Mind-Blowing “I Willed It Into Existence” Stories

August 30, 2023 | A.V. Land

Mind-Blowing “I Willed It Into Existence” Stories

Who needs fortune tellers, futurists, and meteorologists to predict the future when these Redditors have the spine-chilling ability to foresee everything from car accidents to aliens, sudden windfalls, and even extremely unusual uses for a chicken neck? You won’t need a crystal ball to be amazed at how these everyday folks are better at predicting the future than an entire roomful of Simpsons writers.

1. The Summoning

I was in the middle of a pretty nasty breakup with my ex and was partying at a friend’s house to reduce some stress and get my mind off of the subject. 

Someone there mentioned that she had texted my ex. I remarked to my friend that “She had better not show up here tonight because I can’t deal with it”. What happened next was...well, you already know.

About three seconds later, the sliding glass door was flung open with hurricane force, and my vicious, screaming ex charged through the door and immediately began verbally berating me. A heated hour-long argument followed.

It was definitely one of the strangest occurrences I have personally experienced. While I don’t think the person, she texted would have revealed my location it is certainly possible that someone else there could have. Still, the timing was unsettling.


2. But First Coffee

I worked at a Starbucks inside a grocery store. We had a homeless guy who would come in a few times a week and get a small coffee (we would give it to him for the refill price). 

He would sit in the store for hours. He was pretty scruffy, had a long beard, and smelled kind of bad, but he seemed nice enough.

After like a year of this, the store manager came to me and told me to call if I saw Nathan (aka the homeless guy) because he wanted to talk to him. That night I had a dream that I was at work and Nathan was there as well, but as an employee.

There was nothing super eventful about the dream until I went to work the next day and saw that we had a new employee. He was sitting at the table in front of our Starbucks kiosk and one of my co-workers was talking to him.

I didn’t really pay much attention until my co-worker called me over and said, “Doesn’t he look completely different without his beard?” My mind was blown. 

Apparently, my store manager figured that if Nathan was going to be chilling in the store all day he might as well give him a job.

The manager bought Nathan some clothes and a haircut. He also got him a gym membership for showers and started helping him look for a place to stay. 

I really never had a positive or negative opinion of the store manager before that point, but after I had mad respect for him. It’s been five years and Nathan still works there. He outlasted me.

A homeless man is standing in parking lot.MART PRODUCTION, Pexels

3. How’s My Driving?

When I was in high school, a buddy and I were driving back from Long Beach with his mom. About halfway home, some jerk started riding his mom's rear bumper. She started to get really nervous and tried to get out of this guy’s way by changing lanes.

Mid-lane change, the guy floored it and changed lanes around her, scaring the pants off us and nearly forcing his mom into the center divider. That wasn’t enough though. He then got in front of us and slowed down to our speed. By now his mom was in tears.

So, my buddy said, “Don’t worry about it, Mom. We’ll all laugh our heads off when he blows his tire and wrecks his car right now”. The words had barely left his mouth when “BOOM!”

The guy’s front left tire blew out and he thanked his shiny Nissan right into the guardrail. We had to swerve to avoid hitting him. Needless to say, it was an eerie ride home.

Destroyed front of a new silver car on the road.sylvar , Flickr

4. Not-So Fun Fact

A few years ago, I was going to the grocery store with my dad, and I asked him, “Is there any part of the body that can’t get cancer?” He thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know, but we can look it up later”.

As we were getting back in the car after shopping, we turned on the radio and were immediately shook. The radio jockey said, “It’s Tuesday, which means that it’s time for our trivia fact of the week. Did you know that the lens of the eye is the only body part that cannot get cancer?”

Young father is seating inside of a car with his small kid and smiling.freepik, Freepik

5. Eerie Earworm

A while back, I’d had a song stuck in my head for literally months. To make matters worse, it wasn’t even the full song, just a little bit of a tune and part of a lyric. Nowadays I would have just Googled it, but back then that wasn’t an option.

Then one day when I was leaving school, the song suddenly came to me. It was “The Best Things In Life Are Free” by Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson. 

When my mother picked me up, I was excited to tell her that I’d figured it out. Before the words came out of my mouth, the song started playing on the car radio!

Girl wearing pink glasses and smiling is seating in the car with her mother.jcomp, Freepik

6. I’ll Take “Freaky Premonitions” For $100

I was watching Jeopardy! and the Final Jeopardy subject was “Science”. During the commercial break, I said, “I bet the answer is ‘Tungsten’”. Guess what the answer was?

Young man is seating in front of a TV and eating popcorn.Andrea Piacquadio ,Pexels

7. Nightmare Fuel

I had a recurring dream when I was a little kid. In it, I would be sitting on my dad’s shoulders, and we would be walking down this really narrow hallway. 

For some reason, I had this inherent knowledge that there were monsters around, but my dad kept them away. The dream always ended before we got out.

When I was five, I had the same dream, except when we got to the end of the hallway, my dad suddenly disappeared. I looked for him for a while but to no avail. When I woke up, I found out my dad had passed while I was sleeping.

Small kid wearing blue shirt is crying and looking at side.100 files ,Pexels

8. From The Mouths Of Babes…

I was about six years old and playing with my brand-new pet bunny rabbits that my dad had bought for me after church. I turned to him and said, “Daddy, I’m so glad that you and Mommy are still married. So many of my friend’s parents are divorced”.

