high school, my geography teacher was notorious for scolding students in the most creative language you can possibly imagine. One day, while one of my friends was getting scolded by said teacher, the teacher said something ridiculously hilarious about Shrek's donkey having more brains than my friend or something to that effect.

Even though we were in class and it was my friend of all people who was being insulted, I couldn't control my laughter and had to drink a bunch of water to make myself choke and cough so that I wouldn't get scolded for laughing. I didn’t think I could have handled whatever insults the teacher would have had up his sleeve for me…

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20. Blame It On The Principal

During my senior year of high school, I went to this memorial breakfast with my principal and a few other seniors. We went because my principal was begging a few of us to go and hey, free breakfast! So getting to the end of the event, this woman starts singing an incredibly moving song, and she’s doing so beautifully. But I look over at my principal and he just looks so devoid of all expression.

Like his face was completely blank and, because I also apparently don’t deal well with emotional situations, I thought this was the funniest thing ever. So while this lady is singing and some people are crying, I am losing my mind and trying so hard to stop laughing but I can’t. My friends thought I was having a complete mental breakdown, like I’d finally lost my mind or something.

I felt absolutely horrible about it and ducked out as soon as I could.

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21. Wedding Objection

I heard a kid pass gas in church once during a wedding ceremony. I had to remove myself from the room because I couldn't get my laughter under control. It was one of those loud, echo off the old wooden pew ones. It could not have seemed more like a scene from some ridiculous cartoon if it tried, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one laughing.

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22. A Very Unsupportive Support Group

I was in a local support group for friends and relatives of people with bipolar disorder. One person was relating the story of her older teenage daughter who, in a manic episode, had grabbed a flashlight and took it upon herself to stand in a downtown intersection and direct traffic, until she was picked up by the authorities and taken to a mental hospital.

I don’t know why, but I found this image hilarious and I started to feel laughter coming on. I kind of covered my mouth and pretended that I was having a coughing fit. I then excused myself to go to the restroom. I finally regained my composure and went back out. I thought it was over. I was so wrong. Turned out that whatever had clicked in my head to make me start laughing was not going away any time soon.

I started laughing uncontrollably at everything that every single speaker said, no matter how sad and inappropriate it was. One of the speakers talked about how her younger teenage daughter was in the emergency room getting stitched up after an episode of self-harm. One of the nurses was mean and implied that she was a waste of space as opposed to the "real" patients.

Apparently, the nurse had said to her: "You're just doing it for attention, right?" The daughter, irritated, said, "Yes, now gimme some!!!!!" I was barely able to not laugh at that one, but it was a close call. I felt like such a jerk. Then, someone talked about their younger teenage daughter getting her blood drawn once a month to check her lithium levels.

Normally, she absolutely hated to have it done to her and squirmed and sobbed and even put up a bit of a fuss, but this time she was kind of super calm and detached and blasé. "Okay," her mom probably thought, "getting this thing done is finally going smoothly for both of us". Then, out of nowhere, the daughter asks "Can you please take a few more of those tubes full of my blood and give them to me so I can do an art project?"

The nurse, of course, said no; and the mom was so startled and mortified that she was speechless. I completely lost it when I heard this story. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing openly this time. For some reason, I found the image of the girl asking that question ridiculously funny.

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23. Naming Names

My friends from college and I are still super close, even 15 years later. There's an inside joke that we have involving introducing ourselves to people under a specific fake name that we always laugh about when we all get together. Sadly, last week, one of these friends tragically tried to take his own life. We'll call him “John".

John's brother, another of the close friends, called me up and told me that John had tried to take his own life and that he was at the hospital recovering. Then, he tells me that when asked for identification at the scene of the attempt, John had given the paramedics the fake name from college. As sad as I was about what had happened, I instantly burst out laughing so hard when he told me.

I simply couldn't help myself. I'm laughing my head off right now even just from thinking about it. All of the other members of the group had the exact same reaction when John's brother called them. Each and every single one of them. I guess at least that means I’m not the only bad one! I’m sure that in the afterlife, our whole group will have a nice fiery lakeside property together next to the devil.

Cheers, buddies!