My dad looked shocked, then he dropped the hammer: “Actually, that’s something we need to talk about”. And that’s how I learned that my parents were getting divorced.

Young man seating on the sofa is talking with his small son and looking surprised.August de Richelieu, Pexels

9. Simple Twist Of Fate

During my freshman year of college, I fell in love with a girl for the first time and we stayed together until the end of sophomore year. We reached our breaking point because she came from a very traditional Indian family and was very in favor of being married young.

I loved her like crazy but at the same time, I knew that I wasn’t ready for all that she was hoping for, and I didn’t think it was fair to keep getting her hopes up that way. I was 20 years old, and I’d never even had a job.

We had a brutal breakup because as much as I tried to explain myself, she felt that it was because somehow, she wasn’t good enough. We were both pretty heartbroken, but we realized that trying to be friends would only make things harder, so we agreed to talk anymore.

One of the last things I said to her was that it wasn’t impossible for things to work out for us someday, but we both needed to try to live on our own for a while and give ourselves a chance to be with other people. We were overdependent on each other and needed to learn to be our own people.

We lost touch for two years. During this time, we dated other people. At the end of senior year, I’d just gotten out of a really bad relationship where I had been cheated on. It wasn’t totally heartbreaking because I wasn’t really in love with the girl, but it didn’t feel great.

The week before exams, I had a dream about my first girlfriend. In it, we ran into each other at this little coffee shop we always used to go to. In the dream, all we did was talk and hold hands a little. The next day, I needed to study and decided to go to that coffee shop.

Fifteen minutes later, she walked in and sat down without seeing me. She was studying too. I walked up to the counter and bought another drink while looking over trying to make sure it was her. I couldn’t believe it. She saw me and of course, at that point, it was impossible not to say hello.

We talked for two hours. She told me she’d had some bad relationships too. We found out we both had jobs lined up in the same city. We didn’t hold hands because that would have been bizarre, but we could both feel it.

We dated, married, and have been together for five years now. I don’t believe in god, but I still can’t believe how perfectly things worked out.

Young woman is seating and talking with a young man in coffee shop.Juan Vargas, Pexels

10. A Christmas Miracle

When I was 14 or 15, I was sitting with this girl I had just started hanging out with. We were waiting for our ride home and she started talking about missing her brother. 

I said something about him showing up for Christmas, not realizing that he had been estranged from the family for the past three years.

An awkward moment ensued, but eventually, our rides showed up to take us home. Flash forward to 7:00 am Christmas morning…she called me freaking out because her brother actually did show up at her family’s door.

Woman is seating happy next to her Christmas tree and holding her phone.Julia Larson, Pexels

11. Three Strikes

The first laptop I ordered arrived a day early when I was out of the house, so I came home to find a little delivery slip on my door saying that they would try again tomorrow. 

The next day I woke up, only to find that I had slept in and missed the shipment again. I was pretty annoyed with myself but decided to just set my alarm for the next day.

For some reason, I missed the FedEx guy for the third day in a row and by now I was fuming. I decided to go for a run to vent my anger and while running I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I saw the FedEx truck and got my laptop?”

After half an hour, I turned the corner of an intersection and saw the FedEx truck and the FedEx guy walking toward it. I excitedly dashed up to him and explain my situation while gasping for air. 

He remembered the package, found it, and handed it to me after I signed for it. Such a good day.

Fed Ex van with delivery man in uniform walking next to the van.sylv1rob1, Shutterstock

12. At Least He’s Honest

I take no pride in this, but I once told my sister that if she didn’t get a handle on her daughter, she would be raising a grandchild while still in her 30s. Well, she ended up a grandmother at 36 years old.

Mother is checking on her pregnant daughter.Mikhail Nilov ,Pexels

13. The Odds Are…

I was sitting at lunch with about seven or eight coins in my hand. I asked my friend, “How many times, on average, do you think I would have to toss these coins for them to all land on heads?”

My friend started thinking out loud trying to figure out the math required to answer this. I said, “You know, I bet it’s just one time” and tossed the coins. They all ended up heads. “Yep,” I said. “I was right”.

Man is holding metal coins in his hand.Nicola Barts, Pexels

14. Told You So

I was driving home from a friend’s house with another friend, and I told him, “Bro, you should put on your seatbelt”. He said, “Nah man, nothing is going to happen, anyway. It’s fine”. Immediately after he said that a car smashed into our rear bumper. While I leaned forward a bit, he hit the driver’s seat and slumped back into his seat, dazed.

People are seating at car and driving on the city street.Borys Zaitsev, Pexels

15. Laughter Is The Best Medicine?

When I was about eight, my teacher asked me to deliver an envelope to the principal’s office in the middle of the school day. My school had a single, long hall down the center with my classroom near one end and the principal’s office at the other.

As a child, the hall seemed absurdly long. Since the class was in session, I was walking down this hall all alone. My footsteps were echoing, and it was quite surreal. 

It suddenly occurred to me that I was walking quite close to the wall and if any of the teachers were to fling open their classroom doors, I’d be knocked silly.

Just then, a teacher flung open her door and knocked me silly. These were big, old heavy doors, and the energy transfer to my head was significant. 

In my memory, both my feet left the ground and I landed on my behind. I sat there momentarily stunned.

My eyes locked with the teacher’s eyes for an instant. Then I burst into uncontrollable laughter. The synchronicity struck me as hilarious, and even the pain of being cold-cocked by a massive door couldn’t suppress my hilarity.

I believe my reaction led the teacher to think that I had suffered brain damage. It took quite some time to convince the various concerned school officials that I was actually unharmed.

Young kid is smiling and walking at school hallway.pressphoto, Freepik

16. Mind Over Matter

I was talking with a group of friends outside a movie theater in Santa Cruz. We were hanging out and making jokes when one of my buddies got our attention and said, “Watch this, I’m going to pull this girl’s shirt down, with my mind”.

He made a funny concentrating face and we all laughed and looked at a girl who was about five meters (15 feet) away from us. She was in mid-conversation with what looked like a good male friend. 

Slowly but surely her top started to move. With each hand motion or exclamation, her top would inch over slightly—and eventually, it was too late.

After about a minute and a half, her right nip was fully exposed. We cheered and laughed—and couldn’t believe it. The guy who was talking to her noticed but was too embarrassed to say anything. 

She finally put it away when some girl from a nearby table commented on it so loudly that she took notice. But, to our great joy, she had been standing there with her bosom out for a few minutes. 

By the end of those few minutes, everyone had been looking at it. She was a really hot girl, so I guess she’s used to people staring. I kind of felt bad because she got really embarrassed, but wow was it funny.

Young man is standing next to a girl and looking at her.Katerina Holmes, Pexels

17. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

During college, I worked at a grocery store in Bellingham, Washington. One time, my coworkers and I were talking in the break room before a shift and the subject of celebrities came up. 

We talked about how celebrities might be jerks because they have to deal with sycophants constantly bothering them.

Then someone brought up Ryan Stiles, who lives near Bellingham and owns the Upfront Theater. They said that he would never shop at the store by the college campus because he wouldn’t want to be hassled by college noobs.

After our conversation, we left to go to our respective cash registers, and within a few minutes, Ryan Stiles walked in. It was unbelievable. He was really nice too. 

I was hoping he would come through my line, and I would get to see if he would say something funny, but he went to my friend’s line instead.

Ryan Stiles is looking at side and smiling on black background - 2008.Anirudh Koul, Flickr

18. You’ve Got Mail

About seven years ago, I was still in high school and living with my mom, my brother, and my younger sister. Just over a year before that, my parents had gotten a divorce and my dad kind of screwed us financially.

My mom was 48 and unemployed but was going back to school with less than a year of schooling left. We had no money, no food, no nothing. 

We’ve always been a poor family growing up, so it wasn’t anything new, but we couldn’t afford to live where we were living anymore and had to move.

This was the first move without my dad, so it was the toughest. I remember my mom would cry daily wondering how she would feed us, move the house, care for us, and get money for bills.

 I remember asking her what we were going to do or how we’d pay for anything. She had no answer. She went to get the mail a day later and when she did, she found a letter with a check in it for $6,000. 

She was employed at an insurance firm where she had met my dad some 20 years earlier and, as a perk for working there, she had been given stock options.

My mom had forgotten about the stock options and the company had tracked her down 20 years later to give her the money. It single-handedly saved us from being homeless. 

My mom made that six grand go a long way—we happily moved to a cheaper home, and everything is OK again.

Woman is looking surprised ,holding a document in her hands.Andrii Zastrozhnov, Shutterstock

19. What’s Your Superpower?

When I was a kid, every time I thought about a certain episode of the Simpsons, it would end up being the one that would come on TV that evening. 

For example, I would imagine a scene or joke from the one where Lisa gets braces, and that is the one that would come on. I thought I was psychic, but I never could use my power for good.

Young girl  is watching tv with surprised face.freepik , Freepik

20. If I Had A Rocket Launcher…

When I’m on the long drive to and from college, sometimes I pretend that I have a bazooka. Well, one time I shot my imaginary bazooka at a car in front of me—and the most unexpected thing happened.

A second later, its tire EXPLODED, and the driver swerved off the road, staring at me the whole time. He was probably just as confused as I was.

Young man is driving a car with surprised face looking at front.diana.grytsku, Freepik

21. Not Very Amusing

When I was about eight, my family decided to go for a walk. So, we drove our huge 15-passenger van to the path. 

Mind you, this was a small walking path in the middle of nowhere that virtually no one knew about except for our family and a few quad riders.

For some reason, when my Dad closed the van door, I became terrified that someone would take off with it. Obviously, no one gave it much thought and none of my older brothers or sisters wanted to listen to a whining eight-year-old.

After the walk, we came back, and yep, the van was gone. After filing a report with the local authorities, they drove us home. The van was found a week later in the parking lot of Kennywood. 

It turned out that the thief just needed a way to drive a few friends to an amusement park.

Group of people are walking on a mountain road.freepik , Freepik

22. A Good Friend To Have

This one still gives me goosebumps. About 20 years ago, my mom was close friends with a guy from work until the company moved him across the country. 

She and Steve eventually fell out of touch and then after those two decades went by, they suddenly started talking again due to the passing of an old mutual friend.

Not a week after they started talking, Steve called her in the middle of the night. She said his voice sounded weirdly distant and it was as if he couldn’t really hear her. 

But he was talking very insistently, so she listened. He told her that the next day I was going to go home on my lunch break and be in a fatal car accident.

Steve described me leaving my apartment in the morning and named each of the three colors of the building, my apartment’s exact location, the ponds I’d walk by on the way to my car, the make and color of my car, and my work building with its weird wraparound gravel parking lot.