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24. Table Manners

Last year’s Thanksgiving, right before the meal, we all stood in a big circle and said a prayer listing what we were thankful for. Well, my mom has this uncle whose name is Dick, so I will refer to him as “Uncle Dick". Yes, that really is his name. When we all stood up, it was revealed that Uncle Dick had forgotten to zip up his jeans after going to the bathroom.

My dad and I were directly across from Uncle Dick and we were barely keeping ourselves from bursting out in all our laughter. Then, my dad leaned over to me and whispered, “I’m thankful that Uncle Dick remembered to put on fresh underwear this morning". I couldn’t control myself at that point. My laughter completely interrupted the group prayer.

About halfway through the meal, we were still laughing about it when Grandma came over to yell at us for being distracting. She basically asked what we were laughing at, in a not so nice voice. We pointed her gaze across the room to reveal the answer, and she couldn’t help but laugh a bit when she saw. We told her it had been like that the whole meal.

The way we had the tables set up was a big square of folding banquet tables. So we could look out straight ahead of us at Uncle Dick’s Boxers.

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25. Strangers On A Train

There was this guy on the train in visible pain. After I accidentally passed some putrid-smelling gas, the guy let out an audible exclamation of "Oh God!" as if he had just inhaled some deadly poison. I couldn't stop myself from laughing as he was loudly gagging. Even after getting off the train, I continued to lose my composure and choke repeatedly on unexpected laughter. Even years later, I still do whenever I think about it…

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26. There’s A New Sheriff In Town

My son is two years old and has started talking back to me from time to time, telling us “no” to basically everything that we ask of him. I know I shouldn’t be laughing and that disciplining a child is very serious, but sometimes it’s just so funny to me that this little person thinks they’re calling the shots and I can’t help but laugh at it right in front of him.

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27. Milking This One For All It’s Worth

I was at a dinner with friends this week and one of their kiddos was saying that they had extra stomachs for some particular food. Then we started talking about how cows had extra stomachs. Then somehow it got to comparing humans and cows, and one of the kids said in the brightest, most angelic voice, "But mum doesn't have udders!"

I made the mistake of glancing at her husband right then, and I swear the filthy twinkle in his eye was audible. Thank the Lord that I have long hair. I dropped my head down to look at my plate, so my hair covered my expression as I just sat there with my shoulders shaking silently trying to hide my laughter. He then asked in a rather amused voice if I was okay, as I appeared to be vibrating.

I literally couldn’t breathe.

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28. No Comment Necessary

There’s a scene in The Pianist, which is a movie about the Holocaust, where a woman is shot in the street and her body folds in on itself as she falls to the ground. We watched that movie in sophomore year English class after reading the book Night by Elie Wiesel. It was completely silent in the classroom during virtually the whole film.

But at that part in particular, some kid piped up from the back of the class, into the silence, with this sad, disappointed tone in his voice, like he just found out the lunch lady was out of chicken nuggets: “Oh no, she folded". Sadly, so many of us busted out laughing. I know it was completely inappropriate, but I just could not help it at all. The teacher was not pleased.

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29. A Laughing Matter, Gone Horribly Wrong

Some older kid at my school ended up in a coma after taking some nitrous oxide. I think he ended up passing, so it's a pretty dark story. Nevertheless, one of the principals came into an assembly and made the most iconic declaration. He seriously said, with a totally straight face: "Nitrous Oxide is no laughing matter!" I think most of us were too young to know that nitrous oxide is laughing gas, but for some reason, I knew that it was.

So everyone was silent and scared of the angry teacher, while I was just there trying not to laugh audibly.

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30. Deer In The Headlights

I don’t know if there is an official name for this, but when I get really nervous or scared, I always start to laugh uncontrollably. Like, if it’s bad enough, you’d think I was watching the best scene in the best Three Stooges skit ever made. So I was driving down the interstate when I saw a deer bolt across. It got hit by a car in the oncoming lane, flew like a rag doll in front of my 18 wheeler, and exploded.

I don’t know what happened, there was just blood everywhere. It looked like I’d gone on a rampage in Grand Theft Auto, but with blood physics from Mortal Kombat. I pulled over to inspect the damage. Just blood and bits of flesh everywhere, and a cracked and bent grill. I got lucky, so I filled out a report with my company.