I know a lot of people will call me “creepy stalker” on this one, but the kicker for me was that Steve told her very specifically what I would be wearing. 

For instance, he said, “She’s going to be wearing the black tennis shoes that she doesn’t like because she got paint on the white ones”.

Steve also said that I would leave at lunch to go home and when I pulled out of the parking lot, a box truck would hit the side of my car. When he was done explaining these events, he simply hung up. 

Skip ahead to the next day and my mom wasn’t able to reach me until about 10:00 am.

I never buy into psychic nonsense and neither does my mom, but the overwhelming weirdness of this made me listen. I should note that I normally don’t go home at lunch, but I planned to that day because my boyfriend wanted me to double-check that he’d turned off the coffeemaker.

Come lunchtime, curiosity got the better of me and I looked outside. About 90 seconds after punching out, when I would have been turning out of my parking lot, I saw a box truck fly past our building inexplicably going about 130 km/h (80 mph) on the city street. 

A moment later, it rear-ended someone at the end of the street. The accident was fatal for both drivers. I was able to describe the truck to my mom and it was exactly as Steve had described it, although he’d used the term “box truck” and I didn’t know what that meant at the time. I still think about the driver who was rear-ended.

When we told Steve what’d happened, he said he only dimly remembered calling my mom but things like this had happened to him before. He said he’d once told one of his otherwise healthy friends that she had cancer, and she didn’t believe him…you can probably guess how that went.

Senior man is talking on the phone with upset face.ArekSanz, Shutterstock

23. Gi’day Mate!

My wife and I were riding down a highway in West Virginia, and for some reason, I was quite wired and spouting all kinds of nonsense.

I turned to my wife and said, “I would like to see a strange animal” and not soon after that, we came across an emu running on the highway.

There was a guy on a motorcycle riding alongside the emu, trying to get a close look, but the bike soon sped off. I don’t blame him as the emu was taller than him on his bike. Eventually, it ran off the road and into a field.

Emu Large Australian Bird, running in wild.Ken Griffiths, Shutterstock

24. Brotherly Bond

I lived in Mississippi many years ago while my younger brother was a flight instructor working in Sonoma Valley, California. For several nights in a row, I’d been awakened by a vivid dream in which I saw him in an older WWII-era plane.

In my dream, I saw him in the co-pilot’s seat with another guy piloting the plane and five other people sitting behind them. Without warning, the plane went into a nosedive and crashed. After about the fourth time I had this dream, I was in the living room dusting photographs and whatnot.

I picked up a family photo and while looking at my brother’s picture I had sort of a daydream of the same exact thing that I had been dreaming. So, I called my brother and told him that I had a very bad feeling about what might happen if he continued in his job. I didn’t tell him about my dream.

One week later, he decided to go back to University and finish his degree. As the fall semester was starting, he packed up and left his job immediately. A few days after that he called me and said, “Well, I missed the big plane crash where everybody perished”.

I said, “What?” He told me that one of his buddies had recently purchased a vintage plane and they’d had plans to take it out for a long flight. 

My brother was looking forward to it, but since he left so hurriedly for university, he had to miss out on what he thought was a great opportunity.

He told me that his buddy took the plane out anyway and had invited another friend to take my brother’s place. Then he described to me in nearly perfect detail what I’d seen in my dream. It gave me chills.

Man is seating on pilot seat in old plane.Ricky Esquivel, Pexels

25. Assume Nothing

One time, my kid sister was shouting, “Ha-ha I can see that idiot’s underpants” in Russian at some guy. I, trying to get some humility into my sister without being too condescending, said, “Hey, what if that guy understands Russian?”

The guy turned around smooth as silk and said, “I know Russian,” in Russian. Needless to say, my sister doesn’t take advantage of the whole “nobody-here-understands-my-language” situation anymore.

freepik, Freepik

26. Strength From Numbers

A couple of years ago, I had a serious battle with anorexia. I can still remember weighing myself about two days before I was admitted to the hospital. 

I was 66.6 pounds (30 kg). I remember looking into that number—six, six, six—and thinking that this was the end for me.

When I was admitted to the hospital, I was instantly shipped off to the Intensive Care Unit where I spent close to two weeks. My potassium was dangerously low, I was dehydrated, and my lungs were ruptured. I was on the edge of survival.

Do you know what I said to myself? “Forget this. I will get better”. I started eating. Though I wasn’t required to eat anything at the ICU, I voluntarily ate three full meals each day. 

I ate snacks. When I was admitted to inpatient treatment, I was the only person in the entire unit who never had to have her meals swapped with an Ensure.

I was so underweight that I had to drink five Ensures per day on top of all that to just get back to normal. And you know what? I did it. I recovered. I told myself that I could do it, that I would do it, and it would happen.

I look and feel fabulous now, but I recently found out from my doctor just how on the edge of survival I was. When I was first admitted, I was considered a lost cause to the point where doctors debated even ordering a feeding tube. I never needed a feeding tube, though. I did it.

I know it’s not cancer, and you can tell me whatever you want about me “bringing it on myself” and blah, blah, blah, but here’s what I’ll tell you: We all have our demons. I told my demons to go screw themselves and I recovered.

Nurse is holding a tray with breakfast for the young female patient.Roman Zaiets, Shutterstock

27. Comic Relief

One night, I had a dream where this crow came and said, “Your aunt is going to perish”. I was so scared that I woke up my parents, but they told me it was just a dream and to get back to bed.

The next morning, however, my Aunt Stacy had perished. Of course, it was terrible for her, but think about me, a young boy with that kind of power. 

Less than three weeks later, the crow came back to me in a dream and said, “Your daddy’s going to die”. I didn’t know what to do.

I finally told my father and he said, “Oh, not to worry” but I could see that he was rattled.

The next morning, he wasn’t himself. He kept looking around and waiting for something to drop on his head. The crow didn’t say how it was going to happen.

Well, he left home early and was gone for a long time. When he finally came back, he looked terrible—like he had been waiting for the ax to fall all day. “I’ve just had the worst day of my life,” he said to my mother. 

“You think you’ve had a bad day?” she said. “This morning, the milkman croaked on our porch”.

Young couple are arguing seating on the bed and talking.Timur Weber, Pexels

28. Cause For Alarm

I was living in a second-floor apartment in Humboldt Park in Chicago, overlooking a side street where everyone parked their cars. One day, some people came home with a big old custom van, the kind with the curtains on the windows in the back.

The van had a car alarm that was so sensitive it would go off every time it rained. The owners would never come out to turn it off either. It would just keep blasting for what seemed like forever until it would finally stop on its own.

And that's not the worst part—it had this strange old dual alarm, which was basically a loud siren overlaying an asynchronous alarm cycle—basically, it was designed to demand your undivided attention.

One night, I was so frustrated that I actually looked through my pantry for a bottle I could use to make a Molotov cocktail, which I was seriously considering hurling from my window at the van. In the end, I just gave up and went out.

THE VERY NEXT MORNING, I woke up and went downstairs for a ciggy with my roommate. There was the van, completely burnt to a blackened husk. 

When my roommate saw the odd look of satisfaction on my face as I watched the owners poking at their travesty of a van, she said, “Did you do that?” I didn’t know how to answer.

Man is looking upset thru the window at night.freepik, Freepik

29. Ask And Ye Shall Receive

When I was 16, I worked at a veterinarian clinic. The people who lived behind our clinic had a hot daughter who was my age…and a dog. 

While I was out walking one of the clinic dogs, I thought, “It would be amazing if the girl’s dog escaped from her yard and came over here, so I had a reason to talk to her”.

About 30 minutes later, as we were closing up for the day, I saw a loose dog walk past our clinic. I ran out there and sure enough, it was the girl’s dog! I grabbed him, walked him back to their house, and knocked on the door.

The daughter answered in a bikini! We talked a little and I ended up using that as an excuse to talk to her the next time I saw her outside. I even ended up getting her number and calling her a few times, but nothing really came of it.

A veterinarian is carrying a small dog in his hands and looking at camera.Tima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

30. The Subconscious Knows

When I turned 23 a few years ago, I went to Denver to rock climb and hang out in the nicer summer weather before I returned to school and work in Arkansas. 

My birthday night was great, we went to a Mexican restaurant, and they fed me margaritas until I could hardly see straight.

All my friends were there, and we had an amazing time. I was pretty wasted, and all night, although I wasn’t totally sick, I had such crazy dreams that I hardly got any sleep— it was exhausting.

I’m not sure if it was the margaritas or what, but in one of my crazy dreams, my older sister, who I was going to be seeing the next day, came to an intramural basketball game of mine (I don’t play basketball) with her girlfriend and the girlfriend and I hated each other.

The next day when we were actually hanging out, she asked me my thoughts on Denver—I LOVE Denver! I mentioned that I was a little surprised by the number of women who are into other women in Denver. She replied with a laugh and said something to the effect of “Yeah, I noticed that!”

I was stunned for a second and she could tell I was taken aback. She then looked at me and said, there was something we needed to talk about, and she ended up coming out right then and there. 

After that dream, it was pretty crazy. Didn’t change a thing, though. I’m just really glad she finally came out.

Two girls are talking and walking outside.Mizuno K ,Pexels

31. Little Green Woman

Well, this happens to me ALL the time. I’ll be sitting there at some point in the day, and I’ll be thinking about a television show or a song on the radio or something like that, and sure enough, later that evening, said show or song will come on.

This happens to me and my little brother often enough to the point where I started to think that there must be some pattern in programming that we subconsciously pick up on. 

I had this really weird dream one night where I was with a bunch of friends, just hanging out, and my friend came up to me with this green alien girl on his arm.

Now even in a dream, this was a little weird. I was like “What?” but whatever. The alien girl left and then my friend said to me, “Hey, I just banged that girl and I think I got her pregnant”. So, the next day, the dream was a foggy memory, and I didn’t think much of it.

I hung out with the friend from the dream that day and he said to me “Dude, I got this girl pregnant, what do I do?” It turns out the girl was an unlawful alien from Cambodia. My jaw just dropped. I was so stunned that I couldn’t think of anything to say for a good 30 seconds.

Young man is looking at side with shocked face.Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

32. Fasten Your Seatbelts

I was rolling around in the country, getting blazed with a friend. It had rained earlier, so the roads were a bit wet. My friend went around a big curve and said, “Man, Steve would have wrecked right there”. 

Steve was a mutual friend of ours who was a terrible driver. I laughed and said, “Yeah, he totally would have”. And that's when karma hit us both—my friend sped around another curve, ran the car off the road, did a few 360s, jumped a stream, hit a tree, and then bounced into the stream. 