I then took off for a shop to see about fixing the grill and hopefully a truck wash. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s an open weigh station just ahead. The DOT officer came out to see me as soon I was in sight and waved me over to the inspection area. He immediately starts laying into me about wanting to know why the heck the front of my truck was totally covered in blood. My reaction was chilling.

I am just laughing. I mean I couldn’t get a single word out. Every time I tried to say something, I got a few words out, and then just burst out laughing. Finally, his partner starts inspecting the truck and finds a piece of a hoof. I slowly managed to calm down enough to talk, and we got it all sorted out. Luckily, the DOT officer was having a good day, because he decided not to write me a ticket.

He even let me use the water hose they had on sight to wash most of it off before I took it to a shop to repair the grill.


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31. Put Your Game Face On

One time, me and my best friend were hanging out and playing one of our favorite video games. She isn't the best at player versus player mode, so we decided that we would go one step at a time and I’d sort of train her while we played each other one on one. But the thing is that she's pretty competitive, and she insisted that I give it my all during my turn, no matter what happened.

I beat her maybe five or six times in the span of just a few minutes, and each time she’d get progressively more upset. So, finally, I thought “Okay, maybe she won't notice if I tone it down just a little". So I did, and boy was that a bad idea. Because she immediately noticed and called me out on it. So I was now stuck in a conundrum.

Do I keep giving it my all and upset her by beating her some more? Or do I go easy on her and upset her that way? The ridiculousness of the whole situation eventually made me start laughing. All while still beating her and her gradually growing more and more upset to the point of tears. Which, for whatever reason, made me laugh even harder.

After repeating this cycle a few times, I was laughing to the point of that silent ridiculous seal-type of laughter and I felt so horrible about it, but just kept laughing my head off anyway. I think she realized how ridiculous the situation was though because eventually, her crying morphed into her laughing as well. Once she started laughing with me, I knew I was in the clear.

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32. Grin And Bear It

This happened in my high school English class, which was during the first period. A few days before, I had gotten in trouble for sleeping in and coming in late. My teacher called me a hibernating bear, which I found funny. A few days later, we were doing oral book reports and this one kid with a stutter was doing his. The class was being patient with him, but he was struggling along.

Then, he gets to a point in his book where he talks about a bear, which he explained while stuttering. I still feel so bad about this. That reminded me of how just a few days before I was called a bear and how funny I thought that was, so I busted up laughing. I was not laughing at him for stuttering. I was laughing at being reminded of being called a bear.

However, I realized that my laughing at his stutter was exactly what it looked like to everyone else. The entire class gasped at me in horror. I didn't even try to defend myself, but I do promise it was not directed at him, it was at being called a bear myself. I just slowly tried to regain my composure and awkwardly apologized to my classmates.

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33. Not Very Patient

I work in a hospital. When a patient passes and we have to bag their body, if the family is not there I am always telling jokes. This invariably leads to inappropriate laughter on my part. No need to complain, though. I already know that I am a horrible, horrible person. If there is an afterlife, I probably have a very toasty place waiting for me…

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34. Special Delivery

When I was a teen, we moved to a new house. Soon after, we suddenly got a package with some pills and some powder sent to us in the mail. The package had my name on it. We turned it in to the authorities and it tested positive for whatever it was. So I had to go and get substance tested. Before the test, I got asked by this really scary looking bald guy with scars on his head if the pills were in fact mine. And for some unknown reason, I just started to grin and laugh while denying it.

I obviously tested negative and was allowed to go back home. Eventually, it turned out that someone at our old home that knew we moved out ordered them to our old empty mailbox but we had made a thing that everything addressed there gets relocated to the new address, so it landed with us. In other words, it was all a big misunderstanding.

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35. It’s Not What You Say, It’s How Fast You Say It

My mom’s funeral service. It was just at the funeral home, but we had a priest since my parents are Catholic. My dad is severely disabled, so he was only brought in for the actual service part of the whole shebang. We had calling hours first, then a 15-minute service. No church funeral, as it would have been too much for my dad to handle.

So, my dad is there sobbing, which was really hard to see. And the priest was very kind and was comforting him before the service. I stood next to my dad’s stretcher and held his hand. Then, the service started. Does anyone remember those old Fed Ex or Micro Machines commercials with the extremely fast-talking guy? Well, I think he retired and became a priest.