I spiderwebbed the windshield with my forehead. The only thing we had to soak up the blood was a brand new, still-in-the-bag Ecko shirt that he had just bought for like $50.

I had blood pouring down my face, so he grabbed the shirt and handed it to me. I still hate that I ruined that shirt. I was picking glass out of my head for about a year after that. Good times.

Man is seating next to other man and driving a car.Tobi, Pexels

33. Ghost Of A Chance

One time when I was 15 years old, I was staying at a friend’s house when some crazy stuff happened. People always said that the house was haunted and sometimes you would hear weird noises at night, including what sounded like someone walking up and down the stairs.

One night, we were all a little freaked out after hearing scratching noises in the walls. When it was time to go to sleep, I got up to turn off the lamp. While I was on the way I said, “Wouldn’t it be totally messed up if the light exploded right before I turned it off?”

Sure enough, when I was just about to touch the light there was a loud pop and the bulb burned out. We all jumped under our covers and refused to get out of bed for the rest of the night.

Man wearing blue shirt over his head is making scared face.cookie_studio, Freepik

34. Snow Problem

My family and I were driving down the highway in a snowstorm at about 50 km/h (30 mph) when this guy came flying past us. 

Both my dad and I said, in unison, “He’s about to have an accident”. As we said, the guy lost control of the car and smashed into the highway divider.

He then spun into a ditch and was lucky to miss other drivers. As we passed him, we slowed down to see if he was OK and thankfully, he was getting out of his vehicle.

He was really lucky he didn’t hurt anyone else including us. Still, it was a pretty creepy experience to say that and then have it happen instantly right before our eyes.

Black SUV is driving fast on snow.Kichigin, Shutterstock

35. Let’s Not Get Into Specifics

One weekend, I was sitting at my buddy’s house, and we were bored out of our minds. I said, “Why can’t a couple of hot chicks with some beer have an accident right outside the house or something?”

A couple of minutes later, we heard tires screeching followed by a loud bang. Two girls I knew, one of which I had a major crush on, had been rear-ended. The one I knew came running up, handed me half a case of Bud, and told me to take it.

Another time, we were on a road trip, and we were walking along the highway, back toward a gas station we’d seen, hoping they could fix a flat. 

We were walking across a creek bridge, and I said, “With our luck, a truck will come along and jackknife or something, and we’ll have to jump into the creek”.

On the walk back, a guy picked us up and gave us a ride. When we got to the bridge, we saw that a semi had jackknifed in the median by the bridge. My friend looked at me and said, “Why couldn’t you have wished for the Swedish Bikini Team?”

A semi truck jackknife accident into a ditch on snow.TFoxFoto, Shutterstock

36. So THAT’S What Happened

Many years ago, a few friends were at my buddy’s place for a gaming night. As we were sitting there, I pointed out the four power bars that were each loaded with computers and appliances, all of which were branching from a single one of those six-way wall socket splitters.

I said, “Whoa, is all that going to hold?” just as our friends were powering up two more computers. Before I could finish the sentence, the lights flickered, and we both nodded at each other. 30 seconds later, the universe sent us a sign—and the power went out completely.

For 20 minutes, we tried and failed to restart our party before we noticed the whole street was out. Comments like “Good job Peter, you screwed over the whole block” were tossed around. 

It turned out to be the Northeast Blackout of 2003. To this day, I’m positive our party was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Young people with headphones are seating and playing games n PC.freepik, Freepik

37. Mission Accomplished(ish)!

When I was eight, my family went on a weekend trip to the lovely Ocean City, Maryland, and my mother decided to take us crab fishing. 

Because we were rather broke at the time and couldn’t afford anything fancy, we were using a fishing net with a chicken neck tied to a string as bait.

Everyone else at the pier had nice cages for catching the crab, and I was seriously jealous. Being the brat that I was, I was sulking to my mom about the lack of a crab cage as our chicken necks dangled idly in the ocean.

At this point, I was getting angry because we weren’t catching anything. My brother caught a pregnant crab, but we had to throw it back. 

Finally, I felt a tug on my line and feverishly started pulling it in as my brother grabbed the net.

Suddenly, a crab cage began to surface! It had become ensnared by the chicken neck at the end of my line. In the end, I lost all interest in catching crab and proudly took my new crab cage back to the hotel, where we just ordered some fresh blue crab.

An empty crab trap cage is standing on the wooden boards.ROBERT ENRIQUEZ, Shutterstock

38. Very Shocking

I was 17 years old and one of the bulbs in the ceiling fixture in my room had burned out. 

I climbed up to change it, removed the bulb, and just as I was screwing in the new one, I noticed the wires were kind of loose. “I hope this doesn’t cause a problem,” I thought.

I kept on screwing and the bulb turned on for a split second, made a huge spark and then there was total darkness. I stumbled my way out of my room thinking that I blew a breaker, but then I noticed that the lights are off to the whole house.

I went down to the breaker box and found everything in order. After thinking for a minute or so, I went outside and noticed the power was off on the whole street. I was pretty freaked out at this point, so I hopped in my car and started driving.

The power ended up being off in a good chunk of our suburb of 10,000 people. An hour later, the power came back on but, to this day, I wonder if it was just a weird coincidence, or if the short caused some sort of a power spike that blew one of the high voltage breakers at a substation.

Man is changing a light bulb in the room.rawpixel.com, Freepik

39. Hypothetically Speaking

I was riding around with my friend in his car thinking about how dangerous it would be if you were second in line at a stoplight and the person in front of you was talking on his cell or eating and playing with the radio, just generally not paying attention. 

The second car would honk at them during a red light, and they might drive out into the intersection without thinking.

So, I told my friend my thoughts and he just laughed. We were still sitting at this long light on a road that was eight lanes wide. All the lanes were filled and to our left, the guy in the second car honked and the car in front of him jerked forward quickly.

That first car ended up getting creamed by a car coming from the left side of the intersection. They literally crashed right in front of us since the impact knocked them together across the front of our car from left to right. 

We drove off and both of us did not acknowledge it for a minute but, yeah, when we did it was sobering.

People are seating inside a car and waiting on red light.Adrien Olichon, Pexels

40. A Magic Workmate

A co-worker and I were on a business trip in London for a few weeks. On the first weekend, we decided to head over to the Hard Rock Cafe. As we were walking down the road, my co-worker said she thought it would be cool to see a movie being filmed.

A couple of blocks later we see that the street is all blocked off with lots of cameras and a bunch of 1940s cars parked in front of an old hotel building. It turned out they were filming some Agatha Christie movie. That was cool, but it got even better.

After dinner, we went to Piccadilly Circus looking for a casino when she said she hoped we would see a celebrity on the street somewhere. We came around the next corner and there was a huge crowd of people standing behind those portable metal barricades.

It was the London premiere of the movie Sin City. We hung around for a few minutes and a car pulled up and out stepped Madonna. After that, I was like, “Quick! Say you want to win a million at the casino!” She didn’t win a million but two out of three isn’t bad.

Production crew is standing on the street and filming.Lê Minh, Pexels

41. Do Not Anger The Goddess Of Wattage

I was at work in a small-manufacturing kind of place during an impressive thunderstorm. The power flickered out for about half a second and everyone yelled, “Whoa!” So, I said, “Hey, what if it goes out again?” BAM! The lights went out as soon as I said it.

Everyone in the room looked at me. I was as surprised as anyone. After about 30 seconds, the lights came back on. My supervisor turned to me and said sternly, “DON’T YOU MENTION THE LIGHTS GOING OUT AGAIN”.

I laughed at him, made a big, dramatic gesture with my hands like some kind of big Goddess of Wattage, and said, “OK, but what if the electricity goes out for the rest of the day?”

BOOM! Take just one guess at what happened next. Everyone yelled my name out at once and razzed me for not listening to the boss. My supervisor looked like he didn’t know whether to be incredibly annoyed at me or burst out laughing.

Bearded man with long hair is pointing up with fingers.cookie_studio, Freepik

42. More Than Coincidences

On several occasions during my life, I have been playing cards with someone, when all of a sudden, I could see their cards in my head—the cards I needed—so I asked for them straight out and both times I was 100% correct.

So, in two unrelated card games of Go Fish, I saw two cards in my opponent’s hands without actually seeing the cards. They flashed into my head. 

It happened like this: I needed a two and a queen. I saw a red heart queen and two of clubs in my opponent’s hand—and that’s exactly what my opponent had.

Another time, I was driving in Morro Bay, California. I was stopped at a stoplight and when it turned green, I felt that I should wait for a moment. So, I waited. Just then a full-sized crew cab Ford truck with ladders on the top and equipment in the back ran the light and would have ended me.

Another time I was driving in Reno, Nevada, and was stopped at a stoplight where there were two girls in a brown Chevy truck to my right. On the left was an overpass coming from the freeway—a hill I could not see over. When the light turned green, I saw something in my head, so I waited at the light.

Just then, a van came speeding over the overpass, ran the red light, and crashed into the side of the girls’ truck almost in front of my car. The girls started crying and the driver looked at me like I knew something, like why didn’t I warn her, but there was no time, nor did I know what the message was to even share it.

It happens all the time. I have these visions and dreams. I can walk into places and feel an energy of either good or bad. I can smell things. For most of my life, I thought I was weird, and it was very difficult to fit in because I would always be freaking people out.

Man is seating alone in room and thinking.Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

43. You Never Know What You’re Going To Get

When I was still in high school, a friend of mine got an Ouija board. So, we got a bunch of people to come over and we set up his room with little tea candles everywhere. 

We read through the directions and found out how to open and close it and stuff like that. Everyone was getting pretty comfortable with it.

We started and discovered that we were talking to a seven-year-old boy who had perished in a fire. He said there were eight other spirits in the room. When asked if they were good or bad, all we got was “It depends”.

Everyone got to ask some questions, and the answers continued to be gloomy and dark. After a few hours or so, we said goodbye and closed the board. 

We all sat on the floor for a while talking about how well it went and how creepy it was, etc. After a while, everyone had filtered out of the room except me and my girlfriend at the time.

I asked her how she liked it and if she was OK because she had been pretty nervous about it because of a story her mom had told her. She told me she was fine, and we got up to go downstairs with everyone else.

I looked around the room at all the candles and small lamps and said to her, “How crazy would it be if all these lights just turned off?” As I said the word “off,” every light and candle in the room went out and my girlfriend latched herself to my arm and screamed.

I pulled her out to the hallway where the lights were on, but she took over and pulled me downstairs with everyone else. We got to the living room, and she started asking if the lights went out anywhere else in the house or whether someone pulled a fuse, but everyone was on the main floor and the fuse box was in the basement.