His voice sounded something like: “Inthrnameofthefathersonandholyspiritweblessthiswoman..". It looked like I was crying for my dear departed mother, but I was actually biting my cheeks so hard to keep from laughing at the priest’s voice. Eventually, tears started from how hard I was laughing. I had to walk outside right after so I could let it all out because I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Before my dad’s brain injury, he would have been right outside laughing with me.

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36. Our Men And Women Not In Uniform

Marine corps boot camp. End of the day before you hit the racks and your D.I.s are doing an inspection on the body. Forgot the full saying, but other Marines will understand. The part where you go “Snap. This recruit". Well, it was my turn to report and my buddy on the other side accidentally had his junk hanging out from his tighty-whities.

I couldn’t stop laughing.

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37. Probably Not A Joke He Should Ever Repeat

One time I was with a group of friends talking about random stuff. After a while, the topic of Alzheimer's disease comes up and a friend comments that his grandmother passed from the disease. Another friend goes: "Didn't know you could pass from Alzheimer's, I always thought you passed from the complications".

Then, another friend casually blurted out a truly unforgettable response. He said: "Maybe she just forgot that she was alive". I had to leave the room because I was crying from laughing, even though I was fully aware of how awful and inappropriate this joke was. I still feel bad about it to this day, yet I also still start to crack up a bit every time I think back on this little incident.

Inappropriate laughterUnsplash

38. Toy Story

This really happened to a friend of mine. He was at work doing an autopsy on the body of someone who had just passed. While conducting the procedure, he suddenly discovered and pulled out a giant, 12” adult toy from inside the deceased’s body. My friend could not stop giggling when the object had to be measured for documentation.

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39. Thunder From Down Under

One time, in the middle of an intimate moment, my wife very loudly passed gas. I’m sure she didn’t mean to do it, but nevertheless, I couldn't finish my task because I just started laughing so hard. She was pretty embarrassed, but I guess it could happen to anyone. Come on, people! Who among us could keep a straight face if something like that happened to you?

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40. The Beach Boy

One time, I was with my family at the beach when a wave threw me onto some rocks pretty hard. There were scratches and bruises all over my body. My family started rushing to pick me up. After we got back to the sand, we all had a laughing fit that lasted a full hour until I got to see a nurse to treat my bruises. No idea what caused it. Must have been something in the air. The circumstances were clearly terrifying and no laughing matter.

Hat and bag on beachboophotography, Adobe Stock

41. The Bible Remix

One time in church, a priest was giving a sermon on how God is a part of our lives in every way and is always present. The usual stuff. It was an extremely quiet service, not the happy singing type. Unfortunately, he chose to end with the words, “Jesus is in the mix". After a few seconds of stifling it, I laughed the place down and had to go outside.

I still laugh at the idea of Jesus being the DJ of our lives.

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42. It’s A Hit

My parents used corporal punishment, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, one time back in the day, my brother and I got into trouble for not listening to them, enough so that it warned a spanking according to my dad. So he started spanking me, but the situation was kinda comical to us as kids. Especially because we had already been laughing from before my dad even did anything.

So when he started spanking me, for some reason my brother started laughing even louder. This in turn made me kinda giggle, so my dad moved to try and "straighten him up," which now gave me time to burst out laughing. My dad kept trying to go back and forth spanking us, but we just couldn't stop laughing. His end reaction made it even more comical, because, after five minutes of trying, he just stood there in the middle of the bathroom, knowing full well that he had been defeated.

He started laughing as well, just from us laughing. Eventually, he just shook his head and left. Most of the other times that my parents used corporal punishment, it made some of the worse memories of my life. But this one incident somehow still makes me giggle to this day.

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43. Music And Laughter

Both my sets of grandparents insisted on burying my parents as Catholics for their funeral. Little did they know that my parents hadn’t been practicing the religion since they moved out of their parents’ homes many years earlier. They hired a lady who was singing Catholic songs horribly off-tune, so loudly into the microphone that it felt like a bad karaoke night.