We told them what happened, so we all went back upstairs into my friend’s room to see if the lamps were back on, but all 50 or so candles were still smoldering, as if they all went out at the same time.

Hands of a women holding an arrow on a Ouija board game.cottonbro studio, Pexels

44. Dream Team

Every six months, the company I work for has a little competition where all the stores across the country make the same five products and have them judged against one another. 

For about four months leading up to the competition, I told my team that we would be taking home a ribbon—preferably first place—in all categories. I ended up willing that into existence—but I was met with other pleasant surprises, too.

This carried on right until we got to the competition. I even went as far as to tell my manager “No, shut up, it’s not possible,” when she asked, “What if we don’t win?” 

By the end of the show, three of our products placed first, one placed second, and we came in first place in our province and first place across the country. It was a glorious day.

Young woman is holding a 1st place ribbon in hand on blue background.asier_relampagoest, Freepik

45. Tuned In

I was in my zero-period trigonometry class at around 7:05 am. I was exhausted and had my head down on my desk during the morning announcements. 

The announcements included a local radio ad giving statistics about car ownership. It said that every person in town had 1.2 cars or something along those lines.

I didn’t think anything of it until later in the afternoon when my mom was driving me to the dentist and the same ad came on the radio. I was able to explain it to my mom before it even finished on the radio.

It came to me just then that not only did my school never hold announcements in zero period, but never in the history of the school had they simply played radio ads on them. As in other high schools, our morning announcements were given by students and were about the school.

Young girl in grey shirt is smiling and looking thru window of a car.freepik, Freepik

46. Tidal Terror

One time when my family and I were vacationing in Brazil, we spent every day at the beach. When my father and I were in the water, I asked, “What would happen if we got caught in a rip current?” He said, “I have no idea, but the trick is not to panic”.

The very next day we got to the beach and there was nobody there given that the weather was so bad. The water didn’t look too rough but there was a strong current. My whole family and I were swimming for a while when I decided to get out of the water.

As I stood on the sand, I noticed that my father was getting carried away by the waves. He didn’t look panicked, and he didn’t look like he was in trouble but something in my gut told me that something was wrong.

I went back in the water with my bodyboard and paddled out next to him. Until this point, we were just floating in the water and hanging out until we started to realize that we were being sucked out by a strong rip current.

We were suddenly getting hit by huge waves to the point that it was hard to breathe. I remember looking out to the shore and it is suddenly really far away. 

The way that my mom describes it, at this point, was that some guy came out of nowhere with a surfboard and flippers and went out to the water.

He fought his way through all the waves until he reached us. He told me to let go of my tiny bodyboard and get on his surfboard. He then pushed me into a wave that somehow carried me to the shore. 

He then gave my dad his flippers and my dad was able to swim back to shore and the man swam back by himself.

It was the closest I’ve ever been to drowning and it was horrifying. After everything was done, the guy who saved us was nowhere to be found. 

I sort of remember his face, but not enough to be able to recognize him if I saw him walking down the street. I wish I could have been able to thank him.

Hand out of the water of man drowning at sunset.Slava MKRVSKY, Pexels

47. Final Destination

One night, during a post-party walk, I noticed that my friend was walking close to the middle of the empty road. “Watch it, you’re going to get hit,” I said. For the first time in his life, he actually listened to me.

He moved a few steps over toward the shoulder and barely two seconds later, a speeding car came out of nowhere and drove right where he had been walking just a few seconds earlier.

Two people are walking on a empty road at night with car light behind him.ricardo cristian, Pexels

48. Rest In Pieces

When I was 17, a friend and I were driving around town in his ancient Toyota Tercel. This car was a total piece of junk and the engine had been making a seriously loud knocking sound for weeks. 

On this day, we had been out tooling around for maybe an hour and the knocking noise was really getting to me. This is when things got really weird.

We were sitting at a red light in the center of a three-lane road about 20 minutes from home when I exclaimed, “Wouldn’t it be something if this old clunker just went ‘BANG’ and blew up? 

As the light turned green, my friend chuckled and said something like, “Heh, yeah, that would suck”.

The car in front of us started to move and my buddy pushed the gas. All of a sudden, BANG! The car threw a piston right there in the middle of the road. 

He looked at me like, “What did you do that for?” and we both laughed our heads off for a few seconds. With the help of a few onlookers, we pushed his car into a nearby church parking lot, took the plates off, and we just left it there. 

That was over a decade ago and as far as I know, he never heard another thing about it. I have no idea what eventually became of that car.

Man and woman are pushing a car outside of the road.KoolShooters, Pexels

49. Some Light Reading

This happened during my first night onboard a ship as a Royal Navy engineer. 

A friend of mine said, “I was really bored on watch last night, so I ended up reading the entire manual for how to deal with a steering gear failure at sea. I could pretty much do it singlehandedly”.

I swear not two minutes later, a spine-chilling call came over the intercom. The man was telling us that the steering gear had failed. I looked at my friend and said, “Well, go ahead then”.

Marine Engineer at work in boat looking up wearing headphones.Defence Imagery, Flickr

50. Poor Ronald

My friend Ronald showed me a picture of his new girlfriend. After looking at it, I told him what I really thought—and I didn't hold back. “Dang, Ronald! Once she realizes she’s too hot for you it’s over man”. Unfortunately, she broke up with him the next day. He has held a grudge against me ever since.

Bold bearded man is standing next to a man and looking surprised at tablet.Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

Sources:  Reddit 

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