Everyone probably thought I was shaking from crying in the front row by myself, but I was literally laughing so darn hard at the lady’s singing that I had tears streaming down my face. I had to practically choke myself to keep the giggles from coming out audibly. I could just imagine my parents sitting next to me going “What the heck is this?!” and laughing along with me.

It was a very inappropriate time to laugh, but that dang lady got the best of me.

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44. Flower Power

While pregnant with our first child, my wife and I went to birthing classes. During one session, we sat on the floor and the instructor began leading us in some breathing and meditation exercises. At one point, she said something she said about the female anatomy and its relationship to flowers. A few of us started mildly giggling. Then, before we knew it, the giggles became infectious and resulted in an entire room full of uncontrollable shaking laughter. We had to get up and leave in shame.

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45. A Very Private Story

One time, I had to go and get a physical exam from the doctor’s office in order to be allowed to join a sports team. I went and, during the checkup, I could not stop myself from laughing my butt off when he had to check my private area. I felt like the most immature person alive, and I think the doctor felt even more awkward than I did...

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46. The Honeymooners

My sister came over to see us when she got back from her honeymoon. I asked her how it went and she said, "We broke up". She was so casual about it that I thought she was being sarcastic. Not a good time for laughter, but I couldn’t help myself. I really couldn’t stop. Well, then I learned my horrible lesson. For some context, their honeymoon happened about six months after the wedding because they wanted to have a summer one.

They went to marriage counseling a few times before they left, so things were already bad between them. There was no physical harm against each other during the honeymoon or anything like that, they were just not compatible. From what I hear, things just slowly escalated until she'd had enough and realized she couldn't stay with him. She broke up with him as soon as they got home.

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47. Rock-A-Bye Baby

My friend was late for her period and had me pick up a pregnancy test for her. She was too scared to look at the test after the two minute window, so I checked it for her. For some unknown reason, I BURST out laughing when "Pregnant" showed up on the little LED screen. I could barely catch my breath long enough to tell her that she was, in fact, preggo. I still have no idea what got into me there…

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48. They Like To Move It

Oh boy. One time, my mother and her friend both laughed uncontrollably in the middle of a friend's funeral service because the priest sounded "like the lemur king from the movie Madagascar". As much as I love that movie, and as hilarious as that voice was, I was pretty darn embarrassed when the two of them couldn’t hold it together…

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49. Having A Leg Up

I heard a story from my father when he was a lot younger that falls into the lines of this. He had recently started a new job and wanted to come across as funny to his coworkers. So, he's talking to an older woman about how sad he was because his uncle had gotten a double leg amputation, and the woman is reacting very sympathetically and concerned.

So he's going on about how he was supposed to have had one leg amputated, but the hospital amputated the wrong leg, so they had to amputate the other, correct one. Well, apparently the woman fell for the bait and asked "Oh my, are they going to go to court over it?", to which my father responded, "Well, he's got no leg to stand on!"

My dad then started laughing uncontrollably, and the woman started crying and walked away. That’s when he learned the disturbing truth. The woman’s husband was a veteran who lost both of his legs in a combat-related injury. Ouch.

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50. Thanks For The Confirmation

During a cathedral confirmation liturgy, the Bishop let out a resounding sound of passing gas in the reverberant room as he elevated the host. That was obviously hilarious, but the aftermath was even more ridiculous. Immediately, the Deacon began swinging the incense pot as wildly as he could, because the altar boys kneeling directly behind the bishop started holding their noses and waving their hands. Needless to say, I was laughing my head off.

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51. Fighting A Difficult Battle

When I was a second-year law student, I had a classmate abruptly get up in the middle of a lecture and waddle quickly out of the lecture hall. There were about 90 students in the lecture and, in law school, the academic approach is the Socratic method, which is usually the professor and one student going one on one during the course of a lecture or class.

The dude comes back into the classroom and the professor abruptly halts his current line of questioning with another student. I'm at the front of the class, and the professor asks the returning student, "Is everything okay?" The student’s answer was absolutely legendary. He responds by merely saying: "Bad Chipotle," and then walks back to his seat. I spent the rest of the lecture period giggling under my breath as the professor grilled his students about family law.

So to sum up, a classmate of mine in law school had an explosive bout with Chipotle that made him have to duck run to the bathroom in the middle of an intense lecture.

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